September 2007 Service Quality Metrics Posted

Hello everyone!

We have updated and expanded the Second Life Service Quality Metrics page through the end of September 2007, and as promised, we’re including the Viewer and Region crashrates and performance statistics on that site instead of in the Economy metrics where we temporarily posted them in July.

Highlights of the new data include 3 monthly charts as well as detailed data at a Daily level from Jan through September 2007 in Excel, OpenDocument, and Google Doc formats. One interesting addition to these data file formats is metadata in the headers – click on the report titles or field titles to be hyperlinked to the data’s business definition on our Metrics Glossary wiki page.

The overall Service Availability chart shows a serious improvement (decrease) in Unplanned Outages for September. We are also working to reduce the impact of our Planned Outages and look forward to keeping the level of Unplanned outages down consistently over time, as Ian discussed in his blog post on availability.

Each of the 3 new charts represents a subject area that Linden Lab is focusing on improving. Viewer Session crashes are being improved first by focusing on Region Sessions terminated, which will be reduced along with Region crashes. The Havok4 project as well as several other projects should help significantly with those. The client-side crashes are also being addressed, and recent updates to our Viewer and Region code are improving the error logging so that we can focus on the most significant sources of those crashes.

Viewer performance in average Frames Per Second (FPS) benefited most this year from our Pipeline changes in April, and residents who are experiencing poor client FPS can most benefit from ensuring they are using at least Minimum Supported hardware. More information will be forthcoming about the average FPS for the graphics cards you are using, which will clearly demonstrate that the unsupported cards are the source of the poorest user experience and highest “lag”.

Region performance in FPS is one area we have been focusing on closely. The Havok4 engine should help improve and stabilize this environment, and other Linden Lab developers have found other system improvements to bring these figures up before the Havok change, so you should expect to see some improvements in the October figures. If you are a private estate owner interested in managing your own region’s FPS, you can get more information at our new Region Performance Improvement Guide wiki page.

Thanks for everyone’s attention, and we be back with more Service Quality Metrics improvements next month.

About Meta Linden

Data Warehousing and Metrics Analysis for the world of Second Life. A Linden Lab employee in California.
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89 Responses to September 2007 Service Quality Metrics Posted

  1. thanks for improving and expanding Second Life statistics!

    the link to Region Performance Improvement Guide wiki page is broken for me. you may want to update it to

    (that is, http instead of https)

  2. Meta Linden says:

    Thanks Opensource. Turns out that wiki links are https if you’re logged in already, and http if you’re not. I’ve changed the link now.

  3. les says:

    so, about 23% of sessions end in a viewer crash and 8% end in server crash…so about 1/3 of all sessions don’t have to use X to quit. A time saving feature! 2 outta 3 aint bad!

    About the Region FPS Thresholds. You say ….Region < 35 FPS shows the percentage of time where Regions with lower frame rates may become noticeable.

    I would say a sim with Time with Region > 20 FPS (should be less then)

    Really…only 4 percent of sims run slow and 1 percent run really slow? I would say it’s more like 4% of sims run fine and 46% run slow and 50% are useless. Perhaps if there was a way to meter script use instead of allowing any avatar to wear unlimited amount of server crushing scripts free (not to mention, polys, textures, sounds so on…)anytime anywhere…just a thought.

  4. les says:

    somehow mangled my 3rd paragraph..I meant that a sim with <35FPS is not a little slow…it’s dead and puking blood. Then I pointed out a typo on the chart page.

  5. Meta Linden says:

    Hi les thanks – minor typo corrected, thank you.

    As shown in the data under those charts, 24% is the maximum *sum* of session crashes including both viewer and region crashes. The monthly percentage of just viewer crashes since January has been close between 15 – 16%. Please see the detail data file under the charts for more information.

    Our testing also shows that these region FPS figures are correct in terms of impact to resident experience, and by publishing the actual metrics we can avoid wild guesses or statements like “4% of sims run fine” or “sims with < 35 FPS are dead”.

  6. Krista Chaffe says:

    I guess I’m trying to understand the rosy picture you have described Meta. I look at those metrics and see there reflected exactly my experiences.

    Your metrics show increasing crashes since July, this is exactly what I see. Now I see vastly more than that but your metrics are diluted as they are grid wide. Still they show an increase and it is real.

    Your metric also show steadily decreasing performance since June. Again this directly correlates with my experience.

    Yet your blog entry is talking about improved performance and stability. Over the last few months that simply isn’t true.

    I wonder, do the folks at LL really recognize that the last few updates have caused many people problems.

  7. McPhenius Swain says:

    Glad to see the expanded stats!

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  9. Doris Haller says:

    Yes.. it’s all my fault! Sorry!

    I definitely have to do something about it… *average* viewer fps less than 10!? It’s my fault, I lower the average with my less than 5 all the time… I’m so sorry.

  10. Jayden B says:

    >> “Viewer performance in average Frames Per Second (FPS) benefited most this year from our Pipeline changes in April”

    And then fell through the floor hen we released voice onto the grid. Meta, do you have performance figures between april and voice and then voice and now? The addition of voice brought severe texture lag, I call it Grey Rez, that means you can’t really shop any more.

    >> “The overall Service Availability chart shows a serious improvement (decrease) in Unplanned Outages for September.”

    Did you account for almost a whole month without Friends Online being operational? It is a crucial part of the service for many people.

  11. Jayden B says:

    The leave Doris, we have seen your self-flagilation for the past 10 blogs. We have seen your whining in Jira. For gawds sake save up and buy more than a Pentium III with 1MB of RAM and 1MB hard disk and an ISA bus Trident graphics card.

    Minimum specs are just that. Minimum, the bare minimum to get the client started. Microsoft do the same, they recommend stupid low specs for XP.

    Save up and buy a faster computer, until then, realise that you will NOT get good performance. But for gods sake stop crying about it. SUCK IT IN GIRL.

  12. U M says:

    Games like Sl always have to have a “MIN playable scale”. Hence why Pentium III with 512 MB is as the term says “BAREBONES” But XP should always be the min OS otehr then that you asking for problems.

  13. Tijn Erde says:

    Any news regarding “huge prims vs. havok4”?
    I understand they’re not the best of friends?
    A lot of people rely on huge prims for their buildings, so advance warning is a must. Personally I’d just vote to up the prim limit for regions (and perhaps install a prim limit on attachments to battle those 200 prim belts and 300 prim haircuts to compensate).

  14. Brett Finsbury says:

    not sure what to make out of that. About the only thing I have had negative issues with Is the disco flashing light effect That I see on surfaces with shininess turned on.
    Then again new computer and it has vista on it. so not sure which end the problem is on.
    Oh yes the freeze on moving your cam around. Get those now and then. other than that all smiles here. Still works. Just pull out the old K.C. and the sunshine band alblum and crack it up and boogie to the light show. ROFL

  15. Galena Qi says:

    How does SL determine the viewer crash rate? Is it from the crash logger program or do you have another source of this information? I’d like to know this, so I can decide whether to continue sending in crash reports. Using the crash logger adds up to a minute to the time it takes me to log back in, so I’d like to know that those reports are actually useful.

