Required update for Release Candidate Viewer

Hi Everyone!

Today’s Release Candidate Viewer ( picks up critical fixes released in the primary download earlier this week and a handful of other fixes:

  • Fixed URL handler exploit
  • Update voice components to improve quality and address VWR-1532
  • Add name of viewer release channel to embedded browser agent ID string
  • Fixed VWR-2500: Unable to login to Second Life after Declining Update
  • Fixed VWR-2484: Icons missing from Mac OS X build
  • Fixed VWR-2482: build tree misses the cursors_mac directory

Thanks again for your continued use of the Release Candidate Viewer. We’re getting close to finalizing this release, so please report any issues in the Issue Tracker and set the Affects Version/s to 1.18.3.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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111 Responses to Required update for Release Candidate Viewer

  1. Warda Kawabata says:

    We should go to the “optional downloads page” for a “Required update”? Bridie, I believe there is a job waiting for you at the Ministery of Information.

  2. Celina Lathrop says:

    Well, let´s see how it goes, shall we? I tried installing the official “mandatory” client, which looked surprisingly like the beta version of voice. Like THAT beta thing, it wouldn´t log me in, “DNS cannot resolve host name”, or whatever. Not a SINGLE person in support could find a solution to it, all sounded even more baffled than I.I then went to the optional ones and downloaded and installed the previous candidate and everything went smoothly. Until now, that is. I´m downloading because you guys didn´t give me a choice, but I swear to God, this thing better work. I´ve lost time, money and work two days ago because of THAT release. And I´m two hours away from a major event.

  3. anonymous says:

    Thank you; I hope this helps with the recent crashing issues 😉

  4. Bobo Decosta says:

    Please, please do something about your communication! Most blogposts are so confusing. Required? Optional? What is it?

  5. I wonder what was real reason behind the TOS update ;~P

  6. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    /me sighs and recompiles the latest version just to keep the windows users all safe from URL exploits 🙂
    Ok. So the fact secondlife:// urls don’t work in Linux without a lot of hacking turns out to be a security feature! Cool! 🙂

  7. ziyi szuyuan says:

    Wonderfull thank you for a new update of the release candidate. good fixes !!!

  8. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Well, tried to do the automatic update on login – and it downloaded 1.18.2 instead of, even though I’m using the RC. Got a small problem there.

  9. Keith says:

    Hi, Todays update triggers my anti-virus software I’m running xp pro with PC Guard anti-virus/firewall. whats happening with that?

  10. Relentless Roux says:

    if this is a required update, why are we not directed to the optional download page as we log in…like the last required update that i downloaded? instead…i find myself frozen…not in SL, not out of SL. forgive me, perhaps i am too new…but must i remember now, to check all the notices on the bottom bar everytime, before i log in??
    will it happen again like this?? well, i’m off to download the required download…it is rather like finding the small print on a legal document, isn’t it? hopefully, it will get me back into my favourite alternate life…

  11. Jeff B. says:

    are there currently login issues, or is being perpetually stuck at the ‘Logging in.’ screen a feature of this new client revision?

  12. Elendir Axon says:

    This is a required update to the OPTIONAL client that you can use, its only required if you use the optional client 1.18.3 why is this so hard to understand?

    And to those who are complaining that LL said that there would be no more required updates….I’m sure you’d rather use a client that has a critical exploit that can be used to take control of your entire system, its only required so that LL can cover their ass and yours from someone using their software to make your computer a zombie.

  13. Jeff B. says:

    Well, I don’t use IE and I could actually log in with the previous version, so I guess that’d be a ‘yes i would’, Elendir.

  14. Rascal Ratelle says:

    I tried the update it’s given me 1.18.2(1) instead of Today’s Release Candidate Viewer (

    the link to the down load page you provided is taking me to the main download page not the optional page.

  15. Rascal Ratelle says:

    I forgot to add I also saw a massege on the top of the page saying, “File not found”

  16. hmr1000 says:

    I thought the required update fixed that exploit, now you have to have a fix for your fix, come on guys, this is getting silly!

  17. TaraLi Jie says:

    > This is a required update to the OPTIONAL client
    > that you can use, its only required if you use the
    > optional client 1.18.3 why is this so hard to
    > understand?

    Indeed – this is the RC – Release *CANDIDATE*. And as it’s supposed to become the new stable soon, wouldn’t it make sense that it get the bug fix?

    And, as it’s such a *CRITICAL* fix, they’re calling it a required upgrade. But, since sanity and common sense are such rare things – they actually programmed the server to enforce it!

    > And to those who are complaining that LL said that
    > there would be no more required updates….I’m sure
    > you’d rather use a client that has a critical exploit
    > that can be used to take control of your entire
    > system, its only required so that LL can cover their
    > ass and yours from someone using their software to
    > make your computer a zombie.

    And since when did Linden Labs say there would be *NO* more required updates? Wrong Answer! HetGrid is supposed to minimize them – but if a major security bug comes up – of course they’re going to push out a fix! Go back and re-read the Dia de Liberacion Blog Post – they never said there would never be any more required updates. For that matter, if Linden introduces new prim types – say extrusions and/or figures of revolution – things will get really interesting when people use clients that don’t know about them, and wonder why they’re running into something they can’t see. Might not be a *REQUIRED* update, but by the time it rolls across the grid, the optionality of it will be … moot.

