Introducing the Knowledge Base Article of the Week

Hello everyone, I’m Jon Linden and I’m here to destroy Second Life.

Hello everyone, I’m Jon Linden and I’m your Knowledge Base Editor. If you’ve never heard of me, or from me, I don’t blame you; I’ve been working behind the scenes, doing what I can to keep the Knowledge Base and Solution Finder organized, up to date, and accurate.

I’m here today to introduce the first of many Knowledge Base Articles of the Week, and to talk a little bit about the KB article suggestion process (more on that after the cut). The KB Article of the Week, at least in theory, should highlight a topic in the KB that might be helpful or informative to a great many of you.


This week’s KB Article of the Week: How to Mute Another Resident or Object (clicking on the link may route you to the Support portal’s login page, but after you’ve logged in, it’ll bring you right to the article). Is there somebody inworld giving you a hard time over chat or IM, or annoying you with their particles, or talking some nonsense at you in voice? This article tells you how to mute that chump. Or chumps. Or object — did you know you can mute messages and offers of items from objects? You probably did if you’ve already read the article!

The Knowledge Base is a work in progress and can always be improved. You can help me improve it by providing suggestions for new articles (or improvements to existing ones): Submit a ticket of the Knowledge Base Suggestions ticket type with your recommendation.

There are two types of feedback.

The first is the type I’d be glad to hear from you about:

  • Articles that contain outdated or incorrect information (please tell me what’s inaccurate)
  • Articles that may need more than what’s already in there (please tell me the information you think is missing)
  • Articles that don’t exist, but ought to (please give me a topic and a general idea of what you’d like to see covered)

The second is the kind I straight up cannot do anything about:

  • Requests for individual help (“I can’t create notecards” or “I lost my dune buggy”)
  • Abuse reports (“Bob Avatar is harassing me”)
  • Your extremely well-informed and carefully-reasoned opinions regarding the Second Life software or our character as a company (“Feature X is evil and you are all criminals” or “Feature X will bring ruin to Second Life”)

Another way for you to provide feedback of the first kind is to click the Yes or No at the bottom of a particular KB article, then click Comment on this topic. Your feedback will eventually make its way to my eyes. I know that right now there’s text above the comment box that says “Please select “undefined” from the choices listed below to have a representative contact you,” and that the “undefined” choice doesn’t actually exist. That text is basically a mistake, and I’m sorry it’s still in there to mislead you; we’re working with our vendor to get rid of it.

There you go. Thanks for reading, and look for more Knowledge Base Articles of the Week in the future!

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80 Responses to Introducing the Knowledge Base Article of the Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting… Nice to see info that most dont know being brought to our attention… Thanks LL; keep up the great work 😉

  2. I think this is a good idea. Helps out the newer members to SL. Keep up th good work LL.

  3. Feed Back says:

    Appreciate the latest “lindens-coming out of their hide outs and talk to us” initiative.

    Anyhoo. Feedback to the above, if I may. While i also think the mute function is very valuable. The way it is working now, is rather inflationary.

    You might want to tell people EXACTLY what happens if they mute persons. They cannot interact with them or any of their objects.

    This is important for 2 reasons. One it is very easy to click mute instead of reject. (by mistake, panic or simply lag of english language)

    Any landmark- & notecardgiver, advertising board, contentgiver, even clicked intentionally or out of curiosity, is just one mouse click away from me getting muted by a person.

    Now this has already often resulted in people sending me IM´s why they cannot buy anything from my vendors and then getting mad at me because i (apparently) did not answer their IM, eventhough i obviously did. I then have to talk to these people through friends to make them unmute me. Not a big thing but totally unnecessary and yet another time waste factor to be planned into my sl experience.

    Anyhoo, the above sounds like a good idea in general
    Cheers 🙂

  4. Zann Canto says:

    This is OK for residential property. But in a business location, it doesn’t help to mute an object for myself. Customers who have to mute objects in order to enjoy a shopping experience are not likely to come back. I had to sell my commercial property for this very reason.

  5. Darien Caldwell says:

    There has been a rash of people muting people by accident lately. I’m not sure why. I get IMs all the time from people who want to know why their purchase never arrived, and after replying several times and getting no answer, I come to find out they have me muted. And I’ve seen that other creators are having the same issue. So if anything I’d like to see explanation of the repercussions of muting as it relates to business. People don’t seem to understand muting an object also mutes the owner. (Heaven knows what I have they could possibly be muting.)

