Planned Outage – Oct. 31st – CANCELED

UPDATE (2007-10-26): The planned service outage has been canceled. More time is needed to prepare the updates, and it may prove to be possible to do so without downtime for all of Second Life.

And yes… the angry mob surrounding the castle with torches and pitchforks made its voice heard! I admit to being totally oblivious by scheduling an outage on the date of one of our favorite annual celebrations. Mea culpa! The shambling horror will slip back into the shadows… for now…

Second Life will be unavailable for approximately 5 hours on Wednesday, October 31st. We will be adding additional hardware to our asset storage system to keep up with growth. No software upgrades are planned, no new viewers will be required after the downtime.

The Beta Test Grid will also be unavailable during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and short notice.

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150 Responses to Planned Outage – Oct. 31st – CANCELED

  1. Miche Rainbow says:

    weeeee upgrading asset servers ^.^

  2. Tony says:

    Will we get a trick or a treat when the servers are back online?

  3. Jillian Callahan says:

    It’s a trick! In reality, when SL comes back on-line, every Linden tree will be covered in toilet paper! =^_^=

  4. I hope the sun and moon turn to pumpkins. I sure do miss the sun and moon changing for special days. I wonder if it will say 10,000,000 when we hit that mark.

  5. Damona Rau says:

    Your kidding, right?
    31. October is Halloween, your killing the best day this month for events. We all knows how unstable the grid is after a downtime.
    Do the community a favour and do this downtime on tuesday or postpone it.

    Don’t kill the best halloween party time for the europe residents.

  6. Mondak Slade says:

    Noooo!!! not on OCT. 31st, anyday before or after, but not on Halloween !!!! also mark off on your calanders Christmas and New Years as No Upgrades or Rolling Restarts…
    Please ????

  7. Darien Caldwell says:

    If it’s a trick, we’ll come back to shiny new *empty* inventory servers, and all get to start over… 😉

  8. Cita Boa says:

    Oh what??
    that can´t be true. Hey guys, it is not april the first ;-))
    Please think about that date.

    still hope that it was just a typing error ;-))

  9. Colin Kiernan says:

    It’s like how at my college they made us leave the campus the same day finals ended because if we were allowed to remain on campus with no more schoolwork, it would just result in massive drinking, drugs and sex.

  10. Digital Digital says:

    Look forward to the downtime,

    Keep up the awesome job linden lab!

  11. FJ COAKES says:

    LMAO this must be a joke folks … really …… knock knock … its Halloween … trick or treat ….

  12. Istephanija Munro says:

    I am wondering how ones brain is clicking to plan a 5 hours service outage on the most important SL business day before the christmas holidays. Nearly everyone I know was designing Halloween collections, pumpkin and accessories for clubs etc.. Turns out that wasn’t such a bright idea! It can’t be any other day… noway it gotta be Halloween! If it wasn’t so sad it was almost funny! /me shakes head!

  13. Sunkite Lightworker says:

    This is a massive scheduling failure.

  14. Persimmon Gjellerup says:

    Please do reconsider the date.

    Really don’t think Halloween is the right day — please consider that it’s a holiday and many, many are planning events!

    Thank you.

  15. How is it you always jack with things on weekends or big days? why is it never like a wed. always weekends or some other big day. when ppl are shopping and or having more fun…it really is crazy

  16. Other PO'd Resident says:

    No i say take it down all day on the 31st. But actually fix it so when we do get back on its working. Unlike last few weeks.

  17. andrew johnson says:

    i think if LL should postpone the downtime one day – that’s would help us or change the times it can start early in morning 1am to 6am or day before

  18. Minnie Trottier says:

    Although I’m not directly affected because I don’t have an event planned, I have to chime in here. Halloween is not such a great idea. People have many events planned and downtime after “upgrades” is common. Hold off until Nov 1st!

  19. HealthStar says:

    On halloween!?!?!

    This is a joke right. Do you know how many parties are already planned? How many L$ have already been spent on costumes, decorations and the like?

  20. Maximilliano Minnelli says:

    Is it going to make any difference? NO!! On the contrary, sl will probably be worse after these downloads as it normally is after they’re done.

  21. Vint Falken says:

    So we better do not schedule any Halloween parties? (Especially not on GMT halloween time?)

