Resident-Reported Inventory Loss Survey Launched

This post announces a survey that is a new part of the Resident Inventory Loss Analysis project. The Inventory Loss Reduction Initiative, that this project is part of, has already eliminated one major cause of inventory loss. We are now working to identify and eliminate all other causes. We have analyzed many potential sources of inventory loss, and we are looking for your feedback in helping us to take the next steps. By answering a few simple questions, you will help us to find scenarios that we might have missed in our analysis, leading to new solutions for reducing inventory loss.

Please fill out this survey to help us better understand the reality of inventory loss scenarios you have experienced. If you have experienced multiple inventory losses, please enter one survey for each type of loss (there is no need to create a survey for every item – what we are looking for is patterns of inventory loss). Also please note that this survey is anonymous and does not replace reporting an inventory loss through normal channels as a way of recovering your inventory. This survey is being done to identify patterns, and will not trigger individual loss investigations.

Click here to participate in the Second Life Resident-Reported Inventory Loss Survey

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sidewinder Linden
Program Manager

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100 Responses to Resident-Reported Inventory Loss Survey Launched

  1. Phoenixa Sol says:

    yes. great. and I suppose we’re still out of luck on the stuff we’ve already lost. Thanks for trying, hopefully you find a resolution so it doesn’t happen any more.

    to me, the three ugliest words in SL are:


  2. U M says:

    Finally someone is omiting this is occuring. Thank you LL lets hope this marks the end of inventory loss 🙂

    U sagi M usashi

  3. Ben says:

    some items are still in inventory just getting error messages like not in database, you don’t have options for those.

  4. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Just as an FYI….

    Your buttons only allow SINGLE selections.

    There are many people for whom being able to select MULTIPLE answers is quite necessary.

    For example, I’ve lost both copy AND no-copy items. 😛

  5. U M says:

    also I like to see a mult picking for what items where lost. I lost gestures and objects just not on choice.

  6. Sidewinder Linden says:

    Please note – there are analytic reasons that we do not have multiple select options for this survey. We are looking for a single loss event or category of events per response, per this comment in the blog post:

    “If you have experienced multiple inventory losses, please enter one survey for each type of loss (there is no need to create a survey for every item – what we are looking for is patterns of inventory loss).”



  7. Nefertiti Nefarious says:

    I have never lost anything from my inventory … am I being discriminated against?

  8. Allan Saltwater says:

    Filled in the survey but I’m puzzled … how can you transfer objects between things and avatars (in my case it was a DarkLife goldbag given by a chest to my Avatar) then have SL say that the item does not exist in the database so it can not be rezzed?

    Any suggestions as to explicitly what can not be rezzed? It is a hole though …

  9. Penny says:

    It’s always the same with me and questionnaires: the answer I want to give is never one of the options. Ho hum: at least this questionnaire had a notes field where I could write in my situation

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  11. Eliza Vanalten says:

    The questions don’t quite cover the problem. I have lost many, many items, of all kinds…. objects of all kinds – clothing prims, shapes and skins, jewelry…… the list is endless. I don’t even know the scope of it as I haven’t tried to wear everything I own, and I haven’t tried to rezz everythiing in my inventory, either. In each case, the item appears to be in my inventory, but when I attempt to wear or rezz it, I’m told it isn’t in the database.
    Very frustrating!
    I hope you can solve the problem… it’s a costly one.

  12. Lex Neva says:

    Sidewinder, I think I’ve gathered a fair amount of information on the “missing from database” errors (which I believe you mentioned are related to the garbage collection system). A lot of it is in SVC-553, but a lot more is in my head. Your form is fairly narrow in scope, so I can’t really share all of my thoughts and data. I think I might be able to provide you some useful technical data on my inventory losses. If you’re interested, please email me at the email address on file with my account.

  13. U M says:

    Sidewinder Linden why so? if one did loss muti types of items why not have a more then one selection per report? But fine have it your way i fill out 5 or more because thats the types of inventory i have lost during the past 9 months.

  14. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @11 Eliza – If the item appeared to be in your inventory and it would not rez in-world (whether you got a database error or not) this would be in the “Item was being taken OUT of inventory (rezzing in-world)” category. In other words you were trying to take it out of inventory and rez it in-world when the problem or error appeared.


  15. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @13 U M: The reason for one scenario per is that if you enter more than one scenario per survey, we cannot tell which combinations of answers (across questions) go together. One suspicion is that by studying the combinations of circumstances that lead to a loss will tell us about some specific problem sources that we might not be considering yet.


  16. Emileigh Starbrook says:

    I applaud LL for great service generally (especially concierge) but this survey is an attempt at a simple solution to a complex problem. I would have to do this 1000 times (or more) to catalog my losses.

    How about a “I just lost something” button in the viewer? That should give you everything you need.

    It still happens. I tried to edit a script out of inventory and it came back with “This doesn’t exist in the database” error or something to that effect. I went back to the original script in my inventory and the uuid is all zeros. Fortunately I have archives of the source code on my hard drive, otherwise it would be a disaster.

  17. Adrian Buckler says:

    I am glad to see Linden Labs taking steps to try and find a solution to the rapid inventory loss that we are experiencing. I myself lost over 5000 items (half of my inventory) to inventory loss so I have suffered a hard hit. Fortunately for me most of the lost items are rarely used freebies 😛

    I did lose some very personal and sentimental items. I lost the shape that I created when I first came to second life along with some of my very first outfits and gadgets I wore. This was the first time I lost anything from my inventory. Mine has always been reliable.

    Good Luck Linden Labs on finding a way to fix this nasty problem.

  18. Eddie says:

    Personally I’ve never lost anything, touch wood, so I’ll count myself lucky. However a guy on one of my sims has had his L$ balance drop to lower than -200,000, aprox US$800. Is there an investigation going on for L$ losses as well? I’d consider that more of an issue than losing an item, except maybe if it was an item you had created yourself.

  19. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Well, there’s the surveys just completed with all the big ticket items plus their RT numbers from dealing with reporting them.

