New Search with Today’s Release Candidate

As previously announced, Linden Lab has been hard at work on an all-new way to search Second Life. Today, as part of the 1.18.5 Release Candidate, we are excited to announce that the new search mechanism is live and ready for you to try out! This change should improve both the search experience and the quality of your results.

We understand that many of you may have questions about the new search, so we’ve compiled a Search FAQ in our Knowledge Base. We’ve also got a video tutorial available. Want more? Listen to a clip from our upcoming Search Podcast with the Linden Lab Search Team here and here – full podcast coming soon!

The points below highlight the key things you should know about the new Search:

  • The new search is additive to the current search
  • The new search returns information about land, profiles, groups, wiki documents, events, classifieds, and some individual objects
  • You have the ability to choose what you want to include in search
  • Classifieds are returned both within and next to the search results

Using the New Search
There is a new “All” tab in the Search window, but the rest of the tabs, including the All (old) tab with the current All search functionality, are still included and functional. Using the new All tab, it’ll be easier to find relevant results when you’re searching for land parcels, Resident profiles, groups, classifieds, events, and individual objects marked for inclusion that are present on public parcels. In order to try out the new search, you will need to download the latest Release Candidate. Once you have installed this new version, you will notice that there is an additional tab added to Search that looks different than the current version. This is the new Search All tab!

Search UI

New Search Results (click for larger image)

The new search is easy to use – simply type into the search box and click the “Search” button. The results will quickly be displayed, along with any related classified ads along the right-hand side. You are able to limit your search by category (Classifieds, Events, Groups, People, Places and Wiki) or search all of the categories at the same time.

Included in the New Search
The new search includes land parcels, Resident profiles, groups, Second Life wiki articles, classifieds, events, and some individual objects. Please note that while the initial population of search was based upon various defaults, going forward, everyone will be able to determine what they would and would not like to be included in search. You are able to make changes to search visibility, although it may take between 1-3 days for changes to be reflected in the search results.

Privacy and the New Search
Every Resident has the ability to choose what is and is not included in the new search. For example, the shortened version of your inworld profile is included in the search by default, which only includes your avatar’s name. You can choose to include an extended version of your profile in the search by selecting the “Show in Search” checkbox on your profile.

Search Profile

New Extended Version Profile (click for larger image)

Please be aware that the new search results will be available to the public. Anyone with a web browser will be able to view the new search results from the Second Life website. The search results may also be picked up by other external search engines such as Yahoo and Google, although we are not explicitly asking search engines to crawl them at this time. It’s important to remember that this information is not tied to your real-life identity and is the same information that anybody could see with a free Second Life account.

How the New Search Works
The biggest change you’ll notice is that the “Search All” dialog box has been dramatically changed and improved. We’re using an all-new system that creates ordinary HTML web pages out of data from the Second Life system, and uses a Google Search Appliance to both index and provide search results from the information. These servers are an off-the-shelf product that Google makes available for purchase by an individual or organization, and the servers and data are hosted at Linden’s co-location facilities. We have not entered into any working partnership with Google.

The web pages for search are publicly viewable on the web at large. Eventually they will be available indexed by Google, Yahoo and other search engines (in a similar way to how all other information online is indexed). Please check out the Search FAQ for more information.

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111 Responses to New Search with Today’s Release Candidate

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  2. McPhenius Swain says:

    The new search (client) looks very promising!

  3. U M says:

    Looking forward to this! Thank you!

  4. Dirk Felix says:

    So the word candidate means that it’s really a ALPHA not ready for prime time. If it were a General Release it would need to be bug free. Can’t wait not to download this 😉

  5. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Dirk – 🙂 The “Release Candidate” process does allow everyone to test out our latest fixes and features publicly before they are released as the primary viewer download, but they are qa’d internally before being released!

    More info here

  6. Maximilliano Minnelli says:

    As always, they add new things without repairing all the broken content we now have to deal with in sl. Plus, if this isn’t bad enough, the majority of the time the new things they add are just as bad, they’re broken too.
    Linden, when are you going to learn?

  7. Jayden B says:

    > “The search results may also be picked up by other external search engines such as Yahoo and Google”

    Uhoh. Wayback will snapshot your profile and keep it for millenia.

    Is there a way to flag not release ANY information on your profile to the web, not even your SL Name? That is totally shield yourself and ALL disclosure from the web.

    > “It’s important to remember that this information is not tied to your real-life identity”

    Until Robin Linden (who should be fired BTW) impliments IDV, then our Av’s name and all the profile entries we ever make are captured for ever. An employer, an ex-wife anyone can just search and see everything you wrote, who your SL lover’s were, what groups you were in…..

    > “and is the same information that anybody could see with a free Second Life account.”

    Except that free account only sees it right at this second, not how it was 10 years ago in 2017.

  8. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Jayden – you can choose to only include your Second Life avatar name in search as a limited profile (to be clear the limited profile ONLY includes your name) or include your full profile. This is up to you to decide.

  9. Jayden B says:

    @ Jeska. I wish to have Zero published on the web, not even my name. How do I set my account so this happens?

    Either that or the lindens need to put in norobots so it can’t be crawled by wayback, google et al.

  10. Jayden B says:

    Is the wayback page of the Secondlife website as at 2002.

  11. Weedy says:

    No search capability for land sales?

    Bots 1 – Residents 0

  12. Isandra Willunga says:

    Is it possible to get more clarification on (taken from the Search FAQ):

    ‘we provide inbound links from traffic pages with top-10, top-20, top-1000, etc. places’

    E.g. which pages are these?

  13. Tony says:

    Why can’t you just exclude profiles who don’t want to be part of this external search? I don’t want my profile to be part of this, not even my name, why can’t I have that option?

  14. Eddie says:

    Yay, boolean and phrases in searches, yay!!!

  15. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Isandra – In the new All Search, results are returned by “relevance“, which is a term which is used in the search world to describe a numerical score assigned to a search result, representing how well the result meets the information need of the user that issued the search query.

