The Next Step Toward Advancing 3D Virtual Worlds

As you have probably seen, Linden Lab and IBM intend to work together to advance the future of 3D Virtual Worlds. This is the latest of many steps in open source development in Second Life, from the formation of the Architecture Working Group with Second Life Residents, and our participation in events like HackDay London, developing new technologies and methodologies based on open standards is our commitment to expanding virtual worlds.

In general, Linden Lab and IBM will collaborate on integrating virtual worlds and the current Web, improving the stability of the platform, increasing interoperability, securing transactions, and bringing us closer to the creation of universal avatars.

We have a long way to go, so we’re excited that more companies are adding expertise and knowledge to that of our Residents. However you want to participate, you can find resources at the Second Life Grid.

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  1. Great news!

    The uses of virtual worlds both inside and outside our corporations is just becoming understood!

    Exciting times!

    Push Infinity
    Nokia Siemens Networks.

  2. Pepper Haas says:

    I’m sure it’s just great, and please forget all the past blogs with hundreds of posts begging you to please stabilize what you’ve got and fix the bugs, BEFORE DOING ANYTHING NEW OR BIGGER. How thousands upon thousands of avatars want you to give them the service they pay for, INSTEAD OF DOING ANYTHING NEW OR BIGGER.


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  4. Howard Sachs says:

    Exciting times indeed (I am not sarcastic).

  5. Kirachan Fitzgerald says:

    Where is the problem.. they are collaborating with IBM.. maybe THEY can help LL to get things working…. we should applaud any help the get, shouldn’t we…

    I did read “improving the stability of the platform, increasing interoperability, securing transactions” in there… that sounds like what people are crying for to me.

  6. Awaken Yoshikawa says:

    Fantastic news. This is all new medium and there will be plenty of glitches. I scream and curse at the lags and crashes like everyone else. But I believe in SL and this this is the future of internet.

    Good work Lindens!

  7. Ian Banach says:

    Lots of companies and community groups working in this issue and forward:

  8. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    I’m not with IBM but I know for a fact that they take Second Life seriously.

    Let’s see some miracles give birth to the next generation Asset Server!

  9. Jimmy says:

    Many companies take the SL platform seriously, my own included!

    If my account is remedied by Friday I’ll hopefully be bringing more along with me.

    The good thing about SL is it has diverse functionality, from advertising uses due to the sheer numbers on the player base, encouraging creativity, inspiring people to use LLscripting which can lead to other languages. Artistic creativity, imaginative use of resources, virtual trading, conferencing, process testing, market research etc etc etc.

    The list of possibilities is quite a long one but we must not forget, virtual worlds are still in their infancy, have patience young jedi’s!

    LL fix my acct, been days now grr.*runs off in tantrum*

  10. rikomatic says:

    This is very exciting news! I look forward to seeing how IBM tackles some of the ridiculously hard scaling issues of Second Life.

  11. MasterLiveWire Moody says:

    The More the marrier i always say. woot Geter Done IBM&LL woot

  12. la le lu says:

    you talk so much about open source. when am i be able to connect my own sim server to the grid? when do you go and release the sim sources?

  13. Keiko Rau says:

    This is fantastic news!! Finally, with IBM involved officially, we might see some amazing improvements (no… that’s not a shot at Linden Lab, but an opinion on IBMs ability to positively contribute to Open Source – Just look what they did for Linux – from contributing code and expertise, to making it solid enough for corporate users to run on IBM mainframes (zLinux)

    Ive said before, that Second Life has an amazing potential. The media has been hyping it as the new Internet, and they may be right. It has the ability to completely change the way people use the Internet. That may sound like a big call, but its happened before, only relatively recently.

    In the old days we had to use awkward protocols like Gopher and FTP to access information on various sites – thats if we could even find it – there were no search engines like there are today. Then along came HTTP and HTML! What made the WWW a killer App was that now, anyone could make a web page and link it to another. The whole Internet changed in a few short years – that was only 1991.

    Second Life has that potential. Like many residents I was excited by the possibilities I could see in SL, but soon got disapointed when I actually started using it. There are several things that are holding SL back from reaching its full potential. Hopefully this new partnership will be able to resolve those issues.

    First is stability. Its hard to get excited about something that only works some of the time.

