Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer RC2 Release Candidate Update

We’ve made Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Release Candidate (RC2) available on the site. Please go to the Second Life Test Software page if you want to try out these pre-production viewers.

REMINDER: Release Candidates (RC) are intended for evaluation purposes. Please try them out only if you want to participate in the bug reporting process and identify issues before these become the default viewer. You can have both a Release Candidate and a production viewer installed on your computer at the same time, so if issues are encountered when testing an RC you can switch back to the production viewer.

In addition to the changes announced previously for Second Life 1.18.4, the following issues have been addressed since RC1:

  • Fixed several UI elements
  • Fixed new group not appearing in group window until relog
  • Fixed Trash folders in user inventory
  • Fixed missing line of information on land sales
  • Fixed parcel listings showing [AREA] instead of parcel size
  • Fixed bad teleports from landmarks
  • Fixed up/down arrows for Repeats Per Face
  • Fixed a viewer nested message crash
  • Fixed a viewer crash with editing classifieds
  • Fixed a viewer crash when pressing Ctrl-F with a minimized Search window
  • Fixed secondlife.log spam when group info window opens
  • Fixed Publish on Web not saving for parcels
  • Fixed missing dialog for Publish in Classifieds
  • Fixed updates for Land and L$

Please continue to report issues at under version 1.18.4.

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50 Responses to Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer RC2 Release Candidate Update

  1. Jayden B says:

    Please add and italicise Bold “At your risk, this viewer will probably crash” to the downloads page maybe in addition to these warnings?

    Now to go off topic, as once more the Lindens show they don’t listen.

    Everett, maybe leave your comments on for the Daylight Savings entry, we calm down when we can talk. Or… to be very handy how about a lookup table to correlate local time to SL time? I know my shift is minus two hours, I come into world two hours earlier from SL Sunday, but it took alot of thought to come to that conclusion.

    SL is more than the US, having those blog comments means we could help each other work out the new times in our countries.

    Time zones are confusing when you are not PDT yourself.

    LET US TALK TO YOU AND EACH OTHER PLEASE LINDENS. You were doing a good job.

  2. Sahfur Silvera says:

    Thats all great. Please fix the black screen and FAILURE for the viewer to load CERTAIN sculpty. Apparently SL is picky with sculpty in these release candidates. Thank you.

  3. Storyof Oh says:

    hmmm but what impact will this have on lag issues? at present on the older releases notecards arn’t opening, inventory loading, textures appearing building is virtually impossible and multicrashes …guess its worth the risk as it can’t possibly be worse can it???

  4. Jayden B says:

    The scultie I jiraed, it’s LOD, If you pull the camera back it snaps into place.

    Looks messy but the viewer can still be tested for other things.

  5. Viktor says:

    What ever happened to labelling the JIRA issue IDs of the problems you fixed in the Blog entry? I don’t want to keep on downloading the entire setup file to see the ChangeLog.

  6. Jayden B says:

    @3 Storyof… for a work around on a notecard not opening in an object during an edit, if that is what you mean, create a default cube and create a script in it. When you re-edit your original item your notecard (or script) will load.

  7. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    I can back to the RC viewer again.

    Repeats Per Face just made it impossible to be productive in building with it. Thank you for tackling it along with the others.

  8. Tegg B says:

    Viewer works fine for me, maybe you’re too close 😛
    If you can’t handle 2 hours offset, try 18 hours ahead of SL time +/- daylight savings

  9. Storyof Oh says:

    no my notecard problem was other peoples notes not opening re rentals etc…one gave me 2 minutes to read and agree after payment but it didnt even get opened in that time. My new nightmare is inventory just not opening fully with lag and clearing cache hasn’t helped, anyway took 2 attempts to download the new viewer and will have fingers crossed for tomorrow!

    I could live with it if it was me, my machine and broadband however after what i have achieved on and off in the past and now a general inability to do anything properly indicates a SL problem. Vista now seems to be ‘supported’ however i have had to abandon that system and go back to my XP to have half a hope of surviving in the game. It worked better before the summer!

