[RESOLVED] Network issues currently affecting logins

At 5:10pm PDT, a network problem was diagnosed and resolved by one of our ISPs. All functionality should now be restored.

As of 3:49pm PDT today we are experiencing some network-related failures. Engineers are currently working on the problem.

Until it has been resolved you may experience problems logging in, have difficulties teleporting, or problems accessing some regions.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will post any updates to the Official Linden Blog as they become available.

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152 Responses to [RESOLVED] Network issues currently affecting logins

  1. Dean Zhora says:

    Yea, I cannot log in, I did get in, took me 10 minutes but nothing rezzed. Hopefully its fixed shortly!

    Thanks for the notice.

  2. Asjbak says:

    one day before opening my club 😦
    that will be hard work tomorrow 🙂

  3. Redmoonblade says:

    Epic Fail.

  4. Linus Rossen says:

    Where do you buy your network equipment? ebay?

  5. Baji Bourjade says:

    I logged on 20 times, into the void every time, then once saw my land which was destroyed and mangled along with all the things that had once been on it. Is this also a log-in issue?

  6. LS says:

    Thanks also.
    Not only having trouble moving, rezzing things, and teleporting, but moving off a platform sent me into a downward freefall to -2500 meters before crashing. Then the login told me I have to wait now before I can try to login again. Almost like I asked to crash.

  7. Programmer Wiefel says:

    I cant log in either… I hope this is fixed soon… well at least i can do something other than sl while the logins are down…

  8. LavitaLoca Vita says:

    There also appears to be a problem with account balance not being updated despite multiple relogins.

  9. Jabba Gruppman says:

    Well, I was experiencing network problem for the last 2 hours at least. The lag monitor from the Sl Release Candidate often showed network problems… Let’s think positive: it takes time – but networking issues will be recognized… takes time but they will… ^^

  10. Rascal Ratelle says:

    That explains why I crashed, why I can’t log in, why I can’t log into the forums. why account info retrieval is not working, why nothings cept the blog is not updating.
    Why did it take you guys so long to post to the blogs?

  11. LadyAngelica Messmer says:

    I’ve had problems with all areas of SL. It’s not just certain areas. It’s all of SL. The terrain wouldn’t load, my friend’s list wouldn’t load and my friend said he could talk to me, but when I talked back to him, it didn’t come up. I’m having serious issues with SL. What do I do?

  12. Baji Bourjade says:

    I am concerned about what I will have left to log on TO…

  13. barnac noel says:

    not only difficulties teleporting, or problems accessing some regions, but many sim out of order

  14. Bronte Alcott says:

    Posting this an hour ago would have been helpful as I have spent the last hour trying to log in . . . the one or two times I succeeded, I crashed on teleporting or wound up in the midst of water . . . I downloaded the client again, emptied cache . . . all to no avail. Since you have known about this issue for several hours, why wasn’t it posted sooner . . . as this was the first thing I checked when the problem first became apparent to me. I have also lost inventory.

  15. Shadow says:

    Ok, so why are we only seeing this show up on the blog NOW…an hour + later? C’mon LL what happened to better communication?

  16. silke gausman says:

    Just wanted to fix a building problem the sim went offline. HEY it’s 1 in the morning in Mainland Europe!!

  17. Redmoonblade says:

    Shouldn’t people get compensation if their land is destroyed? Like getting back their last payment? Of course ll would be broke afterwards as this crap happens all the time.

    They should at least make the auto messages vary randomly…

  18. silke gausman says:

    Yes. Compensation. Vote for it.

  19. Cathryn Kappler says:

    Always problems after a rolling restart. First 1100+ regions were down for a good while this morning, now I can’t get logged in. Sigh…….

  20. poppytat sodwind says:

    my boyfriend is logged in…though he is stuck like a log way below the sea! he tells me everything is gone :0 , a ghost town…tumble weed and stuff blowing across the ground…lol
    before i got booted the piranhas were flying past my head like rats leaving a sinking ship…
    then the ship sank!

    ive tried to log into different regions…islands even…
    me thinks it is more than a teleport or search issue here?

  21. Danira Noel says:

    Here we go again! Welcome to the weekend…:)

  22. silke gausman says:

    always new land for sale… but what about the existing regions not working well. …? vote for compensation!!

  23. Baji Bourjade says:

    If my land and property is destroyed on an irretrievable basis, or if this ever happens again, I will see no point in remaining in SL. This is the most ridiculous thing I have had happen to me so far, and that’s on a long list.

  24. Babe Denja says:

    been told about this wicked website and saw this lady on the tv and i can’t get in this website and thats crap cause i want to try it out

  25. Milo Bellow says:

    Definition of PRIORITY

    A particular order, or sequence, in which things take place (items processed, users served, etc.).

    A priority is based on a predetermined assignment of value, or importance, to different types of events and people.

  26. silke gausman says:

    @23 ..and we even are trying to use SL for PR. ^^

  27. nietzscheen says:

    I will never use you to make a corporate network… Did school never told you to make test before making a change in a major infrastructure?

