September 2007 Economic Key Metrics

Hello everyone! I have posted the Economic Key Metrics through September 2007 on our Economy site, in the standard Excel, OpenDocument, and Google Docs formats. Definitions for these metrics are available in the wiki Metrics Glossary page.

Top highlights include: a slight increase in Premium accounts for September, and continued gradual growth along other metrics as we continue our focus on increasing Stability and Availability of the system. As Hamilton noted, the Service Availability chart has been updated through September, where we had great success in decreasing Unplanned Outages.

Please join me on Friday mornings 10 AM at my Office Hours in Beaumont to discuss these metrics and to triage any other requests for the public JIRA category for Metrics.

About Meta Linden

Data Warehousing and Metrics Analysis for the world of Second Life. A Linden Lab employee in California.
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  1. Buster McNutt says:

    Do you think the decrease in new premiums might be due to the fact that orientation island has been broken for 6 months and most new users can not even complete it?

  2. Torain says:

    The data for “% of Sessions that Terminated Abnormally” seems to be missing, It was there before and was close to 25%. What do you think it is now? 30, 40, 50%? Certainly seems like it sometimes.

  3. Interesting! Thanks for posting this information. The stats are quite a bit different then what I expected.

  4. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @1: it says “increase” not “decrease”.

  5. TaraLi Jie says:

    Perhaps you need to let the spreadsheet calculate average usage per active user, since that seems to cause so many problems for magazine writers?

    Oh, and could you post region counts *and* total land area, and maybe amount of land owned by Governor Linden that’s protected, and abandoned land?

    If someone got *REALLY* ambitious, some statistics on parcel size distribution and prim usage in plots would be interesting, too.

  6. Aelynn Akina says:

    Now hurry up and get Havok4 out here! 🙂

  7. Mainland Size
    8/31/2007 189.41
    9/30/2007 184.57

    How did you “shrink” the mainland?

  8. Loniki Loudon says:

    It is good to see you concentrating on what really matters. Sometimes I wondered if you noticed how everything economic fluctuated with the grid stability.

  9. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    So just how accurate are your statistics?
    Mainland Size
    8/31/2007 189.41
    9/30/2007 184.57

    So just how much land is abondened/owned by governer linden??

    @8 I agree, it’d be nice to see a bit more attention on STABALIZING SL v. “upgrading” it. (Can’t wait for wed.) =(

  10. D. Spitz says:

    Premiums for Setember2007 missing and the Aug.2008 premiums are already counted.
    WOW! you can look in the future 😉

  11. D. Spitz says:

    Hey, dont be so blushful with the ‘service availability’ of SL.

    The sum of planned and unplannd outagesis the best value LL published right now!

    We all know that there are still many bugs and some realy hard, but if we look at the charts, we can see its getting better and i personally can feel this.

    Keep on fixing
    Keep on fixing
    Keep on fixing
    The very best is there for you
    Just go right out and take a few

    I know a little Shanty town
    Where the people gather ’round
    Singing, dancing all the way
    Like happy children out to play

    Just watch the people how they dance
    You’d think they are in a trance
    Melodies from their guitars
    Leave you just gazing up at stars

    Hey, sing, haha!

    Keep on fixing
    Keep on fixing
    Keep on fixing
    The very best is there for you
    Just go right out and take a few


    Everybody sing!

    stolen from
    James Lloyd, 1970

  12. Astarte says:

    OOO Wow… we lost 300,00 approx non-unique users. I wonder how we managed that ?? !!

  13. Astarte says:

    They must have been on that 4.5 mainland we lost 🙂

  14. Moll Dean says:

    Hi Meta Lindem.
    Hey guys 🙂

    Meta… can you detect how many bots (robots) have been logged last month?
    They come everday to camp or even to take copy of objects that is not for sale.
    To avoide it the user could type anti-robots codes within login.

    I guess LL Already know this.


  15. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Sorry LL but your credibility has been rather questionable as of late. I know people that have DROPPED premium accounts because there is not REAL benefit from it. I mean yeah the land prices on the mainland have dropped through the floor. The $10 US per month for a premium account just does not justify the poor sim management etc. and higher prices for mere mainland properties (I STILL save money by going private estate)

  16. Jayden B says:

    Does the Friends Online page being broken for almost a month affect the service availability figure? It should IMO.

  17. Is this place only for unhappy people ?

    That is weird. If you don’t like, you always have the choice to leave, don’t you ?

