Second Life Planned Service Outage, Wednesday 9/26

We’ll be pushing out new server code this Wednesday, September 26th. This will require a service outage from 6am-8am Pacific Time (13:00-15:00 GMT) to update the central systems. Later in the day, a rolling restart will update the simulator code.

No viewer updates will be required.

Some of the fixes include:

SVC-251: Death teleport fails when teleporting to a home point you no longer have access to
VWR-412: Object editing arrows hidden but clickable on objects you can’t edit.
SVC-438: Teleport to non-Public Access region takes a long time to time out and fails
VWR-666: llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE]) gives torus params instead of sculpted
VWR-1664: After canceling teleport to non-public area the avatar cannot walk, nor teleport

(And yes, for those keeping score, items listed above with “VWR” should be moved over to “SVC”.)

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[Update 9/25 @ 10:50am – fixed the post title. Oops!] 

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118 Responses to Second Life Planned Service Outage, Wednesday 9/26

  1. nobody says:

    VWR-1664: After canceling teleport to non-public area the avatar cannot walk, nor teleport

    This is a good fix I think

  2. Lyndyn Tzara says:

    VWR-666: llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE]) gives torus params instead of sculpted

    Thank you, I had been waiting for this one. (Also love the number)

  3. Sweetly Blessed says:

    And, what about this?????? Are you gonna ever FIX this serious EXPLOIT or do we all just get hacked????? Come on you guys, get this particular item taken care of IMMEDIATELY! This is SERIOUS stuff, for God sakes!!!!!!

  4. Kat Hynes says:

    Good stuff LL ! Just thought I’d get my 2 l$ in and say thanks for SL.
    I crash!
    I lose inventory!
    I’m stuck sometimes!
    I rezz up slow!
    I make great friends!
    I hear great music! (Dexter Ihnan are you listening ? )
    I see fantastic places!
    I look better than ever!
    No plastic surgery !
    It never rains!
    I can shop great designers!
    I get to read the blogs!
    I learn new things daily!
    The good stuff is all here to enjoy!
    So before the disenfranchised naysayers hit the blog ,lets keep it on a positive note!
    Thank you LL !

  5. Farallon Greyskin says:

    So… No parcel restriction client this week? (Ok not really complaining about that :D) but… what was the purpose of last weeks post? Since everyone will have forgotten it by the time this thing rolls out?

    Given the announcement last week I was sure it meant that within a week or so you were going to roll it out. (Actualy as I read it it seemed to indicate that somehow it was already active!)

    Now what? Keeping us in suspenders? Rethinking the entire debacle? (We can only pray to ghod). Please, at least tell us what’s going on, or refrain from posting any more scare blogs untill there’s something to be frightened of… 😀

  6. Sweetly Blessed says:

    Oops, I meant to say this: (sorry!)

    And, what about the FOLLOWING:?????

    Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 1:49 PM PDT by: Bridie Linden
    Hi Everyone!

    Today’s Release Candidate Viewer ( picks up critical fixes released in the primary download earlier this week and a handful of other fixes:

    Fixed URL handler exploit
    Update voice components to improve quality and address VWR-1532
    Add name of viewer release channel to embedded browser agent ID string
    Fixed VWR-2500: Unable to login to Second Life after Declining Update
    Fixed VWR-2484: Icons missing from Mac OS X build
    Fixed VWR-2482: build tree misses the cursors_mac directory
    Thanks again for your continued use of the Release Candidate Viewer. We’re getting close to finalizing this release, so please report any issues in the Issue Tracker and set the Affects Version/s to 1.18.3.

    Are you gonna ever FIX this serious EXPLOIT or do we all just get hacked????? Come on you guys, get this particular item taken care of IMMEDIATELY! This is SERIOUS stuff, for God sakes!!!!!!

  7. U M says:

    Thank you for the update!

  8. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    Speaking of blog announcements that haven’t had any follow-up, whatever happened to estate-level governance? That was announced in April and nary a peep since then. Anyone hear anything more on that?

  9. Second Live? 😉 How do we know it’s Live if we can’t get into see it? hehe Happy to hear about the fix for cancel-tp-then-freeze

  10. Johnson says:

    Yes… Thanks for fixing those issues.

    Another issue that may require attention is the crippling lag.

  11. KMeist Hax says:

    HELL YEAH! I’ve been waiting for a fix for that annoying failed TP -> no more moving bug.

  12. Mortar says:

    Next up…Get that spell checker installed. 🙂

  13. Corax Homewood says:

    Good! We can always use more fixes! Especially for that VWR-666, it must be a particularly EVIL bug! 🙂

  14. Hope Dreier says:

    OK you’ve fixed one home related bug, no can you fix the wndering home bug? I’ve had 4 different ‘home’ locations this week… non of which I can actually manually (world -> set home) set my home to.

  15. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thank you for the European-friendly update. 🙂

    Good luck with the deployment.

  16. SynsualSyn Sawson says:

    What about the LAG since the upgrade, will that get fixed too or do we have to go and buy $150 worth of more memory and a $150 video card now? I am on cable with a 10 meg speed and sincec the last upgrade I lag so bad in SL and nothing ever completely rezzes that I am to the point of deleting this SIM all Together. Wondering if the next planned outage will require a $5,000 gaming computer system!?! So LLabs what are you doing to fix the lag????

  17. Hechicero Blanco says:

    Great! Nice updates. Does this fix the double Teleport problem also. The one where you TP someplace, try to walk and it TP again to the location you are already at? if so great!

    Good work Lindens.

  18. Vincent Nacon says:

    “SVC-438: Teleport to non-Public Access region takes a long time to time out and fails

    VWR-1664: After canceling teleport to non-public area the avatar cannot walk, nor teleport”

    YES! finally! 🙂 Thanks!