  16. Meta Linden says:

    @Galena : As described in the Metrics Glossary, we determine the viewer crash rate by measuring the sessions that don’t have an explicit logout event, so for example network disconnects from your ISP would be counted in there. The crash logger is very valuable for us to determine the most prevalent crash sources for prioritization of fixing, so if you can please do continue to send them. They are quite useful to us, thanks!

  17. taff nouvelle says:

    takes an inordinate amount of time for pictures to rez. makes shopping a real problem now, freezes regularly on camera movement, I am a builder , that makes life difficult there. Sometimes cannot drag a script from my inventory into a prim, apart from that, the game is running fairly smoothly at present.

    FPS 45

    Dul core 3ghz
    4 GB memory
    GeForce 7600 GT 512 DDRIII
    8 meg BB connection.
    XP Pro

  18. Doris Haller says:

    “The leave Doris, we have seen your self-flagilation for the past 10 blogs. We have seen your whining in Jira. For gawds sake save up and buy more than a Pentium III with 1MB of RAM and 1MB hard disk and an ISA bus Trident graphics card.”

    Jayden???? You need to learn so much… politeness, understanding, logic… oh, and humor…

    How do you stand SL like that?

  19. Krista Chaffe says:

    Meta I appreciate you posting metrics, that is a good thing.

    But you seem to be missing or ignoring what your metrics are saying in favor of the corporate message. They don’t show improvement, quite the reverse they show a slow degradation in reliability and performance.

    You would get a lot better feedback if it didn’t appear our pain was going unnoticed by Linden. This isn’t about low end PCs, its about decent systems that prior to August were performing fine and now do not.

  20. Blinders Off says:

    The metrics are appreciated. They’re a little condemning to LL, so took some guts to post them.

    One comment: 1/3 of all user sessions wind up in a crash?

    Just as a thought: I use a lot of very high-level programs. I even use them together, several programs at a time. NONE of them crash. EVER. Yet, when we use Second Life all by itself, it crashes 1/3 of the time.

    No amount of “bleeding edge technology” claims excuses system crashes 33% of the time. Second Life, unstable? Man, that’s an understatement. It’s flipping amateur.

  21. Eddie says:

    Those viewer crash statistics are pretty scary, but congrats for being honest about them. Keep up the bug fixes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Jayden B says:

    >> “Jayden???? You need to learn so muchโ€ฆ politeness, understanding, logicโ€ฆ oh, and humorโ€ฆ”

    Politeness: I gave back what you have done in so many blogs and on Jira, arguing with all and sundry that if you had the bare minimum specification you should be able to use SL at full power.

    Understanding: True, I may not know your RL resources. maybe you are too poor to spend US$350 or so on a new machine that is SL capable.

    Logic: Sorry, no logic in YOUR statement for me to add to. One person’s poor framerate due to them using a PentiumIII is not going to affect the aggregated statistics with any margin.

    Humor: That form of self-deprecation was not very funny. It was more like sour grapes.

    I wish you luck in saving for a new computer, maybe one day you will see SL in all it’s glory, with all the shiny turned on.

  23. Hewitt Huet says:

    Up until the latest viewer and server upgrades, aside from one sim I owned land in all seemed ok, or tolerable. Lately I have been freezing and crashing a lot too, also I lost a script and a texture, oddly form the same object…. anyway, here’s hoping you guys at LL can work this all out. :\

  24. taff nouvelle says:

    completely off topic, but this is important to some.
    A few of my friends have had problems after being off SL for a few weeks, they log in to find black patches on hands, arms neck and back.
    The cure is to go into appearence and change gender from male to female, out of appearence, back in and change back again.
    When I asked in help, no-one knew what to do, so please pass this around ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope this help some ..

  25. Cethlenn Miles says:

    I don’t know exactly where you are seeing better performance, but I can tell you that I have had radically increased problems with lag since Voice was enabled. Since the last update chatting in groups is almost un-doable because posts appear three minutes after the pertinent sentence.

    You guys are missing something important somewhere.

  26. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I started in February 2007, after a rough start I upgraded my DSL connection and Sl was a breeze, hardly any crashing, the occasional freezing like 3 times a month and my computer stopped going into sleep mode, and it was sweet until was released, since then I have crashed everyday, some days are awful, my screen freezes on SL and sometimes everything freezes, I have to force a reboot and once again my computer goes into sleep mode too.

    Something is really wrong.

  27. Ricky Zamboni says:


    To make the FPS stat more meaningful, it should have avatar presence incorporated. After all, nobody cares if a sim is running at 100 fps if there’s nobody there.

    If you make the metric something like \sum (user hours * (FPS<20?))/\sum(all user hours), you’ll get a number more representative of the true user experience.

  28. Hecaeta Hax says:

    I personally think that all meterics and user info needs to be reset to reflect and honest Metric of SL. I can be logged on for days continually with out a crash. I am also tired of hear about the griping about campers. Provide and option to it rather than just sticking all the money in your pockets. It product on cost time and effort the first time is is free after that. Try being part of a solution rather than the problem.

  29. Hecaeta Hax says:

    I personally think that all meterics and user info needs to be reset to reflect an honest Metric of SL. I can be logged on for days continually without a crash. I am also tired of hearing about the griping about campers. Provide an option to it rather than just sticking all the money in your pockets. The product costs time and effort the first time, and is is free after that. Try being part of a solution rather than the problem.
    Onb other is Think everyone gripes about is Griefers, Anyone every bothered to take the time to chat with one? I did, I found him on my land and we spoke for about an hour, turns out that to them this is a game, not the world the rest of us see. SO live and let live. If you cant stand griefers stay out of their kitchen. You might get burned.
    But, there is on issue I am in agreement with. And that is the IDV, it will reduce the “illegal” alts and help to reduce camp bots with will help everyone.

  30. mimi says:

    Yes yes it helps a lot to buy a better videocard, in the medium crashable quality sims the textures load much faster. I used to have a very poor videocard, since I upgraded its become a lot better.

    However.. this does not fix all trouble… I run a high end computer and still, I crash and crash and crash.. am hardly able to walk though my shop when there are a lot of people. It helps to load textures a lot faster though.

    Jayden… keep in mind that not everyone can afford a great computer or videocard. 350 US$ is a lot of money for many people, its not funny to be mean about that. Not everyone is lucky enough to have spare money to afford great computers.
    There are many residents in SL which are people with a lowermedium income, or come from countries where people simply don’t have that much money. I used to be one, and most of my friends still are.
    Yes, it would be nice if everyone could play SL at high level, but reality is that many people simply can’t afford to. Secondlife would lose a lot of residents if they wouldn’t keep in mind the people with slower computers. People from poorer countries, students, people on retirement, all kinds of people, who now make part of the great diversity of people that secondlife has. They add value to secondlife too. So why wouldn’t they have the right to complain?

  31. burnt burt says:

    Running a MacBook Pro 10.4.10. Since voice and the last last client upgrades, the crashes have increased to 2 or 3 per hour. I’m not able to simply force quit, but have to cold boot. Also seeing an odd texture rendering. Seems to be random and only on certain objects, where a magenta haze with machine code imprinted along one edge appears over the texture, but disappears when I cam in close to the object. Re-logging fixes it, usually. At least, so far, I have not experienced the inventory loss I’ve read about. That would pretty much make SL kaput as a business model.

