Planned Service Outage – COMPLETE

As mentioned previously, there will be a scheduled service outage for Second Life today at 6am Pacific (13:00 GMT). The duration is expected to be 2 hours. This will be followed later in the day by a rolling restart to update the code for all regions.

No new viewer will be required following the update.

(The beta grid will remain closed during the outage; we should have updated beta grid status within a few days.)

[Update @ 7:15am] The update went well, we’re finishing up testing before re-enabling logins.

[Update @ 7:26am] We’re done and open! See the next blog posting for status regarding support and auction logins on the web site.

[Update @ 1:50pm] The rolling restart may be delayed until tomorrow. A process that is responsible for distributing the code to all of the machines that make up Second Life apparently didn’t complete last night, and this needs to happen before the rolling restart. This process is under way now, but may take several hours.

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165 Responses to Planned Service Outage – COMPLETE

  1. Juliet Ceres says:

    And as usual it will be more than 2 hours because you constantly fail to estimate the time that’s needed.

  2. Gina Glimmer says:

    YAY! More bug fixes!

  3. Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud says:

    Here’s hoping that this outage goes smoothly, and finishes on time.

  4. Infrared Wind says:

    Oh goodie…these Wednesday downtimes kill me…as since I’m in Asia it’s always the most prime time of the week after work. How about moving the maintenance up 6 or 7 hours (afternoon Linden Lab time) occasionally? =)

    Appreciate the efforts at keeping things going. Sincerely.

  5. Ren Diqui says:

    Much luck with the maintenance, guys.

  6. Gina Glimmer says:

    Stop moaning! Make your time useful and put some of your sl pics on or so!

  7. Melanie Milland says:

    The teleport fixes are the best thing in a long time!

    That is one that bites me all the time!

    As a sim builder, I am often asked to TP to sims not open to the public. Quite frequently, the sim owners forget to add me to the access list or group list, and then I am stuck in teleport for 5+ mins, while they are wondering what’s going on.

    So, good fix, worth 2 hours…!

  8. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Good luck with the deployment.

  9. Olish Yalin says:

    Eeeek… Downtime blues… Please Lindens, bring us back our Second Life quick ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. DanielRavenNest says:

    And as the big red lever gets pulled, the city goes dark ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Bertram Merlin says:

    My life goes on hold for 2 hours… Maybe i wake up
    to Linden have bannet ban lines for the free movment
    sake and fixet that mega bug callet Voice…

    Good wind and hopefully sees again in 2 hours ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Aeris Yue says:

    I was think if you could just turn Sl offline when Im sleeping in my nce lovely bed lol and not during the day when Im up lol (England)

  13. Jonesey Spitteler says:

    Am I wrong in saying that you’ve got the timezones wrong?
    6AM PDT is 2PM GMT, right?

  14. andrew liliehook says:

    Here we go again 2 hours? we’ll see. hope all goes well.

  15. Poppy Vanbrugh says:

    Crosses fingers and hopes this won’t mess something up.

  16. Milo Bellow says:

    im an orhpan
    coz i got no parents
    coz they is dead
    coz i killed em
    coz they was zombies
    coz they got bit
    in missing mile
    i kill zombies
    i like skateboards
    i like uzis
    i am 6

  17. Berry Steinhoff says:

    @10. Summer Time discrepency.

  18. Ike Indigo says:

    i dont have a problem with the grid being down but please do not give us the run around in 2 hours by constantly putting off the time u put the grid back online

  19. Darling Brody says:

    Where can we get a complete list of the new bugs being installed today?

    Errr I mean the new fixes.


  20. cintia Mannock says:

    And No Beta to play on While the grid is down ??? Ack how could you?

  21. Grey Blankes says:

    I make no complaints when you make an effort to fix something on the backend, hopefully this is a step towards better service which as the recent trends show is making slow improvements over previous catastrophic failures of updates and viewers.

  22. Ex. Ihnen says:

    You could just say the grid will be down for about 4 hours? Because we know it will hmm?
    Then in that case if it only takes 3 hours you’ll be heroes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh the grids down what to do?…

  23. Simba Fuhr says:

    when you guys will fix the recent items tab ?