  6. Shaman Lightstone says:

    Good to see more Lindens following Torleys’ lead and sharing info. 2 suggestions. (1)-Add a detailed explanation of the ‘CLIENT’ tool and explain what it does and how to use it. (2)-Explain the path clearly for getting help from Linden Labs, especially in-world help. I miss the days when you could actually click the button/tool and get an in-world response in IM. Now, the method and path is confusing, though you all tried hard to make ‘help’ easier.

  7. Callysta Catteneo says:

    Is there any way to mute the sound effects an avatar makes with gestures? They sure can be annoying.

  8. Marlena Petrov says:

    I have accidentally muted people while looking @ their profile, and clicking the mute button, to close the profile:( That lower right corner is a bad place for the mute button, easy to hit it by mistake:(

  9. Hi Jon! 😀 Good luck on your project! Hopefully people will contribute. Suggestion: can the knowledge base include a “best of” the threads from the official forum that have to do with various making topics? Thanks.

  10. Squee Janitor says:

    Great news about this outreach initiative. I hope, as a helping-people addict, that it will help make more people comfortable with the knowledge base and offer some insight into some of the interesting tidbits that might be hidden within its hierarchical structure.

    Your job isn’t easy; I can’t think of a more difficult documentation project than SL. Hopefully with resident feedback we can offer you some of our own perspective and shape the content to be as resident-oriented as possible. I think the feedback mechanism is also a great way to make the knowledge base /rewarding/ for new residents – through contribution of insights and tips that otherwise might only come from long experience.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Spiritfire Musketeer says:

    Second Life is evil and will bring doom to us all…doom do you hear? DOOM!

  12. Buck says:

    @11: ROFL

    @8: I agree!!!!!!

  13. Wyald Woolley says:

    I’d like to see an article on how to creat a bald cap with eyebrows. All my searches for such information have turned up nothing, yet I know people have created such a thing.

    Thank you for overseeing the KB and hepling to make it more accurate and helpful. What I have found unhelpful, in my estimate, is that it doesn’t go deep enough into a topic to be helpful to anyone other then a newbie.

  14. Ari says:


    Kinda like Torleys things. I love it heh

  15. Ron Crimson says:

    I think this *is* Torley and he got himself an alt.


  16. Bobo Decosta says:

    I like to see more info for sim owners. I have tried multiple times to find everything there is to know on how to run your sim and can only find very basic stuff. I don’t understand why an island or region isn’t sold with a manual. I feel a bit let down on that part as I still don’t understand everything on sim controls and i really hate that as i am the person that wants to know everything!

    Also on groups i would like to find much more info on the abilities you assign to roles.

  17. erruh oh says:

    whats the point of muting someone when they can just stand infront of your avatar and block you with giant prims or hump your avatar while you are standing there. you need a mute feature that removes the avatar completely from view on your screen and even then anyone can do anything to you and all muting them will do is make it so you wont know why everyone is laughing. dont condescend us with your cheerful reference to the mute feature when you know very well its not worth the time it took to code it. why dont you try cleaning up some of this grief in world for a change instead of offering us tools that dont work unless you happen to be attacked on your own property.

  18. FD Spark says:

    The thing is whenever I have needed to mute a object doesn’t always seem to work and I have been around for a while.
    I wasn’t sure if it was me or a bug.
    Also sometimes the creator of object I want to mute makes object name something else or really hard to find to mute in first place.
    I hope the guide covers how to deal with those confusing, griefer objects.
    Thanks for posting this Joe.

  19. Jayden B says:

    Three cheers to all the Lindens who are communicating with us.

    Keep up the great work guys and gals, the world doesn’t seem so bleak any more!

  20. “Hello everyone, I’m Jon Linden and I’m here to destroy Second Life.”

    Aha! I knew it!

    I see right through your whiteout!

  21. SL Player™ says:

    Hello everyone, I’m Jon Linden and I’m here to destroy Second Life.


  22. Kulalyle Anatine says:

    blaa blaa blaa whatever.

  23. alf lednev says:

    “There you go. Thanks for reading, and look for more Knowledge Base Articles of the Week in the future!”

    Don’t you mean in 7 days time? Thats whats called a week in real life.

    Congratulations on a positive step,

    The only way to keep people staying when viable competitors arrive is to listen and act on their concerns and share knowledge like this. Monolopies who deal with their customer base in an arrogant fashion ALWAYS flounder when a competitor arrives, even if the competitor doesn’t offer the same quality product but better service.

