Knowledge Base Article of the Week, Volume 2

Hello, one and all! I’m Jeremy Linden, your worst grammatical nightmare relatively friendly Technical Writer. I work with Jon Linden on the Knowledge Base and assorted documentation projects here at Linden Lab. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the coming weeks, as I play Hot Potato with Jon for control of upcoming Knowledge Base Articles of the Week!

Now, the reason why you’re all here:

This week’s Knowledge Base article is about how to sell land, with emphasis on selling land to a specific Resident. Whether you’re playing the real estate market or just transferring a parcel to a friend, it pays to make sure your sale goes as planned. By following these steps, you can protect yourself from any unwelcome tricks this Halloween… at least as far as land sales are concerned!

One more bit of news:

In response to the overwhelming number of constructive suggestions we received last week, Jon and I will be holding joint Documentation Office Hours at our soon-to-be office in Linden Village. Keep your eyes on the blog for updates on the time and place, and have a happy Halloween!

Jeremy Linden

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25 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week, Volume 2

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    you need to add a default to yes option to receive a confirmation for completion of sale after a buyer buys the parcel. this one step will eliminate landbot buys made because of LL system errors that result in land being accidentally sold to landbots for the wrong amount. Unless of course you just make use of bots a TOS violation period. Which is something LL really needs to step up to the plate and do to rid secondlife of all the camping bots draining away system resources and causing a blight on SL with all these zombied alt accounts driving up traffic to game the advertising systems in sl.

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  3. FreeDaWeb says:

    Can’t say I disagree with Ann on this one, I DJ for a club that had to move. Why? Because of a place (Transylvania) that was sold and turned into a campsite and better still the place was constantly packed with either newbs or some of those same said zombies, either which way the crowd there made it impossible to get the event started for the next three days with no apparent end in sight. Contact with the new owners was impossible (gee, go figure). And to make it all even more priceless, the owner had to buy back the old land (with the bucket load of lag). Not too fun …

  4. Tony says:

    If you could get that warning to appear inworld in big letters then you’d go along way to helping people safely sell land.

    You should also consider changing the UI for when people are purchasing estate land so that it’s clear that this is a different sort of purchase and remove the “owner makes donation” option box when people are deeding estate land to a group, it serves no purpose on estate land.

    It’s always useful for you guys to highlight features like this knowledge base article though, maybe you could put a sticky in the forums linking to this article?

  5. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    It’s about time LL listens to its PAYING and UNHAPPY residents…Maybe something will come from this.(rolls eyes)

  6. Sue Saintlouis says:

    Hello Jeremy!

    Great to have someone who is workingon the knowledge base. I agree with Tony!!! Estate sales get really confusing for people with that screen. It also tells them that they have no tier to pay which is incorrect. Every time i’ve sold a lot, I explain carefully what tier is and when it’s due. Then, they get that screen!

    Also, there is no rental mechanism in SL. There are so many land rentals now, that should be added.

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  8. shockwave yareach says:

    An improvement, certes. But how many people actually make it to your office hours inworld? I am curious. Seems peak usuage starts just after 5slt and runs until 11slt.

  9. A tip for Linden Lab:
    After sales new onwers are confronted with very unsafe land settings.
    For some reason the settings seems to change into a master setting
    after the sales, however to very unsafe.
    I always assist my clientelle after sales, but keeping the original land settings as before the sale would be more logic.

  10. OMG !!!
    What did I read and did not allow a comment ?
    DOUBLE BILLING !! ?? !!
    Outragious !

    DO THE PPL GET THERE MONEY BACK ???????????????????

    Geez !

  11. Thanks Jeremy Linden for pointing out that knowledge base article to blog readers.

    While it may all be very clear to long time residents, there are lots of people out there that don’t know how to properly do it, or what the consequences can be when playing with the wrong settings.

    I hope the article helps people protect their investments and enjoy their SL, while one day, we may actually have a fitting solution for the problems concerning land sales (delay before it’s publicly findable for instance?)

  12. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    This would be a useful item if the URL you have provided didn’t point to the general Knowledge Base rather than the article in question. I clicked on your ‘How to Sell Land unerline and got taken to, ‘Locations for Support Information’, which looks like a general gateway into the whole of the Knowledge base. Thanks a lot Jeremy, not very helpful.

  13. Jeremy Linden says:

    I understand that the way our Knowledge Base’s direct links currently work is confusing: Once you click the link, you are brought to what looks like the Support Portal login page. However, once you’ve logged in, you will be redirected to the proper article. Do not despair!

  14. Eddie says:

    I am an estate owner, and I totally agree with #6. Please act on this.

  15. Ben says:


    You understand its confusing….. is there no plan to change this? Is there a reason behind making it more difficult to access the information? When passing a KB link to someone is twice the work of copying and pasting the information into the wiki and giving that link to them, as you have to explain they need to login and it doesn’t always forward….. is there no fix planned for this?