  32. Tim says:

    Now that you have these data, what will you do with them? There are many interesting results withing the data. I assume some statistics wiz is hard at work…

    For example, Krista said in #6 “Your metrics show increasing crashes since July, this is exactly what I see. … Still they show an increase and it is real.” Analysis says otherwise. A chart of overall crash rates each day shows a fairly steady pattern for the entire data set. There were a few unusually high days May 5-8. There were unusually low crash rates 7/24 and 8/31. Otherwise there were no real trends in the Crash rates. (Oh, there was a bad data point 3/17 – it listed a negative!? crash rate for viewer related crashes.)

    Crash rates show another interesting affect. When viewer crash rates are up, region crash rates are down. I can’t think of a good reason what that should be, but perhaps Meta knows. When viewer crash rates are up near 20%, region crash rates are down near 5-10%. But when viewer rates are down near 5%, region rates climb to around 15-20%.

    Median viewer FPS shows some very dramatic jumps. Until 3/23, the rate was pretty steady around 11.1 -11.6. Then it jump dramatically, to 13.2-13.7 until about 6/13. It was quite steady at 12.5-12.9 since then, although there is a slight decline toward the end.

    Enough numbers for tonight!

  33. Azadine Umarov says:

    @14 re: disco lite shinies

    Have found that, despite several reinstalls of video drivers that is not a problem that is going away much. Have found a workaround, though. When you see this, force sun to a different time, and then return to the time you were at before and it often goes away. Lot less time consuming than fruitlessly reinstalling video drivers, assuming that it’s your main bit of video strangeness.

    Have watched this one for months, and have come to the conclusion that it usually crops up on window resizes or when the Sim time is in a transition, especially around sunset.

  34. Ric Mollor says:

    The measurements of sessions ending abnormally can’t give a complete picture without measurement of client and sim uptime before the crash.

    As user demographics change the average length per session may change. Unless this is change is taken into consideration, crash percentage numbers doesn’t tell the full story.

    Most likely, as more ‘casual’ users enter Second Life, the length of the average session decreases. So perhaps things are getting much worse even though it appears they are only slowly declining.

  35. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    They don’t Mimi, because if they’re computer is below the minimum specs they are causing the lags and bottlenecks.

  36. johnny says:

    you must have posted these results about another online game because i crash every 30mins still same as always you fill us all with this rubbish how good it is tell them all how you tax eu sim owners more than they make in profit and how you failed them all left them all to just loose all their cash

  37. Doris Haller says:

    The specs just have changed after I “whined” about the performance I got with my computer (BTW Jayden, I never had a Pentium III???)
    I had a recommended graphic card a few weeks ago, now this card is a minimum requirement.

    And Thunderclap also believes it is my fault: “they are causing the lags and bottlenecks.” (This is really not true.) So, users are the reason why SL is slow!?

    Come on! LL is not concentrating on improving the performance just because of me! They (and a lot of other people) noticed that there is room for improvement, even with better hardware.

  38. Happi Homewood says:

    taff nouvelle Says:

    takes an inordinate amount of time for pictures to rez. makes shopping a real problem now, freezes regularly on camera movement, I am a builder , that makes life difficult there. Sometimes cannot drag a script from my inventory into a prim, apart from that, the game is running fairly smoothly at present.

    FPS 45

    Dul core 3ghz
    4 GB memory
    GeForce 7600 GT 512 DDRIII
    8 meg BB connection.
    XP Pro

    That describes my experience exactly. Only my cpu is AthlonXP 3200+ with 1 GB RAM, other than that my specs are the same.

    Can anyone help with this: I have to set graphics memory to 256 MB for things to run smoothly. When I set it to 512, after a while everything slows down to a grinding halt.

    I have tried several benchmark programs, but none of them found any faults with my gfx card. Also I haven’t experienced this issue with other games.

    Could it be SL having problems with 512 MB GFX RAM, or is it a fault in my card? As long as I don’t have proof, I can’t get my card replaced.

    Anyone know how to test the card properly?

  39. Raspberry Cone says:

    Pretty much same here except Fx 51 and 9800xt 256mb , runs fine for a while then it slowly grinds to a halt , turn it off dump the cache and its fine again for awhile. Its worse when i go shopping with lots of textures to load. Almost like it doesnt flush them or something .

    Also notice it takes quite awhile for it to shut off the audio sometimes , if i look in the running processes it will still be running for up to 5 mins .

  40. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thank you Linden Lab, especially for honouring your promise of publishing viewer and region crash statistics. I applaud your transparency.

    Finally, a Gold Star from me.

  41. johnny says:


  42. lrena akina says:

    Agrees with #42 johnny
    I have had the very same experiance. Crash Logger not copmleteing the request. About half the time when I would send the crash report it would time out. And the last couple of times I have sent the reports it took so long to connect I just gave up and do not send them anymore.

  43. Absolutely @ 42 & 43

    I have had this happen at least half the time. I send in information to the crash logger and it doesnt work or times out !!! So then is it possible LL is only get half the info needed ? Crashing is becomeing a serious problem. Before it was just an occasional bother. Now it is routine to crash at least a couple of times a day.

    BTW it really doesn’t matter what kind of system you have or what type of connection you have lately. As I use several unique types of connections and machines since I log in from home and from the office and from the university. Crashing , Freeze ups, Slow rendering, Inventory losses, are becoming more and more common across the board for everyone.

  44. Astarte says:

    Oh nice so our new little lag meter, set at 15FPS to give steady green, will show over 50% of all users have problems with their graphics card or settings. How constructive is that going to be.

    Yet another excuse to say to the majority of your customers “It is not our fault…It is your own !!””

  45. Faulkner Beattie says:

    My old daddy used to say “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” And Mark Twain once said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    I know no nothing about your metrics or methodology. All I know is what I have experienced, which is that my perfectly-normal computer which worked fine in February keeps getting slower and slower in SL. Nowhere else–only here. And despite your claims of reliability and improvement, the SL experience keeps getting worse. Please fix the basic things you have been promising to fix for years. No one cares about pretty skies and voice chat when we can’t even move our avatars.

    Don’t talk to us about improvements when all we can see is system deterioration. Or as we say in Texas, “Don’t p*** down my neck and tell me it’s raining.”

  46. Brett Finsbury says:

    Hey thanks for the tip Azadine Umarov
    I find it hard to believe that a Year ago when I first came to SL I was running a 1.3 gig processor with 512 ram and a 64mb vid card. Now running at 3.0g with 4 gig of ram and a 512 vid card. Hate to plug that old beast back in might explode on SL haha.
    “Think everyone gripes about is Griefers, Anyone every bothered to take the time to chat with one? I did, I found him on my land and we spoke for about an hour, turns out that to them this is a game, not the world the rest of us see. SO live and let live. If you cant stand griefers stay out of their kitchen. You might get burned.”
    A person griefing is not allowing other people to enjoy this game. The griefer needs to get out of the kitchen not the person out here trying to enjoy this game. I do agree that IDV for everyone might help get rid of the griefers. That when when they get banned for good from SL they cannot make a new alt and go back to griefing business as usual. Plus IDV for all will get rid of the confusion of what needs to be flagged or not and have SL running business as usual. If some kid steals their parents ID then its on the heads of the company that verified them not us.
    I did the IDV and all this fear of some company selling my name and drivers license number to a third party is a joke.
    I provide the same if not more information to the pimple faced kid behind the counter selling me a pack of smokes at the corner store than I did to this company.

