[RESOLVED] – LindeX Issues

[2:48 am Pacific]

Our hard-working technical colleagues have identified the issue and restored the LindeX to normal functioning. Please feel free to utilise this as normal.

Please accept our apologies once again whilst we worked on this.

[2:30 am Pacific]

Whilst we are seeing some resident L$ purchases being successfully applied, the LindeX buy and sell difficulties are continuing. Please avoid buying or selling any L$ at this time. Our operations and web colleagues are still working on the issue. Thanks for your patience while we wrestle with this.

[1:25 am Pacific]

For the time being please refrain from using the LindeX to place L$ buy or sell orders. We continue our efforts to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience.

[11:40 pm Pacific]

We are looking into reports from residents who have experienced difficulties trying to use the LindeX to buy and sell L$. It is still safe to make resident to resident L$ payments from within Second Life, but for the time being please avoid placing any buy or sell orders from our website or within Second Life.

Keep an eye on the Official Linden Blog for additional information as it becomes available!

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