[RESOLVED] Rolling Grid Restart on Thursday Oct. 4th, 9am PDT (16:00 GMT)

 [RESOLVED 4 Oct, 07 @ 1:47 p.m. PDT]

The rolling restart has concluded.  Thanks for your patience!


This unscheduled upgrade will plug a security hole and fix a scripting bug introduced in the previous upgrade, which affects furniture and other animating scripted objects.

The rolling upgrade will proceed from the northwest corner of the grid to the south. You will get a 5 minute warning before any specific region goes down, giving you the opportunity to teleport to some other region.

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97 Responses to [RESOLVED] Rolling Grid Restart on Thursday Oct. 4th, 9am PDT (16:00 GMT)

  1. Maude Underwood says:

    I am thrilled with Second Life and amazed at all that is done. Anytime a maintenance is required, I am anxiously awaiting it’s completion to continue with my second life but accept that it must be done so we can continue to enjoy this phenomenon of a digital world. I love Second Life and all the nice people, if a little inconvenience is necessary to keep it going smoothely than I have no problem with that! Keep up the wonderful job! Thanks

  2. I take it we won’t need a new viewer to enjoy the bug fix? Thanks for the advance notice on this.

  3. Ron Crimson says:

    It’s nice to see some positive responses to start off with for a change. I second everything Maude says. 🙂

  4. Jakyl says:

    What was the security hole?

  5. U M says:

    Reapeating what Jakyl just said……….”What was the security hole?
    “? since when? Well thank you for keeping us updated…………..

    U sagi M usashi

  6. Mortus Allen says:

    I third it. I see lots of people whining about things that have rarely if ever affected me. Most of my “Crashes” have been because of running my settings higher than my system will support. I for one realize the age and limits of both machines I run Second Life on and rarely have a problem… In fact I laugh at people that rez no copy items and muck about with their inventory, make purchases and such when LL announces that the asset server cluster is having issue. I find a little common sense, a rare commodity in this day and age, saves me a lot of head aches.

    Thank LL for doing what you do even if your judgement is questionable on some matters. The technical aspect is always improving and should be a point of joy for as long as we are free to enjoy the virtual world you and fellow residents have created.

  7. Alexander Regent says:

    Well I certainly hope they would not publish the security hole before fixing it 🙂

    “We noticed the door is unlocked, tomorrow we will locked it. Please don’t go through the door in the meantime” …. lol

  8. Simon Kline says:

    It’s worth saying that the rolling restarts and updates have been really successful lately! Thanks guys for working hard to make sure they’re right before releasing them into the wild :))

    The new browser is worth upgrading to, it has an awesome feature where you can invite people to groups from the pie menu. eg. Right click them… more… Invite to Group then choose the group you want to add them to! Whoever thought of this rocks!!

  9. Rex Cronon says:

    What security hole is going to be fixed? Can a description be posted? Maybe not now, but after it was plugged? At the very least is it possible to let people know what did this security hole affect?

    And what bug? Is it the one where the z-axis points down? Does it happen only if object is rotated?

  10. hmmm I remember in the previous BLOG they mention grid restarts no longer go in order…

    [1 Oct, 07 – 12:52 pm]

    The rolling restart is a little more aggressively scheduled this time than in times past. Logins for some residents may be slow until the restarts are finished. Also, the nifty trick of wave-jumping the restarts by TP’ing to the Northwest is unfortunately no longer supported – the restart order is no longer dependent upon map location.

    so now are the lindens telling us one thing & do another????? come on tell us the truth… we are sick & tired of being lied too!!!!! you tell us one thing one day in the blog & then 2 days later tell us something completely different. plus half the times we NEVER get the notices about grid restarts….

  11. CG Linden says:

    This restart will be in map order again.

  12. Hewitt Huet says:

    CG, can you at least give us a HINT about the SECURITY HOLE?!?!?!?


  13. rommie Vesta says:

    Maybe that’s why half my stuff is broken. Thanks for the heads up! i can stop bothering technical support about all my broken toys now, ~r.V.J.

  14. Kristen says:


    Is there any hope that this will fix the gawd forsaken lag? It seems to have gotten progressively worse and I fear for the life of my computer. 🙂

  15. Fattimah Collas says:

    I can’t log into SL at all.. How long will it be this way??
    The region I am trying to log into keeps saying something about rolling restarts.. and I am unable to log into any other region..
    A time frame of when I will be able to log back in would be nice..

