August 2007 Key Metrics Released

Hi everyone, I am releasing our Key Economic Metrics through August 2007 in Excel, OpenDocument, and Google Docs formats.

There are few changes to the format this month, only adding a new Usage by Age report for residents over/under 21 years, and removing the server and client FPS Performance reports and crash reports data as it is being moved to the Service Quality Metrics Page instead of squeezing into Economic statistics. Please expect an updated post from me with pointers to the FPS and crashrate charts on that site shortly.

We have been focusing on the Service Quality metrics during my office hours, Fridays at 10 AM in Beaumont, and we will be drilling into client and simulator performance again this week- I hope to see many of you there.

[edit: fixed Google Docs link]

About Meta Linden

Data Warehousing and Metrics Analysis for the world of Second Life. A Linden Lab employee in California.
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  1. Fish Kilby says:

    wow nice stats.. that is if I ouldent get a “You are not authorized to view this page” reaction from your server……..(Excel one)

  2. Keera Woyseck says:

    Error 404 – Not Found is what i get for the google document

  3. D. Spitz says:

    Thanks Meta,
    but is there a bug?
    onn the tab ‘L_Supply’:
    july and aug show in following lines the same data:

    2007 2007
    July August
    Sinks to LL (101, 332, 236) (101, 332, 236)
    Sources (Non Sales) 185.545.555 185.545.555

  4. Wyald Woolley says:

    For starters, the Excel link is broken.

    A Question: Could the increase in Unplanned Outages be atributed to stresses on the grid caused by the introduction of voice and sculpties? It seems that the introduction of these “enhancements” and the rise in unplanned outages are more that a big coincidence.

    In addition to “Outages” do you have any way of really measuring whether users are having a good experience or not?

    For example, last night I was trying to help an inexperienced resident made some changes to his avatar. In a period of a half hour, we both expereinced multiple crashes at different times. They were the terrible ones where you don’t know you;ve crashed until the other person doesn’t respond. Then you find that the mini-map has went red and you can’t move. Time and time again this happened for no good reason. Finally, we went to a different sim hoping to escape whatever was going on only to have more of the same with the addition of my avatar began to walk in place and nothing I could do, short of reloging would stop it. This happened twice in like 15 minutes. The whole experience, while trying to communicate, was highly frustrating. Much of the time we would crash doing nothing more than standing in one place ding chat or IM. It’s this kind of instability that really grinds away at a person. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for a builder in that situation.

  5. Deira Llanfair says:

    I can’t get the Excel link to work.

  6. Beto Toledo says:

    The Excel link dont work

  7. The links don’t work. And the files available on the official stats page are named 08 but contain July data 😦

  8. Meta Linden says:

    Thanks for the notes, folks, the links have been fixed, and I expect the links on the main Economy page to get updated soon.

  9. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Labels explaining what a number is supposed to represent would be helpful.

  10. Kerik Rau says:

    Lol, look at the LL L$ Sales, that has to really bite.

    Well atleast they partially recovered from their lost of premium accounts.

  11. Tony says:

    What on earth is going on with those LL L$ sales? Is that statistic correct?

    What is the point of the under 21 stat? It’s surely redundant as you already have age bands, I see no point whatsoever in including that figure unless it’s been moved there for a future plan to merge the teen and adult grids.

  12. Innes McLeod says:

    You may want to check some of the dates. Or you are only expecting about 2000 new premium accounts by Aug 2008? /me grins

    2007 July 88,797
    2008 August 90,600

  13. Cathryn Kappler says:

    Looking at the stats and the decrease in L$ purchases but no real drop in L$ spent tells me that more people are earning/making L$ in world rather than having to purchase from outside SL. This, of course, means that the SL economy is becoming somewhat self-supporting, which is a very good thing.