  24. Jonesey Spitteler says:

    @13 Ah, well all I know is that it’s 6.08 PDT and 2.08 GMT as I’m writing this…

  25. Jocelyn Masala says:

    Stop complaining fellow avatars!!! We all want SL to run better and smoothly but don’t wish to make any sacrficies to make this possible. If Linden Lab needs more than 2 hours, then so be it. They know what needs to be done so that we can enjoy our SL experience. So kick back, be patient and enjoy your Second Life once it is available!!!

  26. andrew liliehook says:

    im going to make a nice cup of tea, and twiddle my fingers for two hours lol.

  27. Aeris Yue says:

    Yeah 14:08 pm ๐Ÿ™‚ Jonesey

  28. Josue Habana says:

    I appreciate that downtime is necessary, but since people from all over the world pay for the service (premium account holders at least) would it not be more fair to alternate the times? Make it US peak time once, then Euro peak time, then Asian and so on…. instead of having it constantly fall in the same period of time.

  29. billyy broek says:

    i could make money now for uploading my pus in boots image for my poofer ๐Ÿ˜›
    ahh well i didnt expect the maintance….
    i nevver do O.o

  30. Vics Pera says:

    well hi hope soon LL fix the BIG BUG thats is making someone rich selling the script for crash client im talking about the dialog spam now used a url flood but also dialog request permission is exploited so should be a good thingh add a mute button in this dialog
    good work LL ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. DD Otoole says:

    Good luck and check everything u can.

    I agree with @8, we need to fix that up a bit.

    Until then, take your time on fixing stuff.

  32. andrew liliehook says:

    billyy dont you read the blogs lol

  33. Berry Steinhoff says:

    @18. Sure. We’re in Summer Time atm, which means in actual fact we’re +1 GMT. Base GMT is 13:10 at time of posting, even tho my PC says 14:10.

    KEEP AT IT ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Aeris Yue says:

    same thing 14:10 pm lol

  36. Branco Merlin says:

    Wow! finaly teleport issues problems will be fixed! =)
    I’m happy for this… and this wait for grid return
    will be more relax… cause teleport issues is
    the most part of my drop’s of metaverse
    Thanks lindens!
    Have a good Work!

  37. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    Please, oh please.

    Fix the “object is missing from database” problem?

    I’ve lost track of how much is “missing”.

  38. SLManiac says:

    lol @ darling ^^

  39. Angel Hall says:

    LOL, woke up 15 mins ago just loging in and grid went down, now i go back to bed and relax my mind , LL happy fixing Residents happy waiting lol

  40. Stephanie Superior says:

    Here’s to hoping it’s only 2 hour black out! I love that kids are off to school, hubby is either sleeping or at work and I have quiet mornings on sl. I need to start planning something else for my wednesday mornings.

  41. Jonesey Spitteler says:

    @24 Hehe… Why cant we all just be in the same timezone? would be much easier lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  42. lucrezia kidd says:

    Pls check about inventories! Since yesterday evening my inventory is empty, I have not, more or less, 2.100 items, no clothings, no skin, no objects, no hairs,no landmarks, no shoes, all lost!!!!!!A lot of lindens lost…. Pls check it! Thank you!!!! Good job!
    Lucrezia Kidd

  43. andrew liliehook says:

    thats too easy lol

  44. Aeris Yue says:

    lol, I think its kinda funny with eveyone having a different times

  45. Janey Vansant says:

    I get home in about three or four hours. I will be genuinely surprised if the grid id back up by then.

  46. Why do you always take beta offline when your doing an update? This is really bad. Beta grid keeps people who want to play SL during main grid updates happy.

  47. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    Easy enough, just switch your RL to SL time. :-))

    For you Brits that’ll mean working nights.

  48. Angel Hall says:

    who can i IM to make all time zones the same mmmm, Looks like i need to send God and Instant message but dont know how long it will tak to get there ๐Ÿ˜›

  49. Anita Koenkamp says:

    Let us all be gratefull for SL , at least they try to get thing better working every week……………..Microsoft does that every month……..for years and still can’t garantee a good and safe use of Windows………..