  47. Could you please fix the RECOVER PASSWORD feature provided time ago in your website? I forgot my password and I can’t move my account from one computer to another. I live in Mexico and I can’t call for live support. Thanks!

  48. ALL of those metrics are moving in what I would consider the WRONG direction in recent months… When you say you are “improving” them do you by any chance look at the charts upside down or do you mean “improving” as a gremlin would say “improved”.

  49. Mimi says:

    “โ€œthey are causing the lags and bottlenecks.โ€ ”

    How can anyone cause one person lag while the only one who has trouble seeing the textures is the one with the slow computer?
    Seems like some people just need to blame someone.. no matter if its realistic.

    @47 the difference between showing information to a smoke selling kid” and a huge company collecting tons of info is that for the company the information is worth a lot of money while the “kid” only has information of a few people.

    If the IDV is handled as crappy as the DMCAs are I fear for the worst.

  50. Happi Homewood says:

    My experience is that my SL viewer almost never crash, and when it does, it is usually when I click on the exit button. Then, on next startup the viewer sends a crash report.

    Maybe, if you fix that bug, your statistics might improve a lot, but then again, it is of very little importance, since I’m closing the application anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. dmoniq says:

    ive first joined sl exactly 1 year ago ,was hardly able to run it on my pc back then ,in january i had build a completely new machine ,high-speed cable connection aswell 8MEGs
    processor – intel pentium 4 cpu 3.20Ghz ( 2CPU’s)
    memory – 1024MB of RAM
    XP pro
    graphics card – INIVIDIA GEFORCE 8500GT 512MB memory -with all drivers up to date
    i was crashing about 2 times on a whole week ,and i was so surprised to hear people complaining about crashing
    never that time had problems with inventory loss ,crashes after crashes
    lagging at times yes ,freezing on moving cam yes ,but not very bad
    and that miracle lasted till voice version was implemented
    since then i started with bad lags and often freezes
    then the last updates and viewers made the hell out of my sl experience
    my music on my land isnt working 50% of the times ,videos aswell ,lagging like hell even on my land when no one else in the sim !!!
    and i have my draws and graphics on lowest limit aswell
    used to keep the draws on my land up to max 512 and i was peachy fine
    now on 64 or 96 and lagging as hell
    the last update screwed everything for me
    rezzing soooooo slowly , freezing every step and move ,crashing atleast once an hour , cant go in any club anymore ,cant go shopping anymore either ,used to have all kind of attachments on my avi and was fine ,now i hardly keep just my anti-griefing hud attached and still lagging
    i am always keeping my pc “clean” .defragm’s ,disk clean-ups
    not running any other programs in the background anymore ,just SL ,and still performance is going down with every new update
    i dont honesly get it ,u guys are not updating ,u are downgrading -from great to bad from bad to worse ….

  52. Raven Primeau says:

    And no ones mentioned boots/hair/earings/etc up yer bum crossing sim borders/ TPing yet.

    2.4 core duo

    2G of ram

    8600 gtx 512meg graphics

    this plays everything I want on high spec except SL where I have had to scale the graphics down to stop the Charlie Chaplin effect.

    BTW rumour has it “Missing image” is out this season a Grey seems to be the new colour of choice in SL

  53. pantaiputih korobase says:

    if the crash logger would work, I might consider to send data via crash logger.
    I still think SL whateverwear is not capable of the amount of users online – performance alsways decreases considerably if > 40.000 or 45.000 users are online. Just invest, SL!

  54. Doreen Garrigus says:

    Satellite U200
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7600 @ 2.33GHz 2.33 GHz
    2039 MB Memory (RAM)
    32-bit Operating System


    Runs just fine except when I walk into a forest of spinning signs (or any other dense cluster of animations). That will crash it every time, and I am pretty sure it is my poor little laptop’s fault. It doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also experience the quasi-crash—that thing that happens when I click the x to log out, just like Happi Homewood described. Does it really count as a crash if I was trying to close the viewer?

  55. Vivienne says:

    Viewer FPS statistics are nice, but do not tell the whole story. Sure, my performance on the client side is not so bad at all as long as i do not move. My viewer actually is able to render up to 10-15 FPS even in the most hostile environments (Malls, Clubs etc.) as long as i do not dare to walk. But if i do, it drops down like dead (1-5 FPS). Because not everybody in SL moves all the time, substract 50 % at least from the aerage FPS result publiched here and you will be near the truth.

    Nevertheless sim owners can help the poor performance of even higher end and midrange computer systems, of course, by reducing the stuff a client has to load – reduce it to a necessary minimum! Your sim might not look that great, then, but people will be able to move at deset frame rates without reducing rendering quality to a minimum! Builders f.e. should use JPG instead of TGA, BMP and other monster formats on non.transparent objects. Same for the mall vendors. Why do merchants use 1024×1024 BMP files on a vendor panel of stamp size???

    Nevertheless, the other half of the problem is network (paket loss) and client lag, not necessarily the server lag. So voice did not help the performance of the network at all, nor do obsolete rendering processes in the viewer. Only LL can help the software and bandwidth flaws. But to blame them for all the mistakes SL residents introduce on the grid….no. A club owner who runs 5500 scripts, 550 particle effects, 260 moving physical objects and uses large textures on even a simple barstool should not blame anyone else but himself when people stay away from his trap.

  56. Selena says:


  57. Zachary Carter says:

    Intel Core2Duo 1.6GHz
    2.0GB RAM
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    256MB Nvidia GeForce Go 7600

    I maybe crash 1-2 times a day, and it is only when I log (or teleport) into a new area with a lot of textures. I really haven’t had that many problems, and am still surprised some of the problems people are having with higher machines than me.

    I have an old Intel P3 1.0GHZ with 512MB ram and a 128MB ATi graphics card, and it runs SL fairly well. No crashing, just low frame rates because of the obvious requirements.

    Sure, I have problems with inventory (not loss, just faliure to appear on a login), and region crashes (3-4 times a day), but I’ve learned to live with those things. Whining is not going to help, and I honestly don’t care at this point if I’m attacked because I’m “defending” Linden Labs. In reality, I don’t care either way.

  58. Zachary Carter says:

    Sorry for the double post, but my general framerate with 512 draw distance on and all graphics enabled on the mainland (class 4, pretty poor sim on script time and texture time) is around 10FPS (and fine for basic work). On a private island with 512 draw distance it is around 25-30 FPS.

  59. Krista Chaffe says:

    I wasn’t attacking them.

    I was just pointing out that their own graphs show a worsening situation not an improving one.

    The metrics are a good thing, it lets them/us measure the situation. What isn’t so good is the rosy comments, it suggests that Linden doesn’t want to fess up to the problems recent changes have caused.