    Hmm, maybe I should pack a huge lunch for all of the “notecard missing from database” items (so many, I’d have to check everything IN my inventory for all of them). Oh, and every time I log into secondlife, it tells me this:
    “[19:00] Gesture is missing from database.
    [19:00] Gesture is missing from database.
    [19:00] Gesture is missing from database.”

    I dont know what gesture I do when I log into secondlife, usually I’m still on a black screen and this greets me every time. Maybe those doing the digging to fix this should look in my account, as I wouldn’t even know what to report IS missing.


  20. Tegg B says:

    U M Says:
    Finally someone is omiting this is occuring. Thank you LL lets hope this marks the end of inventory loss

    Don’t remember LL ever denying it occurred, and there is no end to inventory loss, just reducing it to more acceptable levels, it will always happen.

  21. Jayden B says:

    I submitted mine, including “missing gesture” and “failure to rez on bootup”

    However, I must say that since finding the wiki page about “Object not in database” where you wait two hours, clear cache and relog they seem to be all coming back.

    Once these old items have been reconstructed in this manner they don’t seem to suffer the “Object not in database” errors. I now only get that with things not used in the last 6-7 months.

    Only genuine things lost now are those I deleted on “Object not in database” before knowing to wait 2/clear cache/relog and one L$70K custom skin texture, manufacturer left the game, the answer from the labs was “tough titties”

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  23. Dirk Talamasca says:

    Thanks SW. I have been fortunate except for a minor incident some months back. It was apparent that some items were missing but happily nothing that I considered of great utility to me.

    I do help many new residents however and issues of multiple folders or trash cans have been popping up quite frequently lately. I am a premium member so I am not sure what the Help/Support form for non-premium residents makes available as far as inventory issues. If it is not already addressed on the help form, I feel it would be beneficial to everyone if it were.

  24. As SL ‘develops’ we all seem to loose an important item which should be in everybody’s “inventory” : MORE FREEDOM!

    Maybe an idea to implement in upcoming versions:
    – a VOTE on TOS – button
    – an inworld parliament
    – a possibility to propose new TOS rules in-world

    Maybe a bit off-topic, but i.m.h.o. more important than loosing an occasional shirt or gesture…

  25. Jayden B says:

    Go away Tjako. SL is not a country.

  26. U M says:

    Tegg said……”Don’t remember LL ever denying it occurred, and there is no end to inventory loss, just reducing it to more acceptable levels, it will always happen.”

    I don`t understand what your point is……..never mind

  27. U M says:

    There are many of us that are helping deal with inventory loss, explaining what to do and how to get their objects back. Nobody likes losing things from the inventory, but helping others dealing with those problems. does make those that do feel alittle more safe in what to do in such a event occuring.

  28. Gareee taov says:

    Yet another “this survey didn;t cover a tiny fraction of my inv loss issues.

    How about Estimated number of items lost:


    Or how about,

    Does this influence you on spending money in SL purchasing higher priced items?

    Inv loss should be up in the top 10 priorities for LL, because it directly affects the economy, and touches upon almost every single resident.

  29. This is a joke you guys do nothing about our lost items & now want a survey on it I’ve sent multiple support cases on a Linden not returning my items & you can;’t read those & take action. now you want us to fill our surveys. Next do we have to go do your Christmas shopping for ya too!!!!!!

  30. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    /me cant stay logged in long enough to experience this bug as a result of the memory leak that crashes him every 15-20 mins

  31. Sindy Tsure says:

    I just went back to check things that I _know_ were giving me errors before, some from back in the Spring time, and they now seem to work.

    So.. I’ve gone from “I get to fill this out a bunch of times” to not being sure I have something to put in there.

    I recently heard that the asset server notices when it gets one of these missing or failure-to-rez errors and tries to recover the object. Apparently, this has happened to me. Several times.

    /me wonders how many others are in the same boat (but knows not all are..) and suggests LL make more noise about this recovery process.. 🙂

  32. Montana Corleone says:

    I tell you one thing: it is never freebies, always expensive stuff that gets lost. Normally individual items, but I have had whole folders get eaten, and guess what? They were replacements that creators sent me when 1.15 borked items and HUDs I was wearing, leaving them with zero UUIDs, not working, rezzable or wearable.

    For those (SVC-171) I was told bby a JIRA person to label what I could (some were no mod) abd out them in a folder at root level with the ticket number, as it was going to triage and a Linden would pop by and look at them. Here I am months latr,, still have the folder but no Linden or word (either way). That was 4k in one go. I’ve had numerous other things diasppear, a custom handbag for instance.

    While you’re at it, maybe something can be done about the not eniugh permission to post in Group IMs that was fixed but is resurfacing again. You certainly get the feeling that every time an unwanted shiny is added, it was done in old code that gets put back in…

  33. Paulo Dielli says:

    Omg, I just read this blog entry. A friend of mine just lost a dance hud with dances worth up to 5k. It was rezzed on a 1 minute autoreturn land, was reported to be returned in Lost & Found, but then was ‘returned to the sim’ because of probs with the asset server.

    Now it can nowhere be found. Lost, kaputt. Support Ticket is filed… Pending…

  34. this survey is useless, ive lost almost every item on the check list yet i can only select one… this survey is a total waste of time..

  35. NightFurson Lightworker says:

    I’ve had problems with inventory before, but it was simply the cache-related loss. That actually had a fix (Which I got a fretful two weeks later), but the “Help” sections didn’t say anything about it at the time. It didn’t say anything about problems that existed, or how to adress them.

    It seemed like a silly situation though; If the In-World Help knew how to fix/identify it, didn’t they have a cure to a problem that costed the SL community (Staff and players) countless hours of frustration, work and woe? An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

    I’m thankful for the improvements in the help sections, but I’m still wishing LL would be more active/transparent about known problems. Calling the progress you’ve made “one major cause of inventory loss” still doesn’t help put a name to a face, but at least we’re being informed, and lowering fears of the public. It’s better, but it’s still not enough.

    Sure, the silence from LL is likely to avoid possible bad press, but I’d preffer bad press over teaching every player to believe their entertainment in SL has an unbeatable and undefeatable silent killer.

