New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.3 Viewer Available Today!

Happy Monday!

After spending several weeks as a Release Candidate viewer, we are pleased to make the Second Life 1.18.3 Viewer available the primary download today. With your help reporting issues in the Issue Tracker and through public bug triages, we were able to find and fix bugs along the way. Thanks to this great participation from Residents, we have a high degree of confidence in the stability of this viewer. Thanks to everyone who took the time to evaluate the Release Candidate viewer!

There are a few known issues that we are working on:

  • Sculpted prims with alpha in the sculpted texture are invisible
  • The command line option “-drop” does not work on Linux or OSX clients.
  • VWR-2268: Role Description causes Apply Changes, Ignore Changes, Cancel alert even if you don’t have rights to change
  • VWR-2551: Error in macview.xcodeproj — invalid dependencies
  • VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless
  • VWR-2552: Telehub gui very broken in RC

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to 1.18.3.

Keep an eye on the Test Software page as we move on to the next Release Candidate viewer (1.18.4) soon!


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150 Responses to New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.3 Viewer Available Today!

  1. This viewer is not yet available on the Source downloads page.

  2. Thrace Vega says:

    I’m none-too-pleased to announce that the new viewer had no discernible effect whatsoever on the fact that I crash every two or so minutes ever since the last grid maintenance. Good Game, LL.

  3. Sweetly Blessed says:

    and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to 1.18.3. What???? What do you mean by this and how do we do this?

  4. Threshin Barnett says:

    Groovy. Love that you’re moving it into the main.
    … by the way, about those rolling restarts?

  5. Thraxis says:

    Nikki – It is the same source as the RC- version, and has been available since September 20th

  6. Fenchurch Lane says:

    @3 – Sweetly, don’t get all het up. That’s only when you go to the issue tracker to report a bug.. They just want to be sure which version of the client you’re complaining about.

  7. Hal says:

    What’s the problem with sculpted prims? Almost all of mine have an alpha channel (to hide the map) but none have become invisible. Is this Windoze only (i’m on Mac) – or did i misunderstand the ‘known issue’?

  8. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    What about those rolling restarts? How come you only give us half the story????


  9. Gaib says:

    @2 …..Ya, im with you on that one!….seems like every couple mins i crash sometimes since the last grid upgrade… i know ive restarted mine like 4 times already this morning cuz the whole program just ..poofed..goneeeeeeee….starin at my desktop wallpaper again

  10. Jerr says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the rolling restarts , this place never ceases to amaze me . . . Heads up folks , guess we have rolling restarts in affect . . .

  11. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    Krispy Krap, still a massive memory leak and constant Krashing for meh…

  12. Kristen says:

    This is an optional download, right? Anytime I’ve downloaded an upgrade, SL always seems to run worse, so I’m trying to stay away from things that aren’t mandatory.

  13. Cheesemuncher Chickenwing says:

    Look at top left of this screen ‘NOTICES’ (second life planned outages). it gives info about the rolling restarts. it will be from 19.30 – 23.00 for whats its worth.

  14. Alicia Mounier says:

    I’m getting that right click edit crash on this viewer. Anyone else?

  15. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Who the @#$% is running this game????

    We have random rolling restarts,massive memory leaks, and the new viewer has more errors than the last viewer and ABSOLUTELY no benefits.


  16. Dovic Battery says:

    remembers when a rolling restart refered to the act of pushing your old car down a hill and jumping in and bump starting it.. worked some of the times anyhoo.

  17. Kristen says:

    LOL @13

    Thank you hun, that’s ALL I needed to know. 😉

  18. Chrysala Desideri says:

    the rolling restarts were mentioned on the blog before the weekend… for once that something’s not a surprise, let’s not jump on them as if it were!

    that said i been using it as RC for a bit to get to the objectdetails thing in script.. and it does crash a lot. and for like no reason.

  19. Alicia Mounier says:

    Also I just tried hitting build then left clicking the item to edit it and still got crashed. Lol, is the rolling restarts going to fix that? Anyone have a link to the last viewer? They really should keep that in memory there on the site so if there is a prob then we can always revert back.

