WindLight First Look is back!!!

Download It Here!

(…and be sure to uninstall any earlier WindLight viewers first!)

Hey everyone- this is Pastrami Linden- project leader of the WindLight team here at Linden Lab. Well, you’ve waited for it, you’ve asked about it… and here it finally is! The re-release of the WindLight First Look! As many of you first experienced in May, WindLight is a beautiful, physics-based sky and cloud rendering system which makes Second Life much more visually compelling. We rolled out a very early First Look earlier this year, and have been hard at work since then improving the visual quality, stability, and feature set available.

First, the goods… This viewer includes five major new enhancements we’re excited about. They are:

1. WindLight (obviously!)

Not only is WindLight back, there are a slew of enhancements and changes along with it, including:

  • Classic Clouds are back!
  • The moon is back!
  • Fallback (aka non-shader) WindLight is now much faster and of higher quality, which ensures those with older hardware still get fast, beautiful new skies.
  • UI improvements to the Sky Editor dialog and a new Basic Environment Editor dialog:

2. New photorealistic water

For those with powerful-enough graphics cards (see Recommended Systems), we now offer an amazing, much more physically-accurate water model. We think the results speak for themselves:

The water features accurate reflections, refractions, and sun/moon glow…

…and a full slew of user-tweakable/saveable settings, just like WindLight:

You can even change the texture used for the wave patterns!

3. Glow

All objects can now have a glow attribute assigned to them:

We can’t wait to see what lightscapes and fantasy worlds you make with this one!

4. Avatar Impostors

We’re really excited about this one. As many of you know, crowded scenes- and avatar rendering in general -can be very taxing on many systems. To address this issue, we’ve developed an impostor system which greatly minimizes the processing power needed for avatar rendering, especially at great distances and in crowded scenes:

The result? Up to 40% fps increase in crowded scenes. It really is amazing- give it a shot!

5. Vastly Improved Graphics Preferences tab

We’ve put a lot of work into simplifying and re-organizing the graphics preferences options in the viewer. You’ll find there is now just one elegant tab, with all of the relevant options contained therein. More importantly, you’ll find that we’ve included a simple, easy to use Performance/Quality slider that enables you to shift between high-end visual quality and fast performance at the click of a mouse- all the underlying features are changed automatically. But, for those who want to go in and tweak individual features, we give that option with the “Custom” checkbox. You can even see how the default settings change each of the features in realtime, and decide exactly what configuration works for you! This is very similar to how many high-end games handle their graphics options, and we think you’ll find it’s much more intuitive and easy to use- especially with all the new features available in this viewer.

In addition to the new features, our team has also been using the integration of WindLight as an opportunity to clean up and refactor the core Second Life rendering engine. We realize that one of your primary concerns in Second Life is the stability of the system, and we’ve been focusing on many of the underlying issues during development of this release. In addition to the features above, the release features many performance and stability enhancements. See the Release Notes for details.

Most importantly, since this is a First Look, we are relying on you, the Residents, to help us fix, enhance, debug, and optimize it before it makes its way into Release. When you find issues, please be sure to report them in the Issue Tracker. Include step-by-step repros and your system info, and please make sure to set “Affects Version” to “WindLight”. Here’s an example: VWR-960.

Also, be sure to attend our WindLight office hours at:

There is more exciting work planned for WindLight, including estate controls for custom skies/water and making skies/water available as tradeable inventory items. Stay tuned for more info.

Also, there are several known issues we’re working on. You can find a complete list in the Release Notes. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Behavior in Leopard on Macs can be overly slow, and textures may be misplaced.
  • Shiny doesn’t look the same as before. We’re working to get it very close, if not better.
  • NVIDIA beta drivers 169.04 currently do not support shaders.
  • Some of your colors and textures might appear overexposed or washed out with the new lighting framework.

For important info, please see:

  • Previous WindLight Blog Posts: 1 2

We hope you enjoy this great new release and we wish all of you happy and beautiful world-building!

– Pastrami and the WindLight Team

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151 Responses to WindLight First Look is back!!!

  1. Finally! I will now get on SL more often. Thanks LL!

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  3. Oh! This is such great news! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. JZ says:


  5. Jay Clostermann says:


  6. Ric Mollor says:

    Fow what it’s worth the URL for system requirements is borked. A clickthrough on my name goes to the correct address.

    So, what really happened to SL this morning? The Second Life Herald is saying that Linden Labs servers were compromised and being used for DDOS attacks on other sites.

  7. nimrod yaffle says:

    “Some of your colors and textures might appear overexposed or washed out with the new lighting framework.”


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  9. Wow! Now the big question is… install the Beta Havok 4… or the Release Candidate with the awesome Search engine… or the new WindLight?! Oh my! I can’t choose among so many great options! It feels like Christmas has come earlier, and I’m a little girl again, spoiled with too many gifts and not knowing what to open first!