    We, the people of SL CAN find our way, but we never will if we’re simply an army of the blind. If you can open our eyes, we can help find what YOU want too: A better, brighter Second Life, and a wider userbase of happy, confident paying customers. Heh.

    That’s all I had. TY ^_^

  36. Thili Playfair says:

    how to get this?

    Theres no reason / way to trigger this by having bizarre happenings.

    All you have to do is log into SL
    eventually you will get;
    “item/whatever is missing from database”

  37. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @34 Nebadon “this survey is useless, ive lost almost every item on the check list yet i can only select one… ”

    Please note the following from the blog post – “If you have experienced multiple inventory losses, please enter one survey for each type of loss (there is no need to create a survey for every item – what we are looking for is patterns of inventory loss).”


  38. mimi says:

    Thanks for making this survey.. lets hope it will fix some loss!

    There does seem to be a pattern in inventory loss, at least in my shops/clubs. The places with the most lag have the highest losses, and on days secondlife runs bad, most people complain about items they bought and that never arrived.

    I have kept a log of reported lost inventory from my customers with names, dates, locations (all transaction history) included. Would it be of any use for me to sent it somewhere?

  39. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @mimi: Absolutely! Please email it to sidewinder (at) 🙂 Thanks!

  40. Wyald Woolley says:

    I’d like to reprot a bolg slot loss. It seems that U sagi M usashi Thinks that this is his private chat area and thinks nothing of using 5 of the first 27 blog slots to pretty much say nothing that makes sense. Is there anyway to get it into his tiny brain that there might be thousands of people that would like to say something before the 100 slots are used up?

    For some reason I’ve only lost one item from inventory in 10 months of rather frequent visits to SL, and I have a bit over 20,000 inventory items. In addition I rarely clear my cache. I use a rather new Intel Mac Powerbook Pro and connect to SL via a wireless DSL modem, so I know I’m asking for all kinds of trouble.

    I also know that some people have had horrible losses, so any time I’m rezzing things the likelyhood that it could go *poof* is always on the back of my mind. About the only thing that I am cautious of is rezzing things when lag is terrible, or packet loss is off the charts. In those situations I don’t buy or rezz things…heck, it’s often impossible to TP at those times as well.

  41. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    this past week since the last update rolling restart i have had so many items lost from database more so than ever before items that were already rezzed in world taken into inventory then try to rerez and get lost from database error my BF has a script lost from database i have the script as well i can read it no problem so i give him a copy and he gets lost from database errors this is just getting sick and OLD this needs to be PRIORITY ONE

  42. Hermit Barber says:

    If it is not intended to address/repair the situation where a sim meets its total prim limit, (e.g. a pair of prim heavy boots hit an almost full sim) and then SL deletes the most recently rezzed assets not belonging to the owner, rather than following the sim rules for return or checking the copy status of the objects, should be much better publicized. As noted by others, this seems to selectively hit high value items, but it is pointless returning it as the only response is an occasional query as to whether the service was satisfactory.

  43. Anny Helsinki says:

    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:19] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:20] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:20] Gesture is missing from database.
    [23:20] Gesture is missing from database.

    10-20 times each time i log into world, i think its the one gesture, i didnt have in my inventory, that says in “gestures” always= loading.

    i can play the gesture, but while it isnt in my inventory, i cant edit or delete it.

    trigger is /orgyzoo

  44. EmilyC Carnell says:

    This is a very frustrating and sensitive issue. I lost everything in my inventory last week, but recovered them (or at least most of them) after I uninstalled SL and manually deleted the SL folder from my application data folder. This took a while to figure out though, and during the process, I contemplated about leaving the game altogether. I was convinced to stay by all the friends I have.

    While I recovered items in my inventory, this Saturday, the inventory loss issue came up yet again. This time items returned to me aren’t in my inventory. My SL bf had his house remodeled and he decided to return the furnitures I set out to my inventory. And naturally, when someone return things, they’re in the lost and found folder. When I logged on, the furnitures weren’t in the lost and found folder. In fact, they were no where to be found! That was Saturday night, and I’ve held faith that it’d eventually return. However, on Sunday, I bought a dance from Sine Wave and when I went looking for it an hour or so later, it wasn’t in my inventory! So I spent some hours doing everything I did to recover the items I lost last week, and it didn’t seem to work. So I don’t know what the problem is.

    Let me tell you something though. This is not very encouraging. Losing items in my inventory is frustrating and devastating, and it interfers with my enjoyment of the game. In fact, the night I lost everything in my inventory, I had to cancel a hosting event. I worked hard for everything in my inventory. And I don’t deserve this. No one does, especially people who love this game, especially people who invest money and time into this game. It’s not fair.

  45. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    PLEAAASE give us a way to back up our own creation on our own computers so your databases are less stressed!! it doesnt take a genius to know this let teh no copy items stay let us save OUR OWN ITEMS PLEAAASE ALREADY

  46. Poetry Bisiani says:

    Many persons (myself included) have had dozens of items lost, this survey is set up to report ONE item, so we must report each individual item?? Why not make the report esier to utilize, by making it capable to report multiple items, as well as putting a “cpmments section” on the form??

    I dont know about others, but I certainly dont have time to spend hours doing report, after report, after report……

    Please Sirs, in the future, think more of making things “user friendly”………

  47. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I wonder if the reason only expensive items seem to disappear is if they were copyrighted objects and the real owner asked them to be removed. I wouldn’t expect LL to notify every single owner of such an object.

  48. Sal Salubrius says:

    Erm…I have a little problem with the survey…my inventory losses have been numerous over the last 8 months, i have no idea when i specifically lost them due to not finding them missing untill i needed them, which could of been a long time after. apparently i now have 4 missing gestures, i have various scripted and non-scripted items i havn’t been able to find for some time, clothes i wouldn’t have a clue as i used to be a dancer and bought so many, etc… The only way i can help is by saying this :- various items all whilst doing different things, sometimes rezzing sometimes whilst offline, etc.. and I havn’t seen any sort of pattern or common link. btw, I had only 2 missing gesture messages last time I logged in and now it’s 4 if that’s any help.

