Rolling Upgrade on Wednesday Oct. 10th, 9am PDT (16:00 GMT) [Resolved]

Updated 12:35pm PDT: Restart completed.

Updated 12:15pm PDT: 1500 regions left to be restarted.

Updated 11:55am PDT: 80% done.

Updated 11:35am PDT: 70% done.

Updated 11:15am PDT: 60% of the regions have been restarted so far. Some people may have noticed the little popup box that can appear when teleporting from a recently restarted region to an “older” region. This may eventually become interesting as the heterogeneous grid starts implementing new features not available everywhere.

Updated 10:55am PDT: Halfway there…

Updated 10:35am PDT: (80 / 20) x 10% = ?

Updated 10:15am PDT: Seems like it takes 20 minutes per 10%… and so it does … 30% restarted.

Updated 9:55am PDT: 20% of the regions have been restarted.

Updated 9:35am PDT: 10% of the regions have been restarted.

Updated 9:20am PDT: Regions in the north part of the world should be restarting around 9:25am.

Updated 8:45am PDT: Preparations are running their course, the upgrade will proceed as scheduled.

This rolling upgrade will add code to collect data on teleport failures. No viewer upgrade will be required.

This will once again be a traditional rolling upgrade, starting at the northwest corner of the world and moving from north to south in a big wave. Residents will get a 5 minute warning and can teleport to another region.

Note: Estate owners can use the Debug tab in the Estate Tool to postpone the restart for up to one hour, as shown here:

How to Delay the Restart

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113 Responses to Rolling Upgrade on Wednesday Oct. 10th, 9am PDT (16:00 GMT) [Resolved]

  1. Miles Sullivan says:

    I predict this will result in a great many comments

  2. Sounds like a valid restart to me. The more data they have on teleport failures the quicker they can correct the issues or at least better understand them.

    Let’s hope the new code will not cause any more grid issues.

  3. The last rolling restart we had, my region didn’t come back and took over 1 hour to get it back up, I hope this will not happen again!

  4. U M says:

    Thank you CG for the update.

  5. Tulip Farella says:

    I’m in a teleport failure at moment! got logged off, but i’m showing as on-line. Don’t know if this happens alot, first time for me. Lindenlabs working on it, so i’ll be back soon.

  6. Wyald Woolley says:

    Don’t worry Digital…it won’t happen again…it’ll be something different this time. 🙂

    It’s so nice to see from the previous blog that after about a day of frenetic resuscitation the grid has been “Stabilized.” I knew this guy who was in a train wreck and they thought he was gonna die. But then the hospital announced that he had been stabilized. I guess that meant he wasn’t getting worse…but then he died.

    Speaking of train wrecks…

  7. Jayden B says:

    Cool.. of course… it would be better if they added debugging to look at why HBS (Hairy bum syndrome) also happened, but it’s still nice to see work towards grid stability and usability.

    The other main problems are Grey textures and “Object no longer in database” here is hoping they will also address these Jira’ed issues one day.

  8. ColeMarie Soleil says:

    Would be nice if I could see more than gray upon trying to get in.
    10 attempts. Not a single load.

  9. mimi says:

    Rolling updates are so much better than downtime ^^

  10. Bedeude Laperriere says:

    Hmm, this is the first time i’ve heard of the term rolling restart (not too keen on this blog lol). Even though I’m not a region or estate owner, the idea of being able to delay the restart for a while I would greatly appreciate. I’d rather have time to inform people than let a party get crashed in the middle of it.

    The tp issues I’ve had more often than a case of indigestion, but if they’re getting new code to figure out the probs that’s sweet.

  11. bigmoe says:

    hopefully this update will fix the asset problems as I am stuck right now as a very short jogauni and my SL girlfreind dosnt like it. Please help

  12. Raylina Darkstone says:

    Maybe this will correct the crashing problems I have. I havn’t been able to stay in-world for longer than 30 seconds since the last viewer upgrade.

  13. Vin Houston says:

    why would i post here about this issue and the workaround for fixing it? well because i am crashing all the time… but how is this different from last year ??? its not.

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  15. Keiko Rau says:

    Looking forward to it. I figure waiting until Wednesday (Thursday here) for a restart will fix the XMLRPC issues faster than raising a support request about it.

  16. memory says:

    I hope it fixes the crashes !!! lol I guess SL hates me !!!! :p
    anyway good job and will the last person to leave pls turn off the lights !!! hahhahahhaha

  17. Doris Haller says:

    I wish it would fix something…anything.

    But I can read only that it adds code for analysing a problem..

    no fix.

    If we are all lucky, this investigation code has no additional bugs or will not reveal some other bugs.

  18. Claudine Chantilly says:

    I suppose it would be nice if that upgrade took metrics not only on failed teleports, but also on
    crashes while turning,
    crashes while sinking out of control into quicksand pavement,
    crashes when coming alive after a longish period of having busy set,
    frequency of wearable attachements still worn but sticking to groins,
    frequency of wearable attachements detaching,
    frequency of failure to upload a snapshot,
    frequency of being unable to buy lindens,
    etc etc

    It’s also getting to the point where the frequency of re-re-re-re-re-resolving the same problems might warrant a modicum of attention.

  19. The XO says:

    @ Raylina Darkstone #12:

    One thing I’ve found that helps (I know it’s said over and over) but it does help is to clear your cache after each downtime and each rolling restart. Also ensure you have the latest version of SL. Most are optional updates these days, but it always helps to have the newest one to correct previous *viewer* issues.