    Thanks for the great work. I missed WindLight ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now if you only would integrate SpeedTreeยฎ and a shadow model in it, this would make us all instantly happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Antonius Misfit says:

    One question: does this new WindLight viewer include the revamped Search released a while ago?

  11. Dragonlord Wesburn says:

    OMG its here โค installing and running its straight away!!

    thank you LL!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. ralph doctorow says:

    Great stuff, but the recommended system link seems to be broken!!

  13. Windlight is back!!! Finally, now we’ll have the best environment for photography.

  14. Pastrami Linden says:

    Attention all – WindLight First Look includes all the new Search functionality!! (and the Sys Req. link now works. Thanks!)

  15. Bobo Decosta says:

    Yippieeeeeee been waiting for this!!!!!!!

  16. Yes, First Look: WindLight includes the previously-announced 1.18.5 RC goodies, so go ahead and lay it on… play enthusiastically and let us know about bugs so we can make things bettah.

    Also of interest: join the “First Look” group inworld, I’ll be checking in regularly.

    Thanx for your passion, it’s an incredibly positive motivator. =^_^=

  17. Vahn Dagger says:

    Torley took the words from my mouth!
    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    Lol. Great work. You have a great team of devs. =)

  18. Luna Hula says:

    Yes Yes Yes! Pleasure Overload!

  19. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    Wooot!!! THANKS for all the hard work, you brilliant graphics team you!

    *goes to enjoy doubleplusgood realism*

  20. FoxxFire21 MEng says:

    i Just Do not Get it… earlier today at work i was thinking of the windlight thing and all of a sudden i see it out again (0.o… i tell ya .. i must be seing things in the future like my dreams >.>…

  21. JZ says:

    My God!!! the SL earth is so beautiful now me wants to cry!! And not even a hit in FPS … GLORY BE… PRAISE THE LORD!!!

  22. Steve Steed says:


    /me hugs all the ((((LINDENS))))

  23. Very interested to see what is possible with glow, reflected light ability is so, so important.

  24. JZ says:

    Let’s all chant … Eye candy! … Eye candy….

    Come on…. repeat after me :))

  25. Eata Kitty says:

    This doesn’t like nvidia 169.09 either. Shiny objects are transparent, the sea reflection doesn’t work and you can’t use hardware skinning or avatar cloth.

  26. D. Spitz says:

    This is the best news i read since months. I love this WindLight mmmmm!
    Thank You windlight-team


  28. Alicia Sautereau says:

    water looks great but first thing i noticed is that avatars look like aliens with sunrise/sunset time wich used to make it look perfect no matter how many flaws u have

    facing the sun now at any time makes it look like a construction light is shining at u and in the back as dark as night
    this goes for any avatar u see, maybe it`s *realy* time to update the avatars as rendering them got less, – + – doesn`t make it a +

    low shine looks like full shine on the normal build to a point i can hardly make out the texture underneath

    custom settings will be something not many will use, i like the day/night cycle like many and won`t bother tweaking that besides a snapshot perhaps but that`s it

    u kept the particle clouds (wich are anything but tastefull) and removing them makes the WL clouds dissapear aswell

    note on the performance settings, anything but custom is pointles, had all settings at max except draw distance, would recommend ripping draw distance out of it as it has nothing to do with performance (lags enough on the mainland with 64draw, 256 u crash)

    sunrise and everything looks red but the sun is allready abouve that point and shines brightly

    first glimps of it again and i`ll have to say _never_, the lighting is soooo0000 bad it isn`t worth the pritty water and some stupid animated clouds, unable to remove those stupid particle clouds (who ever wanted those back should be shot) and avatars look 100 times worse then the normal client

    don`t think any feedback will have this fixed as it has been month since the previous and the lighting only went worse and i`m even on max with all settings

  29. Blinders Off says:

    OK this LOOKS impressive thus far. The Av Impostor feature might be a real bonus to lag issues, since avs are about the #1 client-side lag causer on the block

    Two questions pop immediately to mind however:

    1. What about the earlier problem of Windlight turning bright and shiney objects to mud and stone?

    2. How much lag does windlight itself add to an already lag-overtaxed system.

    Blinders off. Always look through the keyhole before letting the wolf in the door.

  30. taotakashi says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Tor Beerbaum says:

    Shiny objects are transparent, reflections don’t work, and glow doesn’t do anything.

    Good job. ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Pastrami Linden says:


    1. The difference between the old viewer and new, in terms of bugs and behavior, is like that between Noah’s Ark and the Queen Mary :). It’s tough for me to know which you’re talking abou t- I’d say just play, and if you find anything is up, use the Issue Tracker.

