Knowledge Base Article of the Week: WindLight Fever!

Welcome to episode 4 of Knowledge Base Article of the Week! Today’s WindLight First Look release boasts a dizzying array of new features, so this week’s post is dedicated to an entire folder full of up-to-date WindLight information.

When following the links below, remember that you will be directed to the Support Portal for your login information, and then redirected to your article of choice.

The WindLight First Look folder in the Knowledge Base contains the following articles:

With the success of last week’s Documentation Office Hours, Jon and I will be holding another Q&A style Office Hours this Friday at 2 PM PST. Have you ever wanted to know more about the Knowledge Base? Stop by our surplus couch and deluxe information depot with your Documentation comments, questions, concerns and/or suggestions!

Happy WindLighting, everyone!

Jeremy Linden

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150 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week: WindLight Fever!

  1. Read ’em and learn, good to be edumacated! Thanx for da docs, Jeremy! *big smile*

  2. Blinders Off says:

    Will ask again here:

    1. Has the earlier problem of Windlight turning bright and shiney textures to mud been addressed? If it hasn’t, we can kiss those bright metal swords, buildings and cars goodbye.

    2. How much lag does windlight add to an already overtaxed system.

    Both eyes open. Don’t be blinded by the glitter.

  3. Aries Piek says:

    WHOOT! TY Torley!!!!

  4. Marianne McCann says:

    oh maaan, I’ve been waitin for dis one.

  5. Ron Crimson says:

    #3: Man, are you pessimistic. If you’d read the other blog announcing the new WindLight First Look release, you’d know that the entire rendering engine has actually been refactored and improved to be faster than ever – you have new and more detailed graphics options in your Preferences to play with – you can fall back to the old weather system (which in itself has been improved separately) – not to mention there’s the new Avatar Impostor which I’m personally very excited about. 😀

    So go ahead and answer your own questions… try out the FL. 🙂

    Gosh, I know I will! *hugs Torley and yips in excitement*

  6. Simon Nolan says:

    @3 Blinders, please keep in mind that there are two kinds of lag: client-side and server-side. WindLight is client-side, so it won’t impact the grid. If your computer is closer to the bare minimum requirements, you could be impacted. Not much more can be said without knowing your setup. That said, my iMac only has a 128MB Radeon X1600, and seemed to run the earlier WindLight viewer just fine.

    Other than that.. OMGYAYBBQ!!!!!111!!!1!! Glad to see WindLight back!

  7. Ron Crimson says:

    Cool, I have a Radeon X1600 but it’s got 512MB. ^_^

  8. Redmoonblade says:

    There IS a way to toggle this on and off right?

  9. sigh says:

    does this mean I lose fluffy clouds? I like being up in the clouds.. 😦

  10. Jeremy Linden says:

    @9 Redmoonblade:

    In a way it is possible to toggle WindLight on and off- check out the options in the new graphics preferences panel, particularly the “Atmospheric Shaders” checkbox 🙂

  11. Jeremy Linden says:

    @10 sigh:

    You can keep Second Life’s classic clouds, either on top of the WindLight Clouds, or just as they always were! Check out the “Draw Classic Clouds” checkbox on the “Clouds” tab of the Advanced Sky Editor. 🙂

  12. Ann Otoole says:

    should you put an epileptic warning on the client? 😉

  13. Mifune Thibaud says:

    Windlight is amazing! But! There are some rendering errors that i am experiencing. They seem to be tied with the way the engine handles the graphics cache, as i’m having prims disappear from right under me after 30 minutes of windlight use.

    AMD 3700GT / 2GB RAM / 8600 XT 256 RAM / 1280×1024 / Max Setting & Draw distance

    It happens regardless of draw distance, but does seem to pop up after playing with some of the preset windlight Sky settings

  14. mimi says:

    Wow its great that windlight can be turned on and off. Seeing how good it looks I will use windlight myself but I can remember the days when I still had a crappy videocard and when all extra features gave extra lag!

    Great work! (choice is always good)

  15. Jeremy Linden: “In a way it is possible to toggle WindLight on and off- check out the options in the new graphics preferences panel, particularly the “Atmospheric Shaders” checkbox”

    Ah, thank God!!! 😀 Thank YOU! Ahhh! It’s nice to be able to turn it off when you want to see exactly what the texture on say a piece of clothing looks like without interference from the light and colours. Whoho! *dances off into the sunset*

  16. Andreas Winger says:

    Hey Everyone. First of all I must say it…Windlight is amazing…fantastic…and also the new glow feature is incredible…BUT..I have a problem with colours… Everything seems to be setted like at 256 colors…I tried to change video card option but nothing…I setted everything to max details, both on sl and on video card settings but nothing changes…still 256 colors…

    I run sl on a Intel Core2 Duo, video card Ati x1950xt avivo on windows XP… Could you please help me? It’s really a shame because Windlight is great. Thank you

  17. Andreas Winger says:

    Ok I have troubles with the shaders…If I enable them color are like reduced to 256, if I disable shaders everything looks normal…any Idea on how to fix it? I repeat my videocard is an Ati X1950XT avivo

    Thank you and keep up the great job!

    PS i just crashed enableing anisotropic filter…grrrrrr…

  18. Crescenzo Infinity says:

    So… I love WindLight, the environments are beautiful but I really… really… REALLY hate what the lighting does to AVs. Beautiful AVs are made to look like weirdly shadowed aliens just because of how the light hits them. I guess new Face Lamps will need to be made, but what a shame.

  19. Phoxpaws Vollmer says:

    I have to admit it really looks great. Tool me a moment to get the settings right, but did it make a vast improvement. Things are starting to look real. Great job. Thanks.

  20. Keddy Bailey says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! Gold rod turned blue – don’t know why. Glowing green gem turned, well I don’t know what to name it but the light option no longer had any effect and the thing went dark. Light greys turned washed out white. Medium greys went near-black. Fine grain wood disppeared as if there was no texture applied at all. The particle system quit working on my lot, but functioned in the distance. I hung around for 10 minutes and my neighbors house (5 meters away) had yet to rez.

    I guess I’ll wait untill you ram this thing down my throat and don’t give me the option to refuse it.

  21. Darius Lehane says:

    Please fix the XML-RPC server before bringing any new features live. Windlight does not fix existing content.

  22. Ninamori Writer says:

    wow this was just amazeing, all the stuff you guys changed looked great. the water in surrounding sims shows up.. but.. and this is a BIG but, the water in the sim dissappeard! glow doesnt appear to work at all. and avys farther then 5 meters away from my camera become ‘imposters’. the stuff added is awsome, but you guys have a long way to go with this. please for the love of god DONT make this anything but a firstlook viewer untill ALL bugs are fixed in it! *going to try RC viewer*

  23. i just wish i could actually log on to check it out- why is it that i have the best computer possible, running off of the strongest residential airport cable internet- and i have the most issues logging onto sl??