  22. Wroe Alderson says:

    good lord…how totally dorky can the so called sl executives be? any pr noobie would have said ‘r u crazy?’ …delay it a day …or a week …try to get something right for once

  23. Kira says:

    have to agreee with eh rest thats not such a good day, any holiday isnt a good time . man i feel bad for the europeans that have spend money on coustoems and decortations, clubs that have planed and advertised events… then us americans that will have to suffer a buggy new asset server that night ew. Please reconsider

  24. Cernus Piccard says:

    Why wait till then you already screwed up your busted for you anti semistism SL is a joke, your sneaky and underhanded the minds of many by filling the inventories by there hard earned money , you fluctuate the land prices to suite your needs not the real needs , going down you must be a damn racist and have every one conform to stay , next statement should state the fact that you play mind games with individuals , your a test site for people to screw with I for one will no longer own land or go into the buying frenzy though take up space like most of the people you bring on who follow someone.

  25. Cernus Piccard says:

    laughs at the positive as K*ssers who are linden lab emplyees alts

  26. Zagro Ferraris says:

    FOR GOD’S sake LL
    Do it after the 31’st

    i’ve got stuff planed

    my fiends have stuff planed

    my friends friends have stuff planed

    i’ve spent L$ to decorate and setup for The big H day

    DON’T DO IT!

    and twhack the genious who set oct 31 as a day to do upgrades. over the head with a pumpkin

  27. Alexander Regent says:

    soooooooo after this asset server update….will I no longer lose inventory???

    I’ve had the same pants for nearly a year now….. I’ve been testing a build swtiching between my standard and an ALT for about an hour now…. then 5 minutes ago…POOOOF! no pants on my standard….can’t be found in the database….no way to get them back…. most annoying.

    so will this upgrade fix that problem?? huh huh? will it…PLLLLEEEASSSEE??

  28. Annabelle Babii says:

    Why would you schedule downtime for one of the busiest social dates? SL and Halloween are a perfect pairing, and you’re taking 5 hours of that away? When’s the next downtime, Christmas???? Please rethink your priorities, Linden Lab!

  29. Alicia Sautereau says:

    can sum it up in 1 word: rotflmao

  30. Zanza Marx says:

    I am all for fixes but seriously, folks, on Halloween? If this was to be for April 1st I might get the joke but I agree with the others…your timing is less than great for half of the world. And we all know by now that there is usually more down time later on during the date of any upgrade or maintenance. Please reconsider the date, thank you.

  31. Stephe Erhler says:

    PLEASE don’t do this on the 31st!!!! Can’t this wait one day so we can all have the holiday parties we have been planning? I’ve had my Skate and Date park decorated for over a month in anticipation of this day and you’re going to take SL down? ARGGGGG

  32. Vint Falken says:

    Actually Alicia, that are eight words. 😉

    But really. This must be a joke, this must be thay they confused April 1st with Halloween?

    This is THE event in Second Life. Even more important than Christmas time (which is forced to be spend with the RL family).

    Maybe there is a secret pact with the Irish pubs all over the world? As Linden Labs seem to force us not to spend our money to celebrate Halloween in-world and thus feed their economy, but rather prefer to ignore the tons of work that went into content creation and force us to go for a RL Guinness and ghosts.

    Can they really be that _dumb_?! Like, Halloween is a Major Event in the USA too, no?

  33. Starsaphire Dagger says:

    Halloween… your doing maintenance on Halloween?
    Knock knock… anybody home there at all?

  34. Otter Botha says:

    WOW! I hope that is a joke! Down On Halloween?
    What are you guys smokin? and can I have some?
    Man lol that is dumb!

  35. Sascha says:

    Hmm like always just before a holiday or weekend. Did you check that date? Maybe you expect so many people logging in on the weekend, hmm ok, but then also try to have somebody watching the grid and i hope that it will not be unavailable the whole evening here in europe.

  36. Doing this on Halloween is not going to be appreciated given all the events people have planned.

  37. Uccello says:

    Makes me wonder why I put dozens of hours and more L$ than I want to count on decorating different areas and planning events. Tthis is a slap in the face after having to replace the Halloween decorations that went “Missing” from (though still visible in) my Inventory.

    Tells now .. how bad will you bork Thannksgiving?

  38. Muscrat Hesse says:

    Hmm it fits with Halloween LOL! Its so stupid its scary!!!!!

  39. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    Go ahead, I hate Halloween! heheheh!!

  40. Max Kleiber says:

    I have to agree with the general tone here.
    I don’t believe that anyone at LL thought this through.

  41. Sharayah says:

    Always at the same time – early morning SLT. Can’t you be a tad more creative. It’s not morning everywhere you know. It’s evening in my part of the world (Australia)

    Guess I now miss out on wishing my American friends a Happy Halloween (those I see in the morning). I’m trying to get into the spirit of Halloween – why bother. Now I also have to cancel the function I had planned.

    Glad I held off buying Halloween Decorations (a loss of income for those shops though). I would have been somewhat annoyed had I purchased all these decorations for my event, and now couldn’t use them. Guess there are lots of people in that boat. Not Happy Jan (Aussies will understand this idiom!!!)