  16. dura voss says:

    yea. bring back the rolling restart.

  17. Alex says:

    I hope this will fix the online friends list. Is has not worked for a whole week now.

  18. HealthStar says:

    Good show on this one LL, I appreciate the quick turnaround to give us back the functionality.

  19. Antonius Misfit says:

    @Hewitt Huet:
    I think it would be wise for both us and the Lindens if the details about the security hole were released AFTER the rolling restart. Otherwise they’d be giving malicious hackers a window of opportunity.

  20. Thanks for doing what’s needed Lindens, hopefully it’ll all go very smoothly and quickly 🙂

  21. Fattimah Collas says:

    I am still unable to log on to SL.. it is 7:15 (pst)
    When is whatever is causing me not to log on gonna be fixed??
    This is very frustrating to say the least…

  22. anonymous? says:

    Is this security hole the reason that routers go bonkers? They have to be reset to start functioning again:(

  23. Fattimah Collas says:

    Is anyone else having problems logging onto SL?? or am I the only one??

  24. Jaxx Tardis says:

    Yay! You really should mention just what bugfix is going out btw, specific Jira link: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-750

  25. U M says:

    Repeat “What was the security hole?” Please Linden explain we should know about this. Right?!

  26. Tee Trimble says:

    Geez Louise stop whining about the security hole and the script bug …. just let LL do what needs to be done …Thank Goodness we all know what’s gonna happen on 10/04 at 9am pdt Im sure as usual they will keep us abreast … kudos to SL, I am loving my experience 🙂

  27. Kira says:

    will this erase ghost prims that were created on the monday?

  28. jaylyn pennell says:

    why do you need to know the security hole RIGHT NOW? It will be gone tomorrow anyways.
    If you can’t wait until after the fix, then you’re probably one of those that would probably use it to break things

  29. knitemarco0731 Tripsa says:

    Hi all… first I have to agree and go along with the policy of the Lindens not announcing what the *security* fix is or what the problem was. Let them investigate it , much like the police woul;d investigate a murder… or a lawyer with a case. Give LL the chance and opportunity to fix things that may steal all of our L$’s without letting every malicious exploiter do their thing.
    Second, look at Nuro Lindens blog on the recent issues. I am sure many questions will be answered, and PATIENCE on our parts would be helpful while they help to resolve the problems. Just MHO. 🙂

  30. U M says:

    @29 good for you. And only you. But as users on Sl we should know what occured. Playing Stupid doesnt solve or make the issues any better.

  31. knitemarco0731 Tripsa says:

    ok, I am neither stupid or ignorant. and I am a user of SL as well as a club owner. Please keep your comments positive and inline with the thread.

  32. knitemarco0731 Tripsa says:


    “Playing Stupid doesnt solve or make the issues any better.”
    Neither does asking stupid questions about potential security leaks on an open thread.

  33. Garjala says:

    #12 “CG, can you at least give us a HINT about the SECURITY HOLE?!?!?!?


    I have seen one person deleting walls from shop owned by another person without having permissions for it. Could it be this one?

  34. Storyof Oh says:

    hey only if they then run off with the goods 33
    hope they can take my ghostprims whilst at it
    great news we cant have enough bug fixes and restarts
    and i didnt even mention vat….keep up the good work LL

  35. Rex Cronon says:

    Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves?
    What should we do, and what shouldn’t we do?
    What should we watch out for?
    Are the scripts in danger to be seen, copied, edit by others?
    Can sculpties images be copied, edited?
    Can linked sets be edited/deleted/copied/transfered?
    In others words, what affects this security hole?

  36. knitemarco0731 Tripsa says:

    Bravo Rex

  37. Alex Warrior says:

    G’day CG

    Thanks for the notice.

    WOW @ Simon Kline’s mention of the pie menu add to group feature! That is going to save me SOOO much time! The Alternative Indie Music group didn’t get to 1,000 members without a lot of clicking by me. In fact, I have done it so much I think I can add a person to a group faster than some can respond in chat! LOL.

    To Linden Lab – thanks for the great platform – almost 2 years on for me and I can think back and remember all sorts of things that are much better now!

