New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Now Available!

The Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer is now available as the primary download. Again, with your help reporting issues in the Issue Tracker and participation in public bug triages, we were able to find and fix bugs in the Release Candidate viewer before making it the primary download. Thanks for your help improving the viewer!

The following issue was addressed since the last Release Candidate (RC2):

  • VWR-2920: Sculptie LOD causes object to be deformed into a flattened sphere close while correct far

Complete 1.18.4 Release Notes available on the Second Life wiki.

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to 1.18.4.

Check the Test Software page soon as we move on to the next Release Candidate viewer (1.18.5)!


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150 Responses to New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Now Available!

  1. Hyddin McMillan says:

    Very cool! O.K….back me up….I’M GOIN IN!!!!!

  2. Wyald Woolley says:

    WOOT!! The pre-release candidate viewer, has moved to Alpha!!!

  3. U M says:

    Wondeful! looking forward to this release client.

  4. Farallon Greyskin says:

    You posted a link to everything BUT the viewer page 🙂

  5. Jeska Linden says:

    You can download the newest viewer here:

  6. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Heh I know it’s only three more clicks IF you know where to look, it’s just a lot nicer to click to it from the blog post 🙂

  7. Tara Voskhod says:

    I’m not even concerned about a new viewer at this point in time. Whatever was done today while I was at work…now I can not log onto SL at *all*. “Despite our best efforts…”

    I also can not do ANYTHING associated with SL other than this blog. Absolutely no webpage will come up for me. No support, no grid status, no download.

    Any suggestions?

  8. U M says:

    ALot of fixes, but still no rotation bug or halfing of avie.

  9. Melanie Milland says:

    Where is the promised option to revert to something like the old UI?

    LL are not listening again. Would be so easy to make the Nicholaz UI the default UI for the main viewer.

    Very usable for both text and voice, very customizable for power users, yet defaulted to the voice UI for new installs…

    LL, Listen to us!

    And, BTW, where is Voice for Linux??

  10. Renee Faulds says:

    Congratulations on another fine release:

    2: 48 seconds in world until the first total system lockup

  11. Vortex says:

    @10 I like the LL UI tyvm.

  12. Darien Caldwell says:

    @12 I don’t tyvm. :p

  13. Raudf Fox says:

    *sigh* I didn’t see the fix for the camera rotation/orbiting around a hollow prim in the line up. At least the texture repeat allow us to change the vert and horizontal independently.

  14. pointside Sunbelter says:

    Fixed ‘Quiet Snapshots to Disk’ and ‘Disable Camera Constraints’ not persisting across sessions


  15. Gil Druart says:

    Hmm .. Release Note quality only gets a C-.

    For instance, ..”Fixed Trash folders in user inventory”

    What does that mean? They’ve been removed? Added? They were broken and aren’t any more? They’ve been neutered .. ? You can’t move them now?

    Folder*s* also seems odd .. I really only wanted one of them …

  16. Gil Druart says:

    ..and VWR-851 is soooo good it’s been fixed twice.

    No sniping .. but I really hope the code has been checked more thoroughly than the release note

  17. U M says:

    ”Fixed Trash folders in user inventory”
    this was fixed inthe last release and they said they fixed it again? oh boy!

  18. Thank you for your hard work on these fixes. I always appreciate your efforts to make Second Life better for all of us!

  19. mimi says:

    hey nice you fixed some very annoying bugs!

    Active gestures sometimes fail to show in the Active Gestures list
    Script changes in the editor may be cancelled because of lag

    Ive had those multiple times..I hope however the bug where people pay for an object then never receive one will be fixed one day too (is there any chance this will get better on havoc4)

  20. Alfrik Northmead says:

    I must say I’m a bit disappointed that VWR-2763 has not been fixed in this release. This bug renders (BAD PUN) SL almost unusable on the Mac client.

    Have you ever tried working in world when your frame rate has been reduced to .8FPS?

  21. DR Dahlgren says:

    Disable Camera Constraints Persists… Yeah Baby!! I have been waiting for that one. Now how about – Your Home location is not available… – then I enter the world at home. That one has been happening a lot lately.

    All in all I have been using the Candidate Viewer and I must say that many of the peristant issues seem to have been addressed and that is truly appreciated.

    Some of the bugs associated with building seem to still be there, issues with llTargetOmega and rotations. These probably have little effect on the average resi, but sure can make things difficult for those of us that create content, because we have to come with work arounds to get something we need or really want to work.

    All in all though, a good release. Thanks.


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  23. spiralsurfer says:

    Just because the viewer is available, it isn’t obligatory yet, right?

  24. Janey Hutchinson says:

    First time to comment … guess that is good as it is the first time I’ve had a problem with SL.

    Thank goodness I kept a copy of Second Life Release 1.18.3 (5) as the Second Life Release 1.18.4 (3) has a major problem for me. It does not allow me to use inventory items with “right click” to access the Properties, Rename, Copy, Paste, Delete, Wear etc. etc. window and scroll down. Has there been a change in preferences or is this a new bug?

  25. pointside Sunbelter says:

    Is there are reason that this version is installing to a folder called “SecondLifeReleaseCandidate” under program files, instead of overwriting the last version. This is a release of the latest version right? Why is it not overwriting the normal Second Life folder?

  26. Jayden B says:

    Cool, the RC2 ended up as quite good, small buglets ignored.

    It’s a pity about the look of the chevrons in the minimap, they are a little hard to see, but meh, I went back to production from RC2 and textures were much slower.

    Hovertext on non-root prim isn’t fully fixed. I have seen my huddle a few times now with no hovertext, but it’s now not reproducable.

    Gesture missing from database s still not fixed.

    It seems the first HUD to load isn’t found in the database during the preload. Once you log in you can attach it. I need to work out the replication steps before I JIRA this one.

    No biggies and all in all one of the better releases in my eyes.

  27. Katarin Kiergarten says:

    @16 and @18 — not fixed for all of us, apparently. ;-P I still have dozens of trash cans. Had them since the day I was born. That would be Monday. I’ve reported it under JIRA issue MISC-567, since that seems to be where the action is.

  28. I’m STILL getting CRASH when I download SECOND LIFE 1.18.4 VIEWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m STILL getting BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There’s More If You Want Me Go On?!?