  24. Isablan Neva says:

    I have a texture that isn’t rendering:

    GNU Water 6 (widely distributed.)

  25. Jeremy Linden says:

    As noted in the WindLight announcement post, please be sure to post any bugs you discover to the Public Issue Tracker (

    The Issue Tracker is our official channel for bugs and feature suggestions; make sure to include as much detail as possible in your reports!


  26. Leanne Karas says:

    Unable to login to JIRA 😦

    Just tried this windlight viewer and as soon as I edit my video preferences it crashes, doesn’t matter which checkbox or slider I touch, just one adjustment and crash. Oh well, back to the extremely buggy but crashing less frequently main release. Oh and I do have a high end gfx card with 2Gb of Ram and an intel dual core processor… sigh…

  27. Alyx Sands says:

    Everyone NEEDS to check out the tutorials to be able to fiddle with the settings-you can have both weird looking or perfectly normal environments. I have waited soooo long for it to come back and I love it. Even tho it kicked my frame rate in the nuts.

  28. If I setup a real nice sim with Windlight red sky and lava like water.. am I the only one that sees it like that or does everyone coming to my sim see what I have created in it?

    Is this ONLY client side or can we actually create something others can come and share?

  29. Gillian Waldman says:

    JIRA Logins are broken as is ripple water still for the same bug I reported 6 months ago (supposedly fixed heh) for an Nvidia GeForce GO 7900. Andddd, since JIRA log-ins are borked again, can’t even reopen it.

    So de-installed windlight because what’s the point if I can’t see the water ripples I can see perfectly in the main client?

  30. Jeremy Linden says:

    @29 Garth FairChang:

    Some snippets from the wiki:
    “Bear in mind that WindLight is client-side only for now- that means nothing is changing on the servers or in any of the data- just what’s being shown on your screen… …More important, though, are our plans to make all of the sky settings, day cycle settings, and water settings tradeable assets (this is where the server-side part comes in), as well as giving you, the Residents, the ability to script and define these settings for your own estates.”

  31. Partington Gould says:

    I have to say I was expecting to log and and hate it as much as the last Windlight with it’s flat painted sky that you actually flew up to and then through.

    But I have to eat my words (or thoughts anyway). Settings are on High and it looks great, water is very nice. Been up to 5000m and still looks good, though I’m sure on the old viewer you did eventually go into the darkness of space.

    10min and no crashes so far, going to see if I can break it now.

    I’ll not mention shiny making all my cars look like they’re made from glass 😉

  32. WOW. A few snaps taken (as well as the obligatory sunsets and silhouettes 😉

    I know some people will moan that we get this and it seems like not enough is being done on stability/lost stuff/crashes etc. But well done LL

    *hands out flak jackets to the dev team 😉

  33. nimrod yaffle says:

    Thanks for letting me retexture my house when trying to drop a texture on someone’s name bubble…

  34. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    Wao, that increible is so beautiful the new Windlight, AWESOME!!, some people here said this new system is not good, they dont know nothing about the second life evolution i play since 2003 i know Second life have some bugs and tell me what game in the market massive multiplayer is perfect?? that is not exist but now the look of the game have a wonderful change with extraordinary graphics, please dont quit The Windlight!! again!! thanks to Torley, Jeremy and programers and Linden labs again,

  35. michi lumin says:

    I hope we get to keep this. Back in 1.10, GLSL shaders ‘visited’ and were removed; it looked great while it lasted. Now, finally, we get this sort of upgrade and – from what I can tell, turning off Atmospheric Shaders brings the world back to what it was, if people don’t want it…

    With low detail and avatar impostors I can even run the thing on my laptop at 30+ FPS in a crowd.

    And on my desktop I can make it look just amazing.

    I know that people are going to resist change on this. But please, I hope we do keep this – SL’s graphics haven’t moved forward significantly in four years.

    We need this. Yes, there are bugs, but they can be fixed: I just hope they are not fixed by nuking features.

    Please let us keep this, this time.

  36. Dorian Cao says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am so happy windlight is back! Please don’t take it away again! Everything, and I mean everything looks better this way. Even the simple linden plants look better! I have my graphics on Ultra, granted I can’t move, but who cares! Everything is sooo beautiful! Thank you again LL!

  37. Eragon Hotaling says:

    this is amazing – didnt touch my frame rate – actually seems higher in most places, esp in crowds.. great job!! and the control over everything. the water reflections are mind blowing alone…and the ripples shimmering the sunlight.

    foggy coastlines and forests at a click. this has made the experience of SL orders of magnitude better as far as I am concerned

    And you kept the fluffy clouds. local light and shiny stuff looks great to me. Totally agree with Michi – this is a big step forward – please let us keep ittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This makes up for all the issues Ive seen this summer.

  38. Vanessa says:

    None of the links actually work, they all end up at the standard page.

    Linking to the KB seems to be as pointless as ever when it was moved from its sane location on the site to be dumped into the Support Portal instead, rendering it inaccessible.

  39. mccloud says:

    Winlight destroys avaitars at noon setting…old sl was bad and face lamps helped..winlight now shows less face lamp effect than old software…the face shading at noon lighting is going to destroy skin desingers…someone will have to figure this out…avaitars look noon..more so than ever before

  40. Lestat Demain says:

    guys go back to the original windlight layout the new version is way to complex for newbies to grasp and taking out the performance graphs sorta leads to confusion when the program hangs…
    lol and at least time it so the really high graphics are released with havok4…other than that its really good 🙂

  41. Really cool, I like it, One thing I could not find. Some of the buttons didnt light up. Advanced Sky and Water. I didnt see anything on this in the knowledge base on how to get this to work. Maybe its time to upgrade the computer from this old 486 I have, lol Keep up the good work. Leave more cheese on the land for the lab rats.
    Just a spontaneous thought, you should maybe hook up with Dell to sell a SL version computer with the best componants in it for SL. I would spend 3/4s of a million lindens for a system that run SL the best.

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  43. Jeremy Linden says:

    To take advantage of all of WindLight’s features, make sure Atmospheric Shaders are turned on in your graphics preferences. Atmospheric Shaders are essential for WindLight’s skies, water and glow effects!

  44. Mellyn McCarey says:

    How many million narcissistic residents does SL have now? At least 50% of 10 million? How many zillion lindens have people spent making their avatars SL gorgeous? How much of the SL economy is built on vanity? And now you’ve made us ugly in the name of pretty, non-money making sunsets. I’ll go sit on the beach and meditate over that pristine water and those windswept clouds, calm my blood pressure, but I may never go out in public again.

