[REMEDIATED] Web Site and Splash Screen Slowdowns

[1:42 p.m. PDT]
…and, the gremlin has been tracked to the Friends Online feature, where it still lurks, snarling and hissing. Secondlife.com’s other Web services and the HTML splash screen on the client login page are performing normally now, but Friends Online will remain unavailable until the engineers can debug its performance.

We’ll post separately on this issue, as soon as we’re able to offer significant status updates or announce resolution.

Note: this means we will not be posting hourly updates; only significant status changes and resolution.

[1:00 PM PDT]

The Web Team is still on the trail of this gremlin.

[11:43 a.m. PDT]

Work continues on this; no new info this time.

[10:46 a.m. PDT]

We are still in the process of debugging the issues with the website.
We’ll keep you updated.

[9:38 a.m. PDT]

A change of strategies: forum access stays up; Friends Online may be interrupted repeatedly during the debugging effort.

[9:31 a.m. PDT]

The Web Team is beginning to disable less-critical services on the Website as part of their troubleshooting efforts. In particular, forum access may be interrupted more than once until this is resolved.

We’ll keep you updated.

[8:36 a.m. PDT]

A number of residents are experiencing slowdowns or 503 errors (“Service Unavailable”) when attempting to surf to secondlife.com. Similar slowdowns and errors are appearing on the HTML panel which comprises the upper portion of the Second Life login screen. Our engineers are working to diagnose and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The login process itself is not currently impacted by the slowdown.

We’ll keep you posted as we work this issue out.

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