  50. andrew liliehook says:

    No you would be working nights

  51. Tae Babii says:

    @18 we’re on BST atm which is GMT +1… so they are right lol. i wondered that the other day. so really…

    BST = 14:15
    GMT = 13:15
    PDT = 6:15

    all very confuzzling lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Ianna Robbiani says:

    Down time for “fixes” is important and needed on a routine basis. This prime time for me too. (as I work overnights on the east coast of the US). Off to do some RL activites instead…..:)

  53. j4n ling says:

    Just a side issue with the outage, how long was the beta meant to be out for and when will it come back on line? It would be helpful if we could be directed to a status page lke the main grid.

  54. meliha hax says:


  55. Aeris Yue says:

    Nice if sl was in the uk lol

  56. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    Hey, we grumble, bitch and whine, but lets face it… we’re still here.

  57. Lois Lane says:

    @1 – Jesus, Juliet, take a pill

    Everyone else, its nice to see some positive energy and that people are actually reading the blog to know these things are coming!

  58. Destine Mayako says:

    Good lord… its wednesday already? Wow i must have been having too much fun.

  59. andrew liliehook says:

    i have lots of fun crashing all the time lol

  60. Angel Hall says:

    @35 lol, i said i was gonna go sleep but lol yeah i am still here addicted as ever to blog even sl Rock dosen’t it ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Danna says:

    Finily i can clean my house!!
    Good luck overthere xxxx

  62. Starfighter Tammas says:

    2hours Linden time=4 1/2 +hours….

    PS: SLT is the same as Phoenix Az……and they are right with the time it went down……they will be wrong with the time it goes up…..they always do and most people will not ever notice the fixes/changes….but they will notice how bad their idea of 2 hours is…….Good job for getting the math right SL…..

  63. Tae Babii says:

    i played major crahsing yesterday… relogged/crashed/froze a total of 26 times yesterday o.O

  64. Gypsy Paz says:

    What does this button do?

  65. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    THIS is the single best improvement to the blog page in a while.

    Thank you.

  66. Aeris Yue says:

    Come on 3:00 lol

  67. ok, cool! These two hours will give me time do to something productive…

    …like waiting for SL to come online again.

  68. Stephanie Superior says:

    Just wondering if there is a group for sl’ers on yahoo groups? or a chat room for us? Anyone know? If not then we should create one so that we can share interesting places or the great wonderous things we experience in our sl world.

  69. Diablo Spitteler says:

    I am just wondering, does SL “hate” us from Europa? lol
    Could you try when you shut down the grid, do it on US time zone? Or better mix it, US down then Europa down ect. ;P
    Happy fixing bugs.! ;P

  70. Alora says:

    Please more groups!!!! lmao I know you hear us people out here crying for more groups!!

    Yesterday was the worst SL I have ever had, extreme lag where there usually is NO lag, constant blue drop down/pop up errors for nothing…..Money transaction failed. Request went stale. (I made no request, lol) Server errors, all kinds just coming out of nowhere. Failed rezzes, missing inventory. It was really bad, lol. Hopefully this clears it up a bit.

    Poor Linden Labs……we all complain we want stuff fixed, then we all complai when they close down to fix it. They’re damed if they do, and damed if they don’t, lol. Hopfully it really is only 2 hours though….I guess now I have no excuse for not cleaning my bathroom!! lol Thanks, lol

  71. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Dear brothers and sisters of SL,

    Today, like so many other wednesdays, is a day of fear, agonising anguish, that our beloved SECOND LIFE, will NOT be back online like said in 2 hours time.

    Today, like so many other wednesdays, is a day of fear, agonising anguish, that our beloved SECOND LIFE, will suffer from more buggs and other problems.

    Today, like so many other wednesdays, is a day of fear, agonising anguish, that our beloved SECOND LIFE, will loose again a lot of inventory items for wich, dear brothers and sisters, WE all worked hard to earn the money for.

    So dear brothers and sisters, please join and prey for the sake of our SECOND LIFE.
    That she may ressurect from her ashes like the Phoenix.
    That she may no longer suffer from buggs.
    That she may give us joy and prideness again.

    (1 minute (60seconds) silence)


    PS .. GOD Linden, you in your grandness, i humbly think that it would be smarter …. to do the rolling restart just after and NOT some later today…
    (Lightning strikes… pffff had the chance to avoid them)

  72. Jyne says:

    Well I for one will be happy with the fixes. I can’t tell you how many times I have crashed on login or right after. Very frustrating. And for those of you with an issue with it being your primetime. You have to remember…this is a US based company on the west coast. And this is a game….yes addicting, but life does go on lol. Thanks to those working on the problems.