    2. Depends on your graphics card and system setup. On top of the line machines the footprint is negligible. But, even on the oldest machines, usage of the Graphics Preferences tab should ensure that you can scale back as far as necessary to get good performance with all of the features your machine can handle.

  33. Jeska Linden says:

    It’s so pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Tycho Beresford says:

    At first glance the graphics are awesome so I hit Communicate to tell my friends about it and all I see is:

    Still unusable.

  35. Alicia Sautereau says:

    here`s some shots to make my point



    all low shine and no matter what time of the day, it stays like this

  36. ralph roeth says:

    I get to see firstlook for the first time that’s great I can see it getting even better.:)

  37. Eclaire Looming says:

    Hey, log-ins went to zero this morning. Lets get real on what matters.

  38. Loraan Fierrens says:

    /me quivers in anticipation and contemplates calling in sick for the rest of the week.

    The new sky will be great and everything, but I’m about ready to pop over the addition of the glow property. I have been playing with RenderGlow in the old clients and love the effect… to be able to control it in my builds will be wonderful.

    Thank you!

    [And silly me… I just dropped the First Look group from my list… now I’ll have to add it back in again. :-)]

  39. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Well it’s a 50/50 crap shoot.

    SOme things like the new water effects are undeniably awsome.

    Others like Shiney being like completely destroyed are not.

    A LOT of people used shiney on things so make them have like a gloss varnish look, that’s the way it worked before. Shiney now REFLECTS everything. EVERYTHING marked shiney at any level looks like is is made of chrome.

    Please change to:
    Low – make look like like before, 98% show through with just the hint of a reflection.
    Med – Like Low is now or between low and med.
    High – ok…

    The “low” setting for shiney has to reflect MUCH LESS than it does now, Please, this ruins thousands of pieces of furnature, jewlery, body parts, .. everything.

  40. Jessicka Graves says:

    And I’ve already crashed three times within 5-10 minutes of using it. Maybe work on the game basics, not the features, please?

  41. Pastrami Linden says:


    Rest assured, it’s a problem we know about and will be addressing!

  42. KyraDevon Graves says:

    this is the first time I’ve seen it in person and I must agree.. OMG OMG OMG is right on the’s gorgeous!!!!!

  43. Jaime Hocken says:

    I crash as soon as I try to load this…

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  45. ralph doctorow says:

    To quote a well known watermelophile:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!

  46. pradprathivi says:

    LOVE IT!!

  47. Tali Rosca says:

    Running default settings for Windlight on a MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, ATI Radeon X1600 more than halves my framerate from what I am used to, down to less than 8FPS in a quiet sandbox, dropping to 3-4 with a couple of avatars on screen.
    Dropping the quality/performance slider to “Mid” barely pushes it back up in 2 digits, and gives me a very visibly pixelated look in the “Imposter” system, as well as a very bad flicker in the water beyond the (short) draw distance cutoff.
    Even dropping it to “Low” doesn’t give me much more performance.
    So while I hate to be a nay-sayer, and the light does look awesome, this is falling below useable performance on a machine which previously ran SL decently.

  48. Ben Lineker says:

    Oh no!

    My graphics card isn’t up to snuff.

  49. Candy Lemmon says:


  50. Morris Vig says:

    Well done, Torley. I guess you’re no longer a WindLight Tease! (Nice pics of Oyster Bay, btw!)

  51. Simon Nolan says:




    The water is beeeeeeutiful!

  52. eneka march says:

    I seem to be having trouble seeing parts of my build. Walls just randomly disappear from view when using this viewer.

  53. Farallon Greyskin says:


    Heh, WHEW! ๐Ÿ˜€ My poor nose and claws

    Hmm, actually I see now, at noon it’s chrome, late sunset its good and at night it’s completely off.

    So Sky and water == Awsome.

    Texture and land lighting == Hmm… glarey at times, over contrasty at noon. I’d have to give that a thumbs down, ok at evening and night.

    Blowouts on the avatar body are gone, that is teh win.

    I think if the shiney is fixed and the contrast of the default settings are toned down a bit, noon is as harsh to look at as actually being not he beach without any sunglasses, kind of hard to look at. And THAT amount of realism is not necessarily “good” ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. “It’s so beautiful. They should have sent a poet.”

    Great work guys, hope we don’t have to do without this again.

  55. Doris Haller says:

    – Windlight
    – Havok 4
    – New Search beta test

    You work on soo many things a the same time… can you handle this?

    And why aren’t you working on the lag (too)?
    I mean, I see grey things… now grey windlight?

  56. Leandro d+ says:


  57. Simon Nolan says:

    @ Talia, if you’re running Leopard, select the next lowest video card memory in the prefs box. You may be able to then bump some other sliders back higher. I was having serious frame rate issues under Leopard, and that fixed it. Looks like some changes in Leopard’s graphics system are conflicting with SL — texture memory or something, which OS X uses extensively for, well, almost everything in the GUI. I think there are some more technical details in the forums.