  28. Benjamin Tibbett says:

    Yes Baji, I have the exact same problem as you. I hope this gets resolved soon.

  29. Dean Zhora says:

    I can get on now!


  30. suzee janus says:

    Logged in ok….then crashed when teleported home….. relogged in again…again….again…. and again….. into a black void with a message “everyone will see you in a normal state”….on a black screen? I can’t even see my avi, let alone see the landscape. Hope it will be fixed soon.

  31. silke gausman says:

    I wonder.. if EVER a support ticket gets solved by LL. I always found any solution by try-and-error or just left it for the birds. What about “region down”.. is anyone interested in knowing about that over in SF??

  32. lovley Lewsey says:

    First of all.. They is no reason to be rude towards the staff of SL.
    this is the WWW and shit like this happens every damn day in WWW to ANYONE.Maybe this will be a good time for ya`ll to take care of some things in REAL LIFE cause that still exists too.
    They are working on it so quit ya`ll crying ….

  33. Norf Lundquist says:

    Looks like someone wobbled the 16k rampack 😉

    All the best bringing it all back up 😀

  34. Baji Bourjade says:

    Took me forever to figure out how to FILE a support ticket. But I did. I am sorry to hear it’s not just happening to me.

  35. Flower Balogh says:

    Could this be from the wonderful restart……… been trying to log in. Everytime I just see ocean, no contacts, almost nothing in inventory. Can’t even see myself

  36. Hodgey Hogfather says:

    I was able to log in, but my home location was 40M underground in an adjacent SIM. I was locked there and could not move. The camera showed my region as a barran landscape of ground, holes filled with water and nothing else….Adjacent SIMs were visible, but loading slowly. This is more than a teleport issue

  37. Phil Deakins says:

    Come on people. This is SL, remember. Problems happen all the time, and they have to be lived with. That’s the way it is, so stop moaning. It’ll be back up soon enough, and everything will be back to the way is was before.

    I agree about the tardiness of the blog post though. It should have been up early into the problems.

  38. Milo Bellow says:

    Definition of SERVICE

    Functionality derived from a particular software program. For example, network services may refer to programs that transmit data or provide conversion of data in a network. Database services provide for the storage and retrieval of data in a database. Web services are applications that interact with each other on the Internet.

  39. silke gausman says:

    Ich hab jetzt die Nase voll und gehe ins Bett. Kein normaler Server bootet über 40 Minuten lang. Ich würde morgen gern in dem arbeiten, für das ich bezahlt habe.

  40. Rowana Rolland says:

    Here I thought it was just me.
    I relogged about 5 times…wound up on my land and few times. And a few times in the land (Unknown)….everytime at the coords 10, 10, 10

    So I cleared cache….didn’t work

    I just uninstalled SL to reinstall…and find this blog…

    Guess it was due time for a reinstall

  41. kracker Ultsch says:

    well i was on fine then crashed. i got back oon several times with the same problems as everyone else. then it let me in fine but my entire store is gone and i lost L’s during an upload that never went through. wow this is a great day. now its back to the same problems as before.

  42. silke gausman says:

    Just came in again, because of a “solution” found by ll for my “region down”-ticket… “we are investigating some issues..”… sorry, region ist sill reported as down. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? solution?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  43. poppytat sodwind says:

    well, im in, my stuff is still there, not mangled and twisted and LL didnt take that long in getting it back up online, yeay! …so im happy! 🙂

  44. Shannon says:

    Post posted at 5:07pm. Problem diagnosed and resolved 3 minutes into the future? 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated and for always doing your best to fix the problems ASAP.

  45. silke gausman says:

    ok, who’s for compensation to sim-owners to be installed? Please vote!!

  46. SL Player™ says:

    Reminds me of playing Sim City. Those dreaded news flashes reporting problems with in the city. OMG NO WATER SUPPLY to a certain area. I rush to fix it then 15 min later need more pumps and water towers! On and on and on it goes a vicious circle of problems.
    Problems are always going to happen to a city that never sleeps.

  47. silke gausman says:

    @46 *lol with the difference that u did not payed that much for playing and the water pumps. … and… sim city was made for problems to occur. … ah… i see… it’s all a big game… and … we … are.. in … it…?? help.

  48. silke gausman says:


  49. Storyof Oh says:


    Currently the provision of service and product is not fit for the purpose intended and LL CHARGE for this woeful excuse of a platform and adding insult to injury charge TAX on said lack of service. Any normal manufacturer would give a refund or replacement for something sold that isn’t fit for the purpose. LL simply thank us for our patience and dream up more ways to screw the economy.