  73. mikeD Streeter says:

    Heres Hoping they took a peek at Jira! Cant count how many fixes are so easy to do that have been there for month, for example downloading transaction history doesnt download the region probably due to a spelling mistake in region..

    Anyone bored downtime come vote on issues at

    Good Luck Lindens!!

  74. Ghostdog Kohime says:

    damned lol and this on my free day, forgot about the SL maintenance work …. new sl gf from yesterday ………. aarrgghhhhhhhh

    anyhow LINDEN, keep the good work up, just started to read SNOW CRASH ….. think you LINDEN guys now about that one, isnt it ;-)))

  75. Angel Hall says:

    LOL Fellatione Aabye too funny, and yeah AMEN to that lol

  76. Fee Cuddihy says:

    MMM you can’t tell the time !!! It’s NOT 13.00GMT (which would be 1pm)…I am in GMT and its 14.00pm or 2pm GMT that the shutdown has occured…please get your GMT’s right we english might be offended!! ;-P

  77. Midorii Akina says:

    Baaaaahhhh! Darnit! I just woke up, too!

    Hey, try and fix the problems with missing inventory items too, after last weeksn “bug fixes” my boss at Skratch Katz lost half of her textures, and she REALLY needed those.

    And the glitches where avatars get stuck in the ground? yeah. Not cool.

    And the problems with lag, when we go walking and then don’t stop and walk our happy avatar butts into walls and hills and just keep on a’goin’ untill either the lag sorts itself out, or we log out.

    Yeah. *thumbs up* I’ll be back in two hours (at ten am my time) and see if SL is up or not. If not, I’ll go clean the house again, untill say about 3 and THEN see if SL is up again, because it took you guys about that long to fix it last time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everything you’re doing, but.. god.. You’re missing a couple things, and they’re fairly obvious things.

  78. Monk Zymurgy says:

    Will the Beta-Grid come back online today too?..It been out of service for a loong time now. Good luck grid monkees ; – )

  79. Jami Price says:

    good luck with the fixes ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Tomi Watkins says:

    Thanks for shutting down the grid for maintenance.

    Now maybe I can get to do some much needed RL work……lol!!

    Actually, maybe the grid should ONLY be up a certain number of hours a day. That would really help some off us with addictive personalities. (But then again, I guess I would just end up spending the rest of the day waiting for “Grid Time”. No hope for me)!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Linden Labs……..

  81. Sal Salubrius says:

    Please oh please oh please will my shoes stop going up my butt when i tp? Then i will be happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Core Janus says:

    If this deployment finishes on time, so be it. If it doesn’t then it doesn’t, i’ld rather a successfull deployment that takes 3 hours than a botched, hurried attempt that generates more issues.
    Meanwhile, there is plenty to do, make textures, clothing, record annoying sounds, etc.

  83. Alora says:

    @45 lmao!!!! That happened to me yesterday twice!!! lol And my hair was there too! Reaaaal attractive!! lol

  84. Adje Blanco says:

    quote : “Am I wrong in saying that youโ€™ve got the timezones wrong?
    6AM PDT is 2PM GMT, right?”

    it confused me as well

  85. Stephanie Superior says:

    Wow! I haven’t had shoes and other things in butt in a long time now. Thought that was fixed. As far as missing items in inventory, I cleared my cache and relogged, it all came back. If you haven’t tried it please do, it may help you. I’d really like to see a fix for the new items in inventory since that list is almost as long as my main inventory is …

  86. Vics Pera says:

    Vics Pera Says:
    September 26th, 2007 at 6:09 AM PDT

    well hi hope soon LL fix the BIG BUG thats is making someone rich selling the script for crash client im talking about the dialog spam now used a url flood but also dialog request permission is exploited so should be a good thingh add a mute button in this dialog
    good work LL ๐Ÿ™‚
    may have a n answer ? yes no dont know somethingh bla bla bla
    thanks -.-

  87. Markz McMahon says:

    Will the issue with Mac Users crashing/beeing logged out, and having to relog everytime they tp to another sim be solved?

