Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Release Candidate Update

We’ve posted an update to the 1.18.4 Viewer Release Candidate (RC1) available on the site. Please go to the Second Life Test Software page if you want to try out these pre-production viewers.

NOTE: Strictly speaking, RC1 is not a release candidate. That is, there are known bugs that preclude this from being released. The bugs that were fixed were severe enough that we want to get this out now so we can continue to gather issue reports from residents to stabilize this version.

In addition to the changes announced previously for Second Life 1.18.4, the following issues have been addressed:

  • Crash on startup (due to empty list of rewritten login URIs)
  • Viewer crash while trying to rez an object
  • Crash when editing classifieds
  • Land & L$ fields no longer update
  • Minimizing the search window followed by Ctrl+F crashes
  • Parcel option doesnt save publish listing on the web setting
  • Texture editing user interface is confusing
  • Can’t set Repeats Per Face with up/down arrows
  • Auction ID and Land Description Overlap in the “About Land” window

Please continue to report issues at under version 1.18.4.

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116 Responses to Second Life 1.18.4 Viewer Release Candidate Update

  1. Jeffery Beckersexy says:

    Default language is ‘German’?

  2. Wroe Alderson says:

    can u guys speak english? or at least some consistent language?

  3. Celierra Darling says:

    Can the JIRA keys be included in the list of fixed issues? Thanks! 🙂

  4. U M says:

    Your missing one! What about over 300 trash cans inthe inventory!

  5. U M says:

    And about fonts changing from japanese to english! why is this bug back again! Its a just a pain in the rabbit tail! ever since the last release!

  6. Andrea Faulkner says:

    Ah, another release candidate I wouldn’t go near if they paid me to test it. Which they don’t. 😛

  7. Phelan Corrimal says:

    Hey — if it will stop my sessions from crashing every time I log on and losing all my IMs, I’m for a partial release. I’ve lost so many IM because the email feature where my IMs are support to be emailed to me doesn’t work either so having fixed the crash on start-up is at least something.

  8. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Release notes not updated?

  9. Lulu Pink says:

    well, THANK YOU for fixing the texturing… i was about to go nuts when building with that and trying to change texture repeats!

  10. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Still not touching this until Nicholaz gets his hands on it and fixes the UI back to something USABLE.

  11. Argie Rives says:

    Nice Thanks! 🙂

  12. U M says:

    The viewer is ok to use. But freezing is occuring again.

  13. Storyof Oh says:

    ? cant log into SL without downloading the new update,,,this wont load and being redirected to SL the downoad there doesn’t…..hmmmm

  14. Distilled1 Rush says:

    DL and start log in loads then crash report …..sent….

    XP home
    XPS 710
    Core Duo 1.86
    Nvidia 7900GTX
    4 meg Ram
    E-mu 1010 sound
    6 HDs @ 7900
    2 CD
    2 DVD
    set to run on both cores as it has not been an issue forever../.
    will set to one core and try again.
    then back to the standard… 😦
    I want my windlight!!! and I sure am not going to DL the on rez crap AOL style browser UI

  15. Distilled1 Rush says:

    second try ok so far going to try a live music gig with it …crossing fingers

  16. Elwin Jacobus says:

    What a horror story these last few weeks.

    Version 1.18.3 (5) is so unstable that I reverted to using the release candidate with the same version number. That was the most stable and reliable client I have ever had. How it is possible that going from the release candidate version to the final version caused so many problems is a mystery to me but thank goodness the release candidate still worked.

    AND THEN, horrors, a compulsory update to 1.18.4 which simply wouldn’t work. Log in and get a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) every time. In desperation I started using official release 1.18.3 (5). Almost as bad because every time I was in SL I would crash. Every session would result in at least 5 crashes. And no word from the boffins at Linden other than to say…Oops we have a problem, please continue to file crash reports.

    I can tell you that the mountain of crash data I personally have submitted through the crash logger should give Linden enough information to not only fix the underlying problems with the client but also to fix once and for all the problems that exist with the Intel 945GS graphics card. Why on earth this card isn’t supported is a mystery to me. This entire generation of Intel cards is one of the most widely used graphics cards in the world.

    And so we limp on from buggy client to even buggier client. If it wasn’t for the community of friends from all over the world that I have in SL I would have given Second Life up as a bad joke ages ago.

    I think I’ll pass on downloading this “fixed” version. Why waste another 33Mb of monthly data allowance on something that, given past performance, is unlikely to work.

    PLEASE Linden people…before you introduce more bells and whistles that nobody really cares about…can you please concentrate on getting a stable and reliable client out there. Do that and you’ll make a lot of friends all over the world.