  50. pinhead planer says:

    nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo evil error message i wonder if i can blame Microsoft are windows lol blue screen of death 🙂
    wait no im sad 😦 um sad thauts think sad umm sad boo hoo um
    no sl tear im bord maby if sl worked i could be online and not talking to myself as i type this in showing how i have a realy bad spelling problem umumumumumummumumumu viny viny veechy

    nope still dont work

    my story got home from work went to log on and it did not work i tryed () dam after i went to the hospital for () ofter i got back from the hospital errrr waiting room i went take a shower to relax and thaout i wauld try sl agin so i tryed () got irritated to i blew up my friends car because of all the violence i grew up with playing mario duck hunt and that dam game with all those falling f$%^$# blocks oh yea tetris and i decided to eat some shroons another drug problem from mario and puff the magic dragon yea he stole my bong dam
    i like that one it was a glass alien bong good times good time untill i got aresisted um brau=in far tv caut my attention smerfs rule toobad they dont play any more 🙂 lol im must be rely bord nope still not workin oh well um well if any one whants to chat just im me wait u cant im sorry sl is not working just e mail me tonyemt@yahoo.com 🙂 give it a couple days im sher yahoo will crash to is that hour tomorrow
    a jient electro magnetic pulse blows up all the comps in the world dame i caut a brain fart agin oh well i really need to tur off the boob tube lol and i am not refering to porn get a life its a figur of speach look it up in a DICKtionary 🙂 oh well have a good day im goin out side for the first time in () day

  51. Aimee says:

    I have problems with Teleport, if i want go to other place, the TP log out me of SL. I hope fix the problem as soon possibble. =o(

  52. Bit frustrated, because a class I wanted to go to ended up cancelled because of the sim crash . . . would have been nice if you’d let us know sooner, since I immediately checked the blog after that incident and there was nothing in sight about it.

  53. Vladen Corvale says:

    Fixed? Fixed where? I’m having this problem since yesterday. Every other internet application works fine, but SL loads at like a texture or a prim per minute. My maximum bandwidth is set to 1500 kbps, yet the used bandwidth doesn’t goes past 50-60 kbps. This has been going on ever since the whole “north to south” reset started, not “3:49pm PDT today “…

  54. Funninonebabe McBride says:

    Lag has been bad for days now it’s making it no fun to visit SL anymore but i will persist 🙂

  55. JP Zerbino says:

    im a new user, and still haven’t been able to login since I registered an account 4 days ago. Seems to get stuck on the “waiting for region handshake” message, then the dreaded “unable to connect. login packet never received by login server.” Same message for 4 days now, and I thought this issue was fixed? Any updates as to when it will be up for everyone? Real interested in seeing what SL is all about!

  56. Yannis Martynov says:

    All right, since it was finally resolved, little harm , if not any permanent at all is done. But, forgive my stupid question…. aren’t these hardware upgrades done for a reason? And this doesn’t go to LL in particular, but to all similar announced and pre-arranged upgrades, from every online serive, INCLUDING ISP’s…

  57. Alyx Sands says:

    #55: That sounds more like your private network problem-blocked IPs or ports. Check your firewall(s)

  58. Well, I’ve been unable to log in, and stay on for more than about a minute without crahing, and I still cannot. It has been like this for about a week, actually. I’m currently downloading a new installer. The version I have is the same as what is the most current on the download page, Mac OS X:, but perhaps a reinstall will be helpful. I have no idea.

  59. Phineus Weatherwax says:

    To hell with this. I downloaded the client today, to check out Second Life again. My old account cannot be accessed, and I’ve attempted to create 2 new accounts in the last hour, which just spins off into internet land with no response.

    No thanks, Second Life. There are better games out there. You lost me with this one.

  60. vanable heron says:

    OK I have been trying to connect since last eve, thats thursday for you in riolinda! My wife Smoochie Heron can log in but I am unable to stay logged in for more than a minute, what am I doing wrong, I ahve also notcied the another friend on my wifes comp screen is logging in and logging out right after, his name is Z71colorado kidd, so he is having the same trouble. Any help would begreatly appreciated and we are bothe running version 1.18.3 (5), please help if anyone can:)


  61. U M says:

    Why would peoples virus program or provider start blocking them when this issue just started? makes no sence. What the problem still lays with LL side, not user side. I had no problem loging in when my last location was down. I tried another island/sim and i had NO MORE POCKETS NOT RECIEVED message.

  62. Orca Flotta says:

    Was sailing – boat sank – -400something meters – was logged out by LL – can’t log back since … OMG … 4 hours or more!!!

    ??? PROBLEM SOLVED ???

    Lindens, stop kiddin yourself and your customers!
    Admit the problem, get the grid down and try to find a real solution. Instead you leave us hanging and waste endless hours trying to get back in.
    “Try again in 10 minutes” I would LOL if it wasn’t all so sad 😦

  63. Orca Flotta says:

    May i remind you Lindens that i’m sitting in the ocean on minus 400 meters, only dressed in a skimpy bikini and might get a severe cold, might even catch a virus (insert hysterical laughter here). Better you let me get in pretty soon so my avie can find a nicer warmer place a little bit closer to the sun. Please, pretty pleeez …………

  64. Relentless Roux says:

    One problem fixed and another has begun for me. At least I’m not arriving in SL stuck in the hillside of my own place, and unable to get out – like I was around 5 pm today. But now…3 reboots in 1 hour. Makes it hard to create things in the sandbox – I can’t even exit, I have had to do HARD reboots!

  65. Orca Flotta says:

    #59 said:
    “No thanks, Second Life. There are better games out there. You lost me with this one.”