  88. billyy broek says:

    WHOOT i just tg’t of the fackt that:
    they are in SL while the rest of the world is logged off ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    | {} {}|
    [__O_ ]
    __| |__
    / \
    | Lindens |
    | ROCK |
    0 _____ 0
    | /\ |
    | || |
    /09-26-2007 \ ___________________________
    /to: the linden’s\ {sorry if it’s to big for the blog}

  89. billyy broek says:

    whoooot that mized up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  90. Orca Flotta says:

    and now for something completely different:

    How come my providers says I’m on DSL 4096 but my speed in SL is between 0-128kbps, most of the time around 27kbps?????

    Why do I pay all that money for a super speedy internet service when I could play SL with the same speed I had when In was still on DSL 384?????

    Really, what’s up with that? Someone must be to blame. But is it my provider or is it SL?

  91. Bubbly Coakes says:

    Bubbly Coakes pulls up a chair and prepares to spend some time rl reading the latest Terry Pratchett novel, and hopes if she is patient enough those lovely people at LL will fix the recent freezing AND crashing bug that has plagued her SL life. Please Please Pretty Please, also the recent tab if that could work too she knows that the LL god has been listening!!!

  92. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @45 Sal Salubrius

    LOL ever tped and lost all your clothes you were wearing ???
    Hair (from my head) …. on my feet, a shoe (stiletto) up my tender parts …. and naked like a newborn?

    Funnyyyyyy or .. That s SL

  93. Tomi Watkins says:

    Gee…… i thought the shoe thingy only happened to me!

    Also when i went to bed last night in rl, i couldn’t find the balls on my rl bed. They just weren’t there!!!

    Anyone else experience this?

  94. Frida Katscher says:

    Oh Fabulous!!
    I looked at the new planned outages calender
    Oh Joy!
    There are no outages planned for a whole year……………What? ……………….that’s what is says! It must be true, ………Mustn’t it??

  95. Jacquie Sands says:

    Woke up to get my dose and it was down, ah well… maybe i will shock the kid and make him breakfast this morning….lol

  96. Midorii Akina says:

    DUDE! thank you, Sal Salubrius! That’s another thing! I keep losing my hair and clothes whenever I teleport! Which makes it really hard, because I have to stay on Mature rated lots! Sometimes I just wanna kick it with my friends and go shopping, and I go to a PG lot and suddenly I’m naked and bald! XD While at any other time, that’d be funny, but when I’m butt naked around little kids?! Heck no!

  97. Alicia Roeth says:


    Recent tab can be fixed simply buy adjusting the filter in you inventory menu.
    If this means nothing to you make a not of my name and i will run through it with you ingame in 2 hours (fingers crossed)

    And big cheers for the teleport fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. billyy broek says:

    srry it’s ment like this ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    …| {} {}|
    …[__O_ ]
    …__| |__
    ../……… \
    .| Lindens|
    .| ROCK ..|
    ….| /.\ |
    ….| |.| |

  99. Darling Brody says:

    @46, just count yourself lucky you didnt have a banana phone in your hand at the time!

  100. billyy broek says:

    oww why doesnt it work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  101. billyy broek says:

    whooot i am bleeding ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  102. broads Lindbergh says:

    fix the bugs but they cant pay the stipend
    told to wait and see if appeares if banks can pay loads od things at midnight why can linden pay there money to us

  103. Jema Lilliehook says:

    me laugh @45 too…can others see the shoes on my butt?!!! Oh, now i’m dreadfully embarassed. That handsome young man will probably never speak to me again. Waaaaahh

  104. Remus Akina says:

    Umm , the above mentioned minute of silence. Will it be PMT or GMT? Just curious . And will it only be a minute or will there need to be a bit of overtime? Thank you.

  105. Cirra Jarrico says:

    *giggles at the posts* and yes we keep coming back, living it unreal is the best! RE #25 I also get Missing Gesture in database when I log in.. that drives me crazy.. What GESTURE? no AO on.. what in the world is that? Meh I should read the forums more maybe.. guess that is what downtime is for .. mwhahaha.

  106. Epicea Eilde says:

    I hate wednesday!!!

