[Resolved] Stipend Payout Delay

All the stipends have been payed out.

There was an issue with stipend payout to Second Life Residents which has been identified. The process which had stopped has been re-initiated. Residents who did not receive their stipend should receive it by morning.

[Update, 2007-11-07 @ 11:11 am]

FYI, a rewrite of the stipend payout mechanism to eliminate these recurring delays and speed up the processing has been completed. It should be operational for next week’s run. — Joshua Linden

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3 Responses to [Resolved] Stipend Payout Delay

  1. hmr1000 says:

    Well you got it right one week out of the last 6 so I guess we should feel grateful for that. It is puzzling though that this should be such a recurring problem and that you have yet to get a handle on it. Overall, when coupled with the double billing issues which apparently still unresolved, one has to wonder what is really going on with these issues.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww POOP!!!!! SL again not working right. Never saw anything that fails so much as SL software… What would people do if their company paychecks got delayed each week!!!!!!

    Howe about paying us interest on late payments!!!!!!!!

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