    Trick or Treat – I’ll say. Certainly isn’t a treat, though, is it. …….

  42. lrena akina says:

    Agrees with muscrat..
    it is so stupid to close sl on halloween! Take a look around the grid LL notice anything? Everyone has worked hard for this halloween with decorations and content creation. They have planned events and spent money to get things together! and you ruin it for them? BLOODY BRILLIANT!

  43. mac says:

    What Happened to the listen to the customer transparent tosh the other week , read up change the dates, or is this a great chance to look good say the 31st for hells sake knowing the backlash then change date and gain some brownie points and praise on how great you are Mmm … even still BAD BAD choice of days or a great bit of cheap credit

  44. Phil Priestman says:

    Just another example of piss poor SL upper management. They had weeks even months to figure out the the CSI thing will bring in people by the droves and they wait until now to upgrade the network.

    What it going to take for Philip to figure out that the people he keeps hiring does not know what they are doing?

  45. richard says:

    hopefully ibm will do a better job then the lindens at running second life

  46. Dekka Raymaker says:

    this is mad, now you’ve just stopped me spending hundreds of dollars on halloween stuff, talk about SL helping to crash its own economy

  47. Pie Psaltery says:

    C’mon guys, April Fools day is still a long way off.

  48. Jason Olbracht says:

    Please reschedule this date. We have scheduled a demonstration at my university on Oct. 31st, after consulting the downtime calendar. The calendar did not say there would be downtime as of two weeks ago when we schedules the event.

  49. Ponk Bing says:

    Can you put it off till Thurs?

    Halloween is the one day in SL that shouldn’t get interupted by this.

  50. Rinaldo Debevec says:

    PLEASE! PLEASE! No downtime on Halloween! I have big plans for SL on Halloween … I’ve even taken a vacation day from RL work so I can be online the whole day Oct 31!

  51. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    ok now is teh time we all have to scream and tyell and MAKE them hear us SAY NO TO HALLOWEEN DAY UPGRADE!! send in emails notes cards letter bombs whatever it takes NO UPGRADE ON HALLOWEEN

    walks away wondering if anyone in there has a brain

  52. peswold desoto says:

    Wow! October 31st… Looks like an exective decision is needed to postpone one week. I mean really, are there no calendars at Linden Labs with holidays marked on them?

  53. Vahn Dagger says:

    I for one dont’ really mind it. I’m at work during that time.. and even if not, it helps me focus on the important things in first life. =)

  54. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Not a good idea.


  55. Ryuu Qinan says:

    Wow, just wow. I have to say this is a brilliant move (enter sarcasm here). But seriously, down time on Halloween. Most of the Sim I go to are all prep’d up for All Hallow’s Eve, and you going to shut off SL for 5 hours? Come on people, think before you act. People have spent L$ and planned events. Is downtime on Halloween really a smart move? How you get some rest (cause you brains probably need it), rethink it, and see me when you get up…

  56. Ryuu Qinan says:

    Vahn: Think about others before actually agree with this ludacris plan. If you read the comments above you would see PEOPLE HAVE PLANNED THINGS. Not to yell, but its the truth

  57. Kat Hynes says:

    After reading 56 comments , AND ALL IN AGREEMENT)! When will we know if LL’s is listening ?
    Guess my costume will be in mothballs!

  58. Maffi Lu says:

    hahahahah aw fie
    oh well, thanks linden lab, you force me to real life XD

    well its a pity its on halloween – but at least the assetserver gets an update.

    i think ill get over it 😉

  59. lol are you forcing people to go OUT to enjoy Halloween? That’s funny, and devilishly clever, if that was the intent. Otherwise… come on, you had to pick THAT day, of all days?

  60. Tealc Dagger says:

    C’mon guys. My university is already trying to keep Halloween from getting out of hand. Seems there were some nasty riots back in 2000. If I can’t celebrate in RL, then let me celebrate in SL. Not to mention the fact it is a lot easier to make a costume in SL.

  61. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    It’s madness of course. Unless you plan to have some special Halloween treat for us all when you fire the grid back up. Will the metaverse be full of sculpt pumpkins, witches and goblins? Candy for all and no dental hygiene required.
    No, I suspect it is madness.

  62. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Why would you ruin one of the best days of the entire year for us? Why couldn’t you do this a day later.

  63. Moll Dean says:

    Bad! too bad! No cookies for you.
    But it will let me at least to stay online for more than 20 minutes before crash… I must be thanks for that..
    Since last friday outage hundred of residents is getting the same issue. 100% of processor usage >> screen flash >> OS crash…

    Try a least postpone it 24h… Please?
    Keep the good work LL
    /me – I’m missing myself inworld

  64. Aislinn says:

    Right…Halloween eh? Bad business guys. Lately, your updates muck more than they fix.