    We determine relevance based on how well the page matches the query, how close the multiple words are together, and how many inbound links there are to the page. Inbound links are created by references in top picks, classifieds, landmarks, parcels and groups. We create several pages with links to the top 10/20/1000 places, which adds to the relevancy of search for places with high traffic.

  16. Bobo Decosta says:

    Ive found lots of objects on my parcels that search says are on sale but are not. What went wrong? These are objects I bought wich are no-transfer but where the box “for sale” is marked but greyed out. Will you be able to distinguish such objects in the future because else that function is totally unusable as lot of info in search will be pure nonsense.

  17. Bobo Decosta says:

    adding to my post 16. I will not take “you can deselect those objects” as an answer because that just won’t do. Search won’t work if residents have to deselect them. So don’t even try to push this responsibility on to residents. If such objects can’t be distinguished just remove that feature!

  18. Michael Timeless says:

    I really consider this an invasion of privacy. The default should be to exclude profiles, not to include them. But then I’ve learned if it’s something the majority wants then it won’t happen.

  19. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    >>You can choose to include an extended version of your profile
    >>in the search by selecting the “Show in Search” checkbox on
    >>your profile.

    Actually, the user has an option to opt out, not opt in, since the checkbox IS marked by default.

    Considering the potential privacy issues (as noted above) I find this a rather thoughtless, if not neglectful default setting.

    Furthermore, since LL does recognize that privacy issues are involved here: why implement the new search in this way in the first place?

  20. Ann Otoole says:

    still got the head in the sand on traffic eh? what is it up to now? 1/3 of online “residents” are bots? So to be visible we all must resort to running sleekbots in a skybox to get up high enough in the listings to be seen?

    you guys need to come clean on exactly how all this works and take a proactive stance to improve the fairness of the marketplace in sl by listening to people and going out and asking new residents if they know most of the top results are based on bogus zombie bots. and then making bot use a TOS violation unless specifically licensed by LL for a specific purpose and the bot is allowed in a parcel for less than 5 minutes daily.

  21. Dekka Raymaker says:

    If your a business, that includes wanting people to come to your land, then the question has to be why would you want to hide your details? If your not a business and don’t want to sell anything, then you don’t need to be in search in the first place.

    If you really want privacy, then the option is not to have any details about yourself on the web, cancel your account get out of SL.

  22. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Oh I just typed a reply that should have been number 21 in the blog, but its gone in at number 13, is that a bug or did Ann Otoole steal my place LOL 🙂

  23. Jeska Linden says:

    Hello everyone, I do understand your concerns, please note that the new Search is a work in progress and will be refined, based upon your feedback and other usage data as we go (this is part of the reason we added the new search onto the old search instead of replacing it!).

  24. Hoopla Ballyhoo says:

    Jeska… just how and when do we make certain that we ‘choose only to have our names’ in your new search procedure?

  25. Bobo Decosta says:

    I agree with #25 even with this search it’s still better to invest in campers than in classifieds.

  26. Dwayanu Weyland says:

    I started up rel cand viewer, yes is default selected “Show in Search”. So, with this viewer, LL will be generating web pages with *every* *single* *profile* in SL appearing in extended form, for pickup by the archiving and robot services. Weeks before any non-rel cand viewers have choice to opt out.

  27. Hoopla Ballyhoo says:

    SL arbitrarily and without prior warning or consent published all profiles on the web earlier today unless residents were quick to uncheck the box on their profiles.

    What kind of people are running SL?

  28. Eclaire Looming says:

    SL arbitrarily and without warning published all profiles on the web earlier today. What kind of people are running this company?

  29. Weedy says:

    I guess we will see more bots spring up, buying everything set to 0.

    Items, like radios which are set to sell to landlords for deeding will now be “swooped” by bots and of course it will be everyone but the bot’s fault.

    Blame the victims. Afterall, they are unaware of “opting out”, which is why “opting in” should be the standard. Oh well, I hope you add more staff to the abuse team and support, because it’s a new snowball perched at the top of the hill.

  30. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Bobo – that sounds like a bug, we did make a change to the initial behavior which did not allow you to change the default setting of “show in search” on non-modifyable objects which were left set “for sale” by their creator. We’ve made a change, which will push in the next release candidate, to allow owners of objects to modify the “show in search” checkbox even if they do not have the ability to modify the object in other ways.

    If you are seeing different behavior with your objects, please report it in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.18.5 Release Candidate“.

  31. Marcus Antonelli says:

    It’s bad enough they add to this mess without fixing existing bugs. Now they compromise our privacy by making our SL existence public outside of SL. In order to hide that, I need to hide from my friends in SL

    Nice job, LL. When are you guys gonna learn??????


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  33. Yumi Murakami says:

    Please, please, reconsider this.

    People are already gaming this search technique by dropping large numbers of priced prims “for sale”.

    NCI, a newbie help place that has had YEARS of work put into it, and runs classes 7 days a week, is #2 in the current search result for “classes”. In new search, it _plummets_ because it doesn’t use this same trick of exploiting prims for sale.

  34. Bucky Barkley says:

    You picked the wrong privacy defaults!

    If someone wants to opt *out* now, they are basically forced to
    download a release candidate and uncheck things sooner rather
    than later. Hello?

    This is a bad policy decision. You should have gone with the
    current settings a couple of months down the road.

    Also.. who decided that a single checkbox should cover the
    privacy setting for in-world and web?

    Aside from that.. the new search is great.

  35. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    make Places also according to revelence NOT TRAFFIC

    Traffic counts are bogus on revelance anymore

    make places revelence please it will make sl so much better

  36. Dwayanu Weyland says:

    If ‘Relevance’ includes Picks from profiles, and a profile is marked “Don’t include in Search”, are that profile’s picks included in Relevance ?? Just need to get camping bots’ Profile and Picks etc configured to boost Relevance.

