Introducing new Service Quality Metrics

When I posted about our efforts to improve Second Life reliability, a common response was “sure, but the proof is in the pudding.” And so it is. The first step to demonstrating our commitment is to be transparent about our success or failure to deliver on reliability promises. To this end, we’ve created a new Service Quality Metrics page, where you can find objective statistics on how well Second Life is running.

The first statistic we’ve published covers large-scale problems; this is a measure of how much usage was lost to major events affecting large numbers of Residents, such as the VPN and database problems of the past few months. This is an imperfect but consistent view of the severity of system-wide outages, but it does not cover localized events such as region and client crashes, or inventory loss. We will add more data covering those events in the future (including some metrics already available in Meta Linden’s Key Metrics, but in a more readable format).

Where do we get these numbers? Second Life is large enough now that it’s possible to predict how many Residents would normally be logged in at any given moment, so we can compare this prediction to reality when a problem occurs, and estimate how many people are unable or unwilling to use the system.

So, when looking at the service outage graph, note the big spikes in loss due to unplanned outage in July and August. I addressed some of the causes in an older post, but I’d like to provide more objective data on this. Here is the breakdown of the root causes of all unplanned downtime for the period of June, July, and August.

Unplanned outage causes

Clearly five main issues stand out:
* “Database Crash” is a fairly straightforward event wherein one of the critical Second Life databases crashes, leaving logins and many in-world operations blocked while the database restarts.
* “Release Overtime” occurs when a planned update takes longer than scheduled; we’ve been too optimistic with our release schedules recently and this category has grown.
* “VPN Failure” is a breakdown of a VPN link which provides connectivity between distant Second Life servers. This has been a common failure recently due to a bug in new VPN technology which we deployed and then had to roll back.
* “Network Failure” is the failure of one of our bandwidth providers to reliably move traffic between points on the Internet, which disrupts our fragile VPNs.
* “Power Outage” refers to a loss of electrical power in one of our datacenters, which is rare and happened once during this 3-month period.

As discussed in my prior post, we have imminent plans in place to significantly reduce the impact of the top four offenders, and the recurrent VPN failures have already been partially mitigated. The smaller targets will be more challenging to deal with, but we have plans for them too. Likewise, planned downtime is a consistent headache and we will continue to reduce it by improving our release process.

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135 Responses to Introducing new Service Quality Metrics

  1. Charmande Petion says:

    Cool. =o

  2. Elendir Axon says:

    So, when is that new first look client of Windlight coming out? I know you lindens are using a svn version of it, why not release it as a svn trunk and let us at least see whats going on behind the curtain? From a development standpoint, you’re promising open source, but you’re tinkering behind our back as well.

  3. Juliet Ceres says:

    Why don’t you link directly to the embarrassing graph here

    Unplanned outages on the rise, planned as well. Only unplanned outages are about 100% higher than planned ones in August.
    So yeah, you’re doing a horrible job. But we already know that.

    So… what’s the point in providing us with more and more embarrassing stats about how LL mismanages their platform?

    Ah well… who cares.

  4. Juliet Ceres says:

    And just to make this clear transparency doesn’t help if you’re not actually acting upon it. We already know you’re not fixing enough bugs, we know that from your more than 200 employees there are only 40 or so developers and that’s obviously not enough.
    We know identity verification doesn’t verify identity and the gambling ban doesn’t stop gambling.

    So frustrating to watch…

  5. Ann Otoole says:

    hey how about slapping some code release points up against that graph so everyone can see for themselves what the recent changes brought about?

    Then if it is clear that someone’s idea has turned out to be not so great then bring in better talent to undo the damages.

    It is hard to see a trend with so few data points but the last 3 tell a bad story.

    And i fully recommend you graph yourself against other technology companies to see how your staff is really doing as compared to the rest of the internet business community.

  6. Drako Nagorski says:

    who cares if you (LL) tell us what you do wrong, do something to FIX IT. Dont just say “well that didnt work”, find a way to MAKE it WORK. You guys spend more time worrying about the handful of people that are on SL and shouldnt be, than worrying what your real customers get from the experience. And you guys could respond with “well look at windlight and voice and sculpties”, but those are additions with their own batch of problems, and not fixes to whats already out there.

  7. deBruce Munro says:

    These metrics address only the large scale events. As such they provide a very incomplete picture of user satisfaction. While a large scale outage is indeed annoying and certainly causes some dissatisfaction, I submit that minor outages that affect only one account at a time are at least equally important.

    When a client crashes due to some bug or instabilty it is far more annoying than not being able to log in because an upgrade took to long, or a VPN link is down. Believe me, there are LOTS of instability problems with the client. Such as why one client will continue to increase memory usage until it crashes, yet another will not exhibit the same behavior.

    Let us see some metrics on how many crash logs you receive and sort them by causes as well. Then at least we will have a better picture of where Secnd Life is at and where it needs to go.

  8. Tree Kyomoon says:

    Juliet, if you are willing to help Linden Labs manage the platform better, they are all ears. This is just another in a series of open efforts to reach out to the talented and knowledgeable community of residents for suggestions and combinitive analysis. Its “our world” and as open source becomes more of a reality, it will also become more and more “our responsiblity” to an extent.