    This is typical corporate doublespeak, never admitting to a problem in case of being blamed for something. We just have to hope that internally they understand even if they aren’t willing to express that to us.

  60. Amanda Ascot says:

    Meta, I really appreciate what you’re doing, here, since this takes a degree of honesty that the general population of Second Life isn’t accustomed to seeing from Linden Lab. The numbers are not flattering, although they seem to be rosier than the experience most of us seem to be actually getting in-world. Sim crashes, for instance, are based upon the entire Grid, including those vast regions that are barren of activity for long stretches of time, and do not reflect the actual *median* experience of users, who tend to congregate in only a relatively few sims. Anyone who has taken a statistics course knows that the arithmetic mean is seldom representative of the actual behavior of a real-world system. I couldn’t care less that the sim, Desolate Wasteland, never crashes when the sim, Popular Party Place, which is where I hang out most of the time, crashes several times a day (sim names non-existent to my knowledge).

    I’ve used a variety of computer on both cable and wireless connections since last November when I joined Second Life. While I admit it’s subjective, my experience has been a steady decline in performance since then, and a dramatic change in the rate of that decline (for the worse) in recent months. Until recently, lag has actually been quite steady, which is really surprising, considering the number of total users has increased eight or tenfold, but viewer stability and Grid stability, in general, seems (at least to me) to have gotten worse. Interestingly, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of times the crash logger crashes, too. That would almost be funny under different circumstances.

    And, yes, before anyone suggests that I upgrade my system, etc., and quit using a laptop to access Second Life, let me point out that I coined the term “local lag” to refer to apparent lag which people experience that’s actually a result of a user’s computer or Internet connection way back in January. I was preaching to other newbies back then about how to decrease their perceived lag. The degradation in performance is real — and more apparent in full and nearly-full sims than elsewhere. You can’t attribute it to concurrency, either — at least not directly. One place I work has traditionally had a relatively constant population of 35-45 agents. It’s much laggier now than it was months ago. Indeed, it’s my perception that the lag now, at 35 people in-sim, is roughly what it used it be about eight months ago with 50 people in-sim. Not a good sign.

    I admit that I’m impressed with Linden Lab’s ability to keep this ship floating under the circumstances, but something simply must be done to address the decline in performance we’re seeing. I know people who have left Second Life because of this, and others who are seriously considering it when their Premium accounts come due for renewal. It certainly didn’t help that the Beta Grid is simply not sufficient to test a viewer prior to release. Only the most obvious of problems ever seems to crop of there — many of them, in the common view of residents, being problems which should have been caught even before reaching the Beta Grid. I think the Release Candidate viewer is a wonderful idea, since it gives us the ability to test a viewer “under load”, the only problem being, of course, that some people are just too dense to understand that a “candidate” has not yet been voted into office, and will gripe about bugs when they’re using it instead of the main viewer. The Heterogenous Grid concept is another wonderful concept if it works as advertised and doesn’t introduce problems (or, worse, combinations of things that become problems only in combination). Add Havok4 to these, and I think the future looks brighter for Second Life

    Linden Lab is clearly taking measures to address stability issues. I only hope that it it’s not too little and too late.

  61. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @Amanda: When I started, a sim with 35 people in it was on the verge of crashing, even if they were all camping you’d have time dilation below 0.1 and you simply couldn’t move. Didn’t matter if it was Class 3 or Class 4… and one time I got caught in a sim that was having an “event” it took me 10 minutes of retries to teleport out. They gradually got that under control, at the cost of making sim crossings and teleports perilous.

    A year ago, if your parcel was on the edge of a sim you were risking disconnection if you walked too far in the wrong direction, which is why there’s a rock wall along the edge of the Coonspiracy in Noonkkot where it faces Sinaburoe. Flying vehicles? You’d be lucky to make 4 sim crossings before you disconnected and plunged helplessly into the void underneath the sims before logging off. They still have a long way to go, but I’ve been able to fly in a glider across the Southern continent from one side to the other, following Linden roads to avoid ban lines.

    Now you’re thinking of 50 people in-sim as something that should be normal. That by itself tells me they’ve made enormous improvements.

  62. Blinders Off says:

    50 people on a sim normal? Maybe if you want to lag to no movement syrup. Sims crash every day with 15 people on the sim. Sorry, I’ve been around SL for a long time and if anything, performance is far worse than it used to be. At least group IMs used to work and textures at one time actually loaded.

  63. LS says:

    For 2 days items have been lost in space from slx to in-game, vendors are laggy all over the place and timing out, teleporting may or may not get you where you’re going, logging in takes forever and rezzing is a nightmare. These are the same problems that keep going and going… I can’t imagine what the Halloween holiday is going to be like…most likely scary in ways that aren’t real pleasant and I’m not thinking ghosts and zombies here. Is there something wrong that a rolling restart might not clear the air some? And it’s not even wednesday yet. Oh wait, tomorrow is Halloween AND wednesday…one can only imagine what the day will bring.

  64. Rift Rehnquist says:

    Yea just as I figured. SL has been on a gradual downhill slide into the bowels of virtual hell since July. While yes we do appreciate you guys confiming this for us, I don’t know of any other platform that suffers as many serious ailments as SL does. On a side Note. Do get some Vista compatability. We know it’s hard to make something like SL compatable with a New OS especially when there is butter on the keyboards. but really do at least try to keep up with the last 2 installments of More’s Law. Oh yea and while you are at it perhaps you guys could even fix the Inventory database. Those queries that query our Inventory are beginning to make us query if infact you are querying anything at all.

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  66. Denise Hian says:

    You guys need to include outstanding tickets and the time to resolve them. The bugs you guys have is ridiculous! 22/10/07. bought land in rollo, linden paid to owner but land not transferred to me or my group. Put out a ticket, till today it is still reflected as “NEW”, bought another land in Bethymine today, Sim went offline, then when it came back online, the land is reverted back to the previous owner. The best is the double charging of my hubby monthly tier of US$195.

  67. Me says:

    When I logged in today my inventory lacked about 1000 items (and still does), totally devistating because some of my most important textures are missing / gone :-(((

    So much for quality, thousands of LS just lost ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve really had about enough of inventory loss.

    I’m also among the people who were double charged for tier – it was refunded to my USD balance – BUT – who is going to pay my credit card charges that I will be charged now – there were enough USD in my account to cover tier which I do to NOT have to pay thouse charges.

    Same happend to me last month when VAT was applied only a couple of hours before I was billed (no, sorry, I don’t have access to my emails 24/7) and because of the sudden and unexpected raise my USD balance lacked 0.50 USD – but that was enough to be charged international credit card fees just as well.

    I’m so totally discouraged at the moment and I’m beginning to wonder why I even bother at all any longer…

    LL is eating my money (inventory loss, double billing realted charges) with apparently no intention of refunding their customers to some extent – takes all the fun away for me for sure ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Sorry, just had to rant today, my newest (and worst) inventory loss just makes me feel really, really bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  68. a resident says:

    Second Life Failure Metrics would be a better name for those numbers.

  69. Vivienne says:

    @ Amanda

    “I was preaching to other newbies back then about how to decrease their perceived lag. The degradation in performance is real โ€” and more apparent in full and nearly-full sims than elsewhere.”