    @ Claudine Chantilly #18:

    Sounds like a few of the problems you are having are client side on your PC. If you’re crashing when turning – again do as above, clear cache and update version. In addition ensure you’ve got the latest drivers for your graphics card. Also try decreasing some of the graphics settings – that may help.

  20. Amtor Wopat says:

    How about introducing a survey box on logout – kind of ‘I am logging out because … tick box’
    Tick box categories would include “I’m blissfully happy; I cannot TP anywhere; My hair is glued to my ass; I’m on my way to Jupiter; Could you change the shade of Grey; and so on.

    The key point is to find out what the users experience is that has led them to leave …

  21. Iam Scared says:

    So no grid from wednesday to friday again…damn

  22. Gil Druart says:

    Gypsy Gil peers into her crystal ball and sees .. lack of regression testing .. (ok – it’s getting hard these days) .. gridwide failures due to extra load imposed by the debugging code .. another rolling restart to remove it all again …

    Darn – you guys are making me cynical

  23. Marissa Goodliffe says:

    Off Topic:

    After going all weekend (3 day weekend here) unable to buy Linden$, I fixed myself. I kept getting the error that read something like, “We are unable to contact your Credit Card Issuer” I finally went into my account and reset the Credit Card info. Wiped it out, started again. VOILA! Fixed!

  24. zephytoshihiko says:

    They did run a feature where now and then you were asked about what you though but ironically this feature often did not actually work (would not let you enter the comments etc) I think if LL employees just spent an hour minimum they would see what the issue are. As for tracking down TP failures, let us hope the failure does not break the reporting mechanism 🙂

  25. Malacath Kirkorian says:

    atleast it’s a step to the better…so many people complaining but LL is trying 😛

  26. ari blackthorne says:

    so ~THAT’S~ what that ‘delay restart’ button is for LOL Coolness.

    Let ‘er roll, guys and gals! 🙂

  27. Mirdig Auer says:

    Please translate your information in french. Thank you

  28. Amanda Ascot says:

    I have to agree with Amtor @20, and I even have a suggestion of how to implement this in a way that should actually be almost trivial for your web-coders. I don’t really think that it’s enough just to collect in-world data on a failed teleport. You *have* to know more, unless you really are collecting a complete log on every mouse movement, click, and press of a key, which I know some people are convinced that you’re doing (I don’t, by the way). What I’m going to detail will enable you to better deal with the issue of failed teleports *and* involuntary log-offs that don’t have anything to do with teleporting, but which, I’m sure, are frequently related to same root issues.

    First of all, the Second Life viewer must be made to persist after a log-off. This has been requested for a long time, folks. Why hasn’t something so simple been implemented?

    After log-off we can be presented with a simple webform where we can report the reason we logged off, including tick boxes for “voluntary” or “forced” with subcategories like, “failed teleport”, “sim crossing into Limbo”, “too laggy”, “attachments inappropriately attached”, “I’m naked and can’t find my clothes!”, “Oh, hi! I’m ‘Ruth” — and I’m a guy …”, and other such common reasons for logging out or getting logged out of Second life. It also needs a place to fill in a *short* explanation in case you didn’t think about everything, which you won’t, of course.

    We need a similar webform presented to us whenever the viewer fails to log us *in*, by the way, at the very least so your programmers might finally have a reason get rid of that annoying little lie we always get about the region being restarted or something like that, which is *never* the case.

    Since none of the web-based content in the viewer has anything to do with the sim-servers it doesn’t matter that we can’t log in to Second Life, so we aren’t presented with a Catch-22 for either forced log-off or failed log-in. The viewer would remember the time and location of a forced log-off, and perhaps other relevant information (including, possibly, viewer settings that frequently affect viewer stability, local lag, etc.) and send this information automatically with the user’s report to be appropriately collated with technical data on the log-off collected in-world. In addition, since this would come from a web-server, it would be easy to alter the form on your side without having to wait for a viewer update.

  29. The XO says:

    I like rolling restarts, and jumping the restart wave. I’m going to introduce a new sport:

    Grid Surfing

    It’s a little like inertia surfing on a bus, but a little more complicated as it requires rebooting 16,000+ sims

    Back on topic….

    I remember in the old days, there were many rolling restarts – sometimes 2 in one day. Textures didn’t load, TP’s failed, sims crashed all the time, attachments didn’t attach, inventory vanished, search didn’t work, classified didn’t work, many things were disabled…..

    There have been *massive* advances since then and things are a lot better than they once were. A few glitches here and there, a little slow at times, but nothing compared to what it used to be like.

    Hats off to LL – nice one guys and gals 🙂

  30. Phil Deakins says:

    There are many things wrong with SL, and TP failures is a biggie. You can’t fix something if you don’t know why it’s happening, and this restart is a damned good step in finding out. Waaaaaay overdue, but damned good just the same.

  31. Chino Yray says:

    it’s nice that instead of taking the whole grid down… just a rolling upgrade.

  32. Gaib Celt says:

    I just wish, that since their last bigggg Grid update….that i would kindly not crash like every 15-20 mins just because i clicked something to get a menu, or changed my camera angle, or went to type only to realize i was crashed, oo oo how about when im just standing still at my house and then all the sudden im staring at my desktop wallpaper again because the program completely shut itself down without me clicking ANYTHING!

  33. Spank lovell says:

    #28 Amanda

    Suggest that on the Jira and I’d vote for that. Damn good idea!

  34. Keiko Rau says:

    I appologise for the off-topic post. this should have been attached to “Lights On At The Lab” and comments there were enabled when I started writing it, but by the time I had finished, they had been closed. I took a lot of time to get this right, and feel it would be wasted if I just discarded it.