    The last two weeks LL ( lil lindens) blogs are at least trying to be seen to care, whether its real or simply fear of looming unemployment lines, time will tell but this is a positive step

  24. Rex Cronon says:

    Sadly muting doesn’t stop the flow of error messages coming on the debug channel.

  25. Anousjka says:

    A nice one would be to inform ppl that to many IM’s in storage get capped and NEVER arive.
    They should send a notecard with their name as cardname.
    Or simply relay trough to email.

    A warning message to both sides when mute is used could be handy, but do give the one that is doing the muting the option to warn the muted person ( or not )

    Good luck ( hope that packetloss issue in the jira get’s handled )

  26. Sarge says:

    I’d like to see something explaining how to make grey textures rez much quicker, since now anywhere I go it takes me 30 minutes to rez a room.

    Will you all be fixing this in an update?

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  28. McPhenius Swain says:

    Great news to hear! This form of communication with residents will benefit everyone! I look forward to future articles.

  29. wise clapsaddle says:

    Hello everyone, I’m Jon Linden and I’m here to destroy Second Life.

    LMAO!!!! Thanks Jon that made me laugh so hard. funny but does not need intervention.

    No in all honesty it’s good to see the continued positive steps to bring sl back to the people and your doing a great job

  30. Lasher Oh says:

    How about a simple top line knowledge base page that explains how to navigate the knowledge base. I clicked your link in the article expecting to be taken direct to said useful knowledge and was instead confronted with a page of multiple links all of which might or might not have taken me to the article and worse….two sets of login data fields and a log in link which I know from past experience leads me to an even more confusing array of options. I commend the compilers of the knowledge base, which is indeed packed full of wonderful information, but I’m afraid that finding ones way around it is almost a full time task in itself. Yet another case of a Linden facility that seems to go out of the way to make accessing features as time consuming as possible… case in point..on another feature… Group Invites…it takes at least six clicks and a search in order to invite 1 person to a group…sheer hell in the middle of an SL lag storm.

    So how many more clicks would I have needed to reach your article Jon?. It might just have been one more but when I saw the multiple link page and log in panels you lost me I’m afraid maybe some other day when I have more time to burn

  31. Lasher Oh says:

    addendum to previous comment..I did click my log in link after I wrote the above comment and it did take me direct to the named article….so foot in mouth time for me….

  32. Damona Rau says:

    The Knowledgebase is really great, i’ve used it serveral times.

    But why is my support-ticket since nearly 72 hours unassigned?


  33. Deira Llanfair says:


    Agree completely. It is very easy to mute accidentally and not realise what has happened. I think the mute option should have a confirmation message – “Do you really want to mute object/avatar?” with some indication of the consequences.

  34. FireEyes Jezebel says:

    “Hello everyone, I’m Jon Linden and I’m here to destroy Second Life.”

    Oh noes! ….wait. I think the lag has already accomplished that.

  35. Nothing like having someone with a strong sense of humour 🙂 Cheers, Jon, good luck on your task of destroying Second Life, I mean, keeping us amused, uh, informed 🙂

  36. Torrid Luna says:

    @15: /me wants a linden alt too…

    First thing I would do was, making all remaining written help docs unavailable, or at least put them in a closed, login required space. That way, the evil g**gle bot won’t find it, and all my underlings have to use this tiny, ugly search line, harhar. Wiki-Shniki, newfangled bogus… Well, let’s at least make sure not to link to that commie stuff from the main page.

    Oh, and I have to make sure to be unavailable by IM. Online Help, kiddin? Well, I would probably put up some office hours, yeah that sounds great. Look at that row of shiny new kneeling poses here…

    Ah, yes, since we have one support tool to bind them all, why not handle the “region down” reports over that too? Most of the regions “repair themselves” (hehehe) after a few days anyway, and — to be honest — a rollback isn’t really needed anymore after you had a few days to think about it.

    Wot? That has been done already? Aaw, skip step one then…

  37. Jamie David says:

    “But why is my support-ticket since nearly 72 hours unassigned?”

    I have sent in a number of Support Tickets and receive no answer at all. I personally am most concerned about Verification, the company providing it, how it is implemented and what it will cost the Residents.

    I have yet to receive any answer to any questions.

    “Robin Linden Says:
    October 9th, 2007 at 6:41 AM PDT

    Also, it sounds like there are still many questions about identity verification, so I’ll post an update separately.”

    That was 2 weeks ago and we have heard nothing. In all fairness she did not say when she was going to post.

    Now it seems that here is a direction change. The age issue seems not to be so important but the trust of your fellow SecondLife user is. Are they who they are?