    Examples: still getting lots of packet loss,log in failures, home location (bought property for this??) unavailable, crash on log in, crash for the hell of it,crash upon logging out, TP not working or lagging so bad you are crashed in mid tp…

    So, now we have an update on a holiday??

    Are you SURE you are not with the governnment? Or worse yet, military intelligence?

    I’m fast losing any faith I had in LL fixing anything. Not only do you not hold up yor TOS, you leave a whole lot of crap behind and expect us to pay for it. Not fair, guys, just not fair.

    Try to NOT schedule fixes and such on holidays from now on? You are gonna lose so much money on this cluster f***. H onestly, I gotta wish you luck cause you’ll need it.

  65. Gelgisith says:

    With LL’s track record, we’ll all be Ruth come Samhain. 😦

  66. onion says:

    please, not on halloween

  67. Jayden B says:

    Ah you see, Torley has gone away and Robin is once more making great publicity and communications descisions.

    /me shakes his head. Seriously you guys, go back to just smoking weed, the crack you are now partaking of is seriously affecting your rationality.


  68. Danball Tureaud says:

    All that new hardware is to handle the influx of noobs that registered because they watched CSI last night.

  69. Vye Graves says:

    You have to be totally insane. That’s primetime continental European evening hours, isn’t it? …when no doubt untold numbers of parties are already scheduled?

    Beyond that, as has been said, if this is one of those times that the downtime brings about several new “features” that later provoke or require service outages… well, then you’ve done yourself serious harm. If SL is down during prime evening hours in any US timezone during Halloween… well, no amount of crappy CSI silliness could possibly make up for the potential loss.

    This is just another case, like, say, oh, Voice… of LL overlooking the real wants and needs of users and inexplicably spending time and resources in areas that are totally counter to what might really enhance the experience. I think the policy must be ask people what they really, really want the most… and then do the exact opposite.

  70. Free Kungfu says:

    It is a shock!! I will be no SL that day, THANKS A LOT Lindens =/

  71. pantaiputih korobase says:

    well… 5 hous downtime + possibly 3 hours delay = one third of a day on Halloween – -cool. when on again in most European areas (with the expected 3 hours delay), it is 10 pm RL then – time to sleep soon.
    I am pesonally not much intrested in Halloween, but I really feel for all the paeople who prepared events for that date.

  72. solanghe sarlo says:

    On Halloween? During the hours when the Euro residents have events planned? Please postpone this at least one day, surely it can wait one day LL? Crazy decision.

  73. jefferey Heart says:

    Your kidding Right? No seriously… ON HALLOWEEN when we all have Halloween events in the game planned.

  74. Storyof Oh says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL COME ON….. what DO you expect from LL? flashes of genius?
    Hit Europe with VAT then forget they celebrate Halloween almost as much as the Americans. Maybe they haven’t left their bunkres long enough to be exposed to the RL commercialisation and made the link to how SL is MADE for Halloween…..probably the ONLY DAY in the year when the special effects come into their own.

    Thank you for your patience, have a nice day …and maybe, just maybe all those moaning about the whingers will finally wake up to the total absence of customer care…………and be forever silenced….

  75. zinbacokattun says:

    All the looking and purchasing Halloween stuff now seems have fallen flat – might as well pack it all up and stop planning the parties. There has to be a better time to do this – please .

  76. JL Roffo says:

    Just make use of common sense guys… assuing you have some left somewhere this is just ridiculous. Anybody that is seriously in the IT business nows that no manteinance – unless ABSOLUTELY necessary (read that as “emergency”) should be done on high activity days. Its like the CNN planning a broadcast shortage during like… dunno… the Pope election or the NFL final match. Excellent for loosing customers, if thats your target.



    October 31st – 6am to 11am.

    You’ve reached a new level of stupidity LL. You just killed the most important show day on my schedule next to Christmas. Thank you very very much.

  78. Kat Hynes says:

    I’d be happy to just hear at least a response from LL!
    And for the comments that are in the vein of keep upthe good work and it won’t matter because I won’t be on anyway. Go away because us who WILL be on don’t miss your kind anyway

  79. Bitova Loon says:

    Silly Idea …Its Halloween .. Sl has been getting ready for this event for weeks.. why do it that day ??

  80. This is a big joke, is it?????

    This is Halloween, haven’t you guys thought that people might have planned Halloween Parties, paying DJ’s, making advertisements, That is ridiculous. When you plan an outage, please look into the calendar and avoid “holiday” like Halloween or similar, and plan the outage a day earlier or a day later. But at least thank you for your notice…

  81. Vye Graves says:

    I think the mere fact that they could do this without someone in the office saying “Um… uh… did you really think about that?” speaks volumes.