    Second is enabling e-commerce. The Web didnt get as big as it is now by allowing people to write a few blogs. Its driven by commerce, and with a few extensions, TLS, shopping carts etc, it does it well. Compare that to SL, where you cant even get positive confirmation of a transaction (such as llGiveMoney), because the information needed to make that happen isnt available at the time and place it would be required, or XMLRPC, which only works (if it works at all) in one direction. SL needs improving in these areas, and its great that the partnership addresses that.

    Third is vision. Many of the recent policy decisions affecting Second Life are restricting it from developing solid commercial systems. Its all well and good to code a few vendors but im sure that (for example) the creators of casino games spent a lot more time trying to ensure that their systems were as flawless as possible. Getting rid of them probably didnt do a lot help advance the development of reliable financial systems. At least the banks are still here to help drive that.

    I feel excited again. Im really looking forward to this and I hope some great things come from it.

  14. AW says:

    btw, its not about improving SL :
    “to enable avatars — the online persona of visitors to these online worlds — to move from one virtual world to another with ease”
    Hopefully for LL , the avatars dont stay in that other world 🙂

  15. loebe Xi says:

    Exchanging toughts and ideas has many times been a foundation towards a better product.

    I really hope LL can benefied from this and indirectely we,the residents.

    IBM is a established firm where “quality” and “service” mean something.

    So, I cheer this joinded venture and expect some major improvements.

  16. Renee Faulds says:

    Didn’t I read where IBM was sold last year to a company in China.
    Laid off all but a few admins. in the U.S. – closed U.S. Factories

  17. Ron Crimson says:

    IBM sold their *personal computing division*. Big difference. Lenovo just makes and sells the PCs and Thinkpad laptops IBM used to, other than that IBM is very much alive – remember IBM is old and big, they narrowly missed being Microsoft back in the 80s. 😀

    And to Aodhan (@8):

    “Let’s see some miracles give birth to the next generation Asset Server!”

    LOL! Brilliant! I’m all with that! 😉

  18. Kathy Morellet says:

    Oh, yipee! IBM, who produced the first real desktop PC and who’s uninspired vision allowed Microsoft to pick up the ball and become what it is today.

    This is who we trust with the vision for the future of 3D worlds???

  19. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Is this IBM of “IBM and the Holocaust” fame? Big Blue? Big Brother more like. The minute LL starts being linked with a huge corporation like this, we can kiss goodbye to our freedom, individuality, competence and brain cells! We might as well all change our avatar name to Dilbert right now. :S

  20. Darek Deluca says:

    I sure hope this means you will be using IBMs databases and servers for transaction and inventory purposes. As a longtime business programmer , i find they have the most efficient databases and the most reliable servers. This is a business, not a game.

  21. Blinders Off says:

    Why do I have difficulty believing that a company that charges $295 a month to stack 4 sims on a server box is going to willingly make that technology available to others? We’re heard all this before, and I for one am not impressed. It’s one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” things.

    When LL decides to drop sims to $95 a month, then I might back down a bit and even applaud. That’s almost $400 to run a server box, which should be sufficient for any company. $1200 to run a server does not ring my chimes, and charging European users $350 a month over a highly-debatable VAT charge seriously causes me to really, really wish some competition would show up.

    Good job of ballyho. I needed a laugh today. Oh wait, I didn’t laugh. Not funny. Like one user pointed out SL and IBm. The only more disastrous concept I could think of would be LL and Micro$oft, which would guarantee montly tier at $1000 a month, in 16 different versions, all of them prone to hacker attacks. LOL

  22. Very Keynes says:

    An enterprise scale DB2 server running on a DASD farm, now that is an asset server that will never lag or lose your latest purchase. Come to think of it that would make a tier increase worth while. But on the hand it would probably have to increase to US$10,000.00 p/m though. 😦

  23. Ann Otoole says:

    forget IBM junk. They don’t care about anything except converting you to cruddy IBM products. (cruddy except for the extreme high end massive computing systems Very mentioned)

    IBM has the magic brown touch. everything they touch dies. They must really consider SL a threat to be wanting to “get involved” (kill it off).

    But hey there is always a chance for good. Bring on the investment capital and keep your non-mainframe database crud like udb away.