  18. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I was wondering these last couple of days if the RC had the exploit fix. So this is it. =) lol

    #1, #4. You don’t get it? I can understand how there is a required update to an optional version. If you want to use the optional version, it is required that you update to the latest version of the optional version. If you dont like the required update, then you dont have to use the optional version. If this doesnt make sense to you, then the problem is you, not Bridie or LL.

  19. Evil says:

    hmm, it’d be nice if there were also a VIEWER UPDATE LINK seeings how the SL program now locks during loggin and some of us have NO other way of getting this ‘required update’. Even the current download version shows the post version.


  20. Maklin Deckard says:

    “I’m sure you’d rather use a client that has a critical exploit that can be used to take control of your entire system, its only required so that LL can cover their ass and yours from someone using their software to make your computer a zombie.”

    Thanks for breaking the Nicholaz RC viewer on a friday, LL! It it came down to an exploit or the new communicate window, I’ll take the exploit.

    As far as LL covering my backside…please…they can’t find their own backsides with both hands and a GPS, so I doubt anything they force out will be of benefit to me (ala, the communicate window)

  21. Cocoanut Koala says:

    “This is a required update to the OPTIONAL client that you can use, its only required if you use the optional client 1.18.3 why is this so hard to understand?”

    It wasn’t so hard to understand once you explained it, Elendir.

    Maybe you should start writing their blog posts for them? Because their blog entries have become increasingly confusing. You seem to understand what they are trying to say AND are able to translate it for the rest of us, or at least partially translate it.

    (What was once First Look apparently became “the optional client” or the “release candidate view” or something, God only knows. I sure can’t tell what they’re talking about.)

    But not JetZep – he isn’t good at this translating gig:

    “#1, #4. You don’t get it? I can understand how there is a required update to an optional version. If you want to use the optional version, it is required that you update to the latest version of the optional version. If you dont like the required update, then you dont have to use the optional version. If this doesnt make sense to you, then the problem is you, not Bridie or LL.”

    I prefer Elendir’s translating service, Jet, hope you don’t mind; nothing personal.



  22. richard says:

    can someone answer #5 question and are they letting the teeny boppers in here,i hope not!!!!!!!!!! a bunch of kids on the main grid !!!!!!

  23. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    It stinks that Linux and Mac users are forced to update because of Mr. Gates company screwing things up as allways…

    The exploit only puts windows users vulnerable so reasonably only them should be forced to upgrade… Where is the logic thinking of the engineers ???

    /me shigs and wonders if the version manager can’t handle different operating systems or what the **** is the problem, oh dear can it be $$$ ???

  24. Bobo Decosta says:

    @ Elendir Because a lot of us residents are not native english and LL like sto comunicate in geek language wich for you might sound basic but not to me.

    LL really has to do something about it’s communication because most of the posts here contain so much technical mumbo jumbo that its very hard to understand for normal human beings.

    Being on the internet for over 7 years now i must say that LL is the company with the worst communication ever seen for me. I never have a problem to understand how software works, I read daily a lot of technical websites in english but most of SL blogposts look like something you only encounter when you are a developer.

    For as far I understood till i read this post. There would be only a REQUIRED update if it was the master version. This is what makes this post so hard to understand for me because now there is a required update that is optional.

    It’s just as confusing as having mature land and still have to flag it for mature content.

    So i’m glad you understand things that make no sense, I don’t and i’m not alone,

    Most people leave SL for what it is because the learning curve is to steep, well i don’t see LL making any effort on making SL more accesible

  25. nika talaj says:

    Thanks. I would also appreciate some information on what’s been updated server-side within the last two weeks. It appears that many of us with iffy video chips/cards are now completely unable to use the grid without crashing, no matter what client we use (even Nicholaz’ version of the pre-voice client). Is Windlight, or some other rendering challenge, in the process of being rolled out? If so, we can just resign ourselves to leaving or getting new hardware, and stop the endless search for invisible changes on our machines that somehow affected the client.

  26. Amanda Ascot says:

    Macklin @18: The Nicholaz viewer is not broken.

    1) Download the new RC and install it right on top of the older one.

    2) Find “releasenotes.txt” in the RC program directory.

    3) Change the (5) in the version number on the first line to (3).

    4) Save releasenotes.txt

    5) Launch the Nicholaz viewer.

    Trust me, it works. I’m online in Second Life with it right now.

  27. Mike1 Shepherd says:

    Bob puts it very well. It’s not that everything they say is bad. It’s the tone and the way it’s spoken. Having worked for a technology company for almost twenty years this is common when engineers “try” to explain what they mean to others. “They” know what they mean but it bothers them to explain to everyone else. The tone of this entire week on the blog has become increasingly hostile. You cannot drop a poorly written communication off and run. I feel like this week has been one big hit and run accident. I’m sure they feel that they are doing what is in the best interest of the company (and maybe the residents). However, they are doing a poor job of putting users at ease. Torley seems to be the best at communicating, but even there a lighthearted attitude in the midst of a sea of doubts does more to anger than to placate.
    LL for the good of your own company perhaps you want to have an outsider, “That you trust,” look at your communications policy. You are chasing people away, unless you really feel that there is that many suckers out there who will keep coming in. Is the goal of SL to bring new people in, grab a few bucks from them until they realize the ads don’t tell the whole story and leave?
    People are polarizing on both sides of the argument and this is not a good sign. The “apologists” are suspected because they could be disquised Lindens. The “anarchists” are suspected because they could just be people who want to whine. The rest of us I suspect fall somewhere in the middle. The apologists will stay until personally affected. The anarchists will eventually get bored and leave for another “fight.” What will kill you is the middle people getting tired of the fight and the continuous unexplained changes that are costing them money and fun time. No one wants this kind of stress in something that is supposed to be “fun.” Eventually the fun level will drop and they will leave. No amount of noobies are going to replace them. Please someone realize this before the best and most creative go elsewhere.