  19. Ryu Darragh says:

    Heh.. I’ll be looking forward to the “no more freezeups when changing viewer direction”. I mean, just because I turn to look in another direction I have to freeze solid (“Second Life: Program is not Responding.”) ?

    Otherwise, it’s working, more or less 😛

  20. Yay! Bug Fixes for the Win!

    @14: Try updating your video drivers and/or reducing your draw distance. It could also be some “feature” in your graphics settings that could be causing the issues, so take a look in your display properties and try resetting the 3d/openGL settings to their defaults. Lastly, if you’re using Intel graphics, consider getting a graphics card that works properly. 😉

  21. richard says:

    i’m looking for the day that everyone will get along,but that aint going to happen !! hey if it didnt freeze up or kick me off or the packets are low it wont be second life !! hey we got update wednesday coming, you know what that means !!!!

  22. Hionimi Engawa says:

    Ah, awesome, it was seriously annoying yes, when you accidently TPd to a place that isn’t public, and after you couldn’t do anything but completly restart.

    I was wondering when that was going to be fixed, thanks Linden, cheers to a better SL! 😀

  23. la le lu says:

    please tell us whats up with the beta grid. can’t connect to it since two weeks now?!

  24. Belarius Slade says:


    I can pick up chicks, too!

  25. Dartagan Shepherd says:

    Well done, a dead bug is a good bug

  26. U M says:

    A serious questen! Are you Joking about this fixes! Are you telling me these fixes are more important then freezing etc? Frankly I doublt these are Client issues and are more like User computer issues!

  27. Lucas says:

    I agree, fix the random lockups, I have had SL freeze up on high end hardware with the latest drivers
    It gets annoying when trying to build
    And there is an issue when you take a cylinder with a hole in it and make it into a spiral staircase
    I can’t get my AV to walk up or down the staircase, it is treated like a cube shaped prim

  28. Yifei says:

    Always service outage is during Asian Prime Time (20:00-00:00), will Lindens consider “Rolling Outage” schedule? I felt that outage is in favour of American and European only.

  29. chant Juran says:

    It amazis me it works at all just keep up the good work and thanks for considereing us euros on wednesday

  30. Troy says:

    @19 (U M)

    Oh yeah its alwas the user computer fault. my system surpises there System Requirements page by a long shot the the cilent still act like a poor whimpy beta. Ill have all things on low details, low draw, everything on low. and after being loged in for a hour when the client eats enough active memory it starts freezeing. i hit the trun once and Freeze just like yours Ryu Darragh. but hell its all fine at frist log in for the frist like 30 minutes. and also the fact its the only installed thing on my whole system that has issues. they keep there head too far up there behinds wanting to add features they knocked out perfomance and stabliseing of the cilent. and yeah there grid isnt all it can be ethier. Starting to see them amit and saying there working on it for once i have high hopes and people shut up if your gonna say ” well if you hate it so much why you play?” I love being on SL. i just dont care for the people that run it. lol

    From what i seen atlate there starting to hall ass. instead of picking there noise and flicking it again a wall or into someone hair for giggles instead of watching for issues.

    There Main Spots they need to work on is Stablieing Both Grid and client and and work on profomance.

    then they need to work on there support lines. the other day i got replys for support things i enter in and never heard from for almost a year now.

    When I joined SL almost 2 years ago my system still was over there System Requirements page. and it ran like a dream back then. every update just got worse. every new feature causeing issues. even the simplest things on SL lag. like normal plan little text to text chatting.

    Ill say one word and it goes trhough 15 minutes later and everyone like “huh?” which i find very sad.

  31. Simba Fuhr says:

    Thank you LindenLab !

  32. U M says:

    No Troy, But what I wondering is where they getting those crash reports? I was using the non voice client for a very long time with no problems. Teleport failures? Um all do repect. I but i did not have anyone of those issues happen to me or some others I talk to. Problem is freezing is occuring YET again, but are there any fixes for that no way in H**!. Don`t get me wrong troy, but i think the coders and bug fixers are not doing a *** thing about some issues like freeezing. But instead dealing with bugs they can fix.

  33. U M says:

    “21 Yifei Says:

    September 25th, 2007 at 1:36 AM PDT
    Always service outage is during Asian Prime Time (20:00-00:00), will Lindens consider “Rolling Outage” schedule? I felt that outage is in favour of American and European only.”

    Well I am located in Japan. So i am use to this down down 3 years i experienced almost every possible time frame. I just use to it.

    U Sagi M sashi

  34. bob brown says:

    hehe just started teaching a SL class in RLin UK, every wednesday afternoon, starting at 1pm… perfect timing 🙂 Can you move it to thursday? 😉

    It’s great to see the fixes though, especially the frozen on TP fix yayyy

  35. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “SVC-438: Teleport to non-Public Access region takes a long time to time out and fails
    VWR-1664: After canceling teleport to non-public area the avatar cannot walk, nor teleport”

    Does this also fix the problem where this happens when you’re teleporting to a public access region? SVC-438 implies that this only fixes attempts to teleport to locations you don’t have access to, and I have NEVER had it happen in that case, but I’ve had it happen when teleporting *home* (and, yes, I had access to my home location, I was able to relog there).

  36. Vics Pera says:

    well i ask if is planned a fix for the new griefer tool dialog spam because a lot o f griefrs are buyng it and if one griefer target you with the url flood the only thingh you can do is quit SL

  37. McPhenius Swain says:

    I’ve been a victim to the “double” teleport where I could not move for quite some time. Although it was not a constant occurrance it was a pain. I am glad to see this fix now!

  38. lone buck says:

    VWR-1664: After canceling teleport to non-public area the avatar cannot walk, nor teleport

    ohh thank god 🙂

  39. Danzo Mills says:

    Gee all sounds wonderful LL ! Now..if only I could log in ……..:|

  40. shifzr says:

    when will the “Ruth-ing” be addressed?!
    lately i can barely teleport without being ruthed and having to restart the viewer.