    In that Aristotle do not retain any information and only send LindenLab a code to say that this avitar is verified. How at a later stage after an issue can that assure the SecondLife User is beyond me. LindenLab only have a code to say that Aristotle Verified that user. According to Robin, Aristotle does not retain any information. So who was that masked person?

    One blog on the latest banking scam points to the verification system as the solution to these less than honest, want to be bankers. The kid used his mothers CreditCard. So how Verification is going to catch him is beyond me.

    Implying to SecondLife residents that one should only do business with those who are verified is telling the users to put their guard down and open the door to scammers. “I am verified so I am real”

    In all my investigations of Aristotle I have yet to find the system working. which is their only working example is a joke. Any name, any address will get you through.

    When I verified as a Sim owner with system that LindenLab plan to impliment. I verified with a totally made up Name, ID and got through. I have been told that others got through with out providing any ID information at all. (I posted a support ticket letting them know I had bypassed the system and got a thank you form letter 2 weeks later)

    This is all very concerning.


  38. Ben says:

    jon, can I just say its a terrible idea to force people to login, then loose the link they were going through? Having to login and then backtrack and re-click the link.

  39. Arven Dagger says:

    I started out Second Life with the Knowledge Base, and I could barely make a dimpled sphere or write a script to say “Hi” on collision. Now Second Life seems like a more organized atmosphere thanks to your help. I really appriciate it.

  40. Chaos Mohr says:

    @38 I totally agree Ben

    Having a web accessible KB without the need to login would be much better for many reasons. One, it would then be indexed again by search engines, and even more importantly it would allow helpers/mentors/residents the ability to send people directly to relevent articles. Of course the goal was to get people to learn how to navigate through the ‘new’ support system which is all well and good, however, as Ben pointed out, having to login, then find a link again is not very productive – perhaps a mirror copy of the KB which would be available to all without having to login would be possible?

  41. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Are you kidding? This article can only be helpful to the newest residents of Second Life. If you didn’t know how to mute another avatar, object or the like then you didn’t bother to LEARN ANYTHING on orientation island. Please go back to the ISLAND and LEARN SOMETHING!

  42. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Could you do an article on how to reduce lag for yourself and others by limiting what you put on your avatar? Seems a lot of folks don’t realise that every avatar attachment (especially scripted ones) adds to their lag and the lag of others in the sim. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been to a sale or a fashion show where someone has reduced their graphic settings but is still moaning about lag while standing there with their AO on and enough bling to crash a server! Making folks aware of their responsibility to limit such attachments at high lag events would be useful. Just an idea 🙂

  43. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    How do you mute objects you cannot find? How do you mute an object that is, say, IMing you some spam, from another region? Muting an object is easy if you can find it and right click on it, but there’s too many ways to hide an object so that it’s impossible to right click, or even find. I’ve also seen griefer objects that change their name repeatedly making it difficult / impossible to mute them by name.
    The linked article is a good start but we need some advanced KB stuff, as well as the basics.

  44. Claudine Chantilly says:

    Excuse me, Mr Linden, Sir.. but could you kindly point us to the articles that deal with how to avoid:

    the crashes while turning or using the cam..
    the crashes while teleporting..
    the sudden freezes that result in a 20-60 second hourglass and occasionally a crash..
    the uncontrollable walking into quicksand pavement or flying into never never land.. which eventually results in rubberbanding or a crash..
    the random detachment of attachments during teleports..
    the embarrassing bug where you’re suddenly bald and various attachements, including your hair, stick to your groin..

    All these have been reported by many many users over and over and over for months now, so i’m sure you must have something in the knowledgebase about them, yes?

    oh and by the way.. and i wouldn’t be writing this if SL hadn’t just crashed again while i was turning the camera.

    Please record this as another unsatisfactory abend to my playing session in SL.

