Watch for a new Tip of the Week next week!

Hello! *smiles and waves* Because of stuff that’s happened in my Second Life, I’m in love and moving house in my First Life, so I apologize that I don’t have a new Second Life Tip of the Week for you today — watch for a new one next week!

Future topics will include improving performance (reducing “lag”) and I’m going to cover how to use the New Search tools too. I’m furthermore thrilled to see Jon’s been blogging about the Knowledge Base Article of the Week. Practical, useful knowledge for YOU. 🙂

WindLight softly shines on us during my Office Hour

Also, my Office Hours tomorrow are canceled (I put a big sign outside).

Just wanted to let you know, and see you next Thursday… good communication is as essential as water is wet. Torley Linden

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51 Responses to Watch for a new Tip of the Week next week!

  1. Ronia Shepherd says:

    ok, dismissed. Nice week of holidays 🙂

  2. mimi says:

    hi Torley!
    have a nice week, we hope to see you soon again!
    Sounds like you have two great topics waiting for us
    nice quote too

  3. Jayden B says:

    >> “I’m in love and moving house in my First Life”

    \o/ Woot.
    Good luck with the move, hope your internet is connected!

    Lag and Search are so timely. If you can address the concerns many raised in the other blog re: privacy, buy bots et al.

    Vote 1 – Torley for Communications Director, Fire Robin Linden.

  4. Congrats Torley and partner !

    Pituca and I hope you are as happy as we are 🙂

    Sure hope your internet connection gets done quickly.

    Have fun 🙂

  5. Vint Falken says:

    Torley, you’re forgiven for not having a tip if you can fix this: .


  6. richard says:

    reducing lag,i’m laughing at that one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Use pros to move the piano.

  8. Isabeau Imako says:

    Your my first post! Love what you bring to 2nd Life (Smiles+Happiness.) Alors Mons. Torley, vous êtes en AMOUR?! Yay!!! Hope the move goes well. Come back soon.

  9. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Please tell the other Lindens upgrading on Halloween is a big mistake!

  10. Torley fell in Love for the naked girl on his right. 😉
    Dekka, it’s just a big Scary Halloween outage. Don’t be scared. 😀

  11. JZ says:

    Torly you control the windlight project.. when oh when will we see the next “first look” many waiting too long… Please apease the gods and release the next “first look” of windlight..

    Taps fingers, waiting patiently!

  12. Berry Steinhoff says:

    /me waves.

    Good luck with the move!

  13. Niky Zenovka says:

    Weeeeee…. Congrats Torley!!! :-))))

    Was there in that day… :-)))

  14. Neon Dingson says:

    Hey Torley,

    Best wishes to you and your partner.

    Seems this falling in love in SL is catching as Minoesh has just moved in with me in RL. I wish the both of you as much happiness as we have. *smile*

  15. Hey I’ve got a tip for LL – I mean Torley does so much in helping us with his tips, the least we can do is repay his kindness!


    The first line was posted with no sarcasm intended. I really do appreciate Torley’s efforts. The rest of LL can pretty much go eff themselves at this point – when they get tired of effing US that is.

  16. Simon Kline says:

    Love the pic torley!! Looks like we were praying for somthing there (more watermelons maybe heh).

    Hope the moving went well!! It would be great if moving was as easy in Rl as SL that way you could just put everything in your inventory and then rez it again at the new place :))

  17. Judi Newall says:

    I have Torley textures and I’ve learnt a great deal from your tips and earlier videos. Congrats on the RL Torley, I read your bio, what a change SL can make to someone’s life and I have great awe for someone rising from disaster like that.

  18. WooHooOO Torley,…. Congrats,. 2 you and your partner, me is maried a week ago… So who knows ;)..
    Anyway happy Holl.. i cant wait untill the next post…


    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ DONT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    weeheheee always the same..

  19. shifzr says:

    best wishes!
    looking forward to the lag-reducing lesson!!!

  20. Raven Primeau says:

    Lovely to hear your good news, CONGRATS!!!! & make the most of your short sweet parole break Torley.
    I await your next article with baited breath.

    *Major Bummer on Halloween though, I know its not your fault but Hey ho!

  21. lastping asp says:

    Felicitation Torley !!

    Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur RL et Sl

    Reviens en pleine forme… tes tips sont indispensables.