    ………….. BUT …………..

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    P. S. Keep UP the good work guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Devinn Hammerer 🙂

  29. U M says:

    @28 the trash can issues was fixed the first time. Only one case maybe……..could be.

  30. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    YOU KNOW…..Im am gonna have to be a REALLY BADBOY when I am able to log back in for maken me have have to wait this long to get bak on SL!!!!

  31. BADB0Y Dagger says:


  32. Redmoonblade says:

    I laugh at how this continues to happen on EVERY update.

  33. Tanoujin Milestone says:

    I am a user, not a developer. I liked having the most recent viewer stuffed down my throat, issues or not… I always believed it was be the best you got atm. Now i have to read the 6 pt text to find out if i get a release candidate that makes me a testing volunteer or the last recommended version… can i have a window with ok/cancel button for the primary downloads like it has been before, please? That was such a nice service! Or does it make no difference any more?

  34. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    Still waiting on the log in to get fixed….HAY LINDENS NO LUNCH BREAK YET WELL STILL NEED THE SEVER UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!
    Need to see if you really did this update right this time…

  35. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    I’m gonna take a nap while waiting on log in to get fixed….
    Gonna need to be awake for the SL beating when i get back on!!
    mumbles thay will need to make new update when im done getting all this anger out on having to wait for 4 hours for login to work thay must only have 100 lindens working to day you all no thay need at least 200 to work at a normal paste…

  36. Blinders Off says:

    I see a lot of “fixes” here… but I don’t see a single one that addresses the needs of the MAJORITY of the users. Not that I’m slamming a fix mind you. Anything fixed is great. But…

    One has to wonder about priorities here. Consider the following major bugs:

    * Group IMs still do not work… after MONTHS of problems.
    * Group Notices are still not getting to all group members.
    * TEXTURES are cycling on builds, so that when we change textures on a multi-prim object, it look slike some kind of firework display going off… and winds up with mulitple textures on the item. The amount of time this is costing builders on a daily basis cannot be estimated.

    etc etc etc. Seems to me there are far more important bugs and issues than the ones in the fix list.

    Which just might be why your company only has a 5% membership retention rate (and steadly declining), and why more people aren’t paying you for using your system.

    The worst part is, that since these are obvious and major bugs, it just continues to give LL a reputation of being an amateur, “can’t even get text chat right” company. That is just sad. When you can’t get simple text chat to work and can’t even get textures to apply correctly to a build, I don’t see much hope for the company. Sooner or later, someone is gonna come along and do it better… then bye by Second Life. (And yes, there is already a system out there that is direct competition. It’s in full-beta test stage and should be released to public market within a year.) Time to stop burying yer head in the sand, LL. Your about to have yer lunch eaten…. and yet goofy, major bugs still exist that any programmer worth his weight could solve in less than a day of effort.

  37. Argie Rives says:

    Thanks for the update!!

    Nice Work boys!!!

  38. Elle Pollack says:

    What happened to the auto-updater (SecondLifeUpdater.exe)? The link to the update opens in a browser; I won’t say that it’s bad so much as as a mild peve, some extra clicks. Is the updater program officaly depricated then, or is it something to kick over to the JIRA?

  39. Predreus Twang says:

    I’ve crashed more times since I’ve installed this new version then I have ever before. I can’t believe how bad this release is. I will be going back to the 1.18.3 release when I have the time to, until then I will use the OnRez viewer

  40. Tegg B says:

    Hmm I’m confused , I’m running RC 1.18.4(2) with no problems, what version is this new one RC 1.18.4(3), RC 1.18.4(4) or RC 1.18.4(5)?

  41. Renee Faulds says:

    For those that were foolish enough ( as I was ) to install the new viewer and have far greater problems than before the old viewer can be downloaded here:

    Cause I could not find a single place on LL’s site to DL the old version.

    And to comment on the last 30 or 40 blog posts – not a single Linden ever answers, acknowledges, or replies to anything said on “thier” blog. Have to agree with Blinders Off on his statement “Which just might be why your company only has a 5% membership retention rate (and steadly declining), and why more people aren’t paying you for using your system.” That’s why I went back to FREE membership!!

    Get it right – I might feel all the aggravation is worth 9.95.

  42. U M says:

    I am using Second Life 1.18.4 (2). At this strange NO PROBLEM. Teleports are working rezzing object, lag levels are normal etc…..

  43. Anonymous says:

    What I have difficulty with is the fact that I have 4GB of physical memory, (and no; I have VERY few things running and no spy OR adware) and Second Life STILL uses 1.5 GB of swap file (and grows until the machine needs rebooting) Will this ever be addressed? EVER? Or will we have to deal with a bloated swap file to run this program? Im not bashing LL; I simply wish that it would work as it should, and NOT drink all the physical memory and then begin on the swap file…

    KUDOS to Nicholaz, for his browser seems to handle swap file management MUCH better than the default viewer 🙂

  44. U M says:

    It seems if you have 4 giga of memory ( i do ) atleast for me I don`t have any of these issues. But I do know some that do have 4 giga of memory and they are having these issues occure. I using the Second Life 1.18.4 (2) and not nic`s viewer…….

  45. BADB0Y Dagger says:


  46. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    AHHHHH!!! i dont like this new updateat allllllll i cant even get in now i never had a problem lik this befor omg u guys messed up my account name now this is the worst update ever getn annoyed with second life now this has been the worst sl week i have ever had..

  47. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    how do i get it back to the way it was im not digging this new upgrade at allllllllll want it back to the old way

  48. Dekka Raymaker says:

    So why is the Release Candidate Software an older version than the recommended primary viewer, does this make sense?

  49. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    I MISSSSS SECOND LIFE I CANT LOG IN :((((((((((((((((((((((

  50. BADB0Y Dagger says:


  51. Ronia Shepherd says:

    @37 & 42

    re the retention rate

    If you downgrade from premium to basic, then you will find yourself in a lock up period, through which you cannot do any land deals (ml anyway, but also private land is then affected.)

    You will have to crawl back to LL on your knees pay a 9,95 reinstatement fee to get your abilities back…

    Now if you would take this repression tool away, i wonder how many premiums would be left then.

