Rolling Restart [COMPLETE]

We are planning on a rolling restart to update some server code on Thursday, October 18th. The upgrade has no functionality changes, and has two minor fixes (viewer metrics gathering, and behavior of “standby” simulators) that will help us improve the Second Life service.

This will once again be a traditional rolling upgrade, starting at the northwest corner of the world and moving from north to south in a big wave. Residents will get a 5 minute warning and can teleport to another region.

Note: Estate owners can use the Debug tab in the Estate Tool to postpone the restart for up to one hour.

We expect the restart to begin in the morning, Pacific Time, but at this point can’t give a specific time for any particular region restart or the overall duration. It typically takes about 5 hours to update all of the regions that make up Second Life.

[UPDATE @ 11:40am PDT] The rolling restart is now in progress.

[UPDATE @ 12:40pm PDT] Roughly 4000 out of 15000 regions have restarted so far. The restart will probably take about 2 more hours to complete.

[UPDATE @ 1:50pm PDT] The restart wave continues sweeping southward. We’re past the halfway mark, about 7000 regions left.

[UPDATE @ 2:45pm PDT] There are 3000 regions left, so my 2 hour estimate was a tad optimistic, but things are chugging away. There was a database hiccup at around 1:45pm that was noticed in-world, but it was unrelated to the restart.

[UPDATE @ 4:00pm PDT] The restart is complete. Thank you for your patience.

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92 Responses to Rolling Restart [COMPLETE]

  1. Gennifer Meredith says:

    I do admit, I admire a company that at least tells you, in the future, that you can expect an outage.

    Fortunately for me, I’m usually working in RL away from here during the Restarts, so they don’t bother me…at least not yet. But, I am glad that the Lindens at least give you a days warning or so before dumping the whole thing. 🙂

    I’m also happy that they do this, even for small, seemingly inconsequential upgrades. ‘Other’ companies make you wait three or four years, with promises of pie in the sky, and it never works right. Albeit a short one, from my experience, at least Linden is open and forthcoming about their stuff, and for that, I am grateful.

  2. DD Otoole says:

    Good luck with the restart.

    I won’t be on anyway, so good luck with it XD. ^.^

  3. richard says:

    this dont sound good,or should i say second life wont be working this weekend again!!

  4. Yacobheimer125 Voom says:

    Well – here we go again….. Good luck to all the dismembered people in TSL. I hope your arms get unstuck from your butt one of these days…. thank you server code!

    I will personally recognize the person who can give me the funniest story regarding this or another server restart.

    Yacobheimer125 Voom

  5. Heather says:

    Go Lindens…
    It’s Your Birthday….
    Gonna Party Like….
    It’s Your Birthday!!! 😛

  6. Blinders Off says:

    Thanks for the info.

    As a note, since the last upgrade all kinds of oddities have seemed to appear. For example, the old bug of prims disappearing (turning invisible randomly) has returned. IMs are seriously messed up (group IMs fail to transmit messages, and our own IMs appear in random order). Group notices aren’t being delivered to all members. Recommendations: I know your plate is full, but get back to the basics. IMs not working is a very bad reflection on the company (“can’t they even get text messages right?”). Those would be good to fix asap. ; )

  7. Stop hating on the lindens! the entire population controls the grid! be lucky the catch them quickly and fix it! I have seen so many other programs that are so far behind second life it is not funny!. Go Lindens GO!!!

  8. WarKirby says:

    Can you tell us why some rolling restarts go form north to south, and others seem to do sims entirely at random?

    There is definitely two seperate patterns going on, but why ?

  9. U M says:

    Can`t live without updating some how. Let it happen then.

    Thank you.

  10. Shirley Meiji says:

    Maybe you should add this to the Second Life Planned Outages Calendar, hmmm?

  11. Jayden B says:

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Viewer metrics would be an interesting figure in HET grid, if you find 99% of people are using an old version in a particular mainland sim you can delay upgrading it’s code.

    I would love to see a consolidated viewer metric figure added to the monthly stats, how many people use Windows, OS X and Linux along with the relevent abnormal terminations for each of the three platforms.