    Believe me, I really want to stay in Second Life. I want to start doing business there but until the stability issues are sorted I am not going to risk any of my money. I won’t even upgrade to a premium account which I have been considering for ages and haven’t done because of the flaky software Linden have foisted on us.

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  18. alf lednev says:

    Version also seems to have the lovely bug that, despite unchecking the *see my online staus* box in your friends list. Those people can clearly see you.

    I am trying to figure out how SL is “my world” when I can’t even control who I want to chat to.

    Hopefully when .4 is released, that bug will at least have gone

  19. Henri Beauchamp says:

    Please, make the sources available on the Wiki !…

  20. Kate McLaglen says:

    ok what is with all the crashing?

  21. Kate McLaglen says:

    oh forgot to add this.. what’s with putting out an update just prior to the days you have the least staff coverage (weekend)

    just curious on the timing of this.. i have a ton of events i have to set up for clients

    ty for the update tho.. i havent had a timothy leary moment (techincolour shifting) in the few minutes i have been able to stay on

  22. WarKirby says:

    Where are the jira issue numbers for these? I’m sure I saw a few of these reported in jira.

  23. Eddie says:

    To most of the above:
    If you’re going to complain about RC’s being buggy then don’t use them FFS!! I really don’t know why I bother reading the comments you losers make after the blog posts. Oh that’s right, I don’t I read the first three, think “stupid complainers” and scroll straight to the bottom to write this. I’d actually enjoy reading some positive constructive comments now and then, so stop spoling my experience you losers!

  24. WarKirby says:

    @16: Elvin. Intel graphics cards are not supported, because they ARE NOT graphics cards. They are pathetic imitations that are barely useable as a stand in until you get a proper video card. It’s a mystery that you can even run SL at all.

    Don’t blame lindens for that. You’ll find just about any modern game or 3D app will require a proper video card. The fault here is your own. Get a better video card that actually MEETS the minimum requirements of SL, or live with it. You have no right to complain, and it’s really not Linden’s problem.

    The reason intel cards are so widespread, is that most pc’s are not designed for graphical applications. A lot of PCs are just used for officework, websurfing, etc. Those are not good enough for Second Life, nor is yours.

  25. Tegg B says:

    Hmm I been running 1.18.4(0) for 2 weeks now no problems does this mean I should try upgrade to 1.18.4? Or is it the same thing? I’m confused.

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  27. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Just installed and tried it for a few hours. I am getting more crashes and freezes (not much) which may be related to audio and/or my network connectivity.

    Some nice fixes, things many of us have been asking for =) Thanks!

    I like the online status fixes, the group profile visibility option and the minimap changes. Space invaders! LOL Friends highlighted on minimap will be useful… cannot wait.

  28. Noticed the Flycam did not function with this version, has worked fine in every other version so far. I hope this will be fixed as it would effect a number of Machinima makers.

    The fault is so obivous I don’t think it needs more detail, it simply locks up and cannot move camera, no input detected on the config panel. Running XP SP2 Intel 6400 @ 2.13GHz 2G ram and NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT. Flycam – Logitech Space Navigator.

  29. Block Packloss says:

    Hi there,

    is there any particular reason why the packet loss is going through the roof? Full red blocks since yesterday. Same goes for bandwith. Everything including chat & IM lags to hell. After tp i arrive the boots in my butt. Money transactions get stale all the time. Support tickets are not taken serious at all.

    Geez, what de heck, pull the finger out of your ….

    Cannot estimate how much lindens went waste last week due to the poor grid quality!

  30. Block Packloss says:

    Eddie why don´t you go watch telly or cut your fingernails? If you don´t have any probs with sl at the moment or have enough technical expertise to squeeze something acceptable out of the grid, then i am happy for you. But there are enough people, that don´t. Some people cannot bare that so good and complain, you complain about people complaining. What a loser are you then?

    Have a good day anyway

  31. Phil Deakins says:

    @23: Eddie.

    People need to continually point out SL’s shortcomings, because that’s how Linden get a flavour of what the community is thinking, and it often makes a difference – I think 🙂

    But I agree with your first comment. SL is the way it is – very buggy – and it will probably always be that way. If people dislike it such a lot, they should stop using it and, of course, many people do.

    @16: Elwin.

    Business is successful in SL – bugs and all. Yes, there are times when takings can sometimes suffer because of the bugs, but that’s the way SL is and, overall, business is successful – and the overall view is the only one worth looking at. Businesses that are *never* successful in SL are those that don’t get started because of the bugs 😉

  32. Block Packloss says:

    Sorry for taking up so much space here…But could you finally fix the transaction history download function, so that the region of sales column isn´t empty after the download?

    At buggy times like this, it would be the only way to track what happened over the past days.

    Cannot be so blood difficult, can it?