  14. Dirk Felix says:

    Can we get some real non-spin data on customers logged-in for the last 30 days and the duration of their authenticity? This gives the commnity a better look at the reality of SL. πŸ˜‰ I think the numbers would be far less than your averaging over 60 days. Time for transperancy, dont ya think? Your total residents should not included dead accounts. This is just bad business to use dead and non-active accounts as customers who use your service. Oh, I forgot, youre Linden Labs πŸ˜‰

  15. feline dagger says:

    How about gettin round to fixin the issues going off at moment. such as inability to make transactions, and the severe packetlosses and lag. ive never had issues before, and i can barely move. theres an event going off where im at right now and nobodys even allowed to make tip transactions. it sux.

  16. Innes McLeod says:

    In reference to the drop in LL L$ sales, I believe that was expected because of the gambling shutdown. Many of the casino owners cashed out large amounts of Lindens so LL had to stop selling any until those were absorbed into the economy. Next month should be more accurate.

  17. feline dagger says:

    lol a lot more then just the casino owners have been cashing out. i’ve been reading the blog almost daily and sifting through the hundreds of posts if not thousands, i’ve read around 90% of posts being made were of people tired of new things being incorperated into SL and old ones not being fixed … almost like they’re forgotten. about 99% of the residents, i think its safe to say, want bugs fixed… yet non of the lindens thus far have really got to acknowledging the masses needs. more… of their own.

    Sure, SecondLIfe is a great program… just a total shame about all the buggyness, the data losses (ie inventory losses etc), including linden losses.

    What about those exploits going about… the objects idiots are sending around to steal money from those who accept the objects… only a couple days ago, 4 people of my home sim was hit by one person sendin this “object” thing around. And im aware we arent only ones either. some have had thousands of lindens stolen from them. Whats LL going to do about that, regardless of how many times people report those sending it about – it still continues – they make new accounts and run about doing exact same thing.

    The person sending the object to us, their acct were only created like a week ago. So… that means they obviously are making alts to do it on in case one acct gets banned / blocked.

    I think – the old crap needs to be fixed – and made better – before new crap is incorperated. How mant lindens exactly actually read this blog and the comments people write? Or dont they have the time to read their customers comments and ideas etc… pstch.

  18. Meta Linden says:

    @Tony – @Catherine Kappeler is correct, the economy itself self-stabilizes and as zee noted in his blog post here we sell into the economy variably in order to help keep it stable- the amount sold in monthly is widely variable as you can see from history. This is expected.
    The over/under 21 metrics were desirable for many audiences and were not directly discernable from the other age bucketing that we do – it also shows the age breakdown for US versus the other countries, which shows some interesting variants. The other age reports also include users of Teen Second Life, which we excluded from the over/under 21 stats.

    @Dirk – all of the “usage by count” and “usage by hours” reports – by country, and by age, include Active users who logged on for more than an hour during the month of August. None of these are averages or related to 60 days. Please see the definition of these metrics at our Metrics Glossary, thanks!

  19. Deltango Vale says:

    Hmm, Premiums are where they were back in May. No growth for three months. Time to hire a competent strategist and fire the lawyers.

  20. kesseret says:

    Thanks for the stats. πŸ™‚

  21. There is no “good” reason to go premium unless you want to buy mainland. More non-premium users seem to be renting private owned sim land rather than pay premium and tier both for mainland.

    Until there is a better reason to go premium it is unlikely those stats will grow as fast as new accounts. Also the performance of SL is not worth paying for anyway lately.

    What I find most depressing however is there was 704,603 new accounts in the month yet currently online during peak times has not grown hardly at all and hovers around 45,000 to 50,000. For a long while currently online grew with the rise in accounts. Now however that seems not to be the case.

    Then again I can see why new players do not want to go past the initiation stage. I talked to a new player a few days ago and she said the initiation stage had some tests to pass but they would take forever to load. She gave up several times and finally made it through. She said she hoped this wasn’t an indication how SL in general ran but was disappointed to find it was and would probably go back to other games even though they had less to offer.