  20. JetZep Zabelin says:

    /me puts da seatbelt on =)

  21. Karyn says:

    Like any thing on a computer, there’s always the nasty bugs. I think Windoze has more updates then SL. 🙂

  22. Alicia Mounier says:

    Here is a link to one of the older viewers hope this helps. Life 1-18-2-1 Setup.exe

  23. Loniki Loudon says:

    Ok, first off you don’t mention anything about the grid. The Grid Status button says the grid is down and to see the blog for details. In actually I was able to log on but was stuck at a hobo village by change and could not TP out. While I thought it was fitting, the hobo village and the inability to TP home, I kinda expected to see some form of information about this in the blog.

    I did happen to be working at the time and don’t remember reading about downtime today. You are not the only people who work in SL so it would be nice if you kept us informed.

    In actuality we are renting server space so I don’t think its asking too much that you keep us informed when that server space is not going to be available. You score terrible grades in this area and you really need to work on that.

  24. Funk Schnook says:

    Can you clarify:
    “Sculpted prims with alpha in the sculpted texture are invisible” (where is the jira link?)

    I almost had a damn heart attack because my sculpted items use a black alpha channel to hide the map from the “object” tab.

    I thought my sculpties were about to become invisible in world!

  25. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @7: Setting the texture to alpha doesn’t keep people from getting the sculpt map. Setting the prim to “no mod” doesn’t keep people from getting the sculpt map. You can’t keep people from getting the sculpt map.

    @12: the new viewer significantly improves sculpties, snapshots don’t all get named “snapshot”, there’s a number of inventory improvements, you can invite people to groups from the pie menu, there’s boatloads of other improvements in the RCs but these are just the ones I particularly notice.

    If you want to make new versions better, use the release candidates before they get released.

  26. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    uh they posted like 3 days ago they would be doing a rolling restart i think 3 days notice is very nice indeed. Not their fault people dont read notices

  27. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @Lindens… I hope the fact that the grid being down hasn’t been announced just means that it’s going to be up Real Soon. 🙂

  28. Indigo says:

    I can understand the need for these rolling restarts. However there’s no ‘working’ status to indicate what’s going on during them, nor any estimated down time noted of when they think each region will be down for. Refer to the SERVICE STATUS which states (and has continued to show for some time) “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.” That’s not very helpful. And, the yahoo calendar seems lacking current information as it states more details would be provided closer to launch date, but non were. This whole quality measurement project the Lindens have been working on really seems to be a work in progress. Hopeful that better quality measurements will be implemented in the near future. 🙂

  29. Zorena says:

    I’m wondering if LL thought out the impact of making sculpts with alphas invisible as a majority of released sculpts use that method for protection.

  30. Grid Borked says:

    Seems to work out great so far…Grid is totally borked, error messages all over the place…Now i cannot even log on anymore

    Think I´ll watch telly then
    Great job (again)

  31. Lily says:

    It’s awful at the moment. And once logged out… terrible logging back in. All tiny people, looking like newbies, no tp’s etc… just awful

  32. Nivaya Barbosa says:

    @ 3

    You only need to do that if you (heaven forbid there be ISSUES with a viewer :o!) need to report an issue, it’s not an in-game thing.

  33. Silkie says:

    New viewer release with known bug to fix bugs. Sounds pretty dam stupid to me. If it has known bugs, then I would guess it has lots and lots of unknown bugs. Maybe we should get exterminators in or at least make a concerted effort to stomp on all the bugs instead of letting them slide and adding more every release. Really, put some effort into making things stable and a bit less laggy instead of hitting us with new and unkown and known problems.

  34. Spritely Pixel says:

    several things, i am having sims not come up after restart. And i cannot get into the support web site

  35. Sascha says:

    Hmm looks like that the rolling restart killed also the asset servers for textures.

  36. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    I havent seen where the grid is down, but had a nasty time logging in after the rolling restart.

    I still contend that any bug that crashes the client every twenty mins or so deserves immediate attention. Lay off the ‘improvements’ until the client is stable!


  37. Lotus Stradling says:

    I hear about the rolling restarts just and logged out rather than TP elsewhere, when i return it seems it was a rollback as my scripts that i was working on are now gone.

    I’m wounded once again!

    Was it a Rolling-Restart/Rollback?

  38. Rhi says:

    Oh Joy.

    I download the new viewer, Then i can’t tp, And now i cannot even log back on

  39. Dekka Raymaker says:

    So far this doesn’t seem to be a particularly good update for me, my experience with versions 1.18.3.+ to date has been disappointing, all previous versions to 1.18.3 where so smooth, no crashing, hardly any lag, god help players with lesser systems. Maybe if you removed the VAT, I’d like it better.