  45. Maeve Yoshikawa says:

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE….. the environmental settings. noon bleached out a few things and i tried the different settings, but then even with a face lamp my avatar looked off. but other than that, water is phenomenal. The only thing i’ve noticed is some of my things won’t rezz and appear to be missing. So definitly a few tweaks. oh and one last thing before i forget, i get the double negative thing with some of my objects that disappear near the window, with the new lighting. a few more adjustments and this should be on the new download!

  46. Damen Hax says:

    I goto the ‘Client’ tab and disable the clouds & other random things every time i log in (for the sole purpose of having a smoother/less lagg-e_ experience).
    I think if some randoms working of the project spent a fair few hours working on a normal/moderate/average computer, perhaps some new options would be added, maybe even re-thought.
    Sure, on my high end system things are great, but this is used for work most often leaving me with good ole betsy ( 256mb graphics and 512mb ram 4yo) for sl… Plainly put, the majority have ‘ole betsy’ style computers, many thank me for giving tips on what to turn off to make things faster/smoother/better/more pleasant. Nice to see more things to turn off.. cant wait till work is done so i can have a real look.

  47. Nivea Frua says:

    Well after playing around with it, I love the clouds and sun let me tell you its amazing…
    However I do not like the new shiney, my piercings look like liquid mercury on my face!
    Also a big problem im haveing is my face lights wont work at all, I tried multiple ones and they wont work. Its really nice to have more options on the graphics tab though, and the clouds and sun are to die for.

  48. My initial response is it looks great. Shadows may be a bit too dark. It looked basically fine out of the box, with no brainpower required, which is important to me. I like the new Graphics Tab; having all the basic settings on one dialog is much better than the old system. I flew up and into some clouds, so that’s good. Flying up higher, the horizon gets misshapened. Higher still and the view returned to looking ok.

    This sort of thing might entice me to get a better graphics card so I can max everything and leave it like that.

  49. Jamie David says:

    Once again wow. Yawn.. now can we get back to things that need looking at and dealing with before adding to all the troubles with yet more troubles. Windlight is neat and all but it is just more 3rd party bling.

    Search = google.
    Windlight = windlight.
    Voice = Vox
    Verification = Aristotle

    Sure looks that LindenLab can’t do it in house any more and has to go outside.


    It is now 2 months since in this very blog, Robin Linden said “OOO you residents want to know more about Verification and a other things. I will get right to it and post an entry.”

    Feels like Rome. Bread and circuses to hide the troubles.

  50. Masuyo Aabye says:

    after all the bad stuff recently, this firstlook viewer more than makes up for it, it improves the SL experience so much.
    thank you LL.
    oh and the snapshots of the new water look nice, hopefully my ATI HD 2900XT can handle it.

  51. mudracer65nl sands says:

    Hiya all this sure looks great and the comment’s are nice on it to 😉

    But if it doesn’t work for me, how do i uninstall the windlight?….
    Srry i might sound like a noob :/ but i would like to know hehe 😉

    Thnx in advance
    See ya all inworld.

  52. Masuyo Aabye says:

    in the windows startmenu, find the firstlook folder, theres an uninstall in there.
    shiny is ruined, it now acts as alpha. this really needs fixing.
    my system is pretty hot stuff (core2 duo e6600,2 gig ram, hd2900xt)
    i enable everything i see in the knowledgebase article, all the shaders etc are on but the water is flat. am i missing something?

  53. Olaf Bosch says:

    windlight installed and operated – on an island with only two agents I got a fps of 7.5 – back to the release candidate – fps gets between 17 and 21 – needs some tweaking to do or is it a known ‘feature’ of windlight?

    happy to see some progress on this project 😀 thanks for making it public again!

  54. Lomgren Smalls says:

    For those thinking that this ruins SL… it actually makes it able to run on even lower hardware than before at decent speeds. Try turning it down to “low” settings and see just how the FPS goes up. I know it looks worse, but that’s the kind of tradeoff you get.

  55. Olaf Bosch says:

    forgot to post, I have no low and system:

    Second Life 1.18.5 (0) Nov 13 2007 10:25:05 (Second Life Release Candidate)

    You are at 236508.1, 239814.4, 85.3 in Andrea Isle located at (
    Second Life Server

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1828 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce Go 7300/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:

  56. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    New Toys! And it’s not even Christmas yet! Woot!

  57. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    /me gasps while staring at a sunrise sheering over the water, sighs deeply and pinks a tear from the side of his eye.

    “So … beautiful… “

  58. good move, at least it will make us forget that ugly brown fog we had some months ago.

  59. Hiro says:

    Now our ugly avatars look out of place in this beautiful world…

  60. Richie Oh says:

    Yeah, great, more lag, more bugs & more downtime!

    You just have to be kidding! How can you bring this now, where everyone is still digesting last weeks, ah what am I saying, last months mess!

    Stop windlight now! No one needs it! It´s not worth the pain of all residents to have a few 100 geeks happy.

    Stop the nonsense now!

  61. Masuyo Aabye says:

    61 : you have no idea do you? the windlight team are a seperate team , brought into LL to create this. and it’s all done on your computer, not serverside. so it doesn’t add to lag.
    as for the 100 geeks comment, i can assure you that theres far more than 100 people who like this.
    yes SL has been a bit flakey recently, but this is firstlook, not a release viewer, you don’t want it you don’t download it. the point of this viewer is to test it *before* it gets to the main release, so any bugs in it are wiped out before the masses get it in thier camping i mean main viewer.
    i like windlight, it actaully enhances SL a lot.
    and since when was downtime mentioned exactly?

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  63. Viktor says:

    I’ve had a look in the wiki but I cannot see any scripting functions/primitive parameters to read/write to the Glow property of a prim.
    Does any exist? If so, what are they?

  64. Seph Swain says:

    Be sure too keep your curtains closed. It’s a harsh cut in your eyes when you turn them from a windlighted sunny summerday to the snow flakes outside.

    Incredible pictures. Great improvement, great experience thanks!

  65. Richie Oh says:


    no i have no idea apparently…

    All I know is WHENEVER new features are introduced to sl, stuff breaks, products stop working and new bugs turn up, which ultimately result in more downtime to fix up the mess.