    There is soooo much more info now, 90%+ of small businesses will never appear on anyone’s screen – who’s going to look at screens 15 thru 70 of search results?

    Saying this search facility is equally great for profiles, land parcels, shoes, and wiki scripting articles, is technical arrogance that trashes the rest of the population (and non-English world) that isn’t as smart as the authors.

    ?? Listing every item on a parcel that is for sale ?? Information overload, making the info useless. Sheesh guys, get a life, really really Phil isn’t going to fire you just because you havn’t done a daily new whiz-bang.

  37. Masuyo Aabye says:

    when this new search was announced i was looking forward to it, now i just think it’s a waste of time and resources.
    the search for an on sale object is terrible, what about poeple who use vendors?
    and as mentioned in previous comments, what about people taking advantage of this to gain even more traffic?
    LL needs to take action against both bots and people “playing” the system, and get rid of camping while you’re at it to.
    do you want new players to come onto SL and see nothing but zombie avatars lined up getting l$? when they see that they quit SL.
    Whats wrong with the old search? get rid of traffic and limit how much can be spent on a weekly ad and that’ll be your answer.

  38. Broccoli Curry says:

    The one thing we did need – that I can’t seem to find listed, and don’t have time right now to download and test your new version – is boolean logic for search.

    ie i can type -camping as a keyword and it will exclude all entries that contain the word ‘camping’.

    This would have been a really, really useful feature. Is it too late to add something that would be such a great benefit so we don’t have to wade through pages and pages of crap to find what we want?

    I think you also missed the opportunity to dissasociate the results from ‘traffic’, which you know as well as I do is absolutely no indicator of quality. That would also kill off camping.


  39. Zi Ree says:

    The new search and its features look nice, but I agree to what a lot of people here said: “Opt Out” is nearly always the wrong way. Please, make profiles and objects be “not in search” by default and hae people “Opt In” for being shown i nthe search results. This should include their names as well, not just the decision of “full profile” or “limited profile”.

    It should be common sense, but sadly, it’s often ignored: ALWAYS Opt In, NEVER Opt Out.

  40. U M says:

    where is the opt in and opt out? and why are profiles in search????????Shouldnt we be ask this before you done this *******. I with Zi here ASK BEFORE DOING!

  41. Predreus Twang says:

    This release seems a lot better than the official viewer. I’ve yet to have any problems with crashing like I did with before. So far though, the only bug I’ve seen is that search doesn’t actually minimize, it acts like when you detach an IM from the communication window.

  42. Hanumi Takakura says:

    It’d be better if you could exclude yourself completely from external AND internal search. As in, completely hidden.

  43. Matthew Dowd says:


    The issue about owners not being able to change the search settings was raised and closed as fixed internally ( so I would be concerned if this is not the case.

    However, I think Bobo’s concern is that there are a large number of items unintentionally set for sale (due to past bugs in SL), many of which will not actually be buyable due to the permissions, and LL current default settings for items on land set to display in search will result in many of those surfacing in the search results. I do believe LL underestimates just how many such objects exist (items retaining the for sale setting after a purchase was still happening earlier this year).

    This issus has been raised with a possible solution –


  44. Tegg B says:

    New search seems pretty cool to me so far 🙂

  45. Angus Mesmer says:

    @ n° 41 “I’ve yet to have any problems with crashing like I did with before.”
    Same here… I haven’t crashed yet for the very good reason that Second Life won’t let me log in. I visibly am not he only one in this case, since there are only 8,718 Avs online.

    @ n°39
    Common sense? Nearly unheard of on the grid, I’m afraid.

    On the subject itself, I find it sooooooo nice of the Linden to put everyone on the new search without asking. And I currently cannot log in to change this.
    Would it be too much to ask to see the mythical beasts known as “thought” or “Answer to an Abuse Report”?
    Probably, since I am still waiting for an answer to an AR sent in July, and so are at least five people, on the very same subject.

  46. Now that the new, easy-to-manipulate Search functionality is suddenly blasting the grid with thousands of times the data previously ever seen, suddenly we are having login problems? Weird…I just figured it’d break Search for a few months.

    Any thoughts on developing a search mechanism that works on old, established models such as categorization and/or fixed-price advertising, so that relevant data will be displayed in an efficient and effective manner?

    Some day someone is going to realize that what’s important is serving the customer (the searcher, in this case), rather than the merchant with the most dollars.

    Very disappointing implementation, LL. Please put another quarter in and try again.

  47. LS says:

    I agree with the majority. OPTED OUT should be defaulted. Let people pick and choose what they want to include in your search. Don’t load it full of junk and put the responsibility of taking out the trash on the residents. You have the capability to automate, so start it clean! and let it grow from there. It won’t take time at all before it’s all junked up like the search is now.

    I find many default presets in here show little thought when they are preset originally. Here’s an example : Upload a texture, default is transfer, no copy, no mod. Now why would I want to work on a texture, upload it and just immediately give it away, and in a way that the person we gave it to can do nothing with it? I guess there’s some logic there, but I don’t see it. It’s ours, we uploaded it, default it to full perm and save us some time. After all, that’s what automation is supposed to do, right? Save us time?

  48. fenwick flow says:

    Good to know that i have to opt something out. Somehow this kind of disregard of peoples previous choises, not opt in, seems to become standard practice.
    I will opt out again. I thought choosing to not have my profile published wold have been sufficiant.
    Well at least now I get to make a finite descision and I hope I will not be bothered by some other ploy to again choose because soneone still wants to ask me if i am really really sure.
    As soon as i am able to log in again i will opt out. And I am really really sure.

  49. Phil Deakins says:

    I’ve said it before in this blog, and I’ll say it again. Using Google’s inbound links idea is a sure fire way of screwing things up. They way that Google ranks pages by putting such heavy weighting on the natural linkages (votes) of the Web is great in theory, but in doing it, and in becoming popular, they screwed up the natural linkages of the Web, and they still haven’t been able to make the idea work no matter what they do to try and fix it. It worked for a short time, but then everyone with websites ‘arranged’ links to game Google – and the other engines that followed suit.

