[COMPLETE] Rolling Restart: Coming Soon to a Sim Near You

Update @ 9:46pm PST – The restart and subsequent cleanup has been completed. Early next week we will post a more detailed explanation of the issues that occurred with server updates this week (EDIT: posted here) . — Joshua Linden

Update @ 4:22pm PST – A few people have asked regarding the “few issues” referenced in the initial post. I apologize for not being more specific at the time, I erred on the side of providing notification sooner rather than waiting for complete details. Now that the restart has begun, I’ve been able to speak with the engineers involved and have this update. Yesterday’s server deploy introduced a new issue that causes regions to restart frequently -every few minutes to every couple of hours. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that this seems to affect more heavily populated regions more than less populous ones. Today’s restart rolls out a patch that is intended to fix this issue. — Maurice

Update @ 4:15pm PST – The rolling restart is beginning. We expect it to complete in approximately 4 hours. — Maurice

Update @ 3:30pm PST – We’ve completed the planning work and will be initiating the restart at around 4:00pm PST — Joshua Linden

We will shortly be kicking off a grid-wide rolling restart to fix a few issues introduced by the latest server deploy. We apologize for the inconvenience. Unlike many rolling restarts, this one will not travel across the grid in a wave. It will instead restart regions using a different logic that will likely appear random to Residents. However, each region will only restart once during the roll and you will still receive the normal warning message before a region restarts. I will post again when the rolling restart begins, and again when it completes.

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150 Responses to [COMPLETE] Rolling Restart: Coming Soon to a Sim Near You

  1. nimrod yaffle says:

    Working TPs, Working logins, working SL would be nice before stating “We have resolved the issue, and things should be returning to normal.”

  2. giri gritzi says:

    Yay.. Another one……
    How about a daily restart so Every one will know our pain……
    TPs dont work, Transactions time out, and Prims dont rezz…….
    WOW a time warp happened……
    Did we get rolled back a year???

  3. Jacque Sparrow says:

    There appears to be an error in your time sequencing, the following is your announcement about a rolling restart and the time is 1:32PM PST at this moment
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  4. Vic says:

    Thanks for the warning πŸ™‚

  5. scarlet vavoom says:

    Again? Did we not just go thru this yesterday? Ug

  6. Vic says:

    The time is just another ‘random’ element to fit in with everything else in SL!!!

  7. Kris says:

    Ummm…didn’t we just do this yesterday?

    Come on guys, let’s try to stay on top of things.:P

  8. Jayden B says:

    Thanks for the warning. Hopefully this will correct those errors I’ve been seeing.

  9. Istephanija Munro says:

    Woot Woot! The first rolling restart i am desperately looking forward to. Istephanija Munro hopes that root prims wont pass the price setting and permissions to all other linked objects within the group. OMG did i just emote?? Yes I did, omg i hate emotes i must be really excited! WTG LL for once i am not sarcastic and cynical!

  10. phor darkstone says:

    will this resolve VWR-3004?

    otherwise known as “all you smelly linux users, get off the grid”.

  11. Xilinx Undertone says:

    Another Rolling Restart. My Sims were down for over an hour yesterdays. How about a credit in tier for every hour it is down?

    I know – read my TOS.

  12. Vladen Corvale says:

    Will this now finally allow me to resume using SL like I did a week ago before the first restart of the month (when everything worked fine, within the usual SL-wide problems) instead of how it became (areas not loading fully after 3 hours, friends and groups lists loading empty, money stuck in “loading…” forever, being stuck in coordinates (10, 10, 10), having to say things in chat and IMs 3 times to have it show once, not getting everything people say in chat and IMs, periods of 30-45 minutes per day when it goes back to working fine and using a bandwidth of 300-500 Kbps just to sure enough it go back down to 30 Kbps for no reason, etc)?

  13. Tenica Tammas says:

    WOW does this mean i might actually be able to log in to the region i want instead of getting stuck on initializing world

  14. tuffy pussycat says:

    every thing works fine for me the restarts help when a new update happens.

  15. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Again? This is sad…

  16. JackL says:

    Is it just me, or wouldn’t it be nice if the Lindens moved all these destabilizing events to truly off-hours – like 1am PST?

    That’s gotta be off-peak for everyone from Eastern Europe and South America through the US (sorry to all our friends in Australia, Japan, etc.).

  17. BlckCobra Shikami says:

    I appreaciate your hard work – but a rolling restart on friday afternoon/evening at a time where SL is busy as hell? We all know that those rolling restarts affect performance and cause TPs, transactions and payments to fail.
    My mailbox is filled with customer complaints about failing transactions and lost items every morning lately. Guess many of us merchants will have a busy saturday with fixing all those issues this friday evening will cause *sigh*.

    I wish you anyway lots of luck with the new server code deployment and I hope for all of us that it will really fix some of the issues we have to suffer from lately.

  18. Ben Carter says:

    You know guys, SL is not just a computer, it is a MASSIVE network of over 15,000 computers using multiple service providers going through many countries, that all eventually converge in the U.S. You cant expect this to be easy to make run smoothly, LL is doing its best to cater to everyones needs (minus teen grid), so why dosent everyone just sit, back, take a sip of water, wait for the restart, and do what you would have done had the restart not happened. Im sure that most of you, after every server update, dont go all out to figure out what EXACTLY changed, and how your life is affected by it. Most of you just see how much more strain your sims can handle….