    This is off topic, but it really shows that even a simple necessary upgrade is perceived as evil and an intrusion. Will it really cost LL that much to get someone on here to respond for a day? Someone who can be honest and simply say, “I don’t know.”

    Just my 2L$

  28. nancib says:

    When will the Linux client get streaming media (esp. video) support back? It’s been borked ever since the Coice client hit, and I’d really like to be able to enjoy video content inworld again.

  29. Tavis Nico says:

    To clarify to those people who are confused about how this update is required AND optional, here goes:

    The update shown here is for the optional Release Candidate Viewer. All previous versions of the Release Candidate Viewer need to be updated to this version. This is not an update to the mainstream “Second Life Release” viewer (which by the way, just had a mandatory update Wednesday to fix the URL handler exploit mentioned above.) This update essentially mirrors the changes that needed to be made on the standard viewer’s required update.

    To those of you who got it figured out already, bravo. In any case, since it looks like the Release Candidate Viewer might become official soon, it might be a good idea to take a look at it anyway. Trying it now will help ensure SL does not become unstable for you when the Release Candidate goes mainstream.

  30. Nahona Nakamori says:

    Just Great, random crash while using blue menu on items are back… great work again on what not to do Lindens! precedent RC worked like a charm *sigh*

  31. Soj says:

    Don’t know if this has anything to do with anything… but….. today at around 1:30 pm PST I was building on my sim. I had a mild freeze (common in post-voice era) and then got logged out (periodically common) and then, the uncommon thing happened….. I was logged back in by the computer. It showed my log in information and plopped me back into SL. All was fine for a sec… then my display went haywire and I ended up with large type and graphics.

    So, I, as a dutiful Second Lifer… relog. Get in… same thing. It kicked me out enough to see my original webpage and icons then relogs me, all by itself.

    This time.. I reboot the whole computer. Log in to SL. Within a minute… same thing.

    So, I go to the Concierge.. First thing he suggests is that I change the graphics display through preferences. Now what is that supposed to do when SL is kicking me out? I say… so… he says.. uninstall and reinstall SL with reboots. ok.. I do.

    This time, in the middle of the logging process.. it stops.. (you know the usual black screen with unresponding thing) and then…you guessed it.. kicks me out.. and relogs me in the middle of a log in! And.. despite the reinstalled SL.. I have the big print.

    Since then, I have changed my password (did it yesterday too) and reset the graphics display which has popped bigger twice without the kick out-log in.

    I don’t know what caused this. I am not trusting SL at the moment to not just pitch me out and take over my computer. Apparently, Concierge does not know what did it… and I asked if something was going on with SL at the time and he would only address my sim and my actions… so.. beats me.. but… figured I would pass it on.

    Don’t think the regular Linden channels will address it.

    If any of you out there have encountered it…now you know you aren’t alone.

  32. ajax says:

    how come with a basic acount u cannot download the new version

  33. Crashes, apparently random, on OS X 10.4.10, ATI Chipset as well as on a Quadro board on Quad Xeon (MacPro). It almost definitely crashes on closing own or other resident’s profile window. This behavior is common on the stock client, seems to worse on a bit. Prioritization of texture DL is close to unnoticeable. The client still exits abnormally or hangs on exit. Voice does not work (i.e. not registering on to the network).

  34. U M says:

    Why? This client can`t be any worse then what was required to use? Well Lets hope they got the bugs out of the the last client .

  35. U M says:

    @30 Freezing is still ocurring with viewer as wel with WIndows. I expecting random crashed to soon pop up. I am not sure what is going on but it seems a Windowns And Mac problem. The UI is just need better coding.

    U Sagi M usashi

  36. nina says:

    ffs i thought ll were doing something to put an end to all these infernal 30+mb optional ‘upgrades’.

  37. eSpirit Sol says:

    Ok, will someone help? I haven’t seen any kind of login at all since the required update & I have tried every single thing I can think of, but can’t believe I am still the only one with this “issue”. It is a carry on from earlier posts from the first update that said after the forced/required download, nothing happened but the quote “Unable o connect to SL…blah blah.. something has gone wrong..blah blah check status.. ” (i.e. that too familiar, white noise, no info. thing). There is just a SL logo webpage instead of the happy data screen on top. SO, I tried downloaded and installed everything, uninstalled and reinstalled in every combination, including that last I am no newbie. I am both Dev & Concierge. Still, rather than call, I want to put this here, for everyone. If there is an obvious answer, it would be nice to have it here, so others with less support and willingness to post might see this. After more than a year at this, it is the first un-resolvable mess of this magnitude, including the graphics driver conflicts. Please help if it is an easy and obvious thing. Thanks! eSpirit

  38. Hecaeta says:

    BRING ON THE IDV. Get rid of illegal alts reduce lag. Hey, even if the kiddies that use mom’/dad’s ID they wont be inworld very long. SO I say bring it on. I have NOTHING to hide. I report my income. I do nothing “shady” that I have to worry about. To those that whine about it. I wonder what they are trying to hide.