    I like SL because I have many friends inside it, and of course some problems are a pain and sometimes really downgrade our experience, but I won’t use SL as a smoker who complains about cigarette risks while lighting up a new one.

    Be happy.


  18. Luciftias says:

    s this place only for unhappy people ?

    That is weird. If you don’t like, you always have the choice to leave, don’t you ?

    They enjoy the complaining. It gives them reason to go on.

  19. Storyof Oh says:

    er some of the ‘unhappy people’ have actually invested in a WHOLE YEARS membership UPFRONT….which if they did that in April 2007 was a BAD MOVE so I think we have the right to complain in any blog that is open and allows it. i am currently here because yet again the Sim i was in has gone down and now i cant log into SL as the host name can’t be recognised…..yet my alt on XP is quite happy thank you but still unable to navigate the game.

    I try and create content ‘try’ being the operative word and everytime i find a popular mall to open up shop it goes to the wall….(maybe it’s me)
    SL has become a laggy collection of ghost towns or mindless campers and land owners stuffed and left with holdings devalueing by the day, especially those who increased their tier JUST before LL hit them with VAT.
    Free account? monthly? sure …no reason you complain simply walk, but those actually trying to build ‘our world our imagination’ have feet of clay..pretty much like trying to get around in SL.

  20. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    17 Joshua Culdesac Says:

    October 15th, 2007 at 2:12 PM PDT
    Is this place only for unhappy people ?

    That is weird. If you don’t like, you always have the choice to leave, don’t you ?


    You miss the point. We do like it, we like it well enough to complain and hope that our voices will be heard and that things will improve. If there was never any complaints then LL would never know what it is that is bothering people and SL would slowly fade away as people became disillusioned and frustrated with the lack of improvements.

    That said, is the “Friends Online feature on the web site EVER going to be fixed? There was a blog entery about it being almost fixed long ago and still nothing has been done about it and the promised improved communicatrions from LL has been conspicuouly lacking on the subject.

  21. nika talaj says:

    I would like to see a serious effort to estimate the number of concurrent users who are actually campers/bots. Even if the number is not terribly large (but most knowledgable residents I’ve encountered feel it is significant), they obviously have a disproportionate effect on traffic numbers, being logged in for many hours per session – in fact, nearly continuously.

    There is probably no single way to estimate their numbers, but I think by using a variety of techniques you could come up with a pretty good heuristic. It is an important number to know, yes?

    Many residents assume LL may know this number already, but will not disclose it due to a perceived negative effect on marketing to corporations. I hope LL does not so underestimate the intelligence of its target markets 🙂

  22. Max Desoto says:

    Error on the land size page, it says each region is simulated on a single CPU. I believe LL has stated in the past that each region is simulated on a single CORE of a CPU.

    The economic graphs at need to be updated, shouldn’t they reflect the drop in premium residents for end of 3Q 2007.

    Reunion, an island of 784,000 has 81 members, as per the Country by Activity page, but doesn’t show up on the Countries by Hours page. Something doesn’t add up there.

    And out of 9 million+ accounts, only 500k+ are actually active? So much for that inflated count you were pushing last year!

    Nevertheless, interesting statistics.

    And yes, I echo two other responses, report the # of regions, and how did the mainland area decrease? Global warming hitting SL? Or does that number reflect only land that is owned by residents, not counting Linden Land of various types. That would seem to indicate mainland is being abandoned by residents, yes?

  23. I made two jiras concerning more data that might help us figure out who is spending money in this game. (premiums by country)

    and (L transfers by age bands)

    Please comment and flesh out these ideas.

  24. Francis says:

    Last time the key metrics were posted, I was impressed by LL’s restraint in creating less L$ for sale in response to the declining economy.

    After reviewing this month’s key metrics, I note that LL has once again resumed its old sales volume despite the state of the economy.

    I retract my last month’s statement.

  25. Tony says:

    Well premiums aren’t back to the levels of June and I still don’t see the point in the Under/over 21 page. I suspect something will come of this in the future though because right now it’s a very pointless stat.

    Thanks for releasing the stats again, warts and all.

    I know September had “Talk like a Pirate” day but I didn’t think that included pirates coming along and stealing a chunk of mainland!

  26. Arthur Market says:

    I find it interesting that in the last year there was an increase in registrations of nearly 8,000,000 but the premium membership increased by less than 60,000.