  19. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    we need this desperately our sims are very laggy after the last restarts putting them on a new server now they are very laggy

  20. Shirley Meiji says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I do appreciate it. And good luck, to us all.

  21. Alicia Sautereau says:

    a few issues??? nothing f`ing works!

  22. JZ says:

    For those complaining would you :
    1. Have a rolling restart the doesn’t knock you off SL but just to another region for about 5 Min’s?
    2. Have a time when Lindens says, time to shut down the grid to work on it for the day

    Me.. give me rolling restarts any day!

  23. Lance says:

    oooooh… so you’re trying to fix things that broke by your last rolling restart with a roloing restart… that’s neat.

  24. Hi.. Did you say the website was going down? Cause most of it just did

  25. Siste Fall says:

    And my keys don’t push 😦
    Is sad, but a complott in SL is patent and sure.

  26. richard says:

    crash bang lose lag

  27. Instead of a vague statement

    ” to fix a few issues introduced by the latest server deploy”

    Why not tell us what issues. Who knows it might just help reduce the number of bug reports and support tickets being sent so you can actually take some time to act on them!

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again, good communication tempers anger!

  28. phor darkstone says:


  29. Isobel says:

    I was just in Emilia (mainland) when the region went down without any warning at all. Also yesterday I noticed a return of the “xxxxx has left” bug in group IMs. Today textures have been failing to load in certain regions although the same texture load ok in others.

    I love SL but .. why does it have to be such hard work?

  30. Ambrose Dyrssen says:

    This level of technical ineptitude would never be tolerated in any large corportate IT department. To have it happening in a corporation that IS one large IT department is simply astounding.

  31. Davina Glitter says:

    Thank you for the heads up. What about having a SIM that “never” goes down when there are rolling outages of reality so we can have a place to go sit, smoke, sip our favorite beverage and watch as the world rematerializes before out eyes? Now that would be wonderful.

    “There IS calm within the madness of normalicy!!”

  32. Stephani Honi says:

    I LOVE SL, and I am grateful for this wonderful environment! So much so that I am frustrated with the timing of the Rolling Restart. Why is it happening on a weekend? Oh well. What can I say? I’m addicted. I want to meet with my new friends, but can’t. Hope that the kinks get worked out soon. Next time, can we do the upgrades on a Monday or Tuesday night or something? Just a suggestion.
    Also, a sincere heartfelt thank you for spending as much time on the Linux client as with the others, as I am an Intel 64-bit Fedora Core 7 user who won’t use Windows. It’s rare to see a software company roll out both versions at the same time. You folks at Linden Labs rock! I hope you set a trend. Linux does SL quite well.

  33. Astarte says:

    Oh Joy πŸ™‚

    We moving to rolling restart promises every day now !!

  34. Gomez Bracken says:

    @25 – i’d rather 3) Test it properly first. If it’s not broke, dont fix it…

  35. phor darkstone says:


    was working great on my mepis 6.5 rig as well until black thursday.
    i won’t use windows on principal as well so i’m d.o.a. until something gets repaired re. the linux client.

  36. Darien Caldwell says:

    Sadly, there isn’t a ‘frownie’ explicit enough to convey my displeasure. 😦 😦 😦

  37. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    this is truly getting SO OLD how many weeks of degrade can we all put up with…. businesses have lost so much over all this and you lindens tout this as a business platform my god!! anyone planning to invest in SL as a business DON’T DO IT!! RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!
    i just cannot believe the incompetence of this all… how long has this been going on at least the past year that i know of if not a little longer its like ur all deaf or something i swear im gonna send every linden a freakin hearing aid TEST YOUR CODE BETTER we are NOT beta testers we are customers who invested here as a business and all this trouble your making us LOSE BUSINESS and if WE LOSE BUSINESS SO DO YOU!! WAKE UP!!! we need transactions to go without a hitch waaaaay to many hitches lately daily all day and nite long failures of transactions failures of delivery gawd will it ever end

  38. MrLunk Voom says:

    Login hangin at ‘ Initializing world’ at evry new retry for the last 2 hours !!! cant login ( ver 1.18.4 (3) )

  39. honeycream msarko says:

    well i have been off the air for the last 15 hrs. “system is logging u out right now “is all i seem to damn well get…. come on what the hell is going on ………..

  40. Cincia Singh says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I like to ignore the whining and focus on the improvements. Hopefully this restart will improve overall performance.

    Anyone want some fruit and cheese with their whine?


  41. jimhenderson says:

    does SL exist? This is useless

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  43. crissy buwan says:

    thanks for the roll, but my house is all messd up now…things I put out in my house are gone , wallpaper changed…

    not fun..because the things that are gone from teh house are not in my inventory either

    now what

  44. Rooke Ayres says:

    @ #4 Jacque Sparrow:

    Due to an error in our server software, time stopped being linear somewhere after the return from daylight savings time. To correct the error we will have to do a random restart starting and ending at unknown times and locations. Unfortunately, due to the current problem with time, this may happen anywhere and anytime in the past, present or future.

    We will let you know when the restart has commenced or will commence sometime shortly before or after that time.

