Goodbye to class 3s

Over the last few months the number of class 3 machines running simulators on the grid has slowly fallen as we have migrated machines or used the hardware for other purposes such as web servers. Today or tomorrow, the last of these (around 150 regions in all) will be migrated to class 4 machines as we say a fond farewell to class 3 hardware.

For those private island owners affected, neither your monthly fees or your bill date will change, however your island will be down briefly as we make the switch.

As we do currently allow a paid upgrade from class 3 to class 5 (for a USD$200 fee), should any of the class 3 owners still wish to take advantage of that offer rather than accept this move to class 4 – then please create a support ticket by end of Friday 16th November 2007; we will honour any such upgrade requests we receive.

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98 Responses to Goodbye to class 3s

  1. Ramsi Allen says:

    Meh. This should work out well for some sim owners. Im not too sure if there are any heavy advantages though. Oh well. Good luck!

  2. Digital Digital says:

    I am very happy to see this happen! I’m also happy there are no extra charges!

  3. mimi says:

    how can you check if a server is class 3 4 or 5?

  4. Daisy Beauchamp says:

    So how soon can Class 4’s upgrade to class 5? heh.

  5. Digital Digital says:

    I guess to check which class sim yours is you can contact concierge via live chat, that’s what I did to find out mine

  6. les says:

    It would be nice if you offered a way for us suckers with c4 sims to update to something much more use-able like the current c5 sims.

    It would also be nice if you allowed us to “buy” power sims without this pathetic cap level of current sims.

    It would also be nice if you didn’t oversell sim resources creating this world of lag we call SL.

    Otherwise it’s great to see the garbage sims are being updated to mere obsolete status.

  7. Dusty Runo says:

    Thats sweet, now does that include the TG also?

  8. Eddie says:

    How do I upgrade my class 5 to a class 6? (just kidding) 🙂

  9. Saadi Zadeh says:

    Way to go , LL!

  10. Buck says:

    “Fond” is the wrong word for the farewell I plan to say to class 3’s! 🙂

  11. Blinders Off says:

    Upgrade from a Class 3 to a Class 5 for $200?

    When the Class 5’s were first established, Linden Lab itself announced that there isn’t a noticeable client-side difference between a Class 4 and Class 5 server.

    So if you just happen to have $200 laying around that you want to blow and still be lagged to death… well, there ya go! 😀

  12. Kira says:

    thats awsome…

    Whats going on with stipends today, yet to receive it.

  13. *rubs hands greedily*

    Any chance of non-repurposed Class 3s going up for grabs?

  14. Programmer Wiefel says:

    RIP Class 3

    hehe I rymed

  15. Tara Cult says:

    This is a very nice offer that LL has made. As I understand it, the difference between the class 4 and class 5 sims is only marginal. Most of the lag issues suffered on islands is from an overpopulation of scripts and/or prims. Some of the same freedoms that we enjoy in making our avitars with so much wonderful character, trinkets, devices and weapons is the real cause of lag. Its a trade I guess. I think LL is doing a fine job. This isnt to say I dont have high hopes for Havok4 or wouldnt like to see a class 6 server 🙂

  16. U M says:

    OMG is this true? the end of class 3 servers? But to charge people $200 for the move to class 5. Stay with class for don`t bother upgrading. Wonders if class 6 servers are coming soon.

  17. Tya Fallingbridge says:


  18. Borky Grid says:

    Will this prevent that the money transfers don´t fail anymore? As from tonight on this “money transfer stale” terror has reached another pathetic level

    Now people stand infront of boxes and it won´t even take money anymore…Just timing out…How stupid is that please?

  19. Amanda Ascot says:

    I figure this won’t be a particularly popular thread for posting replies (although I’ve been wrong before) so I’ll use this one as a chance to post a VERY IMPORTANT (!!!!) off-topic question on the minds of a number of people I’ve talked to. So, please, some Linden out there who might be reading this, respond. There are people who will shortly be in a great deal of trouble if you don’t.

    What happened to Second Life and PayPal? There is no longer an option to upgrade payment method using PayPal. For those of us who need to periodically cancel our PayPal agreements and re-new them to “jumpstart” the process of payment to Linden Lab (a known problem that you guys never fixed) this *breaks* our ability to make tier payments altogether, and for many of us credit cards are *not* an option!

    At the moment, everyone I’ve talked to can see only an option to upgrade with a credit card, and this is sheer lunacy, considering the number of people who use PayPal and the fragility of the Linden Lab / PayPal connection.