  52. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    NAA I wasnt talkn about that but i found out why i cant get it i though it said the restart ends ad 1:00am but it ends at 1:00 pm lmao my bad false alarm!!!but thank you ronia:)

  53. Wildig says:

    Great move, thanks a lot Linden Labs.

  54. Ronia Shepherd says:

    and one on topic…I won´t download anything until it´s mandatory…Learned my lessons…but by the sound of the above, I think you (LL) still haven´t.

    Your prioritisation process is piss poor and so is the execution of bug fixes. I repeat myself, hoping some of you will start listening sooner or later…

    Stop acting so bloody IT department like. You don´t seem to have the ability to see the things you do from a customer point of view. Furthermore get testers, that actually represent the user base and also perform very basic things.

    Chat & IM functions should be your primariy focus at the moment…Yeah it´s boring, it´s already there…No challenge involved, no pioneer work…No one at LL wants to touch it…or what?

    Everything surrounding money transactions should be your next worry. Don´t you do fixes because it´s good for your eco stats when people pay twice or three times for stuff?

    You, LL, will see a mass exodus on land being sold in panic or just left behind, user numbers vaporizing and businesses closing…as soon as you have a competitor…

    The competition doesn´t even have to be good…They just need to follow this blog here and TRY to do things they read here…

    and btw, i do like sl a lot. I just don´t like this microsoft type of arrogancy from LL towards us.

    Good Day

  55. Anderson Philbin says:

    Any chance of a Vista build, or more specifically, a Vista 64 build?

  56. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 56 Ronia Shepherd Says:
    November 8th, 2007 at 3:05 AM PST
    “Furthermore get testers, that actually represent the user base and also perform very basic things.

    Chat & IM functions should be your primary focus at the moment…Yeah it´s boring, it´s already there…No challenge involved, no pioneer work…No one at LL wants to touch it…or what?”

    Testing is done by people that do represent the user base by those that go to the Beta Grid and report on the JIRA bugs and problems, as well as the Release Candidate viewer and of course even from the primary viewer.

    Note to Lindens, you really should think of updating Orientation Island, it’s becoming outdated, there is so much more you could add to impress new users to SL. Communication for instance, you seem to be pretty keen on ‘Voice’ but do you promote it in anyway on Orientation Island, no! Although I myself am not fan of voice, don’t you think this is now an important element of SL that should be at least mentioned, you could easily replace one of the Quick Time positions with info about it.

    Driving. Driving? what’s that got to do with SL these days, you have more or less aborted a road network system on SL now, maybe you should consider some hover pads instead, that will help with some flying skills and maybe a TP spot from one at least one area to another, that’s a skill in itself these days.

    OK so there is Help Island next, but you don’t really adequately promote that too well as the next step and that definitely needs an update!

  57. thanksBiblio says:

    I *stilllllllllllllll* don’t see a fix for the combination problems caused by the COMMUNICATION Button.
    a) Contacts take a LONG time to show up, if ever, and thus are not reported as being online in the History text.
    b) Contacts are frequently listed as “HIPPOS” or “WAITING”
    c) Communication button view should be an OPTION in Preferences. The older CHAT and I.M. buttons separated took a lot less screen space, and many prefer it that way.

  58. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @ 58 Dekka Raymaker. Ref. your final comment that LL should abandon their roadbuilding program. Couldn’t agree more! They are an eyesore, they occupy perfectly usable land, and (as you pointed out) they are UNNECESSARY!
    I second Dekka’s suggestion that publicly accessibly hoverpads (one per sim) would be much more useful.
    And what to do about all those half built roads that seem to stop in the middle of nowhere?
    If LL doesn’t want to put the land up for auction why not talk with SL land protection groups (Arbor Project is one good group that springs to mind) and ask for suggestions on how best to landscape those areas, perhaps even create ‘wildlife corridors’ or narrow parklands crossing several regions?

  59. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 60 Klaatu Congrejo

    Actually I think there should be free passage in SL, be it roads, rivers, canals etc. I was just pointing out how ironic it is to offer something that exists less and less in SL. However the roads should be well made and attractive.

  60. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    I dont see nothing cause I STILL CANT GET ON!!!!! these is getn old now cause now i cant get in i been haven content lag outs and when i lag out i dont mean out of sl my whole pc laggs lik the screen gets blown up in my face maken evey thing so big i cant do crap and the only wat to get it back to normal size is restartn my whole pc this game is destroying my pc and its bearly a year old

  61. BADB0Y Dagger says:


  62. notagambler says:

    #61, u can fly above each sim, if u fly high enough.

    i do it almost over 300m , its faster too :)) and there are no ban-lines too.

    someone says in a blog, they should open the non-sims to fly over them or go by ship .

    please , dear LL, please never allow that, it would bring people to still islands, they wouldnt come by tp there.

    hugs ya all

    ps : Badboy, your caps-lock is broken again

  63. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    but I really do love Second Life and playn it and meeting new people and want keep playing but its not lookn good right now …i mean lik if u cant even be safe accepting a TP or some thing with out u being at rist that it could be some jackass tryn to steal ur account name than my be this this ant the right game to b playn.
    I dont no maybe i ill take a break and come back in lik a weekand hopefully the problem will be fixed by then i have had a great time playn this game and really wish u all luck on tryn to fix it and keepn it safe u guys really do do a good jpb of keepn it safe i mean its been online for over 10 years so it got to be a great game but right now it seems lik there are to many problems right now if u ask me i think it has to do with the new Microphone system it seemed all good till you reinstalled it but im not a linden so i dont no put that is my guess

  64. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    notagambler lmao ye i just noticed it after my other message but TY..sorry dont mean to yell ;P

  65. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    ok now this is getn to me how come it wont let me log on but i go to check my list to see wat friends are on and my 1 friend who lives in the state right next to me and in the same time zone can get on is me my account or is the whole eastern side of the USA still down????can i please get some help

  66. Shan Warrior says:

    Not too worried about the new viewer as missing half my inventory!!! Will the rolling restart give me back the inventory? Its nice that you took the excessive inventory I have but you left the folders so I know its still there i just cant get to it.