  49. U M says:

    HERE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
    [0:30] Gesture is missing from database.
    [0:30] Gesture is missing from database.
    [0:30] Gesture is missing from database.
    [0:30] Gesture is missing from database.
    [0:30] Gesture is missing from database.

  50. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @Sidewinder Linden: I have not lost anything yet by SL fault (at least I think so), only due to my own actions… like “whoops, clicked delete instead of wear, let’s get it back from trash… *click* … uh oh… purge wasn’t it…”

    Maybe you would like to compare general user behaviour or people who have lost lots and people who have lost only a few items or none? Maybe that gives you a hint, too. Might be that there are special things to do that produce inventory losses. I almost never crash, maybe people with item losses lose the items during a crash? I do most stuff on my own land where no auto-return etc. occurs for me, maybe people with item losses do not?

    Just an idea.

  51. @sidewinder, I am literally missing 100’s of items its absurd to think i would fill out 100’s of surveys, everything on the survey applies and this has been happening for weeks, to think i could actually pinpoint this to a certain date is absurd. quite literally i have 25,000L worth of stuff in my inventory that wont rez, says its missing from database. but shows up in my inventory.

  52. Astarte says:

    If I dig back through my chat records I know I can find reference at a previous Town Hall Meeting, that the ability of being able to back up inventory to harddrive was planned for Q3 developement by LL. This utterance came from one of you, development Lindens guys. (I will find it if necessary… It was definitely said, and I do have a record)

    Has anything been done about this yet. Is it in the wings ready for implementation. Or was it just another itteration of you guys saying something to soothe the masses without any intention of taking action.

    Now a survey to reiterate most of which you already have on file….SUPPORT TICKETS….Hey but make it look as though we are interested…lets start a survey!!!!!

  53. Zi Ree says:

    Luckily I seem to have lost only very few items and I submitted a ticket to the concierge support portal in June 2007. Until now, the items are still lost, even though I sent in all UUIDs involved. And there’s never any answer on the ticket unless I ask for an update myself. Communication on this could me improved a lot. And if it’s only “you only lost a few items, we’re concentrating on the big ones, thanks”.

  54. Ann Otoole says:

    Ever since I began following the deruth procedure for every install or reinstall of sl my inventory loss has dropped off to nothing:
    1. uninstall SL
    2. (optional) make a backup of your chat/IM logs found in
    C:\Documents and Settings\(pc username)\Application Data\SecondLife\(sl username)
    3. Delete the C:\Documents and Settings\(pc username)\Application Data\SecondLife\ directory
    4. (Advanced/Brave Users only – Optional but recommended if you have been in SL for a while)
    Clean out the secondlife related registry entries that build up like sludge over time
    5. Empty the recycle bin
    6. Reboot
    7. Empty the temp directory
    8. Empty the recycle bin again
    9. Install SL
    10. Run SL but don’t connect
    11. Set prefs to show logon location
    12. on the logon screen slelct to specify logon region
    13. Enter Io as the region
    14. Log on to SL

    Seems to be an issue with the local cache a lot of the time.

    Then there is the problem of too many items in a folder for the UI to display. If you have over some magic number of items in a folder then you can make another folder and move the visible items to the new folder and sometimes a bunch of missing items magically return to the folder you just emptied.

    maybe it will work for you maybe not. when the sim eats something because of the lack of a proper transactional system architecture it is usually gone. rezzing something from inventory is a transaction. if the transaction does not complete or the system, for whatever reason, cannot account for the object involved in the transaction, the system should roll back the transaction and return the missing item. it is all data. it should be impossible to lose anything or replicate something that is no copy.

  55. Misfit March says:

    Well as long as this survey cuts down on this re-occuring Nightmare as it still happens in some Regions in SL and yes i do have ability to rez objects but i get the dreaded words Failure to Rez..
    I found an easy way to avoid it dont rez object on the ground as such if small item first place a created object on ground first IE build a block then rez you item onto this cos for some reason the object dont know where the ground is..sounds silly i know but i fathomed it to be true,
    for larger purchases like builds the normally come with a rezzer, but even those sometimes fail to rez so try making yourself a disc and place that on the place first before rezzing object onto it ..i have found this to work for me and never had those dreaded words since.

  56. Claudine Chantilly says:

    Excuse me Mr Linden.. the purpose of having a cache is to improve program performance, is it not? So why are we constantly being told to clear our cache instead of being presented with a client with a rock-solid cache? It’s not as if you haven’t had several years to address cache corruption, is it?

  57. My most hated: “Object missing from database”.
    But i have to admit. It is getting better.

  58. Astarte says:

    Found it:
    Extract from town Hall meeting The last one I believe..!!! (which happened because of the 2000 signature petition).

    [12:11] Cory Linden shouts: Agree that backing up items you have full perms on is a good idea. We really feel it is important to build that system in a way…
    [12:12] Cory Linden shouts: that scales and is robust enough to use more broadly. SL has suffered from rapidly deployed systems that we then have
    Cory Linden shouts: to rely on for years and years –XML-RPC for example — so this isn’t a quick fix. Would like to work on it in Q3, however.

    Any News on this ?????

  59. 6fish Sixgallery says:

    Just wanted to add my name to this list really. I’ve lost countless items in my inventory, most old freebies as some have said so no real loss but I’ve also lost items I’ve bought in world and things like textures, the items may be virtual but the cost to me is in real money!

    I couldn’t fill out the survey because more often than not the inventory I have lost clearly went some time ago and i’ve only just discovered it so reporting the circumstances would be pointless. Agree the survey form is not good, I’ve noticed all communications like this are geared to the programming teams requirements and don’t bear in mind that the form needs to be filled out by us the users. I find forms like this impossible to fill out and give up almost immediately rather than waste my time.

    Why o Why can’t we have the facility to backup our inventory to our local systems so that when sl screws things up we can restore our hard earned goods!