    I think people deserve an explantion — and a workaround, using PayPal, if this is something that you’re trying to fix. Tier payments won’t wait indefinitely, you know. And I guess people with new accounts who want to actually pay you for the privilege of playing here are just out of luck, right? This hardly seems a way to do business.

    On a related note, it seems the idea of the Basic Account with payment info on file using a one-time payment is also gone. Another completely confusing development. If this is all a marketing ploy, you guys need to find another marketing consultant, because this one has no idea what he’s doing, and it’s only going to deter people from putting money into Linden Lab.

  20. Vahleya Enoch says:

    I’m wondering since all these upgrades, if anyone else is getting really buggy response from SL where rezzing is concerned, and from chat. My chat seems to completely disappear at times, and show no hope of returning unless I restart SL completely. I’m on a top of the line super PC with a dual core processor, a 256 MB video card, and over 1 gig of ram. As a computer technician I don’t understand the problem. It was working fine for me yesterday…what gives LL? o.O

  21. Singerman Marquette says:

    Congrats on the decision to upgrade the Class 3 servers to Class 4’s.
    Maybe that will reduce some of the strain on the main-grid, and make it less laggy for the av’s in parts already served by Class 5 servers. We hope…….I’m optimistic about the upcoming changes and improvements. Really looking forward to them all. Good work gentlemen.XD

  22. richard says:

    will a higher class make my sex bed work any better ?

  23. robertto catteneo says:

    hello U M tx 4 your help
    hmmm finaly I log in…the prob was my new video card “Top-of-the-line NVIDIA® SLI™ Dual GeForce® 8600M GT graphics* with 512MB dedicated video RAM (select models), provides uncompromising gaming stamina” is comming with a nvidia control panel:
    1) 3D Settings
    2) Display
    3) Video & Television
    in the Global SEttings I have 18 seetings like…
    error reporting-on/off
    extension limit-on/off
    anisotropic filtering
    antialiasing mde or transparency
    if u don t know how to set up the video card in the NVIDIA control panel /3d/global setting (SL need a special config back to a old sys),u not be able to log in the SL.
    LL,it’s your turn to update your network conffig.

  24. kittyn fuhr says:

    and another question…will these be going to solitary class fives…or will there be singles…not putting 2 sims on the same server, as was shown before?

  25. johnny says:

    huh you should nt charge us anyway you have taken cash off us for last 6 months for a game we cant play without crashing ,if its due to your hardware not being up to the standard it needs to be to give us what we payed for in the first in fact pat yourself on the back for nothing make yourself feel all good and that now sort out all the eu sim owners that pay WAY MORE THAN AMERICANS HAVE TO PAY

  26. johnny says:

    you should nt charge us anyway you have taken cash off us for last 6 months for a game we cant play without crashing ,if its due to your hardware not being up to the standard it needs to be to give us what we payed for in the first in fact pat yourself on the back for nothing make yourself feel all good and that now sort out all the eu sim owners that pay WAY MORE THAN AMERICANS HAVE TO PAY

  27. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    @22: If you are outside of Europe, then I suggest that you find a major city that has a US currency exchange and pay a visa pay as you go card. I am assuming you are on metered bandwidth, so how do you pay for that eh? I have no sympathy for you.
    @23 Do research on Grid computing and load bearing on a grid connected network. then you should understand. I hope.
    @26: Have you considered that their is something wrong with your final mile connection? Just because you have elite specs doesn’t mean you will get a good connection on your final mile. You could any number of issues that is under control of your ISP.

    And to the Lindens: Good job. Thanks.

  28. Gomez Bracken says:

    @27 – I thought it was 4 on each server?

    @28/29 – I do agree… If the server side software of greather that the hardware can handle, that is not your problem… It’s like your mobile/cell phone provider changing the service then telling you that you have to pay xxx to change the handset for the same service.

  29. Nice move. I’ll look forward to hearing about the next generation of sim hardware sometime soon.


  30. robertto catteneo says:

    #30 Thunderclap Morgridge,
    let’s see my ISP,road runner/platinium acct/ny/ny.
    I been spending 2day 15 min over the phone with thoshiba,and another 25 min with NVIDIA.then I undertand what is the real prob.
    LL was saying all the time his ISP is giving hard time.let me teel u something,when u running a network like this,u have a dedicated line,let’s say T1 or u can have more address,so u can switch from one server to a different one.same as a bank conection.

  31. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    #7 – It would also be nice if you allowed us to “buy” power sims without this pathetic cap level of current sims.