    Being able to change clothes while sitting / dancing on a scripted item – lol. That’s right folks – back then when you attached / detached something – it popped you off the sit / dance ball.

    And I remember when there were NO flexi prims – the stiff hair and stiff dresses. I love the flowing hair, skirts and curtains now!

    Let’s remember all the good things this platform brings – the ability for any one to create, build, script for free.

    Thanks again!

  38. Masuyo Aabye says:

    LL doing bug fixes to fix something they broke on the last update, people still moan.
    I don’t get it.

  39. Verdana Klaar says:

    Is the security breach linked to the VAT for EU residents ?


  40. Lomgren Smalls says:

    Hopefully, the script bug is the llSetLinkedPrimitiveParams bug on the JIRA. That’s what I’m getting out of this post, at least.

  41. Martin Willis says:

    Ich werde das Gefühl nicht los, dass wir alle BETA-Tester sind und dafür auch noch bezahlen müssen. Ich wünsche mir einen Tag, an dem SL mal nicht abstürzt und an dem mal alles so funktioniert, wie es funktionieren sollte!

  42. U M says:

    “31 knitemarco0731 Tripsa Says:

    October 3rd, 2007 at 8:41 PM PDT
    ok, I am neither stupid or ignorant. and I am a user of SL as well as a club owner. Please keep your comments positive and inline with the thread.”

    Um i did not call you those names I was refering LLABS works and their failure to provide infrmation that WE the user should now. Reguardeless of how much land we own.Plain and simple

    To repeat what i said “25 U M Says:

    October 3rd, 2007 at 7:41 PM PDT
    Repeat “What was the security hole?” Please Linden explain we should know about this. Right?!” ]

    I requoting myself YET again “30 U M Says:

    “October 3rd, 2007 at 8:25 PM PDT
    @29 good for you. And only you. But as users on Sl we should know what occured. Playing Stupid doesnt solve or make the issues any better.”

    We must know waht happen to better understand what went wrong. Otherwise my friend as you might know those issues WILL occure AGAIN………

  43. Marcush Nemeth says:

    Why are people typically asking for the security bug and not the scripting one? Grief abuse comes to mind, and I’m glad Linden Labs decided NOT to disclose any information about that one.

    I’m more worried about the scripting bug:could it affect existing furniture to no longer work properly, or does it fix a bug which came into existence only a short while ago, so it shouldn’t affect any older furniture or make it operate properly again?

  44. Linden Afarensis says:

    About the security Hole :
    I’m happy to inform you that next week Torley Linden will publish a new tutorial entitled “How to detect the security Holes and to hijack SecondLife”.
    Enjoy and have fun

  45. U M says:

    Shakeshead what is wrong explaining to US the users of what COULD be a a problems for us the users? After the fact……….

  46. Curious says:

    Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2007
    Violation: Terms of Service: Permissions Exploit
    Region: Imagination
    Description: Selling items to circumvent prim permissions
    Action taken: Suspended 7 days.

  47. Burgess Miles says:

    “LL regretfully have to inform its residents that the age verification personal information have been hacked and thus leaked” ….anybody else that can see this coming?

  48. Grid Borked says:

    Yeah great, there probably goes my opening party tonight…Thanx a lot. Will it now be every week the same mess from tuesday on?

  49. Kris says:

    Thank you for fixing this scripting bug that was introduced the other day. Good to see LL listened to the community on this and got this in place so quick, it’s nice to know somebody is listening to us. This has had a tremendous impact on content creators and broke many items out there.

    Lets all hope for a smooth restart.

  50. Bee Mizser says:

    UM I’m sure details of the security problem will be published AFTER it has been fixed later today. Until then I’d rather as few people as possible know about it. That way it is less likely to be exploited in the mean time. What happens if griefers get hold of that information…

  51. Orgaz says:

    The “Friends Online” status will be fixed in this rolling upgrade?

    We are having a huge patience Lindens…


  52. Abigail Merlin says:

    @48 It’s just a roling restart, changes are you won’t even get effected other then assets being a slower then usual and even if you do it will be a few minutes interuption, no big deal.

  53. The XO says:

    @ThaBiGGDoGG Richez #10:

    I believe they meant that only that particular rolling restart would not be in grid order as it was a more aggressive one to get the job done quickly. It’s more inconvenient as you can’t “jump the wave” but it shaves about an hour off the time. Otherwise I think it’s North to South, Left to Right.