    One other metric I would like (seeing as though we are talking of metrics) is what percentage of SL residents use voice on a regular basis and what percentage don’t even turn it on.

  12. JetZep Zabelin says:

    This time I was unlucky and not sleeping during a world-wide SL event =D

    Good luck with the meterics. I know the you guys need that to do the improvements with traffic and other stuff we keep complaining about.

  13. Kat Hynes says:

    I have a dream!
    Since joining in this wonderful place and going through SL pushups to learn what works and what doesn’t, why doesnt everyone who takes the time to read or write in the blog devote at least an equal amount of time each day to helping out a new resident ?
    even something as simple as getting clothes from a box!
    I’d love to see everyones newbie pic somewhere,(except for mine ) !
    So think about it people. If your not part of the solution; then you’re part of the problem!

  14. Dusty Runo says:

    Ugh, its annoying when it happens but it doesnt realy matter; I’m in scholl then and friday i got early relese!

    Go LL!

  15. Sarge says:

    Will you all consider fixing the horrible memory leaks that make even brand new (less than 2 weeks old) PC’s slow to a crawl in SL?

  16. Ann Otoole says:

    @13 – Kat, excellent suggestion. some of us go to measurable expense and effort to help newcomers. I pay for a classified ad for the free avatar kits i give away so newcomers can escape the dreaded newbie appearance. If newcomers are helped to not feel ostracized from the social life they are more likely to stay.

  17. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #13 Kat, I like that.. help new residents. And there is a lot people can do to help the community too which helps the Lindens fix things for us in the long run. People should check out the and There is more background on most problems in SL.

  18. Bau Ur says:

    Thank you for the courtesy of the advance warning. May we expect the improved connection between core and ancillary servers to result in diminished inventory loss, and perhaps inventory restoration? I would like to be able to tell unhappy people on Help Island Public that this is a liklihood.

  19. Marina Mincemeat says:

    Yes, well we will all be fine but i wish my favorite necklace my ex SL hubby gave me was not missing along with my tip balloon a co-worker made me, and my little black dress of which the skirt went off white and it is no mod…maybe this is the fix to restore our stuff??
    Keep trying Lindens, i have faith….

  20. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Good luck with the deployment.

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  22. Gil Druart says:

    Might be pure coincidence (anything is possible). But since the last one (collecting metrics on TP failures) ……. I used to see a TP failing and causing me to be logged out maybe one time in 40. Since the upgrade it’s more like one in two of all TPs are doing this.

    I *hate* people who use these blogs to moan about barely on topic issues of their own ….. but since you have shut down every other avenue through which a degradation of service can be reported …

  23. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Also I would like to point out a critical error made in the Wiki.

    at the fast timers section says: First, you’ll need the Client menu on:
    Press Ctrl-Alt-D on Windows and Linux.
    Press Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac.

    It should be saying:

    First, you’ll need the Client menu on:
    Press Ctrl-Alt-D on Windows and Linux.
    Press Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac InTel
    Press Cmd-Shift-9 on Mac OS X

    Please note that the Mac InTel and Mac OS X are NOT the same operating systems and there for do NOT use the same key commands.

  24. Johnothan Tobias says:

    @ #8 I think that the “rolling” restart is the old method.. the “random” restart was a new system that they were trying, but had some bugs with, so they reverted back to the older “rolling” method. Since the “random” restart had errors we haven’t been updated about the status of the bug fixes or work on that method

    @ #18 & #19 from what the post says, I don’t think that these updates will solve the problems that you are asking about, as there
    was no mention of the asset server(s).

    (I could be wrong on both of these, but seeing that the LINDENS ARE STILL NOT REPLYING to posts in their blogs, even after saying that this was something that they were working on, I thought that I would try to answer to the best of my knowledge. I apologize if my answers are wrong, but hey, at least I tried.)

    Now, my off topic question…

    Since the Lindens posted a blog entry asking us for our opinions on SL’s customer service (Lights On At The Lab), and claimed to be listening to the majority of what the residents had to say, Why have there been 5 blog entries in the last week with comments closed? If they are not going to read our replies, comment on our replies, or answer our questions anyway, why would they not just let people state their opinions about every post?

    Just a thought….