  33. Georgette Whitfield says:

    OT: I just want to say THANK YOU to Josh for cancelling the downtime on Halloween. It is the right decision, and I am glad you guys listened to your customers about this. Hope you still get to party in San Fran though. *wonders what Phil will dress up as* ;D

  34. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Can I haz source code plz?

  35. Elwin Jacobus says:

    WarKirby Says:
    October 27th, 2007 at 12:20 AM PDT

    @16: Elvin. Intel graphics cards are not supported, because they ARE NOT graphics cards. They are pathetic imitations that are barely useable as a stand in until you get a proper video card. It’s a mystery that you can even run SL at all.

    Actually if you had taken the time to read my entry properly you would not have made this comment, but I forgive you.

    My computer is less than 6 months old. I wonder why the large majority of computer manufacturers opt to use Intel graphics instead of the over hyped NVidea and Radeon cards??

    BTW the Intel 945 series if fully open GL2 compliant. Since this is what SL is supposedly to be as well It seems more likely that there are bugs in the client software.

    Given all the other faults that show up in every client release I think there is a better than average chance that the SW developers at Linden still have trick or two to learn.

    Also Eddie, you too could do with reading my comment again…I actually said the that release candidate 1.18.3 (5) has been the most stable client ever released.

    And if people didn’t use the release candidates and complained about the bugs in them, how do you think Linden will ever get their viewer sorted out???

    Finally…let’s not make personal attacks people. It is uncalled for and, frankly, makes the people making the attacks look rather sad. Sad as in … time to get a life.

    Linden Labs have created a wonderful thing with SL. The reason it continues to work isn’t because of all the “improvement” we all dislike but rather because of all the people who continue to log in in spite of continually crashing.

    Which, incidentally, is why I am here on the blog again. I crashed for the 7th time this session. And that is using the official fully ready viewer…NOT a release candidate.

    I hope you all will have so much time in-world soon that blogging is something that will be last on our listof things to do.

  36. Zachary Carter says:

    Please … somebody … I’m begging you.
    Stop the UI changes.

    I mean, yeah I finally got used to the communicate window — I don’t think I’d get used to going back to the old one. Just looking at the release client (which I get no crashing or anything from, dunno about you) I can see the following changes:

    o Color select “cancel” and “select” buttons switch – causing me to click cancel
    o Ruler mode switch to below the “Edit Linked Parts” — really annoying for a long time user
    o stretch both sides and stretch textures switched around — again, annoying for a long time user that could use the build interface in their sleep.

    Is there any plans on reverting this back, or at least making it a bit more organized? At the moment it looks like it was just thrown together. It doesn’t really look good.

    Of course, that is just my opinion 😛

  37. Zachary Carter says:

    Sorry for the double post.

    My computer is less than 6 months old. I wonder why the large majority of computer manufacturers opt to use Intel graphics instead of the over NVidea and Radeon cards??

    Because computer manufacturers are cheap? I had to pay $1800 for my laptop just to get a Nvidia card built into it. For my desktop, I paid $800 and I STILL got an integrated chipset. The problem with those is most of the time they take the memory from the memory banks instead of having memory right on the graphics card, which obviously slows things down.

  38. ZigZag Freenote says:

    @ 24: Well, Intels work surprisingly well, I can get 10-15 fps and more in non-crowded areas. If it wasn’t for the problems with stability and with texture caching (which may be present with other GPUs as well, I can’t tell), it could be supported, I’d say. And tell the notebook users to get a decent graphic card :p

    @ 16: 1.18.3 (5) is my first viewer, so I can’t tell if this is a new problem. But I did try several drivers for intel (82945G Express) and the driver either crashed and the system reverted to VGA, or I get BSOD (newer drivers). For what it’s worth, what I did is I set Texture Color Depth to 16 in 3D (OpenGL) settings of the graphic card and I reduced the Memory setting in Adv. Graphics preferences (I have 128MB so I reduced it to 64MB). Funny, one would think that the performance in dense places would be lower, but it’s actually higher. I suspect that texture swapping works well in some cases, but gets confused when it fills the graphic card memory. If I had 256MB, it probably wouldn’t happen at all, don’t know.

  39. Packet Loss, 5 minute delay in chat viewing, lag worse than ever, Inventory not loading for the past 3 days…all this caused from 1.18.4 not being compatible (inside source) and have they even addressed this? No, they tell you to go ahead and use it. Again with the sl philosophy let’s keeping adding stuff in and not fix what is already broke. SL experience is almost to the point of being unbearable.

  40. U M says:

    Well have you fixed the groups that SHOULD show when looking in the groups from the pie? NO!
    Instead what o we get as a fix? “Minimizing the search window followed by Ctrl+F crashes “? Gesh…………..