  107. Greta Umarov says:

    The one thing that I wish you would fix, is a way to TURN OFF GROUP IMs. I’m so tired of someone else’s idle discussions in a group im because they don’t bother to switch to a private IM after saying “Yo, s’up” in the group’s im feature.

    Endless text, whether I minimise the ims or not, rolls across my screen, everything from their partner’s d**k size to gossip about their other ‘friends’.

    I try to tune out their inane babble, while socializing, building, etc..but these people just don’t get it that no one else wants to hear their self-indulgent conversation.

    I guess I could quit the groups that are misused (most of em) but I do want certain announcements that are legitimately ABOUT the group.

    Help? Can ya fix this?


  108. billyy broek says:

    RE: #59
    whahahaha ๐Ÿ˜›

  109. thaaaank you for using GMT times additionally this time!! I am soo bad in computing and it sucked always to be forced to

    btw: more groups yes, but for premium accounts only! 120 Groups for premium accounts and only 5 groups for basics! People who dont wanna pay should get much lesser than the ppl who pay, thats my point of view!

  110. sylwia7983 says:

    why is again not 6-8 ?
    it takes more hours


  111. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @58 Darn that s there where my RL Bosses Computer went … for our pay …. LOL (stippends will be paid … but due to to many … their computer has slowed down a bit : ) ) (have that from another topic here ….

  112. Midorii Akina says:

    Dude… I can’t even log in to the website to check out my account?! What the heck?!

  113. Redstone Pinkenba says:

    Here we go again…2hours downtime two days of crashes~

  114. Miles Corinthian says:

    Wow, another Wenesday is upon us, and the useual down time is happening… good time to clean my kitchen, wash my dogs, wash a few loads of clothes, take something out to thaw for dinner, and read War and Peace before the grid comes back up… wonders if I’ll have time for it all.. ok, I’ll wash the dogs later just to be ceratain…..Peace all

  115. Alicia Roeth says:


    This has worked for me and a few others so may be worth a shot.

    First clear cache log out and in again
    then in inv. search type just the letter A and hit search. Go thru the alphabet A-Z and you may well get every item (even some you forgot you lost) bak. I sure did.

  116. Satine says:

    Joshua Linden is one of many that posts information out for you guys to bad mouth them because they are putting out info that they have been told not what they have decided!

    and as per usual another Linden that can’t get GMT right 6am is 14:00

  117. Laetizia says:

    Moan. Bitch. Complain. It’s al bad, it’s horrible, I hate it, it’s going down the tube, it’s a shambles, they should fix asstachmentsteleportsvoicegriefingsimcrashwhyhaventtheydoneityetistherealindenonlinenowIdemandtospeaktoone…

    …but I keep coming back.

    Keep up the good spirit there in San Fran ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. billyy broek says:

    u lindens it is some long comment so it must be cind of usefull…..
    i don’t get sh*t of it O.o

  119. MoLoveMoFun Hammerer says:

    @ 41, i’m doing a petition for us residents that wanna be able to join more then 25 groups
    If you feel the need to be able to join more groups, please send me a notecard with your full sl name and the number of groups you think would be enough, please send it to, MoLoveMoFun Hammerer :))))
    lol, thats the important part, now some else, keep it going on LL, everybody is bitching but they all keep comming back ๐Ÿ™‚ wtg!!!!

  120. Islawhite Martinek says:

    Oh well.. looks like i did my cleaning for nothing this morning lol… should have waited and done it during downtime! My fault for not realising. Heres hoping it gets sorted out not too much longer than 2 hours…im also a victim of the hairy bum and stilletto up the jacksy club.. and it isnt fun ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hope it gets fixed.

  121. billyy broek says:
    ow darn i just didnt read it becouse it was that long ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    but yup[ i hate GROUP IM’s
    kill m!

  122. Keep up the good work Mr n Mrs Lindens ๐Ÿ˜€

    โ€ฆ| {} {}|
    โ€ฆ[__O_ ]
    โ€ฆ__| |__
    ../โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ \
    .| Missing|
    .| Image ..|
    โ€ฆ.| /.\ |
    โ€ฆ.| |.| |

  123. Daniel says:

    HEY. Lindens while you are there can you find my 10K inventory Franchise I just bought. I will appreciate it.