    That’s what will happen with SL inbound links – people’s Picks. They can’t be screwed up in the way that Google screwed the natural linkages of the Web up, but they can and will be used to game the SL “All” search results, just as camping and lucky chairs are used to game the “Places” results. It’s so stupid, imo.

    It’s too late to change now, I guess, but it really is gross stupidity. And incidentally, I *do* know what I’m talking about – in RL, I am very well known in the search engine world.

    But since we’re talking about SL search, when are you going to do something about the incredibly basic ranking system that’s applied to the Classified and Places searches? If the exact phrase (searchterm) isn’t matched in an advertiser’s text, then the ad/place doesn’t show in the results. E.g. a search on ‘chesterfield chairs’ won’t retun a store that puts “chesterfield couches and chairs” in it’s ad or place description. Search doesn’t get any more basic/bad than that. Instead of adding a failed method (inbound links), you should have done something about incredibly bad existing ranking method.

  50. Ceera Murakami says:

    Yesterday I found that every single one of my accounts was marked as “Show in search”, despite the fact that as soon as a viewer was available that allowed me the option, I EXPLICITLY UNCHECKED THAT “OPTION” for every account that I have! WTF???

    I went back into all my accounts and unchecked it AGAIN, but the damage is done, since the data already got published to the web.

  51. Ceera Murakami says:


    Previously there were two check boxes in regards to groups and privacy: Publish listing on the web and Show in groups list. This is being simplified to include one box in the group settings called Show in Search which will make the group public.”

    NO NO NO !!!!


    If the owner of a group wants the group to be visible INSIDE SL, but NOT to be published on the Internet, WHY REMOVE THAT CHOICE?

  52. Andrea Faulkner says:

    Yay! A new feature!! No bug fixes! New Featurzorz!!

    Seriously.. it’s nice and all but.. can’t we take a month or two off of this “new toys” mania and FIX everything that’s been broken?

  53. Amanda Ascot says:

    Jeska @8: You guys just don’t get it, do you? The majority of users do not even want their user user name available for search on the web! What part of that do you people not understand. ZERO DISCOLOSURE! There. Is that plain enough?

    Having the name “Amanda Ascot” pasted all over every search engine in the world is going to mean that “Amanda Ascot” is going to be targeted with a flood of IM, and perhaps notecard, spam in-world, the likes of which nobody has ever seen. I’m going to be getting advertisements for everything from health food and viagra to requests for donations and helping some poor foreign person get some money into the U.S.

    Now, every single one of you out there put your own name in the place of “Amanda Ascot”. Now think about it. Long and hard, if you have to, but this really is a no-brainer, and the person responsible for this absurd idea at Linden Lab therefore clearly has no brain — or is not thinking with it.

    This is a Very Bad Idea, Linden Lab. It’s a stopper. It proves, as we’ve seen over and over again, that you people do not think through the ramifications of your policies before implementing them. Now do the right thing, which is …

    Anything that gets onto a web-based search must be opt-in ONLY!

    This means everything, from any and all profile information, including avatar names, to that prim you accidentally set for sale. Nothing … goes … in … by … default. Very simple. Very easy. Very … smart. Don’t make us think that the song you guys all hum to yourself at work is the Scarecrow’s song from Wizard of Oz.

  54. John Source says:

    I just tried the new search system, and a few things don’t really work for me:

    – If i try to see whether a store is good quality or not, i look at the picture that belongs to the classified/parcel. The picture often shows whether or not the products/logo looks well made, or amateuristic. A picture tells more than 1000 words about a shop. Without a picture the results in the new search all results will kind of look teh same, all having the same keywords etc. With this new search i have to go to ANOTHER page to see the picture. It would take me hours to look true all the pictures, that belong to the classifieds or parcels. Wouldnt it be handy if the picture would appear on the right part of the screen, so we would have see the picture? Instead of going to to next page to finally see it?
    Also, the new search seems to load slower, like real webpages. This is kind of annoying when you’re used to the current search that loads faster

  55. DR Dahlgren says:

    I hope that the placement of the new search tool is not written in stone. I would like to HIGHLY suggest that it be moved to the left of the clock, and the status indicators be put back. I know that many of us rely on the status indicators to show when we have crashed, or if we should just wait a bit for lag / freeze to clear, and I for one truly miss them.

    The search as tried seems to work well. As much as I have tried it, it seems to be a vast improvement over the old multi-tab tool.


  56. Kathy Morellet says:

    @53 – Amanda, I agree with you completely.

    I’m not very good with finding things on JIRA. Has this issue been posted there yet? if so I do want to vote in favor of making profiles opt-in and defaulted to off. And the ability to exclude my name from posting to the web at all. If someone could let me know what the JIRA code is to vote for I’d appreciate it very much.

    I am extremely frustrated by the fact that I made a conscious choice to NOT publish my profile to the web but LL arbitrarily reversed my decision and published my profile anyway. I have since gone in and AGAIN turned that check box off but, as others have said before, the damage is already done.

  57. hiri nurmu says:

    Both the classified listing and the search result order on the new search all page needs looking at urgently as this implementation is quite simply a disaster.

    I pay around 3500L a week for a listing under the ‘Silks’ keyword, which gets me into the top 30 on the classifieds search – which means I’m on the first page not too far down. That’s fine. I also appear in the first 100 on an all search.

    It appears your new search only ever lists the top 10 classified payments in the classified box, and the same top 10 at that – no weighted randomization or rotation at all. Furthermore because the listing is totally on money paid across many keywords only the top one – Analise – is really relevant. Of course that’s true of current classifieds, but restricting to 10 really exacibates the issue.

    Also the search results order returned seems to be almost random. For example I would sort of expect to see Analise on the first page of results as she pays a lot for classifieds and sells a great many silks on her own island. I can’t find her in the first half dozen pages. And God alone knows where my shop is being returned – I can’t find it at all.