  41. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    I can haz les moanin bout bug fixez plz?
    An havin teh source code wud be rly sweet!

  42. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    Despite a long laundry list of many fixes, the massive memory leak causing me to crash every 15 mins or so still persists, and has now vanished from the list of things addressed or to be addressed, from what I can tell.

    How can you tell if this other stuff works if the client crashes 3-4 times an hour?

    I am on a dual PPC Macintosh (2×1.25 GHz)
    2 GB Ram
    Radeon Pro Graphics, as ships on this box
    Mac OS/XPanther 10.3.9

    THis impacts me severely as I try to script build, or pursue activities in the interest of managing the multi-sim estate I run.

    Come on, fix the crumbleware!


  43. Drozler Eponym says:

    Logged in, did about 30 minutes of building. Couldn’t get the texture picker to work…nor could I rez textures from inventory. Decided to restart…would not restart, just hung at the “may appear frozen” step…no CPU use, no memory change, no network activity for about 5 minutes. Quit and logged in with old client to find that NONE of the building I had done was there. That’ll teach me…

  44. U M says:

    NOT FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viewer crash while trying to rez an object .This is NOT I REPEAT NOT FIXED!

  45. U M says:

    “35 Elwin Jacobus Says:

    @16: Elvin. Intel graphics cards are not supported, because they ARE NOT graphics cards. They are pathetic imitations that are barely useable as a stand in until you get a proper video card. It’s a mystery that you can even run SL at all.”

    Well I tell you something. They work on other online games. why? because they UI is buildt to allow such hardware to run on it. Your only half right.

  46. taff nouvelle says:

    I agree with you about the Intel cards being not up to the job, the problem is that a vast amount of laptops have these cards installed.
    Many people have an expensive laptop and cant justify getting a games machine as well. should this preclude them from enjoying second life??
    I would be happy to run a restricted client optimised for Intel on my laptop that allowed me to at least interact with others without crashing and filling the memory in a few minutes.
    There are times when it is impossible to use my main machine, in the office for example, but at those times I still need to talk to people

  47. @16, Elwin Jacobus: RC and Official are exactly the same. If the RC worked for you, then so should the official. Maybe your registry is somehow borked by a previous version? I know there’s (been) a problem with SL not cleaning up the reg properly on uninstall/upgrade.
    1.18.4 (0) RC is buggier than And it makes sense. We have tested the RC, it became a stable viewer, stable enough for an official release. At that moment, there’s been steps towards the new search and stuff like that. That required additions, enough to make a whole new version number. So many changes, it’s bound to have more bugs than the previous. So now we are going to try out this new version, report everything we notice that’s odd or wrong or anything, so that 1.18.4 will become more stable and become the official release, so more steps towards improvements can be taken.

  48. Storyof Oh says:

    You can do limited things with Intel….like camp….
    Get a good memory card…but then you will probably get the Vista system then that isn’t fully supported? lose lose….

  49. stick says:

    anyone getting the server full message too when trying to place objects out?

  50. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    I like the new communication windows style better than the old once I got used to it.

    I also had no crashes (that is: not significant more crashes) with these candidates.

    Any bugfix is good news, even better when I have not encountered that bug yet.

    I also noticed very bad network behavior yesterday, lot more packet loss and rezzing of the environment took very long. It can’t be the viewer, I just installed it today.
    But it makes me log off after a few minutes…

  51. Danball Tureaud says:

    Honestly, why don’t you poeple build yourself a computer. Then you’ll have something that’ll actually run Second Life with no problem. I can go the whole day without crashing sometimes, and its unusual for me to crash more than once in a day.

    My setup:
    EPoX EP-MF570SLI AM2 Motherboard (using onboard sound and NIC)
    AMD Athlon X2 64 3800+ 2GHz
    2GB Patriot DDR2 800
    eVGA nVidia 7950GT KO w/512MB DDR2

  52. Unbelievable, everytime faith is being restored is very small steps, confidence is killed soon again… Why don’t you Lindens use real Beta testers, geeez. Crashes are back again and also the sudden freezes.
    I do trust that SL is focussed on creating a stable plat form and less on changes and new things.

  53. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Because almost everything in SL is built by amateurs who wouldn’t know how to optimize a build for graphics performance if their lives depended on it, SL requires more real-time performance from the graphics card than “other games” where the entire world is frozen at load time. There’s no way to get around this without removing everything that makes SL what it is.

    You’re always going to need better performance from your graphics card as long as SL is a resident-built world. There’s no way around it. Sorry.

  54. Amanda Ascot says:

    I’ve had remarkably little problems using the Release Candidate with the Nicholaz patch installed on top of it, but I’m pleased to see these bugs being squashed. Good work, guys.