  40. Hal says:

    @21 I didn’t ask any of that, if u didn’t know the answer to the question why answer it?

    Jeez, If LL can’t deliver all the bugs they promised I may seriously have to consider withholding VAT from future payments.

  41. Quantum says:

    Anyone else having a login problem since installing this latest viewer?

  42. Drako Nagorski says:

    when will the friends online page be fixed? its been “temporarily offline” for a few days now…

  43. Brett Finsbury says:

    Something isnt right. After I downloaded the update I cannot log on and windows vista is giving me a compatiblity problem message see secondlife.exe. Prior to this Things were fine on my end. I hope uninstalling this and reinstalling the old one works.
    Teach me to jump in without testing the water.

  44. Dekka Raymaker says:

    What’s that? under the Service Status heading on this page “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.” is it an in joke?

    Actually, I don’t want the VAT removed, all I ask is that everyone around the world has the same fee tariff irrespective of any countries regulations, ie you say a island costs $1650 US an that’s what it should cost, no extras.

  45. Lyla says:

    @28 Yes, I cannot log in as well, stays at the login page forever and then says Log in failed

  46. Quantum says:

    Good week in Second Life – yes
    1st VAT is added with 1-days notice (in my case) and now the update kills my login so I cannot access the service that is costing me 20% more than it was three days ago…

    Ah well, while I am waiting I will read up on Google sketch and their upcoming virtual world…


  47. Ursa Henley says:

    i cant even log on and havent done the update, apparently your damned if you do damned if you dont which is a LL staple nowadays

  48. Sindy says:

    I cant login to sl ?!?!?

  49. Ada says:

    Oh my .. when are log ins going to work again?

  50. Mimi says:

    @21 “Setting the texture to alpha doesn’t keep people from getting the sculpt map. Setting the prim to “no mod” doesn’t keep people from getting the sculpt map. You can’t keep people from getting the sculpt map”

    nothing is 100% safe but making the sculpt textures invisible *does* stop 99% of the residents to copy your sculpt textures. most people who steal and sell sculpt textures are noobs who print screened them so 99% security is always better than none at all

  51. Lotus Stradling says:

    I cant download the update and cant log on, and i lost my scripts.
    All you worried about 20%VAT try working 20% faster to make it up (if you can log on)

  52. Quantum says:

    Something is going on – logged in numbers are dropping faster than LL bombshells

    Come on Lindens – update us!


  53. Minako Yoshiyuki says:

    yeah I can’t log in either =/ good going

  54. Crimson Dagger says:

    LOL @ #10

    More crashes….more lag….lovely, just lovely…..hope it isn’t gonna take 3 days to have the twins I’m pregnant with in SL….(shakes her head)

  55. Lucifer Baphomet says:

    Totally unable to log in with the new viewer.

    Despite our best efforts .. etc etc etc..

    Is the privious viewer still available for download??

  56. Quantum says:

    Ah okay – the new style rolling start is under way – see the latest blog folks

  57. Olivia says:

    It seems LL has huge problem. I am still logged in, and when I look at the map is a MESS!!!

    Whole regions are offline.

    Way to go LL (NOT!)

  58. Sascha says:

    Hmm i see my friend ruthed and completely grey and she me too, the log says:
    2007-10-01T20:03:26Z WARNING: LLVOAvatar::processAvatarAppearance: AvatarAppearance msg received without any parameters, object: xxxx.

    Is this a new feature?

  59. Hevenz Vansant says:

    Despite our efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong, we’re not sure what the problem is, but we plan to still charge you $9.95 a month for your membership and your $75.00 for tier payments, we apoligize for this error and as soon as we’re back from lunch and vacation in the Bahamas we’ll address this issue for you, until then, please call the support center where you’ll be greeted by people from the UK who have attitudes and cancel your account for filing a complaint, thank you for playing Second Life as featured on where our glowing report has made us famous.

  60. Lotus Stradling says:


  61. Loniki Loudon says:

    Well I see I am not going to get my work done with this unannounced and unexpected service outage.

    I would suggest Linden Labs get a little more professional in how you operate this “platform”. You still treat it as a game where we should expect no reliability at all from the server space we rent. Forget about me, I’m just a small business but think about the IBMs and the other bigwigs you are trying to attract to this “platform”.