  10. Jayden B says:

    ha, Tegg, I am in Australia, we just went to Summer Time so moved from 5pm being 12am same day to 4pm being 11pm previous day. Now with the American’s moving 5pm will be 10pm the previous day, I like this, it makes the TZ differences that kill much interaction less.

    12am to 10pm is a 2 hour offset, but that took a bit of effort to organise in my mind, I think the table and open comments would have helped others.

  11. Argie Rives says:

    Thanks for the updates!!


  12. Henri Beauchamp says:

    Please, make the sources available on the Wiki !

  13. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    Note that the Statistic Bar is twice now

  14. Blaze Hienrichs says:

    think i will wate a wile before crashing …. oops i mean downloading this p.s download at own risk

  15. Chiyoung Pixie says:

    frome what i have seen of this Rc there is some fix’s but also much work to be done on it mainly in the crash’s and i do like the effort put in makeing this ,tho it is abit harder to build on this one with the camera problem ….

    Off topic

    people useless complaining is stupid yah there problem but please tell me one program on earth thats perfect i will like to know lol

    and im sure lindens get a dozen emails about add this add that so befor complaing understand thay do trye thats WHY there is a Sl to start with that your all on right now complaing your buts off

  16. Montana Corleone says:

    So what have you put in there which is borking up the entire grid for the last week, even before the failure of 1100 regions. Comments off on that, and no idication which regions anywhere.

    So now I don’t know if they are the sudden infrastructure failure, or the normal infrastructure failure. This must be the worst week of my 13 months in SL. Way to go. More shinies at the expense of anything remotely working. The long term future of SL is pretty bleak, when it gets worse, not better every week.

  17. Montana Corleone says:

    Oh yes, on time zones, Europe changed last week, and despite there being many more users there than in the US, no thought of mentioning it for the benefit of all…

    Do you guys even know where Europe is? You know, where y’all came from?

  18. Explains why I had to answer so many – “Joined you’re group but can’t find it errors”.
    Should have asked them first if the use RC1.

  19. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    screw time zones etc – fix the memory hemorrhage.

    It’s still in the release candidate

    I wont post the crash logs – I’ve sent nearly a thousand since the mac clent had voice ‘fixed’. Oh voice works now – but I went from being one of the most stable clients/platforms on the grid to being the most unstable.

    This really bites – I manage six sims, associated events, and surrounding chaos – now I cant make it through a single conversation without crashing to the desktop, usually a 10-15 session.

    duall PPC mac @ 1.25 GHz
    2 GB Ram
    Stock Radeon 9800 Pro graphic (may not be exactly right – it’s whatever it ships with)
    OX/X 10.3.9 (Panther)

    Please, PLEASE fix this.

    If the memory leak is that much of a bear to pin down, let me roll back my client a couple of releases; voice just isnt worth this much trouble to me.


  20. Kizna Oh says:

    Actuall there is a point for only one time in SL. And thats however good.

    I work together with many Persons from other Countrays and from other time zones. So a appontment gets maket at SLT it’s the best and vry easy then the.. well at “3am” so then you have meaned CET maybe.. and he means maybe you mean US Central Time 😉

  21. Artfox Daviau says:

    Scared to download it.

    The following still unaddressed:
    Sim crossing rubber-banding or walk underground
    crash on click on inventory subdirectory
    crash on click on friends while in groups
    crash if stand too long in one place
    apparent texture overload crashing
    after disconnecting SL continues to hog videocard for up to 2 minutes;
    And of course inventory still loading … 265 364 486 785 (waiting) 855 (drums fingers on table);
    rotate linked prims by the numbers only rotates the root prim;
    auto resetting of texture dimension ticks even after changing them twice;

    Off topic : SLT – world clock

    Can we Australians (amongst others) please know what date it is PDT or even just the day-of-week. put it in the viewer somewhere near time. When its Sunday here its so often Saturday there.

  22. JZ Paine says:

    oh, and in the current viewer. the MOST RECENT inventory tab doesnt work well at all. May want to look into that one.