  22. Programmer Wiefel says:

    Have fun moving! I know how fun that is… =P

  23. Ronia Shepherd says:


    I may have missed it, so sorry if it´s already available.

    Torley, please…

    1.) Wrap up the tip of the week into notecards or whatever
    2.) stuff them into some sort of (low prim) vendor or content/notecard giver
    3.) Add this contentgiver to EVERYONES library. So everyone, especially people with high traffic areas, can put it up at their venues and everyone interested can pick up a free copy.

    If you find a way to regularly update the information contained, then this would give your tip of the week a far greater exposure to the community. The blog is a good thing, but i know for certain, that a big part of the community isn´t using any feature outside the grid.

    Yes, lag & performance measures are a good topic sure.

    But for example how to start & use the transaction history while i am inworld, seems unknown even to a lot of powershopping people I´ve met. You would be surprised how many people actually just buy something a 2nd time, cose they haven´t received the 1st item and clicked away the payment notification. I still meet many residents older 6 months, that never used the th before and that are very grateful for me having shown them. Just looking up the payees name and send IM, would make a lot of people realise, that it only takes that to actually get the product. Believe it, it´s true

    Having read the blog post about the knowledge base article of the week, i wonder why you don´t bundle your efforts and try to make on thing out of that? Or make each only a fortnight issue instead of a weekly one, so you can help each other. Please don´t be too idealist Torley, and keep this initiative (and the credit that goes along with it) to you like your baby.

    TRY TO GET AWAY from residents having to use the navigation menu on the upper edge of the screen to get information or to use the www

    START making the information gathering & learning process of residents an inworld experience.

    I for example would love to put up an vendor, that has a lil guide on 1st display that says “why can´t I build objects here on this land?”.

    The notecard could contain a few general explanations about land rights & such and furthermore it could elabourate a lil (in a non technical language) on why landowners might not want everyone to build things on their land. It could also give them a few slurls, where they actually can go to try stuff.

    And more over…if you do such things as tips for the public, then make them available in different languages too. I gladly take your articles and put them into German, and i am sure you find french, spanish or whatever native speakers to cover for the vast majority of languages on the grid.

    Enough for now i guess


  24. Marianne McCann says:

    Best o’ luck with the move an stuff!

  25. Amanda Ascot says:

    I know it’s going to be an insane time for you, Torley, but at least be safe during your move. I saw your sign last night when I blipped over from Help Island where I was putting in some volunteer work to see if anything has changed. You know, I don’t need to set a landmark for your place. It is sooooo easy to find just by looking at the map!

    Ronia @23: Nice ideas, in principle. Please allow me to comment on them.

    1) Someone (sorry I can’t remember who, so please speak up) is creating written digests of Torley’s Tip of the Week videos, and they’re available on a website. Torley, could you, maybe, include a link to that site at the bottom of each of your posts?

    2) Really good idea! Maybe Torley could put a vendor for such notecards at his place so that anyone could pick up a copy and put it out on *their* property. To be properly updatable they would have to be networked, though. I’m not sure how that would work, if at all, with copyable vendors. Networking vendors is a bit beyond my scripting knowledge at the moment.

    3) If it’s in everyone’s Library it’s not necessary to distribute the stuff to people in-world because they all already have it. Everyone looks through their library, you know. *chuckles* I’m being facetious, here. I’ve heard people actually suggest that the Library should be deleted (or at least delete-able) from the Inventory. I was here in SL for several months before I took a peek into the Library. Torley, how a tutorial on the Library — that part of everyone’s Inventory almost nobody appreciates?

    “… how to start & use the transaction history …”: Oh, yes! How many times do we hear people complain about double transactions? I’ve *almost* done this, myself, but held back, sometimes only to have my purchase delivered many minutes later.

    “… why you don´t bundle your efforts …”: This isn’t, in my opinion, a good idea. Jon and Torley are doing two very different things, here, and, I suspect have very different audiences, although I love what both of them are doing. They have their own styles and their own angles, and it would dilute both efforts to combine them.

    “I for example would love to put up an vendor …”: If land prices ever change and the economy, somehow, gets a much-needed boost so that people will starting renting property, again, I’ll be opening up the sim I manage for rentals. I’m already in the process of building a Welcoming Center, which will have just such a kiosk in it. It’s not that difficult to make. There are freely-available notecard-giver scripts you can use if you don’t want to get fancy.