  41. daisy sidek says:

    well good daisy loses hair on TP and that sucks ok ???????????????

  42. I don’t know if it was already mentioned, but a recent bug that is irritating everyone is: after you teleport, the av is always on the sky and falling (although it remains in the same posiiton)

  43. Hey Filipa – thought that was just me! Have you checked to see if this is a bug report on it?

  44. Chaos Mohr says:

    Glad to see some fixes for these annoying bugs being made, now if only the memory leaks, and some of the graphics crash/freezes can be fixed

    and @ 15: Granted, some problems people experience are hardware related on their end, but this is not always the case, and there are some serious bugs in relation to hardware that is fully supported. I have experienced issues with graphics using an ATI x800XT,ATI x1800, nVidia 7900, and distressingly a whole bunch on an nVidia 8800 Ultra. Now while the newer card may have some driver issues, as it is new, the other cards are well beyond the break in period and well above needed specs. I should not have to reduce my draw distance, or turn off graphic features in order to stop crashes and freezes.

    Side note – nice touch with the Resident Opinion Survey on logout – I will be interested to see what the results of this are.

  45. Dekka Raymaker says:

    *# 14 Ryu Darragh Says:
    I’ll be looking forward to the “no more freezeups when changing viewer direction”. I mean, just because I turn to look in another direction I have to freeze solid*

    *Shadow Darius Wolf, Esq. (ShadowD Walcott inworld) Says:

    @14: Try updating your video drivers and/or reducing your draw distance. It could also be some “feature” in your graphics settings that could be causing the issues, so take a look in your display properties and try resetting the 3d/openGL settings to their defaults. Lastly, if you’re using Intel graphics, consider getting a graphics card that works properly.*

    I have a very good system, everything up to date, 4GB ram, previous to 1.18.1 + versions I had very little problem, sometimes a stutter, rarely a freeze, all animation smooth. Then 1.18.1 comes along if I’m flying and then change direction, everything freezes, in some cases it’s caused my whole computer to freeze and a reboot needed to get back in. I’d crash 3 times day, but in the previous 6 months thats all I crashed. So your suggestion may not be very helpful.

    However, with the latest release, everything is getting back to normal, well less stuttering and less crashes, flight and turning getting smoother again, but it is still not as good as previously.

  46. Amanda Ascot says:

    Cool! The teleport issues were really beginning to get on the nerves of residents — especially this resident. I agree with some of the other posters about the lockup problem, although I’m sure that’s not going to be an easy one to fix or it would already be fixed. Resolve that and the prim/texture snap-back bug, tame the spastic folders in the inventory, and introduce the ability for a property owner to locate an object by name or owner wirth a stream of particles or some other way of indicating *specifically* where it is, and I’ll be a much happier property manager/owner and builder.

    Farallon @4: “So… No parcel restriction client this week? (Ok not really complaining about that :D) but… what was the purpose of last weeks post? Since everyone will have forgotten it by the time this thing rolls out?”

    Hey, you catch on quickly, Farallon! 😛

    Filipa @31: I’ve never had this problem consistently and it’s always been because I teleport from a high place to a low place in different sims, and then it doesn’t happen 100% of the time. Apparently the system sometimes leaves you at your previoius altitude. It’s more funny than annoying to me, actually. I’ve been thinking of trying to replace that cute little “ungh!” sound avatars make when they fall out of the sky and hit the ground with a loud, wet *splat!* sound. Talk about an “entrance”!

    Dekka @34 (and anyone else having problems with the new viewer): Try running the Release Candidate viewer, instead. This has been much less trouble-prone for me, and I noticed an immediate increase in stability with it. I installed the Nicholaz patch on top of it, and that seemed to increase stability even more. One caveat — I haven’t installed the new required main viewer and won’t, so I don’t know that I wouldn’t have seen the same performance gains with it. One thing people should be used to by now is that every system responds to viewers differently because of the plethora of variables involved.

  47. kenny Stringer says:

    Fix This you hired A scamer KITILA Cortes/AKA KITILA Jun FIX THAT ! CHEAK THIS SITE !

  48. daquari Stawberry says:

    I have been wanting to post in one of these for a long time but I am always to late getting here I think the updates are a good thing, you have to have the fixes to keep everything running right..don’t you do regular updates on your home computer?? What I wish is that it was done in the middle of the night when it is sleep time In all reality we must all think SL is a pretty good place and like it or we wouldn’t go there so , why do people come into this blog and whine so much about how terrible it is and how worthless SL is .. I say if you don’t like it .. go some where else .. give those of us who like SL the extra room to play ..
    Just my $2 l’s worth .. and ya don’t have to like it … Thanks Lindens for caring about your residents and trying to make it a better place for us to play ..

  49. Jaxx Tardis says:

    What I’d like to see a fix for is the avatar walk animation not playing. Theres times where I’ll simply ‘slide’ along the ground instead of walking, have to use an AO. Others see me do it too.