    @ UM #25:

    Why do you need to know what the security hole was? Apart from to satisfy your need? I agree that security holes shouldn’t be made public until they are 100% sure that it’s resolved. Also, giving details of this hole could give someone else another idea/angle to create another one. So I say it stays secret. I do however agree that problems need to be reported, explained and published in depth – such as the post mortuems we often see. These relate to service issues, connectivity and the like – *not* security holes!

    @ U M #45:

    Usagi… we don’t *need* to know what the problem was. It was not service affecting, was not stopping us from using SL. By giving details this simply opens it up to *more* exploits.

    @ Burgess Miles #47:

    There is nothing to hack, nothing to leak. It works like this: LL request an ID number of some sort; SSN, Passport number, driving licence, whatever it will be. They *DO NOT* do a lookup and check who you are. They send this number to Integrity who do the *AGE* verification and reply with a “yes” or “no” to that person being over 18. All that is stored is the fact you are over 18 or not – thats it. It’s a “one shot” process. Please remember this is age verification and not identity verification! Also be aware that no personal data is stored whatsoever. Besides, if a law enforcement agency wants to ID you right now they can by your IP address, date, time of the connection and asking your ISP to provide your contact details. Who’s to say your ISP database won’t get hacked and your details revealed???? In fact that is more likely!

    Restarts, updates need to occur otherwise the grid cannot expand and continue without them. Yes, sure LL drop the odd clanger here and there and don’t always deal with the public very well but remember they are a technology company and are more “tech orientated” and probably lack some of the customer facing skills. Thats just how it is.

    Peace out.

    Sincerely yours,

    The XO.

    PS. Usagi… chill out, please :-p You’ve been raving for months and are gonna give yourself a heart attack!

  54. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @ The XO
    What you say in your response to Burgess Miles simply PROVES the failings of the whole age-verification process and the risk to a persons ID security. We all KNOW the information collected is given to Aristotle/Integrity so they can verify age. But that information is personal ID data and it IS stored by Aristotle/Integrity.
    Two important points here: First – as has been repeated many times in these blogs – LL WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR PERSONAL ID INFORMATION. That’s why they’re handing over responsibility for this process to a third party.
    Second – and thats the whole point isn’t it? Our personal ID information is given to an agency outside the control of LL. So no-one can state categorically that their personal details are not stored!
    LL don’t want to get involved because it would be a legal minefield for them if/when our personal information goes ‘missing, or if/when our details are involved in identity theft or fraud somewhere down the line.
    Who ARE Aristotle/Integrity? Why won’t they or LindenLabs give us an assurance that the collected data will be destroyed after it is collected? What safeguards are in place to confirm that our ID details ARE destroyed after the age verification process?
    Some governments frown upon the sharing of their citizens’ personal ID information to a third party without legal safeguards being approved first!
    Some governments consider identity theft as a national security issue – and this could leave individuals with some awkward questions to answer if their ID details appear in ‘the wrong place at the wrong time’!

    These are just some of the question that, to date, have not been addressed either by LL or Aristotle/Integrity.
    Too many questions, too few answers.
    Is it worth putting your ID security at such risk without knowing WHO you are giving your personal details to?
    Who verifies the verifiers?

  55. Burgess Miles says:

    #53 you may have I point there… I still don’t like though…but like everything else in this and any other world, you learn to live with it eventually…:)

    I totally agree with those who think that LL on the whole are doing a great job with this cutting edge platform…or what ever we would like to call it. The lag and much else have been a problem,a big one, but on the whole the experience outweighs these downsides…

  56. Burgess Miles says:

    #54 may on the other hand have a more significant point…My gut feeling says I don’t like the whole scheme…at all…

  57. Alyx Sands says:

    @The XO: what you said!

    @41: Why post in German? To amuse what little Germans read the blog? I doubt any Linden will bother getting it translated. And well, yes, OF COURSE SL is a kind af bleeding edge beta thing. It’s something that hasn’t been done before. So we have to live with paying beta tester status or go and play Sims online. Or WoW. (And complain about SL’s “bad graphics”)

    I’m impressed how fast LL got the scripting bug fixed AND will introduce the fix! I can use my furniture again! Thanks to everyone who voted on JIRA for it, too!