    To a lot of people this is not a game. Sure it may not be all work and no play, but this is not a game. This is suppose to be a professional platform, the next internet.

  62. Georgette Whitfield says:

    I cannot buy L$ in world or on the website. Others I know are also having this problem. Could the blog be updated accordingly, please, if this issue isn’t going to be fixed soon (I’ve been trying for the last 3 hours).

  63. Sindy says:

    What is this ? SL is down since 10 minutes. Iny my Inc we are restart all pc´s (over 1000) in 5 minutes with new updates

  64. Luciftias says:


    Very funny comment. Thanks for making me smile.

  65. Quantum says:

    Someday we will all look back and laugh at the unstable nature of virtual worlds…and think back to the comapny that bought the world the technology but failed to play fairly with the denziens.

    Maybe it is that LL can no longer afford to cover the VAT charges for half its citizens – in which case how safe is our land investments?

    NEWS just logged into Rollo sim OK


  66. Minako Yoshiyuki says:

    Logged in eventually and whoop de do, none of my attachments will work

  67. Nattefrost Saiman says:

    Well, isn’t this peachy. I didnt know rolling restarts meant total lack of operation. Why not just close the grid while you figure things out?

    oh yeah..i forgot…this is earth, where logic doesnt apply…ever.


    PS- Fix that blasted ‘recent items’ bug. I have items in that category that i got in MAY.

  68. Bobo Decosta says:

    OMG they do it again. I try to login, can’t login, look at the blog, no mention of maintenance, back to trying to log in, failed again, read the comments and remember an announce maintenance!

    Why do i have to be informed in the comments about a maintenance? Or is it just me that forgets after a few days what was posted here?

  69. Ann Otoole says:

    @46 – the blog shows the rolling restart is underway and it clearly states there will be problems logging in.

    Best bet is to go rl for a few hours till the grid is no longer in a state of massive flux. restock the bar & kegs, load up on munchies, etc.

  70. SL Player™ says:

    Work on those sim crossing will ya?! There shouldn’t be any reason why we can’t have a smooth transition. I can see a little hiccup fine.
    I’m so tired of walking/flying/driving off into oblivion to total disconnection even when I’m careful!

  71. Lotus Stradling says:

    I’m not blind but where is the new viewer download link?
    if i’ve already clicked it, nothing happens 😦 and still cant log in with my current viewer!

  72. Lotus Stradling says:

    @51 well said…

  73. Lotus Stradling says:

    New Viewer: Second Life 1.18.3 Viewer Available Today!


  74. Lotus Stradling says:

    An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.

  75. Doris Haller says:

    Although I`m logged in (with the old viewer… very laggy (again)… 2 – 6 fps…),
    the status page says the grid is down and that I would find information in the blog.
    Looking in the blog: Nothing about the status of the grid, nothing about the status of the rolling restart.

    But there is a new viewer for download. I can’t find the link for it.

    This is very confusing for me…are you having a party or something?

  76. Bobo Decosta says:

    @47 my fault, the RSS feed was not updated correctly

  77. shugar whiteberry says:

    ummmm how boring. i cant log in. thank god i dont pay for this rubbish. why would anyone wanna pay? are you all mad?

  78. Shiva Aabye says:

    @41, 46

    Loniki, Bobo, it was announced on Sept. 28th IIRC, but they just updated the entry and deleted the original posting date (what I find is a little bit confusing, since you can’t find the announcement in the history in calendrical order).

    And it is also on the “Planned Outage” calendar in google:

  79. Jakyl Lightfoot says:

    FOR ALL YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM NOT ANNOUNCING THIS, IF YOU ACTUALL TOOK A MINUTE TO READ THE SECOND LIFE PLANNED OUTTAGES CALENDER LINK AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN LAST WEEK!! OMG… PAY ATTENTION PLEASE! and of course there will be issues during a rolling restart, deal with it, this is a constantly changing system *SL* and there will always be bugs *different and the same* it’s something we have to deal with people! THINK ABOUT IT! and sorry for the ranting… the moaning about everything being wrong sort of gets old you know? They will be fixed eventually ^^ 😛

  80. Jakyl Lightfoot says:

    eep! spelling error… meant to be ACTUALLY =^.^=

  81. Joe Silverstar says:

    What ever happened to WindLight? Did you guys just decide to forget about it and not tell us? Because i remember you announced it wayyyyyy before Voice was ever announced and voice has been around for a bout 3-4 months now.