  45. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    This is a really good KB blog Jon, especially for newbies to SL. And its a timely refresher help tip for me (I’m an ‘oldbie’ at 7 months!!!). I got a Lucky Chair in an adjacent land to mine and it chatters away on my screen all the time. I’d got so used to it that I hardly noticed it anymore. Now I’m gonna mute that sucker for good!
    And now off topic, Jamie David @ 37 raises a valid question. Where IS that blogpost you promised us Robin?
    I hope it answers all the questions asked by many ppl in these blog pages over the months (at least FIFTY different questions at last count!).
    The one questions that I keep asking over and over again (and my fingers are starting to bleed here Robin!): In the ‘ID Verification’ blog of 29AUG07 it was suggested that those who do not verify could be considered as ‘not to be trusted’ when conducting business transactions in SL. This sort of coersive language is NOT the way to gain the confidence and trust of your customer base and should not be tolerated.
    When are you going to answer this question and the dozens of others that have been asked in the past few months on this issue?
    Where is the promised blogpost on this issue Robin?
    There are so many questions hanging in the air about this issue, and more questions are being raised every day once people start thinking about the ramifications of giving their personal ID information to an unknown 3rd party that answers to no-one. And there are still NO ANSWERS and still NO COMMUNICATION from LL!!!

  46. darling sieyes says:

    mute is good, when used properly…tho i think Linden’s are forced to spend too much time babysitting…i like to check out the teen grid…bet on percentage, their behavior as adult is outstanding in comparison to being with adults…lol…maybe mute and other babysitting programs LL has to deal with, should have a usage charge…put in a pot, for the Linden of the year award…

    seems many ppl found the mute…now is like weapon…4th grade drama’s…example–‘if u don’t do this or that…i will hold my breath’

    oh and then to be able to brag to their friends…i had to mute so and so…gossip makes my ears ring

    the ego trip must be needed, for some, as no matter how much they can control…too many things are out of our control…good thing killing and battling are pretend…yet makes me wonder why some like this…products made now are easy as a mute button…

    all in all, some do talk a lot, some find us interesting, other’s cannot handle much info…truth, in many cases, will work…
    as adults, all should be quite capable of handling any situation, by mediation.
    this would free LL from the baby crap stuff…so they can work at what they want…i doubt if any thought they would be stuck playing babysitter…many of these same ppl, complain about this and that in LL…but use up LL time on something which is easily settled…i personally wish time was not wasted making programs which shouldnt be needed, and then perhaps LL could make 3 or more inventory’s…one with copy items, one with transfer items…oh hell, i can’t figure that one out either…
    I got im, from business owner, not answering my question with any logic, ending in ‘you are muted’, in other words…she didnt want to answer my question.
    we can bore out the muter’s by wearing tag which says MUTE ME PLZ…LMAO
    i got tags, free if u like, come to my land i will set out a box to take.
    Darling Sieyes

  47. Jami Price says:

    @43 yes how do we block spam and particules from griefer tools like this?

    Want to play with the Big Boys ? Ever heard of an advanced Notecard Spammer to make your “Target” have to relog or just busy closing down on constant pictures he/she will be recieving?

    Spamcore F is the “light” model giving 20 textures/second. FX is the stronger one that in theory gives 255 texures per second and has a huge chance of crashing someone. Whatever happens you’re sure to cause headache, even if not crashes.


    /9999 spam name – to start spam. (say you want to target Fennec Kit – fen, f, Fennec… all those are viable “names” for me)
    /9999 end – to end spam.

    The core will alert you when it has stopped spamming naturally, or almost so. Keep in mind this is instable stuff and might not actually stop right away.

    SPAMMING IS AGAINST THE TOS – . Be careful who you use it against.

    this item can be set up anywhere on the grid
    setting yourself to busy mode doesn’t help either.

    Make everyone get verified so we can get the kids off the adult grid

  48. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    One problem with your latest article about muting: In the event you get spammed by a scripted object named, for instance, Jon Linden, or, more realistically, “Ni@@er Linden”, is is so often the case with scripted objects by one illegal resident malware hacker who LL simply refuses to do anything about keeping out of the network, when you attempt to mute that object, the software says that you cannot mute a Linden.

    Obvious solution would be that the software should check the name of the actual owner, not the object name, before making this determination, but hey, call me crazy.

  49. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    Claudine, et all RE: crashing issues:

    99% of the time, crashes are due to one of the following:
    a) corrupted texture in your cache, clear cache, and relog
    b) you are on a dialup, crack open that wallet and get a real internet connection
    c) you are on DSL that is too far from the switch to be useful, get cable or other real high speed internet
    d) your PC is old and lame. Get more ram, a new gaming video card (with video RAM), or get a new machine.
    e) turn off your other applications. Skype and web browsers both hateSL.
    f) Also, beware a file, that is part of Nero made CD-burning applications, called nbhgui, which is a DRM related program. It thinks Voice, or skype calls, are a form of audio pirating, and interferes with the transmission. Uninstall Nero to fix.