    If my post has upset you, apologies, but i am upset by the original post…

    After 2 weeks of grid salad, it´s the worst timing there is to come up with something like windlight…It´s neat yeah. But as one of the posters earlier said, it´s like in Rome. Circus to distract the people from the real problems, at least at this point in time

    I want the basics to bloody work:

    – no timing out of requests in general & especially if its about money transfers
    – product deliveries with a failure rate <1%
    – a tier & classified refund system for downtimes & practical downtimes
    – a friendly, competent & proactive Customer Service Body within LL (not just for high wealth sl individuals)
    – a communication department that remembers tomorrow that it made announcements & promises yesterday (What´s the status of IDV, oversize prims etc…)
    – fair & equal prices as well as conditions for every one, independent from location. (no VAT scam, same server classes & quality for all sims)

    If all of the above goes without saying, then yeah, gimme more new features

  66. Richie Oh says:

    and also one could wonder where all the problems came from the past weeks….Couldn´t be lot´s of resources being taken up by LL running tests behind the scenes….?

  67. It’s very pretty! 🙂 How long before the server side is done so we can actually *use* this? Also, will it be possible to someday change celestial bodies, e.g. replace the image of the moon with an image of Earth (for doing a lunar sim, say)?

  68. Lyssa Varun says:

    No Skirts Allowed!!!

    I guess the girls aren’t welcome in this one. Skirts are only being shown in appearance mode. What’s next, panties? 😉

  69. paolo bade says:

    with a Mobile X1600 video card everything is rendered low quality like with 8bit depth, even if my graphic card is at max quality and screen depth is 32bit

  70. Amiryu Hosoi says:

    Hi guys,

    the slider in the graphics hardware is not okay, does not work and is situated out next to the sliders background.



    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Speed: 2.33 GHz
    Processors: 1
    Cores: 2
    L2-cache: 4 MB
    Ram: 3 GB
    Busspeed: 667 MHz

  71. Aurora Autopoiesis says:

    I have been anxiously awaiting the re-release of Windlight….and WOW. The skies and water are beautiful…I’m very impressed. I have noticed however that in this version I am unable to click on people’s names to check their profile or initiate an IM with them. This is a very helpful ability especially in crowded areas. Could you return this ability to us, please???

  72. Hogarth Swindlehurst says:

    Will there either be some sort for light occlusion or parcel based environment controls for land owners?

    It’s a bit disconcerting to watch sunlight creep up the wall of a windowless room.

  73. Francesco Despres says:

    Good try but very far from even acceptable.

    The reflection is not working at all. Steel objects look way too light, with very few shades, like if they were full bright, and with a fastidious blueish shade, very unrealistic and most of all very different from the (very good) way they look in the no windlight versions. As a builder of medieval armors I’m very concerned. This change would totally disrupt all my work.

    Even at Mid settings, with the windlight supposedly off, the reflection doesn’t work. Object that are low reflection are as polished as mirrors and almost transparent looking. On the ATI Raden 550 that I have on this PC (latest drivers), when I set the High graphic option, windlight enabled then, all the reflective objects *are* actually transparent, as if they were made of blue glass. If I set their transparency to 1 then they show up with the right texture but still as semitransparent. Totally flawed…

    I didn’t tested the clouds and the sky and all those nice features: if the basic things don’t work there is no advantage in having them

    Sorry… the idea is nice but a lot must be done still to have an acceptable release.

  74. Penny Patton says:

    Particles! Particles! Will there be an option to make particles glow? Under the debug menu “renderglow” setting, particles would glow like any other fullbright object. But, under Windlight, they do not glow at all.

    Will this be fixed? I’d managed to create some particularly neat effects with glowing particles that now look dull and flat, quite the opposite I expected from Windlight.

    I’m sure this is just an oversight that will be fixed very soon…right?

    I hope.


    Thank you!

  75. Penny Patton says:

    Speaking of, I recall reading somewhere that Windlight settings would be available as inventory objects that could be handed out to visitors, and passed around. Is this still in the works?

    Additionally, we’re going to see server side settings, right? For Estate Owners and such? So individual sims can have their own Windlight settings that people see automagically when they visit a sim?

  76. IAm Zabelin says:

    Simply Brilliant !!!!

    Been waiting for this for AGES!

    This is the first real positive (for myself) I have seen for a long time.

    Yes, theres a few issues (shiny etc), and we need environment defaults, but its brilliant!

    Whatever you do …. DON’T TAKE IT AWAY AGAIN !!!
    Please always have the windlight option avail – even if buggy. Some of us just won’t go back again!


  77. I added this in JIRA but here are my specs for a fairly high-end graphics set up that renders ripple water perfectly in the main client, yet still see flat and oddly colored water in windlight. This is a Nvidia GeForce Go 7900GS (with latest drivers), Windows XP and Intel Core Duo. Can’t get much more mainstream that this. It’s clearly the same driver issue as before (see JIRA where on any Nvidia driver > 93.71 this is observed. It was supposedly “fixed” but I have reopened it because it’s not.

    Drivers for XP and Nvidia ARE >93.71!

    CPU: Intel Pentium Pro (Unknown model) (1728 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 M
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce Go 7900 GS/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:

    Nvidia specific information:
    Processor: GeForce GO 7900GS
    Video BIOS:
    IRQ: 16
    Bus: PCI Express x16
    Memory: 256mb
    Forceware version: 84.69
    TV encoder type: NVIDIA Integrated

  78. Axe Bikcin says:

    All these new features are coming. We just have to accept them. Work around them or disable them if we don’t like them or want them.

    But no where have I seen anything that addresses what many of us desperatley need. Please give us more than 25 groups? At least double it. 25 is not enough! Now that should be something very easy to implement.

  79. richard says:

    i like this, i am sitting in my housecoat naked and the hair is a mess didnt brush teeth and, i look great in second life cant get much better than this !

  80. Anny Helsinki says:

    I like the windlight-viewer. will use it on special places and at home.

    Second Life 1.18.5 (73655) Nov 13 2007 12:57:54 (Second Life WindLight)

    You are at 169289.4, 304509.1, 27.7 in Mesopotamia located at (
    Second Life Server

    CPU: AMD (athlon 64) (2009 MHz)
    Memory: 1024 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5600/AGP/SSE2/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.3
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 67/243155 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: dadcde93-7357-bc40-b2b8-516d5239e365

  81. Lomgren Smalls says:

    The problems with Shiny stuff have been noted already. Check the comments on the previous blog post – it will be worked on.

  82. Argent Stonecutter says:

    OK, I’ve been really down on windlight, but this one is a big improvement. I actually like it. I like how you can independently turn the windlight clouds and the regular clouds on and off. I like the water. There’s also some improvement in land quality: the highest LoD for land keeps it as land for a much greater distance… I haven’t seen that announced and that’s a good thing.

    A few things that need to be fixed: first, the default settings need to have ambient light turned up and the sun turned down… the difference between sunlight and shade is way too pronounced. Second, the water fog needs to have separate settings for when the camera’s above and below the surface. Third, the glow effect needs to be muted during the day, or increased during the night (add a multiplier for overall light levels, perhaps). Fourth, the unadorned windlight skybox is too stark to use as the backdrop for reflections, but the dynamic reflections don’t look right either… need to cons up a new reflection map… maybe just use the old skybox as a new reflection map?

