[RESOLVED] LindeX purchases currently via Website only

[11:26 a.m. PDT]

Land purchasing has been re-enabled.  If you do get an error message attempting to purchase a parcel,  relogging should fix it.  Thanks!

[10:49 a.m. PDT]

The in world L$ purchase tool is functional again. We’ll have land purchases turned back on ASAP.

[9:54 a.m. PDT]

Our support engineers are still working to resolve this issue. In-world Land purchases have been temporarily disabled as a part of the debugging effort. We’ll restore services as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience, and apologize for testing it so this morning.

[8:38 a.m. PDT]

The in world L$ purchase tool is refusing to do business with most or all residents at the moment. We’re chasing this gremlin down as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Website L$ purchases are functioning correctly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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