    Hopefully the restart will correct the problem with time and it should return to normal. Otherwise, you may or may not ever actually get to see this message.

    Thank you for your patience. The time is now 2:34pm PST.

    Good Luck.

  45. Weee, I get to break our my sim-hopping pogo stick again, tyvm LL :p

  46. Can someone please Remind me “Why I am still part of this”
    Sure glad LL’s billing never fails……….smiles

  47. Doris Haller says:

    I welcome any rolling restart if it would fix something.
    This restart fixes “a few issues introduced by the latest server deploy”….
    looks to me as if nobody knows exactly what should it fix. Or these issues are top secret or maybe very embarrassing.

    Another example for LLs bad information policy.

  48. shockwave yareach says:

    What the… again?!

    What the heck did you guys break? And knowing that nobody is ever around on a weekend, much less a 3-day weekend, doing this on a Friday evening fills me with dread.

  49. phor darkstone says:


    crikey, sounds a bit dr. who-ish “may happen at any time past present or future”


  50. Blinders Off says:

    Hey, we can live with a rolling restart. However may I make a suggestion? Stop making all these fancy changes on a Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. Do the updates on MONDAY. Then you have 5 full days to fix them before the weekend.

    Good idea doing a rolling restart in a different method. This allows people to escape to nearby sims.

  51. Renee Faulds says:

    @11 & 19

    Yeah I had an object steal $5000 from me a few months back – put in a fraud complaint to LL – funny – still haven’t heard back from them. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I rofl, you think you’ll ever hear from them.

    Another reason I keep all my money in SLx and reverted my membership to basic.

  52. Lynn says:

    this is telling me i dont even have an account.this is crazy!!!!!

  53. shai Khalifa says:

    I haven’t submitted to any of the blogs for months now – and I notice there are a lot of names here I don’t recognise.

    This seems to mean that there’s a whole load of new people making the same comments that others have made for at least the past year that I know of.

    … but I can say that things (even with current little irritations) are a lot better in SL than they have been in times past.

    … and yes, I run a few businesses – and yes, I spend a lot of time inworld – and yes, I build, use custom textures – and yes, I have my own house that I put objects into.

  54. Darien Caldwell says:

    Yes I agree, things are much better than in times past. In fact I’m not even sure what issues today’s restart is addressing, as i’ve been having smooth sailing every since the restart yesterday.

    But I think what has many upset is that we just had a rolling restart less than 24 hours ago… They are very disruptive to any planned activity, and they do tend to turn the grid on it’s ear. So I fully understand why people are upset. And yes, years of saying the same things hasn’t produced much, but at least people feel better after blowing off some steam. So I say, keep complaining. :p

  55. Rascal Ratelle says:

    hopfully this will address the following issues:

    voice not connecting to servers (intermittent problem)

    Map intermittently greyed out.

  56. shade says:

    I cannot log in…..it stops at the “initializing world” phaze. Has anyone else had this problem?

  57. Tony Watt - Reina Beaumont in SL says:

    Another rolling restart already? Sl has been having so many issues these past couple of weeks, maybe it would be better to just shut the grid down for a while, instead of a few hours, and try to stablise things and find out what’s causing all the issues.

  58. Andrea Faulkner says:

    It’s a rolling restart. They aren’t taking the bleeding grid offline for 5 hours for it. When will you lot be happy? Just teleport out of the sim that’s restarting and come back in ten minutes. You act like someone is stealing your car or something. Sheesh!

    I for one.. who hates the majority of things Linden Labs does to us, and who screams the loudest when they bug the system further with “improvements” instead of fixing things that’ve been broken for ages.. and GLAD that they’re fixing all the problems they introduced yesterday before most of the staff leaves for the weekend.

    You people need to lay off the caffiene. A rolling restart is NOTHING compared to the way things USED to be handled.

  59. Drako Nagorski says:

    lets all reminisce for a sec and remember how great SL USED TO BE… now after all the fond memories lets look at whats going on now…


    well first, we’re gonna yell at LL if we want.
    second, doesnt matter, they wont see any of this anyways.
    and third, if you havent noticed, SL IS SUCKING ****S RIGHT NOW… SL has never been so far south of what it can be than now.

    @The hopefuls out there that hope LL fixes the game we PAY FOR.

    know what i’d like to see happen? and this is prolly not technically possible, but what if these changes happened?

    1) good-bye Havok 1! Hello Havok 4….
    if grid stability and physics power arent enough to make you put it at the top of your agenda, then WTF????
    2) No more sim boundaries!
    wouldnt it be great if there was no crashing between sims, you could fly across the mainland, and never crash your ship again? hell it’d be great! anyone who owns a big ship or multiobject vehicle knows what im talking about

    BTW… Lookin for scripters to help me create a simple to use multiobject script. Check out Smith Fizz and his ships.

    link the mainlands and private parcels with low object no build sims. set auto return to 1 hr. know what that means? you can sail between the mainlands or fly! much fun!