    ” …make them available in different languages too …”: I so second that motion! I can read several languages, however laborious it is for me, but I’m not nearly proficient enough in any of them to do translations. I would love to have someone translate my own tutorials and other writing that I’ve done for consumption by Second Lifers into at least the most commonly used languages around here. I spent over two hours the other day trying to explain to a newbie from France how to use the keyboard to control Point of View — something you can read about on my tutorial notecard for that in just a few minutes. She spoke almost no English and I speak so little French that, as bad as it is, Babelfish looks fluent by comparison.

  26. Storyof Oh says:


    How to read blogs
    How to enable comments on all blogs
    How to run them over 100/150 comments
    How to alienate your entire customer base in one small step (aka doing a Ratner)
    How to realise that not everyone lives on USA Pacific time
    How to potentially bork the whole grid on the best effect day/night of the year
    How to learn what HALLOWEEN is

  27. Ric Mollor says:

    Since the comments on the Halloween downtime are now closed I’m posting a bit off-topic here.

    If SL is closed during your Halloween evening why not take time to check out the competition? Linden Labs is far from the first or biggest player in the “social virtual worlds’ genre. I’m sure that none of the other worlds will close on one of the most important party days of the year and will certainly have Halloween events planned.

    So do that free signup, download a client, and invite your friends to a Skype conference call as you go somewhere new! It’s as fun as exploring a new sim and risk free. You might see something you like!

    My name will click through to a list of some of the larger competitors if you are looking for ideas.

  28. Storyof Oh says:

    #27 wow didnt realise so many alternatives to check out 😉
    maybe SL has just experienced its halloweengate…..

  29. Alisha says:

    Halloween??? I reallly hope your joking. There is NO better day in SL than Halloween. Think about that for a minute. Done……?

    K now push it to the 1st……

    Thanks for your understanding LL.

    BTW about an hour after your update blog my Halloweeny store is empty and sales have completely ceased. Ooops…


    PS sorry Torley, and others, for being off topic. Much love to you Torley, gl with your move and LUV……:):)

  30. Nefertiti Nefarious says:

    Torley … Linden Labs lets you have a RL?

  31. Suzan says:

    “I’m in love and moving house in my First Life”

    How sweet is that? Good luck for the move, looking forward to your next videos!

  32. Desmond Shang says:

    Rock on Torley!

    Very happy for you and your partner!

    Warm regards,


  33. Congratulations, Torley, and best of lucks! You certainly deserve it… and I bet she deserves it too 😀

  34. Jamie David says:

    Happy for you. Good luck

    I feel that it is not appropriate posting for the blog. It is for a forum which sadly no longer exists.

    This is the only pipe of communication for LindenLab. There are Serious issues that need to be addressed. LindenLab is meant to be a professional company. The blog is full of fluff and real issues are not addressed or thrown out with a “Oh by the way we are shutting down servers on Halloween morning.” with no follow up or acknowledgment by LindenStaff at all.

    When are we ever going to get a informative real postings on Verification? VAT? Sudden Announcements? Community Manager?

  35. Tony says:

    Congratulations Torley. Now bang someone on the head at LL and let them grant you your own special page on the website with all your tips included.

  36. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    First off, congrats, Torey!!!!!! Under the circumstances, yeah, don’t do a tip of the week, we can wait. 🙂

    Going off-topic now, since comments are in fact closed, but this still needs to be said loud and clear

    Linden Lab, your plans to do work on the servers and shut down all SL access is alright as far as it goes, but you’re way off the mark on the scheduling. It’s Halloween for crying out loud!!!!! One of the biggest holidays in SL, or have you forgotten that fact? People have planned their Halloween parties months in advance, and you certainly don’t schedule downtime that far out. You would be a responsible company if you changed the date. Do it on October 30th. Do it on November 1st. Wait until November 6th. But for Pete’s sake, don’t do it on Halloween. This is pure foolishness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Moose Maine says:

    Make sure you carry her across a treshhold in the new house that’s not a transparent prim!

  38. Amanda Ascot says:

    *sighs* Actually, I’ve been trying to keep silent on this point, since I missed the chance to post in the appropriate thread, but I’ll have to chime in here, since it’s been brought up.