  60. Dark Otsuzum says:

    There are obvious problems backing up inventory onto one’s local PC… for a start, reconciling what would effectively be 2 databases, the local one and the LL one. Also, transfer of objects from one user’s account to another would not be within LL’s inventory database, but potentially between two user’s PC’s. The idea of local backup would be unmanageable and introduce other security issues, not least copying of non-copy items.

    It’s about time LL gave an overview about how Inventory is managed in SL to give users a clearer understanding of what an Inventory is… for example, some users actually believe inventory is transferred to thir PC when they log on, when what is actually happening is transfer of a directory of inventory items held on LL’s Inventory database.

    I also suspect that some ‘missing’ inventory is simply masked by inappropriate filter settings.

    The only inventory loss I seem to suffer is non-return of stuff I have left in sandboxes- usually because I crash at a critical point in a build.

    My theory is that missing items are accumulating in a secret Sim called ‘Magpie’ run by kleptomaniac hackers.

  61. Carrie Grant says:

    Sidewinder – I’m hoping you can answer a question for me here that no one else wants to address. Good or bad, SL has a procedure of sorts to follow when a customer loses an item from their inv (although they end up telling them to get the merchant to replace it which is no help at all), but can you please tell me what we are expected to do when a customer complains that they have bought something but never received it? It’s along the same lines of inv loss but no one has ever (to my knowledge) openly addressed this issue – what are the guidelines for this – do we, as merchants, just have to blindly ‘replace’ everything or is there a way we can verify non delivery?

  62. Astarte says:

    Yes Dark I do understand…that is why when the directory is transfered to your PC and later you decide to use one of those items…you get the message “not in database”. Some local backup would be able to refurnish the necessary info back to the SL database.

    Obviously checks would have to be made for authenticity, but because of local manipulation of files, that would be why initially only full perm items would be backuped up I assume.

  63. Mel says:

    Misfit.. the prim to rez on has been working for me for months too.. I don’t know why but it does. I think I started using that last February when I noticed that things would rez on another object but wouldnt rez on the ground. Now I create a prim and go for it. Watch out though.. if the little no rez box doesnt pop up and you keep trying it is probably because of lag and you can have multiple objects sitting there in short order.

    re: Inventory loss. My biggest problem in helping you guys find the problem is that I dont know what I have lost until i try to find it and it could conceivably be months later.

    But, maybe other peoples info will help you establish a pattern.

  64. Anna Gulaev says:

    I have had the same kind of experience as Sal Salubrius. Sometimes things go missing from inventory and I can’t say when they disappeared, other than “some time prior to today, when I’d like to use it”. Every now and then I just can’t find something, and I can never say for certain that I didn’t accidentally delete it or misplace it, so I don’t report it.

    There are also times when I’m working on a prim item or a script, and saving every major revision, and then I go looking for an old version and find fewer saved versions that I’d expect. Again, can’t say for certain it isn’t my fault, but darn, where the heck could they have gone?

    Also a few times now I’ve had selected items go *poof* while my hands aren’t on the keyboard. Makes me nervous every time I select a large build to save a copy.

  65. Faulkner Beattie says:

    To individually list items totalling over $15,000L would take more than $15,000US worth of my time. Besides, since you’ve always ignored our losses in the past, what makes you think many of us have kept detailed data about something you won’t do anything about anyway? Your entire problem-reporting system, be it bug reporting, abuse reporting, inventory loss reporting or anything else, seems to have been specifically designed to discourage your long-suffering PAYING customers from submitting any complaints at all. Why not just fix the problems, instead of making excuses. Sadly, the SL client is a lot like Windows: a collection of kludges produced by people who have very little long-term design plans from which to work.

    Hmm…just how many of your software engineers DID come from Microsoft, anyway?

  66. Cat Gisel says:

    If you don’t get anything, you don’t lose anything. No items in your inventory is boring, but you never have to worry about losing anything. Ignore the fact that I have over 32,000 items, that’s uhm, well, never you mind that.

    What I mean is…well, uhm *blush*

  67. Cat Gisel says:

    I do have to thank you all, somehow I got inventory items back recently. They were lost over 2 MONTHS ago! YaY Lindens!

  68. Missing from the database says:

    It is not just customers that are losing items in the asset database, creators are too. It is a bit hard to say to go back to the creator, when you ARE the creator, and even worse when you are selling that item.

    And of course I know now that I am going to have a long list of people coming to me soon.

    I was checking my products just yesterday (and checked again today), and almost half of the sets have something missing. (That is, it is listed in inventory, vendor and selling boxes, but when you try to rez it, the dreaded “Object is missing from the database”).
    And of course to compound it, they have null UUID keys too… grrr…

  69. Harrie says:

    ‘Gesture missing from database’ is my daily welcome message upon log in. I still haven’t figured out exactly which of my 100’s of gestures is missing, but i think i have narrowed down to a few dozen. As for the constant ‘object missing from database’ messages, well i gave up on that one months ago. ‘Failure to place object’ is another daily occurance which always turns in to ‘failure to rezz object’ and then ‘object missing from database’, making building, changing clothes and opening new purchases a major operation. and i wont even mention the items & L$’s that have vanished during transfer 😦

    As for having to fill in a survey for each individual item because LL want to see the pattern, well to that i say ‘what a load of rubbish’ and completely unnecessary if the survey had been set up properly in the first place. Simply a case of routing the answers correctly from Q1 so each ticked box leads to the remaining questions for each response along with a ‘how many times did this happen’ option. Yes it would make it much longer, but would link responses for LL and give them a better pattern over view as each respondents answers may well produce a pattern that is not going to be shown with the current survey, and mean only one survey per respondent would be required. In market research in RL if a company produced a survey like this they would be out of business fast. Imagine in RL a customer being asked to complete something repeatedly because of poor design, wouldn’t leave one with much faith in the results!

    Anyways, that is my mini rant, but still well done to LL for finally getting off their arses and taking inventory loss seriously, here’s to something eventually being done about it… gotta go now as i have a surevy to complete well over 100 times, lol.

  70. Perlynn Bailey says:

    why missing in my inventory !!