    And, Joshua … thank you soooo much for canceling that Halloween downtime! *hugs for the entire coding staff for working on these problems, but a bigger one for Joshua for actually listening to us*

    See? I’m not always complaining. 😛

  55. U M says:

    resident-built world, but with controls that is beyond our control. If we had some guildes instead of misguides then I say we have a chance. But frankly until they totally redo the UI with up to date features that match the possible possible codes that can really handle the hardware. We will continue to crash, lose objects and totally look well……………….Frankly speaking……..STUPID as users on SL. I just don`t understand the concept of LL. Why even bother promoting this game as a possible future extention of our real lives. If they can`t even get the basics under control. At this point we are surriving day by day. Without a knowing if we have a future. Oh yes sure we have large companies passing through second life. But really how long will they take it when they learn the real truth about how badly the system is being run. Let alone the UI nightmare, and how they continue to lose items in the asset server!. Oh yes they added more hardware! ( ******finally). But to what cost? how many members did we lose and the lose of income in REAL MONIES? This is a factor which needs to be address inthose google document about the stats on how LL is doing? But like everything else its just a VR lie………..

    U sagi M usashi

  56. DR Dahlgren says:

    WHO CARES???? SL is so regularly overrun with griefers, as it is being right now with the damn mario cubes, it is becoming useless and no fun.


  57. U M says:

    Frankly speaking LL will not even think about cutting free accounts. Because those large companies coming in are promised to have a unlimited future possible prospetive clients ( us the users ans possible newbies )for their products ( well they have some edge to get companies to come in right ). But still when 6/6/2006 came around it was the begaining of a long long slow death for second life. Think of it as a shark eating a whole 50kilo fish that get slowly broken down inthe tummy of the shark, during a 2 weeks period.

  58. Borky Grid says:

    While it was just getting a lil better performancewise for the 1st two weeks of october, the situation has become desasterous now. How many of you did actually dare trying to buy something and how many of you have received the product?

    Could you please post an inworld message that all is broke and nobody should do anything please?

    I am not even going online with my 1st av. I just go crazy reading “money transfer denied blabla”. Can´t take it no more

  59. DR Dahlgren says:

    I agree U M with the over prognosis. However, LL could definately do some monitoring on objects being created and particles generated and stop these attacks. But overall, they don’t care. As long as the big client islands are safe, they don’t care anymore about SL mainland.

  60. U M says:

    Frankly they don`t care. why? because the game has changed and we are now last on the list as important factors to them. oh yes costumer sevice is improved. But really who cares, when you can`t rezz objects in the fear of crashing ( WHICH IS STILL HAPPENING Joshua!)they over 300 crash cans happening to us is just a sign how badly the game has gotten. I turn 3 years old on the 21st of oct on sl. But if was ask what was better now or then. I would have to say then. Why? because we were living in a resonable world. where LL cared and wanted to hold members. But now its a totally different case. I like to know how many over those members that started with those avies say 3 years ago and before are stil around?

    U sagi M usashi

  61. Sariel says:

    As noted this is a beta/release canditate and does in no way indicate a *stable* release. For those complaining that it doesn’t work I suggest reading the title again and remaining with current stable. This should only be used if you wish to test a future release and should not be considered *stable*

  62. U M says:

    well that might be true. but still we are having problems regardless of its beta or not.

  63. Danball Tureaud says:

    I don’t know where you guys are getting 300 trash cans, my Second Life experience is still very good, and I still have just one trash can and one lost and found folder.

    Maybe all of you who are having problems ought to reinstall your operating system, or get a better computer.

  64. Danball Tureaud says:

    Oh, and sorry for second post. I have been registered since January 2007, the worst client that I know of was (IRC) 1.13 (on my first day of use, it crashed my old computer and made it restart (it was crappy and four years old anyway), and then I didn’t log back in until April) and 1.17. Since the introduction of 1.18, the client has been very stable, not counting the annoying freezes that do recover 90% of the time that have happened since voice was introduced- usually the ones that don’t recover after you’ve been disconnected from the sim. And yes, there is an open bug in the Jira on this, and users have seemed to narrow it down to whats causing it.

  65. Harwood Hax says:

    wow.. simple wisdom thrown down from mount Sariel!!! love it!! haa haa..

    as per “graphics” … two VERY simple choices…

    1> lower your draw distances, details, graphics settings in-game. NO!!! you CANNOT run stable with an onboard chipset and try to run high graphics settings!!! honestly.. its really that simple.. i run SL at work on an older laptop pIII 750m , 64m video, 512m SDR!! and honestly.. with graphics options toned down, i REALLY dont have HALF the problems i see people complaining about!