    That is my point exactly – I’ve suggested this a few times. Instead of ADDING AREA to the current world (which is really too large for what it is used for) we should be allowed to purchase sims that don’t share their resources with other sims. For instance, when you purchase a sim you would have an option to ADD it’s RESOURCES to an existing sim – doubling the prim and user count as well as CPU cycles and network bandwidth. If you purchased 4 sims they could all run on the same server as a Quadrupled sim (4x the normal prim count / user count / bandwidth and CPU).

    As it stands – LL does not give a prim count high enough to create a fully immersive world. You buy a quarter sim – build a really nice building with the space you need for your activities and then realize you don’t have enough prims for furniture and products. The other situation – you’re a bit more conservative and create a smaller building with all the embellishments and look outside to find 3/4 of the space you purchased EMPTY LAND because you don’t have enough prims to build anything else.

    Although you CAN be very frugal and pull it off the simple fact is that LL provides enough prims for the structure but not much else. Adding more sims to increase the surface area of SL? Why not add power to existing sims so we can take advantage of the space we already have.

    Reality check – it’s not fun to be in a sim with only one user and watch it crawl to a halt because of activity on the other 3 shadow sims. Perhaps the script/user throttling should have specific limits – like a sim would not be able to utilize more than 1/4 server resources and individual parcels would be script / user throttled based on size (i.e. the larger land you have, the more script and user resources you have available).

    So the question is – If a Sim sells for well over $1500 USD and you sell 4 sims per server for a total of at least $6000USD, where is all that extra money going? Would it be too hard to expand the possibilities for increased sim performance?

  32. U M says:

    @26 robertto catteneo WONDERFUL! 🙂 Happy to see you up and going now! See didnt take much effort to get things going 🙂

    U sagi M usashi


  33. simon sugita says:

    great job keep up that good work ll ty !

  34. Raven Page says:

    Perhaps not putting quite so many areas of land on each class 4 or class 5 would help a lot. Squeezing things in to capacity is not necessarily the way to go. The servers need a little extra working room. This will elevate a lot of issues. Just food for thought Linden Labs. Glad to see the class 3’s gone. Maybe that will clear up some of those issues like memory leaks and such. Maybe that will clear up some of the xml-rpc errors too.

  35. Grazel Cosmo says:

    @34 – Nice idea but if the grid works the way I believe it does that’s not feasible to do. It’s not all LL’s fault either, a lot of the prim limits comes from limits in the Havok1 engine. Havok2 was touted as allowing them to nearly double the amount of prims you could have in the same area. While they’re not upping the limit YET with Havok4 the potential is there to do so.

    I believe also that Havok1 didn’t handle multi-procs very well so it made sense to have 4 sims per server since you have 4 CPUs and the engine really could only utilize 1 per sim. With Havok4 that’s probably not the case but still not sure they’ll make ‘poweruser’ sims available as it may be out of the SL grid capabilities.

    I’m glad to see they’re being more cautious with Havok4, trying to make sure it’s up and running with minimal changes from the current limits BEFORE upping the limits. It’s a good idea to make sure its stable AND a performance boost over Havok1 using the Havok1 limits, then start creeping up the limits to ensure stability and performance don’t overly suffer.

  36. Uccello Poultry says:

    I know of at least one sim owner with a Class 4 sim that has asked repeatedly … and offered to pay additional … to upgrade to a Class 5. Will the end of Class 3 sims mean that maybe those who want and are willing to sacrifice for performance upgrades be accommodated?

  37. LaeMiQian says:

    My understanding of the 4-sims-per-server setup is that it is not multi-processor aware, ie. each sim gets exclusive use of one CPU. Obviously there is going to be bus-contention issues in this situation, but as far as raw CPU power goes, having one sim maxing out its cpu shouldn’t affect the *CPU* power available to the other 3 (again, memory/resource sharing etc. WILL have some effect).

    I doubt the sim servers CAN run multi-processor ATM, so pulling two sims off a box would just leave 2 CPU cores idle.

    Please correct me if I am out-of-date or plain wrong on this.

  38. Uccello Poultry says:

    @14 “When the Class 5’s were first established, Linden Lab itself announced that there isn’t a noticeable client-side difference between a Class 4 and Class 5 server.”

    Bull cookies. The Isle of Lesbos is a Class 4. Adjoining to the South is the Isle of Lesbos2, a Class 5 sim. The performance difference is huge, even at non-peak usage or non-peak times.