  124. That Funny Smell Around Your Workstation Is You…Take A Bath

    What You Call TINYS Are Your Kids,Give them a Hug And Talk To Them Without Making Typing Motions with Your Hands. You Might Have Caught It In Time and They Won’t Grow Up To Be Rap Singers Or DJ’S.

    Those FUZZIES On The Table And In The ‘Fridge Is The Food You Obsessively Cooked During The Last Shutdown….Clean Up (It’s Less Gross).

    The Person That You Insist On Calling Linden Is really Your Significant Other.The One That Makes MONEY…That What Keeps You Online And In SL. Give Them A Little More Than A Hug, Maybe They’ll Smile More… :)= …

    Go Outside ,Sun And Fresh Air Are Good In Moderation.

    Wash Some Clothes , I Know You Only Wear PJ”S And A Robe…..But The Other People (Avatars) In The House Might Not Look So Shabby .

    And Of Course, Clean Up And Defrag The Hard Drive.Download Any Graphics Drivers…Makes SL Go A Little Better.

    Have A Safe And profitable Downtime And Come Back Ready For Another Week.


  125. billyy broek says:

    # 70 Daniel Says:
    September 26th, 2007 at 6:44 AM PDT

    HEY. Lindens while you are there can you find my 10K inventory Franchise I just bought. I will appreciate it.

    isnt that a litl personal?
    if they do it for u they should do it for all…
    what 6 milion members?
    dude some things u need t ohandle yourslef ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  126. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Come on Billyy Broek

    Group IM s are great … had even some exemples of badmouthing … about me while participating … LOL

    Indeed a pest, but only if theothers don t respect the unxritten rule of going personal IM after the first group IM …. What i always do …

    So don t kill them pls


  127. basil beattie says:

    oooh babe. trust us to make a hot date for 6am pdt.

  128. Chronic Skronski says:

    Quickly, everyone! Get your bitching and moaning in before Usagi wakes up and finishes off all the comments!

  129. shai Khalifa says:

    um – hello – is anybody out there……

    Website login is broken ……

    …….. can’t even change my account to check transaction history and do my accounting….

  130. shai Khalifa says:

    oh yeah – on the time thing:

    In relation to a single time zone – you don’t have to resort to IMming God = a single method already exists, and is used by airlines etc = called Zulu. It makes the time the same all over the world. The standard time signature we use is a historically recent method – invented so that railways could run more efficiently.

    … so yes, we could all be in the same time zone – but that would mean all our govenments would have to agree to impose universal time (zulu) on their countries rather than the current standard time – which is measured from Greenwich.

    … and so endeth today’s lesson

  131. Remus Akina says:

    OK that was a tease , it just said it was back online and then it went down again. Faster than my ex ever did. (wellexcept that one time at band camp. But I digress!!)

  132. Jyne says:

    lol@ 78…yes we know it’s broke…why do you think we are here lol

  133. billyy broek says:

    # 74 Fellatione Aabye Says:
    September 26th, 2007 at 6:46 AM PDT

    Come on Billyy Broek

    Group IM s are great โ€ฆ had even some exemples of badmouthing โ€ฆ about me while participating โ€ฆ LOL

    Indeed a pest, but only if theothers don t respect the unxritten rule of going personal IM after the first group IM โ€ฆ. What i always do โ€ฆ

    So don t kill them pls


    i knwo they are great they are i love them but sometimes it is fine if u can swich m off….

  134. Aeris Yue says:

    This is a nice, Friendly, Funny chat with everyone lol. Im Shy in rl but over the internet Im ok….werid

  135. Midorii Akina says:


    Neither can I. Lmfao. So I’m, chillin’ here, watching eveyone complain. It’s very informative. XD

  136. Vics Pera says:

    @62 btw: more groups yes, but for premium accounts only! 120 Groups for premium accounts and only 5 groups for basics! People who dont wanna pay should get much lesser than the ppl who pay, thats my point of view!
    well im right now in 2 groups and dont like be in so much groups that a ot of time have conflict each other anyway for join a group often you have to pay and you point of view
    5 groups basic and 120 premium is very xd
    this is my point of view

  137. reesesaenz says:

    Good luck with the update!