  25. Simba Fuhr says:

    thx to letting us know 🙂

  26. notagambler says:

    can a dog crash a sim? or a walking skeleton?

    second time this happened when playing with my dog

  27. Dominique Dench says:

    Hmm man! i hate this , need update for sure every week but the problem each time you put annoucement to slow. yeah probably need a shedule for maintenance, advertise all peoples from sl, thats not good for business , i have real compagny here, and many peoples every update is frustrating about that, is posible to warning peoples about thats couple days before, danm! lindens please understand that, thats not good for everything. 5 days before will be nice from you, thanks anyway, actualy they only major problem for me is the big laggy everywhere.

  28. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Hey does this mean the metrics will start collecting the client types being used? Groovy!

  29. Kara Spengler says:

    @24 in one of those cases (about the voice feature being down) I happened to see a comment before they closed it …. which interestingly disappeared when I did a refresh.

    Amusingly, the poster had asked who noticed it was down. 🙂

  30. Chronic Skronski says:

    Re: 25 – can someone please explain to notagambler about time zones?

  31. Cappy Frantisek says:

    So for my SL birthday, I’ll get booted at a random time that no one can tell me about. Nice, keep up the good work! Pffft!

  32. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Me again.. and just a minor point, but you know how all the moaning residents go on about communication. Wellllll….
    Actually adding a paragraph or two on what the “viewer metrics” and “standby simulator” changes are … would be exactly the kind of thing they couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t complain about.
    Just a thought.

  33. U M says:

    I sure hope there is a fix for all this gray avies. its takes forever to rezz at times. Shakeshead friends listing are dead AGAIN

  34. Adam Spark says:

    Heads up? half a days notice. I think this is the worst instance of a heads up for any outage in the past year.

    They ALWAYS notify us on the blog and normally do so a couple (or more) days ahead of time.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed that the total residents is no longer visible on the splash screen? Was it removed due to the numbers not climbing; or were those metrics broken also since the last update?

  36. Doris Haller says:

    U M : “I sure hope there is a fix for all this gray avies. its takes forever to rezz at times. Shakeshead friends listing are dead AGAIN”

    I thought it was my hardware!? Never mind…

    I don’t have problems with rolling restarts, I also never had them when I was logged in more often.
    I think they can can only install bugfixes with a restart, so they are necessary. But the installed programs have to be tested (before installing), and I remember that after any kind of update, SL was worse for some time. I always wondered how that could get better then *without* an additional restart after the restart?

  37. U M says:

    well when i logged in i had a gray nightmare. If sure not client side. It is indeed LL side. it took awhile for it to balnce to normal. Also i noticed the voice client was indeed dropping off as well.

  38. Re: @24 Johnothan Tobias:

    Hey, why do I need to reply to blog comments when you’re answering my questions for me? 🙂 You nailed it.

    The “rolling” restart does it on a region-by region basis. The “random” restart actually does it host-by-host (and the region:host mapping is semi-random). Host-by-host is better for software upgrades – it updates all the software on a machine at once, rather than mixing and matching old and new software on a machine. The process uncovered several issues that are being worked on.

  39. Glory Takashi says:

    Now after the rolling restart No rezzing items, no deleting items if you relog you are permanantly ruthed. Inventory wont load, can not attatch or detatch items. Oy… nothing fixes this for me at least not relogging clearing cache nothin…

  40. can you also do something about the xmlrpc server? make it faster and more stabe..!!! (xmlrpc, to send data from your pc directly to you in SL. Used by sl tools)

    thank you

  41. Berry Steinhoff says:


    “Host-by-host is better for software upgrades – it updates all the software on a machine at once, rather than mixing and matching old and new software on a machine.”

    Does this imply that Sims are not on their own servers? I had assumed each Sim was running on its own server in a server rack, something like this:

  42. Hi there,
    does anyone else have problems in hearing music on Land inworld?

    I constantly try to get to support, but LL support is like talking to a dark deep river, so can someone tell me about problems with music and hearing nothing but silence?????

    Sorry to post here, but Support is not really the best on the net.

    thanks anyone for help


  43. notagambler says:

    “”””# 31 Chronic Skronski Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 4:27 AM PDT

    Re: 25 – can someone please explain to notagambler about time zones?