    So of the numerous complainers on these forums, do you think they are premium complainers or just basic complainers?

  27. David says:

    I think LL should do more marketing to get more “sales” like any other business.

  28. Hmm, the Land Size page says that total mainland area in-game dropped from 189.41 square kilometers to 184.57 square kilometers. Is that possible? That means that 73 MAINLAND sims were pulled from the grid. I didn’t know mainland sims were ever taken offline?

  29. (Heh, I’m not the only one who noticed this I see.)

  30. U M says:

    OH gesh still funny numbers. Explain this…………

    Top 100 Countries by Active User Hours

    country Active % of Avatar Count Total Hours %ofTotal Hrs
    USA 156,516.00 30.32 % 8,294,832.55 34.56 %
    Germany 40,940.00 7.93 % 2,371,198.43 99.88% Japan 35,841.00 6.94 % 1,993,055.83 8.30 %
    UK 35,012.00 6.78 % 1,541,135.63 6.42 %

    How canthese Numbers between Japan and UK correct. Its not possible! I not trying to be rude or such, But There is no possible way for these to be right. I see much more UK users on SL then Japan. Unless your talking about “ALTS” of and/or builders that ae here from Japan.


    Top 100 Countries by Active User Counts

    Active Avatar Count % of Avatar Count Total Hours % of Total Hrs

    USA 156516 30.32 % 8,294,832.55 34.56 %

    Germany 40940 7.93 % 2,371,198.43 9.88 %

    Brazil 36999 7.17 % 954,656.57 3.98 %

    Japan 35841 6.94 % 1,993,055.83 8.30 %

    UK 35012 6.78 % 1,541,135.63 6.42 %

    How can Total Hours by Japan users be higher then UK?
    This just don`t make sence?
    Look At The “Active Avatar Count % of Avatar Count Total Hours % of Total Hrs “? This is not possible!

    U sagi M usashi

  31. It’s entirely possible, Usagi – Active just means logging in. There could be more avatars, but just logging in for less time. Look at Brazil. It could mean that there are much fewer actual players and that half the population are alts that don’t log in.

  32. Hiroaki Rhino says:

    SL is drawing and wasting its potential customer bases while having a prototype stage of its product. And the acceptance difficulty for the new comers are getting higher with the increasing media exposures.
    If you want new players to continue playing, then give them the easier access to what’s most vital in SL entertainment. Or do any of you Linden enjoy playing SL as one and each player? Do you even realize what’s attracting the already trapped players?
    If you can answer to these questions, you know how to trap more players, don’t just appeal to the companies!
    Give them better look at the start point!
    Many gets disgusted and utter actual “Ugh” at the introduction for SL, and this is even better. Some of them go “Huh, yeah, I knew how disappointing this ‘virtual world’ hype was.” and walks away.

    Give newbies what they want to get at start, give them something “decent” so that they can have “some” fun before uninstalling the software.
    And the number of new premiums will shoot up.

  33. U M says:

    35 explain this then “avatars” as it refers to not really located byt log in in the world from. But SAID country. Well as you say “but just logging in for less time” this can result in people purposely loging in 100`s or even 1000`s of “avatars” for a server within Japan resulting in these funny numbers.

    I understand what your refering too LOOK AT THE “Top 100 Countries by Active User Counts” part. But playing with numbers infavor of some countries just doesn make sence. But then again The push in Japan for companies to get involved by LL for ad purposes is on the raise. I can understand how funny number could help get possible ads for comapnies to come to Second Life. But Again i believe comapnies are smart not to believe these stats. Japanese Users don`t have the Tim and means to be this high in the stats counts.

    U sagi M usashi

  34. Hiroaki Rhino says:

    to 34

    Hey, Usagi

    You haven’t been following the Japanese side of SL lately?
    I know there are about 400-500 Japanese company owned SIMs out there, and they are pulling in more and more players from other communication games/websites.
    And you know many Active Japanese players stay more than 5 hours per visit just for chat? At least from my experience. 😉

  35. U M says:

    @ 36 Idont know how long you been around Second Life but this is just the way they do business. Like it or not. Let me ask you ? “Huh, yeah, I knew how disappointing this ‘virtual world’ hype was.” How do you feel? Are you disappointed?