  58. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I still haven’t unbuckled my seatbelt… tightening it up a bit for the next few potentially bumpy days as we look to the hopes and promises of the near future.

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  60. desdemona enfield says:

    Please tell us the associated JIRA entry of the server side LSL bug that was corrected.

  61. softlinden says:

    The script fix is as Jaxx Tardis mentioned above:

    The security problem didn’t affect L$, inventory or communications. I don’t know who makes the call on when or how to disclose it *after* the fix goes out, but I hope they don’t rush. I added code that logs who tries to exploit it, and I look forward to doing a little fishing. 🙂

    I wonder if I’ve set everything up to get the magical yellow border on my comments…

  62. U M says:

    53 The XO Says:

    “October 4th, 2007 at 4:56 AM PDT @ UM #25:

    Why do you need to know what the security hole was? Apart from to satisfy your need? I agree that security holes shouldn’t be made public until they are 100% sure that it’s resolved. Also, giving details of this hole could give someone else another idea/angle to create another one. So I say it stays secret. I do however agree that problems need to be reported, explained and published in depth – such as the post mortuems we often see. These relate to service issues, connectivity and the like – *not* security holes!

    @ U M #45:

    Usagi… we don’t *need* to know what the problem was. It was not service affecting, was not stopping us from using SL. By giving details this simply opens it up to *more* exploits.”

    Well Love we use to be told of such happening. Beecause if it did effect us we would want to know. Example the PW beakin maybe? or say the maybe the texture stealing ( so we can prevent future occurances by doing are own protective measures? Does that make sence? I sure hope so :/

  63. U M says:

    Atleast softlinden was nice enough to pop in a explain some.Thank you

  64. Marcus Antonelli says:

    Will this fix the perennial issue of Friends Online breaking with each update? It’s been “temporarily” down for nearly two weeks now. Lack of the presence information affects how I do business in SL.

  65. richard says:

    oh god i hope my sex bed is still working !

  66. richard says:

    weii you know when the weekend is near we get a update on wednesday and by friday everything is screwed up and not working and everyone at second life goes home and fixs nothing for over the weekend

  67. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Wow, the lindens start to communicate *grins*

    Thanks Soft, and Neuro for sharing light about the technical issues.
    More information about what is going on, and that information fast will make the whining less. So please open up in the future too.

    Remember: Better communication gives happier customers.
    And yes, better communication involves both listening to customers as well as telling the customers, got that?

    /me is actually positively surprised by the fact that someone for once has said something useful and not the standard slap in the face “thank you for your patiance”

  68. Hewitt Huet says:

    @Soft Linden: Magic yellow border works, lets hope SL does too when youre finished.

    @UM and others:

    Believe me, asking what the security hole is is not untoward, I have had personal experiences with hackers and other griefers. I just want to know whats affected, not how to exploit the d*mned thing. Are my objects safe? My buildings? Shoudl i Tape my land? You know, iow what do i need to do to pretect myself. It’s been noted that there is an expolit to escalate one’s permissions to the point of being able to do some very, very nasty things.

  69. U M says:

    @68 we use to have this sxplained to us. But now well………..

    If it effected us in some form, shouldnt we know? Now my point is NOT to explain in detail, but in a form of oh it effects us. I hate when people post exploits on the forum. But we should get some information of WHAT happened.

  70. Anonymous says:

    @Mortus Allen;

    So when it takes LL a multitude of hours (EVEN DAYS) to inform us that the asset server is having problems; what about everyone that rezzed something and lost the no copy version PRIOR to their delayed posting that the asset server is malfunctioning. At the frequency it is crashing now NO ONE should ever rez no copy items? Is that what you are saying??? That is simply terrible customer service. And to people Like Ron Crimson (Mr. High and Mighty God-My Stuff Runs Why Doesnt Yours?) who seem to think just because THEY are fortunate enough to run SL smoothly (as was I until 1 week ago), that IS NO reason to say others are not having problems JUST because you arent (People’s obtuseness simply amazes me) ALL we are asking for is a stable (business) platform; thats all… Nothing more.. Simply a product that does what its supposed to at least 75% of the time… I LOVE Second Life; I just wish it worked as promised 🙂 On the flipside of the coin; I must thank Linden Lab for taking the effort to make it a more stable and secure environment…

  71. Meade Paravane says:

    Did this already happen or has it been delayed?