  67. Lindal Kidd says:

    Dekka wasn’t advocating eliminating the roads, she was commenting on the fact that LL is not maintaining or expanding them. TP is great, flying is great…but we need roads, to drive on for fun. LL — build more roads, please!

    Badboy, what the heck are you talking about “at risk of getting your account info stolen by accepting a TP?” That’s BS.

    LL, Fixing the memory leaks should be your next priority, IMO. And the Mac client. Then inventory, chat and IM. Windlight and Havok IV are great, and I look forward to them, but please keep plugging on the basic stability and usability fixes.

    From the feedback, the new client sounds pretty flaky. I won’t be D/L’ding it any time soon.

  68. Samiya Rossini says:

    Know what would be nice?

    Remembering my preferences, not only from version to version… but from LOG IN TO LOG IN.

    Yeah, it’s a small thing, but having to adjust my chat and inventory windows every freaking time I log in is getting old. :p

  69. Psistorm Ikura says:

    I dont see people´s troubles. Installed the new client and did a cache clear on startup, everything runs smoothly. the only issue i came across was a not-loading friendlist at startup, but this was instantly fixed by toggling “can see me on the map” off and on for an entry. the friendlist was loaded a milisecond after that.

    all in all, and in combination with todays scheduled updates, 1.18.4 is a nice release. Im looking forward to the lossless sculptie fix coming with 1.18.5 hopefully, and also to windlight, of course 😀

  70. Amanda Ascot says:

    Farallon @4: You mean you don’t have the download pages for the various viewers bookmarked? Shame, shame! I have a BM folder just for Second Life — download pages, main page, blog, account log-in page, wikis, the “other” LSL wiki, Nicholaz viewer, SLExchange, several other blogs and SL-related websites … all just two clicks away.

    Melanie @10: The Nicholaz viewer *is* my main viewer (Bleeding Edge -s version). 🙂 I keep the files I need handy and just drag them into the Second Folder. Very simple, very easy. Now, if LL would just hire him to do coding for them …

    Alfrik @21: “Have you ever tried working in world when your frame rate has been reduced to .8FPS?” Yes … there and all the way down to 0.0, in fact, and I’m on a PC — not a Mac. We feel your pain, Alfrik. We really do.

    pointside @26: It’s not overwriting the main viewer because the RC is *not* the main viewer. The idea is to keep it separate from the MV. The RC is for testing what is, essentially, a debugged “beta” on the Main Grid to see if there are any problems that only appear there, rather than on the Beta Grid.

    Elle @39: I never, never, EVER use the auto-updater — too many bad experiences in the past with new versions being installed atop the old version. Always do a clean install of Second Life (save your preferences first, though, so you can copy them to the new install). And always keep a downloaded copy of the last version until a new one becomes mandatory and SL won’t run on it. Rollback options are a Good Thing.

    Klatuu @60: Guess what, my friend? I sooo disagree with you about getting rid of the road system! I spend a lot of time just walking down those roads and enjoying the scenery as it passes, occasionally taking a side-trip to explore something interesting. I love the changing patterns, from picturesque rural/suburban to dirty-urban along those roads. Yeah … I don’t fly much. The world looks so much nicer from ground level, and those roads give me a feeling of familiarity — cozy, sleepy towns and bustling metropolises, and roads winding through them with ever-changing vistas around me.

    notagambler @64: Let not your heart be troubled. You can’t fly to private island. See that water around them? It’s not “real space”. You can’t enter it unless there’s an actual sim located there, and those are private sims, too, likely belonging to the person who owns the island with which they’re in contact. Even so, it’s necessary for the sim owners to actually “connect” adjacent private sims or you can’t cross from one to the other.

  71. Lena Tobias says:

    Can someone help me? I have a problem with logging in to SL. On screen I see the message “Login failed. The system is logging you out rigt now. Your account will not be available until..” It started on Sunday. I looked some informaion in oher sites but i don’t find anything.Please help me.

  72. Ronia Shepherd says:

    Great new trick LL!!!!!

    I now got people that pay my vendors once and money gets deducted twice!!!! Trying to refund them manually, i found that paying them once also deducts the money twice!!!!

    I didn´t download the latest update btw…

    Thanx a lot…

    It already happened several times today!!!!

  73. vince says:


  74. notagambler says:

    @Amanda, your fully right. But on Mainland in can fly like i described.

    :)) and yes, i know the difference between Water and “Water” 🙂

    But in another Blog-post one asks to use the class3-server to open “non-water”-sims to public. :)) and that i dont would like, because arround my sim isnt any other , so no one can fly in or view by cam to my sim.

  75. Ron Crimson says:

    Smooth sailing here. Thumbs up for 1.18.4 🙂

    @ Samiya (#70): The viewer definitely saves all your window positions so I don’t know why you’re having this issue. Could it be you just run SL until it crashes, then restart it? You need to do a clean logout to save all of your current settings properly.

  76. Ric Mollor says:

    RE: The lack of roads in SL

    I’d venture to say that there are 2 reasons for Linden Labs not upgrading the roadway system within SL.

    1. Real estate is just too expensive. No matter if you want to have a primless empty landscape or a multilevel shopping mall a sim’s dimensions are fixed. Therefore there is very little incentive to create open space.

    2. Handoffs between neighboring sims are so flawed that the illusion of driving is hard to maintain. Just *walking* across a sim border usually results in the appearance of going underground, rubberbanding, or undesired attachment repositioning. This problem is only aggravated by the higher speeds of vehicles. Why would Linden Labs want to highlight one of the worst problems of their grid design?

    To experience the exact opposite of this make a visit to “”. Very large open spaces and vehicles that are actually useable. It’s possible to drive for long distances and see nothing but scenery.

  77. U M says:

    Can we get Im(s) to work correctly. This is getting way out of hand with Im not reaching etc…. GOD PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!

  78. Ricky Lucero says:

    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY did you remove the CTRL+ALT+C key combo to turn off camera constraints?

    I swear, you guys remove some of the stupidest features sometimes.

  79. Gil Druart says:

    @65 @69 .. another one of those little viral scare stories.

    You could try this (NO!!! Please don’t) .. IM someone .. umm, yes, the word *is* ignorant ..