  39. Now is the time to offer an upgrade path for Class 4 servers to Class 5. It only makes sense, especially if LL is going to charge an additional fee.

  40. U M says:

    Can class 4 servers handle Havok 4? What will happen is those taht are at class 3 now wil be the same level of proforance with class 4 when Havok 4 is born.

  41. Julia Soothsayer says:

    So am I NOW allowed to upgrade my class 4 island to a class 5????????????????????

    Anyone can tell me the inswer Im creating a support ticket also but I last checked over the summer and was NOT allowed. If class 3 is allowed to upgrade than I should also be able to pay and upgrade right?

  42. zaroba says:

    #23 sorry, that pc doesn’t seem to be much of a super pc to me 😛

    #33 a graphics card wont effect network connection to an online game. computer hardware and network connection speed have little to do with each other.

    as for your internet, that could easily be a cause. just because they say its good doesn’t mean it is. most tech support people don’t know crap about what they are talking about. you get people hired off the street that are reading from a book.

    if you have cable internet, other users connected locally can slow your connection down. if you have dsl, the quality of your houses phone lines will effect it. dsl is even effected by the number of times the line is split when it comes into the house.

    internet connection is also effected by other running programs that use it. have you checked your pc for spyware lately? close any rss feeds, task bar programs (like weather tracker, etc), limit the speed on any file sharing programs?

    as an example: I’m playing on Vista with a 640mb 8800 with no trouble at all, i had to do no settings adjustments to get the game running. As for my internet, I’m only on a 1mb DSL line and everything loads fine in less then 2 mins when going into a sim, even though I have a file sharing program using 1/3rd my bandwidth. I only have occasional disconnections, which never happen when stuff is rezing, and I never have trouble connecting to the game when i start the client.

  43. Sindy Tsure says:

    Any news on class 6 servers, Jack? 😛 It’s been a year since class 5 was born..

    Also, any thoughts on some way for mainland people to tell what class server a sim is on? I know there’s a JIRA around for an LSL command to do this.

  44. LaeMiQian says:

    Sindy, I believe PrimForge has a little device that can do this. Torrid Luna might be the person to contact in-world?

  45. robertto catteneo says:

    I’m thinking to sell my land canceling my membership,and wait for better time in SL. thank you UM.:)))

  46. robertto catteneo says:

    @45 zorba
    u have missing my other post yesterday.I don t wanna argue with u.
    yesterday I just bought a new Satellite X205-SLi1 brand new (plz check this model first) ,and I have ISP like ROAD RUNNER premium account up to 8m, in NEW YORK STATE,NEW YORK CITY,not somewhere-nowhere.I been trying to log in several time yesterday and the answer was this
    “Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers are out of data or unsuported.please make sure you have the latest video card drivers installed”
    If you continue to receive this message,contact the cutomer service.
    I submit a ticket and this is the answer
    (11/6/2007 6:36 AM PDT) Hi Robertto Catteneo,

    Thank you for contacting us with your query.

    Eventhough you now have a new computer, the drivers for your graphics card may still need updating.

    Please visit and download the latests drivers.

    If you have any further queries, or your problem persists, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Iain – Linden Lab Support
    In my opinion that means like “hey NVIDIA and TOSHIBA update your new tehnologie!”
    Anyway,now I’m fine because I turn off all my option for my video card (SLI and 3D)
    hmmmm-life is good!

  47. Zagro Ferraris says:

    i want a class 122.4 🙂

    Honistly tho. we need to see what class sim were on in the status bar.

    might help alot of us plan out our script usige and give a much better understanding why sim a can handle build B and 30 folks wandering around while sim b is choking with 3 folks in it and build a wich is older than build b is lagging out. 🙂

  48. Raymond Figtree says:

    Jack, how about an update to the blog on the auction situation. Is the auction system down or are you guys just waiting till the base price for mainland hits L$8 a meter to release the 31 sims that have been named on the grid but not dropped to auction yet. Also, why have there been no smaller reclaimed plots to auction lately?

  49. Yaay! and don’t come back!

  50. silke gausman says:

    Nevermind still waiting for my inventory which was kicked off sim on parcel owner return-function and did not arrive back to me. Just waiting the 3rd day now.. nevermind i payed for that stuff… which is… save….. in nirvana…………… :-((

  51. U M says:

    48 robertto catteneo Says:

    “November 6th, 2007 at 9:32 PM PST
    I’m thinking to sell my land canceling my membership,and wait for better time in SL. thank you UM.:)))”

    Don`t cancel your account just down grade to basic keep the avie and coma back later. I been around three years robertto. Second Life has its ups and downs. We are just in a down period of history.