    So unless the classifieds gets upgraded, and the classifieds search behaves more like the current search, I really can’t see the point with this new search of paying for classifieds at a midrange rate as it won’t get me exposire where it matters. For the 3500 a week I pay I can get about 10 additional market stalls which will probably be more cost-effective. Furthermore it looks depressingly like that to appear in the results page instead of my current, tasteful, byline

    Nubian Angel – Silks, Satins and Steel

    I’m going to need to change it to something more like

    SILKS!! Yes Silks, Nubian Angels Does Silks, lots and lots of Silks, Silks, Silks and even more Silks!!!!

    This frankly is rather depressing for anyone trying to trade with a little style. If this isn’t drastically improved all we’re going to see is sellers spending all their time gaming the search engine.

    Now I may be an odd case, but if my observations are more widely true this could have a significant impact on LLs revenue stream. I pay LL USD$50 a month in advertising and with this new search I can’t see that’s going to be worth it. There will be hundreds of other advertisers like me, and if they cut back in a similar manner you’ll be looking at a lost revenue stream sufficient to support a couple of employees

    Please Lindens, engage your brains and consider the functionality beyond the eye-candy!

  58. Ceera Murakami says:

    Well, one thing I DO like about the new Search…

    The listing of objects on a parcel that is returnd in Search is collapsed by parcel. So if Suzy Boxseller has 5000 identical boxes labeled “Shoes” on her store parcel, and I search for “Shoes”, I only get *one* hit for each parcel that matches “Shoes”, and not 5,000 hits for Suzy’s massive collection of for-sale objects, swamping out all other responses. That does level the playing field between her and some other store that sells an equally impressive number of shoes, but out of scripted vendors. I do wonder though if her parcel would get weighted much higher, just because she has 5000+ matches for her mega-wall of individual for-sale box prims, as opposed to a vendor-based merchant that has one “Shoes vendor” on their parcel.

  59. Cindy says:

    my 2 cents:

    I noticed with populair words like “clothes” you about 14000 hits.
    Ok.. but I can only go to page 100, so 10 x 100 = 1000 hits.. what happend to the rest?

    Further more the button “next” (next page) will sometime result in a death end (higher page numbers dissapeared).

  60. A.L. says:

    Regarding the new “All” Tab.
    I own a club and i have worked as hard as possible to bring it to a decent traffic. All of a sudden my main keyword being used brings me to page 5 instead of top10 where i used to be.
    Im sorry but this search is the worst thing that can ever happen.And if it stays this way, expect a big BYE BYE by many people.

  61. Cindy says:

    My 3th cent…

    Keep it like google.. and show new adds on the following pages.. Now I see the same 10 advertisments over and over again… on all the pages… that is not really fair, don’t think?

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  63. pantaiputih korobase says:

    i don’t want to read in a blog how a new feature works, why not send users an e mail with a link where it is clearly explained what a new feature is good for, how to use it – and in this case – how to protect privacy. and pls explain it that everyone can understand it’s purpose and potential risks.
    sl has a lot of features, lots of great features and lots of features nobody understands what they are good for or to what consequences are they may lead to. i feel more and more like living in a (gamma???) user jungle.
    confused greetings from a newly more and more frequently freezing machine (whithout any software or hardware or laptop behaviour change), pantai

    p.s. more and more i am considering to
    – first step: downgrade my membership to basic
    – second step: leave completely due to lack of transparence, lack of performance, lack of reasonable communcation
    certainly step two may take a while to be realised as there are so many exciting experiences in sl, too and – – – some very cute friends
    – – – – houston – – –

  64. Allana Dion says:

    Thank you for just completely screwing me. My store, which had 23K traffic is now no longer appearing in your search by keywords and now when I search it by name, my description field is completely empty, despite it NOT being empty on my about land tools.

    There are items all over my land showing up in the search as if they are for sale, yet checking them they are actually NOT for sale at all.

    For more details on everything that is completely borked with this search, please read

  65. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    No thanks, this new search will kill payed adds, why pay? could not even find mine little one, but found the mall because someone has it in her profile! A friend who is always in the top20 off classifieds, will get sick if he see this. And then it was said in the former blogs before this was going online, let residents decide and not LL!
    And the robots.txt files are ingnored bye many search enigines.
    This will hit bad on the sells again, now just do the adult flag after this and bye bye Second Life i am afrraid.

  66. noiseylane says:

    If I hadn’t seen it myself, I’d have thought y’all were getting your knickers twisted for no reason. But this is a show-stopper!
    Opt In is the only legal choice (refer the Unsolicited Email Opt In laws in US).
    Also SL classifieds have always been weighted in favor of the big guys at the expense of the little guys. I spent a good deal of money on classifieds and was always well down the list. Now I just won’t bother. In fact, I’ll probably close shop then I’ll have no rent/tier to pay Linden – no ad money to pay Linden – no uploads to pay Linden – less money to spend in-world – I’d say that’s a negative outcome for Linden Labs. Now multiply that by the amount of people screaming about this new feature and you got yourself an exodus.

  67. SireS says:

    OPT-IN is the clearest choice if you value personal choice, privacy, and the owner/avatar’s right to be found, searchable, or on the Web/Net.

    Making each SL user OPT-OUT is the wrong choice.

  68. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I love the new search and how we can click on a place and the region and owners, group, etc. And seeing a list of objects for sale is xlnt!

    Commerce is definitely listed but us non-commercial entities in the community get no listing at all…

    I couldn’t find me and most of me friends and some of my groups wit the *ALL* tab. For example: Watermelon Nation.

  69. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I filed a JIRA:
    * New “All” search is not finding many avatars and groups


  70. Landing Normandy says:

    Well I like it, I think it’s a huge improvement, even if some of my ads have dropped a couple of places. I love that I don’t have to fill in the names of everything that’s for sale now, I can search for the product that I want and the parcel it’s on comes up in search. I’m a little disappointed though that only a few classifieds come up in the ‘All’ search whereas they were all there previously. Can it the classified results that appear in ‘All’ be more? And continue on the next page?