    But these are pretty minor compared to the massive list of problems I had from the first release.

    Oh, and, could you post the water ripple normal maps Windlight is using somewhere (or even put them in the library)?

  83. Kadin Redgrave says:

    Awesome, except that I can’t reset the graphics settings without the thing crashing on me. I’d really like to see what Windlight can do, but that probably won’t happen, if I can’t keep it going.

  84. Phil Deakins says:

    I’ve never looked at WindLight before, but I tried it this time, and it’s impossible to use for me. It looks great as far as it goes, but many objects don’t show, and even individual prims from many objects don’t show. No matter how long I wait, they just don’t show. They are there because I walk over them, but they don’t display at all. I’d like to use WindLight now, but I can’t.

  85. Ceera Murakami says:


    Tested on a very low end Windows XP system, with a 64 MB VRAM Intel Integrated graphics card and only 512 MB RAM. Hardly any of the new effects are available, but at least it degrades fairly gracefully.

    THANK YOU for retaining the particle clouds, as I can’t see the ones windlight paints at all.

    Looks passible at 700M up, or whild flying upward to at least above the particle cloud layer. Horizon isn’t a bowl, and the sun isn’t a smear, as far as I can tell. Thanks for fixing that part.

    Frame rate at minimum settings isn’t any worse than the normal client.

    In short… Doesn’t matter where I set the few controls that I can change, it doesn’t buy me much at all over the old client. But at least this time it isn’t tremendously worse.

    Oh, and the “Avatar spontaneously folds in half and places their head up their butt” bug has returned in this Windlight First Look client.

  86. AngelT Tripsa says:

    wow congrats, a lovley new viewer that crashes as soon as it loads on my laptob, yay. So how much in kickmacks are LL getting from all the mega costly vid cards all the cool stuff aparently requires?

  87. Brett Finsbury says:

    wow looks great. Now we can concentrate on how your outsourcing the billing dept to the UK has caused U.S. banks to see SL as a gambling site and causes the bank to freeze your account when you are billed for your tier.
    Thanks for the headache. Really liked the confusion of having my card declined at the grocery store over an error on your end.
    So tip of the day. when your tier is about to be charged watch your bank account and make sure they dont cause it to freeze up. I had to contact my banks fraud control to use my debit card again anywhere.

  88. Cat Gisel says:

    I took a RL trip to the beach, WL eat your heart out…

  89. Hewitt Huet says:

    Pathetic. Absolutely unacceptable. FIX WHAT IS BROKEN please!!!!!!!! Your putting me out of business…. oh, sorry, I’m not an esate owner and my in world initials aren’t “A.C.”. Didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll go back to my irrelevant place and be a good av. Ooooh, what PRETTY clouds!!!

    /me suddently realizes after reading all his blog posts why my application to LL has not even been read XD

  90. Leyla Firefly says:

    This is just horrible for all content creators, it totaly destroys the ‘real’ looking light effects we have created textures and skins for.
    Yes right, all your nifty colors on your broken horizon, wow! Wow, purple clouds in an orange sky above a mud looking world! Wow!
    Well… no!
    Please, log in some other virtual worlds so yo can see how it can be done 😦
    I hate you LL for doing this to me!

  91. michi lumin says:

    From what I’m seeing — it increases framerate and looks great for MANY people, if not -most- people:

    However – there are a lot of complaints of broken visual effects, and the ever-present buzzword of “LAG”.

    I think that people don’t quite understand this… and unfortunately I’m almost positive that Linden Lab will respond by completely nerfing WindLight.

    Most of the complaints I’ve seen have been from folks who have embedded video and still expect a lot ; folks with old cards like GeForce 5200’s that were never really that good even in their day, and of course the folks who claim they “can’t update their drivers” from the 2-year old versions for one reason or another.

    SL has tried this several times: I remember Shaders/GLSL in 1.10, which was scrapped at the last minute because of too many complaints from people with low end systems. About two years have gone by since, and that hasnt changed: those same systems have simply become 2 more years out of date than they were at the time.

    If history is any predictor, LL will listen to the ‘lowest common denominator’, and when WindLight launches, it’ll basically look like “the old SL with a prettier skybox”.

    Fact is, most of this stuff can be turned off. If you don’t like it, really, *try* turning off Environmental Shaders and even Basic Shaders; but I know most folks won’t be bothered…. I ran into a guy with a SiS graphics chipset last night who was complaining because he was running a slideshow when the slider is pushed to “Ultra”.

    In the past four years though, every time without fail, LL has listened to the “lowest common denominator”….

    So, if you like Windlight, I wouldn’t get used to it. I hope this time is different, andI hate to say it but some folks running 3,4 or even 5 year old hardware may have to upgrade… There’s really good performing stuff at a very low price point even compared to 3 years ago these days.

    As for skins/textures and graphics errors, I’m just not seeing many problems. I’m running a 7900GTX, and my graphics drivers actually are NOT completely up to date. Still, I dont really see any problems.

    Really, SL’s graphics finally do need to advance. I hope they actually do this time around. After GLSL/Shaders were skipped, and Render 2.0 was skipped, and the first round of WindLight was delayed — let’s give it a chance this time…

  92. Ron Crimson says:

    @94: Bravo. *clap, clap, clap* More thoughtful posts like yours, please. 🙂

    Now let me go back to sobbing quietly because my in-world photography is finally worthy of butting heads with Torley’s works. LOL 😀

  93. archie lukas says:

    Nice skys

    but when does the avatar improve?
    real joints/
    face shading
    less plastic feel & look

    personally I would have gone for that
    buy wtf

  94. Uccello Poultry says:

    Windlight is still gorgeous. Thank you. And I especially love the Quality slider. Now I can go to Class 4 sims and still be able to move without turning off render items such as Volume and Simple (or even Characters).

    My first sunrise today brought a tear to my eye. I can hardly wait to see a (non-forced) sunset.

  95. Pastrami Linden says:

    @94 : rest assured, this isn’t going anywhere!

    Our main focus will be to set default settings to accommodate older cards. The beauty is that we’ve included ways to turn everything back to old school rendering. So one of our big tasks to come will be to tweak the defaults so that older cards don’t get obliterated in framerates. But the functionality? Going away? Nahhhhh…. 🙂

  96. michi lumin says:


    Excellent… From what I can tell initially, it seems that the range of performance variation with this release is actually going to get *greater*..

    In other words, with the ability to turn these options off, AND the addition of avatar impostors, even lower end systems *should* see a performance increase if they so choose to go in that direction.

    Running at lowest settings, sure it looked funkier, but I was getting 50 FPS in a crowded sim. VERY useful for large gatherings!