    Good luck reguardless

    U M 🙂

  52. Shire Pony says:

    This is excellent news indeed! This means that the old 15,000 prim limit originally based on performance figures for the old class 3 simulators can finally be brought inline with the class 4 & 5 and bounced to 25,000 prims right? 🙂

    ~Shire Pony basks in the warm glow of wishful thinking~

  53. Free Kungfu says:

    Yes, how can we know which is the class a sim is on? I can’t find any information even in support section.

  54. Kitten Radio says:

    Still, those remaining Class 3 owners, Itd still be a very kind gesture to give them that opinion even with forcing them onto a Class 4 server, dangling a nice deal infront of them, and taking it back when you give them a no more time scenario is just not good buisness. It pays better to keep the user happy.

    Adios to the legendary class 3, a relic of a now bygone age.

  55. Lupercaleb Walcher says:


  56. Borky Grid says:

    Great, Thanx for screwing sl now totally….People stand infront of vendors like stupid and get their money returned all the time and leave after a few attempts…Thanx thanx thanx for this big stupid joke called second life…

    I really need to get rid of my land somehow and try to flee breakeven or with a lil loss only…

    Luckily I have something else to do today, so i won´t notice much of your screw ups when you run another restart and make it even worse than it has become already.

    Me shakes his head and goes for breakfast…

  57. Why not upgrade them to class 5? Will the (old) mainland stay the slowest place (sim-wise) forever? And yes, there’s a big difference between class 4 and class 5 especially in script performance.

  58. Someguyorgal says:

    I’m also one of the many people who would like to upgrade from class 4 to class 5. I wouldn’t mind paying the new tier of $295 instead of my current $195, in addition to a fee for the upgrade process. Please think of offering an upgrade solution for us class 4 sim owners.

  59. william Fish says:

    I’m pretty sure i still have a crappy C3 sim. How long is the down time for each sim to migrate to C4?

  60. LW says:

    cant wait for opengrid then we wont need this junk

  61. kenny Stringer says:

    Be nice to See the big Auctions Start soon!!!! land Getting to high Again !!!!

  62. Magnum Serpentine says:

    Does this really make a difference? The Lag has increased ten fold and I have often crashed out of the world for no reason. I have the same lag, on a class 3, 4 and 5 machines… I still can;t drive a car across sim borders with-out crashing.

    What is the difference?????

  63. Tegg B says:

    Why not use all those class 3’s to make void sims around the edges of and joining continets so we can actually fly or boat our way around SL?

  64. Jayleia Greene says:

    Dumb question, I haven’t found a definition of what the server classes are, I understand that higher numbers equal better servers, but that’s all I know.

    And that I’d hate to see how class 1-2 ran, except as a historical curiosity

  65. @25: no, you’ll need to upgrade your partner for that.

  66. Rachel Darling says:

    I’ve heard that some of the larger landholders have been informed that pricing of sims with “grandfathered tier” will be increasing to the standard $295/mo after the first of the year. LL’s position has only been to state that it will not increase in 2007…but this gratis upgrade to class 4s does hint at being preparation for such a move on the tier fees in the near future.
    As I’m considering purchasing a private island, I’d like to know in general whether this price hike is on it’s way, as the land barons seem to have been told already. It will help me make the decision about how much I would be willing to pay for a grandfathered sim.
    LL? Any comment other than the standard “it’s not happening this year?”

  67. ScriptScavenger Lei says:

    you can run 2 sims on a c4 and 4 sims on a c5(given the hardware specs and software load )

    a c6 will most likely be a quad core server and those are big $$$ right now(patience is a virtue)

    the sim stacking issue isnt realy a server issue its a bandwith issue untill comunications companys pull some more bandwith out of a magic hat somwhere youre still looking @ 1000 kbps per cat 5connection @ the machine
    and your not going to get that kind of speed once you hit the external network (ie internet)
    X/users = not enough.
    ive run servers on my quadcore and run out of bandwith with only 30 users on 1 sim. no doubt ll has better connections but ive still seen a sim crash because useres dont turn down the bandwith cap on thier end.
    its bad math trying to conect 40 users to 1 sim asking for 1.5k each
    if it caped around 300k or 400k it might scrape by.
    currently run my users @ a 256 cap
    oh and ll realy does need to do somthing about the damn asset servers cant get a decent upload anywhere but the intel sims (oh btw there set up 3 sims on 1 dual core and theres practicaly no lag because its an independant connection)

  68. Distilled1 Rush says:

    My Main Land Sim November was upgraded from a C3 a few months back.. only know as it went from 2 Sims on the check to 4 running on it. The time dilation got better and consistent 0.99-1.00 as well as the script time for a few weeks, but its back to pre upgrade slowness again 😦

    As someone above asked… is the main land going to stay the slow pile of poo? will the mainland ever upgrade to C5? seems the big issue on the main land is the scripts for all the add farms of spinning adds?