    2> stop freeloading with your non-member accounts.. (pay for 3 estates and a premium.. then you have good reason to complain!)

    oh.. wait.. that wasnt #2.. lol

    #2. (amended)


    go to ebay, go to tigerdirect, (or for a lot of cases here… have your PARENTS do it) you can find a simple ATI 9300 128m for less than $50 … really.. its that simple… shut off the weak-based onboard, free up your memory to do what its supposed to do… hell, if it’ll get half of ya out of the lindens hair .. i’ll buy em for ya!! (no, really.. i wont.. just making a point) honestly.. theres enough REAL problems to deal with in SL.. babysitting because people cant figure out that a high framerate game cant be played on a low-end system shouldnt be one of them!!

    (OK, if i thought it would shut at least half of them up.. maybe i would… take that back)

    ANY case… as said… this is a BETA… really… ITS SUPPOSED TO HAVE PROBLEMS!!!!! can we PPLLEEAASSEE focus on getting things DONE!?!?!

    .. or is that too much to ask?


  66. stick says:

    servers still full .. anyone at Lindens listening ?

  67. Kenny Devoix says:

    @65 lmao yes I am sure thats to much to ask. Because people pay the high fee of 9.95 a month or less,play SL on computers with known unsupported hardware and connections, have to have every setting maxed out so they figure they have the right to complain.

    I have noticed that the majority of those who complain the loudest never post their system specs or type of connection which would helpmuch more to make a stable client then just saying it dont work fix it. And yes I have been in SL a year and a half and its more stable then ever for me mostly because I upgraded to a better computer. Does remember about a year ago though when SL was down for several days every week every month due to griefer attacks and now very rarely is, but is sure most have forgotten those times. Is sure I will get flamed for this post cause no one wants to hear someone is not having serious problems with SL.if I crash once every two or 3 days thats a lot for me no matter what client I have used.

  68. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    At least LL is attempting to fix the viewer without introducing new problems.

  69. Rascal Ratelle says:

    The following issues have been reopened due to their reappearance.

    VWR-851: Viewer Crashes in high texture environments when moving or when panning with camera.

    * VWR-333: ‘Unable to load gesture.’ or ‘Gesture is missing from database.’ on login

    the fixes for these issues have not worked.

  70. millerrust says:

    Hmm. Why isn’t the list of bug-fixes that we see upon program installation listed here? (and stuff like the “lag meter”).

  71. Miller Rust says:

    Are you going to fix these horrible memory leaks that are causing everyone to crash a lot?

  72. Christos Atlantis says:

    Sales are 75% down which means alot of people are having problems, I have been getting messages that people are not getting items. But I guess you guys know all this and things are just fine as your consirned.

  73. Beast Mauvaise says:

    I’ve been quite pleased with this RC. It’s been as stable on my unsupported system as the official client, and the small changes have been good ones for me so far.
    But… was this not supposed to have the new-and-improved Search built into it? It looks an awful lot like the old one to me, or am I simply missing something obvious? (I do that, a lot. Ask my b/f)

  74. JZ says:

    I was just pondering the thought of Windlight. Remember that viewer? Hmm, wonders when if ever we will see the next rendition of the Windlight viewer?

    Taps my fingers waiting for a answer from Lindens.

  75. element says:

    lol, windlight. someday it will be nice. to rest of the complainers, use the regular client.

  76. Tegg B says:

    “Unbelievable, everytime faith is being restored is very small steps, confidence is killed soon again… Why don’t you Lindens use real Beta testers, geeez. Crashes are back again and also the sudden freezes.
    I do trust that SL is focussed on creating a stable plat form and less on changes and new things.”

    Welcome to SL RC Beta, if you have a bug report it, but don’t whine about it. Or just quietly use the normal viewer if beta testing is too much heat for you..

    It’s funny to hear ppl complain they have the worst viewer then vow to never upgrade viewers again in the next sentance……….

    I really haven’t noticed a difference and this new version is 1.18.4(1)
    I still get once a day crash but over all it’s a pussy veiwer for bugs compared to what we had experience last October.
    Some people on the blogs have been complaining for 12 moths straight thay can’t login, perhaps they need to consider why 50,000 other people and bots can.

  77. Michael Timeless says:

    I guess I must have a closet supercomputer. Out of all the computers I use none of them crash with the regularity that most people report here. The oldest of these, a Compaq Evo, uses the first of the Matrox cards, also unsupported and has NEVER crashed. The oldest laptop, a ThinkPad X30 has a….gasp…intel card and doesn’t crash. Even an old rusty Dell with a 945 intel chipset doesn’t seem to crash. Could it be that I don’t run them at max settings?