    OMGWTF linking objects SUCKS… i couldnt link 2 boxes together that were sitting right next to each other! not even 3m apart! and they were .5 cubes. very sad, LL…. remove the link limits and only have prim limits! disallow physics for anything over 30m cubed. (still allow no-phys flying+ movement)

    set all these deadlines for mid-late next year, with link limits and havok 4 by early next year

  60. Jaedynn Dragonash says:

    @49 Oh wait… It does, only it worked in their favor as they double charged tier fees. OOPS! Thank goodness they decided to post about their error at that time. Please LL, make a more decent attempt to keep us informed as to what known issues you are attempting to fix with this restart so that we can better assist you in reporting bugs that are not already being addressed. Thanks.

  61. Tosh Snook says:

    @61, just 10 minutes for your area? My home was spastic for hours last night, and today it’s again, not online. I’m almost certain this is longer then 10 minutes.

  62. shade says:

    So are any of these issues causing log in problems?

  63. Drako Nagorski says:

    oh, and BTW… anyone supporting LL (all the time), give us just 3 ways that SL isnt coughing up blood and slowly dying… please, inform us on why LL is so great

  64. Carbine Cat says:

    I hope it will address the issue where just one group I’m in cannot be applied to my items. For no logical reason. Set the object to that group and it comes up as “waiting”… for ever…and ever. So things like security balls don’t work.

  65. Tomas Gandini says:

    Heh! There goes the weekend… again.

  66. Dean Zhora says:

    I can’t teleport and I go off world and get logged out

    Please tell us the time

    it would really help!

    Thank you.

  67. Lina Pussycat says:

    Renee While that is possible you’d need to allow said object to of debited your current L in fact LL have made the warning for this a bright yellow dialog box now so you cant be confused about it. While you and the other guy can complain to LL you still clicked to allow your account to be debited that L or take the money from you while i dont applaud the person passing it out its clear that the problem may just be clicking yes to everything before reading it. Simply dont allow objects to take your L unless you actually know the person its from or purchased an object for the express reason of being a tip jar or what have you.. Rolling restarts are sometimes necessary and they can sometimes create issues…

    Complain because the company is trying to stabilize things and make the capacity for sl more scalable so maybe we dont lag when the average number of people on the weekends is on as badly? Makes no sense to me to complain. Something went awry when they did the rolling restart yesterday and they are working on fixing that issue today with another rolling restart.

    To the person that said why not move them to really off hour times there are other people other then just the u.s and europe that play SL. 1 AM PST they’d need another crew at night and they’d need to hire on coders to do this doing things at night isnt really that smart and they’d need to hire on alot of people. You deal within the time frame the company has employees in and the time zone the company and the coders are located in in this case PST. They try to get things done as early as possible. In this case the rolling restarts finished later yesterday before they left for work and they couldnt correctly assess the situation till today which may of taken them a bit long to figure out and make a soltuion for which is why there is a rolling restart this late.

    Dont constantly complain about a company just because everything you want fixed doesnt get fixed right away these things take time to come up with solutions and arnt always possible without going into other bug fixes etc first

  68. Danni says:

    Well I am in the UK and I have not been able to log in since before 7pm now 11.20pm, not good service people, last night was also very laggy.

  69. Leanne Karas says:

    Thank you very much for the advanced in world notice of this!

    I just got crashed out of my BUSY venue tonight without any warning whatsoever – am not impressed with that… usually we get a few minutes notice with a rolling restart 😦

  70. Lina Pussycat says:

    @66 no one is saying that LL is without their flaws but they are far from coughing up blood and dying. There are people out there that complain at every little things and there would be people complaining about something if SL ran pristinely. LL have been focusing heavily on bug fixes and stability as of late hence the development of havok 4 being tested heavily on the beta grid and these rolling restarts test client etc. Bug fixes can break things and they dont know these things even if it runs in a test environment perfectly fine. Its the nature of the beast known as software development you can try to design around variables that exist as best you can but issues will always rise up.

    If people think they can do a better job by all means go get the backing and make your own game/platform with the same functionality of SL and see what happens.

  71. Lina Pussycat says:

    Leanne are you sure that was the rolling restart and that the sim didnt just crash??? if it was in fact busy it could of crashed…

  72. Day Oh says:

    Thank you ^^

  73. pantaiputih korobase says:

    just one suggestion LL: make the game playable for 100.000 online, not for 40.000 only (seems to be the current limit for a ‘reasonable’ performance)

  74. Lina Pussycat says:

    panta the rolling restart yesterday was to help with capacity they are scaling it to hold more where they can as they are able to!!!

  75. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ok, lina, then let’s see if they succeed – crosses fingers πŸ™‚

  76. Amanda Ascot says:

    If you’ve all been keeping up with blog posts and jira entries you’ll realize that the last server update thoroughly mucked up a number of things, including that infamous ” has left” group chat annoyance (“Annoyance?” I’m being nice, OK?). Workingonit Linden was immediately assigned to that particular bug, which was fixed at one time, but crept back in with yesterday’s restart. If for no other reason than to eliminate that, I welcome this restart with open arms.

    Hopefully this will address some other issues that seemed to become instantly apparent after the restart wavefront passed — inordinantly high bandwidth usage and completely unacceptable degrees of packet loss.

    If those are out of the way after this is over I’ll be a happy camper. Except I don’t camp for a living any more, but I’m sure you get the metaphor.

  77. Echo Kinsella says:

    AGAIN? Gawd I hope my island doesn’t go down for an entire day like it did yesterday when you did this crap!