    No loss really 😉
    You only showed your ignorance by comparing SL to “other games” so it’s probably better for all of us you don’t come back.

    If somebody lost anything here – it’s you 😉

  66. vanable heron says:

    THE HUMANITY! THE HUMANITY! Looking down to notice I just crashed thru my soapbox, embarrassed I slink off in my humilitation:)


  67. U M says:

    Had no problems with this new release! Thank you LL !

  68. Fainora Pussycat says:

    resolved my ass ive been trying to get on for over an hour now

  69. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww POOP!!!!!!!

  70. robertto catteneo says:

    guys that sucks big time.I been banish by the SL admin for the next 3 day because i was on someone land beffore the SL crash out.the stupid mtf report me to be a griefer and to atack him with kind of spam.he didn t know the SL was past out for 45 min.
    if those inginier who banish me don t know how to read a loggo kick them out,and pay back to me my money(over $200 real dollars).
    second life=real life,stupid people at every corner.

  71. SL is like POOP lately….. It always STINKS!!!!!!

  72. Orca Flotta says:

    U M Says:
    November 2nd, 2007 at 9:52 PM PDT

    Had no problems with this new release! Thank you LL !

    Is it mandatory? I think not since my Old School Nicholaz was running just fine (better than SL original viewer anyway) until that dreaded sinking of my boat.
    Come on now guys! Let us back in or at least tell us we can go to bed and come back in 2 days or whenever. Wouldn’t be that bad anyway. The garden needs some serious work and my hubby hasn’t lately seen much of me neither.

  73. U M says:

    72 Orca Flotta Says:
    Is it mandatory? I think not since my Old School Nicholaz was running just fine (better than SL original viewer anyway) until that dreaded sinking of my boat.
    Come on now guys! Let us back in or at least tell us we can go to bed and come back in 2 days or whenever. Wouldn’t be that bad anyway. The garden needs some serious work and my hubby hasn’t lately seen much of me neither.

    Client 1.18.4(2) This one is useable and without problems(atleast for me).

  74. Karinastella Akina says:

    Still as problem – not resolved – killed a romantic nite!

  75. richard says:

    number 4 i’m laughing…..and it sounds like it’s the weekend, nothing is working!!!!!!

  76. robertto catteneo says:

    well guy’s soon SL will be the RL,with a president,a congress,and a deputy camera.if u have a problem u must wait same like in the RL.
    + if u did something wrong expect to be punish HARD.same as a taxe payer.did u pay inside for this game real money?who care about? NOBODY !!!
    your money is gone,you will receive an BIG EXCUSE!

  77. Cold Spitteler says:


    i was able to login, and not have anything rez, only to try an tp to a diffrent location, have the tp request time out, and to have the entire screen go gray as i was logged out of second life.. and not just once.. four times in a row untill i set my login to a diffrent region

  78. Momoko Market says:

    Resolved? RESOLVED!?!?! THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL RESOLVED?!?!? 😦 😦 😦

  79. jhoolya eilde says:

    I’ve had problems logging since Monday 29/10. I registered a a Ticket (technical problem), and the only response I received was that “as I have logged in since there is no issue.” This is not so. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO LOG IN AT ALL SINCE, not for one second. Yet despite repeated requests and updates to my Ticket, nothing but stony silence. I’ve missed out on events and all sorts of things. PLEASE Linden Labs, DO something!!!

  80. chaosad allen says:

    loooooooooooool SL and LL that’s so funny and also stupid!after u logout the entire community,u ban me out because u suspect me 4 multiple account!i found out 2 late 4 me,this is not a game 4 me,it’s own by the very low people.
    people who all ready paid for this game don’t have any chance to complain about your ignorance,they stuck here.
    anyone able 2 make a revolution? loooooooooooool
    everybody have the same right!
    see all of u on my next life(different game) soon!

  81. Twstd Ruggles says:

    keep working i can’t get now because its telling me i don’t have right time set.

  82. Elwin Jacobus says:

    Sorry LL folks….but this issues is NOT resolved.

    Back to the salt mines with you…and don’t you dare come out until you’ve REALLY got it resolved.

  83. Elwin Jacobus says:

    OOPS…maybe one or two can come out of the salt mines…I just managed to log in…WOW…what a nice surprise

  84. Lelle Kidd says:

    Does any Linden read this blog?

  85. zebadee says:

    Soooo many constant problems, glad i lost interest in second life, less stress

  86. Ron Crimson says:

    Goshdarnit, people, all of you just shut up. SHUT UP.

    85 comments and all I see is whine-bitch-moan-whine-bitch-moan.

    Yes I had massive troubles with crashing/relogging into a void etc. too, but it was fixed when they said it was. Even so, residual issues are to be expected. Funny how nobody says anything when the grid works fine, which is damn near all the time.

    I’m so sick of this LL-bashing. You want to leave Second Life, folks? Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out… please! Leave! It’ll make the rest of us that much happier!