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  25. Pingback: SLAB Designs » Blog Archive » “The Next Step Toward Advancing 3D Virtual Worlds”

  26. Davros Gausman says:

    OK very good stuff that sounds like a giant step in virtual worlds to me. i wish everyone would give Linden Labs a break they do there best in keeping a metaverse running. Why kick them for announcing that they are bringing a computer giant like IBM to help things run better. I think this is really good news and very glad to hear. LINDEN LABS keep up the good work i bet it is tough but i personally think you guys do the business in keeping this metaverse running.

  27. Oh my dear Everett, but your little trick into trying to pass this off as a “Good Thing” for the users of SL is really a nasty little piece of bait and switch.

    Taken from the CNNMONEY article I just found on the Web, here’s what they say about Stabilization:

    “Platform stability: Making interfaces easier to use in order to accelerate user adoption, deliver faster response times for real-world
    interactions and provide for high-volume business use.”

    So, IBM and Linden Lab are going to make the interfaces easier to use, therefore that will Stabilize the GRID. Gee, I knew all along when they started messing around with the old UI that is what made everything go to heck in a handbasket.

    Naughty Naughty friends in Frisco, you got caught with your hand in the cookie-jar again 😦

  28. mimi says:

    hmm this might be a nice change.. grid stability sounds great!

    I reallly really hope things will get better.. but trying not to get up my hopes to far.. lately almost any change turned out for the worse.. first see then believe

  29. Lauren Frascati says:

    can you say “how about lunch at the Y cafe?”

  30. Georgette Whitfield says:

    #26 “[…]IBM to help things run better.” As someone who has experienced the incompetencies of IBM Technical Support first hand, this would be funny if I weren’t so worried about the future of our lovely creative world. When I found out, on joining SL, that IBM owned more regions than any other company, I said to folk I know in RL that I feared that IBM were out to take over the grid. And here we have the first step towards that. Unless IBM have had a personality makeover since I had dealings with them (i.e. they have actually acquired a personality), then we can kiss goodbye to this wonderful world we have created. Personally, I am extremely concerned about this move. Hopefully, I will be proved wrong and the entire grid shall become like IBM SOA Adventure Island, which is the only IBM region I have seen which lives up to, and indeed surpasses, what SL is all about.

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  32. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Hopefully IBM will be able to DONATE some servers and linguists to SL to make things more stable.

    Nonetheless, hopefully, SL will be able to survive its current downfall.

  33. nobody says:

    >In general, Linden Lab and IBM will collaborate on integrating virtual worlds and the current Web, improving the stability of the platform, increasing interoperability, securing transactions, and bringing us closer to the creation of universal avatars.

    I praise their goal!!
    Stable servers and more outward communications from within Second Life? That sounds exciting!

  34. I find it amusing really, that people are congratulating Linden Lab on this announcement, THINKING it means IBM will be providing some type of support to help Stabilize the Grid. OK, I understand that EVERETT makes it seem like that’s what happening, but really, people, read the IBM press release, NO WHERE does it state that IBM will be offering any assistance to Linden Lab for the Stability of Second Life.

    This announcement is only to help Avatars pass from one Virtual World to another with ease. No where does it state that IBM is actively or ever will actively be providing logistic support to Linden Lab, even though that’s what is implied by Everett, for the Stability of our WORLD!

    So stop with the useless patting on the back and read the Press Release, then get mad as heck because another Linden Lab employee just tried to pull the wool over your eyes!

  35. Ishara longstaff says:

    hey guy’s that was my plan all along 😉 i sent email introducing IBM to second life then ruters then universities gioggles least one my plans finally worked!

    now no exuses u got have stable world!
    or keep inviting more and more corperations till u do!
    i want bug free second life. (and vat free one). ;-p

    why cant Linden lad delaire themselves a virtual nation? like i read somewhere?

  36. HealthStar says:

    “In general, Linden Lab and IBM will collaborate on integrating virtual worlds and the current Web, improving the stability of the platform, increasing interoperability, securing transactions, and bringing us closer to the creation of universal avatars.”

    I’d work on that whole getting more than 40 avas on a “site” at one time thing first. Few websites/stores/businesses would even bother with a website, if it slowed to a crawl and crashed when 30 or more people tried to look at it at once. But hey, gotta start somewhere right.

    Anything that helps stabalize and improve the current sad state of affairs I am all for in spades. Let’s hope however the community of INDIVIDUALS that have bought in and helped foster SL along to this point are not swept to the wayside as this brave new adventure forms.