    One more thing Pastrami: PLEASE don’t change the water!!! Or at least, make it optionable to what it is right now, *exactly* how it is right now!

    We got a taste of that early on when LL tried new shaders with water, but then it went away. This is perfect, please keep it as it is!

    Thanks for the response.

  97. Tasho Fairplay says:

    It’s called progress people. mid-grade 4-5 year old technology does not run newer technology.

    Logging into Second Life is not like opening up a fresh copy of Duke Nukem or Quake with content that does not change over time.

    Massive Multiplayer Online programs evolve and change over time… and if people expect the program to continue being fresh and up to date with newer better features all the time without having to possibly upgrade their computer hardware from time to time, they’re absolutely delusional.

    Changes like this are exactly what Second Life needs to continue to evolve to the next level.

    Keep Windlight and lets see this weather project hit the boards immediately afterward Windlight is pushed through. I want to walk 3-miles uphill both ways through a blizzard to buy objects for my avatar.

  98. Dovic Battery says:

    i tried this latest windlight and the various settings, it looks awesome yes until i went into the ocean to see the coral reef and fish down there.. didn’t matter which settings i used it was way too dark under the water to see anything.. might be just me.

  99. Arahan Claveau says:

    Shiny is broken, all shiny objects are either quite transparent or invisible. Advanced water settings does not work at all, all water looks the same as the regular client.

    But getting a huge FPS increase (up to 90 in some areas) and generally seems much faster and less lag.

    Windows XP Home. Nvidia 8800gts 320mb, 2 gig Kingston RAM

  100. Dirk Felix says:

    I have “get your act together fever”. Any possibility of getting engenieering staff to adopt this? Maybe marketing could consider “what customers really want fever”. Of course both would require house cleaning and hiring of competant people, but hey that’s what we’re paying for isn’t? 😉

  101. Olaf Bosch says:


    if that what you write shoul dbe the fact, LL should also adapt the minimal system requirements. I do agree that technology is someting to keep updated, but to use SL and having to buy new hardware every 9 months is a bit too much for using a platform I pay enough for and which wont work as it supposed too and is being advertised for.

    not too mention the discrepancy the vat brought to non americans because of a mistake of LL to open a european office.

    Also I like to add, this still is an experimental platform, and I gladly pay for making this venture possible. But there should be more consideration to the users. We dont all have a craig system at out disposal, and certainly we are not all wealthy enough to see the fees as merely a tip to leave at a bar.


  102. Leah Kleene says:

    so instead of bothering to fix all the problems with the current view: missing images, textures not loading/rezzing, and server side problems like attachments not staying or going in the correct place, you split the team and work on two views at once?


  103. Gillian Waldman says:

    @ Pastrami – that’s great you can revert back I suppose for older hardware but there are plenty of people running new hardware that this will not help because we want to see ripple water as we can in the main client (which works beautifully)…but not using Windlight. It’s very frustrating (nay, depressing) that someone with even ancient or unsupported hardware can see it in all its glory and yet I cannot even with a Nvidia GeForce GO 7900GS with fully updated drivers. Thankfully, Torley is on the case.

  104. Judi Newall says:

    I am just staring at the water and the seashells below … WOW!!! I know there are problems in SL but one team can’t do the work of another and THIS is just stunning!

  105. Nad Gough says:

    Any one try this on a mac yet? I’m somewhat stable and don’t want to risk that.

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  107. Blinders Off says:

    OK I tried the Windlight thing, and Kudos to LL for fixing the “bright and shiney turned to mud” problem.

    I was surprised to find (at least during the one time that I tried using it), that in-game experience actually seemed a lot less jerky and more fluid. Might have just been a low-lag moment, but seemed ok to me.

    On thing I did notice: textures seem to be taking a long time to load. And I think I’ve figured out a possible reason why:

    You folks are loading textures in bits and pieces aren’t ya, trading processor time between multiple textures rather than just loading one and moving on to the other.

    IMO: bad idea. I’ll tell ya why… it’s too easy for the system to lose track of what texture has been loaded and what hasn’t, and it makes ALL the textures look bad instead of just the ones that haven’t loaded.

    SUGGESTION: When the user first logs in, make ALL textures a default texture (gray, green, “loading”, whatever). Then, start loading the textures NEAREST to the avatar first. Load one texture at a time and when one is loaded, move on to the next. That way instead of all textures looking bad, SOME textures will look very good right away, and the number of those will increase with each passing second.

    SECOND SUGGESTION: Load textures by camera position, not by avatar position. And when an avatar clicks on an item (like a merchant display), texture loading on that item should be given 100% top priority, because it is obviously the focus of avatar attention at the moment.

    So yeah, from what I’ve seen so far Windlight looks great. I have a killer computer though, and dunno what it will do to lesser systems. It is for sure going to make things on SL look DIFFERENT, so I can see a whole bunch of designers going back to the drawing board. Overall experience though is kind of interesting and with the bright and shiney problem fixed, my initial objections are far less. Still concerned about server performance and lag issues though. I’ve never seen a new SL “feature” that didn’t lag the brains out of the system, and after seeing the heavy lag increase brought on by flexis and sculpties, I’m withholding final judgement until the system undergoes more testing.

  108. Case Rydel says:

    Whooo hooo!……. I LIKE IT!!!!

    Makes sailing and surfong awesom the effect of looking up from under the water is great.

  109. Blinders Off says:

    @ Pastrami Linden: ” But the functionality? Going away? Nahhhhh…. ”

    I am sorry, but tongue-in-cheek-can’t-resist kneejerk reply: can’t have functionality going away, ‘cos it never existed in the first place.

    LOL. OK, now I have that off my chest.

    Actually, SO FAR Windlight looks good. I still have that awful itch on the back of my neck that the spider eggs haven’t been found yet, but…

    If I may make a commment to LL: Second Life is far more equipment and graphics consuming than it has any reason or right to be. If you really intended SL to be “Web2”, then you should have designed it to be available to the widest number of users. I think that quite often LL went for new, sparkly toys that wound up knocking a lot of users offline as their equipment would no longer support the basic requirements of SL.

    I am sure there are a LOT of users out here that would have been willing to trade flexis and sculpties and local lighting for a more stable, less-laggy, less-crash-prone system that was friendlier to a wider variety of system. I could have lived with a lot less bling on the avatars and a lot more platform stability. Pretty is just fine, but it doesn’t matter how nice you paint the building if the foundation is crumbling.

    So, when bringing in these things, you all might want to ask yourselves: is this going to benefit our users as a whole, or only those with dual core 8800 GTX systems? How many users you going to knock offline with this next release? How many people will now be unable to log in?