  71. Ron Crimson says:

    I think one of the viewer’s biggest problems is that it DOES NOT FETCH new/recently added inventory items UNTIL such time that you open the Inventory window, go to the Recent Items tab and wait for the “Fetching…(xyz items)” message in the menu bar to disappear. I find that then, and only then, can I rely on the fact that my entire inventory is there. I perform this little procedure upon EVERY login as a habit now, and have never once – NEVER – lost anything.

    Well, there’s one exception but that was 1. months ago, 2. a no-copy items I tried to rez in a parcel that was already full and 3. not a big loss as I could simply buy me another L$100 toilet. (rotfl)

    BUT!!! If the viewer could be improved such that fetching inventory items becomes an AUTOMATIC process, not one that has to be triggered manually by going to Recent Items, that would probably eliminate a LOT of “perceived inventory loss” in one fell swoop.

  72. Bucky Barkley says:

    Sidewinder – thanks for posting..

    Something this big of an issue really should be addressed by
    the CTO. Why does Cory not communicate with the residents
    on a proactive basis? You would think that ‘inventory loss’
    would merit his comment (in October 2007, as opposed
    to several months ago).

  73. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @Harrie: “As for having to fill in a survey for each individual item because LL want to see the pattern, well to that i say ‘what a load of rubbish’ and completely unnecessary if the survey had been set up properly in the first place.”

    Sidewinder: Please see this quote from the original post “If you have experienced multiple inventory losses, please enter one survey for each type of loss (there is no need to create a survey for every item – what we are looking for is patterns of inventory loss).” This very clearly states that you should not be expecting to create one survey response per item.

    Harrie: “Simply a case of routing the answers correctly from Q1 so each ticked box leads to the remaining questions for each response along with a ‘how many times did this happen’ option. Yes it would make it much longer, but would link responses for LL and give them a better pattern over view as each respondents answers may well produce a pattern that is not going to be shown with the current survey, and mean only one survey per respondent would be required. In market research in RL if a company produced a survey like this they would be out of business fast. ”

    Harrie, I do understand survey design, and it was explicitly posted that this is not an individual item-level survey. I am well aware of the limitations statistically of the results, and have no intent to use the data in ways that are not statistically supported. At the same time, it will provide some insight into patterns that we may have missed, and will not cause aggravation for people to fill in a very long item-by-item response (which as above was not requested). There were explicit reasons to not ask for that sort of detail on this survey. For starters:
    * I am looking for new combinations of issues, or to see if there are any very high level patterns that we have missed
    * I am not trying to figure out percentage significance of each issue, since it would be invalid in any survey such as this – self-reports going back months tend to be wildly inaccurate for this sort of analysis
    * People who have lost thousands of items would not fill in thousands of anything, no matter what the structure
    * I did not want people to think that this was, in any fashion, a replacement for a normal trouble ticket report (it is not).

    If you do have survey design background, you will recognize that this is not a survey that will hold strong statistical significance to rank numeric results. It is not being used for that purpose. In addition, even if it was an individual item survey I would probably discount the statistical significance of the results since it is self-reported often months after the original event, which means that the numerics and specifics are unlikely to be accurate at any significant level. Please understand that the goal here is to collect some better insight into the scenarios that are common, and not to rank them or apply other numeric analysis to the issues.

    In particular, mixing the results onto one survey would disable being able to see these patterns, and this is why I asked for one scenario per survey, and specifically did not ask for one survey per loss incident.

    I hope this helps to clarify,


  74. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @72 Bucky: This is one of the top priorities of the company. It is, however a complex issue in a system of this scope and reach. Hamilton posted here describing the larger scale initiative that this project falls into, with considerable detail as to the project process and components. If you have not seen that post, it might be worth a read, as it describes the larger picture of what we have been doing and are doing to attempt to eliminate inventory loss, both actual and perceieved, in our asset store that now contains over 1 billion assets.

  75. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Okay, one more and I do wish I’d have remembered this last night so I wouldn’t need to take up another comment space, or that I could have edited one of my priors (oh, there’s a suggestion that would rock here).

    I’ve not seen this mentioned, nor ever heard of it happening to anyone else, but it happened at our place which I’ve secretly dubbed the “SL Bermuda triangle” after all the losses.

    Due to the diving board loss, I bought the diving ledge and set that up instead. One day after an update a few months ago, I dove off the ledge, and the poseball for the diving disappeared. I had to reset the diving ledge for each dive I did so it would rez a new poseball.

    Fast forward a month or so, I was scanning around our land on view transparent. I saw something really odd in one of our second story windows of our house…

    OMG… it was the poseball from the diving ledge.

    Furthermore, at the very corner of our plot, just after the skin store next door got partially destroyed when the sim behind us disappeared and a chunk of their wall was spotted 50m away…. (last I checked, it’s still up there in the sky too)

    again, scanning on view transparent, I found 2 more of the dive poseballs buried in the ground, barely peeking up from the ground.

    Maybe this is a clue?

    Yes, I did claw and paw my camera all through the ground looking for ALL my other missing items which were NOT magically returned by clearing my cache.

    So glad some other people found their items by clearing their caches, but this solution isnt ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

    Also, I just dont understand. Linden Labs does have transaction histories, so they would have copies of our transaction buying something and the UUID of that item, and why when we report it, cant they look it up and find it.. considering the above event that happened with my diving poseballs.

    I do see someone with their own survey in here, and to #28:

    “Does this influence you on spending money in SL purchasing higher priced items?”

    yep, and I usually wont any more, and with some items… I wont even rez them. Nice museum pieces they make now, but that wasn’t why they were purchased in the first place.

    Rez prim on a prim? Okay, anything’s worth a try and thank you to the person who posted about that. A few things do need updating and I’m terrified to rez them on the ground.

  76. Storyof Oh says:

    i would like to know how people know they are missing something….longterm….i wish i COULD lose all the duplicate notecards and freebies…just too busy to really sort out my inventory.