    Yes, agree. 1.15 was a sheer framerate killer on my mac, and the viewer never ever recovered from this blow. Overall client nd network lag did get even worse with 1.18. Same for overall stability.

  70. Jim Perhaps says:

    Okay my typical rant ๐Ÿ™‚ Get rid of camping. Yes I know this will show that SL does not really have nearly the active users LL wants the world to think it does. I sell aircraft.

    The other day I went to a small parcel of land selling nothing but aircraft made by Apolon Secure. The parcel was located in the “Airport” sim. That 2.5Ksqm lot has 12 camping spots. What if everyone inflated their traffic that way?

    Second thing. Time limit or some real serious limitations on free accounts.

    And yes I was here 12/2005.. . performance was much better over all then it is today.. I get responses for support tickets 30 days after I submit the tickets. That is good service for 195 a month?

  71. Calliope Simon says:

    I have a brand spanking new macbook pro with 4 gigs of ram, a 2.4ghz core 2 duo processor, and a gforce 8600m GT. It’s running OSX 10.5…

    I’m connecting to the internet over a roadrunner cablemodem and see less than 10ms traces up to two hops out, and then under 30ms across every major backbone that roadrunner connects to, including AT&T, Cogent, and Telia.

    And with the newest build of Second Life, I’m still getting less than 15 frames per second on average at 1024×768 or less. Any higher resolution than that and SL becomes utterly unusable.

    So what’s the deal, Lindens? Do you need some help with the OSX port? Contact me at the supplied email address if you need someone to come in and show you why direct porting of thread and cpu intensive applications is always a very bad idea.

  72. Storyof Oh says:

    Linden Lab land suffer a 5.6 earthquake…what chances this might shake the loose screws back into place and get things rolling sweetly again???

  73. Dirk Felix says:

    It’s interesting that most crashes do not evoke the message system to LL with notificiation. A great marketing tool, just like this dribble when your customer base knows in fact that these results are as accurate as the Bush Administrations suggestion that we are making progress in Iraq. Shame on you LL

    Can you include the number of accounts compromised by hackers who entered the billing database? I think this would be of high value to all interested in SL.

    BTW, Customer Service still sucks. I’m waiting for a refund of $L that I purchased and bever received. It’s been over 6 months and you have all the evidence, even confirmation from your CSR’s supporting refund. Buyer Beware.

    Have a nic,e nice, nice day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Amanda Ascot says:

    Argent @61

    *grins* I had to laugh when I read your comments, Argent (not at you, but, I hope, with you, since humor is one of the few things left to get us past the speed bumps in Second Life)! It isn’t as though I’m a total newb. Trust me, I remember when 35 people in-sim, especially a mainland sim, had it tottering on the brink of oblivion. The place I mentioned is one where the theme is, essentially, playing “tag” in a maze, with people running around trying catch each other, and all wearing scripted devices that register bumps that last long enough to classify as a “catch”. Add to that all the bling scripts and AOs listening for user input, the scripts necessary to run the sim, the prim hair and skirts, and furry avatar attachments, and this place has always been “Lag City”. Amazingly, our up-time is about the same now as it was a year, ago, even with higher agent presence.

    And I do have a parcel on the edge of a sim. Not only that, but it’s on the corner of a sim. So many odd things happen there that we call it the “Bermuda Triangle”, and this is now, and not a year ago. I think that if Linden Lab solved the issues around inter-sim communication many of our problems in-world would be solved, including the infamous attachment mis-attachment bug that everyone either complains or laughs about.

    And, yes, I’ve had the … interesting … experience of crashing two sims and getting dumped hundreds of meters to the ground in a third sim that crashed almost immediately after I landed — all because I made the newbie mistake of flying across a sim corner at high speed in a heavily scripted craft that managed to get itself de-rezzed in the process. Now I don’t even walk or drive across a sim boundary. I stop, look both ways, and gingerly take one step across before waiting for the world the end. If it doesn’t, I proceed. If it does … well, relogging can be … interesting … as well.

    50 people normal? Not even! Most sims do reasonably well with 25. It starts getting iffy at 35. 50 is definitely pushing the envelope in a Bad Way. Yes there are exceptions on the lower end. A lot of people don’t realize that mainland sims share servers (four to a server last I heard). Private islands do not, unless you’ve bought low-prim islands, and those are four to a server, too. This means you can be the only on your sim, but if the clubs in the other three have filled up their sims your sim is going to lag … guaranteed. But like you said, when you even consider that a serious event can even be held in a sim with 50 people (and we proved that the last several days with two such events every day that filled up the sim I mentioned, above), this does, indeed, indicate that Linden Lab has been making improvements. I often wonder just how luxurious our experience of Second Life would be if concurrency suddenly dropped to 2006 levels.

  75. Blinders Off says:

    LOL this is so hilarious. OUR world.

    We comment here on SL performance. LL does pay attention.. good for them (seriously) because they post a new blog about “1/16 of the grid’s members not able to use group chat properly”.

    But comments to that blog are CLOSED.

    LOL know why? Because they flat out know that they are going to receive a truckload of comments on that one. Such as:
    “Only 1/16? How do you know that?”
    “Why has this problem existed for months and you’re only just now addressing it?”
    “How many customer complaints does it take regarding a MAJOR problem to get LL on the stick?”

    Hey, we know the LL plate is full. We appreciate the fact you’re finally getting around to addressing this issue. But you know, some things are just more important than others… and group chat is one of them. That should have been put on high-priority status the moment you all were made aware of it.

    And LL, once again, for SURE closing comments on that blog is not than open-door, “your world” policy and is going to raise customer ire. Closing comments on a blog is chicken-stance. Thanks for finally addressing the problem… but shame for continuing to disrespect your customers. Especially at the prices you charge.

  76. Blinders Off says:

    @ Amanda:

    Love your posts. Very even-handed. One correction:

    “Private islands do not, unless youโ€™ve bought low-prim islands, and those are four to a server, too.”

    As of the last LL announcement, ALL sims share servers, even private island sims. Private islands stopped having dedicated severs as of about April 2005. Was a big stew over it.

    FACTS: Linden lab charges some $1,650 (is that still the price?) to set up a private island sim and charges about $295 a month to host that sim.

    They share 4 sims per server box. That means they charge a total $6,600+ to set up a single server box, and $1,180 a month to maintain it.

    Standard business T-1 dedicated server on the web costs an average of $95 to $195 a month.

    Do we see why people complain about SL price gouging? IMO, LL could provide free server boxes and charge users $95 a month to maintain a sim and still make killer profit if they managed their business correctly. At $95 per sim per month, they would be pulling in $380 per server per month. $95 x some 10,000 sims is an income of $950,000 a month, or $11 million a year. Not too shabby.
    And if they charged $95 a month for a sim, a LOT more people would run sims… because there are a lot more people willing and able to pay $95 a month for a hobby who cannot warrant $295 a month.

    Simple common sense. Never been a strong point of LL, I’m afraid.