  78. Griff Sinister says:

    what the heck….for the past 2 days i cant upload images on SL, it say something bout a server error, i wanna upload my images, yet i cant figure out a solution……Any Help?

  79. Angel Supermarine says:

    I am also not able to log in! 😦

  80. Leanne Karas says:

    … and to top it all off I have had inv loss on the restart of over 1000L$ worth of club gear and am crashing more now than ever before… what is going on guys?

  81. Leanne Karas says:

    It was a rolling restart for me and everyone else in the club – only the restart did not log me out – it crashed me out instead…

    Havent crashed in SL for ages now and it’s back to the old crash ever 10 minutes 😦

  82. Matheus Gleeson says:

    SVC-162 – Double TP. This issue has lots of votes, has been around for a Very long time, and is getting worse. I know it’s a little off topic, but can we fix this? Let’s fix things. Not add more things that’ll break. So… Double TP. Getting majorly launched when taking a seat or standing. These 2 issues seem to affect a HUGE proportion of residents in SL. Then there are other issues being tracked, some of which affect only a tiny percentage of residents. Why does it seem the issues that always get fixed are the ones that affect the least number of people?

    Anyway… good luck with today’s rolling restart.

  83. Daniel says:

    why you don’t give SL time only. we should figure out. Anyway when you give our time you messed it up.

  84. Noam Sprocket says:

    Something is seriously wrong guys. Update the blog and tell me you know that.

    No inventory information is showing up. I’ve gotten 20 offlines in my email box and none show up in game. My appearance isn’t working. The map is all sorts of wrong.

  85. Istephanija Munro says:

    To all the people complaining about a rolling restart, yes it sucks they messed up in the first place but this one is seriously necessary for everyone that creates stuff using prims, it is simply messing with something important and thats why there is only a VAGUE statement because the risk of having the wrong people getting wind of this could cause major issues! Now usually a restart takes 5 minutes, i think everyone will be able to do something else for 5 minutes! No i am not a LL worker and i am not plugging here, it is simply necessary and i am pretty sure there will be an announcement tomorrow!

  86. Drako Nagorski says:

    still waiting on my 3 reasons (#66)…. and the “theyre only trying to help” thing has gotten a little old… every time they try to help it gets worse. half-assed solutions dont cut it when we the consumers pay to play and demand change.
    and why dont i make my own game, Lina? well for one, i dont have the time or money to go to college and learn all this! if i knew it, i’d have my own SL running months ago.
    and hell, a little real transparency would be great! if we knew what the lindens were “fixing” we could tell em where it fails. but we’re stuck guessing at what was updated!

    id also like to raise my statement to have 1 linden post on the topic. just one! havent seen one of those in months! if they do, and what they say is actual help, then i’ll shut up for ever

  87. Darien Caldwell says:

    It’s kind of ironic that you are on here complaining about people complaining, If you don’t like the complaints, there is nobody forcing you to read the comments. Let us bitch in peace! :p

  88. j0j0 leshelle says:

    “ROLLING RESTART: Coming soon to a sim near you !” …love it πŸ™‚ , at least someones got a sense of humour.

  89. honeychicken wingtips says:

    why the complaining? its sl not rl and besides its a computer sim … and computers are marginally not as perfect as humans. (lol)
    My rl hubby is a computer techie and understands and sympathises with both sides .. but lets face it… computers need maintenance, upgrading and reatarts to purge out unwanted stuff and to rejuvenate .. sane as us humans have to eat, sleep and crap. LL will never be able to satisfy everyones desires regarding timing etc. so lets make ourselves a coffee, nibble a biscuit and spend a few minutes talking to our real life families who we have been ignoring while we are here πŸ˜‰

  90. Ricky Lucero says:

    Why is it that you don’t address any of the other current issues affecting the grid, or what other effect this problem is causing.

    Failed TPs alllll day long. Only way to TP anywhere is by logging out and logging back into that sim directly.

    You guys seem to have taken a huge step backward in communicating these grid wide issues.

  91. Ahh yes, I’ve seen constantly crashing regions too since yesterday, good to see it fixed so soon πŸ˜€

  92. Hewitt Huet says:

    Are you kidding? ANOTHER restart?! Will it do any good? I swear that they should just shut that comments here off. I dont think they pay much attention. I’ll find something else to do until this update is fixed. Wait, ‘update fixed’?…isn’t an update supposed to fix… ohhhh never mind.

  93. Ricky Lucero says:

    ^^^^^ Trust me, they read them. They just deleted one of my comments on this very topic a few minutes ago.

    Sticks and stones and typed out words, hurt LL.

  94. Annagavina Merlin says:

    SL is maybe the most extraordinary idea after the Internet itself, but it’s also the most unstable networked system I’ve ever seen.
    Can we try to find out an intermediate way?
    Maybe it was better not to care about all these feature (like voice chat) that have nothing to do with SL philosophy and to seriously think about how to definitely stabilize the system.

  95. Orenthal Philbin says:

    I see you deleted my comment what’s the matter? does the truth hurt?

  96. Paybak Epin says:

    Woot!Woot! means More lag coming back on but after 4 hours or so it’ll Be not lag.. Considering that everyone EVERYwere is going to want to LOg on Rite now or after.. itll be a CLUSTER ****!!! πŸ˜› then as time goes on! people go to bed/jobs/Surfing the net? WHo does that anyway.. i usually have a goal when i go online.. i dont want SPyware/adware ECT gawd!