    “My friend Clueless Dim just clicked on a vendor owned by Dick Dastardly and it stole her skin!! Please IM all your friends and groups to warn everyone”

    .. (sorry .. I can’t imitate the bad spelling, grammar and frenetic use of CAPS and plings) …

    Bah!! Only reason spam exists is because a small fraction of people respond to it. I guess people start these things going just for the ‘laugh’ of seeing how far it will spread ..

  80. Ron Crimson says:

    Ricky @ 80:

    Because you don’t NEED ctrl+alt+c anymore. Dude. Read the changelog. You can disable the camera constraints once and then forget about them for good! THE SETTING IS SAVED NOW.

    Don’t fret – rejoice 😀

    BTW, I don’t think it’s such a “stupid feature” to begin with. 😛

  81. Raven Primeau says:

    Torturing the euro’s? 3rd evening in a row I am expecting my SL life to be shredded. 2 evenings so far waiting for the S*@t to fly as the rolling restart screws the grid and nowt, now I find its going to be today……yesterday it was today too (wednesday) today (Thursday) or is it…………..

    Confoosed of Kent here, I cant wait to get home and Ummmmmmmm oh well I may as well do a little overtime and pay my Euro bashing VAT with it Grrrrr! On the otherhand I may just peruse thar “” website and dream of Evy and me there.

    P.S> I will be on despite all odds Evy ❤

  82. For all the people confused why some issues appear to be fixed twice: it probably was fixed inbetween RC versions, but not yet on the official viewer! So it’s a fix for the real thing (and thus should be in the release notes), but for the RC it’s old news.

  83. zach larsen says:

    Running Leopard. I crash at every teleport. The scene turns monochrome and the viewer displays a message that I’ve been logged out: Continue/Quit.

    The only way I can change regions is to login directly to that region. Brilliant.

    Switching back to a previous viewer (I hope).

  84. Unable to install new viewer… over 20 error messages.

  85. The Todd says:

    Folks you should know by now that whenever there is an update, there can be problems logging in due to everyone trying to get back on at once.

  86. Dekka Raymaker says:

    # 74 Ronia Shepherd Says:
    November 8th, 2007 at 8:13 AM PST
    Great new trick LL!!!!!
    I now got people that pay my vendors once and money gets deducted twice!!!! Trying to refund them manually, i found that paying them once also deducts the money twice!!!!
    **I didn´t download the latest update btw…**
    Thanx a lot…
    It already happened several times today!!!!

    ** Sorry Ronia but how dumb is that, you have problems on a viewer and there’s an optional upgraded viewer that just might sort the problem out, but in your eyes because the old viewer doesn’t work the new once won’t either, where’s the LOGIC in that?

  87. pantaiputih korobase says:

    well, I feel fine with my 1.18.2 (1) 🙂

  88. pantaiputih korobase says:

    call me old fashioned

  89. Atriel Starbrook says:

    Well now.. the link the LL posted takes me to the offical download page.. and guess what.. only the Windows 2000/XP: version is available now.. no My guess is with all the problems, they took it down perhaps?

    Oh well I use the ONRez viewer myself after I got it with the CSI:NY rollout.. seems to be pretty good for me, I love the UI enhancements though I don’t build much so I can’t speak to those bugs/issues that the SL client has. You can get the Onrez at their main page at (It’s required for their CSI stuff, and has a built in web browser!)

  90. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ok, I was too optimistic, log in problems, all messages do not appear after log in, everything loads slwoer than ever

  91. pantaiputih korobase says:

    wonders where his group messages and inventory offers are that I have seen an hout ago in my e mail but not in world, arrgh

  92. Amanda Ascot says:

    notagambler @76: I may not understand what you’re talking about, it would seem. You didn’t cite the blog post where someone asked to use class-3 servers to “open ‘non-water’-sims to public”, so I don’t have any idea what that is supposed to mean, either. Sims are set by their owners to be either accessible to the public or not accessible to the public, whether they’re private islands or on the mainland. If your sim is supposed to be private, then set the access lists accordingly. If it’s an island and you’re surrounded by “ocean” then nobody can cam in. If you’re on the mainland, or your island sim is connected to an adjacent island sim, then you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

    Now, if that post you mentioned was talking about using the old servers to actually create public-access water sims in non-sim ocean areas, I agree with you in principle, although I have mixed feelings. This should not be done, and for a couple reasons. The privacy issue is one of them, and I think you covered that. The other is the sheer number of such “open water regions”, or, more precisely “open water non-regions”. I have no idea what the current size of the map is, but it would take an enormous number of computers to fill in such areas. On the other hand, I would so love to be able to fly or cruise around the world. I do a lot of random island hopping — just because it’s fun, and while teleporting works, I still like to do things the old-fashioned way, using metaphors that make sense to me. That’s why I love the Linden roads.

  93. Ronia Shepherd says:


    Don´t call me dumb darling…Thank you…

    Not that I haven´t tried with logic…It´s much more that experience tells, that problems have grown from upgrade to upgrade…At least since I am with sl.

    Don´t you think, i would download if i´d trust the quality? This problem actually occured the first time to me. Now what´s the first thought that comes to mind, if a new viewer just got out?

    Only used this forum here to phrase my frustration, just like 50% or more of the people do here.

    So please don´t insult me for it

    Good night 🙂

  94. Me says:

    This is slightly off topic – but I’ve just had something strange happen (don’t have the new viewer yet).

    Came to my shop and found a boat there that’s not mine – even though build and object entry is disabled and autoreturn is turned on.

    Owner of the boat is none of my group members so how can that be possilbe?

    Checked my land settings and they are fine, so that’s not it – not sure if I want to see what it’s like after the rolling restart later on, not ready for any new surprises 😉

  95. Gil Druart says:

    Wow .. it’s a bit scary to see what the lag meter considers ‘normal’. I don’t think that sucker is going to get turned on very often.

    I’m in an empty sim .. just me … I’m seeing 16kbps of b/w and I can’t do *anything*. But the lag meter is three greens.

    I eventually escape to a crowded RP sim. Lag meter is two yellows and a green. BUT .. bandwidth is indicated as 160 kbps and I can at least move.

    To me this is all the proof that’s needed that most lag is within the LL network .. I suspect saturated interconnects or saturated links to asset servers.