  58. Thank you for bringing WindLight Back! ,,,=^_^=,,,
    Looking forward to putting it to work!

  59. Braya White says:

    Windows Vista coupled with ATI right now still isn’t looking very good in Second Life. I still can’t see reflective water (which looks to be the best part of Windlight), and objects with Shiny enabled are dull and transparent for some reason.

  60. Marianne McCann says:

    Okay… um… Why did the graphic control panel change, an why can’t I get the nice sky anymore?

  61. Alicia Sautereau says:


    just had the same thing happen, great for working heh

  62. Ricky Lucero says:

    I think the water light reflections look HORRIBLE! They are just white splotches of, well, WHITE, everywhere all over the water. There’s no shading to the reflections, so it’s just WHITE everywhere on the surface of the water, and we’re talking solid white that doesn’t even have a transparency. tsk tsk, I thought after 6 months you’d have something better than white splotches to make it look like reflections of light. The other reflections on the water, look excellent, trees and clouds, etc. AWESOME. But the natural light reflections need serious work.

    I agree with Alicia that avatars look like someone bumped the brightness control all the way up on accident. Facial features are lost, clothing looks washed out.

    Frame rate is a little worse than the regular viewer… which is impressive since the last windlight release, but still needs work.

    The hardware settings Texture Memory slider doesn’t work. When I came into it it said 256MB, which is what this card has, but there was no slider indicator. So, I clicked it, and it set it to zero. Now there’s nothing else I can set it to.

    More to come. I like the new look

  63. Max Kleiber says:

    Well, as long as the real Problems are solved first, I guess I can live with another feature I have no use for.
    (instant crash when enabling vertex shaders, simply because I don’t have any)

  64. Ricky Lucero says:

    OMG, you removed the “Teleport to landmark” option from the sub menu in inventory? WOW, just when I think you guys can’t remove any more useful features. I mean, I use that option EVERY SINGLE DAY, LIKE 20 FREAKING TIMES A DAY.

    Just like taking away the ctrl+alt+c shortcut for camera constraints…


  65. Ricky Lucero says:

    I take my previous statement back…. Except that’s a pretty big change not mentioned anywhere….

  66. Berry Steinhoff says:


    THANK YOU!!!

  67. Farallon Greyskin says:

    The glow setting as opposed to being automatic is great.

    Is there any chance of getting shiney on transparent textures?

  68. Ann Otoole says:

    boy shiny is really shiny now. jury still out on whether thats good or bad lol.

    did something and half the prims around me went invisi mode. if i get a repro i’ll report it. relog fixed.

    as for the rest…

    its like… a handful of orange barrel!

    try sheer surreality sky and glassy water with all graphics maxed!

  69. Simon Nolan says:

    Ooops, I was wrong in my response to Talia, since it seems that graphics card memory settings is gone in WL. Sorry, and I’ll shut up from hogging comments now.

  70. LaeMiQian says:

    Very nice – even at max visual quality, my performance is still acceptable on my lower-mid-range HW. Stability seems good too so far (1 hour in world, building).

    Shiny is way TOO shiny at the low end.

  71. Oro says:

    Looks impressive but its still not realistic environmental/ambient lighting or shading and in all honesty I couldn’t give the slightest damn if the sky looked photorealistic what about…
    -All of the login issues,
    -Inventory items vanishing,
    -L$ vanishing (not just not showing in corner actually going)
    -The group IM issues,
    -Group notice issues,
    -Search down time,
    -Constant asset server issues leaving some objects unable to delete for upto 24hrs among many other things,
    -The increase in griefers due to free accounts (not that free accounts are all bad)
    -The constant “old” bugs that keep arising that were supposed to have been fixed three whole years ago,
    -The ever increasing issues with missing images,
    -Textures remaining blurry for hours sometimes even if theyve already loaded they then go blurry,
    -Recieving less than dial up speed when you have a 20MB connection and ยฃ5000 gaming PC yet still get lag in empty sims and only get 2kbs connection (I monitor my connection so dont tell me otherwise)
    -The constant complaints about packet loss,
    -The theft of textures that Linden Labs refuses to address and is even dumb enough to leave a function within SL itself to steal all textures,
    -The complete lack of OWNER AND CREATOR (residents) and Server admins (Linden labs) communication I know its hard with so many different residents from around the world but ever think of doing a simple vote on things maybe? You know like all the times you remove/add functions without asking the actual users and creators in SL what they think? a simple “Would you like this yes/no” tick poll would be nice considering all you do essentially is maintain the servers we pay for and create SL it would be nothing without the residents,

    The list could literally go on for pages and the sad fact is it should be beyond 3 or 4 issues before thinking of adding more stuff.