  97. Bagracer Bergson says:

    our private island was fine all day no crashes they restart it an hour ago and its still down now this is not an improvement, can we have our sim back please?

  98. janie matahari says:

    What an adventure last night, i must have tpd to about 6 sims to survive this RR all while trying to mentor a person with an urgent need (rapid chat spam). It was really interesting when the info islands restarted cause those are usually the “closest regions” you go when you get kicked off other places after being logged out. I felt like thelma and louise running from the law.

  99. Orenthal Philbin says:

    to LL You can’t handle the truth!!!! and when I reported an object that stole over $1800 L in a few seconds in a geometrical fashion (ie 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512) until my balance was zero…did they respond to that? No so go ahead LL censor me again… Ever heard of free speech? I guess not…. and yes. LL you are a bunch of soft marshmallow girlie men hahahaha

  100. Sascha says:

    Aww thank you. Finally i will TP now without being disconnected from malfunctionning sims, lol. Let’s hope that this is only intermittent and not a thing the server update introduced. At least it helped at my sim ;), thanks TJ.

  101. Michael Timeless says:

    Another weekend that SL doesn’t work. Maybe I can get my company to give me weekends off – after all who needs to work on the weekends. Maybe if we shutdown RL on the weekends we might get SL working.

    No one should even try to make a purchase or log in on weekends any more. If we drop LL’s income to ZERO for a day or two maybe they’ll get the hint to roll these “upgrades” out to a test system before shutting down the main system on the highest customer days.
    Getting tired of paying more and more tier to stay here and not have it work.

  102. U M says:

    I was teleporting all over Second Life last night. Had no problems, Unless people were getting caught in the restarts.

  103. Istephanija Munro says:

    Well they didn’t fix the permission bug, link multiple objects to a root prim and the root prim will change the settings for all prims in the group when you rez them the next time. Every designer that rents at malls is now forced to rez each board individually and adjust it! Thats just sick! Bunch of …whatever.

  104. Skilly Infinity says:

    Continuing to have problems with logins, teleporting, and slow or missing deliver of 1) items purchased, 2) IMs, 3) inventory offers… and I know I’m not alone in this.

    It doesn’t sound as though this restart is designed to fix those issues. I hope I’m wrong about that (sigh).

  105. Lina Pussycat says:

    @83 this has partially been address already Double Tp’s still happen but the unwanted inability to move hasnt happened to me in a good while now….

    @88 Im just stating that people that are complaining dont seem to comprehend that things arnt going to run just as they like all the time its impossible to fix everything in any software because of all the variations out there. If we all used the same computer and had the same exact connection to SL then maybe it’d operate the same for everyone. Keep in mind as well that LL balance a OSX , Windows, and Linux client. So they are bug fixing things for 3 different areas there and then you have differences in the Linux distributions and slight differences in different versions of windows to address among other things. This is precisely why Blizzard isnt running out releasing their software on Linux they have stated that there is no standards out there for it and its hard to support all the diff distributions out there. The point is rather then bitching/complaining be constructive and bug report the issues or hell try to write a fix for it if you really (and some people really seem to think they can) do a better job.

    You know figure out ways to help the issue rather then simply complain about it!

  106. Hoopla Ballyhoo says:

    Huge lag everywhere right now. Voice not working. Can anyone at SL spell reliability?

  107. Rebecca Honi says:

    I can deal with some of those problems and I’m happy that they are fixing with all this but I wish SL doesn’t have that many issues. I think that’s the price to pay when your successful. SL is the best non beta virtual world. I’ve tried the other two virtual worlds and stayed there for a few months but it’s not for me and of course it is different from SL. I just hope they can fix the crashing issues and others because I’m planning to stay on Second Life for good. I want to enjoy it without worrying about crashes and be able to fly without worrying to freeze.

  108. hmr1000 says:

    Hate to say it but you have a lot more wrong today than one issue. I have crashed twice on your webpage already in the last 5 minutes and that was preceded but a sl crash to restart caused by a nuke program of some sort while I was in SL. Basically since your last round of improvements, the quality of the service you are providing seems worse than it has been at anytime in the last six months or more. Right now it would be nice if for once you guys just concentrated on fixing the messes you have already made and making sure the improvements you want to make really work, rather than treating us all like a very early level mass beta, or, if you cannot do better than you have been doing, hire some people that can, before you totally kill what should be a very good game experience

  109. U M says:

    109 said
    “if you cannot do better than you have been doing, hire some people that can, before you totally kill what should be a very good game experience”

    The have they brought in MIT people, IBM ( oh ok ) etc etc etc.

    Well lets hope sooner of later they fix things

  110. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    @106 i HAVE reported on jira SO many times and THAT is just as USELESS and everything else lately in this game NOT one of the issues i have reported IN DETAIL i will have you know has been addressed so i havethe right to complain cus i pay alot of money here invested to run businesses and LL touts this as a business platform the next web and they have the worst track record for everything they do

  111. Borky Grid says:

    As much as i hope the specific problem youΒ΄re trying to address with this patch will disappear.


    That is so pathetic…How can that happen? Restart frequently every few minutes?