  50. Cat Gisel says:

    It’s like the Cat in the Hat. Cept the Lindens is the Cat, and the bugs are the big pink bathtub ring.
    The bugs are just moving from one place to another, they really never go away…And the little cats are “features” hehe

    “The bugs” said The Cat, “are so easy to clean, I’ll get little cat ‘A’ And you’ll see what I mean.”
    He moved the bugs here, and there, all sorts of places, and soon we had bugs, even bug on our faces!
    “Oh Cat you are not making the bugs go away, you are making them bigger! You are making them stay!”
    “No fear” said The Cat, “I know just what to do. I’ll get little cats ‘B,’ ‘C,” and ‘D’ here for you.”
    So ‘B,’ ‘C,” and ‘D’ came, and moved them around, but they never quite left, they could always be found.
    So he invited cats ‘E,’ ‘F,’ and ‘G’ really soon after that, in an effort to squish the bugs terribly flat.
    “Cat H,” said The Cat, “will make things just great! He will allay all your frears, there’s no need to wait.”
    But H just redid what the others had done, and still moved them around. ‘H’ was really no fun..
    “You’ll see,” said The Cat, “Little cats ‘I’ and ‘J,’ will do new things! We stared, and we watched the bugs stay.
    “And here’s ‘K’ said The Cat, “He’s good, he’s on track! He’ll make sure that those nasty bugs don’t come back!”
    But try as he might, even ‘L,’ ‘M’ and ‘O’..they just kept coming back, the nasty bugs would not GO.
    Here’s ‘P’ and here’s ‘Q,’ they will know what to do! They have new things and great things to fix this for you.
    But we didn’t want new, we just wanted them GONE. The bugs being fixed is all we wanted, all along.
    The noise and the ruckus was getting to me, and I started to speak, but I just let it be.
    Seems that others are talking, complaining and such…I wondered if my words would matter too much.
    “Don’t fret” said The Cat, “here are ‘R,’ ‘S,’ and ‘T,’ They bring lots of new ways to fix things, you will see!”
    But try as they might, the bugs kept coming back…they came and they came, oh how big was the stack.
    Then came ‘U’ and then ‘V’ and I just hung my head….and when ‘W’ appeared, then The Cat stood and said,
    “And here’s ‘X,’ he can fix things, and here’s little cat ‘Y,’ But with the bugs and the cats, I just wanted to cry.
    My house was a shambles, my clothes were a mess, my hair kept appearing at the hem of my dress!
    I looked at The Cat and he just shook his head…but I would not stop hoping, I refused to dread.
    I turned to my friends for support and for care…together we can get through life, most anywhere 🙂
    We decided to stick it out, through thick and through thin….cause somehow, some where, this will have a good end.
    So we watched and we waited for answers you see, in hopes that The Cat would fix it, for you and for me.
    We remembered it’s come a ways, since back long ago, and we may have to deal with the process so slow.
    We held hands and smiled, we can get through this strife… And hope “little cat ‘Z'” can come fix Second Life.

  51. Irene Muni says:

    Great news. Finalliy fix SVC-438 and VWR-1664 about teleport problem. Congratulations, LL.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Buenas noticias, finalmente se arreglan los errores SVC-438 y VWR-1664 sobre problemas al teleportarse. Enhorabuena, LL.

  52. Keiki Lemieux says:

    Please please please include the fix for floating text on child prims:

    You fixed it over a month ago according to jira and it’s not even made it into a RC (there have been four released since August 21). This bug BREAKS content. What is the problem with getting it into an actual build?

  53. Sherry Greggan says:

    How about fixing the teleport quicksand bug?

    You know the one where you have to sit and unsit to sort it out.

  54. vlin says:


    Make sure your OpenGL Version is 2.0.5756 or greater. The default process of updating of your drivers from Nvidia or ATI may not bring this fully up to date, so you might need to update it manually.

    You can find your OpenGL Version number in the client at Help > About Secondlife. Its about the 9th line down.

    This has fixed numerous friends’ crash problems. I hope it helps yours. YAY thanks to this driver I now have my friends back in SL!

  55. Mace Payne says:

    my 2 cents:

    Fix this Freezing issue when turning the camera. It seems Sl has serious issues with high end hardware, giving poor performance.
    It’s good to see some fixes being announced, but i feel that Sl’s playability has been reduced grately in the past months. Lockups, Freezing, etc.
    The client with voice did more damage then good. If will be nice to be able to select if you want the voice version or not.

    O and a note to people who mention driver updates: The problems caused are not driver issues. It’s easy to point to them, but if a system is up to date with latest drivers, windows update fixes, then what is there to update eh.

  56. Thanks, LL, for fixing some teleport-related features! I’ve recently noticed that the “double-teleport from Hell” does not leave your avatar in “freeze mode” as it did, since, oh, 1.6? 1.7? I can’t remember. It’s great to see that you’re going to handle a few more special cases on the upcoming upgrade!

    @ Ryu — I wonder if you have voice turned on. A recent rumour spread by some techies, allegedly heard straight from a LL developer on their Office Hours, claimed that voice, since it needs to calculate the direction of where the sound comes from, does some 20 camera updates per second. In some circumstances, this will simply kill SL. Whatever the reason, I did have this issue you mention, and since hearing this rumour, I’ve kept voice turned off (I rarely use it, if at all), and certainly the problem disappeared for me.

    So it might just be a coincidence, but I’d suggest you to do some testing 🙂

    Of course, if you have voice already turned off, my suggestion is basically pointless.

    @bob — how well I understand you! Sadly, RL agendas usually don’t go well with SL’s updates. My worst case scenarios: two (yes two) different SL classes (part of an ongoing local evangelisation effort) that had no SL access due to an update, and thus people were rather disappointed (fortunately, we managed to do some work on the Beta Grid). And one RL conference on SL, where a Linden was invited, had no SL to show off…

    Still, what to do? SL needs patches and upgrades, and it’s better to do them when all of LL’s staff is available to fix issues, than to plan for odd hours (and what are “odd hours” in a world that has at least 25k simultaneous users online all the time?) and utterly failing because the required techie is not on duty at the moment…

  57. U M says:

    and there you have it? what was it?

  58. Nelson Jenkins says:

    To the person who is pissed that SL is down during Asian Prime Time, suck it up. There is no time that satisfies everyone, and since SL is based in America (and Europeans take up a lot of the population), Asians get the crappy end of the stick.