  87. HeeLan Beattie says:

    Grid odd behaviour – reworking, updates and fixes ==> [Resolved]
    Grid odd behaviour – reworking, updates and fixes ==> [Resolved]
    Grid odd behaviour – reworking, updates and fixes ==> [Resolved]
    Grid odd behaviour – reworking, updates and fixes ==> [Resolved]
    Grid odd behaviour – reworking, updates and fixes ==> [Resolved]
    I could go on forever with SL history.
    Lindens, Read the blog and do something useful;
    Solve all current problems before trying to implement new (and malfunctioning) ideas.

  88. Hewitt Huet says:

    You know, I just dont what to think anymore.

    I have occasion to have contact in SL with lots of pragrammers and network ppl. Yeah, therea a lot of bitching obout service, but they are quite sympathetic and the remark is often passed that “LL has a big job on thier hands”, “SL is unique and therefore problems do occur”, et seq.

    Most of the avs on sl are not computer pros, and DONT undestand these outages. LL welcomes businesses and corporations to come in and make money (somehow) and opens up the gates for free accounts galore. THESE people do NOT understand why these outages and problems occur. How you gonna tell XYZ corp, who just found out their 4 sims are down, that the bosses desk is gone becuase there’s “asset server problems”? Or customers and staff can’t log in? Or are standing around wearing a suit that says “missing texture”?

    I understand, my friends undertsand, but will Coca Cola understand? Will av #10,356,102 understand, or will she log off never to return? Stay tuned kids!!!! XD

  89. Borky Grid says:

    Thanx for having messed up the best sales weekend of the months!

    Geez, sl is being hit by Murphys law event oftener than rl

    Still I can only follow some of the speakers above…FINALLY INTRODUCE REFUND & COMPENSATIONS, if you do screw ups like that…

    It does´n´t matter to any of us, who is fault…Your internet provider, an employee or the almighty. I did not get from you what i am paying for!

    Stop thanking us for patience, no one has any left!

    COMPENSATIONS…or call it secondcommunism!

  90. Doris Haller says:

    if nobody would say that something is wrong when something is wrong (which IS damn near all the time), then it would stay like it is: wrong.

    Customers who complain are still customers, and they show interest which means they want to stay customers.

    People who don’t like it leave without a word.

    This “whine-bitch-moan” is caused by the simple fact that SL needs improvement. Something you also would benefit from. If the people would have just shut up, then you would have had a downtime on halloween.
    If you don’t like to read it, why don’t you log in and enjoy the game instead? This should make you happy, don’t get angry because of others who can’t enjoy it as it is.

  91. Max P says:

    I’ve been trying to create an account on second life ….but it doesnt work!

    and now ..I don’t know what i’m suposed to do !

    what’s with that ? ….It’s really getting on my nerves… …..so, thanks for ..doing something about it!

    ..knowing I may not be the only one with that problem……..

  92. Orca Flotta says:

    Ron Crimson Says:
    November 3rd, 2007 at 4:02 AM PDT

    Goshdarnit, people, all of you just shut up. SHUT UP.

    Orca says: You American? Obviously you must be with that fascist mindset

    Ron Crimson Says: 85 comments and all I see is whine-bitch-moan-whine-bitch-moan.

    Orca says: Instead of that you could call it by it’s real name: Complaining! The good customer’s right when treated unfairly

    Ron Crimson Says: Yes I had massive troubles with crashing/relogging into a void etc. too, but it was fixed when they said it was.

    Orca says: No, it wasn’t

    Ron Crimson Says: Even so, residual issues are to be expected. Funny how nobody says anything when the grid works fine, which is damn near all the time.

    Orca says: Okay, send a commentary to a blog when LL reports everything is working fine 😉 And tell them how great they are. We all know what a task LL has on their hands and that it’s not easy to keep the grid up.

    Ron Crimson Says: I’m so sick of this LL-bashing.

    Orca says: Okay, making use of a blog, using your democatic rights you call bashing??? How dare you?

    Ron Crimson Says: You want to leave Second Life, folks? Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out… please! Leave!

    Orca says: It’s only some weirdos who want to leave. The rest of us are just concerned users. You’re confusing 2 different things here.

    Ron Crimson Says: It’ll make the rest of us that much happier!

    Orca says: What rest? So far you seem to be the only one. Have a nice time in your eremitage, Ron.

  93. rafael guzman says:

    hello? i have problem with this sl. i tried login but this say region shake up. i tried to get in to see my friends. i need your help.

  94. Quit Yur Bitchin' says:

    “At 5:10pm PDT, a network problem was diagnosed and resolved by one of our ISPs. All functionality should now be restored.”

    Key words ‘network problem diagnosed and resolved and the ISP’ Which means it was NOT their fault. Is your ISP perfect all of the time? Hell no and don’t lie about it either.

    You all need to get a freakin’ firstlife that can help you deal with the problems your secondlife can have. To this day, there has not been a ‘perfect’ internet game of this ‘size’!

    In other words Quit Yur Bitchin’!

  95. han says:

    I still have teleporting difficulties!