  112. Rex Cronon says:

    Hi everybody!
    What is going on? Is this rolling restart supposed to break group chat? I cans start it, but I have no idea who is getting it. The IM with other avatars, has problems too. It shows that somebody is typing when they aren’t.
    The viewer works a few minutes than freezes. And this cycle keeps on repeating.
    I can’t detach objects. Some attached objects say that their script is missing from the database.

  113. melanie tuxing says:

    i cant get on SL at all – what is going on?

  114. Leanne Karas says:

    Oh and be careful – transactions are timing out too… 😦

  115. Lenny Looming says:

    Hey everyone complaining… I got a swift answer for all of you – SHUT UP!

    You whine, moan and groan like a bunch of immature babies. I have just as much to lose as anyone, with thousands of hard-earned dollars invested in SL but I refuse to say a single word against LL.

    You know why? Because the alternative is NO SECOND LIFE AT ALL! Did you ever stop to think about that? Rolling restarts and the like, at least the grid comes back on each and every time now doesn’t it?

    How about one day when the grid goes dead for a week or more? Then you’d actually have something to complain about.

    I’m happy that LL is innovating, developing and encapsulating one of the best things the world has yet seen, but that takes time, work, testing, trials, and above all – immeasurable patience.

    I am more than willing to sit idle and wait patiently and I make a full-time living in SL so without SL I’m out looking for a job in RL.

    So in short, thank LL that they provides restarts because there could be no start at all…

  116. Radslns Hutchence says:

    Any prognosis on Leafroller coming back?

  117. Radslns Hutchence says:

    Any prognosis on Leafroller coming back to life?

  118. Lina Pussycat says:

    @109 Them trying to fix the messes is what causes more messes and its impossible to tell if a fix is going to work 100% for 100% of people all the time nothing works 100% all the time for 100% of people. Low end computers and many other things fall into the equation with it…. Its not always the companies fault cuz someone has troubles some are human error and others are just things that happen and yes at times LL does have more bugs pop up but again such is the nature of software dev.

  119. Karina says:

    I am worried because, everytime my account logger is chrashed. I can not TP. I can not start the game

  120. Doris Haller says:

    Lenny Looming says: “without SL I’m out looking for a job in RL”

    Very good idea. Better than depending on something as unreliable as SL at the moment.

    Invested thousands of dollars in SL AND patiently waiting! Why don’t you give me money too? I could restart you, rolling over and over again! πŸ™‚

  121. I have a question for the Lindens: Why is it that twice this week they start a rolling restart during a peak time for SL? Not that I mind running scared for my Second Life, for all the five minute warnings. Or looking at the map and seeing something that looks like a Keno board. Waait, there is a thought, LL is playing Keno and we never got told where to pick up the game boards to win our prize.

  122. Matheus Gleeson says:

    hey Lina @ 106. I was just getting off-topic, as we all seem to when we’re given the chance to blog here :p I know I can’t do anything to fix the problems, but I do vote on the issues at the jira site. Still, it would be nice to see them manage a fix for some of the problems that have been around forever (like the double tp – I still get frozen if i cancel it) which seem to be server based problems instead of client based. If I was able to do something about the problems, I would have applied for a job with LL months ago.

    and @ 87 – Draco – I’ve looked over some of the other blogs. The Lindens do post, but usually only on-topic. There’s not really a lot in this particular topic that we can say that they’ll need to respond to. They probably just gave us the ability to respond on this blogpage to keep us happy… lol. After all. Rolling restart. Starts at 6pm slt. should last about 4 hours. It’ll fix some bugs introduced yesterday. That’s the entire topic, what can we realistically add? Scan back a few posts and you’ll see the occassional Linden response, tho.

    Have a great evening everyone, time to play!

  123. Easy1985tm Beresford says:


    i got only 1 question…
    why i dont see my friends as yellow dots (or vΒ΄s) on the map now? oO

    that was an good option before the restart was today -.-


  124. alf lednev says:

    116 Start looking around, Hipihi is coming soon, its beta testing. Google My World is coming soon, that one alone will probably swamp LL. If those companies read this blog (and im sure they do) then they will probably note the consistent inability of LL to respond or fix things the paying cusomers want.

    The Business world is littered with the remains of once arrogant companies who held a monopoly. Soon as a viable competitor is online, people WILL leave in droves and so will a lot of money. But thats ok, seeing your happy to pay more amd more. You will. Be careful what you wish for, it may just happen.

    106. No, we pay money for a service, real money. LL offer to provide a gaming experience. A clever TOS and contempt for the paying customers, and a chronic inability to project manage change rquests. Well when the comprtition comes in, would your hire a exLL employee? No customer service skills, no project managament skills, the list goes on and on, Their only markketable skill is to ignore people and stuff up, so they will probably go into politics I guess

  125. Morgann says:

    Well, I escaped Quelle a couple hours ago b/c of a RR Warning and the Sim is yet to be back online.

    Whats any reasons yet for the sims that are not coming back up?

  126. Danball Tureaud says:

    Hey, what happened to the yellow friends glyphs in the mini-map. They only show up as green now.

  127. Karen Palen says:

    My avatar seems to stay active for about 2 hours even if the region does not reboot. This seems to happen both with the older 18.x.3 viewer and the new 18.x.4 viewer.

    logging on using libsecondlife (V0.3 – rev 1481) TestBot yields thousands of duplicate status/region location packet messages.