  39. Winter Ventura says:

    the word “Required” seems to be a misnomer, since I can easily log in without installing this update.

  40. Rusalka Writer says:

    Not only did my MacBook Pro crash after about five minutes, it completely seized. I couldn’t even get to the Force Quit. I had to do a forced restart of the computer. This has happened with the last two out of three release candidates. The word “required” led unto disaster.

  41. Tegg B says:

    Hmm both versions seem to work great for me, other than a crashing thing tha’s been there for a few versions, and I’m happy they blocked the handler exploit, people who want that sort of feature can get them from many other internet sites 😛

  42. Celierra Darling says:

    Everyone complaining about RC updating not being automatic from the previous RC: Don’t forget that the RC is really mainly for testing and preview purposes, so convenience takes a back seat to testing real to-be-released-to-everyone functionality. You’re getting the *real* update that everyone else gets, which is what the real released program would do. It’s a quirk that’s expected if you think about it – why change the code just for RC when you want RC to act like the real client? The less code needs to be changed between the RC and the real release, the better the RC actually does its job.

  43. mimi says:

    *sighs* communication, communication it always seems to be the trouble from both sides…

  44. mcp Moriarty says:

    [21:35] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
    [21:35] Connected

    Repeated endlessly every x seconds, also freezes my mac for like 4 or 5 seconds each time it appears. Voice chat is borked on the mac. 😛 Have to shut it off or it’s unusable. Does not matter what version I try, they all do it 😦

  45. Neal Nomad says:

    could we get a linden that is able to explain things in conventional english? I know its sounds so very cool to put everything in tech talk, but it’s very inconsiderate (and elitist) 😉

  46. mimi says:

    OMG why doesnt Torley do the explanation for some more posts?

    Personally I understand from this post that this update is nessecary to prevent it from people getting in trouble.. but well.. I’m not even sure too! yes yes I agree, it’s the communication whats lacks most.

  47. Elendir Axon says:

    I can explain things, if you people would call for me to be the voice of the lindens I would be more than happy to translate into english. (see my post #11)

  48. nina says:

    #34, the gestapo used the same logic.

  49. Lesgeddit Ahn says:

    Birdie, Torley, are you listening to the majority of the commenters here? The feeling is that the vast majority of Linden blog entries are not clear for the normal, intelligent, non-geek user of SL.

    I’ve strongly felt this for a long time, and want to add my voice to theirs. PLEASE run all of your blog entries by a disinterested, trusted third party who might edit for clarity and with the intended broad audience in mind.

    This is no small matter. You are really shooting yourselves in the foot. Trust us on this.

    You must have Google-like simplicity and elegance, or you will lose people.

  50. U M says:

    “Update voice components to improve quality and address VWR-1532 ”

    Now why dont you figure out what is causing the client or random crashing? Are you feeeling me once agin your not addressing the problem of these matters? But instead ingoring Freezing and random crashing issues? This doesnt not make sence?

  51. Sling Trebuchet says:

    “Fixed VWR-2500: Unable to login to Second Life after Declining Update”

    NO! Don’t fix that.
    We like to be treated rough 🙂
    We are ungrateful peons and need to be taught sharp lessons.

  52. Kate Sakai says:

    Well, so far so good. My computer actually stopped crashing every time SL crashed. Much appreciated! One question, is there a way to turn off the new red highlighting in Edit mode? It now highlights every editable prim in the area- madening.

  53. Fed Up says:

    Where can it be downloaded? Have you folks smoked too much pot this week? Stop doing any nonsense finally and tell us why you want to age crucify sl? Any other topic is not interesting before you don´t find another way of veryifing age. As per paypal & creditcard details for example. Like (ANY) other internet provider of adult contents does very very effectively. Please don´t kill sl like you plan…This is becoming worse and worse. The impact of what you do now, will be 10times as bad as the casino cashout and you open doors for the griefing armies again too. “Oh I heard someone moaning and saying dirty words to another person, whilst the parcel was not restricted”…”Oh damn that was me an me & my griefing buddy, but hell, we send an abuse report anyways” Well done, great job guys, It´s inquisition time at sl, great…Forget about updates for now, ok? Find a way that leaves your responsibities with you and don´t push them to us residents. Cannot imagine you would get that to stick in front of a jury anyways.

    Have a great weekend everyone

  54. Renee Faulds says:

    Comment 48 get’s moderated cause they can’t stand to hear the truth or FINALLY start working on the problem instead create new ones and keep the old ones.

  55. Renee Faulds says:


  56. Renee Faulds says:


  57. Renee Faulds says:

    YOU RUNNING MY BUSINESS INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Elendir Axon says:

    Then revert back to the normal client.

  59. nina(different nina) says:

    ok im no techy and understood it fine, and i cant think of any way to possibly make it any clearer. their used to be just live grid and beta grid. the client would go from beta right to the live grid. since then they have added the ‘release candidate viewer’ which is a more finalized version of the BETA grid client that is run on the live grid along side the MAIN viewer. earlyer this week they pushed out the fix for the main client (the one 80% of people use)((<-just guessing))this “””required update””” is for the “”optional”” RELEASE CANDIDATE VIEWER.(not the main viewer)


  60. zillion blackadder says:

    I agree with earlier posters about the confusing names – I had to read the post three times to make sure I didn’t want the download and my first language is English. It’s not specifically Bridie’s post – we have Release Candidate Viewer, primary download (?), second life (yes, what is that called? not primary release evidently), viewer, client, beta grid, second life grid … client, viewer …

  61. Aya Pelous says:

    LL stop making residents download a crap load of viewers during the same week.