  82. Ann Otoole says:

    I do hope they turn the asset service back on.
    having no inventory at all is pretty bad.
    oh wait.. it did manage to fetch 10 items lol…

    so why does a rolling restart kill the asset service anyway?

  83. Lotus Stradling says:

    Where can i get this new viewer, i’m sure i asked earlier :/

  84. angela says:

    kk ….Login Fail …. good i’ll see my new DVD ……cu later metaverso

  85. JJValero Writer says:

    This 1.183 it is the same that 1.18.3.RELEASE_CANDIDATE ?

  86. honeydripper says:

    Well i dl’d the newest version and have crashed during logon three times…was ruthed with no way of fixing it twice (plus no inventory loading)….can i ask if anything got fixed or did more just break?
    Have to wonder what tier money is actully going towards

  87. jenn luke says:

    well done lindens.

    cant rez objects etc etc since rolling restart….ive yourself a big pat on the back

  88. Melanie Milland says:

    Now, will 1.18.4 finally bring the separate friends list and “Friends” button back?
    Will it finally remove the superfluous, space-wasting extra chat entry line from chat history, when it is undocked?
    Will it finally include all the improvements that Nicholaz has already?
    Will the memory leaks that the open source community has already found finally be plugged then?


  89. starhunter Gall says:

    And I downloaded and ran this version, now i Crash on log in, I am now blocked from SL waiting for response to my email .

  90. Sarah Aldwych says:

    so….this version isnt even working yet and you are announcing the next one already?
    After 3 months of unbelievable computer problems, I was so looking forward to returning to SL today…..and here it is, same as ever…not working.

    Seriously, we all love SL….we complain because we want it to work.

    An AV said to Linden Labs< “Sirs we exist!”
    “However,” replied Linden Labs, “that fact has created in us no sense of obligation.”

    (with apologies to Stephen Crane)

  91. Loniki Loudon says:

    The grid status button link pointed to this blog. The calender states only a rolling restart. Not only was there extended down time but now SL is broken once again. Every time there is a hint of stability it is fleeting.

    And 53, while you are entitled to your opinion keep in mind;
    1) No one was talking to you.
    2) Its debatable if they care what you have to say, that goes for my comments too.
    3) I stand by everything I say no matter who disagrees, even you.

  92. wernerl Coppola says:

    Thank you very much, Linden. It´s rather impossible to log in with this new version. If it finally works, half of my inventory is gone, e.g. I landed naked somewhere and have no clothes in inventory anymore. Furthermore, it´s hardly impossible to build anything.

    Linden, what are you doing to us ? First, you increase the prices by 19% without any prior notice – and legally dubiously – and then, you prevent me from doing my business. That´s more than a shame. It´s time that Google (or others) finish their 3D-world. Your incompetence eat my money every day.


  93. Ann Otoole says:

    asset service still broken. best fix it before you have 49,000 support tickets opened over total inventory loss.

  94. I’m sad. The new update killed me last week. I havent been able to login since last wednesday. I did all these things to make sl work. nothing happens. This new client was available last week. I used it and still “despite our best efforts something has gone wrong”. I miss my husband. I miss my friends and i had a job. One week out of sl i like 6months.Ive been a member for a year now coming Oct 9th. The money is a small price to pay for joy i have gained but, now as my second year approaches i too wonder , should i renew? Not a griper but a lover who is locked out. HELP!!!!!!

  95. Angelica Seaton says:

    Ooops. Had a one minute warning for the restart and still got logged off. Now I keep getting login failed trying to re-access. I’m in the middle of a build Lindens…help!

  96. Shiva Aabye says:

    Inventory is working for me now (after it didn’t for some minutes). I think I have all items in it (I had all the time, but couldn’t open or rez something), but I’m still on 1.18.2. What’s about you who updated? An issue with the viewer?, or is it that the update flushed the cache and thousands of ppl trying to download their inv from asset server simultaneously as we experienced a few months ago?

  97. Lasher Oh says:

    Oh first dear rolling restart and then I made the big mistake of upgrading. Now I’m locked out with my main alt and my other couple have no inventory…my question is this? What’s the point of all those release candidates and testing if when the a ‘latest version” is released it causes more problems than seemed to exist before. Wondering if I’ll every get my avatar back in the grid and if so will it
    be in time to pay my rent which is due, before all my prims are parceled up and returned to me.