    This 6 to 8 AM timeframe is great! Almost no Americans are on SL at that time (9 to 11 for us in EST, which still is OK), and Europeans don’t need to complain either. I don’t see why every update comes with a certain geographical group complaining about how SL will be down for them in prime time. Suck it up, go outside, or play a game that doesn’t need updates every week so we don’t need to hear you complain.

  59. ramblingsofavirtualgirl says:

    yeah, but what the people from around the world dont realize is even though its 9-11AM (EST for Americans) It usually isnt completely finished with the ability to log in until 3, sometimes 4pm. And from noon on, lots of the EST Americans log in. So its not that we conspire with LL and say ‘Hey i get off work at this time, so can we schedule the update while im in work? That would be great! thanks guys!’ It doesnt happen that way. Fact is LL IS BASED IN THE US! Why would they be based in the US but decide to go by another time frame? Thats ridiculous. Thats like americans populating 90% of a great (_____Insert country here) game and then demanding that they change their time to something more fitting to us.

    And LL – PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE! Can we see beta grid up again tomorrow? Or atleast this week? Please!! I’ll be a good little Avatar i promise!

  60. martin magpie says:

    I hope these fixes included the software lock ups every couple of minutes. Sure makes creating hard to complete. Move, rotate, LOCK….wait 30 sec….rez, move, resize…LOCKED UP…..wait 30 sec – 2 min…..Move recolor, resize….LOCKED UP….wait….

    …LOG OUT.

  61. Vincent Moller says:

    A good step in the right direction, these fixes!
    If we keep giving positiv input to LL, we may get the other bugs fixed.
    Like: Recent Items does not clear in Inventory.


  62. Missy Malaprop says:

    @45, martin magpie

    wow that sounds bad, are they tracking whatever bug is causing that for you, are there many people with that problem? Never heard of it, and never had anything like that happen to me, and I’ve been on SL a couple of years.

  63. mimi says:

    “and Europeans don’t need to complain either”

    Europeans could complain since it’s most of their daytime that’s beeing absorbed by this, but realizing it’s a USA based company I think their times are not unreasonable. What I do mind about is their plans to release windlight while at this moment Secondlife runs crappier than ever.

    * I crash about every hour

    * In crowded places about 50% of the people is a Ruth

    * 25% of my inventory does not work because I get an *object missing from database error*

    * I get lot’s of customer service complaints again from people who payed for an item, but received nothing. I don’t use script for buying, just the simple ‘buy’ option. I am tired of beeing accused of “ripping off people” when Linden Labs fails to make correct deliveries. I am very annoyed by the fact that they ON PURPOSELY do not mention this bug in their solution finder or help files.

    Where is this bug on jira anyhow? I would love to vote on it, but I can’t find it?

  64. Jack88 says:

    What happened to auctions? There is no land for auction! Is it related to this service outage?

  65. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @48: Europeans could complain since it’s most of their daytime that’s beeing absorbed by this

    Wow, the days are short in Europe.

  66. mimi says:

    lol I mean main daytime

  67. U M says:

    For people crabbing about asian time zome gesh. Don`t be besides try being here for almost 3 years and dealing with down time.

    47 said “@45, martin magpie

    wow that sounds bad, are they tracking whatever bug is causing that for you, are there many people with that problem? Never heard of it, and never had anything like that happen to me, and I’ve been on SL a couple of years.” I agree and shows how they are wasting resources of finding and dealing with more important bugs. I am always puzzled abouthow the handle what bugs gets fixed first. You never know if 100 alts filling tickets just because the have so many tickets showing up for theaq one cough cough bug. Now i starting to see the ways how fouled up bug reports can be and wrongly brought to the top and dealt with.

  68. Kian says:

    Does anyone have trouble with their “recent” inventory? My recent inventory never goes away anymore… now it’s just filled with stuff like my regular inventory!

  69. Sean Heying says:

    @ 48 “Where is this bug on jira anyhow? I would love to vote on it, but I can’t find it?”

    Jira bugs are entered by the residents. If you can’t find it then no-one has that problem or you are the first to find it and others soon will have it.

    You should enter it yourself, then others can vote on it as well.

  70. Raban Laborde says:

    oh,… the forced (and here illegal) data handout to “authorisation” dataminers comes nearer

  71. mimi says:

    Hmm having seen a lot of shopowners mention this bug in their profile I cannot imagine it does not exist yet? Oh well, I’ll try add it then! Thanks for the tip

  72. U M says:

    “45 martin magpie Says:

    September 25th, 2007 at 8:56 AM PDT
    I hope these fixes included the software lock ups every couple of minutes. Sure makes creating hard to complete. Move, rotate, LOCK….wait 30 sec….rez, move, resize…LOCKED UP…..wait 30 sec – 2 min…..Move recolor, resize….LOCKED UP….wait….

    …LOG OUT.”

    Now this bug is important! I have screaming abotu this for a long time. But do they fix it? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do they fix some strange Teleport issues i never experienced. I highly doubt they do this fix at all. Its been around since the start and before 2007. Lest hope they will do the fix and make people happy instead of making us more upset.

    U sagi M usashi

  73. @18 la le lu:

    Re: “What’s up with the beta grid?”

    We’ve got some new server-side work (beyond mere bug fixes) going into beta, and we had the beta grid prepped for previewing the work. At the last minute, we found some showstoppers and are fixing them before we open it up. As soon as its stable enough we’ll open it up, with appropriate fanfare.

  74. @41 Keiki Lemieux:

    Regarding a fix: “What is the problem with getting it into an actual build?”

    Every change to the code adds additional uncertainty, and the goal is to reduce the uncertainty around a release. Once we have a release candidate (e.g. 1.18.3 RC5) we do not take any changes in that aren’t fixes for issues introduced in the RC, in order to reduce the risk.