    I mean, my connection to LL is (almost) the same in both cases. The sim servers in both cases claim to be happy. What’s left except server-server comms?

    *bats eyelashes* desperately in search of enlightenment ..or at least somewhere I can build without time for a cup of coffee between clicking on a prim and it getting the message ….. you would *think* that a deserted, content-less sim was a better place to build than in the middle of a bunch of dweebs waving improbable ordnance at each other …. but you would be wrong, wrong, wrong …

  96. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @96, seems to happen occasionally, had this phenomenon (a car in a river) some weeks ago with settings like yours, just delete it!

  97. Damona Rau says:

    change Object Entry in the Landsettings to Group, that should help also 🙂


  98. Well, everything looks fine on Ubuntu 7.10 with all the latest updates, nvidia-glx-new, and all the good stuff. Thanks, guys!

  99. Christy Ember says:

    I downloaded the update version 1.18.4(3)… Now I can not log on..All my drivers are up to date and I have all requirements needed.. I was able to log on before I installed..Anybody know what I can do or is there more people dealing with this issue…I cant figure it out..Thanks

  100. Nicola Samiam says:

    As usual, the “fixes” break other stuff!
    At the moment, no poseballs working and every script I’ve tried to open produces and error message “unable to load script. Try again”.

  101. Greta Umarov says:

    Do you think you can fix what’s broke before you move on to additional stuff? I CANT upload anything in my sim, I CANT take stuff back, or delete it..and as usual, HERE COMES THE WEEKEND and more stuff is going wrong. FIX WHAT IS BROKEN FIRST. Geeze, you guys are like kids who want to get more toys before they clean their rooms up of the old broken stuff that’s lying around.

    Disgustedly yours

  102. Good to see a new update. Other then the usual asset server hickup, all works fine. ^^

  103. Cat Gisel says:

    Thank you for the update 🙂

  104. MrLunk Voom says:

    same here ! cant put things down stuff does not get deleted etc etc etc…

    plz return to the last level of buggyness…

  105. Marco Filmos says:

    Bugs In the Window Objects of the Parcell:
    Prim max on Parcell is allways set to 926…

  106. To 102 and 103… asset server hickup… be patient :3
    *Goes outside for a walk in the rain till the server has been de-hickupped* ^___^

  107. Vylixan Fallon says:

    PLease can someone wake up the Grid Monkes, We have Asset Server problems all over. Got reports from several people that they are stuck, can’t upload foto’s. Can’t delete or return or sometimes rez items anymore.

    Btw the viewer it self is nice and stable , good work on that one 🙂

  108. Raven Primeau says:

    I logged in in a prim outfit, Hey I’m nekkid and bald and cant load clothing or hair, IMs not working etc etc etc etc Hey ho another wonderful day in sl

  109. Gluehwuermchen Tornado says:

    Hi togther!
    After the download update version 1.18.4

    – Lindendollars transactions does not work for me, the history neither
    – Group messages recieves not all group members
    – not possible to appearance the Avator


  110. malachi amat says:

    regardless of this new viewer….i mean i have been using it under test but i still find that over the last few days the grid is completely unstable. crashing on login. unable to open scripts or notecards. items mysteriously deleting themselves or parts of themselves…and here i sit paying over 300 us dollars a month. and i cant stay connected for more than 20 minutes. i cant build cause things move on their own or fail to rez. because the viewer seems to think its impossible to create a plain wooden box. vendor systems are crashing constantly because of the 200 million updates a month. causing not only me but a vast majority of my customers money. then when i click that big x and close the viewer. i come back 3 hours later and it says its still logging me out????how long does it take to pull the plug on an avitar. i mean come on…3 hours and still not logged off? this is starting to look like WOW or EVE. pay to play a game that you are unable to do anything other than what the creator tells you you can do. no offense guys but could we stop with viewer updates and start with fixing the problems we have now. lets not add to the problems list. lets take some off it.

  111. Enya Bade says:

    You know what guys? Before this last update, you guys had made a wonderful program.. After this update, I’ve been turned off mainly due to being unable to login AT ALL. I wonder how fast you guys will fix this in.. a month? Two months? A year? (Ok I’m exaggerating but still!) Fix it soon please. I still haven’t figured out how to send a bug report. 😦

  112. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    I cant belive that the update lost my info WHAT KIND OF UPDATE IS THAT!!!!! Yeah TYVM this is the best update i ever dun updated in my live i get to Experience the joy of being a nooby again cause we all no that being a noobis the best fun you can have in SL..

  113. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    Roger asset server problems, cant save scrips, some can’t be found in data base, TP not working, etc

  114. heaven lacey says:

    Well what a suprise, its buggered up again, Cant even log in, I have even uninstalled SL and rebooted it again, Please grid monekys can you fix the problem, i even give someone a kiss lol.

  115. Ann Otoole says:

    perhaps better prioritization of work to be done would be possible if LL dropped the notion of the “Tao” and stopped practicing elitism in the form of the awg.

    anyway there is some rather frightening issues mentioned above but none as frightening as the awg’s working towards elimination of microcurrency and forcing the economy out to paypal. that right there is the fastest way to kill off secondlife completely and is a clear example of why the awg needs to be disbanded as it proves they know nothing about the entertainment business at all. sl is entertainment. it is not the future of the internet. stop smoking bad weed.

  116. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    LL is finally focusing on fixing bugs rather than introducing bug laden new features!!!


  117. Matheus Gleeson says:

    @37 I know there are still some major bugs going on in SL. The double-tp bug seems to be getting worse. Getting launched when sitting or standing from poseballs is getting worse – being in impossible sim locations while spinning gently when you’re supposed to be sitting or standing is pretty annoying.

    Vote on the issues, and, yes, do what you can to encourage someone to take care of it. But are you a hotshot programmer? Can YOU fix the issues in a single day? Apply at Linden Labs then! Get paid to hang around in-world.

    BTW – I haven’t seen a number of the problems mentioned on this response list. Maybe because I’m still on 1.18.2(1)… ? I’ll see what things are like after today’s rolling restart. Maybe the new download will work better on the new server code.