    Otherwise brilliant start!

  71. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #31 Ann, actually this new search should be helping you. For example you are listed on the top page in a search for “free avatar” =)

  72. Cera Sparkle says:

    Quoted from Broccoli Curry:
    “The one thing we did need – that I can’t seem to find listed, and don’t have time right now to download and test your new version – is boolean logic for search.

    ie i can type -camping as a keyword and it will exclude all entries that contain the word ‘camping’.”

    I back this idea 100% with every bone in my body. I have spent days and days with the old search looking for something specific, but have to wade through useless and unrelated pages.
    Another annyoing thing about search is that it searches letters, not words. I can be looking up pie and find a million places for piercings and not a thing about pie until the very last page. CONSIDER making the search function more adaptable with such beautiful features as searching for “exact phrase” or “contains some words” or “contains all words” ect.
    It looks like Linden is heading in the right direction, now work on smoothing the system and weeding out the abusers.

  73. hiri nurmu says:

    After posting above on the peculiarities of the search for the term ‘Silks’ I checked the old classifieds search. It turns out that the top results for ‘Silks’ doesn’t even post a classified, number 2 results has one but pays L500. Number 3 pays 10005, then number 4, 5 and 6 doesn’t have a classifieds.

    This isn’t a search engine, it’s a Lucky Dip

  74. Torian says:

    Yes the new search is pretty useless. Here’s another gripe about the RC. What’s the idea of putting the search in the top bar at far right? That’s just making the interface even more disjointed. And, it removes the bandwidth and packet loss indicators.
    Also noticed that if I right click on a LM in my inventory I do not get the ‘Teleport to Landmark’ option anymore. Anyone else found any hidden features/bugs?

  75. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Yumi – I appreciate your concerns and would encourage you and your team to spend some time with the new Search. With any new process, there will be a period of adjustment while everyone figures out how to optimize their keywords and descriptions (much as has happened with the “old” search). Also, remember that while we are working to refine the new search, the “old” version of search is still very operable and can help you to refine your results.

    @ Bucky – Thanks for your feedback, several weeks ago we released a version of Second Life where everyone was able to change any of the search settings they wanted in advance to populate the new search. I apologize if you were not aware of this announcement.

    @ shawnwirtz – Using the new search traffic is one of several things used to determine relevance for all of the searches, including places.

    @ Dwayanu – Thanks for your feedback, I’m researching your question and hope to have more information about it for a future blog post.

    @ Masuyo – We are exploring other options for vendors, but currently listing more information in the vendor object name and/or description field is a great first step. We of course will continue to continue our dialog with content creators to determine what the best method of searching objects may be. As a first step, listing for objects in search at all vastly improves their find-ability.

  76. Tony says:

    Several weeks ago Jeska, when you blogged before, people were asking you to take their profiles out of it by default. Nothing has changed. Profiles should not be searchable from outside SL unless someone explicitly wants their profile to be viewable.

    I see no need for my profile to be viewable from outside SL and I don’t want to deal with the associated spam that will inevitably arrive. That means my avatar name shouldn’t be able to be collated for purposes of spam in such a manner.

    A new search feature is both welcome and needed but when you’re going to introduce such a huge unwanted feature as spam, it’s best to close that stable door before the horse bolts.

  77. Cuirmichael Hogfather says:

    The new search is great! I’ve found stuff I knew existed but couldn’t find under the only system
    So I hate to moan! But I do miss the ability to right-click my inventory landmarks and pick ‘teleport’. The landmarks in my inventory are all sites I know and visit regularly, so I don’t need the intermediate panel of info about the location. That is going to get SOOOOOOH irritating.

  78. Sean Heying says:

    Like many I voice my vote for Opt In being the choice the Lindens should make.

    Lesson one to the people who want to game their Ad up in the search. Write a script that checks people’s profiles for your location in their picks. Pay them L$50 a day to carry you.

    The more people who pick your store, the higher you rise in the charts.

  79. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Broccoli – as described in the Search FAQ, the new Second Life Search supports Boolean logic, keyword searching and phrase searching.

    @ Zi – the only thing that is not opt-outable from the new search is the limited profile listing to populate the basic search of avatars within Second Life and the limited profile ONLY contains the avatar name and is very similar to the current search for “People”. Everything else, including objects, have checkboxes to include or not include in Search. The default setting for objects set for sale was to also check the “Show in search”, but this is an editable checkbox. Going forward, you will be able to determine if you want to include any and all objects in search, regardless of their For Sale nature.

    @ U M – as explained above, if you do not want your profile included in search, you can uncheck the box “Show in search” and then ONLY your avatar name will be included.

    @ Hanumi – an “invisible” profile, as you describe, is not currently possible with the old or new search. It may be an option included in the future.

    @ Matthew – yes, I think this may be a bug, albeit a different one than VWR-2921. Anyone should be able to edit the “Show in Search” for any item they own. If this isn’t the case, then I believe that is a bug. I will follow up with the Search Team on this. Don’t forget, you can prevent any objects from showing up in Search by placing them on parcels that are not included in Search!

    @ Angus – As mentioned above, several weeks ago we released a version of Second Life where everyone was able to change any of the search settings they wanted in advance to populate the new search. I apologize if you were not aware of this announcement.

    @ Rachel – the new search is not connected to login or asset issues, it should actually help relieve load on the central databases, as it has helped to distribute one of the critical loads (search) to an alternate (and easier to scale) web based system.

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  81. Isobel DeSantis says:

    @ Jeska: You said: “Thanks for your feedback, several weeks ago we released a version of Second Life where everyone was able to change any of the search settings they wanted *in advance* (my emphasis) to populate the new search. I apologize if you were not aware of this announcement.”