    This is probably a lot like the naming conventions for sims. You’d think someone would glance over the list and say “Nimrod Yaffle… wha? …”

  82. Kitten Radio says:

    Do the grid a favor and DONT do this Halloween Day, you are shooting more of your residents in the foot than you expect. THAT is not appreciated at all. Please, consider setting the upgrade a few days further up the Calender, even if this WILL help the events, we know the current running with having stability after upgrades.

  83. antonio asano says:

    OMG, not on Halloween please! So many people have planned parties etc etc. I wanted to do a special thing for the people on my 14 sims. Wake UP !!!

  84. NOT on Halloween! Who the hell makes decisions at LL? He can’t be more qualified than a pre-schooler – a pre-schooler would know what Halloween means!

  85. Maxx Nordlicht says:

    And the lights have gone OFF again at Linden Labs…..

  86. richard says:

    well at lease it wont be on the weekend when there is no one to fix it,maybe with, ibm they can tell the lindens how to run things better, they sure are not doing a good job at it now !!!!!!!

  87. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    think the fact this doesn’t at all surprise me speaks volumes this is our biggest sales day of the year we spent weeks making items especially for ours and many others favourite holiday and you just killed sales
    much appreciated

  88. elvisorbit says:

    o.O Don’t For get it is also prime time for Aisia As well. Its my Prime time here in Japan! Many Japanese com on later at night. o.O As well as the Aussies. I Never have complaints towards LL but this was paned wronged LOL

  89. Katie Usher says:

    Please, Please do not do this on the 31st October! There are hundreds of Halloween parties planned for that day, at all times to cover the varied timezones. Please dont ruin all of the work!

    1 day before, 1 day after, but not 31st October!

  90. Masuyo Aabye says:

    maintence is good, you people at LL do a great job of running SL, if you didn’t care about it then there wouldn’t be an SL.
    but 5 hours downtime on halloween? umm… bad idea. A lot of people are planning events this year. taking the grid dowm is a crap idea, postprone it to the day after. what if the downtime overruns? normally i’m ok with it, but this is a big day on the events calender. please reconsider

  91. Vye Graves says:

    The sound you are hearing is demand, begging for an alternate supply. No one should be able to run a business this devil-may-care toward the end-user without fearing competition.

  92. Kat Hynes says:

    before comments close, one more thing.
    THEY will ignore us and go right ahead and shut down anyway.
    I don’t think they care or even read the blog!

  93. Rob A says:

    Please don’t shut down on Halloween. That would be teh suck on your part.

    Seriously, is this a joke? Do you WANT to drive people away?

  94. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @92, noooooooooooo they just sleep cause there is no 24/7 service 🙂

  95. Tina Seymour says:

    Thats great news, now we can celebrate Halloween in real life with family and friends. Isn’t that better then in SL?

  96. Phoenixa Sol says:


    looks more like an *outrage* scanning through the comments.

  97. Winter Ventura says:

    yeah, I have to chime in and suggest that a “Nov 1” downtime would probably be MUCH less inconvenient to EVERYONE on the grid. Really, you’ve picked THE “party day” the “contest day” and the “event day”.. people decorate for halloween, people buy costumes, build costume, make and even sell costumes for halloween. This is the first halloween with sculpties, and you wanna take the grid down and work on it.. on halloween.

    Now, no offense meant to your stalwart staff, but your track record really doesn’t look good for grid usability for the first 3 hours after the downtime. there’s also about a 50% chance of introducing a bug that will take at least 3 weeks to repair, and a 5% chance of a showstopper bug so bad, that you’ll be restarting the grid and applying “quick fixes” all day. Even the most optimistic appraisal looks bleak. After the upgrade, if all goes somehow, magically, perfectly, a whole new group of users will be unable to access the grid, or will experience crashes and errors. It ususally takes these folks a day or two to reinstall or find some workaround to their issue.

    Put simply.. if you could wait until November 1 for this update, AND if you ran into a lot of issues with it.. I think you’d see a surprising number of “thank you” messages. And if the update went smoothly (for a change) then the only harm done would be to the schedule, and you’d still see a generous number of “thank you’s” for moving the downtime.

    Besides, your programmers will all be wearing restrictive cardboard transformer costumes.. do you really want them working on a major programming emergency while trying to peer through their “Optimus Prime” mask at the screen?

  98. U M says:

    I understand we need downtime its important. But why during this time? its party time all around SL at that time of the year? Oh well can`t have everything.

  99. Jamie David says:

    Christmass, New Years, Halloween, July 4th, November 5th, my Birthday, Philip Lindens birthday. These are days that should be left alone.