    Yes, progress must be made… but not at the loss of old users. Microsoft serves as a striking example: when they came out with Visual Studio 2005, they completely abandonded file storage formats that had been in use since the dawn of computers. This caused a lot of people to turn their backs on Microsoft programming languages. All they had to do was bring in their new methods… but leave the old methods in place. Instead, they completely trashed thousands and thousands of databases and forced programmers to scramble to update. That is never a good idea.

    So yeah, advance and progress where you can, but don’t leave your current customers sitting in the dust… and please, concentrate on the foundation rather than the paint.

    Windlight looks great, but I’d much rather see a reduction of lag, stable inventory, working group notices and group chat, and fewer client crashes. And I’d like to be assured that my friends that are online SL today will still be able to use the system tomorrow.

  110. sm thibaud says:

    thrilling: windlight is way cool. Can we now please get the map to work? and group chat? We’re going on the moon: how about next door?

  111. Hogarth Swindlehurst says:

    Really, I do hope if you do do server side settings(which I do hope you do do,) you would make them available to all landowners, not just to those those bourgeois estate owners hiding in their private island fortresses.

    Presentation means a lot to some of us, so I would like to see some sort of ability to set default WL settings per parcel. I’ve already mentioned the strange combination of windlight sunlight and windowless rooms.

  112. Hi, I’m looking for glass art of Polish designers.
    Especially interested in sculpture glass art, contemporary glass art, and more.
    Does anybody know what is website of Jerzy Becela?

  113. Suu Miles says:

    Windlight rocks but after all the mess of the past weeks (missing items, not being able to log in, not rezzing four hours, rerezzing of clothing every 30 seconds, broken tps, lag lag and again lag) I really begin to wonder if LL have just given us a new shiny to keep us occupied playing with it thinking we might forget the troubles we had earlier and the promises LL made???

    Granted, windlight is a great new feature, with the new search included, hey wait a minute, is it the new new search? I have been following the blog and most of all the comments (even the already deleted ones: some of mine got deleted too due to not fitting to the topic (God, I must have been pretty critical and sarky) about the new search were highly critical and full of ideas on how to make it better, so I wonder, is this the new search or already the new new search included?

    So… my post is number 115 I guess, so I wonder if it will be the same number tomorrow or even if it will still be here on the blog…

    Thanks Lindens for getting Windlight back, the masses are statisfied and blinded by it (there are some strange settings in there, so I mean this literally, lol) so can you please go back and do the REALLY important stuff now?

    Fixing permissions, lag, asset servers… fixing THE BASICS of second life???

    Please don’t delete that entry, I am a concerned resident who has a business in sl and who merley wants a stable environment for us all, i.e. low lag, stable viewer and servers so that more people will come in and make it bigger and better! If you don’t start getting the key fundamentals right then people will get angry as real money is spend in here and you will run out of shinies…

  114. Windlight looks nice but the land textures are messed up. Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, MBPro, ATI X16000. Messed up in Leopard, and Parallels VM/XP – not in Bootcamp and Vista.

  115. Lomgren Smalls says:

    People don’t seem to realize that LL is big enough for there to be multiple groups doing different things. The bugs on stability, asset server issues, etc, are STILL BEING WORKED ON. It’s just that there is another group that happens to be working on Windlight. Which, in itself, is optmization and such that allows SL to be run more smoothly on older hardware. It’s not all just pretty eye candy.

  116. Balpien Hammerer says:

    Eye popping wow! The water effects are gorgeous and the sky effects are much improved over the last WindLight release. HOwever, it isn’t ready for prime time though. There are major anomolies rendering prims, especailly near SIM crossings. Enormous structures simply aren’t render irrespective of distance settings. WinLight is also harsh on how it handles rendering distant objects. There is a sharp cutoff instead of the gradual haze/blur effect. Major z-order issues exist with stacked transparent objects.

    Vostro dual core laptop NVIDIA 8600GT 256MB vram.

  117. Ive tried windlight, every setting, using the nvidia controls for the nvidia 7950 card, and my pc is no slouch, i see 80 fps…
    Main Board ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC Model P5W DH Deluxe
    Processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~2938 Mhz
    Total Physical Memory 2,048.00 MB
    Available Physical Memory 1.35 GB
    Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
    DDR2 CM2X1024-6400 PC2-6400 1GB 5-5-5-15 240pin DIMMs
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2

    But no matter how i set up the pc or preferences, as soon as i use glow on scripted objects that work fine with the non windlight SL the animations become jerky.. like lag.. but more like disconnection.. the animation wont flow using glow.. even though i see 80 fps that should be more than enough..

    it dont work for me.. and windlight crashes more than i can tolerate.. ive little time to keep restarting.. time is precious..

    so.. sorry.. i wont be using or recommending it yet,flashy water or not..

    i want smooth flow.. ive a good DSL might be the cause, its certainly jumping around the 300kbs mark.. but – im only seeing 40 fps on standard SL and it works im lost.. i see 80 fps on windlight but nothing i can click or or do improves scripted object movement that i want to use glow with.

  118. Leyla Firefly says:

    Yes, Lomgren, that’s why those bugs still exist how long now and they are still not fixed, yet this Windlight adventure gets rammed in our throat while none has asked for it!
    Enjoy the view of your psychedelic sunsets while your inventory still gets eaten, your hair sits in your 4ss and your girlfriend isn’t loading.

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  120. the bat says:

    Sunsets,sunrisesand water look great , which is all to the good as the rest of the prims on the island are slowly dissapearing — great sky’s and no builds visible ?? guess thats progress , but i dont see it “literally” can bump into my house but cant see it 🙂 — back to the old viewer i guess .
    Frame rates are up — can scan and not crash –magic , but pointless as all i can see is grass, sea and sky now.oh and the odd random avatar sitting in mid air . Nice try-no cigar.

  121. anthony77777 says:

    To much shiny,and horrible blu reflections on everything that shines

  122. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Oooo! I thought this was closed! (When I looked, it said 101 posts.)

    Please, PLEASE consider toning this down! I have pictures I’ve taken (and posted on SLU) explaining the problem as I see it.

    The sun is now far more aggressive than it should be, giving far more intense light on everything than it should.

    The fact that the sun “reaches” into houses, even closed boxes, makes it all the worse (though I know it has to reach in).

    Everything looks glorious when you are just scanning the landscape you don’t particularly care about any specific part of it.

    But it is changing our items far more than it should, to the point of making some colors actually unusable, and also making some things harder to see.

    For examples, see my thread on SL Universe, “Windlight Chooses Your Colors for You.”

    I will try to attend the Friday meeting with my pictures to illustrate why I think it is too intense.

    Could you (or somebody) let me know where this meeting will take place?