  72. softlinden says:

    Meade – it’s in progress right now, moving north-to-south. If you head to a far northern region you can verify any assets you’re concerned about. Otherwise, check the blog post after this one to see when the restart has completed.

  73. LordRingsMottoEatMore says:

    Good to hear fixing up things quickly. Keep up the good work. I just got hit by it but am happy if it helps fixes any issues. 😉

    U M why are you hogging all the blog resposes. 8 (EIGHT) already in this one. That’s 7 other people who won’t be able to give their opinions. Do you really think we want to see you respond all the time. Please Lindens keep responses to a maximum of 3 per person. 🙂

  74. Dionysus Athens says:

    I’m so glad LL is fixing all these bugs. SL rocks! How long will the rolling restart take to reach all the way to the south part of the grid? It’s 11 am and it hasn’t made it to the region I’m in now.

  75. Klaes Dench says:

    Is there anyone that has seen the smallest hint of a Rolling Restart in action ?? I haven’t…..

  76. Starsaphire Dagger says:

    Thank you for plugging the security hole. It will be nice to not have to answer my pc’s security alerts about it anymore. 1.18.3 (5) has been working great except for that. I look forward to a (long overdue) pleasant experience in SL this weekend.

  77. Jeff B. says:

    Thanks for fixing the furniture issue!

  78. EBCY.Clift says:

    6 Mortus Allen : ok with you Mortus..
    Slifers we are all experimenting this new “world”. We are free to connect to SL, This is our individual choice. Behind the scene there is a team of people like each of us. The difference is that this team is working days and nights to make this “other world” running as well as they can. We just “use” SL.
    Linden Team, you know what ? Imagine that Slifers complain cause they love SL :). In french there is a sentence : “qui aime bien, chatie bien”.. Who loves a lot punishes the same way.. (sorry for this poor translation..).
    Keep on working hard as you do LTeam. If we, Slifers, are not happy to connect to SL as we do, I mean freely, there is a resolution to this personal bug : anytime each of us can leave SL, freely.

  79. I’m delaying my next months tier fee’s. I’m working on fixing the problem. I will let you know when it gets processed.

  80. ansjela Amat says:

    I am hoping this will also fix my 3 invisible prims walls that i can not delete anymore. so lets restart Elegant, those nasty things are blocking my shop . and no, returning all objects did not fix it either. everything was gone except those 3 nasty things.
    so go ahead.. restart! 🙂
    thanks for all the hard work guys and girls.

  81. Meade Paravane says:

    TY, Soft. Actually at work (where I can’t log in 😦 ) and was just wondering.. 🙂

  82. Bobo Decosta says:

    Is this rolling restart processing? Already finished? My sim is still down, please some info!

  83. Akiko Koba says:

    Any change of the Recent Items problem being resolved soon? Since around April or May, the Recent Items sections in the Inventories of my main av and two alts has not cleared. Worse still, every folder in there is open by default. For a while I thought it was just me, but it seems everyone I know now has this problem.

    I would appear to me, that if the problem whereby the Recent Items list clears by default cannot be resolved, then a ‘Clear Recent Items’ option would be good (as long as it desn’t trash those items from the main Inventory). Failing that, maybe the Recent Items section o the Inventory should be done away with completely and recently obtained items appear in bold type or a different colour type for 24 hours in the main inventory.

    As it is, for those of us with large inventories it can be difficult and time consuming to find newly added items. I have had to totally restructure my business activities due to the vast inventory of my avatar that creates clothes. The avatar that was in SL just for fun has now become my second business avatar just to work at customer level and I had to create a third avatar for having fun in SL.

    Also, a fix on the bug that crashes me every time I empty my Inventory Trash would be very welcome.

    To be honest, we’re seeing very little changes in all of thse bug fixes, but I do believe that progress is slowly being made. But a few of the big problems do need to be given priority. I don’t know a single person who uses voice, yet voice problems always seem to have priority over things that are important to us folks trying to run a business.

    Here’s hoping things go well with the next rolling restart guys.