    P.S. Was nice to see Lindens actually leave comments in the blogs for once…… shame it was only because people previously had praise to give and only left comments such as “It’s so pretty!” the real shocker will be when I get flamed for speaking the truth and even more shocking when a Linden leaves a comment after this one (note this is sarcasm).

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  73. Pastrami Linden says:


    It’s a big beast, this project of ours. If you’ll see the Release Notes, you’ll find that many graphics bugs have been fixed and performance enhancements, such as Impostors, have been introduced.

    While I understand your concerns (I really do!) WindLight is addressing the visual end of the experience. With each RC and First Look, we’re nailing more and more of the known issues. Owing to the massiveness of keeping this virtual world (created entirely by you!) running, this can be slow going at times. Hang in there- we’re working to make it better every day!

  74. Emma Nowhere says:

    Oh, bummer on the Nvidia drivers, rolling back to a previous driver to get Windlight to work means getting the constant nvlddmkm errors that plagued previous versions under Vista ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  75. Vivienne says:

    This is bare nonsense as long it slows down the performance of an average machine as it does now. SL residents usually are no millionaires who run all the latest machines and graphic boards, nor some freaky action gamers. They want a solid platform and decent frame rates, not (dulled) shiny features which doom them to static existance and flickering caused headaches.

  76. Oro says:

    *actually drops from shock in RL*

    Erm a Linden just read and commented after I complained…….. are you new Pastrami?

    And yeah I understand the challenge and size of this project being a graphic nut myself and I have tested it and am impressed with some changes but there are still a huge amount of problems that predate even the conception of Wind Light, and while I am pleased with any additions and fixes for the future of SL I really think other issues should have higher priorities is all.

    Anyways thanks for replying its certaintly a nice refreshing change and best of luck with this, Just please consider some of the other older issues =P

  77. Ayeaka Reinsch says:

    …well, that was a waste of a download.

    Would have been nice to know that those of us who can’t see ripple water, wouldn’t be able to see ANY of the ‘new features’.

    ..and to think I got all excited. ..quite a letdown.

    I’m sure it looks lovely–those of you that can actually SEE it.

    Sure, you guys said I wouldn’t be able to see the improved water ahead of time, but it would have been nice to, y’know, know I wouldn’t be able to see ANY of the new stuff?

  78. Ann Otoole says:

    @77 – dulled shiny? i have super shiny. so shiny its like headlights.
    my 3 year old system with it’s nVidea 6800 pros is getting a solid 20 fps with everything maxed and water set to glassy and sky set to sheer surreality. apparently you don’t need the latest and greatest. just need a solid graphics card on XP and never use vista.

  79. Hal says:

    Totally agree about the shiny fx – it’s WAY TOO SHINY!! I use the ‘low’ setting on many of my objects and now the textures i spent days creating are obliterated! There’s virtually no difference between low and high. Please change this back, it looks truly awful!

    Glow looks pretty awful too, more like a visual artefact on a bad grfx card than a feature.

    Everything else (apart from some major bugs) is AMAZING looking – but SUPER-SHINY-SHINY-SHINY has to go…pleeeeze….

  80. Alicia Sautereau says:

    for those who are unable to load WL

    pic a friend took and was uploaded as 512×512 and resized back into porpotions with PS so the details are abit lower then normal

  81. Vanessa says:

    From a reliable 15 FPS in non-crowded scenes and 10 FPS in crowded scenes down to 3-5 FPS with SL running at *lower* settings than I used to.

    I don’t care about not seeing the new shinies, but there’s no reason to gut the low-end performance and turn SL into a slideshow when WindLight isn’t even activated.

  82. Elle Pollack says:

    Suggestion for the Windlight team re: Shiny: On the lower settings, it might look more effective if you add a bit of blur to the reflection. The way it is now the reflected horizon line is very stark and well defined – a softer look would be more consistant with a reduced specularity. The high shiny settings look fine to me.

    I do have top-end hardware now and I swear I’m seeing framerate *increases* in some areas – looking at a scene of empty land+sky+water with everything turned up averages 70FPS with peaks around 90! (a more “normal”, prim-heavy scene has a consistant 40-ish).

  83. Nack Barnes says:

    About time, we’ve been waiting for a LONG time for this viewer. Actually, waiting a long time for the full release viewer with Windlight. Come on guys, it’s “good enough”, get it into the main viewer!! It’s great! Other than having to redo a lot of prim objects due to odd reflection issues, but hey, there’s going to be some adjustments to make…

  84. Candy Lemmon says:

    So will the advanced sky tab be available soon??

    Cause I don’t really see much benefit if I can’t customize my skies!