    It’s considered BAD on your behalf and it crashes the system in general…have you guys ever herd about FIXING/TESTING it before it is ready for Download? I guess not. LL stop being irresponsible.

    I keep my system top notch with registry scans/fixes, disk fragmenting and a great spyware/virus scanner that goes atleast 6 times a day
    but yet….. Second life is the only thing that seems to crash. BAD LL BAD

  62. notagambler says:

    “””””””””””nina Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 10:29 PM PDT

    #34, the gestapo used the same logic.”””””””””

    After the begin of Oil-war´s, all governments used exactly same “logic” .
    and they do it now , actually. and there are silly sick ppl who gave them their votes.

  63. Linda Brynner says:

    Really serious worry is that Linden Lab does the opposite of what they have communicated earlier. The technical structure would be changed into the direction that updates shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Updates weren’t necessary anymore in the future they had said. At this point the updates are raining all over us.
    Consequently LL’s communication is being experienced as unreliable.
    And again I do suggest LL would organize world wide regional (multi languaged) professional ( verbal ) Costumer Services. Hire a professional from Northern Europe to set it up I would say.

  64. nobody says:

    I installed this, and now I cannot log in to SL anymore.

  65. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @25 – Mike1 raises a very good question, and so do many of the other comments here. A question that has been raised time and time again. LL really do suck when it comes to communicating with their customers!
    They desperately need a top-notch PR team that can answer and/or follow up on EVERY SINGE ISSUE raised in these Blogposts.
    Every question that goes unanswered, every query that is not acknowledged, every misdunderstanding that is not clarified does ENORMOUS and long-lasting damage to Second Life – and to Linden Labs in particular. People become suspicious, reluctant to invest and, in some cases, start to cash out because they feel uncomfortable and ignored.
    Please, please, please – LL get your act together and COMMUNICATE with your customer base, your supporters, your cash cows (call us what you like but TALK TO US).
    Most of us really do love SL and want to continue contributing (financially, creatively, technically, imaginatively…whatever…) so that we feel proud to be involved in this exciting and innovative product, platform, educational tool, game – or whatever you want to call it.
    But too many questions (especially over the past couple of weeks regarding things like age-verification, missing Inventory and loss of income) remain unanswered or even acknowledged! What are you afraid of? What are you hiding? Why can’t you share and trust us?
    Changing your TOS does not alter the fact that something is seriously wrong with the way you communicate with your customer base.

    “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!”
    (George Orwell).

    Vive la revolution LL!

  66. Jeralath says:

    Tried the new viewer thing…. tried the old viewer thing….. dont get squat…. HELP!
    Anyone having the same probs or know how to get on?

  67. rrdude Loon says:

    C’mon LL, at “little” more field-testing seems in order b4 you force this on your residents! If we did this kind of thing with the software in my industry, we’d be out of business in a week. But then, we have competition…………… Guess I’ll do what others do, “leave SL for a week or so, ’til it settles down.” Is that really what LL wants, residents to stay OFFLINE?

  68. mimi says:

    I don’t like to complain here all the time, but at the moment it’s impossible to walk in my shop. It’s terrible.. its not possible to walk at all. (one makes a walking animation, but does not go forward)

    I’m losing customers over this. Every day secondlife runs slower and slower.. I couldn’t care less for windlight at the moment, I’m sorry.
    It looks great on the pictures, and I’m sure with torleys help we’ll understand how it works.. but what will it add if people can’t even walk?


  69. Alyx Sands says:

    Ummm…it’s a release candidate. A test viewer. IF it doesn’t run for you or anything, send a bug report to JIRA. That’s what release candidates are for.

  70. ummmm, if picks up critical fixes, why do we have to hunt for it ????
    The Hunts over —->

    Hope this fixes crashes, camera views, blue windows stopping everything and, and and …….

  71. Storyof Oh says:

    hmm i just download whatevery i’m told….at least i’m not building from long distance today, just crashing without realising and carry on editing only finding when i need to move my av it won’t and a lot of time and effort is wasted….

    WHY when the game crashes doesn’t an ‘AV’ offline come up???
    I lost a brilliant prim shape created by accident because i created it when offline….. (except it now shows in my frozen start up screen just to taunt me of what could of been!)

    LL look at the stats… over 9 MILLION have logged into SL
    ONLY just over 1 MILLION in last 60 days…………how to lose 8 MILLION customers is impressive……..barely 50,000 regularly manage to stay in. logged on but most are probably camping as its increasingly difficult to do anything else….

    I bought a state of art computer just to handle the heavy requirements of SL…except….like new computers its Vista….so instead of all the little bells and whistles being tweaked can SL start to run properly on the operating system now being sold everywhere? whilst also solving the ongoing lag and working in porridge experience?

  72. Mikhail Obscure says:

    Some comments here:
    #25 – hear hear! Are you listening LL???
    #34 – Totally support you! Alt avis always seem to mean someone hiding for whatever reasons, griefers &stalkers love them!!
    #44 – sorry lost the plot there, what has the gestapo to do with age verification?
    #63- mimi every evening sl gets laggier and more jerky as more people come online. I have had linden on my sim, the stats are great, they don’t change in the evenings, but my personal (and all my friends) frame rate drops dramatically! from 15 fps down to 5,4 or even 1!!!! Lindens answer? Well it could be all the neighbouring sim’s mega prims structures go ask the landowners to remove them!! This is not just my sim affected, all neighbouring sims are same!!