  36. U M says:

    Hi Hiroaki
    But do you also unknown how they are getting these companies? Or feel how trapping these companies into putting up this sims? I seen a few pull out . The retaintion rate doesnt seem high. Think about it the YEN to US$ is what know 116 yen per US. During the Summer it was as high as 123 yen per US $. How are they getting these types of numbers? As you know Japanese don`t have the spendable assets as Say UK, CHINA, USA etc. Its not possible to even have japanese users play for a long period of time based of spending money etc. the rate of YEN TO US $ is the proof of this.

  37. Hiroaki Rhino says:

    To U M
    Can we talk in IM so not to mess up this board?
    Just send me an IM in-world, we can talk about it for a while.

  38. U M says:

    I not in world I am at work. But when I back tonight sure.

  39. Usagi, I have 2 alts I barely use. The active numbers probably capture them too – it doesn’t seem to distinguish between unique residents, the way the population statistics do. I sincerely think you could slash the number of active avatars in half from every country, to account for alts, and find the true number of active players.

  40. U M says:

    Thank you Cristalle for answer, it does appear that it might be the reason why. But as i said in my reply to Hiroaki. Those contries i posted about seemed to be a little more funny then the rest. Hiroaki the possible numbers of comapnies bring in from Campany parts that have them posted on websites are the reason. But I don`t believe one little small cotton ball worth of that is the possible reason.

  41. I decided to have a different look at the total avatars and total hours per country… see what percentage of the ENTIRE population of the country has an avatar, and how many minutes an average resident of the country spends in Second Life. I used the most recent estimates of population for the top 15 countries in the list (which is all the countries that represent more than 1% of avatars); I did not look at countries that are lower on the list.

    Viewed this way, the Netherlands is the most enthusiastic user of Second Life, with 0.105% of its residents in SL, and each resident in-world for 3.81 minutes. Portugal is in second place for residents in SL with 0.061%, and Germany is in second place for minutes/resident with 1.73. The US is sixth in residents (behind Belgium, the UK, and Australia) with 0.517%, and third in minutes with 1.64. The laggard in this group is China, with a mere 0.0004% of its residents in Second Life and each one spending only 0.01 minutes in world; it only makes the 15th spot on the total residents list because of its immense size.

    Could this sort of math be where the Yankee Group got their silly numbers for time spend in-world?

    Warning; as with all the country statistics, the European country information is probably not 100% accurate. If an SL resident has not given payment information, LL has to assign their country based on IP address; some European users have ISPs that are not based in their own countries. This also applies to any residents using satellite internet connections from global providers (probably reported where the ISP is based, not in the downlink location), making the numbers for most of Africa appear even lower than they are. That said, there aren’t a lot of Second Life residents in Africa.

  42. Sindy Tsure says:

    TY, Meta!!

    Maybe a breakdown by US states would be interesting. That and a the breakdown of PC/Mac/Linux clients. If you’ve got the data, of couse.. 🙂

  43. Jayden B says:

    @45 Shirly.. Minutes per what? Week, Month, year, perpetuity?

    Also percentage of players from broadband connection or as total population?

    Taking Australia, population 20,000,000 broadband connected homes 2,000,000
    Number of players 11975, assume 4 people per house average.

    = 0.14% of people who *could* play SL in Australia do.
    = 0.059% of people in Australia play.

    Of course, I have 10 alts and my boyfriend has 10 alts. So… there is 20 of the 11975 right there.

  44. U M says:

    Hi Shirley 🙂

    As you might know there are many offsite portals. That are now tracking users country domains. Hence why that status group can claim that numbers are real. But as say the possiblity of funny numbers might be coming from LL signup page for this website. But overall I believe said numbers are not correct. Anything to boost possible ads companies to even concider to using sl as a mediem for their possible advantage.

    U sagi M usagi

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  46. Frank Northmead says:

    I dont understand something – the number of residents that had transactions over 500KL is close to 1,000. But the number of transactions over 500KL is only 128. Can someone explain this please?

  47. Polymorphous Projects says:

    Maybe I am missing something, but it appears to me that the change in number of Unique Residents from Aug to Sept is greater than the change in Resident Registrations. It does not seem possible for new unique residents to esceed the total of new residents for a month, yet the data suggests it happenned.

  48. Jayden B says:

    @50 (simplistically) 1,000 odd Av’s spent more than $500,000 for the entire month while only 128 individual sales over $500,000 were made.

    @51 Unique residents is an av who has logged in during the last 90 days if I recall right. It is possible that a greater number of dormants have come back.