  50. Tattoo Zamani says:

    Hi Jon:)
    My name is Tattoo Zamani and i’m fron ISRAEL.
    my english is not very good, so plz forgive me if i wright with mistakes 🙂
    I have this problem and i spend a lot of my time in SL to find ppl how can help me… but i did’nt find the solution…
    I work as a host at the IceDragon island, but i really interested about CREATING SKINS!
    It’s looks like ppl don’t like to expose the secret…
    I’m asking you… i really have the talent to create some nice avatars/skins…
    and i want to know how i can do this?
    i mean:
    what softwere i must use? photoshop?
    the avatar in SL are 3D right? so how can i create something in PS???
    and last thing….
    how do i upload my work to SL and it wont appear as texture??

    thank yot very much!!

    Tattoo 🙂

  51. Slaton Ewing says:

    What can we do about people spamming landmarks. I muted one guy who was spamming landmarks to some Brazillian sim and while I no longer got the accept/decline box, when I looked in my inventory a couple hours later, there were like two dozen copies of the landmark he was spamming and I never hit the accept button on a single one of them.

  52. Tattoo Zamani says:

    lol… thank you!! not “yot” sorry 😉

  53. Megaera Cioc says:

    RE: #17–Yes, by all means let’s turn even more control of our interpersonal actions over to the Lindens. We need to extend the Patriot Act to the Internet. That way NONE of us will have to accept responsibility for ourselves, or even be required to think.

    How wonderful that an article that says “I can’t do anything about griefers” prompts a complaint about griefers. Honestly, do you even read what the Lindens post here, or do you just use it as an excuse to whine?

    And for those of you who constantly complain in your comments that we’re not really being told anything in these posts, why do you continue to read them?

    I guess what my old daddy used to say was true: “Some people would bitch if ya hanged ’em with a brand-new rope.”

  54. erruh oh says:

    RE:#53- i dont like what you are saying to me and im muting you!

  55. Amanda Ascot says:

    Jon, thank you for starting this up! It is, indeed, refreshing to see Lindens become proactive in attempting to educate Second Life residents. I’ll be honest with you, though. My experiences with the KB have been very mixed. Some articles are very good. Others are sadly deficient. Others, which should be there, are missing completely.

    We badly need access to basic answers on, for example, the operation of all the various menu options and buttons in the viewer without leaving the viewer. Note, well, those last four words. In-application help is a standard feature of professionally-designed software. I should not have to go to a website to find out what a UI feature is, and how to operate it.

    I have to agree with other users on several points. The mute button is very badly located. It needs to be repositioned or require a confirmation before muting takes place. The KB must be open. I should not have to have a Second Life account to access it, nor should I have to log in to access it. It would be a tremendous benefit for people thinking about Second Life, but not yet convinced, to be able to read documentation. And the KB needs to be streamlined and simplified. This is one of main complaints about it — it’s frequently very difficult to find what you need. Opening up the KB to crawlers like Google would greatly help.

    erruh @17: What you’re suggesting is something that has been discussed on the blog, before, and has been referred to as “ghosting” — basically making an avatar and all its effects, including objects tied to it, non-existent from your point of view. I’m very much an advocate of this concept, but the implimention of something this complex would be a terribly daunting task for the already over-worked servers.

    cappy @41: Sorry, but Orientation Island is a joke. I received an off-line call for help (well, actually on-line, but not on Second Life) from a friend who was trapped there. I couldn’t establish in-world contact with him, I couldn’t TP him off, he complained that nothing seemed to work, and, guess what? He was right. I created an alt just to get there, not realizing at the time that there were multiple Orientation Islands, it would seem, but wound up where he was. Even the first test, where you have to walk to a particular spot to get a pat on the back didn’t work. I watched people wandering around totally confused and finally just logging off, probably never to come back. It was laggy, the scripted “games” you have to play to get off the island didn’t work. I worked with my friend and many of the new arrivals as best I could, but it was an exercise in total frustration. I must point out that this wasn’t an isolated incident, either. I’ve heard this same thing from other residents who managed to struggle of Orientation Island on their own. I eventually discovered a work-around to getting off the island without passing the silly tests, and have, since, put in some volunteer work on the public Help and Orientation islands to aid the equally bewildered people that go there looking for help.

  56. ma come caxxo funzionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  57. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    ‘Hello everyone, I’m Jon Linden and I’m here to destroy Second Life.’
    actually isn’t all that funny, all things considered…

    So, what was it; the prospect of serious competition in January, or the prospect of being prosecuted under European consumer protection legislation after formally declaring Linden Lab subject to European legislation that produced this sudden outbreak of ‘touchy feely’ Lindens after 4 years of disdain and outright contempt?