    Any additional fixes introduced into the RC would potentially destabilize it, which means it takes even longer to stabilize. The goal is to get the RC as stable as quickly as possible so it can be released and we can move onto the next version which will include additional fixes.

  75. Renee Faulds says:

    9-1 7 times
    9-2 10 times
    9-3 5 times
    9-4 8 times
    9-5 6 times
    9-6 8 times
    9-7 9 times
    9-8 10 times
    9-9 5 times
    9-10 4 times
    9-11 8 times
    9-12 6 times
    9-13 6 times
    9-14 5 times
    9-15 13 times
    9-16 5 times
    9-17 4 times
    9-18 5 times
    9-19 1 time (out of Town)
    9-20 7 times
    9-21 15 times ( NEW RECORD)
    9-22 8 times
    9-23 11 times
    9-24 3 times (Out of Town)
    Today Anybody’s Guess

    All equipment WELL ABOVE minimum Reqmts.


  76. Marlena Petrov says:

    I’m using RC with the Nicholez 18 xm viewer…weeee!!!
    Few problems, best of the old and new viewers. Very stable 🙂

  77. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    Since I use the “Nicholaz Edition” of the viewer (bleeding edge) my crashes have drastically reduced – almost to none. A day with one or two crashes is a bad day for me now (compared to up to 10 crashes when building) – so obviously the bugs can be fixed :p

  78. ramblingsofavirtualgirl says:

    Hey joshua, thanks for the update on beta. Also (To any linden that may be reading this) Is there any possible way we could get a super rough ETA on the beta grid being reopened? Thanks a bunch!

  79. Cubsfan Pugilist says:

    Someone help me out here.

    It says it goes down 6-8, rolling restart 3pm.

    Does that mean that it’s ONLY off 6-8 or that it will go off SOME TIME BETWEEN 6-8 and STAY OFF UNTIL 3pm

  80. les says:

    The TP failing to blocked homes was an annoying thing used by griefers for at least over a year. Glad you finaly got around to it.

    What about the render code? This video crashing and hanging is getting REALLY old. Slow moving hover things sink into the ground…oh for endless months now. Also the Wizard of Oz fly by artifacts from vehicles is getting pretty old.

    Also…can you all just ban the half-wit UM from the blog as requested by many? S/he can’t seem to control him or her self and feels the need to take multiple (LIMITED???) slots with crap each thread. Ban me too if it helps.
    In fact ban everyone except Cat Gisel. Mew Cat!

  81. i would really like to know when people will be payed 300 l for the week. i have an account and so does my sister livinglight yiyuan, but so far none of us have been payed 300l today. were both wondering why and would like to find out and be payed, thank you.

  82. calliope simon says:

    I wonder…when are you going to fix real issues of continual sim crashes, terribly low prim server-side limits, severe grid latency that NEVER goes away, and utterly crapulent graphics?

  83. calliope simon says:

    “Every change to the code adds additional uncertainty, and the goal is to reduce the uncertainty around a release.”

    If every change to your code is adding additional uncertainty, then you have coders who have no idea what they’re doing.

  84. Fanoola says:

    Almost every time I empty my SL trash I crash. Will this every be fixed?

  85. RaptonX Zorger says:

    Ooo, that last one where ya can’t walk after a failed tp….really annoying

  86. sylvie matova says:

    Think you’ve got problems with TP.. try asset server completely stuffed.

    Just logged on to find that 6000 items vanished from my inventory overnight.

    Thanks Lindens, that’s about 100,000 L$ I’ll have to spend again.

  87. I been noticing many people Freezing and getting locked up lately. Can some tech look into this. Before the last update I almost never crash or lock up.
    ps, To #63, The more inventory that is lost and you replace, the more money LL makes! (>_<)

  88. Hats off to you Cat; that was great reading…
    Thank you Linden Lab for making efforts to make Second Life a stable environment 🙂

  89. Rex Cronon says:

    @ 35(Amanda Ascot): there are scripts that can do that.
    @ Cat Gisel: i liked what u wrote:)

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  91. Kira says:

    LMAO @ My house was a shambles, my clothes were a mess, my hair kept appearing at the hem of my dress!

    HAHA Cat , thanks that was awsome

  92. Loniki Loudon says:

    anyone notice llTargetOmega is broken?

  93. Anna Eisbar says:

    #61 suggest banning UM from the blog….bad idea. UM lives in the blog, if you ban it, it will come to SL and start annoying people there. Not that i know what the point is of complainging about SL when you spend 24/7 in the blog…. the blog works fine.

  94. SynsualSyn Sawson says:

    If it is my system that is causing the problems, then why DID IT WORK FINE before the UPGRADE? Same System I was using before and after the crappy upgrade (should be called DOWNGRADE)! And I have set my draw to the lowest it can go and tweeked other things to help it, and still runs like shit! I am 24 hours from deleting this junk if it doesnt get fixed!

  95. Stefano Ludwig says:

    Uhm…Keep on the good work….I ve been experiencing the same boring problems since april 2006. Surely this client is the worst ever. And despite what LLabs say about servers, voice is heavily interfering. The last non voice version worked pretty fine. So i think we need a non voice client. Or better: voice chatters (20%) need their optional voice client.

  96. Reuben says:

    Awesome Cat. Z is coming.

  97. Latif Khalifa says:

    The viewer freeze when using camera controls and turning around is reported as

    Very annoying indeed. Go vote for to make it more visible 🙂

  98. Harrie says:

    @ 39

    Cat – You RAWK!!!!!!


  99. U M says:

    Joshua, well we ever have afix for the freezing issues?

  100. Veronica Quackenbush says:

    Knowing how hard it is to hunt down a bug as impossible to reproduce as the evil eternal teleport bug, I say three cheers for the Lindens who fixed it. In fact, I say more than three cheers, I say we should throw a big party at Pooley and hand out medals to the folks who fixed this.