    I think by far, the biggest mistake that Linden Lab is making with Second Life is failing to let it live up to its potential. SL has huge potential, and has widely been hyped by the media as the “new web”… you remember, that thing that completely changed the Internet as recently as 1991. Until then, information was hard to find, and you had to use protocols like gopher and ftp. (you young ones can probably look those up on Wikipedia).

    Now, the media, like the rest of us is beginning to get disillusioned. We are all beginning to be disappointed that SL has failed to live up to our expectations. There are several reasons for that.

    Firstly stability. Its hard to get excited about a platform that only works some of the time, and cant be relied upon for commerce. At least you seem to have a sense of humor about it – if my attachments have to get re-arranged, surely “up my butt” is where I would want them to go.

    Second is toolset / api. The web got so popular because anyone with an editor could make a web page that worked – heck, some of us were already familiar with GML and SGML (the predecessors of HTML), yet here in SL, we cant even get positive confirmation (for example, a return code from llGiveMoney) of a financial transaction. If you want business to adopt this platform, you must enable commerce, and enable it with some ability to audit its operation as events occur, but sadly, according to at least one Linden, quoted on a nearby wiki, the information needed to make that happen, is not available at the place and time it would be required. This is not to mention the half-baked attempt at communication protocols like XMLRPC (one way only) which, even then doesnt work all of the time (Ive been getting null message_id’s and therefore “script failed to reply” for days now)

    Third you continually shoot yourself in the foot with your policy decisions. The gambling ban is a good example. we all know the details by now, but briefly, it is legal in many places in the world, or can be done legally (as a business, while complying with local regulation) yet you decide to blanket ban a form of commerce that itself alone was probably driving the bleeding edge of LSL programming. I wouldnt expect scripters to care so much about writing reliable notecard givers or flight assists, or even vendors, as they would about reliably handling large amounts of linden dollars – which, after all, are only a game token.

    Robin, while you’re hiring people, try to find a few with some vision. We got this far on Philip’s vision alone, but now even he seems to be content to sit back and watch the money roll in while he sends the lawyers out to protect his empire. You need people who dont care about that, and only want to improve the platform – to make it all it could be. Sadly I think Linden Lab has lost that drive lately, but I know that Second Life could be so much more, if only you would focus on enabling it for commerce, rather than restricting it to be just a game.

  35. Ryu Darragh says:

    Gaib, from all the “crash reports” I have sent in for exactly those problems (which, by the way, happen less often with the first look viewer), they should know *something*.

    I want two things.. instead of freezing the client, let it continue to run sans network traffic from the servers. If I’m scripting or working on a notecard, I’d at least be able to save my work by copy/paste *oustide* the client if that were true.

  36. @ Gaib

    Been happening to me also since the last maintenence update…

    And to all of you who say “it must be you or your client”…
    MIGHTY odd that the SAME thing is happening to many others after the maintenence update (when it was working great prior), NO wait; it’s my machine and client, what am I thinking? (Facetiously said) (gremlins are secretly sneaking in and completely trashing your SL client settings after maintenence updates??… Sheesh)

    Hopefully Second Life will run much smoother for some of us soon…

    Thank you LL for making the effort to stabilize Second Life…

  37. Cocoanut Koala says:


    Note that I couldn’t put it where it belongs, due to the fact that LL employees somehow can’t face more than a relative few responses to a blog entry.

    Here’s the deal, Ginsu. Nobody is home at LL.

    Take this issue:, regarding the BBC code being turned off on the forums.

    From June to October, Torley himself is incapable of getting any answers from anyone at LL. And Torley is an EMPLOYEE.

    There is certainly no transparency about that.

    Worse, there is NOBODY HOME. When your own employees can’t find out the slightest answer over the course of four months, you have a communication problem not only with us, but among yourselves.

    I have never seen such a mess, at any company, anywhere.

    These things are really not that hard, really they aren’t – unless all your employees are hiding from each other.

    And do tell, what is the point of turning off these blog responses? If you can’t handle the responses, quit trying to have a blog. Or at least set them to a number that gives more people a fair chance to be heard – like 500.

    Don’t talk about wanting to communicate on the one hand, while at the very same time, limiting responses to an absurd 100 (or some other arbitrary figure, like 150 in this case) – not to MENTION never even bothering to say why, and refusing to discuss it.


  38. Doris Haller says:

    Amtor Wopat said: “How about introducing a survey box on logout – kind of ‘I am logging out because … tick box’”

    …and “I did not log out… I crashed!!!”

  39. Cocoanut Koala says:

    P.S. I see that Robin has responded to the issue of full comments, in the original Ginsu blog entry comments. So strike that part about refusing to discuss it – as she now has done so.

  40. Blinders Off says:

    2 kudos here:

    1. Telling us about the rolling restart, why the rolling restart, and making an effort to tackle the teleport issue. (frankly, after years of this problem, ’bout time)

    2. For leaving comments open so we could actually say what’s on our minds.

    Every time comments are closed, it’s a big message that “LL knows what you’re gonna say and we don’t wanna hear it.” Always leave comments open. Thanks.

  41. Blinders Off says:

    Doris: “Amtor Wopat said: “How about introducing a survey box on logout – kind of ‘I am logging out because … tick box’ …and “I did not log out… I crashed!!!”

    Doris, that is SUCH a good idea. That way, every time someone logs out because:

    * I am lagging beyond belief
    * My avatar is glitched and looks like a pretzel
    * I am frozen in place
    * I can’t teleport anywhere
    * I’m naked and I can’t get the system to put on a new avatar

    etc etc… LL will get a better idea of what is going on. Kudos to you!