    Listen silly,

    read and understand are for you two different things, for me not.

    when LL tells us thursday is a rolling restart and in the calendar it is friday, … i ask for that, u didnt know the difference, child.

  44. Lauren Frascati says:

    I feel like a Flaming Troll today! Wish i was a Rolling Random Update…..

  45. notagambler says:

    #43, have you enabled “play music…..” in audio and video?

    if you have, please turn on the sound in your viewer on the bottom.

    at help island u can get help also from most of the people there.

    have fun cris

  46. Yami Katayama says:

    Why are people complaining about a ROLLING RESTART?? At least gone are the days when the grid would be down all day long for something like this. I’m not usually one to post “smiley happy” comments about the way things are done, but for once, I’m happy that I can at least get on the grid during this time instead of being shut down most of the day. (especially since my home is on the northern edge of the map, it gets done early!)

  47. Sandar Gausman says:

    Well for once it is nice to see a set of comments with a minimum of griping and complaining. Hello, it’s a GAME, not life or death.

    That said, LL is at least somewhat responsive Try getting any useful information out of Micro$oft, if you want a comparison.

  48. Proxima Saenz says:


    Very good that this rolling restart was announced…
    I hope it is over fast:) Although I understand it is neccesary to keep SL running smooth.

  49. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Experiencing Issues with profiles and groups not loading, TP issues,
    some search issues.

  50. Bee Mizser says:

    Great now the region I am in has restarted the tip jars aren’t working, can only assume that all l$ transactions are playing up…

  51. Zack Blabbermouth says:

    and I cant log in to the main website and/or the grid

  52. Daisy Beauchamp says:

    #42 – No, sadly several SIMS share 1 server. I think Class 4 SIMS have 4 per server. Could be mistaken on that.

  53. Johnothan Tobias says:

    @ #29 Josh, thanks for actually replying. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that you did actually read the posts in this blog. :)Simple replies are all that we are asking for, just so we know that you are listening, or are at least hearing. As, there is a big difference in hearing and listening. You have proved that you were indeed reading, and again, I thank you for that. It is very much appreciated.

    I try to help when I can, but my answers are not always right as I am prone to mistakes, I always try to put the little disclaimer in there just in case.

    @ #39 Berry, from my understanding a single server in the server rack can host up to 4 sims, depending on the class of the server. From what I gather the “class 5” (newer) servers host up to 4 sims per server, and the “class 4” (older) servers host up to 2 sims.

    (Someone may want to clarify/verify about the class 4 servers hosting 2 sims because I am not positive about that one, but is the best that I can remember. I am pretty sure about the class 5 hosting 4 sims, though.)

    Some people, mostly owners and users of class 4 sims, complain about the newer sims being hosted on newer/better servers than the old sims, but it seems that they should balance out because of the amount of sims per server. Does anyone know if there are any real statistics on how the sims on the older class 4 sims preform as compared to the newer class 5 sims?

    Also, I am curious to know if the actual specs of both types of servers have been published. ie.. processor, ram and such.. It’s not really important to me as far as game play goes, just a curiosity. Would be interesting to know the actual performance gap between these 2 classes of servers.

  54. Meade Paravane says:

    It’s one sim per core.. Class 4 & 5 server hardware (twin dual-core) can each hold up to 4 sims and class 3 servers can hold 2 sims. Earlier classes were before my time but I think they were uniprocessors and could only hold 1 sim.

  55. Johnothan Tobias says:

    Geez, I messed those numbers up… the first one was @39 Joshua Linden and the second was @#42 Berry Steinhoff.. Sorry about that folks.. Must have been some kind of brain fart.

  56. Geoff Lumley says:

    Maybe this is a bit off topic, but can anyone tell me what’s happened to the Big Easy sim? It’s still there on the map but is now un-named and shows as an invalid location when you try to TP in. I heard a rumour some time ago that the Lindens were going to reclaim the sim from the Katrina Relief group, who built it as a fundraiser, because it wasn’t generating revenue. If that’s what has happened its an ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY. The build was stunning. What’s going on Lindens?