    I guess what bothers me, in addition to the lack of support, is the number of complainers who are not registered users. I don’t know if the complainers are problem people, griefers or something else. It would upset me more if the LL apologists weren’t in the same boat, unregistered users.

    Who to believe….I guess no one.

    What I would like to see is a blog with only registered users commenting so we know if the problem is real, imagined or something else. It would also be nice to know if the people complaining about the complainers, were real, imagined or Lindens in disguise.

  78. Doris Haller says:

    For me, the viewers don’t crash very often, not even once a day. This is because of the lag. I don’t log in so often so it can not crash. (You can try it yourself, it works)

    When I read some of the comments here I get the impression it is my own fault that I have problems with lag, packet loss, low framerates etc..
    Well, I have to apologize to all the other people with hardware that meets the requirements and still have problems: It is all my fault. Has nothing to do with the load on the servers or too many people on the grid, I am to blame. Sorry. I can’t help it…

    And yes, the problems got worse since two days! It’s because I did not change anything, no new hardware, no changed settings… no wonder it gets worse for me (and you)!

  79. Jayden B says:

    Oh dear Lindens

    Why oh why did you lock the previous RC out of the grid?
    The last production version suffered from grey lag and 20 second lag bubbles
    The first RC had many faults but it was smooth
    The second RC, forced upgrade, is bad again.

    No need to stay on RC, I’m back too production.

  80. U M says:

    63 Danball Tureaud Says:

    “October 27th, 2007 at 11:55 AM PDT
    I don’t know where you guys are getting 300 trash cans, my Second Life experience is still very good, and I still have just one trash can and one lost and found folder.

    Maybe all of you who are having problems ought to reinstall your operating system, or get a better computer.
    ” If you looked on the portal of support you would see this issues occuring. what you need to do in this issues is filling a ticket with support and hae them deal with it by removing the 300+ trash cans.

    U sagi M usashi

  81. Ron Crimson says:


    Use your brain for a minute. Why do you think they lock out the previous RCs? Because the *latest* RC is what they need to focus on, they need the bug reports relating to that newest version, not previous ones – that would just lead to re-reporting old bugs and big confusion. So it makes perfect sense to do this.

  82. Benja says:

    Interesting to see the ‘Show in Search’ option in an object’s details! When is that going to be implemented?

    Will it be charged for? If not, could be a way of avoiding the “Show in Search > Places” fee of 30 L$ a week!

  83. Molly Barker says:

    Any info on leopard for mac and sl? Just installed it and now I’m freezing like I never have! I’m ready to throw my computer in the river!!!!! Help!

  84. Ronia Shepherd says:

    @ 81

    while I understand what you mean, and it indeed does make sense from a certain point of view, it requires a bit of IT understanding.

    Don´t expect the sl resident to see him/herself as a beta tester please. We are users who pay for a service and we don´t care LL want us to submit reports. We will not download the latest viewers until you force us to be beta testers for you by making the download mandatory or we will simply keep sl switched off for a while or entirely. That is the non IT perspective. Why are IT nuts always forgetting their customers about enhancing the systems until it can fly but not calculate anymore?

    It somehow starts making sense to me that all the most basic things are going wrong over again over again. Your testing staff and also lots of voluntary beta testers probably do a good job in the particular segment they´re testing. But your testers simply don´t seem to represent your user base. Now, this can be easily done, you just need to pay a few people for doing that! Not hardcore IT geeks, but USERS…Do a proper USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING and don´t use the main grid for that purpose. Would you please?

    Thank you

  85. Arven Dagger says:

    I’ve been running on an Intel and it works just fine. The only game I couldn’t get to run would be BioShock.

  86. Borky Grid says:


    it is starting again, no account balance, system requests timing out…Fantastic…was rather quite for the last 8 hrs though, success

  87. U M says:

    Thats what i was about to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No balance!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. U M says:

    CRASH CRASH CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know this is getting VERY VERY OLD! changing outfits now crashes you? OH PLEASE i had nothing but problems from the last 2 clients! my text is no defulting to japanese to english BLA BLA BLA! OH PLEASE for the sake of all rabbits in the world ! FIX THE *********************** CLIENT! Insread of breaking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Ox64 Sachs says:

    I will repeat what many have said here already over and over and over and over and over, and SL claims they listen to us, but they don’t listen to crap. STOP ADDING NEW FEATURES AND FIX THE EXISTING PROBLEMS. Read read read read read!! Okay are you reading?? Now go back and read the 1700 other comments by posters here that said the same thing. Now continue to ignore us. That’s my complaint. But next week we’ll see some new stupid feature and rewrite of the UI as usual and 100’s more comments on crashing, so I’m wasting my time here.