  49. Polymorphous Projects says:

    @52 From

    Unique is the count of residents that excludes Alts (Alternate Accounts). This includes registration IP, address information and MAC address. The calculation also includes individuals that have not logged in, on the “Population” tab of the published monthly reports.

    Registration Count

    A Registered User (a.k.a. “A Resident”) is a user who has created an account via the account registration page or a 3rd party Registration API website, and that account provides the user with the license to log onto the Second Life grid and to use the services on the website system. Total Resident count includes Alts (Alternate Accounts) and users who set up a resident account but have not yet continued to log onto the Second Life grid, for reasons including “Insufficient Video Card”, “No Broadband”, and “Cannot download client program onto this (work) machine”.

    From LL’s own definitions, these numbers shouldn’t be possible.

  50. Ziggy March says:

    Doh, they should release camper stats, TOTAL ACTIVE CAMPERS SCREWING UP SL … have a nice day

  51. Giuliani Rossini says:

    I’m encouraged that you’re forthright about the number of unplanned outages, but the fact remains, you can’t have those and expect to be on the forefront of the next wave of Internet. Google and Yahoo don’t have ’em, neither should you.

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  53. Jayden B says:

    @54 If that’s the definition then there is something fishy.

    Massaging the figures shows a positive value every month apart from this when 228,000 more uniques were created than people signed up!

    2006 January 5694
    2006 February 4172
    2006 March 4105
    2006 April 5390
    2006 May 5485
    2006 June 39599
    2006 July 40762
    2006 August 63360
    2006 September 81986
    2006 October 146898
    2006 November 216155
    2006 December 200111
    2007 January 309462
    2007 February 359063
    2007 March 366925
    2007 April 305206
    2007 May 313059
    2007 June 15,410
    2007 July 336147
    2007 August 246610
    2007 September -227920

  54. Kazuma Onizuka says:

    Always nice to see the numbers.


    Could you please turn back on the friends list via the website?

  55. Novis Dyrssen says:

    “where we had great success in decreasing Unplanned Outages”

    Yeah, but the unplanned ones have been going through the roof. All the same, just sounds nicer, eh? 😉

  56. Novis Dyrssen says:

    Okay, apologies, I thought I had read “decreasing planned outages”. Still, as a regular user I wonder… they have DEcreased…?

  57. @47: that was minutes per month in September 2007, and percentage of the entire population with no attempt to look at how many have broadband internet access or computers. The total population estimates came from Wikipedia, and were either 2006 or 2007 numbers depending on the country.

    What leads me to suspect that the country data isn’t perfect is that the Netherlands is such a statistical outlier. The US, Canada, Australia, and the most-developed European countries (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium) are fairly closely grouped. The Netherlands are way out in front, with 40% more of their population in world and 50% more minutes in-world than the #2 nation, and the difference between the Netherlands and the #2 nation is twice the difference between #2 and #11. It may be the that Dutch really love Second Life, but it could also be a data anomaly.

    As for the other countries in the top 15: Poland and Brazil are lower in %usage and minutes, either for economic or cultural reasons. Japan is also lower, surely because of cultural and language barriers, though I gather that usage in Japan is climbing rapidly. China crashes the group at all only because it’s such a big nation.

    Here are the population numbers so you can try it yourself:

    Country Population

    United States 302,630,000
    Germany 82,314,900
    Brazil 183,888,841
    Japan 127,433,494
    United Kingdom 60,587,300
    France 64,102,140
    Italy 59,131,287
    Netherlands 16,570,613
    Spain 45,116,894
    Canada 33,071,800
    Australia 21,110,000
    Poland 38,518,241
    Portugal 10,848,692
    Belgium 10,511,382
    China 1,321,851,888

  58. mimi says:

    It sounds plausible that in the netherlands SL tends to be more popular.
    Though the netherlands is quite a small country, a relatively large percentage of the people in SL I came across is dutch.
    In the netherlands SL is hyped a lot in the media, its quite often in the newspapers.

  59. Storm Nordwind says:

    I’m interested in the usage per age group. On the “Age Bands” tab create =Q6/I6 in row 6, column V and copy it through rows 11. You get the following figures for monthly usage

    Age band Monthly usage (rounded)
    13-17 29 hours
    18-24 30 hours
    25-34 45 hours
    35-44 57 hours
    45 plus 64 hours <<<
    Unknown 43 hours

    There must be a message there for businesses. Despite the fact that the 25-34 age group has the largest population, the more mature user has the greatest “dwell”. Perhaps the older user is less flighty and may thus be more responsive to quality promotions and products.