  42. Blinders Off says:

    Oh, well, kudos to both you and Amtor. LOL.

  43. Blinders Off says:

    (scuse the quad post)

    Keiko said: ” yet here in SL, we cant even get positive confirmation (for example, a return code from llGiveMoney) of a financial transaction. If you want business to adopt this platform, you must enable commerce, and enable it with some ability to audit its operation as events occur,”

    Amen to that Keiko. It is amazing to me that on a platform that is basically run on finance, a sell box does not report to the seller the item sold, where it is sold and the date and time sold. All we get is, “You have received 50L from so-and-so”. Oh? WHY? WHERE? FOR WHAT?

    Duh LL.

  44. weaton chaffe says:

    hi all,

    i have a very special ‘guilty pleasures’ party (playing all the music you love but shouldn’t – 80s pop/soft rock etc) starting at 7pm at Vibe HQ.

    how long does this rolling restart normally take to reach the whole grid?

    is it worth postponing the party until this is done?

    (ps – sorry for the blatant plug!)

  45. Darke Dagostino says:

    # 20 Amtor Wopat Says:
    October 9th, 2007 at 3:16 AM PDT

    How about introducing a survey box on logout – kind of ‘I am logging out because … tick box’
    Tick box categories would include “I’m blissfully happy; I cannot TP anywhere; My hair is glued to my ass; I’m on my way to Jupiter; Could you change the shade of Grey; and so on.

    The key point is to find out what the users experience is that has led them to leave …

    I damn near fell out of my chair when I read this because of how true (except the blissfully happy) choice is for me. This is the greatest idea I’ve seen yet and I hope that LL will implement it immediately. Kudos for coming up with it. and Amanda @28, you have a wonderful way to get things started, Kudos to you too!!

    Now if i could only get away from the crashing without crashing monster that would be great too. I crash, but the viewer stays open and I can do almost everything, even TP, but I’m in a dimension all my own. I think this crash is even worse than the one where SL just poofs without warning. A least there I know something must have gone wrong…hehe.

  46. Borky Grid says:

    Great, Liebesnest just crashed again…Just the 3rd party we wanna run there tonight, and anytime something like that comes in between…

    Is something getting rolled out again just now?

  47. Sling Trebuchet says:

    “Thanks for having too much integrity for one single person”

    – well, I’ll try anything twice 😉

  48. Bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    Well at least this rolling restart is announced.=(

    Why can’t you do multiple upgrades THAT WORK in one shot? All I’ve seen are upgrades rushed out and rollovers and rollbacks.


  49. Shepp Allem says:

    yay, another rolling upgrade/restart!

    you all know what that means? more lag and teleporting issuses…and not to mention more crashing, and when you buy something, it takes your money but doesnt give you the product!

    *sarcastic* keep it up LL, youre doing a fantastic job!

  50. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Is this some kind of stealth rolling restart?
    I haven’t seen anything happen yet …

  51. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Brothers and Sisters Of Second Life

    Please join and prey for our beloved departed
    For her sake that she may be in a better place

    That she no longer will suffer from:

    *Unneeded and unwanted gimmicks as Windlight, Voice etc
    *Those very ennoying TP failures
    *Those Rezz problems after TP (Like a shoe in the private part of a AV, or loosing a skirt when rezzing VERY EMBARASSINNG in a PG Sim)
    *Untested codes (meaning tested extensively before adding)
    *4000 and some reported NON RESOLVED bugs and problems

    We also pray that:

    *LL will come down from his own created windlightsky so LL and engage in a communication with our beloved brothers and sisters
    *LL s updates and rolling restarts do what they have to do … CORRECT previous problems and NOT CREATING extra problems
    *LL will keep his word when saying and hour of finishing by an outage

    So dear beloved brothers and sisters lets say this prayer on wednesday ….

  52. My friends, let me first say this, THANK YOU to Linden Lab for this rolling upgrade. Adding something USEFUL to the code, to collect data on all these TELEPORT issues speaks volumes to me, that you have finally gotten off your lazy butts and figured out a way to fix a BUG without REPRO steps. Congrats on whoever thought of this, give that coder a day off next week once they figure this out and kill it for good!

    Second, let me say this, Robin, quite honestly, I cannot understand your response in the “Lights are on” thread. Over 95% of the people have asked for ONE thing and you totally ignored it. How is that being in the slightest transparent or communicative? Give us a stable grid, stop adding to SL until you can. Now, please, quite hearing only what you want and listen to the voices crying in the wind, they are all singing the same song and it’s high time Linden Lab listens.

  53. Dark Otsuzum says:

    “moving from north to south in a big wave.”

    Cool. can I surf it?

    I dream of riding a Big Restart.

  54. Wyald Woolley says:

    @ 51 Fluf Fredriksson who asked:
    Is this some kind of stealth rolling restart?
    I haven’t seen anything happen yet …

    Yes, today it is a stealth restart. Tomorrow, the 10th, it will be a REAL restart just like the Blog says. However, I suggest you not wait until tomorrow to rebox your PC and return it to the manufacturer…you are waaaay to dumb to play on the internet.

  55. Yacobheimer125 Voom says:

    Does anyone notice anything wrong with a post saying “We value open communication” that is not open for comments?
    Just a thought
    – yacobheimer125 Voom, TSL

  56. Yacobheimer125 Voom says:

    another comment, sorry….

    I wanted to comment on Amtor Wopat’s comment earlier.