  85. Darien Caldwell says:

    Sounds great. Can’t wait to give it a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Murry says:

    ew ew ew. It hurst my eyes >.> and the colors spectrum is so off.. like theres a really bad bend in the gamma or somehin. i dunno how to explain it but its just… really bad. And its nice because i cannt evenn adjust gamma under prefrennces anymore. >.>

  87. when can we expect better looking avatars with properly configured uv maps?

  88. U M says:

    Are you atleast this time look at bug reports before assuming its broken? The last time wind light was out all kinds of people sent in incorrect and unsupposed bugs. Claiming that the UI was incorrect on their computer.

  89. Farallon Greyskin says:

    @81 At some times of the day like around7-8pm the shiney is indedd “Dul” In fact a dull shiney is something I’ve wanted for a LONG time, it just needs to be completely controllable.

    For shiney options they really should be


    Dull – like windlight in early evening

    Glossy – Like “Low” or “Med” shiney iin main viewer, or maby two levels of this to emulate the main viewer settings for opbjects that have already been created.

    Shiney – Like windlight “Low”

    Chrome – like windlight “High”

  90. Elle Pollack says:

    One other note: Turning down the intensity setting of the default light mode by about 10 notches helps the washed out texture thing a bit.

  91. Karyn says:

    This is cool! It’ll give my newer machine a good workout! ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Moll Dean says:

    way to go guys :))

  93. Ripple water STILL doesn’t show up on Nvidia GeForce GO 7900GS, Windows XP even though the JIRA I filed in May says it was fixed. The card can handle this EASILY.

  94. holysh Littlething says:

    ahhhhh! ahhhhhhh! *screams* I HEART YOU GUYZ

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  96. Teeny Leviathan says:

    I’m glad that Windlight is back. All is well for me, except I crash a bit more often. On the other hand, I can go anywhere with draw set to 512, and SL is still playable.

  97. Britpop says:

    oh my god. this is just amazing. I can’t believe SL looks that way now. just wow. (yes, I turned it to “ultra” :DD)

  98. Since JIRA is also broken, here’s the info on my system which renders RIPPLE WATER PERFECTLY in main client.

    Second Life 1.18.5 (73655) Nov 13 2007 12:57:54 (Second Life WindLight)

    You are at 278281.6, 234868.2, 21.7 in Aquilae located at (
    Second Life Server

    CPU: Intel Core Series Processor (1728 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce Go 7900 GS/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/20381 (0.0%)

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  100. Winter Ventura says:

    what sort of estate tools are going to be implemented with Windlight? how can I assure that my visitors see my sim as a murky film noir night, ot the crystal blackness of deep space, instead of a watermeoln coloured acid trip?

  101. McCabe Maxsted says:

    THANK YOU! Not just for the windlight goodies, but for the added goodies for those of us with struggling graphics cards. I can’t wait to test this out.

  102. Penny Patton says:

    Is there an option to make particles glow? Particles that used to glow under the old renderglow debug setting no longer…well, glow.

  103. Elrich says:

    Well, I downloaded it.
    It crashes when I try to start it
    boo =/
    looked neat

  104. o.h. says:

    ummm, im sorry, what am i supposed to think of this? im using a relatively new ATI card but i see absolutely no glow (andyes i did try an object with the proper setting).
    the setting used to crash my client and i read that it would be fixed with this version. it seems this “fix” was taking it out altogether…

  105. Rod Longcloth says:

    Love it, love it, love it. All my cretions have taken on a new beauty and I am just blown away – thanks for making it real this time.

  106. Gillian Waldman says:

    Will someone please fix JIRA logins so I can reopen the same issue that was “fixed” lol 6 months ago. Thanks!

  107. patou dumont says:

    thank you soooooo much! now i can take the pictures i have been wanting for the last 5 months. ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Jessicka Graves says:


    E-X-A-C-T-L-Y. I couldn’t say it more eloquently then you put it.

    @Pastrami, I can almost say, for every bug that LL bandages, it creates two more to deal with, and then in about a month, the bandage falls off, and everyone is left with three bugs, rather then fixing the original problem. Oro has listed several of the CONSISTENT and RECURRING problems with SL. You guys have created this ‘big beast’ and the grave its digging, you may want to tame it, before feeding it with more bells and whistles.

  109. Beast Mauvaise says:

    Damned Windlight… everything looks gorgeous, and it’s (I STILL don’t believe this) faster on my non-supported graphics chipset (!!) but the rendering is SO good I can see all the flaws in my prim paws. Now I have to rework them to look better in this new environment.

    Curse you, Lindens!

  110. Eddie says:

    Awesome, I love windlight.

    I know you know this, and I know you’re working on them, but…
    Shadows soon please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Thanks for this preview, Pastrami!