    On the odd occassion i cant find something is because the search is flaky and i know it should be there because i made it…
    Yesterday the ‘asset was missing’ when building/scripting but relogging returned it.
    I love ‘failure to rez’ ….its when that doesn’t appear and nothing seems to happen that its a problem especially 5 minutes later when you happen to look up into a sky filled with duplicate items that finally decide to appear!!! good job my sims quiet!!! lolllll
    I did lose that payment for pain and suffering caused by SL over the last ferw months lollllll plus a memory loss as i can’t remember the last time SL was bug free for a day 🙂
    keep up the good work and great communication Sidewinder, nice to see in a blog.

  77. Belladonna Starbrook says:

    I have complained about “missing from database” for the last two months. Sent in tickets on teh subject and none of the suggestions to fix it worked. I have outfits taht i bought when i first started playing that i can no longer wear because of this. I cant afford to run out and buy clothes all the time when what i have wont work. And some items cant be replaced as the designers either no longer make them or arent around anymore. So replacing isnt an option. Its just frustrating taht you see items in your inventory and cant use them. Also items that never returned to me months ago when a friend sent them back from his land. Since January 07 I have lost well over 500,000lindens worth of items due to “hiccups” in the game. Most have been replaced but this missing database thing is the most annoying.

  78. LordRingsMottoEatMore says:

    Good to hear they are trying to find how widespread this issue is. I’ve lost some costly items from a long time back. But nowadays seems to be mostly items I have imported from my computer that disappear. My missing items have nothing to do with rezzing them. It has to do with mysterious disappearance from inventory. One of the items i lost ages back had the same name as another (though was slightly different in its function, but was in a different folder). I guess the question also arises why do sometimes we have inventory loading issues on some log ins & others not; ie: inventory taking ages to load. BTW I am almost always getting gestures loading issues. I suspect it’s the same ones but SL doesn’t tell you so … but at least some gestures load sometimes & some not. Also some are activated & some not despite them being previously set to being on.

  79. Taras Balderdash says:

    I’ve lost things in the past, reported it, and either been ignored or told that there is nothing LL intends to do about it. Your database and/or applications lose things, customers, for instance. I just try not buy things anymore. I maintain a minimal presence and chat with friends from time to time in SL. When you have a world that works using an enterprise RDBMS (i.e. not one from a cereal box that will have enterprise features ‘real soon now’), drop me a line.

  80. Mel says:

    As a quick note for some of you.. Use search on any missing item in your inventory.

    LL frequently relocates folders within other folders.
    For example, you have a folder called Buildings. One day, your folder is missing. Searching on it may show that it has been relocated to the Animals folder or Textures, or who knows what.
    Simply pull it back into place.

    This scared me several times, altho recently a major folder has gone missing and that did not apply.

    Just thought this might help.

  81. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    …another problem is that when you use the RETURN OBJECTS in the Land/Objects tab to return things left on your land to their owners, it often returns your own rezzed items to people they don’t belong to.

  82. shockwave yareach says:

    You should have every user’s database stored in a couple of places. Primary should be that users HOME sim server. Then the database should be the next Westward server, and finally, a central repository.

    At every write, the date and time is stored at the header of the inventory. Any opening or use of inventory compares their timestamps. If there is a descrepancy, the latest inventory is used and copied to the other servers. Note this spreads the load out so you don’t have a single point of failure anymore (the asset server) and any change to the inventory occurs quickly as each server has a much smaller number of users to handle.

  83. shockwave yareach says:

    And while I answered the survey now, I have not bothered to report missing items before. You did not recover my friends’ lost inventory. You did not even bother with an email equivalent of a shrug to their reports. So I didn’t bother wasting my time reporting a problem you’ve known about for years now and have done little to correct until just recently.

  84. It is not good news, yet.. 😦

  85. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    @ Sidewinder:

    Are we ever going to see missing items returned that were reported months ago through appropriate channels with nary a reply? Do we know those reports were even actually received?

    I’m still looking for my set of dance balls that disappeared in Sinaburoe. I rezzed part of our old dance club, with a lot of things all bundled together into one package, and it was too close to the edge of our property. Consequently a set of dance balls I owned got rezzed on a neighboring parcel instead of our own. One with ban lines up, and build/object entry turned off, so those dance balls couldn’t be on that land. SL reported they were being returned to my lost and found. Which would have been fine, if they’d gone there. But guess what? Poof. Gone forever.

    Where are my dance balls?????????

    I am putting this in the survey too, for what little good it will do.

  86. Calanus Shepherd says:

    I wonder what amount of inventorly loss might never be investigeated since the owners simply do not notice that things disappeared.

    If people could create lists of their inventory objects on their pc they could keep track of what happens in their inventory much easier, without noticing by chance or by rezzing hundreds of objects.

    Hmm, if inventory listings existed and if they were digitally signed users could even proove they have lost things. I better not start thinking about this…

  87. Sven Okonomi says:

    At this point I already stopped reporting inventory loss, basicly because getting it back wasnt gonna happen anyway..

    Lets hope it gets properly fixed soon, my deathcounter is somewhere around 50,000ld (12k sexgen platinum bed yay, several 6k prefab houses yay, dancehud 1500ld yay.)

  88. Reno Rowlands says:

    It’s a really frustration issue. Especially because this is a problem that computer science solved long ago with two simple commands “BEGIN TRANSACTION” and “COMMIT”.

  89. Someguyorgal says:

    I had a few cases… no copy items lost on rez, newly purchased clothes vanishing from inventory over night etc. Never complained and just bought it again. I only contacted the customer service once when my own work vanished, while I was trying to pick it up. The loss of store-bought things I can get over, but losing hours of work is quite upsetting (I know, should’ve taken backup copies now and then).

    A related problem, for store owners, is that countless customers are reporting losses (numbers are getting smaller though, looks like some of the related bugs have already been taken care of; new problem though: “I never received my item”). If word gets around that one has the policy to replace lost no-copy objects… well, it’s a bit disconcerting.

  90. Harwood Hax says:

    wow… why are these posts ALWAYS the same!?!

    “i dont bother WASTING MY time filling out your reports”
    (but i still continue to whine LL DOES nothing.. even though whats really going on is i dont bother to participate when they DO”

    honestly?? i left a game i LOVED playing because of the whiny little teenies who didnt bother to be A PART of the world they were in.. but continues to be a PEST…

    its really simple, folks… if youre not trying to get things done.. NOTHING will get done!!