    I would really lie to hear how many people are suffering from this, and perhaps our gforce 7600’s and 8800’s are not powerful enough?

    Crashes I can live with, not being able to move or use my cam is really p****** me off. This issue started some two weeks ago I think.
    Bring on verification! This is not just a fantasy game it involves real emotions and personalities. People causing real grief need to be identified. In rl its illegal to be racist or stalk someone, why should it be allowed to happen on sl?

    Finally dear Lindens will you please start answering these posts, in blog so we know you are istening!!!! Start naming the offenders on the police jotter and answer our abuse reports!!!!! And if this is off topic then perhaps you should give us a forum where we can sound off and get real time answers from the managers, not just personal views from conceirge support!!!!!!

  73. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @34,@67 – “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” — Benjamin Franklin

    @6 – The URL exploit is due to a design flaw in Windows – there’s no equivalent of “exec” in Windows, just a kind of ‘restricted’ version of “system”. Anyone who’s ever dealt with webserver security will understand EXACTLY what that means.

  74. cryptkeeper electricteeth says:

    Im currently running a amd athlon 64 x2 4600 dual core processor, dual nvidia geforce 7900 pci-e video cards in sli mode, a ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard, 4Gb of ram, 400 Gb of harddrive space, one of those hardrives is a 150Gb 10,000 rpm which my operating system and sl is installed on, total water cooling, and vista ultimate 64bit.

    with this system have not experienced lag, and i only crash maybe once a month or so if i get a bad viewer.

    who knows my next step will be a dual socket amd quad core.

  75. Amanda Ascot says:

    Hecaeta @34: You make some good points — “good” in the sense that they are object lessons on how to execute the open-mouth-insert-foot maneuver. IDV won’t get rid of illegal alts. This has been argued into the dirt, but there are still people who just don’t understand (including, apparently, the people instituting this policy). There likely aren’t that many “illegal” ones (kids) on the main grid to dramatically influence lag, even if IDV *could* get rid of them. Did I say that IDV won’t get rid of the kids? What are people trying to hide? Some of us, I’m sure, do have something to hide. Most of us don’t. Many of us cannot offer the information required to verify because the countries in which we reside don’t permit us to do it. Many of us don’t trust Linden Lab, which has already had at least one major breech of their customer data base, along with stolen personal information. None of us who understand the connection between the verifying company, Integrity, and it’s owner, Aristotle, trust Integrity with our personal information. And there are a few of us who would probably have to kill you if we told you why we don’t want to verify. 🙂

    Renee @48 (and lots of subsequent posts): Please say what you have to say in one post and give other people a chance to post. Please? I’ve had posts moderated and later deleted, too, and some of them were completely innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever. I’ve been informed by someone who actually knows what’s going on behind the scenes that there is no “little Linden” sitting at a computer with his finger on the moderate button. This is handled by a ‘bot, which probably takes a lot of different things into consideration, including lists of suspect words and phrases. ‘bots aren’t perfect. They make mistakes. They don’t understand context. You can’t contact them to complain about the lousy job they do, and complaining about it here on the blog does nothing but make it appear as though you’re in the midst of a temper trantrum and takes up a valuable posting slot that someone with some actual content to post needs more than you do.

    Everyone @Wherever: People are still complaining about this “required” upgrade. Why? Read the other posts. Other people with normal ability to comprehend simple English told you why your complaints about this are off-base. It’s not that difficult to understand. Here’s the first line of the thread: “Required update FOR RELEASE CANDIDATE VIEWER” (my emphasis). This all makes me wonder if some of you didn’t bother reading *anything* after the word “update”.

    Now, for what it’s worth, the Release Candidate is a lot more stable for me than the main viewer, and I’ve been plagued with instability issues, including crashes numbering into the dozens almost every day — until I upgraded to it. Then I installed the Nicholaz edition on top of it (see my previous post about how to get it to work with and Second Life is running more smoothly for me than it has for well over a week, and I’ve changed nothing else in my system. The .5 upgrade from .4 was a necessary fix for a very serious exploit of the Windows operating system. Don’t gripe to Linden Lab about making it mandatory. For those of you still tied to Internet Exploder (spelling intentional), it was for your own protection. Get Firefox, or Opera, or Linux, or a Mac. That would help, too.

    /me is off to enjoy Second Life

  76. Storyof Oh says:

    #63 i frequent a sim that does treasure hunts…..its laughable…hunt??? it ought to be a mobility hunt….walking is a challege let alone trying to hunt for diddly squat…..

  77. DR Dahlgren says:

    Since 1.18 Anything that causes camera view to change rotationially – client freezes on camera movement, often locking up completely or closing. If client locks up, task manager shows 2 applications running, then only one if client unlocks. This occurs in both the RC and Main versions of the client. Many posts in Jira… to what end??


  78. Chris Geiger says:

    I’m having the crashing issues of #72 also, with, and can’t stay logged in for more than 5-10 seconds without crashing. If I’m lucky, I just have to force SecondLife.exe to end; more typical, though, my screen goes black but my PC doesn’t shut down, so I have to do a hard reboot. 😦 Prior to this, I could be on for hours before I’d crash. Progress!