    *sigh* I’ve heard of a great new game…. “1st Life” has a 3D interface with voice chat too great sky effects land you dont sink into lag free and generally runs pretty smoothly. looks like I’m going to have to get it if 2nd Life don’t get their act together.

  98. Ann Otoole says:

    Now all i get is a message that says “Login Failed”. wtf is up with this?

  99. Lagerstone Graff says:

    Hopefully Constructive Suggestion:

    If you put links to the download pages in the New Viewer announcements, it will save a few steps for the users.

  100. Autumn Palen says:

    Been getting the “Login Failed” message for the past hour :/

  101. Anonymous says:

    The end is neigh….
    Bring out your dead…

  102. Matheus Gleeson says:

    VAT? I don’t personally understand why LL has to charge the EU’s for it, being an American-based company. Maybe there is a legal reason for it. I know the US residents won’t be charged a sales tax, VAT, or whatever, because SL is a “Service.” Services don’t get taxed. And sales tax doesn’t get charged across state lines, let alone out of the country! I do feel for those of you who are being charged an additional 20% (more or less). Some questions, though. Do other non-EU based services charge you VAT? Did you never consider that it might be required here, too? Well, I might not have thought of it, myself, in your situation…

    Surpised by the rolling restart? It was originally supposed to happen on Thurs, then on Friday they announced it would happen on Monday. It was on the login screen under “News & announcements from” Sometimes it pays to take a moment before logging in to check the blog posts.

    I am a little suprised at not being able to login now, however. It’s irritating. It costs. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the servers on which our Avatars are stored are also under a rolling restart.

    Hopefully, once the rolling restart is complete, the main “bugs” mentioned on this blog will settle down.

  103. Cammi Hudson says:

    Two Words: Login Failed

  104. Koroz Kline says:

    sorry….but stuff the viewer…. your rolling restart has just lost me a load of rezzed furniture………. TYVM!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Ann Otoole says:

    yea and the support team knows about the login failures yet they don’t bother to post a blog announcement about it do they? not even an acknowledgment to let thousands of people know there is an issue being worked. typical.

  106. BlackHeart000 Korobase says:

    Ok, Im not happy about the new upgrade mainly for 1 reason… that reason being I CANT LOG IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I expect to download somthing that WORKS!!! not make things worse then they already are!And id like to get back on secondlife somtime this Month!

  107. archie lukas says:

    Tota;;y inable to login after the rolling re-start and some jerk from Dreamland tells me I owe 3000$ plus for land that I vave never bought or needed. WTF

    ……and…….. I can’t log-in to issue a help request from Linden labs
    the UK has NO phone support…..and……. its impossible for basic accounts to issue help suppoirt tickets from the website.

    Well bugger me and heres the Linden the message in plain non-yankee speak:

    Don’t call us and we won’t call you mate – Goodbye

  108. Rex Cronon says:

    I am using the RC 1.18.3(5), and I can login without a problem.

  109. Ann Otoole says:

    i’m using the same RC client and cannot log in.

  110. BlackHeart000 Korobase says:

    Im using damn 1.18.3(5) and i cant log in at all, Kinda stupid

  111. Ann Otoole says:

    reinstalled rc 1.18.3(5)
    logged in my alt
    had to accept TOS
    made it in
    now my main account can log in.


  112. BlackHeart000 Korobase says:

    if anyones having problems with 1.18.3(5) post it on the blog cause LL will ignore us untill they get like 9000 complaints…

  113. BlackHeart000 Korobase says:

    Wow… ya, Ok if your having the problem were you get “Login Failed” Make a Alt account if you dont got one, accept the TOS and what not then it will work on that…. then log out of that and log into your actual account and it works… Funny the things you learn… DONT FORGET TO DE-ACTIVATE THE ALTERNATE ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!

  114. Bayou Miles says:

    Hey, I’m just happy that they finally put a MINIMIZE on the Inventory window!

  115. Rascal Ratelle says:

    The Following issues have NOT been addressed:

    Friends list not updating/broken,
    Constant Crashes.
    memory leaks,

  116. U M says:

    Accepting TOS is always a normal happening when loging in to SL.

  117. Ian Banach says:

    The Following issues have NOT been addressed: “VAT”

    LL, assume your own fault, pay yourself the VAT if your like, or levae UK, but in anycase restore prevoious prices. If you want pay VAT you must include it in price we sign in agreement. You have a very serious risk of thousands of EU customers leave SL. Have you thought in fee paying with L$, not in US$?