  118. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    I’m curious when and why you decided to reinstate the “so-and-so avatar has left the session” messages in group IM’s. I was really happy when you eliminated those in one of the client updates. Now I have the new 1.18.4 client and they’re back.

    What was the reasoning behind this? Or did something that was previously changed forget to be included in this particular version? I for one would like to see those messages disabled again.


  119. Clive Pro says:

    My earlier post seems to have been removed. I have just tried the latest viewer release and cannot now even get to the point of logging in as the screen display is so unstable!

  120. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    So what – it still crashes constantly. Linden labs does not appear to have any desire to resolve the single biggest problem that exists with SL.

  121. 23skidoo Outlander says:

    I hate hate HATE the new icons on the mini-map. The tiny title v’s showing who is above and below you are virtually invisible and are abolsutely useless in crowded situations. Please change it back to the T’s – they were a lot easier to see.

  122. Rick Langdon says:

    I tried this mess of an update this morning and crashed 5 times. Not rejoining this pitiful excuse of a game until the devs can get a WORKING viewer posted. On top of all that the game doesn’t support the new Nvidia drivers.

  123. Sieben says:

    Well first off this is just a basic overview of SL. Its a remarkably wonderful concept run very poorly. Fix one thing which breaks many others. And it seems to happen a lot with SL. And the open source viewer is simply this. Get free workers and let LL cash in on it. They see no financial return, and they should. All bugs addressed and fixed by non LL staff should receive financial compensation, as well as free memberships for a period. After all they are improving and fixing things LL hasn’t been able to do. And as far as their “we have to keep a forward look as well as fixing bugs”, this seems to not be working for them. Thus they shouldnt be trying to move so much forward , rather than sitting and grinding their noses to fix long awaited bug fixes. Or LL and its wonderful concept will ultimately see its demise just like Palace. Only thing that keeps palace around after the company is gone, is that they distributed the server and client free. i really do like SL alot. however, how many times do people have to mention fix the bugs, that they clearly see, before they actually start focusing on them. oh and i do remember a entry by LL a bit back in response to the overwhelming bugs. Saying that they would focus more on bug fixing … I’m sure the voice chat was this concentration right? or was it sculpties? They have every attribute of a free service yet make others pay. heh. I mean with the money they make they can not give you the crap they dont make enough to get far better servers for one, or a larger staff. it all falls back to greed. even when i owned a sim … they treated my concerns about problems with my sim as nothing. im sorry but if someone pays you good money you should be all ears to any concerns. in all i do love sl as a concept just when it starts to fall i hope someone smarter than LL, picks it up and makes it better and something far better. in the mean time i have to deal with the bugs like everyone else and i will. because i like it here. but i can always dream they sell SL to a company that knows how to do customer relations as well as make a good product even better.

  124. sigh says:

    @120 – it’s not the new viewer – I’m on the last forced download and the left session msg is coming up all the time.

    for over 12 months now I’ve been listening to the same pleas from different people and now all I can say is that LL has no intention of changing its development methodolgy nor listening to its customer base. It just does not want to fix the customer infrastructure – IMs, chat, TP, friendslists..

    I can’t work out if it’s because they’re not sexy enough for the developers (no kudos for a new shiny) or if its because there’s no one who knows how the infrastructure works and there’s no legacy documentation. *shrugs*

    All I know is that the quality of the customer service and the basic inworld experience has dropped since I first landed in this world – and these guys seem to be striding towards mediocrity.. or is that extinction?

    Give up and wait for hipihi.. LL really don’t care.

  125. sigh says:

    and i forgot one thing.. have you noticed how the inworld experience got worse when LL put 67% of its developers onto bug fixes??

  126. amounka says:

    i can’t connect myself in SL because i have windows vista my graphik card is ati radeon 1250 no version of sl for vista ???

  127. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @127 I didn’t notice that, in fact the in-world experience has been getting better for me lately. Except for the way all the sculpties show up as balls, but that’s a feature, not a bug. ^^

  128. U M says:

    That what 120 said about Im is coorect. regardless of the version I still have this occuring! Ans timing out of IM messages is nothing but a joke.

  129. Norgan says:

    wow will this now actually run on vista…oh no…try again boys!!! and hwo about sticking to correct software dev proceedures and releaseing the RC view before the main client…at least that view still runs on my computer!!

    oh maybe another good point..disabel that stupid hardware check routine. shouldnt it be up to the user to decide if their hardware is running sl smooth enough to be playabel. at least give them the chance to run it on unsupported hardware (and remember that laptops with grfore go chips don;t get updated nearly as much as the main nvidia drivers and the main forceware drivers DO NOT work with geforce go chipsets.

  130. Ganesha Xi says:

    @129: Just like it takes a while for a texture to rez, well… What is a sculptie? A texture! 😉
    And regarding X has left this session: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    At least our IM boxes don’t fly back open to inform us of this now.
    Will submit a JIRA.

  131. Ganesha Xi says:

    Clickie my name for JIRA… Someone beat me to it! =)

  132. Astrin Few says:

    Yngwie, I actually consider the “reinstatement” of group IM lines for every resident leaving the group to be a MAJOR bug. When we had this bug a half year ago, large groups like Live Music Enthusiasts lost hundreds of members because the “so-and-so has left the session” spam was intolerable. Now it’s back, and I’ve posted it as a bug to JIRA:

  133. Ann Otoole says:

    post rolling restart of sim results in frequent viewer crashes.
    Group IM defects previously fixed return


  134. Ann Otoole says:

    been a while since my comments got censored. guess putting such words as software and engineering and discipline together are a no no here.

  135. U M says:

    The lag meter is broken right? Could not get it working last night. And OMG the IM ****** has left this session. IS never mind i said too many times already! This is depressing!

  136. Storyof Oh says:

    peachy…..crash crash crash after my regions been restarted……..brilliant job LL

  137. Storyof Oh says:

    PLUS after crash freeze burn i rejoin the ‘game’ at my ‘last location’…NOT….dumped the other side of a restricted entry parcel which is a pain to get around…nice one….guess need to stick in some specific landing point the system can understand?

  138. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Switching back to 1.18.3

    Viewer perfomence in 1.18.4 is worse then the old one
    more packet loss, more lag,

    Rendering pipline is not working, textures take for ever to load. prims take a long time to load. incriesed avatar Ruthing upon log ins.