  23. Raudf Fox says:

    So, when are we going to see the fix for the ‘hollow prims vs camera and camera loses?’ I do a lot of texturing on hollow cones and it’s getting to the point of complete frustration trying to get the camera to pan or orbit around the hollow prim!

    Otherwise, kudos on fixing the texture repeat bug!

  24. @15, Chiyoung Pixie:
    Yes, much work to be done on the Realease Candidate. We did it with 1.18.3 too, testing, finding bugs, Open Source people and Lindens working on fixing the bugs and look! is the current most stable viewer I’ve ever seen. If you want stability, just stick with the official viewers and let others do the testing, so that when this RC has lost its most severe bugs, you can get it as stable, official viewer.

  25. Rob A says:

    Do RC viewers now take the place of firstlook viewers, or will you eventually be doing that again?

  26. Threshin Barnett says:

    With new viewer (aka the grid today):
    Can hardly move. Actual movement takes the avatar far beyond the target.
    Can’t build for the prim jumping. Yes, even linden trees have hopped around randomly.
    Can’t use group IM at all. (no big loss there)
    And the ever present Major Chat Lag.
    Good luck with these.

  27. Drako Nagorski says:

    when will havok 4 be in? i havent heard anything about it for a while 0o… and with the chance of grid stability, i say forget these fixes and get havok 4 in. i’ll take notecard failure for a bit, but the stability is horrible

  28. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I used the new RC for about 4 hours straight.. not a single crash.

    JetZep scratches his head wondering what all the fear is about downloading. Crash usually happens during a RUN, not a DOWNLOAD. (Blaze check UR spelling)

  29. Cory Edo says:

    I’ve downloaded the new RC installer twice, and during installation I’m getting the following error message:

    Error opening file for writing:
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\wrap_oal.dll

    If I skip it, the next dlls also fail to open. I uninstalled the other RC client in the hopes that would fix the problem, but it hasn’t, and now I don’t have a RC client at all, which sucks because I love it a lot more than the regular client. Help!

  30. Doris Haller says:

    Crashes? What crashes?
    Maybe you should turn off your fancy machine and get some approved, established, proven, and reliable hardware.
    These release candidates do not crash more than the official releases on my system, and from what I read on other blog comments, high-end hardware does not prevent you from experiencing lag.

    Ohh.. and stop whining about timezones, this is something Lindens are really not to blame.
    Here’s your lookup table:

  31. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Does not matter what viewer you use the game is totally non functional at this time the mishmash of coding has finally strangled itself and has imploded.

    Thanks Linden Lab quite a nice way to begin a weekend, and I suppose the staff is all home enjoying the time off now.


  32. Storyof Oh says:

    Well Doris aren’t you the lucky one? remember there is precious little space here for people with problems to air and share…its so great to read and think ‘yes me too! yipee it isn’t just ME’

    If we didn’t pay a dime, penny, euro. cent or yen etc for this then we could live with being part of this huge testing experiment…but we DO…hard earned cash and if you go in a supermarket and get empty bags for more and more money , plus VAT i thing you would have something to complain about.

    Only the freebie campers are quite happy thank you as they save for their next sexy outfit forgetting that the builders and scripters behind their sitting and dancing have very little hair left to tear out…..

    Agreed the past month has been diabolical….and thinking back i did my major project work effortlessly….on unsupported Vista……PRE VOICE……answers on a postcard when the grid went into terminal decline or maybe someone needs to refill the petrol (gas) tanks….

  33. Doris Haller says:

    StoryOf, no, I don’t feel lucky. Just because I don’t crash, I still have huge problems with the performance of SL.. in fact it is more or less unusable for weeks now. And I complain about it.
    (It was Jayden who told me to stop it.)

    There are some problems with SL and I tried all release candidates and the official release: they all lag.
    They don’t crash on my side, but maybe just because they are too slow to….

    I can’t see very well and it’s hard to move, I get an idea how I will feel when I’m an old woman…. I log off now, and I noticed from my sales that a lot of other people do the same.
    Yesterday I tried to test a new vendor configuration… it took extremely long until the purchased items arrived. I understand why nobody wants to buy anything.