    I find people always complaining about the lag. It really needs to be looked into to get people to STAY playing. The more people in SL the better for everyone. More people to meet, more people to buy, more people to start new business, more people with new ideas and skills and so on. SL has to work a lot smoother to keep people in game though…..

  22. Kerik Rau says:

    Can’t blame anyone for leaving. I have crashed well over 100 times today. If I wasn’t trying to finish up an update on one of my products I wouldn’t put up with that crap.

    The idea is that as you update a product you reduce bugs and crashes. Thus far SL has been the buggiest platform I have ever seen, it isn’t improving with time. In fact the amount of crashing is only getting worst.

    Imagine how many residents you wouldn’t loose each month if they didn’t have to suffer through intense lag, lack of any resource limits and a utter disinterest in the lives and problems of every day residents?

    I mean seriously if you have a system where 1 user can lock the entire system up then you need to rethink things a little. Make it so when a resident uses a large amount of resources on the server it locks up their crap. To me that is only common sense. Make the grid self regulating, automatically reporting “hotspots” and identifying people dropping mass replicating attacks. After all wouldn’t it be nice to just hit 1 button and return a griefers objects instead of going sim by sim?

  23. Francis says:

    I’m glad to see that LL’s L$ sales actually went down in August, when the SL economy slowed down. (Unlike what happened in June)

    This means whoever’s in charge of L$ sales does actually exercise restraint, and maybe there is integrity in the system.

  24. mimi says:

    I wonder if the people not coming back to play secondlife is higher after a period with more trouble? I would love to see some more graphs on that.

    It’s a pity it’s not possible to ask leaving residents why they are leaving, graphs on that would be very interesting

  25. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 10 – Cathryn Kappler.

    Well, I don’t know where you get that from lol. On the Economic Stats page there is no total given for L$ spends; more people are selling more parcels of land; there are more L$ sell orders, so that is probably people exiting having sold their land; Last 60 Day logins continue to plummet; active users are down across almost all of Europe, but up in the US, and also down in Australia where it isn’t summer holiday time; L$7m has again been given in referral bonuses and they are paid in installments of L$500, L$500 and L$1,000 so that is at least 7k new premiums, but the numbers went up by 4k, meaning overall 3k premiums left (better than July when it was 7k +6k ie 13k premiums left/downgraded in a month); active users for the month dropped; and if you’ve seen the talk on the SLX forums, merchants are complaining generally about a downturn in sales.

    Far from the economy becoming good and self-supporting, it continues to get worse as the service, lag, bugs increase, and people around the world are continuing to leave in droves. Just look at the declining user numbers eg France, Germany, Netherlands over the months since those figures were included.

  26. RC Paderborn says:

    I’m an example of spending without buying from LL and it has nothing to do with working in SL or a self-sustaining economy. In late July and early August I dumped an 8K m2 private island in Fairchang Caleta for half of what I paid for it as well as almost 12,000m2 of mainland (at L$3,000 per 512m2, L$5.86 per m2.) That gives me a chunck of Lindens to spend before having to buy more.

    I also downgraded two of my premium accounts to basic in September and once I get done fighting with billing for charging me for land neither I nor my group have owned since early August, I’ll be downgrading this account too.

    I was going to leave this one a premium just to get technical support. But then I realized that the only support I’ve needed was over this billing issue. And the support ticket I opened Friday has been in queue for two FULL business days now and hasn’t even been looked at.

    It’s probably all a moot point. To keep them from triple billing me I deleted my credit card info so now the email (which can’t be replied to) tells me that I’ll be locked out in five more days. Hopefully someone at LL will actually look at my support ticket by then.

  27. RC Paderborn says:

    Hey there’s an idea for metrics. How many business days went by before the new and improved support system got around to looking at tickets!

  28. Berry Steinhoff says:


    If I have read initial post properly… Ignore above comment, or delete at your leisure.

  29. Renee Faulds says:

    “@Tony – @Catherine Kappeler is correct, the economy itself self-stabilizes and as zee noted in his blog post here we sell into the economy variably in order to help keep it stable- the amount sold in monthly is widely variable as you can see from history. This is expected.”