    I’m perfectly serious. One of the major things that keeps SL unstable and frustrating is the thanklessness of bug hunting. Voice and windlight and sundry bells and whistles are much sexier, and there’s no glory and loads of frustration in tracking down irreproductible bugs. It’s a very old problem: everyone loves to party and no one wants to do the dishes. What say we change that?

    I propose we throw a big party for the brave Lindens who tracked down and fixed this bug. I say we make them Linden of the month. I say we give them a front page spread and a medal and a pay bonus. Let’s make it sexy and glamorous to fix bugs! It is, after all, the most satisfying way to make the world of SL a better place.

  101. Cat Rocked with her thoughtful creative poem!!
    I LOVE SL.
    I am hoping the above fixes will in fact work on some of the lag experienced world wide in SL. I can see where the Voice activation could be responsible for some of that.. but honestly the voice is SO much easier and essential to some functions, lololol.
    Helping newbies is so much easier with voice… an explanation takes so much less time with voice and easier back and forth on resolution of difficulties. we have had issues with sound systems and such and no one has really been complaining much on that …They take care of the sound card issues they have and move on.
    DO you hear voice users complain that the voice box is greyed? No, we just move to another area where you can voice.

    SO MUCH ON SL WORKS ALL THE TIME .. we take it for granted. I too have lost a few things in inventory, and had to replace them only to have one of them show up again…. what, three weeks later? I freeze when tp and have to relog… ( THANK YOU FOR THIS FIX!) and yes those things are annoying, but there are fun and informative things to view on the website to teach you how to use SL better .. (THANK YOU Torey for slowing down.. i did try to respond to your blog but the reply to blog button did not give me a page to respond on for over five minutes … wanted to wish you a good vacation with your wife! ENJOY! Look forward to your return and more helpful friendly patient teaching on basics for newbies and new discovery tips as well. YOU Exceedingly with great joy ROCK!!!! )

    Thank you for telling us about planned updates SO WE CAN SCHEDULE OTHER THINGS TO DO AT THAT TIME…. tee hee.. I am grateful for the notice. Why bitch about needed supports you bitch to have? When they have downtime we have plenty other things to do especially if rl stuff is neglected in favor of SL. Maybe we just have to face RL once in awhile too, yes?

    ITS A GAME, PEOPLE and it runs great most of the time. Make valid complaints please, in constructive criticism mode…. and throw in a “what you are grateful for in SL” comment as well!

    Linden Labs works hard to keep all this incredible world we call SL running beautifully most of the time…. lets show them some support and CAT.. delightful to amuse while outlining a problem!!

    I am beginning to see the validity of the complaints about new stuff being added when faithful user stuff is not seeming to be addressed, as it IS being done here.. thank you for that as well.

    IS it true that fixing this other stuff will help with the lag that has increased SL wide ? …Or IS that a wrinkle in the voice usage? I would think with voice being on a different server it would have minimal impact on the SL servers aside from what is needed for interfacing SL for use.

    Thank you again for all you do, Linden Labs, for the care you show your users … those weekly tips and TUTS are terrific and out where realtive newbies can find them VALID POINT, TOREY who ROCKS.

    IT is so beautiful to see those who know, help those who dont know help themselves by learning and thank god for video …. especially in the early days when Torey went a mile a minute in explaining what I am sure is old hat to him…but all new to many and somewhat unfamiliar to most. WHat a great feature.. you can go back and review the information rather than have to keep a notebook to page back through. Thank you.

    Enough. JUST THANK YOU FOR THE FIXES!! Please, if the fixes dont help THE LAG, can you move that to the top of one of your lists?

    Maybe a Tut ( short for tutorial) on Lag and what causes it, and how to avoid it , and deal with it when you must would be in order as well?

    It may be like rain, inconvienient for the time but necessary to the process and we can still get out on sl and enjoy… just need some work arounds like umbrellas and galoshes! Prolly not exactly like rain as it helps to nourish the earth…. .. but then getting OFF SL once in a while is nourishing to my mind and spirit too. Balance, its a beautiful thing.

    Thank you,

  102. calliope simon says:

    Ah, so you’re all about freedom of speech just so long its adheres strictly to your weird, amorphous, entirely undefined rules.

    I realize this comment won’t make it through, but if the moderator could forward the following to anyone who LL still has the revenue to pay, it would be much appreciated:

    The reason that you’re failing, Linden Labs, is less due to technical incompetence and much, much, much more to do with your utterly non-existent customer service. Also, I’m not terribly pleased about you using my ideas that I’ve been posting on and off over in the forums without even the smallest thank-you–not to mention credit.

    But I really am a nice person, and will not add my lost revenue (real money, not linden dollars), my wasted time, my immense frustration or my innate will to not be screwed in general to your growingly long list of litigation headaches. It’d be like kicking a three-legged dog. Somehow it’s just not right.

  103. calliope simon says:

    By the way, luanna, the lag is not due to second-life specific software configurations. It’s due to the fact that Linden Labs decided to use the wrong type of cluster for this very heavy internode bandwidth application. The unfortunate part is that it’s not really possible to back out of and do correctly without admitting an enormous mistake, which Linden Labs has been historically absolutely unwilling to do.

  104. MandiShepherd says:

    * WINKZ*

  105. U M says:

    Sorry can you sum up? Because if you sole purpose is to RAH RAH Voice client then well……..there are more people say the client is failing then helping. Sorry but facts are getting then fiction.

  106. richard says:

    i like pizza !!!

  107. Renee Faulds says:

    Updating my earlier post

    Todays CRASHES 13

    Hip Hip Hurray for Linden Labs’ poorest viewer yet !

  108. vegies73 petrov says:

    Troy, you nailed it on the head.