  79. tp says:

    Hi, from last update I can`t connect to SL and when I trying to login I see the window with text: “Unable to connect to Second Life. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.” I reinstall SL client but nothing helps, can somebody help me?

  80. Maraja Kurka says:

    Can somebody explain me what’s going on with new RC
    … can not d/load it..and now I’m stuck in between …can not update/upgrade and most importantly not log-in on my current version…!!!
    I’m a OS X somebody having same prob?

  81. Ann Otoole says:

    /me waves at DR..
    Sure you can use SL. Just stand still and look at low resolution textures.
    If you use a texture over 512*512 your going to crash the sim now anyway.
    (exactly how does a texture crash a sim anyway?)

    Yes interesting changes were made recently.

    You need to pan the camera very slowly now.

    Also you need to do a clean install with every client release,
    Here is how in case you don’t realize the secondlife installer/uninstaller leaves stuff laying around that can cause problems:

    Linden research needs to begin posting release notes anytime they change anything, including silent changes made via het grid and hardware technology, so we will know what changed and when. This way we can correlate the new defects to the code base & infrastructure change time line.

  82. U M says:

    “Also you need to do a clean install with every client release,
    Here is how in case you don’t realize the secondlife installer/uninstaller leaves stuff laying around that can cause problems:”

    Frankly I don`t do this and i havent had the need to do this for a long time. Why? because unlike the older clients. Say between jan 2006 and before the way the patches were applied the setup. The current clients are much better and applied then in the past. ZERO problems since they cleaned up ( to me ) (Oh I do uninstalls and reinstalls but not for OMG 6 months now). What is occuring now is just badly coded, badly applied and outright unknowing UI building!

  83. Maraja Kurka says:

    Bimbo @65
    I tried your link..ty..but gave me a downdload time of 17 hours and kept increaising time…so I quit it….it is still errors with this release…and is so how come we dont have the option to enter to our current version?
    Tha’s why I had bad feelings when ‘I have’ to agree to the latest contract agreements with LL (Linden Lagg)….

  84. Christine says:

    I’m not a native english speaker but I read all blog entries and mostly all comments. It’s the first time that I write here and I do so because I’m really tired to see how some people here are complaining about LL’s communication and SL’s functioning. As I said, I’m not a native english and though I do understand without a single problem what a required update for an optional version is. I’m old enough to have known a world without personal computers, without the Internet, without mobiles and sms, and I really have fun each time I see all those “young” people who are “smart” enough to use all that awesome technology but too lazy to admit that they should perhaps use some neurones of them sometimes to get it working properly. When I began with SL and I realized that this would not function properly on the computer I had before, I read all I could about what was required and I bought the best I could find for it. Result is that I use the RC daily and I don’t lag and I don’t crash and I am very happy in my SL life. More, I’m happy when there is a new version and, please LL, give us some more ! All the improvements you’re making now to build this world are for me the promise that i will not die without having seen this happen. And let the “young” people whine, they are too old in their minds to see what a kind of miracle it is.

    Thanks LL !

  85. Nad Gough says:

    “…and have a great weekend!”

    You’ll be here to make sure its all good,right? I mean you wouldn’t just drop a required change on ppl and then take off for the weekend? Now would you.

  86. jasmina says:


  87. Dirk Felix says:

    Cool, two required releases in the past 7 days, If you could get it together and do some real white/black box testing there would onlt be the need for one update. Smells like shinola code with a hint of spaghetti 😉

  88. It’s very simple: if you are computer illiterate, stay AWAY from the RC, it is not meant for you, it is meant for people who know a thing or two about computers, software, bugs, where bugs may come from and of those the people that take the time to write complete bug reports on the Issue Tracker (often called PJIRA, so if you ever see the word PJIRA somewhere, you now know ‘we’ mean the Issue Tracker, the part of the SL website where we collect bugs, discuss them, fix them and add ideas for new features).
    If you are unable to get inworld when using the Release Candidate viewer, go back to the latest official viewer.

    For anybody that misunderstood ‘there would be no more required updates”, go back to read the original blogpost by Zero Linden at
    “Now, to be sure, there are still some kinds of changes where we’ll require you to download a new viewer. Closing security holes is a likely example.”

    @47 Kate Sakai: “One question, is there a way to turn off the new red highlighting in Edit mode? It now highlights every editable prim in the area- madening.”
    – I think CTRL-N may be what you’re looking for.

    @54 Aya Pelous: “LL stop making residents download a crap load of viewers during the same week.”
    – I only see one update for the regular viewer and one update for the RC. Whichever version you’re using, you’ve only had ONE update this week.

    @60 nobody: “I installed this, and now I cannot log in to SL anymore.”
    – Then go back to the latest official viewer,

  89. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    Your frigging required updates…..get a grip on life…
    I do NOT use the MS Internet EXPLOITER – so the url handler exploit does not apply.

    I do NOT use a MAC, so that as well is irrelevant.

    I DO USE the Nicholaz Beresford modded viewer and did not have ONE single crash since I used it.

    Maybe you should send you script kiddies that came directly from high school to him to learn how to program!

  90. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Speaking of bad framerates (post #67)…

    I have a 1.6 GHz P4 with 768 MB memory, used soley for SL.