    YES.. SL has its problems…
    YES.. there are things that could use MAJOR attention first that arent getting addressed..
    YES.. MANY people are disconcerted as to various things going on.. but do you realize the mass AMOUNT of things that LL must be dealing with all at once??

    honestly.. face the facts.. they put out a great game.. they have HUGE numbers of people on it.. for your 50,000 objects.. theres PLENTY of people with 10 times that much, and theres MILLIONS of us!! THATS A DAM LOT OF DATA!!!!!! (and if you spent 12k on a dam sexgen bed… i dont think it was LL that FTR it.. i think it was FATE!! WTH are you doing spending 12k on a sexbed?? chalk that up to stupid tax…)

    I, for one still think what we need is a true forum again.
    people that can moderate it that work for LL and do nothing but forum mod.. report the concerns/suggestions/problems back to LL.
    I think it would give a HUGE ease of mind for everyone in the metaverse knowing that there is someone we can talk to that will respond in live time. (within reason anyway) and problems are being looked at.

    .. but in the meantime.. for christs sake.. enough of the whining!!

  91. iota vita says:

    I’m just getting used to the inventory. I was messing around with the gestures and a load have gone missing, probably my own silly fault, but I did upload a couple of test animations,one definitely was deleted, but the other isn’t there today. I also seem to have aquired 3 body types,all the same(very confusing) and a hair style that once went missing seems to have reappeared again. Maybe I’m simply messy with my filing.

    Is it a good idea to put all the free stuff in one box on your land and only keep the stuff personally paid for or/and uploaded ? I think I’ll do that in the future. Other to this everythings A OK 🙂

  92. Leila Larkham says:

    umm… beside the inventory loss Ive experienced. Ive been having hellacious trouble with log ins today, right now in fact… No money. cant tp. no friends list. who knows if Ive lost more inventory I cant even see it because it isn’t loading!

  93. StillWatersxoPJxo says:

    My Recent Item folder seems to have turned into a carbon copy of my
    All Item folder. Is there a know fix for this?

  94. shockwave yareach says:


    So if people report their losses, they are whining. If they stop reporting their losses and grumble about it to each other, they are whining. And you left simply because people didn’t smile and wave at you as the game collapsed around their feet, causing real financial losses to them? You didn’t used to work in Public Relations for Enron by any chance, did you?

  95. U M says:

    Are we ever going to get a fix for 100`s of trash cans in inventorys? Without having to go thur support to file a ticket? Its happening on a daily bases now. When do we expect a fix for this?

    U sahi M usashi

  96. I appreciate the “feable” attempt to figure out this issue, but perhaps if you and your colleagues at LL would have LISTENED 8 months ago, when these issues began, you wouldn’t need to now try and collect data and find some reasons as to why this happens.

    It seems to me that LL practices “reaction” management instead of “proactive” management, which will always be a problem. Perhaps the management team needs a collective kick in the rear?

  97. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    The question now becomes: since Linden Labs has declared that their currency has value against the USD and that other RL (albeit USA and European laws) apply to the entire system then do compensation for damages due to inventory loss apply? Yes yes we know the TOS says that it won’t happen, but we also know that the TOS has been held invalid and can no longer be used as a basis for these type of arguements.

    If a person kept strict logs of his entire inventory, found that a large portion of expensive items were missing – and could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was lost due to negligence or misconduct on behalf of Linden Lab would the court ruling change Lindens policies towards inventory loss? Would a class action lawsuit on behalf of all SecondLife residents who can prove inventory loss prompt Linden Lab to provide a backup inventory feature?

    In my opinion, with the instability of the asset system widely known and recognized it becomes neglectful for Linden Lab to NOT provide a backup system.

  98. Since again almost comments are closed…
    Damnit when is Linden Lab going to set up some normal Customer Services !!!!!!!!!!!
    No music I have all of the sudden from sl since days, and boy am I sure that all setting are ok. All outworld music and streams works fine.
    And can we find any Linden for support, none so ever 😦
    GEEEEZZZZ GET CUSTOMER SERVICES ORGANIZED IS THAT SO DIFFICULT ? There are only around 50.000 people online at the same time; what is the difficulty to get basic CS setting up to normal standards. Hire profs to get it organized !!

  99. Agnetha Vuckovic says:

    Hmm. As someone who has spent years working with databases…..I really don’t understand HOW an object goes missing without an implicit DELETE command. I presume SL uses SQL. This isn’t rocket science….it’s basic database architecture !

    The solution to missing inventory is extraordinarily simple. Objects are only flagged for deletion when a user ( not a programmed bot ) hits DELETE ! Huh ??

    God knows what bizarre setup LL are using where some program equivalent of Terminator is running round randomly ‘deciding’ users don’t need objects ! Hasta la vista….baby !

    As for objects lost on region rollback….come off it ! How do you lose a database record simply because one field ( Location ) becomes ambigious ? If the object existed ( no matter where ) prior to the rollback image……every rule of proper database design demands it should exist afterwards.

    Please send my $10,000 consultation fee to my account…

  100. pcteck says:

    I don’t get it. If I buy a car and take it to a dealer in for repair and the dealer looses it are they not liable? Why is second life not liable. I am buying a product and have paid real money to use said product. SL looses my product through no fault of my own and yet they are not responsible for their own mistakes? I buy something that costs 40kl then it becomes lost why are they not held to the same standards as every company out there when personal property is lost when it is clearly the fault of the company for items being lost. Not just lost from our inventory but items completely removed after being rezzed. I have watched 3 objects now completely disappear from my land that were rezzed and then vanished as if someone just hit the delete key. The back up system for me is the trash bin but it was not in there either and I know of know short cut in sl to delete an item and purge it in same step.

    Even items that a person builds from scratch just all of a sudden vanish and no apologies or anything. Has SL ever lost an Avatar or lost any of the Linden dollars people spend? What would happen if the new CEO of SL lost his shirt or house that e just built.

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