Machinima Mailing List and Wiki Portal Created!

The Machinima panel at the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) concluded this year with a feedback session and inspired what some might call a machine animation Linden renaissance. As such, we have created the Machinimatographers of Second Life mailing list and have setup the Machinima portal on the Second Life wiki. From the Main Page of the Second Life wiki, click on the Creation portal (under Create!), which will direct you not only to valuable Machinima information, but will also link you to the Music portal, Video Tutorial portal, Feature portal, and more!

The Machinimatographers of Second Life mailing list is open to anyone interested in sharing their ideas with Lindens and with each other about how to better support the Second Life Machinima community. What are some best practices that are currently working well for Machinimatographers? What are the biggest challenges? What would you like to see Linden Lab provide to better support this community? These are the types of discussions we’d love to see as your ideas, feedback, and insights are invaluable to us.

To subscribe to the Machinimatographers of Second Life mailing list, click here!


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33 Responses to Machinima Mailing List and Wiki Portal Created!

  1. Greta Umarov says:

    That’s real nice, but if I can’t access the support portal at all..I have to talk directly to a Linden to get any I guess I won’t be able to use this portal either 😦

    Um, dunno what involved today’s update..but I’m crashing left and right like crazy. I was fine before today.

    Oh dear what didja do to us?


  2. Rosmairta Kilara says:

    I really hope the “machine animation Linden renaissance” and the new commitment to machinima includes fixing “start/stop movie to disk” for Macintoshes. It crashes the viewer every time. I want to make machinima! I am bubbling with ideas! But it doesn’t work! *sigh* This is really, really having a negative impact on my second life experience. Other Mac users who haven’t voted about this in the JIRA, please consider doing so. Thanks.

  3. Maite McMahon says:

    Yes, same here… freezing or being unable to move at all even if I am alone on a deserted sim, then crashing…

    All that despite a brandnew graphic card driver update – and only 41k people online…

  4. Michael Timeless says:

    For once I hope people read this before coming down on either side of the post, especially the Lindens.

    When we start spending hundreds of dollars a month on a “game,” it no longer becomes a game. We the users should expect a reasonable degree of communications. Today the system was supposed to be down at a certain time and we have no problem accepting that – reasonable need, reasonable communication.

    What is not acceptable is telling up about all the extraneous stuff that you’re doing without giving realistic time frames about outages. People rent property here, make purchases here and should have a reasonable expectation of the system working. In the time that I have been online, and admittedly, it’s less than a year I’ve come to see the pattern that most complain about. System failures that begin the night before an upgrade, downtime during the upgrade, failures following the upgrade, lack of response to user complaints and then the last minute Friday fixes that put the system into jeopardy for the entire weekend.

    This is supposed to be a live business. If Google, eBay, or Amazon had this much trouble staying up or communicating they would go out of business. Software problems are part of the life we experience using computers – but so is customer service. How hard is it to make an announcement – in world that the system is going down? How hard is it to announce that some of the servers aren’t working so don’t rez items, don’t make purchases and don’t try to construct anything right now because, odds are, you’re going to lose it.

    This is a great place to spend some time. I had actually looked to use this for my place of employment to use as a training aid, but that’s not possible with the current level of professionalism being exhibited. Spend a few of the hundreds of dollars that people like me spend every month and put a live person on the blog and let them answer some questions. It doesn’t cost that much, even if the person sits there and logs problems and acknowledges that they are being worked on. I’m beginning to feel like I’m on JetBlue during a snowstorm. I know it’s snowing, I know we can’t fly, but hell at least let me know that you’re trying to get the plane back to the gate. Send someone out here to talk to the mob or don’t call this a business, call this a simple game and let business know your not really serious.

    Just my 2L$

  5. Renee Faulds says:

    You know I have posted here many many times and not ONE LINDEN has the balls to answer ANY of my posts !!!!! Well don’t friggin worry your pocketbook butts off cause I just returns 73, 195 M2 land to the SIM owners – I AM OUT NOF THIS CHEAP PIECE OF SHI* GAME YOU RUN HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. mimi says:

    “What are the biggest challenges”
    doing simple things like starting up secondlife, walking around, not crashing

  7. nonsmokergirl tulip says:

    Deus ex Machinima

    Giant Sloths rarely fly coach.

    This dadaist message brought to you buy:

    NonSmokerGirl Tulip

    Down with Lions!

  8. Puff Woodin says:

    Hoy ya’ll. Did no one explain prims and scripts and lag to the Burning ones? Did anyone explain SL users? Watermelon Torley, tell people how lag happens. Ye know this…camera follows all the prims…. prims moving, like 500 prim boots mean camera(ie. computer) has to assimilate all those prims. Laggggggg, cut scripts and prims, free Second Life!