  69. U M says:

    believe me you don`t want Class 3 server fo even a void sim in the future. Just dump them and move on.

  70. cAPPY fRANTISEK says:

    Class 3, Class 4 or Class 5, does it really matter when performance is down?

  71. CW says:

    I think that there should be a slight price increase from a Class3 to a Class 4 server for private islands. As Since there is no noticle difference between 4 and 5 why should those on Class 5s have to pay $295 and those with class 4 only pay $195.

  72. U M says:

    speaking of prices increases as i recall they said there would be no price increases until Feb 2008. Hence i wounder if this has anything to do with future higher grade servers coming?

  73. Blinders Off says:

    Tara Cult Says: “Most of the lag issues suffered on islands is from an overpopulation of scripts and/or prims. Some of the same freedoms that we enjoy in making our avitars with so much wonderful character, trinkets, devices and weapons is the real cause of lag.”

    Tara, that is the propaganda. And yes, on many mainland sims it is in part true. Excess content can add greatly to lag. However…

    When a sim has 6,000+ prims to spare (ie, underpopulated), when it is script-regulated so that the TFT is only 10.0… when I’m running a Quad-core computer with 4 gigs of RAM, an 8800 graphics card and 6.5mpbs cable feed and Second Life still lags… that is just poor programing and system design.

    Linden Lab’s own statistics prove that Second Life crashes 33% of the time (33% of all user logons result in a crash).

    As much as Linden Lab would love to have us believe such, the issue isn’t client content or end-user system problems. It’s bad coding and probably the most unstable program I have ever used. Don’t get me wrong, SL is fun and it’s unique (for the time being). But if the SERVER SIDE programs were stable and were designed correctly and worked correctly, most sims would be running just fine without lag, and server 3 / server 4 / server 5 wouldn’t be all that important.

  74. Meade Paravane says:

    @70, ScriptScavenger, it’s one sim per core. Both class 4 & class 5 are twin dual-core CPUs so these classes can each hold 4 sims. Not sure if class 3 was a uni dual-core or a twin single-core but those servers could only hold 2 sims.

    Class 6, if they ever come, may be quad core but I almost doubt they’ll push servers to holding more than 4 sims, just because they’re already pushing the limits (from what I can see) on I/O bandwidth. I’d bet that they might go to something like CSI, which, with the way sims are set up to run one/core, would give them a huge boost on memory performance.

    /me predicts class 6 will be twin dual-core CSI machines.

  75. Blinders Off says:

    While we’re questioning LL issues, I have a major question:

    Why is it that European users are having to pay $350 a month for a sim (the new VAT rule), whereas there are many sims that are operating under a bogus “non profit organization” status and only paying $150 a month?

    Doesn’t that kind of make the market playing field a bit uneven? How are normal merchants supposed to compete with so-called “non-profit sims” (are their merchants making a profit or not?) when the bogus non-profit sims are paying less than half the tier fee?

    You folks really need to get your act together management-wise. And I mean this in the best way. SL needs to improve and it can’t do so until Linden Lab gets its act together.

  76. Patroklus Murakami says:

    This is a welcome development which I’m sure many class 3 owners will be looking forward to.

    There are two issues I’d like to raise though:

    1) Sim owners need a fast reliable way of determining whether their server is class 3 (and therefore eligible) or class 4 (and presumably not). We’ve been trying to find this out for our sim ‘Neufreistadt’ and have had to put in a support ticket via the concierge service – a rather cumbersome way to do things. Perhaps someone at LL could post a list of existing class 3 servers and a link to this blog to speed things up?

    2) I think it would help if you made it clearer that an upgrade to clsss 5 means the tier will increase from US$195/month to $295/month. It’s true that we should all know that but, when you announce one set of costs (the $200 one-time transfer fee) it would be a good idea to highlight the increase in monthly costs at the same time as this will clearly be a factor in the decisions people take.