    Voice not connecting.
    map greyed out.
    the wores performance gets the less time i spend on SL.

    My computer MEETS the minimum requierments soit is NOT MY computer. it is the viewer.

    Second Life 1.18.3 (5) Sep 20 2007 11:41:24 (Second Life Release)

    You are at 239187.6, 234541.3, 21.3 in Fox Valley located at (
    Second Life Server

    CPU: PowerPC 7450 (1249 MHz)
    Memory: 768 MB
    OS Version: Darwin 8.10.0 Darwin Kernel Version 8.10.0: Wed May 23 16:50:59 PDT 2007; root:xnu-792.21.3~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA NV34MAP OpenGL Engine
    OpenGL Version: 1.5 NVIDIA-1.4.18
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 260/9033 (2.9%)
    Viewer Digest: d3e19fb2-5bfa-b7d7-03c8-3f4

    It’s great ther were more new featurs added and lots of bug fixes.

    But once again Performance was not addressed or focused on.

  139. U M says:

    I have a wonderful Idea Code monkeys. Why don`t you rebuild the UI from the start of the last stable build from the NON VOICE CLIENT> THEN slowly add on voice AGAIN! Because If this is what you think is a stable client. You better think again. Look at all these upset people (mostly). Rushing the voice client resulted in nothing more then 70% breaking of stable client. THis is not beta anymore its LIVE ( oh yes its a prelease. But even before the prelease there was nothing but problems. Lets build a strong and stable client. I really want to see this happen. People have compassion for us.Rebuild the ui from the last good stable NON voice client

    U sagi M usashi

  140. Tegg B says:

    BADB0Y Dagger Says:

    “November 8th, 2007 at 2:25 AM PST
    I MISSSSS SECOND LIFE I CANT LOG IN :((((((((((((((((((((((

    52 BADB0Y Dagger Says:

    November 8th, 2007 at 2:40 AM PST

    Cause you whine and cry like a baby so we voted you off the island 😛
    Still works fine for me from the opposite side of the planet, upgrade something, some of you haven’t been able to login for 6 months now, despite 30,000 others are logged in, so perhaps you should uprage your ISP plan or computer or phone lines or stop running weird arse Vista/Linux combinations on Macs………..

  141. alf lednev says:

    First rule of computing from back when mainframes filled rooms, was “never be the first kid on the block with a new toy” Nothing has changed. After so many LL stuffups with releases, why in God’s name has anybody rushed out to download it now? Obviously candidates for the SL Darwin Awards.

    LL gets it wrong EVERY time. so wait! LL, using paying customers to beta test when its an alpha release? How very MircoSoft of you.

    I’d like to see ONE change in this blog though limit posters to two or three posts max. I know enginner, software, discipline are banned words, obviously so is moderation. Badass Dagger hogged so much space, whining, Any natural sympathy left, long vanished by his 4th post. So lil lindens try active moderating , it seems censorship is practiced now, so someone reads, next logical step is to limit the repeaters.

    Some very inciteful and honest opinions here, encourage them. Oh, lil lindens try and respond! You may be embarassed trying to defend the indefensible, ie “We got it wrong YET again people but we are trying, really truly we need your money honest!,” Its better to show a presence and good faith than be silent (its called customer service), IT people have a mind set about it, so say “food stamps”, cos thats where your heading. Silence only lets the negativity grow and encourages people to walk (with their credit cards). Fix what the customers want, then focus on what the programmers want, the customers PAY for the programmers, keep them happy. Remove that da*m “so and so has left the Group” message sheesh, something so basic!

    The new competition will impact when it does arrive, be it Google My World or the Chinese Hipihi. The IT world is full of arrogant monoplies vanishing when a competitor comes out that offers a “near” solution but practices real customer service. Remember IBM mainframes? total domination to almost oblivion, Reason was arrogance. Soon as a viable competitor came up, all those people IBM treated with contempt, walked and took their money with them. IBM had to “discover” genuine customer service and shed a lot of staff to try and win back marketshare.

    I can just see lil lindens at a job interview trying to get a new job and mumbling about their commitment to customer service, their ability to project manage and so on. Enjoy the food stamps cos thats where your heading the way your going

  142. U M says:

    limiting post will not solve any problems. what should do is let people post without a limit of 100 of 150 or whatever. No matter what you claim to be in rl. We al have thoughts that should be shared. If you feel that your better then the rest just because well Think again.

  143. There’s two errors in this post:

    No link to the download page for the client mentioned; and all links open in a new window without any real need to.

    That’s really annoying, and breaks blog protocol.

  144. Tegg B says:

    U M Says:

    November 9th, 2007 at 2:54 AM PST
    limiting post will not solve any problems. what should do is let people post without a limit of 100 of 150 or whatever. No matter what you claim to be in rl. We al have thoughts that should be shared. If you feel that your better then the rest just because well Think again.

    Well if you feel you, Badboy and Company are better than the rest of us because you post 10 times more often well… I don’t even feel sad for you anymore, LL bump it up to 150 and great that 50 more posts for 3 or 4 people to waste with repetative whining bullcrap.

  145. U M says:

    @146 said

    “Well if you feel you, Badboy and Company are better than the rest of us because you post 10 times more often well… I don’t even feel sad for you anymore, LL bump it up to 150 and great that 50 more posts for 3 or 4 people to waste with repetative whining bullcrap.”

    Sorry i have no idea why you even posted this……..never mind…..

  146. Hewitt Huet says:

    “Some very inciteful and honest opinions here, encourage them. Oh, lil lindens try and respond!”

    I make so many typos myself, but this little glitch was tooooo ironic to let go of. LOLOLOL

    The more “inciteful” these posts become, the better I like the blogs! Keep those cards and letters coming, kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Arthure Zabblebeebles says:

    i would like to vote for having the mini map people icons go back to the T’s … those seemed to work well in all conditions. the chevrons are too small and do not draw correctly on the Macintosh version. The rest is outstanding – thanks guys!

    (oh and i need more cowbell)

  148. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I didnt like the T’s. Too confusing on if it’s pointing up or down. The chevrons are much clearer. I was hoping to see friend on my minimap in a different color, but it isn’t working.

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