  58. Darien Caldwell says:

    SL has no serious competiton, and wont’ for years. I think it’s a genuine desire on their part to meet the needs of their user base. Must there always been a sinister hidden agenda to everything? :p

  59. shockwave yareach says:

    Well, here is a clue; I start my second year inworld now, and I didn’t know that MUTE also stopped the particles. Why would I think that a MUTE button would also make the offending twerps particles vanish – wouldn’t be a DISAPPEAR button? Considering how my friends and I worked recently to turn off all particles in response to a sim attack, I daresay even the oldtimers don’t know that a MUTE works on particles too.

    But does it block Texture spam being sent to you? Hm, no, the IM textures still crush you. Does it block the Sim Crashing code the punks use? No.

    A fair first step. But we are still very far from the goal. Please keep at it.

  60. archie lukas says:

    I see Torley Linden has started more balls rolling and this is GOOD

  61. Q Linden says:

    @57: Actually, I think it might be that as an organization we’re trying to get better at interacting with residents. Seriously. Many of us read these posts, and while we can’t always respond in detail, the feedback is heard. But it takes time for some things to trickle through a rapidly-growing company and come out in the form of changes to our operations or our software. We have a long list of things to do, and we’re moving through them as quickly as we can.

  62. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    It’s good to see someone who works behind the scenes. I generally thought that those “behind the scene” people for SL lack brains, (just look at our updates…), but apparently I’m wrong.=D Hopefully, the knowledge base will be able to answer our questions, but still;a large majority of the questions are of bugs, exploits, and problems that have never been fixed.

    -Bobbyb30 Zohari

  63. Celina Kamachi says:

    Go ahead, we test it 🙂

  64. Bloodsong Termagant says:

    heyas jon;

    recently, i was trying to figure out the convoluted group permissions, and deeding, and allowing group, and group land, and group roles and powers…. the knowledge base was almost no help in that department, i’m afraid.
    there are a bunch of piecemeal articles on different group aspects (how to join, how to leave…), but no real central everything page. or table of contents. or something!
    and roles really weren’t covered at all. what do they mean? what do they DO? and setting titles? and group deeding vs sharing? etc.

  65. Mimi says:

    OMG this article shows that evil company Secondlifes Jon linden has plans to destroy secondlife with its mute features.. help.. help!

    lol this article is good.. great to have a feature to block an object without blocking its creator! (was looking for that)

    I wonder is there any way to block particles completely on a land too? I mean not just for one person.. but for anyone, like the newbie visitors who visit the land and dont know the mute button yet.. just like blocking Scripts and Create objects. It would be great to have this feature.. Blocking building and scripts disables y far most griefers.. (great feature). Blocking particles would probalby block them all ^^

    Most answers in the solution finder are pretty good.. it helps find the basics easily.. (before going to the live chat)

    This article may need some extra text mabye:

    I paid Linden Dollars for an item, but didn’t receive it.

    “Linden Lab cannot verify, enforce, certify, examine, uphold, or adjudicate any oath, contract, deal, bargain, or agreement made by the Residents of Second Life. Please contact the Resident with whom you have a dispute, and request that they make good on the deal. While you may have a valid agreement with another person, Linden Lab is not a party to and cannot resolve your dispute.

    In our experience, most vending script owners are willing to cooperate when it comes to trouble with their machines”

    The article maybe could have an extra part that explains that several sales get lost due to the “missing inventory” or “lost sale’ bug.. it would be very helpfull if these one were mentioned here too and maybe an explanation on how to solve them. (like how to clear the cache and relogin)
    Many residents don’t know these bugs or how to solve them!

  66. Solomon Draken says:

    Great article, thanks for posting it. That really helps out the new SL members. I’d like to echo Mimi in post 65 and say I really think it would be great if somone could do a FAQ on the best ways to try and recover your lost inventory. I agree being able to mute somone or some object is great but some hints and tips on the whole inventory missing issue would be awsome. Since it hits you in the pocketbook even if it is L$ it’s really irritating. Having several thousand L$ worth of no copy stuff just up and vanish sucks.

  67. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    Suggested topic –

    How to keep from crashing.

    General content –

    What settings, method of use, connectivity, user practices are required to have a stable environment.

  68. Victoria Wheeler says:

    I’d like to know how to have the Edit window NOT superimpose itself directly on top of the item I’m Editing.