    Framerates are down from mostly around 10-12 (around 1.16 branch of viewers) to 2-4 fps now (with the 1.18 branch) at loaded places. Same hardware, same software besides the LL viewer, nothing else installed on the machine…

    Off course the FPS is checked at comparable places, counting visitors, scripts running and similar things.

    It beats me what is going on, but as i see it it is either a network issue (don’t blame me, new non-intel 100MB card and a clean network clocked to several MB more than what the viewer uses) or a server issue (like heavy server load).

    Performance is going down so i guess it is time to start questioning LL’s system requirerments a bit… (Last time i checked my hardware was enough, even fulfilled the “reccomended” part. Can’t check at posting time as the webpage won’t open…)

  91. sarahl80 says:

    Enough with the feature additions. Let’s get the outages fixed. And, despite the claims on the outage graph, Sl is far less stable than indicated there. I crash 5+ times a day, at least once an hour. It is rare to see sims last a day without crashing, especially if they get significant usage.

    For business owners, especially club owners, this is killing them to have the sim crash. Customers blame them, not SL, and do not return. And the traffic system is completely useless now, controlled as it now is by mindless campers.

    New features like voice and whatever else are meaningless and useless if the underlying system is not stable. And it isn’t. We are paying real money, and investing real money in businesses, here. It is time Linden Labs started taking that seriously, very seriously.

  92. les says:

    How come llGetObjectInfo doesn’t work in the main viewer yet?


  93. Dahlia Trimble says:

    #67, #83,

    I have frame rate problems too, here’s what I do about it:
    1. reduce draw distance (preferences->graphics)
    2. reduce max particle count (preferences->
    3. dont stay in areas with a lot of avatars wearing high prim count attachments, or look away from them
    4. dont stay in builds with too many prims
    5. if you need to be in these situations, consider buying a premium video card $$$

  94. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    This is probably the wrong place to post it, but the transaction history download on the SL website has been borked for 2 days now. The downloaded Excel files are empty, except for the headline. Could someone please look into that?

  95. Mandy Marseille says:

    I’m online and I can’t get IMs from friends. I will report it as a bug ASAP. I get all my IMs right into my mailbox, like if I was offline.

  96. helsing arkin says:

    Ok did the update this morning, logged into SL every thing was fine.
    tried to log in this evening, staid at the initillizing world screen for
    30 mins. uninstalled SL downloaded fresh install, reinstalled
    tried to log in STUCK at the initillizing world screen another 30 mins.

    what gives???????????????

  97. Questor Sinclair says:

    Same problem here, helsing. Has been for hours. I guess the Lindens are on top of this one. Would be nice to be able to log in again one day.

  98. Questor Sinclair says:

    Additional: I got the update a few days ago, so that’s not part of the problem.

  99. richard says:

    # 79 i have been running second life on vista for 4 months and everything is going fairly good and i am running it on a wierless network fairly good not great but good,i running a g networking and shutting down alot of things on the computer to run second life one gig of memory and 2 cpu sometimes i turn one of them off sometimes, i have both running.doesnt seem to matter about cpu on how many is running.

  100. richard says:

    if second life is running shitty it doesnt matter what you do, it’s going to run crappy.

  101. helsing arkin says:

    Have a 36meg secondlife log file and the 90% of whats in in it is
    “2007-09-22T22:07:06Z INFO: idle_startup: Waiting for seed grant ….”

    anyone got any ideas?

  102. xmadonnax Beck says:

    i have a problem .. i can`t log in SL
    it`s frozen in : initializing world
    they don`t load . i don`t know what i can do ,, my screen card is new one with Gforce 4
    I`m waiting

  103. les says:

    Seeing as how this post has confused about half the posters replying here it might be wise to leave the RC client releases off the front page.

    Just saying.

    Remember when we had forums for this kinda stuff, before you cut down on the “noise” in an attempt to improve “dialog”?

    The good old days 🙂

  104. Rex Cronon says:

    For some reason with this RC when I mute an object the particles generated by that objected are still drawn. Is it normal?

  105. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Could you PLEASE put the diret link to the page with the update on notices like this?

  106. Lightscribe Infinity says:



    Anyone got the guts to step forward?

    NO!!! NOT backwards everyone…forward…


  107. ProMo Beresford says:

    It’s hard to find the link for the download. Why not put it on the main opening page where this is announced? I searched for “optional download page” and found a place that was underlined that said download available here”, but when clicking on it nothing happened. You’re not making this easy.

  108. Brett Finsbury says:

    I dont know what you folks did. I have had great performance with SL for over a month. Now with the new update. I am freezing in place.Things will not rezz. Crashing. Wow wish I didnt have to use this upgrade. Really messed things up on this end.

  109. U M says:

    The mess continues! well there be a end to this? or wil we have to just deal with it?

  110. Ann Otoole says:

    Secondlife is pretty sick today. Linden Research really needs to hire people willing to work 24*7 to keep it propped up as it is always malfunctioning on the weekends.

    Better yet move away from Sav Francisco and stay away from the ridiculous high cost of living areas. Then Linden research could afford to hire real software engineers.

  111. Cappy Frantisek says:

    That’s why you don’t beta a beta client, you know they cn’t keep the main client bug free. How can you expect them to keep a beta bug free. That’s the idea of a beta, put out inferior code and let all you guys test it, for free, and then report the problems. Then when they get around to it, the try and fix it. Eventually, it becomes the main viewer and still has the same problems. Geez, haven’t you all learned this yet?

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