[Update] Land billing charged twice

[Update October 30, 2007 10:40am PST]
We have now resolved this issue and no further Residents will be affected.  The double-billing was the result of a technical issue and ultimately affected a very small number of Residents.  It is no longer necessary to submit support tickets on this issue, as we have identified all the affected Residents.  If you were affected by this issue, you will be receiving an email from Linden Lab within the next several days with additional details regarding crediting your account.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked to get this resolved.

We are investigating incidents in the last 24 hours where some residents have been billed twice for their land use fees. Should you find that you have been affected by this issue then please raise a ticket via the support portal and we will endeavour to follow this up as quickly as possible.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this causes you.

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