  77. Coos Yellowknife says:

    Why don’t you use one of those last Class 3’s to do NOTHING but pay stepends. every week? That system used to work great now it fails all the time. Use an old machine and give it just that job. We might just get paid on Tuesday.

  78. Blinders Off says:

    Oh sorry, hit ENTER too early. And yes, I do have a solution. Two of them in fact:

    1. Start charging reasonable prices for sim fees. I have a sneaky feeling that LL could charge $95 tier fee and still make a good profit. (Consider. 10,000 sims * $95? Nearly a million bucks a month.)

    2. Require “non-profit” sims to be TRUE non profit. That means NO private merchants (all sales go to the non-profit organization) and a requirement of a NON-PROFIT theme (in other words, a sim supposedly dedicated to the American Cancer Society has to actually sponsor regular activities to benefit the ACS… not have some different theme entirely under the guise of ACS).

    There are many sims out there abusing the “non-profit” status just so they can rent land cheaper and give their merchants a break. Regular sims can’t compete with that (especially at $295 and $350 a month, they can’t).

    Of course, you could just set ALL sims to $95 a month tier fee, forget the “non-profit” status, and make it easier on everyone.

    (I’m trying to be helpful. I really am. This is what’s called “constructive criticism”. I’ve pointed out a problem and offered viable solutions. Hope it helps.)

  79. Jack Linden says:

    Island owners can contact the concierge team if they need to find out what class of hardware they are on.

    @Dusty Runo: Yes, this includes Teen Grid.

    @Daisy Beauchamp and others: We’ve no plans to offer class 4 to 5 upgrades, but if that changes we will blog it here first.

    @Raymond Figtree: Auction system is fine, but as I blogged recently we are holding off on full region auctions for now, and instead concentrating on recycling mainland (hence the 24+ L$ auctions listed currently). I’ll blog another update on land supply soon.

    @william Fish: The class 3 Islands being migrated will only be down for a few minutes whilst we switch them up to class 4.

  80. Ric Mollor says:

    One of the biggest problems with SL is the huge amount of bandwidth that it uses. Until LL starts tackling that demon faster processors on the hosting PCs are only going to give a partial solution.

    Wouldn’t hurt if we could get variable sized sims also. Planning on hosting events that will attract a huge crowd? Shrink the size of the regions so you have 4 processors (or more) running the same square footage.

    @76. SL unique? Hardly! Click on my name for a short, incomplete list of the competition.

  81. Cheehan says:

    Can i hooked my own Private Server into LindenLabs Network ? If yes …where can i find some informations ?

  82. Moll Dean says:

    hi everyone!

    LL should make it better by moving ALL SIMS TO CLASS 5, set only 2 SIMS PER SERVER, give more power to BUILDERS W/ 30 METER PRIMS and INCREASE PRIM LIMIT. Also free members should have less inventory limit (they have tons of never-use free stuffs and attachments). I know it is asking too much but xmas spirit gave me hope! lol
    What about a way to upload and show video in DVIX or other format?
    What about allow me to login on SL Website using my mobile phone? chat w/ people in-world!

    ops! not xmas yet.

    Well. It’s a good news! Thank you LL

  83. Amanda Ascot says:

    Thunderclap @30: I don’t want or need your sympathy and it would appear that I didn’t make myself clear enough, and for that offer my apologies. The LL/PayPal connectivity that has been working in the past has broken for quite a few residents. There are valid reasons people might choose PayPal over any sort of credit or debit card, and these have been discussed ad nauseum here in the official blog. I could use a credit card, but for reasons of my own I will not. This should not be an issue, though.

    My issue is that the system is inconsistent in presenting method of payment updates *and* frequently breaks the ability, for some users, to access a PayPal agreement that is in place. The latter is a known, long-standing issue that Linden Lab has declared to be “fixed”, even though it clearly is not. The former is, apparently, a new development that is even more serious since when a PayPal agreement is canceled (necessary to fix the latter issue), there is then no option to add PayPal *back* as a payment method.

    For what it’s worth, it was not working for a new alt I created yesterday, but now it is. That’s not my fault or PayPal’s fault that the LL website does not offer the PayPal option for some accounts some of the time. This is inconsistent behavior that needs to be looked into.

    Ric @83: “Competition” implies a product with similar features. How many of those other virtual world offer the wealth of customization and in-world content creation, as well as the ability to import content from out-of-world, that we have with Second Life? I’ve looked at the ones that were recommended to me as alternatives to Second Life. None of them even come close to matching the features we take for granted.