  96. Cold Spitteler says:


    i was able to login, and not have anything rez, only to try an tp to a diffrent location, have the tp request time out, and to have the entire screen go gray as i was logged out of second life.. and not just once, this is happening repeatidly

    also the viewer is crashing again when you turn right.. i thought that bug was fixed to

  97. U M says:

    No, teleporting problems, no rezzing problems, no pocketloss problem. crashing is at times is once is normal.

  98. Koroz Kline says:

    Ahhhhh….. ya gotta laugh !!!

    Haven’t you ???


    /me shuffles out of the room…head hung low 😦

  99. U M says:

    I am located in Japan and i had ZERO issues these 24 hours.

  100. Kio says:

    “Waiting for region handshake…” again.

  101. rhonda dale says:

    wow well it took me 24hours after starting a new account (newbie) to figure out that i wasnt the stupidest person in the world…. I could log in but had no clothes couldn’t move ended up in the water many times….so on and so forth…then I figured out that there was something wrong with the game!! Wow I am not the stupidest person in the world….so I hope that this is resolved soon so that I can really participate! Dark Hobble on here…

  102. Clarknova Helvetic says:

    Still can’t log in; exactly the same “Region is still logging you out” errors as yesterday.

    Nothing’s actually fixed yet.

  103. lufpleh obstreperous says:

    just got to love the whining about the whiners!! lol

    For those of you who’s SL is working ok, how can you know/comment on if someone else’s SL is working fine.

    My SL has been borked since Friday 26/10, I know its borked, been suffering low FPS / lag since then. Everything else checks out fine, ISP, network, PC etc etc etc.
    Only problem is with SL.

    I suspect LL introduced a more aggressive throttling algorithm to boost simultaneous numbers online for the CSI event OR they have a hardware fault somewhere that they have yet to find.

    I know my system, its crap, it’s why I monitor status very closely. I know what to expect and don’t comment on it till I am sure LL has an issue and SL certainly DOES have an issue at the moment.

    You only have to look at the number of problems LL have blogged about over the last week and the volume of comments saying there is a problem to know that.

    cue the whining about whiners!! lol

  104. Data Linden says:

    For people who are logging in and find themselves not being able to move or teleport, please do the following:

    1) Close down SL if it’s running.
    2) Click on the Start button and choose Run…
    3) In the Run dialog, enter the following and select OK:
    4) When Second Life appears, log in normally.

  105. robertto catteneo says:

    hey u #86 akka Ron Crimson Says
    I’m a premium resident,land owner,read my both blog #70 and #76,then u can understand this people who posted a negative blog.
    all this people it’s very upset because they pay 4 something (rent,account,clothing or accesory) and sometime SL and LL caused big problem for some of as.
    don’t take it wrong,pay more attention next time.

  106. Clarknova Helvetic says:

    Many thanks to Data Linden. I retract my earlier post.

  107. Vladen Corvale says:

    Tried the “secondlife://ahern/120/0/” thing.

    Appeared in a grey world, stuck at coordinates 10,10,10.


  108. wolfpr magne says:

    what happen to shakeup region?
    that’s strange i see different look like that. i was stuck in telport as try to egghead but i was stuck in this how i do? i try login as same but same response. you would fix that bugs or something you called in sl world. we goona not beaten by lag, rez and crashed. it is not the end of sl world.

  109. Clarknova Helvetic says:

    “System is logging you out right now” bug is back.

    ( ahern region fix doesn’t resolve/apply to this, of course )

  110. U M says:

    Thank You Data for clearingup and explaining

  111. Ann Otoole says:

    SL is pretty screwed up right now. Perhaps whatever was done before the rolling restart needs to be yanked out and properly tested first.

    Basically everything is slow as molasses. So teleports time out, transactions time out, everything times out, its all server side.

    The system is messed up bad and obviously struggling.

  112. Arthure Zabblebeebles says:

    please spell “daylight saving time” without the S … its not “daylight savingS time”.

    besides that the code is working great!

  113. Pingback: The Grid Live » Second Life News for November 3, 2007

  114. Sabine Geiger says:

    Dear Jack the issues are still the same as friday evening packet losses of 434 % hardly able to teleport and hardly able to move, so next time please solve the issues before you yell that issue is solved

  115. Jack Hathor says:

    Loading ….. in ahern at 10,10,10 for over 10 minutes and wondering;

    * My pc ?
    * My router ?
    * My ISP ?
    * Co-location ?
    * Friendslist ?
    * …. ?

  116. Beauty Nightfire says:

    Still having major problems trying to log into SL….thought this was meant to be resolved???? Any updates please??

  117. demetri underwood says:

    i am unable to login even now
    says log in packet never recieved by server

  118. The Grid Live » Second Life News for November 3, 2007 says:

    […] [NOT AT ALL RESOLVED] Network issues currently affecting logins At 5:10pm PDT, a network problem was diagnosed and left permanetly borked. All disfunctionality should now continue. […]

  119. katia Martinek says:

    Please don’t tell us it’s resolved when it clearly isn’t. I could just go to bed which i’d dearly like to do but if you can fix this then I’d like to log on but you are telling us it’s fixed when it isn’t. Please have mercy!