  77. mayaaaabeeee says:

    i cant log in , i didnt know where to ask help, but i need it really quick.. i get an error saying “unable to conect to a simulator”… and i can log in, in my 2nd account..but not this one.. help me someone please ๐Ÿ˜ฆ its really urgent to log in and i dont have much time ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  78. Rob A says:

    Mmmm, awesome. Tons and tons of newbs. Just what SL needs. Thanks so much for having that CSI:NY thing…I know we just couldn’t have done without it. I think options that bring thousands of people to SL who have little to no experience with computers, let alone online games, is definately the way to go. Glad things are going well in your little office though. Wouldn’t want little ol’ Phil Linden’s checkbook to get light, even if the service doesn’t work correctly, huh?

  79. Rob A says:

    “50 people normal? Not even! Most sims do reasonably well with 25. It starts getting iffy at 35. 50 is definitely pushing the envelope in a Bad Way.”

    We had 88 people on a PI once for an event. It was…interesting. We couldn’t move, but we could cam around at a rate of about 4s/frame. No, not 4fps – 4 S.P.F. Ironically, the streaming live music feed was perfect for all 80+ people listening.

    Rob A: Go LL. It’s your birthday. We’re gonna…
    Rob A has gone offline.
    Rob A has come online.
    Rob A: Whew! Got booted. Hey, how’s it…
    Rob A has gone offline.
    Rob A has come online.
    Rob A: Woah, what’s up with the…
    Rob A has gone offline.

    (I think you get the picture. Thanks so much LL.)

  80. herina says:

    can’t login with a message saying unable to connect to a simulator, wht s going on?

  81. Claudine Chantilly says:

    excuse me mr linden.. could we please have an error logger in the error logger as mine has crashed the last three time i went to use it. mind you, i only see the error logger after about every third actual crash. thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

  82. Vivienne says:


    A free account does not necessarily imply non-spending. I know LOTS of people who are on a free account, rent land from private landowners and spend a hell more of lindens within one month than the average premium member does within one year.

    I do not care about your “free sex club” as long as i can simply stay away from it if i am offensed by the seemingly content (which, as a strict religious fundamentalist, i am not even allowed to inspect out of kinda curiosity, hee hee).

    Framerates do not depend on the SL economy, nor on the number of attachmentless nubes nor on sexual preferences. And btw, a PG sim including a copy of westminster abbey plastered by fivethousand 1024×1024 TGA alpha textures and 500 sculpties as well as twenty rez-on-temp rezzers will even lag the archbishop of Canterbury to death.

  83. Montana Corleone says:

    Well, I don’t know. The new render pipeline in April gave me twice the fps in the test area, but half inworld where it really counts. You messed up alphas and lighting which are still not fixed. Note I’m on Mac, with better than the Recommended Requirements, and it’s still bad.

    Ditto with the messagiing from 1.15 and the new messaging system, still failures and message lag in groups there, and although fixed once, the “No permission to post” errors have resurfaced. The aim for externalising it was to improve performance, and yet chat and IM lag is worse, comms with external services constantly failing, and we lost Ratings and something else to provide it…

    Dunno what you are doing to the main grid: whether it’s the tweaks you are working on, letting more on (56k cf 50K) or the hordes of CSI people, but the last week it’s been Crashtastic, Lagtastic, and scripts seem borked in lots of sims.

    You always seem to do this: just as the grid starts to run reasonably okay, you let a load more on and the dbs and assest servers go to pot, tps fail, crashes occur, and performance drops to way below unacceptable. Perhaps next time you should get ahead of yourselves and not let the extra on until your systems can actually handle them. Growing is not so much about new features and shinies, but keeping people that you already got.

    Perhaps if you concentrated more on performance, inv loss and the like, you’d be growing better than having to have corporates invade. But of course that is what people have been asking for since before the Open Letter…

    If you did, maybe you’d ask yourself why last month users numbers dropped, and have been dropping in Europe since you gve individual numbers back in May: France and Germany for instance by nearly a third. You think it might be related to performance, lack of non-English support, and the inability of some people to buy Lindens because of the service provider – PP – you use?

    It’s certainly not because they got bored with waiting for shinies they didn’t want, it’s because of performance, losing things which cost them real money, and immoral people scamming and ripping off people that LL does nothing about. Latest ruse, because LL don’t bother investigating, is that griefer friends multiple AR anyone who reports them, so the victim gets banned because there are more ARs against them than the griefers. You should have thought this through better like a lot of things.

    Yes, some of us are NPIOF scum, because we don’t have credit cards (not every economy is sick and relying on credit to prop it up), even though most online retailers take our debit cards but not PP or LL. We still have businesses. Back in February I was in the top 20 spenders, when there were 60K premiums alone, so we do input, in terms of creativity, and redistribure money even if we can’t buy or sell.

    Some simple analysis of your own data and Key Metrics would indicate some stuff. Sure last month Premiums went up by 400, but so did Referral bonuses, they shot up from the normal L$7m to L$10m, so that means a minimum of 10K new premiums, thus if they only increased by 400, 9,600 old premiums either left or dowwngraded, that’s over 10% in one month. A lot of those would have been landowners and creatives. If you consider the month where they dropped 6K, then adding in those 7K new members, means that month established users dropped by 13K, almost 15%.

    If you want to get rid of old people, fine, but relying on cycling through noobs is not a good strategy for solid future growth, and smacks of being nothing more than a Ponzi. I trust that is not LL’s aim, but you really, really must address the problems that people have been telling you for months and months: stop introducing new shinies until the system is stable, actually is “rock solid” – lmao – and then you can move forward. By any measure you care to look at, falling land prices, decreasing users, money coming in tailing or being static, SL is sick and needs fixing.

    Its good to start doing some surveys, but very disconcerting that it’s taken over 4 years to start addressing inv loss, and intimating that really youdon’t have a clue what is happennning to your dbs. Dbs may not be important to LL and the Tao of Linden, but they are pretty important to all users, especially the people who lose stuff or it’s not there when they want it.

    You have an awful long way to go if this is supposed to be a replacement for the web lol.

  84. Amanda Ascot says:

    Blinders @76: Thanks. I call the shots like I see them, favorable or unfavorable. When Linden Lab does something bad I’ll tell them about it. When they do something good, I’ll let them know I appreciate their efforts. I have no problem breaking your fingers and spoon feeding you at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    There seems to be a lot of confusion over the issue of how many sims are running on a server. For example, out of the official wiki we have: ” ‘Region’ is a synonym for sim, which is short for “simulator”. The land in SL is hosted on a Linux server, two 65,536 mยฒ (256x256m) regions per server (except for water regions which are 4 per server).” This was last modified on 6 October 2007.

    What does it actually cost for the hardware to run Second Life, anyway? These are Linux boxes. I’m sure none of them have the latest, greatest, CPU chips. They don’t need high end graphics and sound cards. The software is free. I’d like to bet I could throw together a home-brew system to run a Second Life sim for well under $500. Give me $500 to worth with and that sim will probably be stable and mostly lag-free with 50 avatars in it. Linux screams when Windows crawls on the same hardware. Use that to advantage if you want to increase performance.