  60. U M says:

    57 said………”As for the other countries in the top 15: Poland and Brazil are lower in %usage and minutes, either for economic or cultural reasons. Japan is also lower, surely because of cultural and language barriers, though I gather that usage in Japan is climbing rapidly. China crashes the group at all only because it’s such a big nation”

    Well those Japan numbers are no correct at all. There is noway in **** that they can be this high. Frankly they are the worst and most funny numbers on this whole stats report.

  61. Brett Finsbury says:

    Nothing is perfect when crunching numbers. Basing a unique user by IP address tells me in the world of wifi (city wide free wifi, People sitting in Starbucks using their free wifi, Neighbors and family using your wifi) the numbers will be off. Right now in my household since the university my neice attends has filters that blocks sl and P2p sites I have her and her friends come over for a dose of SL on my IP. I have at least 5 neighbors that are on SL daily using my IP. One neighbor making 6 that logs on to tell me to answer my phone.
    Basing any figures anymore based on an IP are going to be flawed. May have worked back in the dial up days.
    Still fascinating to read this stuff.

  62. Montana Corleone says:

    @61 If you read above, unique users are based on IP, account address and MAC address. Even if they are all using the same machine, their account addresses will be different, so it will count them as separate unique users. The errors here are not high. In any case, they should remain roughly the same between months, and it’s relative changes that are important.

    From this we can see that it’s bad news indeed. Almost evry country losing users, including for the first time the US, dropping from 540k active users last month (August, the holiday slow period remember? Not September – I guess those kids went back to school but their parents didn’t come back lol) to 516K in September…

    Some countries have lost a third of their users in one month. Israel, Romania; Brazil lost 4.5K, Japan nearly 6K, many countries lost more than 10% of users in one month. This is active users, by LL’s definition, users who have logged in for more than an hour per month. It would be nice to have some bands on this, say 4 hours per month (one hour per week), and so on, so we can see how many core users there are. One hour a month is nothing, unless you are solely collecting rent money lol. And not all premiums are doing that.

    I haven’t checked this month, but for the last two months, they paid out L$7m in referral bonuses for new premiums. They pay 2K in three installments, of 500, 500 and 1K, so the minimum number of new premiums has been 7K for the last two months, which when added to the drop month, since if numbers don’t change, new users = old users who left/downgraded, then on the 6k loss month that was actually at least 13k old premium accounts left, over 15% of the total. [Just checked and they paid out L$10m this month, that’s at least 10K new people, maybe substantially more if most of those were the initial 500 payments, last two months or this month – either way that’s more established premiums lost, so they gained 10k new ones, only grew 400, so 9,600 established productive residents left or downgraded in the month, over 10%. Take about bad retention rate lol. That’s all users cycled in less than 10 months including that 15% drop the other month…]

    In the same way as active users have been decreasing over the last few months, Last 60 Day Logins has been plummetting, from almost 2m to 1.4m. And yet, we are supposed to believe that Total Residents increased? Yeah, just like the suspicious Unique users. That went up 550K when Total users only went up by 250K, the worst in a month for an awful long time. So those numbers must be lies. Or they are better with creative accountancy than the auditors for Enron :-O

    Last month, and the one before, it was mostly western Europe user numbers falling, but now it’s nearly every country. Since they started issuing the user numbers, not just percentages, France and Germany have fallen every month, and over 30% of users have globe in each of those two countries. 59,610 for Germany down to 40,940 for example. I was doing some graphs last month, I may update them and post them somewhere.

    So on every counter, bar the dodgy unique/total users which don’t reflect all the other numbers, user numbers fell considerably, yet user hours increased by 3%? Maybe they are having to work longer and harder to make tier lol.

    Not only are these dropping numbers worrying and serious (with the two growth countries of Brazil and Japan dropping too), but the European ones don’t yet include the effects of the VAT application, or indeed the effects of ID Verification…

    Total $ exchanged on all exchanges has not been as high as since March generally, and only increased by 60K from the “holiday” month.

    And whilst looking at stabilising, maybe due to the holiday period, land prices have started to fall again, though that is probably in response to VAT, today down to 6.17 from September’s 6.46 /m2.