  57. Ric Molllor says:

    RE: Servers and sims.

    It’s my understanding (I may be mistaken) that each sim runs on a dedicated CPU. Now this does not specifically mean a dedicated server PC as modern CPUs are considered to have more than one core. ie: dual core and quad core.

    The biggest difference seems to be in allowed avatars per sim with mainland sims maxing out at 40 and private islands getting about 70.

    However there is also a limit in the number of prims that are dedicated to avatars. The current limit is about 15,000. Therefore a small number of “thousand prim avatars” can bring a sim to it’s knees long before the headcount limit is reached.

    If anyone can elaborate more on this issue it would be very enlightening.

  58. Johnothan Tobias says:

    @55 Meade, thanks for that clarification. Makes more sense to me now, why the class 4 owners and users would complain. Also makes more sense to have one sim per core. From what you say the class 4 & 5 servers both host 4 sims? So in fact, the class 4 sims would have decreased performance as compared to the class 5. I was under the impression that the # of sims per server helped to balance out the performance, but I guess that wouldn’t be the case between class 4 and 5. Interesting. I would still like to see the specs..

    I apologize for my mistakes/misassumptions about that. I hope that I didn’t confuse anyone.

  59. topmate says:

    Transactions failing repeatedly, not just intermittently, on updated sims.

    Excellent update so far. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy in the metrics.

  60. Josephina Bonetto says:

    My sim has not come back up – Gula.

    Been down for ages.

    Consequently my club is not there either, not great for business.

  61. Dusty Runo says:

    Lol, hopefully TSL is working again, with the rolling restart; gets annoying when a sim is offline…

  62. Michael Timeless says:

    Regarding #48 Comparing LL to Microsoft

    Several years ago when I bought Microsoft XP and Office for my computer I spent about $600. The product worked out of the box with almost no problems. I am able to back up any content that I create with as many backups as I feel comfortable with. If I write a book, create a spreadsheet and spent 80 hours doing so I can make as many backups as I feel comfortable with. If Microsoft pushes out a fix/enhancement, I can test it on another system and if it doesn’t work, guess what? I don’t install it on my main computer. I cannot imagine working on a project for a year and then turning on my computer one morning and Microsoft saying, “Sign this form or we will not let you access your work.”

    You say it’s just a game. This “game” has business transactions of millions of dollars a day. I spent in excess of $800 dollars last month alone on the game. It is touted to business owners as a stable platform so you might want to try to understand why they get upset. Every other game that I have ever owned didn’t shut down at random without telling me it was going to do so.

    Don’t get me wrong. Communications are improving. The last three weeks have been outstanding and it is getting better except for the occasion slip up like today of hardly any notice.

    You may not like the complaints. You may feel they detract from your enjoyment. However, without complaints and cash from us “complainers” and businesses, you would have an ideal, perfect, almost lagless world, that would cost you about $1000 a month to play.

    Even eden had its snakes.


  63. @23, Rascal Ratelle:
    This page of the wiki is open to every Resident to edit, so if you see anything that’s incorrect, just log in and hit that Edit button 🙂

  64. Well well… a restart… is like getting a new day full of scrubbs…

    LL do you notice, that some of the Items in World then hook of connection? Like Streams, Rental items, Tip jars and WEBsite connectives?

    It took me an hour to connect them again… lol

    But what would SL be without the rolling Rebug…. smiles

    Neve mind… we all are getting used to it

    Keep on with improving… love ya


  65. Apollo Case says:

    I just noticed they have added a pop up message now whenever someone crosses from one class of sim to another. I am hoping there is a way to turn off this message. The text of it, every time someone crosses is:

    Region Message

    Basic Info

    You are entering a region which is running a different class ….

    Hopefully this pop up can be turned off or disabled by the sim owners.

  66. Fleure Homewood says:

    Sorry this is off-topic, but when are all business owners and builders and just plain folks with lots of inventory going to start a serious drive for the Lindens to give us back-up capability?
    Lindens, most of the complaints would be gone if you would just give us a *reliable* way to back up our virtual property!