    LindenLabs instead of trying to fix source codes and bugs within the SL software, how about spending money on new server hardware instead of writing code for outdated server hardware??????
    get with the times LindenLabs. when will you make your servers above system requirements?? the problem is not so much the code but the hardware you use. this all boils down to corporate greed!!!!
    minimum expenditure for maximum profit!!!!!
    now get rid of the teenage programmers you employ LindenLabs and start employing mature programmers who actually know what their doing!!!!!! you operate with no LOGIC.

  109. Matheus Gleeson says:

    Freeze when double-tp is cancelled is now fixed? THANK you! There has been one fairly reliable workaround for it. Just wait for 5 minutes until the TP fails and goes back to showing you where you’ve been the full time. Then you can walk around normally. Easier to relog, usually.

    Rez lag!! Please, that one is an important one! And yes, I understand that in some areas, there is a LOT of rezzing that has to be done simply to show what’s directly in front of an AV. Perhaps return to showing un-textured surfaces until the textures rez? At least then it might stop the rez-related freezes that seem to happen every few minutes.

    Money transfers, difficulty equipping items, clothing rez issues, getting “ruthed”…. these issues keep getting “fixed” and then eventually break all over again… what?

    And I agree that it seems pointless to add in all kinds of bells and whistles to a client everyone was happy with (minus the issues of course) when the issues are really all we want dealt with.

    Any chance of getting in-world help back? Might be amazed at how fast some things get taken care of if we could have that back.

    However: SL works most of the time. SL is still fun. It’s a great place to hang out, party, and even work if we can manage it. Thanks. 🙂

    Now… please… no more additions until everything else is fixed? 😛

  110. Starsaphire Dagger says:

    New server code? Gee I hope someone checked for errors this time. The ongoing frustrations from the last 2 months of updates and maintenance have me shaking in my boots.

  111. Keef Klaar says:

    Great to learn about fixes… but please Lindens.. learn to tell the time! lol

    It’s 2-4pm GMT!

    Otherwise.. all is good


  112. Guy says:

    @14: Try updating your video drivers and/or reducing your draw distance. It could also be some “feature” in your graphics settings that could be causing the issues, so take a look in your display properties and try resetting the 3d/openGL settings to their defaults. Lastly, if you’re using Intel graphics, consider getting a graphics card that works properly.

    Funny… on the Intel graphics I had zero issues.
    On the NVidia I quite often (every hour) would freeze for about 10 seconds, expect with the last update. Now it just crashes.

    Yes the drivers are updated.

    Quit talking out your ass and pasting in the “update your drivers, get a real video card, yadda yadda yadda”

  113. Melanie Milland says:

    @70: Nicholaz “Old School” is based on It is still available for download, and it is a pure non-voice viewer.
    Nicholaz has a Windows download, and I have a Linux version, not yet packaged for download, but available on request.

    Then there is the Nicholaz voice viewer, based on Linden RC, which is patched to get the separate friends list back and works, UI wise, like the pre-voice viewers.
    Again, that is available in Windows and Linux flavour (no Mac atm, sorry)

    As for crashes, I run SL on 4 machines.
    One Linux desktop with Nvidia, one Linux desktop with ATI, one Linux laptop with ATI and one Windows XP laptop with ATI (same model laptop as the Linux one).

    Result: (crashes per day)
    Desktop (NV): 1-2
    Desktop (ATI): 1-2
    Laptop (Linux: 1-2
    Laptop (Windows): 5-8

    Go figure! It’s not the architecture, it’s not SL, it’s not the graphics card or driver, …..

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  115. Stefano Ludwig says:

    @ 79:

    Version doesnt work anymore.
    You can download it for your collection.
    This voice client makes SL a real mess:
    1 – Logoff after tp
    2 – Logoff during tp.
    3 – Logoff while you are sitting on your sofa doing nothing.
    4 – Strange things happening in parcels especially while editing.
    5 – Scripts running by themselves.
    6 – Objects rez by themselves.
    7 – Arrows often out of control (i.e. you cant stop walking, you cant change direction.
    8 – Dramatically increased lag.

    A new non voice client is absolutely a must.

  116. Amanda Ascot says:

    Cat @69: Loved it, Cat! In fact, that was a save-to-HD file.

    Sylvie @63: Most missing inventory issues are temporary. I have them all the time, occasionally not having *anything* in inventory for an entire log-in session. To be fair I have lost items permanently, including some rather expensive no-copy items, but most of my stuff eventually comes back on a re-log, especially if I log-in to a relatively lag-free sim and just wait. Sometimes a “search” for anything at all in your inventory seems to give it kick in the behind and it starts loading, too. I don’t know what’s up with that, but it frequently works.

    Rex @66: Yes, I know there are scripts that can change the various noises that an avatar can make. I don’t have one, or an appropriate “splat” sound, though, so I’ll just have to write the script and find a sound. Both of which should be a nice challenge for me of little scripting ability and time to look for things.

    Veronica @73: Good point, and this is something the whiners need to get through their thick skulls. Churning out error-free code is hard work. Some people think that it’s possible to write complex debugged code as quickly as they bang out netspeak in chat. I read, once, that a professional programmer’s average day’s work is not in the hundreds of lines of code, but the *tens* of lines of code — not even that if they’re involved in that unglamorous, thankless, and oftentimes nervewracking job of squashing bugs. Take a class in computer programming, folks. And then try to find the bugs in a large program that someone *else* wrote. Yes, Veronica, the bug-hunters on the Linden team are unsung heros and they deserve recognition for their work, and a few words of thanks from those of us who actually appreciate what they do and understand why everything doesn’t fixed all at once.

  117. U M says:

    WOW they are editing post again?

    Well don`t for get about freezing bug witch is totally uncalled for but yet occuring.

  118. Rex Cronon says:

    #116, Amanda Ascot: I was thinking about scripts that point to objects, using particles

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