  138. Ash says:

    Upgrades – we all have to have them — god i spend so much on botox!!! – YAY LL – yes it’s a pain… yes i want to get on but can’t but oh well. So i spend some time in RL – Time zone differences don’t help.. but then im in New Zealand and I’m already a day ahead of most of you… Chill… relax… it will get better…

  139. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    THANK GOD FOR FLICKER!! guess its as good as it gets when LL deprives us all of sl…grrr

  140. Narayan Amat says:

    Why are this updates/upgrades/bug fixes/whatever always on GMT afternoon?
    When will the grid start to close on the LL’s afternoon time?

  141. billyy broek says:

    shai Khalifa Says:
    September 26th, 2007 at 6:47 AM PDT

    um – hello – is anybody out thereโ€ฆโ€ฆ

    Website login is broken โ€ฆโ€ฆ

    โ€ฆโ€ฆ.. canโ€™t even change my account to check transaction history and do my accountingโ€ฆ.

    euhhm i think that is like alway’s when there’s a maintance…
    last week i can’t loggin 2 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  142. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @74 Bilyy broek

    Right on …. But where is that switch …..

    Hehe … that red one? (God Lindens voice) NOOOOOOO …. Shutdown SL …. sorry ….

  143. Jossy Joffe says:

    @5 Gina Glimmer.

    You must be an american surely. Everybody living outside the states, doesnt count.

  144. Will it be finished within those 2 hours?
    or like always 2 hours later?

  145. Aeris Yue says:

    Almost 3:00 it’s 14:52 at them moment yyyaaayyyy ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ heheheh

  146. Leendert says:

    @28 And to think that the grid is flat, there should not be any timezones in SL, should there??

  147. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    Soooo 20 mins to clean up the housework i have been putting off cause my arse has been glued to the chair as i roam aimlessly around sl….and then they go and cut me off….ok now what?? 1 more hour and 3 mins….ugh lordy.

  148. billyy broek says:

    o my god u make some new friends like this… ‘: l
    and why don’t u support this smiley:

    ‘: l

  149. Seraya Vella says:

    A “simple” idea for the next update: managing your inventory out-world. So when there is an update outage, you can do some inventory management, which is mostly badly needed ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Seraya Vella

  150. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    `:| rockin the smiley…lol

  151. Midorii Akina says:

    Why is it that I always hate wednesday mornings? Oh that’s right! I forget all the other days and lose track of time, but I can always tell it’s wednesday by the fact that SL IS DOWN!! XDDD Some people are used to waking up the the smell of freshly cooked bacon, others to reading the newspaper… I’m getting used to SL being down. XD Gotta love it.

  152. billyy broek says:

    # 88 Newchief Congrejo Says:
    September 26th, 2007 at 6:54 AM PDT

    Will it be finished within those 2 hours?
    or like always 2 hours later?

    ahhh come on they do what they can…..

  153. Vladamir Heckroth says:


  154. Vics Pera says:

    like always 2 houres later if we are lucky

  155. billyy broek says:

    or u can do it yourslef >:P

  156. Remus Akina says:

    does this smiley work >:)

  157. Aeris Yue says:

    Im going to keep loging on and off sl Until it comes on, Nice talking to you all lol

  158. Midorii Akina says:

    `:| Randomness

  159. Remus Akina says:

    nope guess not

  160. damn says:

    Jeez. Now what am I supposed to do without beta grid?

  161. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @78 shai Khalifa

    ZULU would be great indeed …. BUT ….. (like all good ideas have a lot of BUT going with it)

    Now My time is GMT+1 … so SL TIME gives -9hrs ….
    Zulu being if i m not wrong GMT …. (Zero meridian) …. Time …. there will be a lot of calculations to do for our poor american brothers and sisters (with several different timezones) …

    BUT ZULU would be more then fine …. used by military / civil aviation / civil maritime …. etc

  162. Daniel says:

    # 73 my # 70 is a sarcastic joke. But I should not looking for it and either the other 6 millions. It should be there in the inventory not missing from inventory.

  163. Simba Fuhr says:

    LOL @ 50
    It shows you the actually data transfer rate XD
    download a file from the inernet, the file dont will download with 4096kbps

  164. billyy broek says:

    well i am off to (as alway’s) :
    and ofc to the best season:
    season 3

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