Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview update online (2007-11-01)

The Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview is now back online (ahead of our Friday commitment, for what it’s worth ;). All updates are now complete, and we have re-enabled open access. As noted in the announcement post, the following bugs have been resolved in this update:

* SVC-898: center of mass is centered on the root prim (having incorrect center of mass made a variety of physical multi-prim objects behave in strange ways)
* SVC-882: avatars sitting on objects are invisible
* DEV-4611: sim crash by unlinking an object an avatar is sitting upon
* SVC-856: Havok4 – Rez from Inventory with Edit on creates an invisible object in

For information about the Havok4 Beta Preview, with ideas on what to test, please see the original blog post here:

In addition, there is an wiki that provides detailed information about the Havok4 project as well as detailed information about the new linkability rules:

We are holding regular office hours to review your experiences with the Havok4 Beta Preview. Our office hours are posted here:


Sidewinder Linden
Program Manager

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8 Responses to Second Life Havok4 Beta Preview update online (2007-11-01)

  1. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    good job Sidewinder. Whats the status of the sim crashing from delinking a noob car, turning its prims physical, relinking, then delinking again?

  2. Sidewinder Linden says:

    Thanks IntLibber. I am not sure we had a full reproducible case for this one, but I suspect that if you try it again on this build it will not have that problem. There is one crash mode yet that the Havok engineers are working on, but most of the rest are taken care of. Please try this again if you have a chance, and IM me or email sidewinder (at) if it’s still a problem (also specifically which car is it?).



  3. Sgeo Comet says:

    Is it just my imagination, or has llSetForce() been nurfed (last time I checked beta)? My altitude bracelet doesn’t work well anymore 😦

  4. WarKirby says:

    I’ve crashed a sim 4 different ways on this build so far. Filing jiras as I go. Not good

  5. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @4 WarKirby: Are these new crashes – things that used to not crash the sim, or new things that you just tried on the newest build? We do have a known crash mode that the Havok folks are looking at, and we will look at the crash logs from these to see if they all trip the same issue (hopefully it’s all the same cause underneat – but we’ll see). Thanks for trying this and reporting them.

  6. Hello,
    Something I really don´t understand is why hardware and organizational structure is behind all the time actuality. Following sl
    since the last year, the growth of ppl online at the same time is very
    predictable based on mathematical regression.
    Make sure you have capäcity for 65000 / 70000 residents for the next progonesed months, mark my words… Geeez, this is so simple.
    Should you have a shadow system… double the regression.

  7. Is something working correctly at Linden Lab or is it time to crack a bunch of lawyers and perform a real audit. WHAT A MESS !!

  8. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @6,7 Linda: Concurrency online is far from the only metric that needs to be tracked to determine growth needs. The issues and solutions are not “so simple” operating a system of well over 4,000 servers across two data centers with over 1 TB of active user data with 1.6M accounts logged in over the course of 60 days. This is a completely dynamic world where no content can be statically loaded on the client workstations, and in which any user can dynamically create objects that are viewed across simulators and that may be traded, transferred or sold at any time. There is substantially more complexity in Second Life than you have considered in your statements… A shadow system of another 4000 servers? Surely you jest! I would be happy to talk with you offline (not in this blog comment stream, since it is off topic) if you’d like to understand more of the technical and operational environment, and why it is not “so simple”… The Havok4 update project is one of many that are geared to higher stability and creating a solid expansion path for Second Life.

    Best regards,


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