  84. softlinden says:

    Akiko Koba – The recent items issue is fixed in an internal build already. It’s viewer side and should be in 1.18.4. You should be able to find the issue by searching https://jira.secondlife.com – I know it’s a complicated system, but it’s a very efficient way of giving feedback that goes directly to the developer working on an issue (or voting issues up if no developer is assigned!).

    Glad stuff’s working out with the restart. (*knock on wood!*) Enjoy your toys and furniture, and please don’t be shy about bringing some of your projects over to the beta grid when new betas are announced. Testing SL projects on the beta grid is a lot like testing software under an OS upgrade. We really do need feedback to support 100,000+ products running on our platform. 🙂

  85. Loniki Loudon says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed. Please don’t stop.
    Hey, we really need that llTargetOmega fixed, all the fishies and lighthouses have stopped 😦 I hope you can get that working again.

  86. Gennifer Meredith says:

    While we all get upset with crashes and maintenance, and I was involved in a couple of crashes last night, and no, I don’t like it, I still have to marvel at what the Lindens have put together for us, and keep running for us.

    Yeah, we all have first lives, and maybe shouldn’t spend as much time here as we do (speaking for myself, of course) but it still amazes me what this program is capable of.

    Thanks Lindens, for your hard work, your support, and help in keeping our ‘Second Life’ functioning.


  87. Bau Ur says:

    um, in case you don’t know, some of your core servers are still not relating on a speaking basis 🙂 I have been unable to log into SL support portal through server 9 or 6, and a friend reports he was having trouble on 10. It is 2:30 PM SL time.

    Thank you for all your good efforts.

  88. Kira says:

    bleh prim butt and going to 0 0 0 on the map is back for me.


  89. Bobo Decosta says:

    Resolved? So why is my sim not back online?

  90. Thanks softlinden for your work in responding to resident questions on the blog, magical yellow borders are always a welcome sight in the comments section 🙂

  91. concerned says:

    Thankyou softlinden for your work and help with this issue and thanks for keeping us informed.Its great to see this level of informative assistance in the blog.5 gold stars for softlinden.

  92. Mikhail Pasternak says:

    Linden Labs needs to focus on the basics. Today i could not pay a person with $Lindens. And there are many other annoying issues that need to be fixed.

  93. Blinders Off says:

    I am posting this here because, well, because of the reason for HAVING to post it here.

    I think it is just hilarious that this is so much OUR world, and Linden Lab is so confident in its performance, that the majority of the entries to the SL Blog are COMMENT CLOSED… including the recent judgement on the Bragg law trial (in which apparently, LL got at least partially spanked).

    I have no opinion one way or another regarding that lawsuit. I do have an opinion in LL showing its confidence in its users by repeatedly shutting off comments… and limiting almost all comments to 100 posts.

    Our world. Yeah, right.

  94. Sweet says:

    im wondering when and if you guys are every going to fix this &%%@** MEMORY LEAK crap my gawd already 6 months progresively worse i cant go to any place for more than 5 mins before i freeze up or cam freezes and cannot move its just sick and really getting old i wish for the SL when you could actually explore now its just giving me gray hair and raises my blood preasure

  95. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I would like to request that IF you are going to insist on limiting comments to 100, then PLEASE start limiting people to one comment each.

    I just got done reading half the comments on the VAT entry, and got really tired of seeing the same people taking up 2-3-4 or the comments to themselves!

    It is SO inconsiderate.

    So I’m down here on THIS blog entry, suggesting that you remove every post after the first one a person posts – and I don’t care what it may be that they wish to correct from what they said earlier, or what someone said back to them.

    I bet you could even code it to make it so each person could put only one post per blog entry.

    Bad enough that we have this arbitrary limit on speech – making it certain that only those who keep one eye on the blog at all times get in first on the hotter topics. I didn’t have anything to say on that VAT entry, but I bet lots of other people would have liked to comment!

    Please don’t let people use up 3, 4 and more comments by themselves. This has been going on way too long now.


  96. U M says:

    Frankly speaking at times i see way more then 100 post. It all depends pn the linden runnin his/her posting is all.

  97. Astarte says:

    Well it looks like I missed all the fun this week. Shame 😦 but at least I’m 🙂 happy. I have been playing elsewhere, cos I had got so sick of all the screwups, lag and crashing; and I have been having much more fun. Someone send me a shout when all is smooth again and I might consider returning. !!!!

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