    Now I can take some even better pictures and still get to test the ALL new search. ;D

  112. What happened to Havok 4 release?

  113. Cory Edo says:

    I have to say this looks fantastic. The behind the scenes performance boosts are a long time coming (getting rid of redundancy in rendering) and really results in a faster SL for me. I’m recommending it to the I Am Legend players, especially for the avatar cutouts – that should help a lot with lag. Great job guys, the eye candy is wonderful but the performance enhancements are truly appreciated.

  114. KMeist Hax says:

    F*** YEAH!!! Seaking.

    That’s all I can say.

    F*** YEAH.

  115. Fenoe Lowey says:

    i hope this works with my computer..
    My gfx card just broke so i have to use my old one for now..

  116. Ivatwin Rogers says:

    weee!! all is more beautiful!! thanks to linden labs!!

  117. Livi_Beebe says:

    I quite frankly am not impressed. I got it mainly for the water effects and its not working. /me is dissapointed

  118. davie zinner says:

    (Jira won’t let me log on, so here is an issue for now)

    Windlight FPS dropped to about one half of what it was in 1.18.4(3),

    This was measured by sitting in the same place in the same sim, using equivalent draw distance and other graphics settings, waited until textures were all loaded (as shown by the debug texture window), and with similar sim stats (same number of main and child avatars, very similar frame time, script perf, etc.), with the camera zoomed in the same amount to the side of the same prim. 1.18.4(3) averaged about 30 fps, while Windlight averaged about 16.5. Repeatable.

    I’d be happy to live without the pretty Windlight effects for TWICE the FPS. Will that be an option in the future?

    Pentium 4, Windows XP, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1300.

  119. Rhi says:

    ZOMG it is amazing congrats lindens

  120. Farallon Greyskin says:

    #121 go into the graphics settings and turn on “custom” then turn off the atmospheric and water shaders and see if that gets your fps back, it did for me and even ran faster! THough then turning them on again I had no FPS drop but is was -25% before.. weird.

  121. Ceera Murakami says:

    So… does it still look like crap if you aren’t chained to sea level? What does the sun and the horizon look like from a 700 M high skybox?

  122. Ann Otoole says:

    @124 – try it. just be careful flying into the cloud movement as it may be disorientating

  123. Avacea Fasching says:

    the update reads ” Windows 2000/XP ”

    when is it goint to be ” Windows 2000/XP/Vista”

    Win 2k is 8 years old…….

  124. Vex Streeter says:

    Pretty above water level – very very murky below. The mer-folk and anyone else who lives underwater are going to be annoyed, and my reef is nearly invisible. sigh.

  125. becky pippen says:

    I compared the regular viewer with the Windlight FL viewer under similar conditions, with all the graphics checkbox options disabled, and all the sliders moved all the way to the left. I thought that with all options off or dialed back, the two viewers should perform about the same. But the regular viewer settled down to around 28 fps, and the Windlight viewer only got up to around 22 fps. I tried enabling some equivalent options in both viewers, and the Windlight viewer always got about a third LESS fps. Sunsets were already pretty with the older viewer. I’d rather keep the higher frame rate of the regular viewer.

  126. becky pippen says:

    @127 – for underwater, you may need to adjust the Water Fog setting in World->Environment Settings->Environment Editor.

  127. Three Cheers for Torley Linden!

  128. TinaDee Zabibha says:

    Hmm… running a late/top NVIDIA g-card and the water is borked. No reflections, no color changes, nothing responds from my menu… the water just appears like dark blue chalk. Kills the stunning effects of the sky and objects. bummer ; (

  129. Alisha says:

    WOW!!! I Love the all the adjustments. The water reflections are amazing, although the white shimmer could be dulled down a bit.
    What kind of Estate controls will i get so my visitors share their experience? Or is this entirely client based?

    Perhaps a way to hand out environmental settings to visitors.

    Sorry if this was covered, i didn’t have time to read the whole blog.

    Great Work

    Stable and Pretty make Alisha a happy girl!!!

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  131. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    Enabling Basic Shaders on my computer makes the rendering look like its in 8bit color, color bands everywhere. Disabling basic shaders returns the rendering to high color.

    Using ATI Radeon x1950Pro 512mb AGP with Catalyst 7.10 on WindXP Pro.

  132. TinaDee Zabibha says:

    Ha! I restate my assumptions. It seems that unchecking the “Atmospheric Shaders” box in Preferences activated my water menu. New comment: OMG!

  133. Argie Rives says:

    Wow!! Nice Work!!! Congrats Lindens!!!

    Thanks for the updates!!

  134. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I’m so glad I woke up – something told me to get up and get in SecondLife! My only hope is that the client does not suffer any major bugs because I’ve been waiting for this a long time : ) Thanks so much, and I’ll consider this my birthday present since everyone in RL conveniently forgot to give me one earlier this month.