    Lucky me? No no

  34. Rascal Ratelle says:

    SL off line? grid down?
    No notice , no blog update?
    would be nice to know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!
    Don’t we the members of SL have a right to know whats going on?

  35. JustOneMore Loon says:

    So is it the RC that’s the problem or SL right now? Who knows….. the Blog isn’t saying.

  36. Droopz says:

    SL borked again, all grey when login, region not there, logged in ppl dropping from 47k to 43k, cant do nothin when logged in dont see anything

  37. Tegg B says:

    Coventina Dalgleish Says: Does not matter what viewer you use the game is totally non functional at this time the mishmash of coding has finally strangled itself and has imploded.

    “TOTALLY nonfunctional” huh? Seems not to me just a little crashing still from 6 months back but I’d have to say it seems reasonably functional for 40,000 bots/people logged in

  38. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    My experience seems be a bit different than most. As a matter of fact my opinion is that the SL client 1.18.3(5) is the most stable client I’ve seen in about a year. The issues that I do see are not related to the client and seem to stem from asset and database server issues. I think it’s important to make the distinction between a bad client and a bad server.

  39. U M says:

    This lastest release I had no problems! Thank you LL.

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  41. JetZep Zabelin says:

    =} wooT! nice work

    The memory leak freezes seem to be almost totally gone, but I can’t really be sure yet. Crashes are much less.

    But 1 time, I got more than just my shoes up my butt. My av attachments were all crazy and rotated differently (katchup) than my av. Hehee!

  42. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I have to agree with Doris about the negative impact on sales. When SL is having problems, people tend to log on less or not at all. I see traffic has suffered at many once popular (not top20.. theres too many people in SL to limit the top to just 20) places have little or no traffic.. some have become ghost towns. Meanwhile, camping spots enjoy a lot of traffic, but no one wants to go there because its dead and just a bunch of afk’s and bots. Detrimental to the community.

  43. JetZep Zabelin says:

    The freezes seemed to be gone but are happening again, too frequently. Usually this happens when I try to navigate my cam long distance.

    Also, when you mute someone with particles then unmute them, the particle BEACONs on them do not always re-appear.

  44. U M says:

    i running fine withthis UI. Memory leak is still occuring………have not crashed at all in a very very heavy scritped and poulated island.

  45. Doris Haller says:

    Yes, JetZep, the sales. I can already see that this weekend was the worst selling weekend in history of my little shop.
    Sales dropped to 22% of last week (and 10% compared to 4 weeks ago.)

    This means, it does not cover the shop-rent and the advertising (which I stopped now).
    I will have to stop the shop rent when it expires, so the landowners will have less income (but pay more land tier because they are ,ostzly europeans).
    No need to tell you what I would do if I were a landowner…

  46. WarKirby says:

    Where are the issue numbers on these fixes? You should quote jira issue numbers wherever applicable, Joshua

  47. Since again almost comments are closed…
    Damnit when is Linden Lab going to set up some normal Customer Services !!!!!!!!!!!
    No music I have all of the sudden from sl since days, and boy am I sure that all setting are ok. All outworld music and streams works fine.
    And can we find any Linden for support, none so ever 😦
    GEEEEZZZZ GET CUSTOMER SERVICES ORGANIZED IS THAT SO DIFFICULT ? There are only around 50.000 people online at the same time; what is the difficulty to get basic CS setting up to normal standards. Hire profs to get it organized !!

  48. U M says:

    Still puzzled about how much people had problems. I am over in asia region of the world Japan. Having said that now i had no problems loggingin or even putting objects rezzing, teleporting etc.

  49. Sahfur Silvera Says:
    November 1st, 2007 at 8:52 PM PST
    Thats all great. Please fix the black screen and FAILURE for the viewer to load CERTAIN sculpty. Apparently SL is picky with sculpty in these release candidates. Thank you.

    With reference to Sahfur’s remarks above, I recently loaded SL 1-18-2-0 setup on my laptop and have this exact issue. I can’t even see my Avatar but others can see me…I only see my name and the names of others in text…which means I may be doing some embarrassing things. Any suggestions?

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