    I also want to be able to the view of the body part I’m Editing when I’m Editing my Appearance, and not have the camera jump around randomly when I switch to a different body part.

    I can dream..

  69. nika talaj says:

    Thank you Jon for communicating. The Knowlege Base is sometimes useful, but certainly it could use a lot of work. Glad to hear it is someone’s responsibility.

    @38 – Absolutely right. The KB would be a LOT more useful if pages could be linked to. I would love to give folks in the forums or noobs inworld links to specific KB articles, but links do not work.

  70. Louisa Labrada says:

    I wish the muting of objects wouldn’t automatically mute everything the owner created or the owner itsself.
    Sometimes it’s just one or two objects that can get really annoying, like recurring messages in chat or certain noises that may be essential for others to hear. But by muting them I loose the ability to interact with the owner.
    Would be nice to have the option to mute only the object OR the owner, and when choosing owner everything connected with this person is muted.
    That way everyone can get rid of annoyances without loosing the ability to interact.

  71. Storyof Oh says:

    one sad thing when reading some of the above comments is that all the things that make SL what it is…all the amazing effects, scripts and decorations are what makes the game unplayable…
    Is the future of SL a barren wasteland of naked, bald, muted AV’s filling out surveys…..

  72. mimi says:

    thanks solomon 🙂

    @ Louisa Labrada:
    you can mute an object without muting the creator: right click the object, select more > more > mute.. and the object is blocked without blocking the creator. Great feature!

  73. Malachi Petunia says:

    @64 Well said and seconded. Permissions generally may be the darkest corner of SL intricacies. A focus on group land would be splendid.

  74. Carolyn Saarinen says:

    “Your extremely well-informed and carefully-reasoned opinions regarding the Second Life software or our character as a company (”Feature X is evil and you are all criminals” or “Feature X will bring ruin to Second Life”)”

    I wonder why they’ve been keeping you ‘behind the scenes’ Jon. Were they waiting until you passed the Linden Labs Customer Relations Course by writing the above remark? Remind me again, who pays your salary?

  75. shockwave yareach says:


    How exactly is allowing people to block particle spam and harrassing noise turning SL into a wasteland? Actually, the opposite is more true – people trying to enjoy the game and being buried in Penis Particles so they can’t see what they are doing quit SL and don’t come back. Being able to cancel some punk’s efforts to ruin my evening is a good thing, not a bad thing. I’ll still be able to see everyone elses bling, flash and scripts.

  76. mimi says:

    @ 75 shockwave I agree..
    I love to see water fall particles, bird sounds, lovely decoration in many places.. but no particles in my high traffic spot.. theres no need for them there

    (or people repeating gestures, sounds, and other effects repetetivly)

  77. Montana Corleone says:

    It’s good, the documentation has been lagging even more than SL itself lol.

    Really, some better guides on low lag script writing, and some proper guidance on the same for textures, and what SL does behind the scenes, eg downsizing and jpeg2000 compression, and how texture performance can help lag too.

    Probably not you Jon, but I often help out at Orientation Island Public. They are still playing the old broadcasts to noobs re First Land, Live Help, and stipends for Basic accounts – the latter has been gone since before I joined 13 months ago. Not too good for noobs to be told all this exciting stuff for them to later find out it stopped months or years ago.

  78. Flew says:

    # 67 Lincoln Lightfoot Says:
    October 23rd, 2007 at 2:54 PM PDT

    Suggested topic –

    How to keep from crashing.

    General content –

    What settings, method of use, connectivity, user practices are required to have a stable environment.

    Good suggestion!

    I too crash a lot (hourly) and lag all the time even though i have a good/fast PC.
    I`d love to see a detailed explenation on how to solve those issues. Till now it doesnt really matter if i edit the preferences/graphics to the lowest possible. Also i have 2mb connection and inworld im lucky if i have 150kbps. and not to mention the huge package loss i have to endure.

    Would love to see some detailed info on that topic!

    Thanks for communicating with us Jon 🙂

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  80. Since again almost comments are closed…
    Damnit when is Linden Lab going to set up some normal Customer Services !!!!!!!!!!!
    No music I have all of the sudden from sl since days, and boy am I sure that all setting are ok. All outworld music and streams works fine.
    And can we find any Linden for support, none so ever 😦
    GEEEEZZZZ GET CUSTOMER SERVICES ORGANIZED IS THAT SO DIFFICULT ? There are only around 50.000 people online at the same time; what is the difficulty to get basic CS setting up to normal standards. Hire profs to get it organized !!

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