    Guess Lindens don’t see the Halloween decorations all over. Residents it is our fault for not turning the whole of SL into a pumpkinfest.

  100. memory says:

    hhahahhaha i guess its freddy kruegers chouce of revenge !!!! halloween attack !! lol. Guess now we have time to catch up with RL !! ooops i thought this was RL lol

  101. U M says:

    Its about controling the downtime and have reg periods of them so the game stays stable.

  102. memory says:

    BTW we dont do halloween here anyway but i can understand the american concerns. it will only be peak time for them after the downtime anyway its europe that has the problem !!! lol :p

  103. Damona Rau says:

    btw, when one of you will look at my support-ticket from 20. October?
    I believe, that this assetserver-upgrade don’t effect my problem!

    4051-4273538 10/20/2007 6:03 AM PDT

    For your remembership, it’s still unassigned!
    And don’t kill the events on 31. october


  104. alpha says:

    is any linden going to answer these obvious requests to move the date at least one day either way? theres almost a days worth of posts here and NO COMMENT ?

    its like the government deciding shops must be shut on the busiest shopping day! Its so ridiculous its NOT funny

    how strange

  105. Lily says:

    NOT ON HALLOWEEN PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Judi Newall says:

    Does it really HAVE to be that day? If so then please at least blog to say why. A great deal of work across the grid has gone into Halloween events and a lot of folks want time to make last minute checks and adjustments. PLEASE, PLEASE could it be a day earlier or later? I’m not a techie but this sounds like the kind of thing that could take extra time too isn’t it?

  107. WarKirby says:

    Are you serious? Downtime on one of the biggest olidays of the year?

    What the hell is wrong with doing it the day before. Or the day after.

    CHANGE THE TIME. This is unacceptable.

  108. Sean Clancy says:

    On Hallowe’en? Are you mad?

  109. Fan-Freakin-Tastic.. /me straps on helmet and warm coat in fear that hell might just be freezing over.

  110. mimi says:

    omg what a terrible timing… couldn’t be worse… why 5 hour downtime exactly at halloween?

    @97 “Put simply.. if you could wait until November 1 for this update, AND if you ran into a lot of issues with it.. I think you’d see a surprising number of “thank you” messages. And if the update went smoothly (for a change) then the only harm done would be to the schedule, and you’d still see a generous number of “thank you’s” for moving the downtime.”

    so true

  111. Delgado Cinquetti says:

    WTF? I was scheduled to do a virtual sacrifice of a noob that day! Damn!

  112. Adrianna says:

    NOOOO!! Are you guys mad?? on HALLOWEEN?!

  113. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Maintenance crew, say “Hi” to PR crew. PR crew, say “Hi” to Maintenance Crew.

    Good luck with the update. LOL!

  114. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    What’s all this about Europe being hit hard by this (admittedly very stupid) decision?
    1pm to 6pm GMT is hardly peak partying time in Europe. Whether you’re in Michelstown or Moscow you can be online by 9pm GMT latest. You’d have to be in Yakutsk to have a problem but I don’t suppose there’s many SLers in Yakutsk and those that there are will be dedicated enough to be slugging back the vodka at midnight GMT.

  115. notagambler says:

    with all these parties there would be much to much people on the grid.

    so good luck with the update! :))

  116. Abigail Merlin says:

    With my work shedual I arive in the last 2 hours of the planned downtime leaving me 2 hours till it’s time for me to hit the RL sleep poseball if all goes well, if it doens’t then I might jus be able to log in in time to say ni ni to my friends *if* they manage to get on as wel.
    Better hope that the hardware upgrade goes smooth and we can be back at least an hour ahead of shedual, afterall the regions shouldn’t have to go down for this safing a lot of restart time.

  117. Ryu Darragh says:

    Just another day of the week. Been dealing with the regions I help out with crashing *every* day and usually more than once since 1.13, so learning to keep on keeping on is essential.

    Don’t let minor things like updates or apparently lost inventory (it’s not lost, just misplaced in that Fibber McGees closet we call the Asset Servers) keep you from enjoying the day 😀

  118. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @114: we have seen considerable delays in updates, if they are scheduled for 5 hours, it can happen that they take 8 hours – then we are pretty close to prime time Europe, but of course this time updated will not be delayed cause it was planned SO WELL, keep up the good work!

  119. Ronia Shepherd says:

    Hello Lindens, Hello JOSHUA,

    it´s not yet too late. At least add a comment here that you are re considering.

    I don´t plan anything on Halloween. Basically I never plan to do stuff on a Wednesday since you´re run updates on that day. And still it is yet more evidence that internal decisions are made without giving consideration to what your customers/residents think.