  135. Chica Indigo says:

    OMG! I NEED to update my graphic card…these images are stunning!!! I really want to enjoy the experience of that viewer!!!! Thanks for all that work!

  136. FireFox Bancroft says:

    My system:

    Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit (can’t go back to XP as it crashes alot)
    ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Motherboard
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (~2.2Ghz)
    2048MB DDR RAM
    Ati Radeon HD 2900XT 512MB GDDR3 Catalyst 7.10 drivers. (latest)
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

    By no means a killer system but it isn’t weak either.

    The Good:
    Pretty Clouds nice Lighting
    Getting over 40FPS with settings on Ultra

    The Bad:
    Shiney is broken, objects with shiney applied appear translucent
    Water doesn’t work, neither does water fog nor reflections ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Haze/Fog doesn’t work
    Object Glow does not work
    Setting graphics to Low from Ultra crashes client…badly…auto-crash report locks up at “transmitting data”.

  137. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    #73 – Hey it sounds like you are having the same problems I had last week! You’re issue is almost guaranteed to be caused by a virus/trojan infection. In my case it was TanSpy and Banload that had slipped past my defenses and wreaked havok on my CPU usage. Please before bashing LL and the viewer – completely format your hard-drive and reinstall Windows, also consider protecting yourself from future infection using something like PCTools Threatfire / SpywareDoctor / Antivirus.

    Some things I noticed about SL when these viruses/trojans were on my PC:

    1) SL framerate dropped stupendously low – around 6-7 frames per second (from a normal 45+)

    2) Network bandwidth went from the normal of 1.5Mbps to (suprisingly) almost the speed of dial-up.

    3) It was difficult to multitask (couldn’t run Maya+Photoshop+SL) without causing extreme lag.

    4) The #1 reason I realized I was infected: SL was using between 900MB and 2GB of memory. I suspect the virus infected the SL exe itself.

    So once again for those of you who think the SL viewer is laggy / has network issues perhaps you need to scan your computer a little better for the things that go bump in the night. I did, and it fixed my lag.

  138. I have a geforce 7800 graphics card up and simply have a flat blue ocean that looks depressing no matter what I try to do in the hardware settings. I have to say if windlight would put those of us that don’t have the latest into this kind of depressing step backwards then I am all against it. I am seeing photos from friends that look incredible, one of them has a geforce 8800 card, and that makes me wonder why my system is not taking in the full effect even after tweaking environmental effects and hardware settings. ON the PLUS side The old clouds mixed with the new skyscapes look great, and it seems lighting on prims is better than the last time. By the Gods of Windlight why can’t I get that beautiful seaborne reflection?

  139. Jayden B says:

    4 fps in Windlight 20 fps in standard
    Mac OS X Leopard
    Mac Book Pro

  140. Lillith anatine says:


    <– just saw her first clouded sunset

  141. CM says:

    Well I get this “ball” of lots of textured triangles half the time that centers on my screen and flickers around a bit, covering my view of most everything. It crashed on me once, and the colors the sky now projects onto objects looks way too grainy and doesnt use too many colors to blend together. The window also changed to 800×600 and the “run in wondow” checkbox uncheck on me without my doing it.
    I am glad you can turn the effects off though. I had every setting maxed out.

    My concern is when people wander around different sims, each sim will probably look best in one mode or look bad if it’s not done right (like water sims, or sims with heavily baked textures which probably dont need or want special light bouncing off since the light they want is baked in already(which could be a problem when you do add shadows too)). So do I have time to be messing around with these settings for each sim all the time? What if I sell objects that look bad in windlight but not with the regular viewer and someone passes my stuff up because they have it on and they think it looks bad?

  142. Vincent Nacon says:

    OOOHH! Well it’s about DAMN time now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (yes, I’m still feeling bitter about Torley whom kept posting pictures of windlight month ago. Teasing us all to death.)

  143. Felix Oxide says:

    I cannot have the shiny water if i have ‘Atmospheric Shaders’ checked. So I either get pretty sky and ugly water or vice versa.

    CPU: Intel Core Series Processor (1828 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce Go 7600/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.1

  144. Sae Luan says:

    /me dies
    the water is absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see this in the regular viewer!

  145. FireFox Bancroft says:

    @ 141

    I’m running a HD 2900XT and I still get the flat-looking water, no shiny. It’s not just old hardware having problems with it. In fact water reflections don’t work, never have on Vista.

  146. Natalia Obscure says:

    I can’t see the water reflections and I have a Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family. >_<

  147. Loraan Fierrens says:

    Stunning… absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the framerate on my Intel Core Duo Mac running Leopard is pretty poor (I assume that what you mean by “Behavior in Leopard on Macs can be overly slow, and textures may be misplaced”). Are you all collecting any frame rate data this time around like you did with one of their earlier First Look clients?

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