  123. Milla Alexandre says:

    Well…. Love It!

    I spend hours in Windlight last night….not a single problem. I really think for folks who seem to have endless issues with SL….it’s time to update or get a better internet connection. Windlight performs beautifully for me… I’m running Windows xp…on a Dell xps410 with NVidia7600. I have a high speed cable internet. I rarely have huge issues with SL….rarely. The basic truth is, not all computers can handle all programs.

    The only thing I have to agree with about Windlight is the way it does make avitars look washed out and ‘tired’. The face glow doesn’t really help this much at all. I find I have to mess around with the settings…lower the gama…. to bring out my avitars natural beauty LOL Seriosuly tho…it’s not the end of the world. In other news….clothing doesn’t seem to want to appear tonight. Had no issius yesterday….today… can’t rez/rebake/edit my avitar textures…I have been forced into becoming a nudist. lol

  124. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    Leyla, Leyla, Leyla. The bugs are being worked on. And being fixed. Have you any concept of the word patience? Stop your sniping already.

    Linden Lab has different people working on different projects. That’s the way of business. Would you expect Microsoft to tell their janitor to stop waxing the floor and get to work with the programmers helping defeat the latest security hole they’ve found in Windows? I didn’t think so.

    The same thing applies here. Not every Linden Lab employee works on the issues that you’re complaining about. Not every Linden Lab employee NEEDS to work on the issues you’re complaining about. So give it up already.

    Now, getting back on-topic. Downloaded and installed the new first look client. So far I really like it. Have some issues I’m going to need to see if I can work around though. Like the sky suddenly turning disgusting as soon as I turn on the relevant shaders. I do have a rather old, low-end graphics card, this probably has a lot to do with it. But I’ll play around.

    System so far is running very stably with the new first look client, no complaints there. Can’t wait to really give it a good workout tonight and see how it performs when I’m DJ’ing.

  125. janie matahari says:

    yeah right uh huh, good going lindens… now i wont be able to get to work in the morning cause i will have forgotten the real world exists, cutting it close as it is.. now i’ll lose my job. this sucks


  126. Anthony77777 Bandit says:

    Water and Sky effects are great, why dont you please setup this stuff in a way that colors and reflecting objects (prims) dont change..If you take a look with attention cars,boats,jewels and every shiny prim is completely light jewel business is completely destroyed.

  127. Chakalak says:

    Windlight – awesome!!
    The new search – great work!
    (can I search for bandwidth and packet loss too?!?)^^

  128. Lan says:

    I’ll echo some of the sentiments here. Sky and water are wonderful!

    But avatar lighting is harsh, has way too much contrast and can’t be fixed with a face light.

  129. Nizzy says:

    The improved framerate is nice, but with Basic Shaders (or higher) turned on, avatars and textures are ruined. The harsh, overblown lighting completely washes every nimble nuance and detail out of high quality skins and clothes, and the avatar shape is given some very blocky shading that makes everyone look like vampires.

    This is not worth it for some fluffy clouds. I have clouds outside my window already.

  130. Nizzy says:

    … You should consider disabling all shaders for avatars / attachments and just apply them to environments. It would look better I think.

  131. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Thanks Jeremy. Everyone wants to know what Avatar Imposters are! I was even thinking of becoming one myself. =)

    SL PLANTS AND TREES are looking worse in at high tree settings: as if WL uses a different set of textures which havent had well-done antialiased alpha work done on them.

    However, Windlight is bootyful and *does* run MUCH smoother than non-windlight! ?o.O?

  132. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Nizzy.. no way!! =D I want WL on my avatar. But I agree the lighting on prims (especially SL’s built in trees) needs some improvement.

  133. dreamscape says:

    agreed nizzy … the effeckts are realy cool, but the avatars look realy terrible but maybe the lindens fix this issue, because it makes no sense to add some nice effeckts into second life and reduce the well apearance of the residents.


  134. Nik Woodget says:

    @ 113
    “If I may make a commment to LL: Second Life is far more equipment and graphics consuming than it has any reason or right to be. If you really intended SL to be “Web2″”

    Nope, they designed SL to be a virtual world. The whole Web 2 thing was just something people thought of afterwards. And I don’t think that was or actuall is Linden Labs goal. Am I wrong? Personally I prefer a virtual world striving to be a virtual world, rather than a virtual world striving to be the interweb mach 2.

  135. Lomgren Smalls says:

    @134, JetZep Zabelin:

    The trees are done differently – the alpha is indeed gone. Try looking at trees through an invisiprim. You’ll see the trees are still there – they no longer disappear like before.


  137. Dyslexia Sprawl says:

    G5 Mac dual 2GHz
    1GB RAM
    Radeon 9600

    Performance is atrocious, several seconds per frame. That’s right — seconds per frame, not frames per second!

    Apart from that, very pretty. Looking forward to seeing a working version 😉

  138. Casandra Streeter says:

    I have waited with bated breath for Windlight to finally come out. All I can really say about it is……….efn awesome.There are some very minor issues….loss of detail in some objects noticebly plants and wave edges. And a little lag. But other than that well worth the download.

  139. Deekins says:

    Lighting on avatars is way too harsh. I liked the old way better for those.

  140. Sasha Nurmi says:

    its droolish Jeremy but gonna wait for a patch for windlight
    so meny buggs seen and encountered, but hope this time windlight will be a standard feature for SL

  141. Dark Otsuzum says:

    Great. Can we have Havok 4.5 now? ;P

  142. Cocoanut Koala says:


    I can’t find it on the calendar!


  143. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Never mind, I talked to Jeremy and I had misread the post. JHe was talking about a meeting of something else. (Sorry for taking up so many slots.)


  144. Carmilla Mirabeau says: I am uninstalling Windlight again! I crash every time I log in. I went to the support page and put in a ticket. My email stated they sent me a solution..yay! But I go to the support and I was sent a link to a place thats for the GEEK SQUAD! No where did it mention anything about Windlight HELP. So Im pretty peeved. I sent another request to please help me at the page they sent a LINK for the solution. Their answer? Look at the solution email. So much for Windlight. 😦

  145. Christopher Molinaro says:

    yahoo! wind light is back will definitely give it a try, was having withdraw effects from the pretty sky’s, hope I am not the only one

  146. Dirk Felix says:

    Cool, seems like this is as welcomed as Microsoft Vista and just as reliable. Maybe Torley could suggest glasses that remove contrast, so gamma issues are no longer a problem. Maybe some of the ongoing bugs could be considered enhancements as suggested. Spaghetti code is the Linden way, cool 😉

  147. Skygirl Kline says:

    Same for me looks great but I look bleached out..also water sparkles look a little unrealistic, but that could be my settings. I love the feature of being able to slide through the day, ideal for photography..

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