  90. U M says:

    I buy a object, change outfits, etc etc etc etc etc. I crash…… And don`t give me that this client “Strictly speaking, RC1 is not a release candidate” BLA BLA BLA………..

  91. notagambler says:




  92. Borky Grid says:


  93. Doris Haller says:’s all my fault.. so sorry..
    It#s because I keep loosing those packages, it seems I always lose some stuff.

    I’m so sorry, forgive me.. all my fault

  94. WoodBee Writer says:

    /me gives this a cautious thumbs-up.

    I still crash from time to time – but, hey, when don’t I?

  95. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Can we ban “U M” frum postin 2 blog moar than 3 tiems plz?
    An I can has teh source code soon plz?

  96. JetZep Zabelin says:

    My Group list is sometimes blank. I guess I should check the Jira first and make a comment there.

    Oh, I only crashed once today: I started SL, clicked on the blog entry from the startup screen (never actually started SL). I started reading the blog and as soon as I saw U M ‘s postings I crashed!!!

    =) j/k

  97. Zachary Carter says:


    They may or may not see us as beta testers, but you have to remember that you are posting in the _release candidate_ blog post. This is for beta testers to test the client and find bugs so that they can fix it.

    If you don’t want to be a beta tester, use the production client.

  98. U M says:

    I want your very high end computer! heheheh My computer specs are pretty good. better then most. But the UI and those locations i am in ( mostly high population high scripted. Just doesnt not handle the UI very way it seems. As you read on the blog there was problems due to server location points. So there you have it.

  99. Jayden B says:

    Shutup Usagi.

    Life is too short to have a coronary.

  100. U M says:

    why why why do people continue to cause problemson this blog!

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  102. Amanda Ascot says:

    Well, I tried it … and had to roll back to the main viewer. I was using it with the Nicholaz patch, which might have been part of the problem. No idea, but I didn’t have time to check it out.

    Repeatable bug.

    1. Click on Search
    2. Crash
    3. Log-in
    4. Repeat ad infinitum

  103. First off – an apology. We rushed RC1 out late on Friday for the reasons explained in the post – RC0 was buggy enough that we weren’t getting good data on it, and as a “beta” RC (ugh, have I mangled the terminology enough?) the details weren’t as critical. This meant that some of the usual release process steps were skipped (release notes, source code drop).

    We’ll get the source code out ASAP and the next RC will have proper release notes, including JIRA keys where possible.

    Re: “Why did previous RC builds get locked out?” – Ron Crimson nails it on the head. The RC process is designed to find blocking issues and regressions before a viewer goes into production. We need to focus all efforts – ours and residents who are opting in to the RC viewers – on the latest.

  104. U M says:

    When are we going to get the next release is the questen now………Since this version of the client is so so nightmarish can we have a better buildt release?

  105. iPeck Peccable says:

    Is the next release will be optimized for OS X Leopard AND 2 processors usage ? (SIGH)

  106. zanou heron says:

    bonjour j’ai un ami a qui on a detruit son avatar et il se trouve que nous ne trouvons pas la solution pour le ramener.comment peut on faire sachant que il a des biens sur sl et qu’il doit m’epousée.
    si une personne peut m’aidé je vous pris de me contacté en im sur sl.

  107. janie matahari says:

    i usually dont update when releases first come out. but i guess i was bored. now i cant login…someone please tell me where to get the previous version, it was working fab for me. email me at janiematahari AT thanks

    i guess my house needs to be cleaned anyway

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  110. michelewales says:

    love SL but I keep crashing, sometimes 20 times in one evening. Hard to make friends in SL when you keep disappearing!
    Even deleted programmes from my laptop thinking that would help. bUT it did not!!!!!

  111. michelewales says:

    I was going to try new viewer but after reading commnets above, wondering if its time to leave SL

  112. Bailey says:

    Its terrible that Second Life can not become stable. I havent heard much about teen secondlife, but they have enough time in real life to experience a second. As for adults, its a really wake up to reality for the Lindon Lab… who has the time to explore a computer animated second life that just keep giving more problems, while they can use that time to explore the Real life… trust me there is so much more out there in life. So if your second life ( computer animated ) is giving you problems. get back to reality, which have problems that you really need to deal with, not a pc.

  113. Bailey says:

    Now I’m going to go eat me some popcorn. 😛

  114. Clive Pro says:

    When I first bought muy HP Pavillion Entertainment Laptop 9 months ago all worked excellently in SL. Graphics quality and client stability have gradually got worse for me ever since. It got so bad last weekend that I rebuilt the PC to it’s original factory specification. The client would not run on the rebuilt machine, freezing for 25 seconds out of every 30. I had hoped 1.18.4 might solve this, but no – it’s just as bad. I am seriously thinking about abandoning SL…

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