    Brilliant Amtor – what a great set of ideas. I have added some of my own suggestions – please read and comment if you feel so inclined…

    # 20 Amtor Wopat Says:
    October 9th, 2007 at 3:16 AM PDT

    “How about introducing a survey box on logout – kind of ‘I am logging out because … tick box’
    Tick box categories would include “I’m blissfully happy; I cannot TP anywhere; My hair is glued to my ass; I’m on my way to Jupiter; Could you change the shade of Grey; and so on..”

    Some more suggestions – “I cannot move”, a radio button for “I cannot type”, and something having to do with “My hips are the tallest part of my body and my head and trunk are pointing straight down”. Not to mention “my screen is full of lines”, “I think that smoke was my graphics card blowing out”, and “I look like the opposite gender that I am because my clothing didn’t load”. Another one — “Some friken n00b gave me an animation that turned head into a/an (input box)”
    or how about – “I was shot in your supposedly no script/no shooting area and now I can’t even make a stupid typing animation”
    and my all time favorite:
    “A private sandbox crashed and now I have every user’s rezzed objects in the last 10 hours stuck to every attach point possible.”

    Please send more – i need a good laugh tonight…
    Yacobheimer125 Voom

  57. Fattimah Collas says:

    The last rolling restart kept me from signing all all night..
    This is really frustrating.. Things are going good.. maybe you might have some lag.. and your avatar won’t stop dancing or something.. you think restarting SL will solve your problem.. and then come to find out.. you can’t log in again… wow this is really frustrating…..

  58. Yacobheimer125 Voom says:

    Sounds like a problem for SL support to me!

    good luck…

  59. Swan says:

    Is this still the time when least people are online, or has the european influx changed that?

  60. Tegg B says:

    Least People or Bots online?

  61. Javier Sadofsky says:

    I have been experiencing some NAT-related problems when trying to teleport to other region. Currently I can never teleport, and I have to restart the viewer.

  62. alf lednev says:

    53. Dont worry about not understanding Robin’s position. there is probably one of two reasons. To keep the great unwashed keep on paying , a smoke and mirror trick must be bellowed at every opportunity in the vain hope a few gullible fools may just go “gee wizz Robin, i will put up with a sh*t platform some more. You promising me something all glittery and shiny and useless real soon, that will make the platform even worse, makes me wanna keep my dollars in your game”. Robin could not do anything that might affect LL share price (even hinting all is not well would be suicide financially), the R/L investors in LL would crucify the company.

    The other reason of course may just be the contempt some species feel towards humans. Much like that English Bus inspector who once famously said’ if they didnt have to stop to pick up passengers, then there wouldnt be any problems with sticking to a timetable” SL would work so well if it went back to what it was years ago, a nerds paradise. Trouble is the doors opened and humans flooded in, with expectations and needs and such horrid things. Best to ignore them.

    There are alternatives virtual competitors in beta testing and being a Linden may not be an automatic qualification to receive a golden goose egg soon. If they go belly up, hopefully they will serve as an example to others in the market place. The internet is not infinite (in paying members), people will go where they feel valued and listened, and have their problems addressed .

    This script, i mean WOW! a fault that has been screamed about for ages and Lindens make a blog dah dah! announcement that they are looking at one of the basic flaws finally! Only looking (not fixing,)

    And my off topic bit, is something wrong with Friends List YET again? Those marked as invisible on lists see clearly. I wait for the “we are sorry” automated response and the huge fanfare if the “get of their a**es and fix itself” congratultory blog occurs in the remaining years/months/days/ hours the business remains viable ( delete times as appropiate)

    Remember the more paying members who sell up or walk away in disgust means the remainings ones must inevitably pay more for the company to maintain its targets.

  63. Anderson Philbin says:

    I’m glad they used the Google calendar to publish this outage. As as I can work out 9 am PDT is 5 pm GMT, not 4 pm. But I’ve been wrong before so the calendar helps. However, it’s better just to publish one time and tell people to use the calendar.

  64. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Collect Data on TP Failure … (a manner to chart where the SL residents are going, so to eliminate less popular sims ????? Sorry LL don t trust it too much … )

    Gee Lindens thats already since the Medieval Times that we SL Residents mentionned that issue …

    But as always … NOBODY on the Voice filled WindlightCloud ever listened …..

    And now … after the casino ban and the VAT uproar .. All the sudden there is a dialogue possible …. ????

    Strange, very strange …

    Thx anyway for the Fab thing that SL is ….

  65. DR Dahlgren says:

    Apparently they changing server versions. Now I get region on different version errors almost everywhere I go and sims are dropping off and on all over as well. I hope that is intentional. Seems like they are not staying up after they restart.


  66. Phil Priestman says:

    @63.. I agree.

    Bottom line is that most if not all, upper management needs to get their butts fired.. including Robin and hire people that actually know how to run a business, has some expertise in international law and get those useless programmers off their butts to fix the problems instead of wasting time with alot of bells and whistles that do nothing but add more problems and only appeases the newbs and the sheep that think Lindens can do no wrong.

  67. Renee Faulds says:

    The SIM I was just in did a perfect restart !

    Only thing is I now have no legs….

    Shoes…..just no legs.

  68. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ok, off topic once again, but as you Lindens open blogs often at times when Europeans sleep or work and blogs are then closed when Europeans are awake or stopped working I need to add a comment to
    ‘No Q4 Pricing Changes Planned’

    basically, this message tells me, there will be a change (prob raise) planned pretty soon in 2008 as much as I learnt to understand Linden Speak since I am here….