    >>Normal Blog Rant To Follow Now In Hopes That hearing It One More Time Today Will Help<> for the future person that will inevitably pop in and tell us “complainers” that we dont know what were are talking about that OpenGL programmers can’t work on database, that we expect too much etc etc ad infinum….

    If they arent able to crosswork and fix the problems, then more resources (payroll) needs to be taken away from the add new stuff side of the office and given to the fix the broke stuff side of the office. If LL’s statement of 70% of their efforts are focusing on fixing the grid were true it wouldve gotten better since that statement, instead it has become worse.

    Anyway just my 2L$. Here’s to wishing LL and IBM the best in their collaborative efforts.

    /me turns up drink

  37. HealthStar says:

    opps – SHOULD HAVE READ –

    Normal Blog Rant To Follow Now In Hopes That hearing It One More Time Today Will Help

    1. Please fix the bugs, especially the critical ones.

    2. Please stop adding new broke features until the past broke features are fixed.

    3. Today I have – already lagged to a crash 2 times. Soft crashed a few times (along with those around me), lost one inventory item on rezz, had several instances of server didnt respond. Seen the SL client pull over a gig of memory, and crash the whole PC. Failed TPs several times. Pulled several things from my butt at various intervals. Had one customer that could not purchase a box set for sale, and had another that did not recive an item they paid for.And for icing on the cake paid LL over $200usd in tier and memb fees. And I am only halfway through my SL day, fun fun.

    4. Please stop calling them “bugs”. There is a difference between bugs and broke. Bugs were surpassed a while back, it is just broke at this point.

    >> for the future person that will inevitably pop in and tell us “complainers” that we dont know what were are talking about that OpenGL programmers can’t work on database, that we expect too much etc etc ad infinum….

    If they arent able to crosswork and fix the problems, then more resources (payroll) needs to be taken away from the add new stuff side of the office and given to the fix the broke stuff side of the office. If LL’s statement of 70% of their efforts are focusing on fixing the grid were true it wouldve gotten better since that statement, instead it has become worse.

    Anyway just my 2L$. Here’s to wishing LL and IBM the best in their collaborative efforts.

    /me turns up drink

  38. Ryu Darragh says:

    I would agree, HealthStar, but.. remember, folks, this is a work in progress. Some things are vastly better than the past, others have been broken when other parts have been fixed.

    The anology I would use: Imagine that, *at the same time*, you are living in a house and driving on a high speed highway. Now, add to that the fact the house is being renovated, the highway being repaved *and* the car is getting an engine overhaul.

    Having actually lived through the former (living in a house *while* it’s being gutted and renovated), I can tell you it ain’t fun until it’s done!

    Enjoy all your lives, first, second and after.

  39. The idea fo bringing the web and virtual worlds together is a great idea, if the concept is to begin using SL as a format for RL products and services it is something that I am anticipating.
    IBM raises some eyebrows though, I hope to be a “small time” virtual business someday and more and more it seems like the little people are getting pushed from SL through regulations and taxes, the same thing happens in RL everyday.
    We have on our (portion) sim , already been working on adequate links to websites ,etc. etc. in SL in order to merge our virtual world with RL and conduct business and would like to continue our efforts.
    I suppose this needs addressing for me, I cannot afford to buy a number of islands, or even 1, we have worked from a small parcel to a larger 1 through time and effort, so,if IBM steps in are they going to help us grow or hurt our efforts?
    There is also the legal question-if I have a good idea for marketing and LindenLabs owns the rights to SL , what will prevent IBM/LindenLabs from stealing it? I think the current TOS allows just that, it leaves our efforts unprotected.
    There are a few of us in SL that are entreperneurs and hope that any merger or agreement made by LL and a megalithic coorporation will be conducive to the growth of us as small business people, and so far Linden has not shown much of a tendency for that in my opinion.
    Also, the blog about china buying IBM was disturbing, is that true?
    I know people like to complain about LL being a US company and oppressive, but I really would hate to think about what consequenses there would be to being dictated to by the chinese government, I wouldn’t want to wake up some morning and find my avatar had become a political prisoner.

  40. I’d love to see Adobe get into the mix as well (especially now that Macromedia is integrated.)

    Could you image being able to control and watch DVD’s with-in a Metaverse?

    Could you image being able to stream your live video feed into a flash enabled kiosk with-in a Metaverse?

    Could you image collaborating on a whiteboard/schematics pdf (acrobat 3d) with-in a Metaverse?