    Or do you actually bring this vaux pax on purpose, so you can reverse it and take some credit of how good you are now listening to the residents? Politics crap?

    If not, then I can only follow everyone else here, by saying you do a great job bringing down the economy.

    At least you might prove me wrong. As I expect(ed) the exodus when you impose IDV on us. You might actually manage that nothing will be left to destroy when IDV comes along.

    Please re think, you´ve had a few good shots lately, but this one here is pathetic!

    Good Weekend anyway 🙂

  120. pantaiputih korobase says:

    it is probably because the only person who can manage the update at LL works on Wednesdays only (irony)

  121. feline dagger says:

    this bites … really it does… if any lindens do actually read this blog (which i highly doubt), NOT ON HALLOWEEN!!!

  122. feline dagger says:

    and if yall tired of the bugs in the linden viewer why not try the OnRez viewer, i know its only 1st version thats now available, it seems to be a hell of a lot more stable lol.

  123. Georgette Whitfield says:

    LOL they’re closing it down so they can party in their office and hold their costume contest before their work begins for the day. Well everyone deserves a party, and I will be at RL work then anyway so no skin off my nose, but seriously THIS IS NOT A NICE THING TO DO TO YOUR CUSTOMERS LINDENS!!! Which pumpkin head came up with that idea? ;-P

  124. Broccoli Curry says:

    Shock horror… downtime might mean people have to step away from their computers and celebrate an event IN REALITY!

    It’s mid afternoon for UK/Europe, early morning in the US… do you have trick or treaters at 11.30am? Of course not. Halloween is meant to be a ‘night time’ event anyway, with the culmination of the thing on midnight (the witching hour).

    If you’re going to complain about something, at least check the facts first to see if it’s actually going to be a problem – which, as it seems to me clearly, it shouldn’t if it’s was celebrated properly.


  125. Nano Ashby says:

    We have parties planned, with substantial outlay in money (it may be Linden dollars, but we’ve spent enough for it to be a fair sum in US dollars) and these start *very* soon after the outage is planned to end, so any variation (as there often is) and we are scr*wed.

    perhaps worth pointing out that we, the residents, are what makes SL happen, no residents, no company, no LL and very unhappy investors. I wonder often if LL thinks there are enough people to roll off disgruntled residents, and roll on new ones at a supportable rate, indefinitely – I can’t think how else they can be so (don’t know the right word, this is incomprehensible) inconsiderate with this scheduling. A parallel example: residents of The World (city ship) get an announcement on the 22nd December that the ship will be in dry dock for xmas and they have to get off – they, as paying residents, would soon have something to say about that!! I guess we dont’ really count.

  126. Pepper Haas says:

    Okay Lindens this is a test: Will you actually be seen as responsive to the people, finally and at last, by moving the upgrade one day — or will you forever seal your reputation as “deaf to all appeals”?

  127. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @126, be patient, they are still asleep at West Coast 🙂

  128. Nano Ashby says:

    yeah *whatever* Broccoli, it’s you who check your ‘facts’ before spouting your opinion – what if someone *can’t* get out, and sl is their only outlet? have you thougth outside your box recently?

    perhaps i should run out the door and leave my dying partner on his own while i celebrate in the streets.

    how considerate you are.

    and fyi both the parties we are going to/hosting are in the evening, and end at mignight (are you happy happy happy?) the grid will have *one hour* after it comes back up to stablise before the party begins, so basically when has that ever happened… thoughts, ever?

  129. DanR Raymaker says:

    Downtime on halloween??? I agree with the rest here. Why can’t you move it a day? We look forward to halloween parties, X-mas parties, etc. Why are you planning this for the one day of the year when we all have lots of fun.

    At least move it a day…. please?

  130. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    I would think its the last minute sales people will lose midday european time the figures still top 30k people online.Its our busiest time of the year so I can understand people being annoyed. Not sure about the properly observing Halloween, holidays like any other human activity change over time. The fact the grid usually takes a few days to settle after these works is also an obvious concern

  131. shifzr says:

    wow, just wow.
    i am convinced this got to have been unintended and is going to be re-scheduled.

  132. antonio asano says:

    Not 1 comment from a Linden employee????

  133. Trella says:

    If it would only take the time they state, great, no better yet,, awesome, one dreams, prays and hopes. As well fix some issues. Yet how often has it not, and residents are left picking up pixels sending in reports as well counting their lacking Ls, and business for left over issues still unresolved for days.

    Please fix as per the front page of the site states it always runs,,,, pleaseeeee

    If you must be down the 31 please do be back on before so many loss all of what they invested in it being up for their given planned events.

  134. notagambler says:

    #132, joshua sends it before he leave the office.

    look to the clock, westcoast is sleeping.

