LindeX & Land Purchases Not Completing [RESOLVED]

A number of residents find themselves unable to complete either LindeX purchases or land transactions. Operations is working as quickly as possible to resolve this, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Updated (by Jeff): The following explanation will be slightly technical, but the summary is that a fraction of in-world currency/land and LindeX transactions were unable to complete, though no money would actually exchange hands for these failed transactions.

We noticed that a small fraction (it should have been less than 1/6th) of all in-world currency and land purchases as well as LindeX would clearly error out early in the transaction. This was because for operational purposes we had to move our public webservers to different IPs; due to delays in the changing of certain DNS names, 3 of the score of Webservers were unreachable for HTTPS requests, which were required for currency/land purchases.

Once we identified this we fixed it by updating the DNS names and reducing the TTL such that cached DNS data is refreshed more often. We tested purchases and confirmed they were working. The total time down was roughly 20 minutes, though it only affected a fraction of purchase attempts. More importantly, the error prevented you from actually spending your money on the purchase, so that there were no silently failed transactions.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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