    I could image it ;O)-

  41. @41 I can imagine quite a lot of things personally, but one thing I can’t imagine is that Linden Lab is going to bring them to us 😦

    @39 Ryu, are you nuts? Who in their right mind, would be working on a house that is being moved down a highway? Going further, you couldn’t do what you describe, because the Highway Patrol wouldn’t grant you the permit to move your house on a roadway that was being worked on! You are right though, your analogy is a damn good picture as to what Linden Lab is doing to Second Life and WHY it’s a damn foolish idea to do it!

    Linden Lab should stop adding enhancements until they can provide a STABLE GRID, and I mean a grid that will allow people to walk, talk, Teleport, etc., without crashing, having to relog to complete, or logout and back-in to correct attachment and clothing issues.

    So, Linden Lab, just when were you going to do that? Where’s that wonderful “transparency and communication” you liked to brag about? Why can’t you answer the same question that has been asked by 500 others? When will you provide us a STABLE GRID?

  42. Wyald Woolley says:

    I think Linden Labs and IBM are a good matchup…for all the wrong reasons. For example, they both are extreamly slow at fixing bugs in their software. The IBM 360, put onthe market long before I was born, still has a laundry list of known bugs in the operating system software.

  43. Nacre Swindlehurst says:

    For all those people who are so critical of LIBM, please take note of what it is like now.

    And then remember that if IBM buys LL out and IBMizes SL. See? There are some things worse.

  44. Jambalaya Fonck says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Acronymical Overlords!

  45. U M says:

    IBM never buys companies like LL. Because it doesnt not fit their style of doing business.

  46. U M says:

    @23 ann,

    in all fairness thats not true. But what is topic includes them is yet another wonder how? And Why.

    Is this IBM of the USA or EUROPE we are speaking of? There is a big differance since they have their own regions and interst around the world? Just because the world “IBM” appears don`t not mean the world wide group is involved….For those that don`t know of such things.

  47. Constance Mills says:

    I am not happy about it. Working for a big corporation myself I know that. despite assurances to the contrary, there are few things that a large corp cares less about than the interests of the individual customer.

    Who cares as long as you make money!

  48. aryou lykin says:

    does this mean “if i build it , they will come??” if i only knew what i was building

  49. U M says:

    “49 aryou lykin Says:

    October 10th, 2007 at 7:34 PM PDT
    does this mean “if i build it , they will come??” if i only knew what i was building”

    No that means they more likey to leave

  50. ItsOver says:

    The golden days of SL when it was about fun and an opportunity for the creative little guy are over.

    Mark my words.

  51. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    Does this mean the memory leak introduced in the client two revs ago will get fixed soon?

  52. mouse mimistrobell says:

    I believe that what Everett Linden is talking about is the first step towards starting a standards body. It typically starts with a consortium – A consortium is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.

    In this case the common goal will be an open source platform. The important thing about a standards body is that if its done right, and the organization is open enough, it creates an environment that while standardizing and stabilizing the technology, also creates a greater market for all companies involved. IBM has a great track record in this area, and has been involved in some of the major technology standards efforts for a while now.

  53. ItsOver says:

    I would like to ask LL about its policy.

    Please state your policy clearly once in a blog. And, please be honest so the residents might look at their situations and make decisions for themselves. Not about leaving but about how they should conduct business in SL in future and what are their prospects if any.

    What is your VISION for FUTURE of SL. And what is your POLICY?

    Do you want to delegate frontline managemnt by helping big businesses like Anshechung and want to reduce or eliminate your direct involvement with resident community, the little guys?

    So far every step you took seems to head in this direction: Sudden VAT to push residents to abandon holdings and think of going on to private sims; SECOND LIFE GRID, sugar coated announcement of impending tier rise, etc etc

    All I ask, if this is your Policy Goal, then please STATE IT CLEARLY, don’t leave us on guessing. Because when someone plans something and then suddenly an announcement comes from LL to rupture everything. This way you make us bleed more. If you clearly state your policy, policy objectives and Vision of Future, we would know where you are heading, and you will get less hue and cry from residents as long as our decisions are consistent with policy.

    It will also enable residents to plan ahead and envision if they can see their future in SL as businesses or they should rather pack up and just play for fun.

    Please STATE your POLICY clearly.

    I am sure everyone will support this request.