  67. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 27 notagambler Says:
    “can a dog crash a sim? …second time this happened when playing with my dog”

    you should have taught your dog to fetch sticks and not play SL, I’m sure the computer screen caan’t be evry good for it’s eyes. 😛

  68. Dragger Lok says:

    Logged out because of the ever so popular “silent crash” now can’t log in because of a riegon handshake issue…. oh what new hell is this?

  69. Anonymous Content Creator says:

    Man what is going on? This stinks, my sales are down 80%. I guess grid problems after the RR? Oh well, I guess the fact we dont have “weekends off” makes up for it 🙂

  70. bigmoe says:

    I am excited about these rolling restarts. Always stand in the sim and wait for it lol. Woot go lindens your great

  71. Schizm Neutra says:

    I thought the ‘updates’ were gonna be optional, why then must I ‘update’ before I can log in now?

    Stupid, stupid, stooopiiidd..

    SAY what you MEAN, and MEAN what YOU SAY! Duh! or as Carlos always says, ‘DE DE DE’!

  72. U M says:

    Thank you for the update.

  73. Berry Steinhoff says:

    @ 53, 54, 55, 58, 59

    Assuming there are 4xSims per actual physical server. If three of those Sims per physical server were high traffic lag machines, would that be detrimental to the fourth Sim which may – for arguments sake – be low lag.

    Of course, I am wondering why the Sim I purchased for 1675 US dollars (and try my hardest to ensure low-lag activity for the benefit of my Residents) is suffering from poor performance. Could it be the other 3 Sims on my physical server doing this?

    On another note. If this info is correct, 4xSims per physial server is 6700 US dollars per box. Way to go Linden. Cracking business model there. 😉

  74. Wyald Woolley says:

    64 Daedalus Young Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 3:25 PM PDT
    @23, Rascal Ratelle:
    This page of the wiki is open to every Resident to edit, so if you see anything that’s incorrect, just log in and hit that Edit button

    I hope he don’t because he’s wrong about the Mac…really WRONG! He’s acting as if the Intel Mac doesn’t run System X…holly molly!

  75. Dusty Runo says:

    OMFG! GO LL! i LOVE YOU GUYS AFTER HOW MUCH LAND YOU RECYLCLED IN TSL! I got most of he land with this 1 guy LOL! It was so fun, anyways this was the most seccsessful rolling restatre LL has had; i no sometimes when it happens over 1/2 of the sim s are still offline after like 3 hrs. It gets stuped when you need to go into the sim…

    Go LL!

  76. Sindy Tsure says:

    #58, Rik… the 15k prim limit is for objects rezzed to the ground (or air) and prims attached to avatars don’t count against that. Yes, very high-prim avatars are painful but I think it’s as often the ginormous number of textures causing pain as the number of prims they have.

    Also, another performance advantage of private islands is that they (usually) don’t have 8 neighbors that they have to stay in constant contact with like mainland sims have.

    #59, Jonathan.. class 4 & 5 servers can each support 4 regular sims. There are also “void” sims that are much scaled down and are more for big, open chunks of water than for people to live on. One core can support 4 void sims, though I don’t know if LL has any servers running 16 void sims – they might need to split them up.

    There was been much discussion in the forums last year about class 4 vs class 5 servers. Sims on class 5 servers seem to perform a lot better, especially with scripts, than the older class 4 ones do. Also, you can’t mix sim hardware – when LL creates a sim, they assing a class to it and that sim stays on that class of hardware. A class 5 sim will never run on a class 4 server. If the sim restarts, it might come up on a different server but it _will_ be a class 5 server. I assume LL can manually change the sim class but I don’t think that happens very often (if ever).

    #74, Berry.. Yes, there was a lot of resident testing on that. Seems that a very laggy sim can slow down other sims on the same server. Lots of things can slow down a sim, though – post in the forums and ask if somebody will come by and take a look.

  77. U M says:

    class 5 servers arew basically 2 giga more is all. Yes it handles scripts better some what. But you still get the same nightmarish lag if you script the island to hell. And or have way too many vendors.