    I really have no idea what sort of profit Linden Lab has to turn to break even. They have a lot of employees, an enormous server farm, and likely an overhead that, by itself, could have me living like a queen for the rest of my life if I was receiving that money, myself. Maybe they really need that $11 million a year. On the other hand, I think there’s something to be said for doing a feasibility study on reducing the cost of setting up private sims and, especially, the tier rates, to see whether or not they could accomplish the same thing, or better, by attracting more users as land owners. I’m paying tier on mainland property only because the monthly maintenance fee (they don’t call it “tier”, but, come on … it’s the same thing) for a private island is just too high. Maybe they think they can make up the loss in individual customers by attracting the big corporations to buy up multiple islands, but at some point they’re going to run out of corporate customers. Then what?

    I’ll happily pay $500 for a private island set up. Lower the tier rate for that island to $100 a month, and they have a deal. Several, in fact. At least two … maybe more, and that’s just to start. That would make it possible for me to do one of the things I’ve dreamed about. I have some original and innovative concepts for “themed sims”. They will never see reality (OK, virtual reality) as long as Linden Lab is pricing themselves out of the “common” market and concentrating only upon the rich and famous. I’m not IBM, or Dell, or Playboy. I can’t afford it. Neither can hundreds, perhaps thousands, of us “common folk”, and I have a feeling we’d be flocking to the market if only Linden Lab would open it up to us.

    Raven @82: Hmm … seems like your reply was moderated out of existence. Odd. It didn’t seem all that bad to me. I’ll respond, anyway. What do you mean by “rein in” the free accounts? Get rid of them? I’m a paying customer. Were it not for the fact that I started as a nopie I wouldn’t be here, now. Do you mean to limit them? How? Actually, I think we need to purge the system of free accounts which are, say, over a month old and have never logged on after creation. That would at least clean out the data base a bit.

    I most definitely do agree with you about campers, but likely not for the same reason. Camping is a wonderful way for people to make money here in SL — except that it’s abused by camping ‘bots. Get rid of the bots — not the newbies who really need those camping sites. I was a camper, once, and I saw things go down hill for those of us who needed, and appreciated, those few L$ we could make doing that, when the “professional campers” moved in.

    As for your complaint about the sex in Second Life, the solution is very simple. Stay out of “mature” sims. Nobody is twisting your arm to visit those. A great many paying customers are here for the “adult attractions”, and many of the paying customers provide those facilities. If you’re seeing all that openly-displayed “bonking” then I’m pretty sure you’re hanging around the naughty places. I certainly don’t see it everywhere I look. Put your hand in the fire and expect to get burned.

    Vivienne @82: Looks like you took Raven’s place, and you make some important points, too. When I had a free account I was spending $80 a month (that’s real U.S. dollars — not Linden dollars) on rent. Yes, I found a way to get money into the system even as a nopie. And that’s more, as you point out, than the average premie pays in, I’m sure — and I wasn’t even getting a stipend for it.

    You’re not entirely correct when you say that the number of “attachmentless nubes” doesn’t lag a sim. Every prim, worn or not, and every agent and child agent lags a sim. Here’s why. Any time the relative position of a prim and agent (avatar) changes the server must update the location of that prim in real time to the agent’s viewer. I *think*, although I might be wrong on this, that only prims within the angle of view of the agent count in this update, or at least get first priority. This means that when an avatar moves, every single prim in that avatar’s view has to be updated. If you have an afk camper doing nothing and an avatar wearing a prim skirt and hair walks by, every single prim attached to that avatar, as well as the avatar, itself, of course, has to be updated for that camper.

  85. Vivienne says:

    @ Amanda

    Thanks for the reply…

    Oh, i really think client and sim lag is not only related to the number of avatars in a sim, but additionally to the number of scripted, textured and animated attachments these avatars carry around with them. In my opinion some nube without the nice, but lagging stuff we long termers love to carry around does lag overall performane less than a ao/attachment/flexi loaden long termer.

    Yes, i agree that there are essential performance and reliability flaws in LL software. The extremely poor performance of f.e. the Mac viewer is not explainable by user behavior at all, of course. same for DB flaws and all this.

    But…mea culpa. The more stuff we use on our avatars and the more uneducated builders use all these HUGE textures (as oversized BMPยดs on a 0.1×0.1 prim) and temporary rezzers and all this the worse it gets.

  86. Xingyun says:

    i have to admit, i love reading all the negativity in the blogs, very entertaining. But i don’t run that great of a system, and sl runs very good usually and all the few support calls / tickets i’ve submitted were handled very quickly & professionally. Hats off to you lindens… knock on wood.

    up the prim size, limits, give some warning & ban the huge prims ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Raven Primeau says:

    Seems I may have been a bit misunderstood and its my own fault, by “reining in” I meant controlled, number of alts camping bots etc etc. I would nver want free accounts stopping totally, my most treasured one here is a “Payment not on file. It seems I generalised far too much and apologise.

    I know many “payment not on file” ppl and may soon join them myself being sick of being ripped by LL as a “Land Owner<–CASHCOW” for LL.

    As for the “Sex Club, I am far from moralising as I have a more than active life in the D/s lifestyle here in SL. That is why I loiter in the “Dens of iniquity” in the first place. Saying that it would be nice to loiter without the constant wave of “Hi wanna F…!” IM’s

    Maybe I’m just unhappy with the way LL have let SL slide, so if I have upset anyone, come down to Dark Bliss and spank me for it.

  88. Amanda Ascot says:

    Raven @87: If I had a L$ for every time I’ve been misunderstood I’d have the money to buy a good paddle to blip down to Dark Bliss and spank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really do agree that the number of alts needs to be controlled. Currently a non-premie can only have one account without being in violation of TOS — not that anyone pays attention to that rule and not that it’s actually enforceable. I don’t think there’s a limit to the number of alts a premie can have — only on the number that can be attached to a specific email address, but even this can be lifted through special arrangement with Linden Lab. I still don’t understand why anyone needs 20 gazillion alts, except for nefarious purposes, but what do I know?

    Thanks for the clarification with regard to the issue of adult-rated venues. I have to agree with you on your specific point, too. Here’s my Standard Quip for “Hi, wanna f***?” — well, standard if I’m in a good mood. I won’t mention the other one here in this public blog. “Why, yes I do! As soon as I get home from work, this evening, and have a chance to freshen up a bit. Your place or mine? Give me your phone number and I’ll call you over as soon as I’m ready. You do have transportation, right? If you need, I can pick you up at the airport. Just let me know your arrival time far enough ahead. And I’ll need some sort of proof from your doctor that you’ve recently been tested for STDs, too. Oh, and by the way, I’m really a guy. I figured you should probably know that ahead of time, just so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.” (Cut and pasted from my file of Standard Quips) I haven’t had a single “taker” since I started saying that. Most people get a clue about halfway through that, I think.

  89. Since again almost comments are closed…
    Damnit when is Linden Lab going to set up some normal Customer Services !!!!!!!!!!!
    No music I have all of the sudden from sl since days, and boy am I sure that all setting are ok. All outworld music and streams works fine.
    And can we find any Linden for support, none so ever ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    GEEEEZZZZ GET CUSTOMER SERVICES ORGANIZED IS THAT SO DIFFICULT ? There are only around 50.000 people online at the same time; what is the difficulty to get basic CS setting up to normal standards. Hire profs to get it organized !!

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