    Self_Stabilzes get real META LINDEN – Stabize this drop in dollars spend in the last 24 hours Quoting from Reuters

    “US Dollars spent in Second Life over last 24 hours
    $984,997 as of 9:29pm PDT ”

    Now THAT I bet Linden Labs is paying attention too – just hit them in their pocketbook !!!!!!

    Of course it has been hitting the paying residents, business owners and land owners in the ass for sometime now !!!

    P.S. Start working on this crash issue

  30. Augustus Machin says:

    Thanks for the update. πŸ™‚

  31. @18

    You are so DAMN right!

    I get around a lot in SL, talk daily to many many business owners, and what is true amongst almost everyone of them:
    Sales are DOWN.

    I’ve got lately a huge burden with business owners who has lost their revenues, and need to downsize. As i’m the one financing them, it hits me quite badly when their revenue sources dry up.

    I’m giving all aid i can, but for the bulk of them, it’s not enough.

    Nevermind the fact that in the whole history of doing real estate business here, this was the first month on LOSS. And going down from GOOD profits to a loss is a HUGE change.

    Many realtors have quit because they lost so much money recently.

    Then we got the casino ban:
    – Casino owners sold their land off
    – They aren’t spreading the money to newbies through camping
    – Lots of SL unemployment happened due to that
    – Initial push for Ginko’s downfall
    – Ginko’s downfall pushed whole financial sector in crisis: All stock prices are down, new IPO applications are being denied, several SL banks in trouble. We have to remember that traditionally, banks and stock markets are quite much the backbone of economy, big entrepreneurs live by them, and according to stock prices their assets change and bottomline figures change. When bottomline goes red, costs will be cut, less money is being spread around.

    It’s all bullocks that the economy is fine, and now self-supporting. If that’s what is really thought at LL, they are even more clueless than i thought!

    Get real! Imho, LL’s lesser sales of L$ just means that people are taking their money out, and L$ is barely holding it’s value!

    Yeah, and if this comment gets moderated out also, i’ll just post this on my blog πŸ˜‰

  32. Panoptes Argus says:

    So the metrics telling us the fraction of user session that crashed was too embarassing, eh?

    If I recall it correctly, it was about 25% and had _not_ decreased since the start of the time series but rather _increased_.

    The client crashes was one of many reasons I quit. Having to wait several weeks for “concierge level” support was another.

    And bumping my tier (which cost me 2 x 70 USD) because of a bug in the group deeding code another (my tier allowance went _negative_ for some fractions of a second).

    Linden Lab is simply the most dysfunctional company I have ever dealt with, all categories.

  33. Fed Up says:


    Totally agree with you. Really afraid of the sex ban, which is basically what the age verification means. This will be the next big hit against the sl economy. Thinking it fully through, any place will have to be flagged restricted, where adults are present. Or could any one taking the chance of having minors mixing up with adults and using cuddle, slowdance or kiss poses at their party areas or seeing a pic of a rather undressed person? As the restriction flag will technically not be mandatory, it will create lots of paranoia among club owners and open the doors for all griefers. The clubs flagging their contents restricted, too early after the implementation of the feature, will simply go down, because other clubs will wait some time and may be even get more traffic. However the clubs waiting too long might get blackmailed & closed down, the user might even be banned by local inquisition.

    LL how can you spread such a paranoia on purpose? This is so wrong and will hurt you too. Just thinking of all the advertisment that is going on. You donΒ΄t think, people will be carry on spending 10000 or 30000 or 50000 L$ a week just on a single classified, after the sex ban, do you?

    Why canΒ΄t we just use the payment info details for restricted contents? ItΒ΄s good enough for any other www service provider. Would still hit the economy but not as badly as the fiasco you are planning to impose on us.