    I just want to repeat one simple suggestion:
    why free accounts? LL create a very basic, cheap account for all. we will be rid of all these campers and some bad people and probably rid of these dead data base corpses that never log on after the first time anymore.

    with such a basic account, you may increase you revenue, being able to provide better services to all.

    with such a basic account you may loose members, but most probably gain more happy members as those remaning will be able to TP, to move in a stable grid etc etc.

    do not get me wrong, it is nice to offer free accounts, but there is hardly any professional entertainment for free, so why not charge everybody? I would not say that you deliver a really good product, but you deliver a product and you provide it to millions of people for free – why?

    just charge all the free accounts e.g. 1 or 2 US/month. this might help to keep more of your premium members and landowners inworld.

    otherwise, if you pressure the costs only at us premiums and landowners, you will recognize that they will leave more and more and as a consequence, only those will remain who can afford this.

    but who can? only those who get some ROI or just want to throw their money out of the window? and: how to get ROI by these land and tier rates?

    I personally owne some land just for fun, everybody may pass by and visit, enjoy, do this or that as long as this ‘person’ is not offensive.

    when I joined the game, I thought this could be part of the vision. may be I am a fool….

    this vision however, becomes more and more corrupted in my eyes by LL management and I am ready to leave and give away my land for free once my patience is overdone.

    good luck, LL

    p.s. I still enjoy that game and forgive my typos, I am left handed
    and of course you are allowed to censor that blog entry

  69. Jack Hathor says:

    @67 Phil

    Thats no way to talk about this, calling the workers useless is low and makes me wonder what you do here. Insulting LL and more specific the programmers, wtf do you think to gain with that ???? Act a little more mature please.

  70. Chocoletkiss Milk says:

    Is there a map of those regions that have been restarted already. I would be helpful to have a map that shoes the progress of the restarts so a person can tp to one that is already done with.

  71. Hern Worsley says:


  72. FreeDaWeb says:


    While as of a week ago I am no longer a ‘freebie’ member, I did put my fair share of real USD into LL funny money. As for why offer a free account at all, simple … web traffic. The most frequently searched word (in English, anyway) is ‘free’. So it is a matter of marketing. Alternatly, while LL has bragged about folks like Ludakris getting a custom-made ava to tour around, I certainly haven’t heard any hoopla about any big ticket act putting on concerts here. So here’s a thought, go get Metallica, POD, or Korn in here to do a two hour event, tell everyone about it, I would be more than happy to pony up the Ls to see that happen

    But, if your complaint is about freebies plugging up your ever so valuable time by making the sim you are passing through so very laggy, then ask the freebie to logout. Not my fault if the freebie tells you to ef yourself and you run off an Abuse Report to get the account locked. They will just go and make another freebie account and you will most likely have created a new griefer to torture the rest of us. – ’nuff said

    hrm, back to my previous thought(s).

    To those saying ‘Break out the Hachet Team’:
    Easy for you to talk about crap-canning someone else’s job. Here’s a nice pleasant thought: Why don’t we put your job up for public review? Then we put up a blog/survey site asking whether or not you should get to keep your job. The one time the majority says you borked it royally, buh-bye … no more parking spot and a place in the soup line will have just opened for you.

    To those bellyaching about: ‘I/we am/are going to the leave if LL is going to continue operating this way.’ Great, problem is this though: You’re trying to slam a revolving door. Piss and moan all you want, you come back for more, for the multitude of reasons. The hinting that the competion is coming is going to take away or kill LL altogether is just immature and ignorant. Do not go pointing the gun if you aren’t about to pull the trigger.

    Lastly, if you truly want to make a difference and not just make last post. Get a job in LL or voluteer to help out the newbies (freebies, n00bs, whatever) to get them pointed toward being a produductive member of SL, rather than data trash.

  73. Korena Starbrook says:

    ironically – teleports appear to be down – things are acting VERY strange since this rolling restart.

  74. Ken Thereian says:

    Great job nice to see you are looking teleport problem.BUT did you make it worse so you all could have a good laugh at the players trying to teleport ? because now i cant teleport anywere without getting logged out

  75. Ron Crimson says:


    “Amen to that Keiko. It is amazing to me that on a platform that is basically run on finance, a sell box does not report to the seller the item sold, where it is sold and the date and time sold. All we get is, “You have received 50L from so-and-so”. Oh? WHY? WHERE? FOR WHAT?”

    That’s what the transaction log on your account webpage is for. Oh, and did you know they keep it for the past 30 days and you can download it as an .XML file? 😛 🙂

  76. Korena Starbrook says:

    ya – the download to xml/excel fails to show the region the sale took place. I REALLY wish they would fix that.

  77. Trying to build has turned into a joke, sims crashing, people crashing, can’t tp or have none of you been in world lately.
    Seems only certian sims never seem to be effected by these things, hmmm wonder why ??

  78. Mac says:

    Well got the board ready and rode the wave .. still all seems the same to me, think i must be lucky all seems cool and on average only 1 crash per day .. roll on LL oooh but the vat thing does suck lol

  79. Lily says:

    Right after logging in, all connection drops. Not being able to walk, no tp, nothing. all grey, and can only stand and log off… tried many many times…

  80. Traffic Update says:

    Traffic hasn´t updated today. Could you please post a message if that will continue over the next days again like last week? Then i can kick the campers for a few days and stop giving prices, lindens and other handouts at events.

    Thank you

  81. Jayden B says:

    Now that the rolling restart is completed is there a chance the Friends Online webpage will be repaired.

    Those of us in other timezones who work during the USA evening, well me at least, use it and offline IMs to stay in touch with people. Three weeks of loosing this functionality is like three weeks of not being able to login.