  78. Kat Hynes says:

    Ok I never complain but now it;s time!
    I have never crashed so much in on a year as I have in one hour today!
    Your “FIX” has broken something.
    Didn’t you ever hear if it an’t broke don’t fix it?
    one million users and growing everyday, we’re not gonna take it, never didand never will!
    Ok I’m thru ranting and will go attempt onceagain without “coitus interuptuss”

  79. PIZZEDOFF says:

    nice database hiccup LOST HALF OUR INVENTORYS!!! geezus when will u guuys LET US BACK UP OUT THINGS the sl folders are empty and things are changing permissions mod items are now NO MOD SOB u screw up everything you need a way to PROTECT OUR INVENTORYS IM YELLING DO U HEAAAAAR US!!

  80. Karolina Heslop says:

    Sure “Rolling Restart [COMPLETE]”and ———- NOTHING BETER !
    Big lagg, TP don’t work very often, and crashes……………..

  81. Akiko Koba says:

    Hi LL guys. You have some problems in SL – not sure if it’s related to the earlier restart, but TPs are not working and now logging in is down. I get the following message and have been getting it for the last 15 minutes or so:

    ‘Unable to connect. Login packet never received by login server.
    Please try again in a few minutes, or click Help for advice and a link to to the system status web page.’

    Tried the help button but the link always fails.

    The TP issues are happening everywhere. When I COULD log in, I tried logging in to mainland locations and then TPing from there, but it just times out every time.

    I’m in the UK. Don’t know if it’s a connectivity issue with Britain, but a Dutch friend is having the same problems. A US friend is not having these problems.

    Cheers chaps and chapesses.

  82. U M says:

    oh teleports are failing really? I had no problems

  83. Akiko Koba says:

    A wonderful new problem has started to occur.

    After FINALLY getting back in to SL, I discovered that my avatar has her head up her arse half the time. Whilst it’s probably an apt place for my head to be, it’s also happening to others around me. Perhaps my avie is looking for those prim attachments that keep going up there all the time? Or maybe she hopes to find the pettable kitty and puppy that disappeared from my inventory several months ago and never came back. Hmmm, could the missng poseballs be up there too?

    Oh, and getting logged out when trying to TP is back again. No TPs available currently and some sales vendors are not working – commands that used to be there (Buy/Pay) are missing on vendors that were working earlier, or transactions are stale and don’t work.

    Any chance of some fixes before Saturday please? That’s the day I get my best sales, but right now I’m not even covering tier/rental due to several weekends of endless problems.

  84. Unableto Process says:

    @84 yeah, saw similar problems occuring last night. Great if you see this message “system is unable to process basically any damn thing bla bla” I am always getting dizzy when that happens cose i strongly assume it´s costing me money….With all the iniatives LL has started, and i feel thew working on the problems, i am still not confident that we don´t yet see the last days of the roman empire.

    I so lost confidence…please no further killers, like price increases (neither through tax nor through removal of oversize prims) and no silly IDV…please no rolling restarts & upgrades just b4 the weekends.

    Thank you

  85. Dekka Raymaker says:

    UK seems to be having problems login on ‘Login Packet Never Received By Login Server’

  86. Chris says:

    @Sandar 48

    I gave Microsoft 79.99 for an OS. I gave LL THOUSANDS in tier fees over the years, an annual fee, and bought a fair number of L$ on Lindex. comparing the two is not even remotely close now is it?

  87. Crazyg says:

    will not let me log in

  88. @75, Wyald Woolley:
    I run Mac OS X on an Intel iMac and for me it’s ctrl-opt-d. I figured it would be the same on any other machine running OS X, esp since cmd-shift-9 is Fast Timers. 🙂

  89. Malachi Rothschild says:

    I noticed that these posts sometimes get updated top to bottom and sometimes instead it goes bottom to top. It might look a bit nicer to be more uniform.

  90. Wyald Woolley says:

    @89 Daedalus– I agree with you. It’s Rascal Ratelle’s assertion: “Please note that the Mac InTel and Mac OS X are NOT the same operating systems and there for do NOT use the same key commands”

    That is totally FALSE.

    The Intel Mac uses Mac OS X, the commands are the same. He’s smoking something he picked in a ditch to come up with anything else.

  91. Rolando says:

    Hi i’m italian and i have the same problem of Akiko Koba……pls resolve it!

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