  120. Newgel Timeless says:

    I had no problems with login, but packet loss is very hight since friday. I can’t move; sometimes SL starts a continuous move across several regions and I end up dept in the sea. Can’t use voice, it breaks up a lot and can’t unserstarnd what anyone is saying.
    I also have been teleported two times without doing a thing.
    SL is completely broken today. I disagree with the RESOLVED status.

  121. katia Martinek says:

    Newgel thank u it’s broken oh yes my lovely bed here i come

  122. Raquel Avro says:

    HI all, I am new and I am not able to connect to the program. Can anyone help me plz. Thanks

  123. katia Martinek says:

    Raquel yes try Facebook lol no seriously try having more sex it’ll save u having a heart attack trying to live in SL

  124. Orca Flotta says:

    Managed to be in game for roundabout 15 minutes, crashed due to hardware prob on my side. Couldn’t log back in. Trying since 1 hour at least. Today is even worse than yesterday, don’t even get the lovely mountain view. Router stops blinking as soon as the viewer is loadad.
    The ahern thingie doesn’t work either 😦

    And don’t tell me it’s me or my ISP, cause everything else in www works quite well and speedy. Definately an SL problem!

    I guess i can forget about finishing my hot lap on the speed trials course now. My time wouldn’t be so hot afterall 😦

  125. wolfpr magne says:

    i got problem i did login but it say shakeup region again. how i get see my sl friends? help me.

  126. katia Martinek says:

    “Despite your best efforts something unexpected has gone wrong” lol translation (polite version) “we’re all in bed”.

    So am i now see u all soon!

  127. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Now that you have THAT problem “solved” (yeah… okay… we’ll reserve judgement until later), is there any expected DATE you will have the music streams going again?

  128. One more for the ‘bug list’ I am no longer able to see how many prims an object I do not own, nor edit objects that I have been granted permission to do so. Rather than doing a ‘restore point’ on my PC I would much rather have you guys fix this little chamer.

  129. Clarknova Helvetic says:

    No guys and gals, this problem isn’t solved yet.

    The perpetual “system is logging you out right now” message was fixed by Data Linden for half an hour… four hours ago.

    If it’s affecting me as part of a grid-wide outage event, it’s got to be affecting hundreds of others.

  130. Puff Woodin says:


  131. Lucas Fairweather says:

    Lockups lockups lockups, “Program not Responding” and all of this is contained to Second life viewer
    I gues 3 GHZ CPU and 2 gigs of ram and a gforce 8800 gts is not powerful enough to run SL
    Who writes this code, It is sloppy and slow and does not take advantage of my powerful system
    LL needs to learn about network infrstructure, I have see SL ruin my builds by executing its own commands such as objects rotating or reverting back to their original size after I stretch them
    I say take the grid down for a week, refund us who pay accordingly and fix the problem
    I also think I was double billed and I should get the americal rate with the dollar at 107 US
    Thats all for now
    At least I can log in

  132. Kat Ballyhoo says:

    I have been having problems for hours (it is currently 9:39 PDT). I can log on, but can’t move and I can’t ‘port anywhere. When I search for known lands or try to use a landmark, I start to teleport, it takes forever, and I stay right where I am, still unable to move.

  133. Kat Ballyhoo says:

    I’ve had many of the same problems as #120.

  134. Vladen Corvale says:

    People are already starting to joke that Chernobyl happened after a future Linden said the issue was [RESOLVED]…

    Meanwhile the problem at hand persists and there is no word about it, not even acknowledgement that it’s happening… :/

  135. U M says:

    I not rying to be rude. But I am not crashing. Nor have problems Teleporting. A See some gray avies at times but thats it.

    You are at 274131.2, 243070.5, 23.6 in Badlands located at sim2248.agni.lindenlab.com (
    Second Life Server

    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (3015 MHz) 6000+ 125 watt
    Memory: 3327 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) ( Japanese)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7900 GTX/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! 512 mb[

    With a 100MBPS Filber Optical Connection.

  136. JetZep Zabelin says:

    The asset servers seem to be having a hard time.

  137. Orca Flotta says:

    Some more whining, oh my …
    3 days and counting!
    3 days almost completely without SL!

    My hot lap that is usually supposed to be finished in times between 2 and 4 minutes isn’t that hot anymore, my brandnew Blaze outfit still waiting to be shown, my friends probably thinking i’m dead and gone. Meanwhile my ISP wants to be paid for his service, i’m glued to the computer trying to log into SL.

    That’s all very frustrating. So please allow me to hang my head and whine, And stop whining about us whiners, okay? 😦

  138. Borky Grid says:

    @ 103

    precisely what i experience…However it started a week earlier for me…Same symptoms you describe

    Not technical enough to do proper diagnosis…But with the superficial & meanless answers from support, like ” there has been a minor problem which is slowly improving” i can think of the rest. (Btw, that answer is now almost 2 weeks ago, and nothing has improved)

    Something (new) is simply eating up resources and you LL don´t want to tell us. As always.

    Still demand a tier & classified compensation scheme from you…I wish some one would take the effort and force you to through courts.