    From my reading of the page you linked to, it was explicitly stated that the default could only be changed *when we launch the new Search* and NOT in advance:

    “For the initial population of the search, we’ve made some assumptions for the default settings of each type of result (explained below). You will be able to change the default after it has been set (when we launch the new Search), although it may between 1-3 days for changes to be reflected in the search results. Due to the nature of search indexing, we are not able to make any guarantees about when any changes will appear.”

    It’s completely unacceptable that LL made the assumption that everyone would want their full profiles to be included in an external search! Why on earth would ANYONE want that?

  82. Jeska Linden says:

    @ LS – as explained in an earlier post, we did need to make some assumptions about what would be included in the original search in order to have something to search! This is why parcels which were set to be included in search, public groups, events and objects set to “for sale” came to be included. The thing to remember is that except for objects, which is a new feature, all of these things were already readily available in the “old” search (including profiles). There were several weeks of time before search was launched wherein changes to these settings could be made. Going forward, everyone can determine whether or not they want their inworld objects included in search or not.

    @ Phil – thank you for your feedback. Please be aware that you are able to search only for classifieds or places in the new search which does use boolean search (as described in the Search FAQ). Boolean search will not work with the “old” search which is still included inworld.

    @ Amanda – I understand and appreciate your privacy concerns and have taken them back to the Search Team, thank you again for your feedback.

    @hiri – The classifieds display is currently in-flux after we discovered a display bug late last night (you may notice the “Classifieds: Coming soon!” annoncement). Please watch for updates and changes.

    @ Cindy – The 100 page limit sounds like a bug, I would encourage you to please report this in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.18.5 Release Candidate“. The Classifieds page is being reworked while the serach is in release candidate due to a bug. Please watch for changes soon!

    @ Tony – We have removed all other information except avatar name from the limited profile, based upon Resident feedback.

    @ Cuirmichael – thanks for the feedback on landmarks, I’ll take that back to the Search Team as well!

  83. Bird Lilliehook says:

    OK, I have to give my opinion..LOL….

    Please tell me first why, when I list my things for tenants to buy in their skyboxes, if they choose to take them with them when they leave, are now public knowledge to the world, and will people be able to TP straight into their home and buy those object if the security is not on?
    Second, the listings are crazy, by traffic are you serious… rentals will never be found…my head listing is a small plot with lower traffic – I am not putting campers there, just to rent homes now….I THINK A SERIOUS RETHINK OF THIS SEARCH IDEA needs to be done.
    Small business will be crushed….oh isn’t that like RL? LOL

  84. Bird Lilliehook says:

    Going forward, everyone can determine whether or not they want their inworld objects included in search or not

    Got your comment Jeska, good! Thanks for that at least, I will be able to choose what is listed, EVEN if it is set for sale then, correct?

  85. Tony says:

    Thanks for the response Jeska but all spammers need is the avatar name, it’s all that marketeers need too. As profile appears to be the only item that you can’t completely remove (and by that I mean removing my profile from the outside of SL search completely, my avatar name not appearing) I’m having a hard time believing this isn’t a deliberate ploy to open us all up to marketing from outside SL.

    Maybe I’m adding 2 + 2 and coming up with 5, but as it stands it appears someone at LL wants us to be open to marketing from outside SL. Profiles included by default and having to opt out points to this being a deliberate policy.

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  87. mimi says:

    @ Jeska.. does it mean ‘payment info’ and ‘birth date won’t appear in the google anymore? I hope so it will be a big improvent.

  88. Jeska Linden says:

    @ Bird – You should be able to edit the “find in search” checkbox of any object you own, if this is not the case, please file a bug with the specific object and where it’s listed in world so we can follow up on it. This is regardless of the for sale setting. That initial push was just to populate the search!

  89. Jeska Linden says:

    mimi – yes, we removed the other information ONLY the avatar name is included in the limited profile, per feedback from the earlier blog posts!

  90. Tegg B says:

    Search looks cool, found my ad easily, it’s probablty still nbveing sorted, goodby traffic bots & campbots, get rid of the landbots and we might even get decent SL performance again.

  91. Allana Dion says:

    Jeska: “You should be able to edit the “find in search” checkbox of any object you own, if this is not the case, please file a bug with the specific object and where it’s listed in world so we can follow up on it. This is regardless of the for sale setting. That initial push was just to populate the search!”

    We can not uncheck that box on non modifiable items. The “initial push” was not necessary. The community would have populated your search within a few days on it’s own.

  92. Domchi Underwood says:

    The main privacy concerns we all have are about profiles.

    1. For anti-spam and privacy reasons, many of us don’t want even the name in the profile to be shown to the outside world. But it’s perfectly OK to show the name to residents logged in, both through website or in-world.
    2. Ideally, we would have two checkboxes in the profile, one for “show in resident search” (both to residents logged in through website and in-world), and other for “show in public web-search”. One search box for objects is fine.

    Many are complaining about “show in search” for profiles being opt-out instead of opt-in, BUT THEY ARE NOT REALLY COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT. It SHOULD be opt-out. The people are complaining about their profiles being on the web, being harvested by Google, internet archive and spammers.

    We all have to remember that profiles are PUBLIC information after all. We all want our profiles to be seen by other residents, and most of us don’t have problems even if they’re accessible to everyone on the web. The thing is, our SL names are our unique identifiers, and are used as chat/IM handles. As long as there is no way for spammers to use search to harvest a list of all (or many) SL names and create a bot to spam us all, great. But once that happens, we’re all screwed since our data is out there. This is what we’re all concerned about, and this is the fear that should be adressed by the Lindens.

    Remember, even now someone may tweak opensource client, run a search on all available surnames, compile a list of all residents, and make opensource spambot which IMs all of them. Not likely that someone will make such an effort, but as SL grows, someone inevitably will, and early measures to prevent something like this from happening might save us from spam problem going out of control later. Like the one we have on the Internet right now.