    And yes sales are down and if the age verification goes through like that, i will kick all campers and so will others. Only from me its a few 1000 Lindens a day less spread among the sl community.

    Rethink LL, please

  34. Stip End says:

    Hi there, ok stipend payments are not the first thing tuesday morning anymore…But when will it be? Please be so kind and bring an update on that blog post. Its Wednesday now and there was still no payment.

  35. Juliet Ceres says:

    Tryian, if you’e been at the office hours you’d see that the Lindens don’t care about the economy. At all.
    I encourage you to go there and listen to them about how all is well, they just have to improve a little and if 99.99% uptime is really enough of if 99.999% is needed. That’s how far gone they are.
    They even openly admit that they don’t have a clue about what issues are hitting the main grid because they have no means to check for that.

    When told by resisdents to just let a bot send transactions to their server and measure that they ignore it.
    When asked if they could include info from 3rd party sites who have Grid stability indexes like SecondLife Insider they just ignore it.
    They have lost touch with their residents. Completely.

  36. RavenRaide says:

    Personally I still believe that we need to close down the open registrations. We do not need hundreds of thousands of new users on a monthly basis. What we need are users who forfeit their animosity, and that will use payment information to make long lasting accounts. This makes the users online more likely to care about his/her own actions, as they are linked directly to his/her account.

    I like the implication of the new age stat. Although I believe numbers and tell you little about a person. It is still a useful tool to know, and use to understand better the players on the grid.

    Keep up the hard work out there LL. I look forward to a better grid for all of us.


  37. Erasmus Hartunian says:

    “… adding a new Usage by Age report for residents over/under 21 years …”
    That’s to get ready for Age Verification Part II where under 21 will not be allowed in clubs that serve virtual booze or enter a sim where alcohol may be advetised, hinted to, or mentionned in chat in the last 72 hours.
    Rumor has it that AARP will sponsor Part III.

  38. Lasla Mannock says:

    Yes I was on the concierge service trying to get some lag issues fixed in one of my sims (my tenants are extremely frustrated) – while I was in the sim, unable to move, textures all pink – he claimed that all was fine in the sim. I told him to come to the sim and see for himself – no luck there – just kept telling me that the sim was perfect. My business is hurting as a result (and I have given up building the last week because it is impossible)
    Since the last update, I now not only crash multiple times, my entire computer crashes and I need to do a hard reboot. I have a MacPro, so not exactly a lightweight machine.
    And yes, like everyone else, I would prefer to see stability and quality of experience be the focus rather than ehancements and new features…

  39. U M says:

    All due repect in the building for this data package? But are we suppose to believe these numbers? There is no way in hell i going to believe the stats about countries loging in and hours played? This is unbelieveable and totally untrue……why is there such a important in Japan as a high ranking users by hour and country? Explain this? What about the UK? or germany? or even CHINA( the have the 2nd leading users of the internet and they play much much more then Japanese do.) Frankly if people had any common sence, when cteating these numbers in a fake way OMG make less noticeable the numbers have be just created and not these outright laughable numbers. Japanese have less throwaway income then say germany. WHY? because germany if i am not wrong is a euro monies country. And at the moment the euro is some where 162 euro = the yen Also Japanese don`t have as much free time as say CHINA, or evern German. But WOW look Japan is in 2nd place in both stats? Maybe as some peopel say its just VR numbers? And maybe thats what we should read then as. But if your trying to so they heavey presents of japanese users you already been trapped and foundout its only a VR report. Don`t get me wrong, its a game ( oh yes and a Life with real japanese ( yea right ) But please to some its insulting. Those that know for facts its impossible for to be correct.

    U asagi M usashi

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  42. Great stats, but the PREVIEW button is your best friend when writing blog posts, before the POST button. πŸ™‚

  43. U M says:

    why do people continue to troll people? Nobody else then some people have the right to express waht they think? Or is it only the geeks that think they know all here. Sorry but we al have a right to expres or thought. If you don`t like it play another game.

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  46. Kelly Stuart says:

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