  16. DD Ra says:

    Nice work Jeremy, I second Ben and Christi on the direct link question.

    The KB would be lot more useful if we didn’t need to log in to find a solution to a simple problem.

    When we are registered, maybe we could propose additions or changes to the KB, this could help you to cover more subjects and be more reactive.

    Happy Halloween ^_^

  17. Sling Trebuchet says:

    This is good to see.

    I do have a little niggle about the effectiveness of the warnings regarding land-bots.

    I realise that LL wish to avoid an air of negativity, but perhaps the warnings could be a little more explicit without actually scaring the hell out of people 🙂

    The current KB article contains two separate warnings.

    “Warning: If you want to sell this parcel to a particular Resident, make sure you adjust this setting properly! Some Residents are capable of detecting and buying underpriced land almost as soon as it becomes publicly available”

    “In situations where you wish to sell your land to a specific Resident, it is very important that you take advantage of the Sell the land to setting. Some Residents have the ability to quickly detect and buy land for sale at below market prices- selling your land to a specific Resident prevents any chance of someone else accidentally buying the land.”

    How about a single explicit warning:
    “Some residents run automated processes that can detect and buy underpriced land set for sale to “Anyone” as soon as the sale is set. They can buy the land immediately without you being aware of their presence.”

    My feeling is that saying things like “*almost* as soon as it becomes publicly available” could lead people into thinking that they have at least some minutes before the danger could possibly arise.
    Setting ‘Anyone’ is far easier to do than selecting the specific avatar standing right beside you.
    Aside: Hey! How about an option to set the avatar to sell to by clicking on that avatar standing beside you?
    However, back to the KB for the current process….

    “…accidentally buying the land.”
    This may give the entirely incorrect impression that if it does happen then a few IMs could reverse the unfortunate ‘accident’.
    I know that some land-bot runners will return land, but there are other notorious ones who won’t.

    The safest warning is a short uncomplicated one that warns of the worst case – that the land will be picked up immediately by an unseen party.

    That warning also (silently) covers the situation where someone hovers near people who look like they might be negotiating a deal

  18. SL Player™ says:

    Maybe if there were a way when anyone selling land there would be a POP UP on OUR screen indicating who the avatar is and how much the other person is going to buy the land for. Land bots couldn’t buy anything until WE CLICK TO AGREE.

    Land could NOT be sold until WE agree to the POP UP on our screen. Maybe even have a warning POP UP “Do you want to agree to sale of your parcel?” Yes or No

    Kinda being like a hand shake “Done Deal!

  19. Aeper Jie says:

    Another Linden… How meny of you guys are there? And I have to agree with Commet 18. But the teengrid doesnt have any. we just have the evil land barrons.

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  21. Amanda Ascot says:

    While I agree that a confirmation response is a good idea before a land purchase can be finalized, in practice this is not a good idea. I’m currently awaiting responses from no less than three land owners who have land for sale that I’d like to purchase, except that it’s overpriced and I’ve offered them a more equitable deal for it. These people even warn in their profiles that they are gone for long periods of time so that attempts to contact them may be subject to lengthy delays. This is, more and more, the case as people in the SL real-estate business, spend very little time in-world, and if we needed personal confirmation for every purchase it would make land-buying a nightmare.

    Here’s what I would rather see. When you finally hit the “sell” button a window pops up, giving the description of the land, it’s SLURL, how big it is, to whom you’re selling it and for how much, and how much that equates to in L$ per square meter. You then have to click “OK” or “Back”, depending upon whether you want to go through with the process of putting that land up for sale, or correcting an error before proceeding.

  22. Montana Corleone says:

    Sorry Amanda, I have to say if they can’t be bothered to spend any money in-world, but just pop in occassionally to suck money out of it, do we really need them anyway? Get rid of them, seize their lands, and redistribute to the NPIOFS lol. “Blinkered Philistine pig-ignorance you’ve come to expect from those non-creative garbage” to paraphrase John Cleese in the Architect sketch from Monty Python. They are parasites just like in RL.

    What would be good, would be the inclusion of all stuff that is on the forums, that some of us can’t access, not through choice, but because LL and their sole appalling choice of using the Europhobic PayPal means lots of us cannot actually become premium or verify and are shut out of all that.

    At the very least, inclusion of stuff that affects everybody eg how best to write low lag scripts would be useful, since many NPIOFs actually run businesses, create and spend more per month inworld than many premiums and payment info people.

  23. Since again almost comments are closed…
    Damnit when is Linden Lab going to set up some normal Customer Services !!!!!!!!!!!
    No music I have all of the sudden from sl since days, and boy am I sure that all setting are ok. All outworld music and streams works fine.
    And can we find any Linden for support, none so ever 😦
    GEEEEZZZZ GET CUSTOMER SERVICES ORGANIZED IS THAT SO DIFFICULT ? There are only around 50.000 people online at the same time; what is the difficulty to get basic CS setting up to normal standards. Hire profs to get it organized !!

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