    Which ever way you look at it the numbers are bad. SL is sick and getting sicker. I don’ think people are leaving in droves because they are fed up with waiting for Havok 4 or Windlight. I think it’s because they see increasingly worse lag, inventory loss, performance issues, region problems, and on top of that, decisions by LL that are sometimes and sometimes not their fault (ageplay, gambling, VAT). Increase in scammers and lack of policing, and multiple bank collapses cannot have helped either.

    If they’d listened to residents earlier, realised that the Open Letter was not a few new disgruntled residents, but a group ALREADY at the end of their tether, they might have acted in time to stop the rot. Instead they continued to ignore them. Now they better hope to sell to corporates, because there are no countries left to market to and raise up lol. That must explain the sudden and strange jump in islands sold this month (which has dramatically increased since I checked a few days ago), as those have been following a dropping pattern since June or July too.

    @ 57 – those population numbers are wrong, at least for France. There was a big news story recently that the UK population, of around that 60m mark, has surpassed France for the first time ever. Poor souls, in about a third of the land that France has too lol. One of the reasons the UK property market has not yet crashed as expected, they’ve been letting more people in the country.

    @ The rest. You don’t need region count, although islands owned is now given on Economic Statistics web page. A km2 is 1,000m x 1,000 m ie a million m2, so multiply that by total km, and divide by the 65,536 m2 in a region and you have from September Metrics, 871.32 km2 total, which comes out at 13,295 regions, plus another 737 islands sold in October to date, and a few mainland sims, and there are now over 14,000 regions. At peak population of 50k concurrent, that is an average of just 3.57 avatars per sim, dropping to about half that at off peak times. Those numbers have also been steadily decreasing over the last months, (remember it stuck at 38K for over three months earlier in the year, and only topped 20K in December the same weekend as the great 13 hour downtime [which was due to a “failed battery” and then a hard drive failure and hours of negotiating with their supplier, and nothing to do with forcing concurrency over that magic number, natch ;)], so I can’t remember the numbers, but let’s be very generous, and say they had 25K concurrent in January, when there was just 360km2 of land, or 5,700 odd sims, that means the average number of avs per sim was over 4.3). Meaning for sure there is much more land creation than new users, or concurrent users online active and spending or doing things, hence the thinning out of everything, and the consequent drop off of traffic, and therefore sales for everyone.

    So pretty clear: fix the problems people have been asking you to fix for sometimes over a year and stop rushing out ever more bug ridden lag inducing shinies, and try and stop the haemorrage of people before it becomes terminal. Do not try and rush out four major changes at once: New Search, Havok 4, Windlight, and the disastrous RC that crashes like crazy.

    I mean is LL trying to bork it up on purpose or what?

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  65. Linus Rossen says:

    Bots are sucking dry all my camping locations for newbies… if this is not stopped ASAP, I will remove all camping places and let newbies fend for themselves. Is this what Linden Labs really wants? I love this game, but the levels or fraud and illegal copying we have to tolerate has now reached its limit.

    Lindens, STOP this NOW! It’s within your hand to do so.

    Second Life is becoming a place full of scavenging zombie bots… I am so dismayed by the situation that I am seriously thinking of scrapping my work here.

    Lindens… here is an idea for you. Give us a function that returns a one way hash of the combination of local and internet IP addresses of the user. Bots are controlled from the same machine and as such the same hash would be provided. I am not interested in IP addresses but this is the only way to preserve anonymity and also fight against dishonest bot camping. Please think something up quickly.



    Strange numbers….
    571,881 new unique users in September but only 316,961 new members added to the over all number of accounts? That is 254,920 accounts removed?


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  68. Paul says:

    I have a question about the statistics related to countries (by active, by hours). How are these countries determined? IP of client, or self-identification at registration? I see in the Sept stats that there are 200+ active users from Antarctica, which seems odd to me. Any insight from the collective?


  69. Howard says:

    Can you tell us when the next statistics are due?

  70. Haven’t seen October Metrics, or November Metrics and it’s already the middle of December. Has Linden Labs discontinued these metrics? If so, were you ever planning on telling us why? Perhaps the metrics were just a little bit TOO TRANSPARENT. Personally business in SL seems to be going ok, but I really liked having the metrics so I could gauge my own results against the population statistics. Please give us the metrics for this last quarter of the business year, they are very useful to content creators doing business in SL, and others too I am sure.

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