  118. Jakyl Lightfoot says:

    @ 77, the friend’s list has been broken ever since I started… that was a year ago..

  119. Me says:

    … and it seems like ghost prims are back, haven’t had any for a while but just happened again after the rolling restart when trying to take a no copy item back to my inventory…

    So I’m actually paying more money (due to the VAT thing) for less prims and even more lost inventory?

    Who knows when the ghost prims will be cleared from my land, and that 450LS item is lost forever.

    Thank you for a great SL Monday…

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  121. Callysta Catteneo says:

    How come I get massive lag, constant crashes and no option to download the latest viewer?

  122. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    Right, big improvement – I was up say about 15 Secs before the first crash on the new viewer – real big improvement, right.

  123. Ron Crimson says:

    Works great for me.

    Just what the hell is wrong with everyone?

    Am I the only one who never has any trouble (other than known quirks that can be worked around)?

    Updated, logged in straight away, no crash since, still in SL as I type this. My inventory and all my recent builds are in beautiful shape as well.

    I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    You people have GOT to be doing something wrong yourselves.

  124. robert says:

    i cant believe people in europe expect to buy things here, without paying thier government taxes.

    what scammers most residents are… shut up and deal with the awsomeness that is sl

    dont like it? make your own freakin virtual world so you can blame yourself for your crashes, cuss yourself out, and go to jail when you dont charge your users tax in addition to price.

  125. Lincoln Lightfoot says:

    The sound of a new SL release – crash, crash, crash

  126. Elliott Eldrich says:

    I have products I’ve created and sold that now do not rez properly because pieces are missing from the database. I have an island with one house I’ve placed for a tenant where sections keep disappearing and re-locating to 0,0,0 on the island. I have a tenant who is for some mysterious reason unable to teleport to their home on one of my islands. Honestly, I’m approaching the end of my rope here. I’ve been supportive of LL for over a year now, but multiple factors are beginning to make me question the wisdom of trying to make a business work in SL. If things do not improve soon, I’m going to have to do some serious re-evaluation of my plans for SL.

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  128. kotivalo hirvi says:

    I wish island owners could set their own horizon, for example for mountains and strange huge/gigantic alien spacecraft. One use might be to set up (in virtual world terms of course) a 20 kilometer high screen, where stock footage of nuclear tests could be shown, in an “nuclear test island”, and alternate sun in the center of blast.

  129. Kira says:

    so far so good with this new release heck i havent even had prim butt today, few problems earlier just after the rolling restart but everything seems to have cleard up. of course i really havent gotten out to where there is alot of people, So tomoorw will be the test. Thanks LL

    * prays prim butt is gone*

  130. Abigail Merlin says:

    @86, you can set your own horizon, just put prim walls around your island with the texture you want.
    Sure it eats up prims but hey got to use the 15000 prims an island suports for something right 🙂

  131. U M says:

    Seems like slowy things are coming back online. Good luck monkeys……

    U sagi M usashi

  132. WB says:

    Well is it a wonder nothing works with linden not even support will be answerd

  133. Tegg B says:

    All working fine, knew about the restarts last week, logging in 2 accounts, 2 different versions of SL, rezzing & buying stuff, downloading music, surfing Ebay, the Forums and checking Email all at once from the opposite side of the planet no problems, but you just keep believing SL is down if you like, 30,000 other people in here will disagree with you. I pay for this, but you don’t have a right to complain about something you don’t put anything into 😛

  134. U M says:

    looks pretty clear at the moment 1:15 am PDT ( game time )

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  136. Re Fund says:

    Oh Great, as you are now willing to obay European law…can we now expect 24h in refunded tier, premium fee & classifieds? Great stuff, thank you

  137. yelgerzzz says:

    Why announcing a new viewer release available if it’s not on the download page even one day later?

  138. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 83 Ron Crimson

    It could be that my normal experience compared to yours is far better, and that what you consider normal service, is dire for me?