  135. Merlin Oddfellow says:

    Questions :
    1- Do the Lindens really look at these comments or are they an useful way to let us wind out ?
    2- Do they care about our comments ?
    3- Are they eventually planning on answering our concerns ?
    4- Can they THINK about taking these concerns into account ?
    5- Can they THINK ?

  136. feline dagger says:

    6-11am SL time is basically 2pm til 7pm GMT time which is what timezone I am in (i’m in UK)… by the way things tend to work after a downtime, maybe be 9pm by time us in UK get to get on. It is stupid!

    We all know how well and stable SL is after a downtime *rolls eyes*… so you can almost guarantee any events in evening aren’t going to go well either. So, yeah i believe there is reason to complain. It’s always been the same, lag, login issues, tp issues, issues with more or less everything until about 5-6 hours AFTER the downtime ends. What a load of crap. All this to deal with on one of the busiest holidays before christmas.

    Linden Labs need to maybe reconsider the date for the downtime at least.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on a Linden responding to this post or listening to the masses on this. Afterall when has it happened in past?

  137. feline dagger says:

    Questions :
    1- Do the Lindens really look at these comments or are they an useful way to let us wind out ?
    2- Do they care about our comments ?
    3- Are they eventually planning on answering our concerns ?
    4- Can they THINK about taking these concerns into account ?
    5- Can they THINK ?

    1. They probably do look at the comments and see it as some form of joke page… an amusement of sorts during those many office breaks they take with doughnuts and coffee!
    2. They say they do… as to if they mean it – i doubt it.
    3. I doubt it.
    4. They probably could – but would mean extra brain power.
    5. No comment. LOL

  138. Alyx Sands says:

    Great. I guess I’ll go scrap the idea of a Hallowee party…..downtime will be until 8 p.m. CET, and how long after that the Grid will be borked again we don’t know.

  139. U M says:

    BTW we still have halloween parties i don`t know what sim rock you live under but there are many halloween parties around :/

  140. Astarte says:

    I know there are no software updates or viewer required for this downtime, but I remember last time new hardcware was installed; whether it was configuration problems or whatever, the aftermath of that hardware upgrade/move, was large swathes of the grid slow on being brought back on line, and several regions lost for almost 24 hours.

    Now do you understand why we, your customers are worried.

    And all you on here saying…so what it is early… It might be for the states. Asia is evening, Australia is evening. UK is late afternoon (time when everyone is double checking that everything is ready for the evening event)((And that is if they don’t over-run or have restart problems)). OK got 6 hours before festivities start…you OK.

    All this hype by Linden Labs of being open, caring and honest. Who the hell didn’t have enough brain power to think up this idea of downtime on the 31st (HALOWEEN). Are we going to see them actually act on these responses and think again about the timing of this upgrade. Surely that is not too much to ask..!! Or as we all expect are they just going to ignore their customers and go ahead anyway, as they have always done in the past.

  141. Hope Rosetta says:

    sigh………………………………….sigh…………………………sigh……………..i wish i could understand all of the whats, whys and wherefores ………… is there a compelling reason besides griefers?

  142. penolope says:

    well congrats Linden once again have the worst timing of any game ive ever been in. While other “games” and online communites will be happily partying on the 31st…YOU decide to trick us by shutting down for 5 hours or more.

    Take a few seconds off whatever it is you are working on and READ the feedback here..your CUSTOMERS are screaming and begging you to postpone it for ONE day so they can enjoy one of the biggest social networking days of the year.

    So ask yourself it worth angering an already angry customer base by taking away Halloween? YOu may not have thought it meant anything to adults but as you can are dead wrong.

  143. Kara Spengler says:

    As a Wiccan, Oct. 31 is *the* major date in the calendar! I had been planning a ritual in SL to mark it, but so much for those plans now.

  144. Storyof Oh says:

    wow blog left open?…maybe for a Linden to come and say they WILL change it …..then get massive backslapping….and maybe they preplanned this stunt to make us think they really care???

  145. Merlin Oddfellow says:

    Halloween’s motto for Lindens :

    Trick…Or Trick ?

  146. yuriko nishi says:

    hahahahaha nice joke!

    uhm… you´re not joking?
    i don´t celebrate halloween, but many do, and i can understand why they don´t like it.
    would it be so hard to change your tradition only once, just for halloween, and update on another day?

  147. Sardonicus Jacobus says:

    This is a terrible idea, do it on Tuesday the 30th instead, so the (hopefully) improved asset server will be available for Hallowe’en. I am very surprised that you even thought of doing this.

  148. Distilled1 Rush says:

    /me is Sad now Halloween party is going to be crash no TP no rez no pay party :(:(:(:(

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  150. Storyof Oh says:


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