  93. -NA- says:

    it shure is cool but why take away the bandwith monior top rite? 😡
    and plz swap the place where the clock and the search bar is, sooooo easy to hit the x button and quit the game 😡
    but Ill try avoid using this RC, I havent crashed this mutch ever

  94. All of the below comments are directly from Linden Labs official blog posts. *** emphasis added by me.

    How in the world can we be expected to download an admittedly optional, unstable test release in order to change “coming soon” features that we may not want – like this “opt out” for search? How are we to know that any of the optional, unstable, in progress features will actually come to pass?

    Some of us have had far too many issues with current REQUIRED viewers to even contemplate downloading and using optional viewers that even LL’s says are UNSTABLE!

    I am absolutely appalled with the way this has been handled. There is no excuse whatsoever that we’re being told “Thanks for your feedback, several weeks ago we released a version of Second Life where everyone was able to change any of the search settings they wanted in advance to populate the new search. I apologize if you were not aware of this announcement.” It is not that we were unaware of this announcement. It is that we were not given the information that this was our ONLY chance to do so before everything hit the web.

    New Viewer: 1.18.5 Release Candidate Available Today!
    Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 at 5:38 PM PST by: Bridie Linden

    Today’s Release Candidate Viewer (1.18.5) contains a few important bug fixes and gives you the opportunity to try out our new and improved Search functionality! As a reminder, Release Candidate viewers are ***optional updates*** that contain the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features.

    Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer RC2 Release Candidate Update
    Thursday, November 1st, 2007 at 7:49 PM PST by: Joshua Linden

    We’ve made Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) available on the site. Please go to the Second Life Test Software page ***if you want to try out these pre-production viewers.***

    REMINDER: Release Candidates (RC) are intended for evaluation purposes. Please try them out ***only if you want to participate in the bug reporting process and identify issues before these become the default viewer.***

    New Update Process: Introducing Release Candidate Viewers!
    Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 at 3:25 PM PST by: Bridie Linden
    To accommodate this, before an updated Second Life viewer is released as an update, we’ll post the final build as a “Release Candidate” (RC) which can be installed side-by-side with the regular SL viewer (much like a First Look viewer). If blocking bugs are found in the RC, we’ll fix them and ***update the RC until it’s stabilized***, at which point the same code will be made available as an (optional) viewer update.
    This is your opportunity to test out our soon-to-be released viewers — BEFORE they are the primary download — and let us know about anything we may have missed during our internal testing.

  95. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    OK, another good tought and royal screw up *sighs*


    I want them back, for obvious reasons instead of a lousy search bar windows that has no other function than messing up the screen alyout even more for us that runs in windowed mode, it sucks!

    If i want to search I use the search button for gods sake!

    And for the opt-in/opt-out debate… Once again you US people show absolutely no respect for privacy, as usual… Yes i’m from Europe, and yes opt-in is what it should be.

    No cookies, straight to the corner, do not collect payment.

    Besides that… the thought behind the new search is a good one, but *sighs* can’t you ever do anyting right for once?

    Better luck take two guys.

  96. Churchill Tweak says:

    This is a terrable idea. It’s just a change to change stuff!! If you want to change a well used feature add options to KEEP the old system! I hate the placement, I hate the idea.. I really don’t like it at ALL.

    Stop adding in stuff that isn’t urgent! Stop fiddling with things.. NOW!

  97. boolean search: plus.

    making search all the default: MASSIVE MINUS. Taking away the bandwidth/packet loss in favor of that little bar that defaults to a hideously messy search all is not helping anyone. New players who don’t know their elbow from their nether regions may not think to use the more fully featured, precise search that already exists.

    The thing we wanted with search was to increase relevance and sift through things quicker. The most important of these being in search places. But by pointing people to search all by default, which is a mess, you will have people being really lazy and not searching very deeply.

    I have serious questions about the value of picks in search – people often use picks to show off their friends, not to actually show off the places they like. They often put the pick up at will, without regard for the location where they decided to make the pick. Maybe you need a separate friends tab for the profile, because that practice devalues the worth of location picks.

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  100. Bibi Book says:

    The Search FAQ link is not working that way from the blog. I need to log into support first and then the link is gone. What about putting the FAQ on a public page, if linking it to blog?

  101. libertine Valeeva says:

    I think if LL just called it the “search really really really hard engine” there would be more truth in advertising.

    The day I realized that my very successful result in the current search (7 placings in the top 10 on the search keyword “BASIC” were soon to be over with this new SEARCH sputter sputter engine…I decided to sell land, and nearly packed up my bags and left secondlife.

    My immediate pro-active move is to tier down. I don’t know why I would want a premium account anymore.


    oh…and the only thing that made me log back in at all was the great people who make up our little group.

  102. Isobel DeSantis says:

    @ Jeska “The thing to remember is that except for objects, which is a new feature, all of these things were already readily available in the “old” search (including profiles).”

    The big difference Jeska is that “old” search info was available to the SL community only and NOT on the web. You can’t compare the privacy issues of the two.

    I still maintiain that the original blog post said that changes could only be made “when we launch the new Search” at which time, by your own admission, the information could already be out there with no way to recall it.

    Whoever is making these policy decisions needs to consult with people who understand the concerns that residents have, so they can be taken onboard BEFORE the damage is done!

  103. John Source says:

    Can someone explain exactly how landmarks can be used for ‘ inbound’ links? How should that landmark be used, to be seen as an inbound link? Is that a landmark in someone’s inventory, or a landmark in a prim somewhere on a parcel, or a landmark that is giving to someone (stripted) I would like to know a little more about this. Also i dont get how groups can be used for inbound links. where exactly should this landmark included in a group?

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  110. How exactly are groups included to effect a lands relevence?
    Also In What Order Are The Groups Listed? Seems Very Random, Groups With 2 Members Beat Ones With 2000?
    Also How are Parcels, Groups, Profiles and Events Ranked Against Each Other, Seems Its Very Weighted Towards Parcells.

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