[Resolved] Delayed inworld payment processing

[Resolved 10/3/0 3:45pm PST]
The stipend payment process has now completed and the directory fees have begun processing.  Actually, by the time I wrote that, the directory listing fees were already complete.  Thanks for your patience as we got those processes completed.

[Update 10/3/07 9:15am PST]
Group balances have now paid out, but the stipends have only completed about 70%. As soon as the stipends finish up, the directory fees will begin processing. We’re sorry for the continued delay, but hope everything will wrap up soon. I’ll update when stipends finish and then again when directory fees do.

Good afternoon everyone. It appears that group payouts have not been paid for the past few days, directory listing fees haven’t been charged, and stipends haven’t paid out yet today. We have begun the stipend payout processing now, which will be followed by the directory listing fees. The group balances will begin paying out tomorrow at the regular time. We are working to discover the root cause of these delays and apologize for the inconvenience.

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