  54. mike1 Shepherd says:

    Why when I read this did visions of microchannel architecture start dancing through my head? That was also going to bring stability

  55. U M says:

    ” IBM has a great track record in this area, and has been involved in some of the major technology standards efforts for a while now.”

    Oh? really wonders what division of IBM your refering to? The one that IS IBM or the Div that is Out soursed by IBM. Its the latter answer Outsoursed thats uses the IBM name. Lets get the facts straight.

  56. U M says:

    BTW are you people ever going to fit the memory leaks? Or The avie continues flying to the air or ground without stopping? This is really getting too much! You say you have all this wonderful tech people coming in but i still see al the same crappy crashes, endless flying without stopping etc……………………….

  57. Hypatia Callisto says:

    excellent news. IBM being the heavyweight in VR patent space, it was necessary and inevitable. May the future be a bright one 🙂

  58. Tegg B says:

    Too late to worry people IBM own us, Phil is retired in the Bahamas 🙂

  59. Dave Bellman says:

    Excellent news! This has got to be the start of something huge and wonderfull – I look forward to be a part of it!

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  61. Votslav Hax says:

    Wonderful news, the advent of tech giants joining the ‘fray’is as exciting as it is scary… More fingers in the ’till’… I think it would be a good idea to start thinking of our little ‘virtual world ‘ in a differenat context…How about a self-governed body…w/elected officials,represenative of the populace, responsible to the populace.Allowing the residents to participate in the governing process would remove the responsibilities of ‘governance’ and free up the ‘resources’ for more technical creation… Lets face it..the addition of ‘outside corporations’ is a double edged sword to residents, the whittling away of ‘rights to accomodate a ‘business plan’ would in my estimation create a world void of the ‘freedom’ necessary to prosper, grow, and create…

  62. kotivalo hirvi says:

    Some areas have constant struggle with lag. Some people violate rules by using objects that waste sim computational resources. Lag restrictions have been enforced by hand, because automating the enforcing has been too difficult and/or laggy.

    Enforcement of lag restrictions and IPS quotas should be made easier and less laggy to automate.

    Other way to reduce lag, is to bring some programming tools that, for example, enable script writing by graphical nets, and analysis tools that warn about (suspected) waste.

  63. kotivalo hirvi says:

    Why SL viewer (unlike some other software like google earth) haven’t got RAM memory cache settings?! And I want to set “disk” cache to memory stick. Recommend a best type of stick, my computer’s front has many types of slots. I would like cache to be BOTH in FLASH stick and hard disk, because 2 sources of data would be faster.

  64. mimi says:

    from the text of the article:
    “”Universal” Avatars: Exploring technology and standards for users of the 3D Internet to seamlessly travel between different virtual worlds. Users could maintain the same “avatar” name, appearance and other important attributes (digital assets, identity certificates, and more) for multiple worlds. The adoption of a universal “avatar” and associated services are a possible first step toward the creation of a truly interoperable 3D Internet.”

    It worries me if my identity certificates will travel along to other worlds too. Will this include privacy information i will be forced to give for the age verification?

  65. U M says:

    @61 “interest. First, we have the news itself. There was the official IBM release of course, and it hit the official Linden Lab blog […]”

    Noticed the how they said “we have the news itself. There was the official IBM release of course,” shakeshead why why why

  66. Fim Fischer says:

    I could not imagine a better partner than IBM!

    Fim Fischer

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  68. I think the announcement is great and will be seen by many as a kind of accolade for virtual worlds technology. I would not hold my breath for any quick results, though. Interoperability is NOT achieved by technical standards alone (they are an important foundation, though). Virtual worlds will be much more diverse in many ways, than some business people (who sometimes tend to forget that these platforms are used for entertainment purposes first) envision.

    I would like it to cross more easily between different virtual worlds (and the web), of course. I am not sure, how much of my avatar (besides the name) and of my virtual posessions I will be able to take with me. 🙂

    Some reasoning behind these doubts here:

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  70. wakawaka says:

    Gee, now that IBM bought in, it must be legitimate

    I can’t for the life of me see a real business use besides marketing.

    my $.02L

  71. maximilliano minelli says:

    Regardless of the topic here. When is Linden going to repair’Recent Items” in inventory?
    This is a jkoe already. They have chosen to ignore this issue and it’s time they took care of it already.
    When you buy an item or get one you have a hard time searching for it. Why? When recent items was made specifically for this.

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