  9. Berry Steinhoff says:

    @6. Some info on this from LL would be a good idea. LL once published “how to organise your inventory” which even for long-term players contained some useful info. As a Sim owner, I’ve been in a position to run many tests on the load that AO’s and avatar attachments put on a CPU, and really it’s quite amazing. Even my own AO, which contains only a walk, increases my Sim perf by 2000-odd. In my experience, my Sim can perform with zero lag up to about 50,000-60,000 perf. However, that target can be EASILY met with 10 or so avs teleporting in fully loaded with AOs and high-prim attachments.

    Second Life is supposed to be about saleability, and I’m quietly confident that Linden are moving towards a time where the grid can simultaneously handle those 1.9m “active members (approx)” it boasts about. However, in the meantime Residents can certainly help reduce Sim lag by using their avatar resources more economically.

    Remember whichever Sim you are on, you are using the CPU of that Sim. Moreover, there is still old stock (class 4) servers in operation, and those must surely buckle under the strain of 10 or so avs laden with AOs.
    It’s a pain in the butt that we need to scale back our own endeavours because of the Linden’s own saleability problems, but it does have a positive impact on CPU consumption and ultimately reduces lag.
    @4. Don’t dump land you own. That is really throwing your own cash away, and the only person who will benefit out of that is your Estate Owner. I would hope your Estate Owner would offer some financial compensation for that, because this will in now effect Linden Lab. They will still be collecting tier payments from the Estate Owner.
    @3. You are obviously a concierge customer. As concierge customers, I have to say that LL Concierge Support has been incredible. I’ve called them maybe 5 or 6 times, in different peak time windows, and each time my call has been answered within 60 seconds and my issue resolved. (mainly Sim crashed and needing hard reboots). I obviously appreciate that non-Concierge customers may have a different story to tell about resolving their issues.

    So bottom line for me. We can help reduce lag across Sims by using resources more economically, and Linden would most certainly benefit from educating the masses on how much consumption loaded AOs, scripted avatars and attachments drain from a CPU.

  10. Nimrod says:

    Seems everyone is off topic, so back on the topic.
    Last time when I tried to add constructive comment about machinima then a Linden just removed that !?!
    After years of experience in machinima making I can tell that SL is good to make the environment, to build up the scene. But when have to use the avatars that is useless (according to non-SL community feedback). If LL won’t update the avatars (more joints to use when making animations for example) then sooner or later every machinima maker will leave SL, just the matter of time especially that softwares like Moviestorm is out and on the pipeline.

  11. Fellatione Aabye says:

    OK …
    As non-premium no access to Help/Support … no problem with that

    Reasons why i dont want to become a Premium account ….

    1/ Lack of communication between SL Citizens and Lindens …. (Due to incompetence, arrogance … I dont know)

    2/ Weekly OUTAGE and UPDATE … in se that would make SL even better, Thought silly me that an update was to make things better… But apparantly it s just the opposite

    3/ Adding Things (NOT A SINGLE SL citizen ever asked …. VOICE, and above) who have made things worse since they wear added

    4/ Always the same buggs / problems, mishaps who are recuring … ???? UPDATE ????

    To compare to my line of RL job, Your CEO asks a Limo with driver … and I (the manager of a dept) decide that instead of a Limo he will be fetched by a Fiat500 .. he won t be happy i think …

    So guys, girls at LINDEN LABS come down off your cloud where you float on …. and try to talk to the Simple SL Citizen …. THEY would greatly appriciate that i m sure ….

    I appreciate all your hard work … but wont it be more fun to have an SL who is going like before (meaning before that BS of voice) …..

    PS (1) and my computer is above system requirements …. 🙂
    (2) and NO NEED to THANK ME for my patience … Patience is a must and a vertue for all SL Citizens

    Kind regards


  12. Jayden B says:

    Will Grey Rez be fixed soon, it has been a PITA since voice when it first appeared?

    Will the 20 second lag bubbles be squished soon?

    Will the Web based Friends online be fixed soon?

    Will the TP failures and Search failures that seem to be common now be fixed?

    Will the inventory loss be fixed? I just lost a very expensive custom skin “Object no longer in Database” … Linden’s response “Sorry, we can’t recover inventory”

  13. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 7 Berry Steinhoff Says:
    September 26th, 2007 at 9:14 PM PDT

    “Second Life is supposed to be about saleability…

    It’s a pain in the butt that we need to scale back our own endeavours because of the Linden’s own saleability problems…”

    Surely that must be a freudian slip ‘SALEability’, rather than SCALEability?