    TestBot stay up for all of 20 minutes or so!

    Do you think something is broken here?

    Too bad us peons don’t have a way to report all of this!

  128. Sindy Tsure says:

    Seem to be a lot of sims not coming back.. Any update, Maurice??

  129. U M says:

    We do pay for a service. We do chose to be here. But Costumer service is very important. There are some powers on this blog that continue to banned people and post for no reason. But those that have been playing blog games on here. Continue to post. As people have said inthe past you fight LL you can never win. Because nomatter if your right or wrong its their right to do whatever they please. Well on Sl that might be, but in the real world thats called making being anti social. We are in their world ( but i say this they might control this world) but my real Life I have control over.

  130. Ann Otoole says:

    Sl consistently outperforms my IRA. 😦

  131. Alicia Sautereau says:

    wtf has became mandatory

  132. Phoenixa Sol says:

    hmmm, maybe I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing instead of my plans to log in. Glad I skipped this 2 day headache because I’m all out of tylenol.

  133. Alora says:

    Well it would be nice if my sim actually re STARTED. Its been down now for 4 hours

  134. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Hi, just wondering if the Registration API servers are down too because I can’t request capabilities anymore – it won’t validate the user.

  135. Morgann says:

    I agree with Alora

  136. hmr1000 says:

    Things just get worse and worse, and the 5 minute delay bug that you were going to fix days ago is back in force, along with a ton of unexplained crashes and lockups along with lag. In view of all this maybe you should just not try to fix thing til you are sure you can do them right, because right now things seem to be getting worse by the minute.

  137. Zed Mighty says:

    Whats wrong with notifing people about these problems.
    I’ve just spent the past 48hours in limbo.
    Lodged ticket with support, looks like their region has been logged out also.
    C’mon people, communicate with ur customers….

  138. Kimo Junot says:

    This “restart” that you all did tonight just made EVERYTHING worse. I cant stay logged in without crashing every 5 min now….ohhh I know what it is… it is Friday! yes! and you all had a office party and someone sat on the wrong keyboard!

  139. What88 Zond says:

    WOW SL is a massive undertaking, its like “Please choose your bug preference”, It seems that when one issue gets fixed another one breaks. They should rename Second Life , Murphys Law. However lately everything is Screwed, right now, and bless thy Programmers. Kudos to the community, who stick by them and see them through. =P

  140. shai Khalifa says:

    I don’t know what the update was supposed to achieve, but I downloaded the new viewer and none of my groups were listed – showed in my profile, but not in Contacts. Bit hard to manage a beach and businesses without access to groups.

    Emptied cache and tried again – still no groups.

    sigh! Have gone back to previous version of viewer – yay – my groups are in Contacts – so my only conclusion is that there’s a bug in the new viewer. I never throw the previous viewer away or overwrite it when I update – just in case – has saved my but on a number of occassions.

  141. Seth Ock says:

    Ever since the restart, the paint’s wearing away on my ‘enter’ key and the viewer doesn’t work on my Zaurus SL-5500! Even my TRS-80 is borked! What kind of IT staff does Linden Labs employ anyway?! I sobered up and gave up dive bars for *this*?

  142. DD Otoole says:

    Well i love the multpie crashes we got today and restarts, it was too funny.

    I enjoy that very well.

    Well LL i hope u try to fix the issue on it. Until then have fun and be safe all.

  143. Mike says:


    I try and log in and it keeps saying, somthing has gone wrong and with our best efforts you cant log in, and thats after 1 second of trying, so how can I log in?

    michael2 aeon

  144. can we get a restart that works i mean really what are u fixing anyways the last fix i saw is that instead of a clean pass through sim to sim we get O no im sinking in to the ground or my damn gesture wont stop when first started in Sl in june there was lag but i could still walk around ok know im stuck or have to tp or log off i know it’s hard LL but please i know we are just proof that virtual worlds work but cant we be more then that RP RL but SL is real too…

  145. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I saw “Rolling Restart” at my local sim. A “Good” show =D

  146. Zed Mighty says:

    c’mon don’t say it’s fixed when it’s not…
    I still crash when I log on and tech refuses to answer any queries…

    At least i’m clean…very clean been stuck in a shower for over 48hours…lol if it wasn’ true u’d be laughing…

    so how do i get a response from LL support does any one have any ideas?

  147. Vladen Corvale says:

    I can’t help but swim in the irony. I’ve been for a week saying the rolling restart on Nov 2nd screwed up something and I hadn’t been able to use SL anymore… and many people acted like it if wasn’t that bad as I made it sound or pointed out it was working oh so perfectly for them.

    Now it’s working just fine for me. Sure, with my luck it’s just a fluke and it will go back to screwed in a little while, but I will savour the irony meanwhile.

  148. Meni says:

    Yes, tell us about the 400+ tcp connections per region/teleport. No wonder that SL had problems since the server update on thursday. Your routers and servers must be hit very hard the last two days. It is now back to about 9 connections, and my router is happy again.

  149. U M says:

    I been on for over 24 hours and i had very very little problems teleporting, rezzing object, no lag etc……..this might inddeed be more user side then client side.

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