  82. Aya Pelous says:


  83. richard says:

    well it’s update wed how time flys an other week has gone by,wed we get a update and nothing will work until monday and wed there will be an other update and so on and so on,good old second life,you gotta love it to play it .!!

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  85. PJ Gibbs says:

    don’t know if it’s related, but I’m getting a lot of DNS errors coming up tonight… having great problems logging in…

  86. Gil Druart says:

    Hmm .. about a 50/50 chance of Teleport == crash

    It’s almost reaching the point where trying to teleport is stupid and it’s better to just relog to change regions .. can’t believe that’s good for server load …..

  87. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Apparently, AS USUAL, LL has failed to inform us of ALL the changes they’ve made. I’m certain that if it were a mere upgrade to collect teleport data, then we’d be able to log in and TELEPORT!!!!

    I hope you collect enough teleport failures to rollback this update.=(

  88. Grid Borked says:

    Yep, it´s starting again…no money transfers…

    “the system is currently unable bla bla bla” …


  89. Eos Ultsch says:

    You sure it’s okay? Money transfers aren’t working now and I didn’t even get an error message for it. Then I went to a Sim which randomly disconnected without warning with the redmap message. Hmm.

  90. Cristopher Whitfield says:

    Once in a while….
    we all know, and as I say WE DO KNOW…. it is better now,
    much better then is was some time ago…

    LL keep on, your on the right track…..

    And to all the others!! Is RL perfect??? Nope
    Are you perfect??
    How can you dare to ask LL to be perfect???

    Thanks… cry and suffer… like in RL

  91. Astarte says:

    Oh great rolling restart complete, and everything screwed. Just logged on to find I’m wearing an outfit I have never ever owned, and definitely not what I was wearing last time I was on !!!!

    You have surpassed yourself this time LL.

  92. KMeist Hax says:

    Anyone else noticing prims just disappearing in Sandbox Goguen? Not even returning, there’s no notice and the missing object doesn’t reappear in Inventory.

  93. Dwen Dooley says:

    15:45 SL time and the asset server’s apparently Effed. Yet another failure to load inventory, avatar shape….

    I don’t RP, I don’t particularly need the twins up front, if you see my point(s).

  94. Astarte says:

    Oh and nice one guys…My support ticket 4051-4208039 opened in June has just been arbitrarily closed with absolutely no explanation what-so-ever. And you reckon that SL is open about everything ?????

  95. Arua Rotaru says:

    WHEN will friends list on the account page be fixed?

  96. I have noticed lately a big improvement in my sim performance numbers.
    It looks like about 20% -25%
    Nice to have some positive things happening in some regions!
    I have noted my inventory not fully loading on some relogs.
    A few days I had major lag that was corrected with a relog later in the day.
    Keep trying, hopefully we continue in the right direction.

  97. trinity akina says:

    dont know if its only me,but after eich update and maintance or now with the roling restart ,i getting worser and worser conection with sl,it stuck,or it crashed all the packetflow rises up to till the highest point,got always lag,or i stand still,my gestures that dont upload for a very long time.( and dont say ppl see ya normal,is not i see my friend always as a woman then)or i can’t teleport to regions were i whant to go to,IM that dont come to me from ppl,LM that dont come to me,ppl that stand ofline when they are online,can see it at my bf,he sitting next to me and cant send any stuff to me,must say ,i pay a lot of money into sl and i dont get back for what i pay for.i am far from happy now with it. i realy love sl and it is almost my first live but i prefer a good look and a good walk and not this,can’t build like this,it frustrating me all the time everyday,hope it will better very soon insted worser

  98. will the rolling update fix the stuck traffic reports?

  99. richard says:

    it’s wednesday !!!!!!!!!

  100. sharoon says:

    Since this upgrade I am having more problems than ever,
    it seems
    grid has slowed considerably(areas that took seconds to rez now take 5 to 10 minutes)
    many “teleport is currently blocked error”(even after complete upgrade)
    far more logouts during teleport
    teleport somewhere arrive elsewhere
    arrive at correct place but title says different place
    after teleport still at same place where teleporting from.

    Please look into it.

  101. Melanie Milland says:

    Today, for the very first time, I was able to cancel once of those infamous double teleports, and wak away from it.
    In the past, all I could do is inform people that I can’t move and have to relog. This time I was able to continue, WTG!

    On another note, something unannounced has changed in LSL.
    Suddenly, when you attach something, the on_rez event fires, too, it used to be that only attach() fired.

    I believe this will break a lot of weapons and attachments, which depend on on_rez() only being fired when the item is rezzed on the ground, never when it is attached.

    Some advance notice on such a change of behavior, or a ChangeLog entry that would make us see that changes in LSL might be expected, would really be nice.

  102. mimi says:

    @69 just charge all the free accounts e.g. 1 or 2 US/month. this might help to keep more of your premium members and landowners inworld.

    Charging the free acounts would probably reduce the amount of redidents largely. Theres not many people who think the service is working well enough to pay for it or are too new to appreciate it. People who are new in the game, need some time to be around to get addicted, or they won’t pay (expect for those who have lots of money in RL).

    Remember in many countries people cant get a creditcard that easily because they have their own banking sysem, like mine. We have our own banking system, where creditcards aren’t needed they are just optional. One needs a higher income to be able to get a creditcard, which I didn’t have when I started, so I had no creditcard. I wouldn’t have been here if I wouldn’t have been able to do so for free.

    Does that mean i don’t contribute anything moneywise to SL? No, in fact I run a big store in SL, made my own money in it, and make SL a lot of money and products now. I spend lots of my self made money in SL.
    Many people with free acounts have jobs in the game, build places, buy items. At the moment unpayed members make up half or more of my customers. Free acounts DO add a lot to SL economy, removing them from the game would hurt Sl economy a lot.