  14. Ernst Edman says:

    friendsonline isnt working atm on the webpage!! Plz fix it fast 😛

  15. MrLunk voom says:

    Damn I have installed but ater loggin in the frikkin client tells me I need to download ?????


  16. A little note about lag. Certainly, lag exists on a sim when the server is too busy (too many avs on that sims, too many clothes in flexy prims). But most of the time, it is my own computer which goes wrong. When I connect, it is OK, it works smoothly. but I tp, I explore, I meet avs.. at a moment, windows starts to scrape the hard drive, and the view is freezing, sometimes for 10 secs or more. It often starts when I look at a profile. So:

    -please chase and fix any memory leak. Perhaps a blanket solution would be to remove from the cache any element which was not used since some time. How is the cache organized? a database?

    -Please learn Windows to use the real memory, not the “virtual memory” (writing on the disk infos used by the CPU, which ridiculously slows down the PC: 10 secondes to open a menu, there is something awfully wrong, and it is in Windows, not in Linden labs…). I don’t know if this is possible, but I heard that there are softs doing that. However I am not sure and I don’t know for safe resources about this.

  17. FkuxyMeister says:

    WTF Lindens!, im crashing like 5-40 timer per day i have a nice fast computer and i know i dont have any hw/sw problems! so wth is the problem! im getting so peed of just building somthing and losing it over n over! making sims go offline and cleaning the sims with out returning them back to the owner!


    1: duplicating, i have to go to create tab and back to edit tab to reduplicate! using ctrl + d

    I wanna be able to just duplicate as many times with out having to do anything else

    2: zoom range is terrible please quadruple this…

    3: fix your updated bugs…

  18. Berry Steinhoff says:

    @11. Yeah, it was. Bad spellchecker and not edit button here. 😦

  19. calliope simon says:

    Your forums are broken.


  20. calliope simon says:

    Richard, believe me, I’ve been arguing these points and more for three years, and you’re just wasting your time.

  21. calliope simon says:

    Dekka: Second Life IS about saleability, but they missed the window. Now that nearly all of the larger investors in the grid (IBM, Geek Squad, etc) have officially decided that Second Life is irrelevant, they couldn’t sell it to a retarded monkey for six cents.

  22. ummm..the main second life website is down.

  23. Lindal Kidd says:

    I agee with everyone. But can’t ANYBODY make an on-topic comment?

    Here, I’ll start: As a filmmaker and videographer, I applaud the new creative medium of Second Life, and the many fine videos that have already been made. But please, PLEASE…can we have something other than “machinima” and “machinamatographer” to describe this medium and its creators? What hideous neologisms!

    I’m usually good at making up stuff like this, but I’m drawing a blank. How about a Name That Medium contest?

  24. Nimrod says:

    Check post 9. I was faster. 😀

  25. Doris Haller says:

    I agree. This is bad written. I don’t understand a single word.

    Well… I understood “f*ck”….

  26. Zaphod Kotobide says:

    “We value free expression. However, stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment.”

    If there’s one thing I really wish the Lindens would “have the balls” to do, to quote another commenter here, it would be to live up to the above quote, taken directly from the comment form. Either that, or just disable the comment functionality across the board.

  27. moo Money says:

    Thank you for being so awesome, Iridium!

  28. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    @20 just goes to show ya exactly how much attention these people pay to their customers.

  29. Chronic Skronski says:

    @20 – count mine as another vote to close all blog comments if they’re not going to be moderated.

  30. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @23 – Or they can leave the comments open (no cap) and you guys can just stop reading them, which gives you the same results.

  31. Ann Otoole says:

    This is on the main website on September 27, 2007, at 9:19AM SLT:
    September 26, 2007, 6:00 am – Second Life is closed for a scheduled service outage while we make updates to the grid. The outage is expected to last from 6am-8am Pacific Time (13:00-15:00 GMT). Watch the blog for details and updates.

  32. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    @20 and @22. yup. This official LL blog has become a major joke out in the blogosphere. It doesn’t seem to be policed at all.
    on topic…I used to shoot 16mm film..many years ago..professionally..and am pleased to see the machicimminimata thing in the wiki. It needs a new name for sure…everybody here has outgrown the transformer toy which is what the name sounds like to me.
    I look forward to getting into it.

  33. Lazarus Longstaff says:

    The removal of my prior post has more to do with the continual pissing contest engaged in by LL employees with their customers than any concern about the topic. My complaints re: client stability and a pervasive lack of professionalism from this ‘organization’ are relevant.

    Quit pumping crap onto the pile until you do something about cleaning up the godforsaken mess that is the SL client.

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