  139. Raul Crimson says:

    I have a curiosity. The grid outage has some relation with the upgrade? From a long time ago i feel like everytime LL tries to have a better client the servers have BIG problems.
    Don’t want to think what will happen when Havoc 4 will arrive to the Main Grid or when Windlight will be implemented permanently.
    I don’t want to look too pessimistic but…

  140. Westly Barthelmess says:

    WoW you know there is nothing like sl. Its like the last place on earth for free expression, Free Speech, free to do as you choose and portray yourself as you wish. With all this Awesome abliity to talk to people around the world real time. A technology still in its toddler stage. What an amazing time to be alive. OO NO Wait I had to sit still and wait a whole minute. Yes this is reason to complain. IF Linden Labs was not working overtime to buid a better back bone. To improve the chance for Freedom to continue. Okay whine. But they are. So lindens Thanks for the chance to meet people I would have never met. And Thanks for upgrading the service. Peace is found not beyond your own soul. Westly Barthelmess

  141. Abdiel Nimbus says:

    I logged in yesterday, my first login after months. Sad to see, that nothing has really changed, besides the users online have doubled. Try to rezz something…missing from database. Blog comments still limited to 100 slots, which are of course filled very quickly. Of course there is no real discussion on important things, like VAT, on the forums instead.
    Still got the feeling nobody really cares at LL. Along with this VAT thingy, that was just too much for me and that made me cash out yesterday. Preparing to sell my parcels and downgrade to basic.
    The idea of SL is still so great, a shame what happens to it. 😦

    And the VAT thingy is going to cause you some headaches!
    Smells illegally in some ways you introduced it, and i guess having an office in EU makes you a target for EU lawyers.

    Good luck!

  142. Danica C says:

    The feature I want, which does not appear to be in this version, is to get rid of the Communicate button and go back to the way it was before.

    I don’t mind Groups and Friends on the same window as I like both in Portrait orientation. However, Chat and IMs need to be separated as I like that window in Landscape orientation, with minimal borders to waste screen space.

    I understand that some people like the new Communicate button, so a menu option or command line option to switch between the two would be best.

  143. Adianna says:

    I’m not sure what happened yesterday but all of a sudden my screen went black and then came back on in full screen… everything was huge… I hate it.. Can I fix it and how?

  144. Ron Crimson says:

    Dekka @ 92:

    Oh, now your experience is better than mine? Bit of an inconsistency problem here, no? 😛 Perhaps you didn’t read my comment carefully enough – I’m not having any problems of the kind everyone’s complaining about. To suggest that I don’t set my standards high enough is so ridiculous it’s almost funny. Heh 😛

  145. Cappy Frantisek says:

    “Thanks to this great participation from Residents, we have a high degree of confidence in the stability of this viewer.”

    Are they kidding, known bugs but we release it anyway? I’m sticking with my original plan, real life is way better than second life. No crashes!

  146. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    @94 “Its like the last place on earth for free expression, Free Speech, free to do as you choose and portray yourself as you wish.”

    LOL !!!

    Well that was sure a long time ago…

    Free speech… well as long as you don’t say something that annoys a Linden.

    Free to do as you choose… NOT! You are quite restricted in the so called freedome with the latest additions in TOS, gambling ban, IDV-requests for all Mature things…

    Portrait yourself… NOT! Switch gender, get a young avie, be someting nasty, be banned…

    Not that there has to be some kind of order in the world, but full freedom does not exist. Face the facts… “LL’s world, LL’s imagination”, and we only pays to use that… Now even 25% more than before.

    /me is pissed off on the total ignorance of the users.

    “Thank you for your patience” BAH! What about something like “We are truly sorry for the inconvenience we are causing you”? The day when goats milk whisky for sure…

  147. Nad Gough says:

    To suggest that because you have no problems if anyone else does it must be on their end is short sighted at best. (no flame intended – jsut an observation). There are many variables involved. Your set of variables, cpu, os, memory, video, connection, to list just a few) may be a ok combination. It is certain it is not the same configuration as tens of thousands as others. Try not to squelch people’s expressions even if you do not share the view expressed, k? It uses up valuable and limited blog response space. Thanks!

  148. Grid Borked says:

    What happens now. Restart at liebesnest again? I can now tp back in while the map shows an offline status? What is happening again?

  149. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ Ron Crimson

    Apologises for my comment appearing to be personal, it wasn’t so intended. My experience up until 1.18.3.+ version was so sweet, no crashes (well very very few) hardly ever any lag, I could fly smooth, land on a spot within a few centimeters (but maybe my age is affecting that ability now) I could even drag textures straight from my inventory on to the side of prim. Not now.

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