    Cheehan @84: I’m afraid you can’t. I assume you’re running an Opensim server from your question. There are a number of public grids to which you can link it, but to my knowledge none of them serve assets across sim boundaries, yet, so usability at the grid level is still very primitive to non-existent.

  84. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    Amanda. I personally hate Credit cards too. However they are a necessary evil. I respect your choice.
    @33: Nvidia Known issue which isn’t LLs fault nor is Roadrunners traffic shaping.
    Traffic shaping provides a mechanism to control the volume of traffic being sent into a network (bandwidth throttling), and the rate at which the traffic is being sent (rate limiting). For this reason, traffic shaping schemes are commonly implemented at the network edges to control traffic entering the network. This control can be accomplished in many ways and for many reasons but traffic shaping always simply consists in delaying packets. Traffic policing is the related practice of packet dropping and packet marking. Traffic shaping can be applied by the traffic source (for example, computer or network card) or by an element in the network.

    To ISPs who often use traffic shaping as a method to optimize the use of their network, sometimes it is by intelligently shaping traffic according to importance, other times by discouraging uses of applications (bittorrent, and MMORPGS) by harsh means.
    So you know that big Comcast stink, I bet Roadrunner is doing that to. Once again not LLs fault.

  85. Great work there Hardware geeks, glad to see someone at Linden Lab is doing everything they can to make Second Life a better place to be; perhaps you could help the Software side and Customer Support side to be a little bit more forward thinking?

  86. U M says:

    @ 87 “Thunderclap Morgridge Says: @33: Nvidia Known issue which isn’t LLs fault nor is Roadrunners traffic shaping.”
    Reread this answer he fixed his problem

  87. zaroba says:

    @ 49
    not trying to argue at all.

    i just find it odd that you with an 8600 would have trouble, whereas I, with a higher end 8800 don’t have any trouble at all.

  88. U M says:

    there is a differ between a lap top graphic card and a deck top. Just read this reply you understand. Nothing odd about what occured with him.

  89. doug donovan says:

    what do you do with old equipment youre not gonna use again? do you ever sell old servers?

  90. Lukas Mensing says:

    Thanks for this good move!
    When will you get rid of old traffic calculation system based on the dwell?
    Things have changed, why this didnt?
    Please, give us a simpler system, that represents better the reality of SL.
    This will take off traffic and make people produce and provide real content on SL. Everbody knows that traffic based on camping is fake and can not give any serious commercial result. Make SL jump to be a serious structure…

  91. Ric Mollor says:

    @89 The CSI sim count has been reduced from 440 down to only 32. If there were class 6 sims there would be quite a few free ones at the moment.

    However I believe that there are no class 6 servers.

  92. Martin Magpie says:

    Class 5;

    200.00 to upgrade. Not 195.00 per month to maintain; but 295.00 per month to maintain. Keep that in mind.

  93. Can you pleeeaaassseeee sit together and tell your marketing-and-finance-geeks to find a licensing system for the SL-server software?!

    It would be s much more fun, even if it would cost more to have one “sim license” and a good server, than having 5 crap sims on your servers *g*

    Pleeeaassseee LL, dont think you can handle the hardware needed for
    “something bigger than the web”
    .or have you given up your aim?


  94. What do you out there think?

    Wouldnt it be better to be able to set up his own sl-server?
    Not on your own home pc ofcourse (unless you are B. Gates^^)
    But for example on the one main webspace supplier LL has choosen (after taking loads of cash for making them “official SL-SIM hoster”.

    And for the “web”hosters out there:
    Wouldnt it be great to pay a incredible high amount to LL just for getting a “SL-SIM able” seal on your hardware?

    Where would the Internet be now, if you could buy webspace only from microsoft?
    ….I dont really wanna now…..

    Dont let Secondlife “die”, as your hardware is rotting away under the traffic/work of more and more sims

    Pls take your calculators, estimate the losses you will make when your “LLsim” sales decrease slightly, carefully as what webhoster would pay for being the “official” “direct sim” hosters,
    than set a nice price for a license, add a high profit margin,
    set the breakeven output quite low, and see how you earn money with something you dont need to work for, because support for “direct sims” will have to be paied extra *gg*

    (i just needed a name for sims on not-LL server, so i tok “direct sims”)


  95. Kenny Stringer says:

    i like to now When new sims go back to Auction !!!!

  96. WOW, so it is true then… Islands have been running on class 3 and are running on 4 ?

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