    The free acounts aren’t the problem it’s the way Sl handles them. With Havoc4 cominig up, and maybe this deal with IBM, the bugs maybe will be fixed. Removing free acounts though, it would be as bad or even worse for economy as implementing VAT, the gambling ban and the upcoming verification. We don’t want any more of that do we?

  103. mimi says:

    @ Shepp Allem and others who complian about buying items and then getting nothing because the item does not arrive: there a topic about this on JIRA

    There’s many people complaining about this, but hardly anyone has voted. So if you like the lindens to fix it, vote

    (and if noone votes, then don’t complain it won’t be fixed)

  104. AquaWolf Xeno says:

    Is there any link to this update and people’s computers restarting as if there was a fault with the graphics card?

  105. Abigail Merlin says:

    Noticed something strange on the map during the roling restart, When my sim was being restarted it still showed online but tps to it failed because it was not afailable but when it was back up it showed offline on the map so only tps with LM where posible.
    Guess the map was lagging from the online/offline messages the sims send the server.

  106. Traffic Update says:

    Great, now its 2 days since the traffic has been updated last…Are you trying to piss business owners off, so they finally kick the campers?

    Well you got me there, a few will have to go today. You won…

    But it´s still frustrating, if you throw parties, animate people to come & stay, give out expensive prizes & have more than 50 people on the sim.

    “Great I´m thinking that´s record.” Just too bad it won´t be reflected in the traffic, cose just like last week, the traffic figures are not refreshing.

    Will it now be like that every week?

  107. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Great Restart .. I want more of those because:

    Login duration about 2 minutes …
    Avatar Rezzing about 7 minutes …. (And NO i don t have an AO attached, and YES my system requirements are more then ok …. AND NO i wont clear the cach … NOT SO STUPID anymore to loose inventory items) ….

    Keep on the good works LL ….

  108. Alias Schilling says:

    I’d like to say that I’m all for automated reporting… JIRAting seems a long and arduous process and it is down to us to grab info, etc (and try finding your report again once it’s submitted?!?) – surely the built in bug-reporting sywstem is FAR preferable – perhaps with the option to email in supporting info (give us a reference number). We could then use the JIRA website to track these reports , filed nice and easily under what type of issue, collected via a simple radio button on the viewer-based form.

    I like the idea of getting a feedback form before the viewer closes – at least then we might actually be informed we;ve been “red-mapped” when the viewer gets disconnected from the grid. Surely a simple “Sorry – your viewer has become disconnected from the Second Life grid Continue/Quit” dialog would prevent the many of us I’m sure who get really frustrated when they find it’s not just that a room’s gone quiet, it’s actually that – even though every one still appears to be participating in what’s going on in the room, it’s actually all a figment of the viewer’s imagination since infact YOU are now not in the room!?!

  109. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @103, mimi.
    I can understand your point of view very well and I am also aware that not everybody has a credit card or much money left to play a game. You tell us that you make money in SL without a CC and free account members spend money in SL without a CC. Consequently, free account members must have got their Lindens from some source…..
    If this is possible, don’t you think a really small amount of membership fee might be possible also?
    To be fair to the whole world (thinking about VAT which differs from country to country and thinking about countries with more or less income), one might consider that user fees might be different depending on where the user lives, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th REAL WORLD. Though I am not sure if everybody wants to disclose his origin, it seems that LL knows anyway where everybody is from, so this could be an approach…

    If you say that people need to look into SL first until they become aware if SL is a place they want to play: why not? I can agree. Therefore another suggestion: have the free accounts be limited for let’s say half a year and then let the free members choose to upgrade to another account category – a cheap basic one or premium, whatever. If they do not really like the place, they will leave and reduce the traffic – lag – issues….. If they like it, they will contribute to the economy.

    This might dramatically reduce the number of online people (as well as the number of corpses) for some time but might give LL the time and chance to enable fixing any grid issues that are due to ‘mass traffic’ (if one may call 50.000 a mass, as these 50.000 are just 5 % of registered users).

    And: I really enjoy SL

  110. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @106, map does not work reliably since a very long time 🙂

  111. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Now even better after rolling restart … AV starts to Rezz takes a very long time to rezz completly … and then all of a sudden Rezzes anew … ahum?????

    @103 Mimi

    QUOTE”Theres not many people who think the service is working well enough to pay for it or are too new to appreciate it. People who are new in the game, need some time to be around to get addicted, or they won’t pay (expect for those who have lots of money in RL). “UNQUOTE

    Sorry dear Mimi but …. TP s failing … Login s failing … Cant even decendly walk … etc .. maybe you call that working well ????

    To reduce members …

    1. For starters that LL deletes all ALTS … or charge them first alt nominal fee + 50% – second alt +100% and so on … and also a charge on the tiers by 5% per ALT the owner(s) have
    (Why do you need alts? Are SL Residents suffering from schizophrenia and double personalities … or is it a way to get more money out of SL …. a way to cheat)

    2.Delete all accounts who haven t been used in a year… after contact per e mail

    3.Stop the transfer from Linden Currency to Real Currency …. Its a game not a job … Or that Linden Charges up to 25% on realy big amounts of transfered lindens .. from 100.000 Linden up

    And please dear Mimi stop whining on the free accounts (nobody ever obliged you to become premium member. )

    I know you US residents don t like other nationalities … Have read that already enough on the blogs …. BUT for the moment over 50% of SL Residents are, you like it or not, European and other nationalities…

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