    Linden Lab, or, more precisely, the intellectual dwarf who decided Halloween is a good time for down time, will you PLEASE start thinking your decisions through? Time and time again you people prove to those of us who suspect it, that you wind your way through the labyrinth of issues with blinders *and* rose-colored glasses on. You are constantly making Bad Decisions. We tell you about them. Then you make them again. Ignorance is acceptable. We were all born ignorant. We spend our lives correcting this deficiency. Stupidity is when the ignorance is not demolished by knowledge — when you can not, or will not, learn from your mistakes.

    Let me enlighten you, then. Do your upgrades on … drum roll … MONDAYS! As long as Monday does not fall on a holiday. Or the day before a holiday. Or the day after a holiday. This gives you the *entire week* to fix the things every upgrade seems to break — before the busiest time in-world which is weekends. Wednesday isn’t good enough, either, guys. You already know this. Ignorance turned to stupidity.

    My, my. Isn’t that simple! Do not interfere with plans some of us have been making for *months* with a sudden announcement that derails all of those plans, hard work, and in many cases, a substantial outlay of money.

    I very much doubt that anyone at Linden Lab but Torley will bother to read this. So please, Torley, try to beat some sense into the big-wigs you work for. Please? I know it will be too late to save All Hallows Eve in Second Life, but maybe … just maybe … they won’t make this mistake again.

    One can only hope.

  39. Alexandria Johin says:

    Congratulations, Torley!!!! Always love your Tips of the Week!
    Have a safe move and take care of yourself and your partner in
    the process.

  40. Ann Otoole says:

    nice move not bothering to be part of secondlife and understand a lot of plans were made for halloween and your gonna shut it down for 5 hours.

    if you really cared you would delay this downtime till thursday.

  41. Nancy says:

    Esje i MISS YOU!!!!

  42. SL Player™ says:

    #38 stop trying to ki$$ @$$ go vent your hot air in the forums!

  43. Amanda Ascot says:

    Whoever you really are @43: Oh, my, such language! *chuckles* Is that the best you can do? And if you think that was a ki$$ @$$ post then you clearly have no clue what it means to ki$$ @$$. Let me enlighten *you* on something, then. Do you really think, for even a moment, that Lindens will read a forum post related to this issue? It’s unlikely any will even read the thread here in their own blog that this is all about. At least I know Torley reads *his* threads, rare Linden that he is. If you want to get the word out, then you need to know where to spread it. It hardly takes a rocket scientist to figure that out. When Linden Lab finally has an epiphany regarding capping of blog posts, maybe we won’t have to protest here. I’ve complained about it, myself, but there are times when it’s justified.

  44. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Torley, I hope your move is successful and uneventful (kid gloves on that piano my friend.. and dont forget to have a piano tuner come give it a few tweaks after you’re settled in). Sending wishes of happiness to you both and….

    doing a happy dance for you now!

    oh p.s. would someone please forget to do the halloween shut down until Nov 1? thank you!

  45. Storyof Oh says:

    good luck torley

    Halloween is back but they could not admit they were responding to their customer base….

  46. *hugs you tight* All the best in your new home, hope you are both deliriously happy together!!

    And to everyone who took this opportunity to bitch – RL first dummies!! try getting one!!

  47. Amanda Ascot says:

    Trinity @47: I’ve said the same thing, but don’t you know that hundreds of people have been planning on Halloween festivities on SL for months, and that many of them have invested a considerable expense in Real Life money into these projects for the benefit of thousands of other people? We have a right to complain when the rug is ripped out from under our feet like that.

    And our complaints were heard! The scheduled downtime has been canceled and, yes, Joshua referenced the “angry mob”, so it was, at least in part, our efforts to speak up in our defense that brought this about. Have no doubt. Thank you Joshua Linden! So, Torley, you don’t have to break any heads or snap any finger bones. You can leave that up to me next time this happens. *evil grin*

  48. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Torley love 🙂 Very best to you and yours. Its so good to have communication again and SL lately has been all over us 🙂 Take all the time you need because we know you will be back and will be there for us. Its appreciated

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  50. Hi Torley, I so much like your posts ans hope you have/had some nice time off.
    Awaiting your further lovely work,

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