    At least i can log on though, wow

  139. Doris Haller says:

    Borky Grid said “Something (new) is simply eating up resources and you LL don´t want to tell us.”

    This is exactly my feeling. Maybe they don’t know what it is, but they know that there is a problem. (They do read the blogs.)

    I wonder what kind of thinking that is…. ignore bad things and hope they go away? Or pretending that everything is ok because they are afraid of the customer’s reaction?

    No matter what it is, it would be better to *communicate* and address the problems. This is going on for the whole weekend with almost no response, and I can see (http://blog.secondlife.com/2007/11/01/second-life-1184-viewer-rc2-release-candidate-update/#comment-505038) it affects business.
    I zhought that such a situation (something where money is involved) would cause a lot on activities at LL, in public relations and technical ressorts. But all I see is “Resolved”, a lot of users claiming it is not resolved, and my own experience that the grid works but is unusable.

    I gave up creating reports in JIRA because I get a “Wont fix”, no attention at all, it is already reported there or I get flamed (not by Lindens).

    For me, this weekend was so far a total loss as SL is concerned.

  140. Orca Flotta says:

    We all know LL is riding at the edge of technology, they have a very hard task to keep SL up and running on the technical side. And I guess they are really busy right now trying to sort the problems out. It’s a hard job and I’m grateful someone is doing it 😉

    However, they have a problem, a problem that maybe could be avoided by taking some of the useless shit out (windlight, voice) and concentrate on just keeping the grid running as it is.

    The other problem is proper communication. They would get a lot less whining and unsatisfied users if they would just clearly admit there is a problem and it makes no sense trying to log in for the whole of next week. That’s all I as a non-techy user really need. Tell me when i can come back and spare me the effort of trying every 30 minutes to connect.

    Thx a bunch

    a concerned user

  141. ALter Ego says:

    Was really wanting to join this site but after reading all these problems I will have to give it a second thought. Games are for relaxasion, does not sound to relaxing to me.

  142. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Whats going on today? the lag and packet loss is atrocious, i’m in an empty sim and it’s still bad.
    my connection is working fine, as is my computer.
    money transfres may be broke too, i paid 36000l to slxterminal, it didn’t appear in my slx account but it bloody well took it from my SL balance.

  143. U M says:

    Do you know how complex it is to fix some problems? LL only fixs problems they can. How are they suppose to fix every single reports in JIRA? The Logic here is they can only do what they have the abilities to. Years of seeing bugs and which are fixed. I realized that LL has limited abilites to fix issues ( case in point………the camera rotation bug ). Or the memory loading up. Those that i pointed out have been a problems for a very long time. Oh yes you can use a 3rd party UI but the basic codes are still controlled by LL, and are still the source of basic issues of problems.

  144. Doris Haller says:

    UM???? It’s their j o b !
    They earn a living from that.

    /me shakes her head and wonders…

  145. U M says:

    But frankly speaking after 3 years of seeing problems being dealt only when they can fix said problems and issues. I learned to just deal with things until they finally do fix them. They just try to simplify the process of bug reports. I was not happy when they switched. But as i see the JIRA now and the system before. I see very little improvement. Grand you things are improving little by little. But what you doing to do when they don`t have the human resources to fix the issues. Its their job yes, but then again they work with waht they have.

  146. Vladen Corvale says:

    U M,

    So far the issues hasn’t even been acknowledged as existing, nor any word about what is wrong and what is being done to fix it has been released. Hell, not even an admitance they have no F’g idea what is wrong. They lack the resources to spare the 30 seconds needed to type a message to us, instead of leaving it as “[RESOLVED]”?

  147. Thili Playfair says:

    another fun weekend in SL , meh

  148. U M says:

    “[RESOLVED]” for many is not a true statement….Many have had problems. teleporting, crashing, money transations etc. But we did have close to 50,000 users online. So it does show the problem has been taken care of I been online most of the day and had not crashed once. JIRA well many are complaining that nothing is being fixed. But how many reports are they dealing with on a daily bases? Again there still seems to be alot of problems withte JIRA filing of bugs. But then again the system before was worse.

  149. Vladen Corvale says:

    The problem was only affecting some people from the start. There were 30-50k people online DURING this problem, while it was being “resolved”. The fact there are people only means nothing.

    I haven’t met a single person who had an item vanish. I would bet the majority of users never had an item vanish, it’s a bug that affects a smaller group. Does that means the problem was “taken care of”?

    Get a grip and a hint.

  150. U M says:

    “I haven’t met a single person who had an item vanish”

    Well i have and countless people crashing over and over again…….I think they problem hitting more then that %.

  151. Cat Gisel says:

    Oh well, so much for FL, it was getting annoying anyway 😛

    And to UM’s comment, ya’ll need to meet more people. It’s more a Rezzing issue than anything. Place and item and it goes off world. Attempt to place an item and it fails (but strangely leaves your inventory anyway). “Return” something and the message says it went off-world. That’s when *I* lose stuff. I’ll live though, and still thanks for the expensive stuff that came back THREE months later,


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