  9. Tree Kyomoon says:

    I cant help noticing the useage loss is well under 2%. For all the outcries of horror, this seems rather insignificant. Why all the drama? Are the numbers wrong?

  10. Nefertiti Nefarious says:

    How about the3 down time on the Test Grid? It’s been down for about a week, which is a serious inconvenience for the content creators. I don’t want to pay $10L per upload to discover my sculpties are all potato-shaped.

  11. Juliet Ceres says:

    Tree, you obviously have no clue about how LL works. I’ve been to the office hours, I’ve posted on JIRA, I’ve posted in the forums. I’ve talked with support, I’ve posted on this blog and I’ve talked to Lindens directly.

    It’s no use. They won’t listen.

  12. Phil Priestman says:

    I agree with #2.. yeah we all know SL is massively screwed up.

    Question isn’t “is there a problem?”,

    its “when the hell are you going to do something about it besides making excuses, lies, and justifications or at least hire people that know what they are doing?”

  13. Drako Nagorski says:

    lol @10

    wouldnt it be great if any of the lindens actually READ the blog? lol

  14. concerned says:

    How about posting a simalar pie chart from the same months last year?Lets see how things have changed.

  15. Puff Woodin says:

    It’s a lovely piechart, however, all the charts in the world do not address our biggest issue. We can accept bugs, crashes, workarounds, all the wacky ins and outs of living Second Life, but we do not accept giving our information to a third party whore that will sell our info to the highest bidder. I have 2 islands that will be sold if this PR farce continues. I ask all of Sl to stand up and chant ‘HELL NO, NO MORE INFO!’ UNLESS AND UNTILL YOU PROVIDE US WITH A REPUTABLE ‘FACT CHECKER’.
    puff woodin
    owner of Amore and Sierras

  16. Lee Ludd says:

    I suggest in the usage loss graph you stack the two bars so that the total height would indicate the total usage loss to both causes.

  17. Drako Nagorski says:


    it is a lovely piechart isnt it? too bad no one in SL really cares for it… guess all the random guesses put into it are all for nothing.

  18. Dave Talamasca says:

    I find it hillarious that with all the blog posts about new features, the first post is something along the lines of “OMG FIX THE PLATFORM FIRST!” then when there’s a post detailing where failures have occurred and in what percentages, the first post is “So when’s Windlight coming out then?”

    *laughs maniacally*

    In all seriousness though, it’s great to see where improvements need to be made and I think that’s the spirit of this post. To harang LL or view it in any different light would seem silly.

    My $0.02.

    Dave T.

  19. Phil Priestman says:

    Sorry Lindens, you’ve lied to many times to us about problems, only the newbies still trust what you say. You won’t listen to us about the age check, voice, etc (what part of “hell no” don’t you get?), why should we believe anything that said now?

    It is a pretty chart but doesn’t mean a thing if you cannot or will not do anything about it.. PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

  20. Ron Crimson says:

    #11: READ the blog? Are you forgetting the Lindens are the ones WRITING the blogs? Pfffft!!!

    I’m continually amazed and perplexed at how people can constantly trash LL and SL despite all the good things we’ve got going. I for once appreciate having a real idea of what’s been happening, and having LL be honest about it (including such statements as “we’ve been too optimistic about scheduled downtimes”).

    Why do I even bother to blog anymore o_O

  21. Ron Crimson says:

    And a couple more things…

    1. VOICE: If you don’t like it, turn it off and it’s just like it was never there. In fact, voice runs as a separate application (SLVoice.exe) under Windows, but only if you enable it.
    How can you keep complaining about a light bulb when LL gives you the on/off switch along with it? 😛

    2. The new UI. Learn how to tear off the windows. Learn how to minimize them when not needed. And remember you have an option in the Preferences to set the UI size in general, so if you want smaller windows and smaller text, it’s right there.

    OK, done!

  22. Maklin Deckard says:

    “I cant help noticing the useage loss is well under 2%. For all the outcries of horror, this seems rather insignificant. Why all the drama? Are the numbers wrong?”

    Remeber, there are lies, damned lies and statistics. Notice they say OUTAGES. They mean ‘Grid completely down’ by outage. Sure, I’ll give them that the actual DOWNTIME is under 2%.

    HOWEVER, their graph does NOT address the times when the grid is up, but no one can port/inventory is not there/no linden values/cant attach things…you know, the usual prime time 1-3 days a week where useability is the SAME as if they shut it down…but with logins allowed. That’s not an outage by LL definitions….but it sure as HELL is not reliability by any but Fanboi standards. Nor does the outage concept take into account sims unavailable due to griefers or ABYSMAL response times to things submitted to the Jira circular file.

    Per usual, Linden Transparency is just smoke, mirrors and semantic games. And the apologists for the Labs like you, Tree, swallow it hook line and sinker.

  23. Honestly Ian,
    my clients in RL judge my work from visible facts, deliverables. I am sure the paying customers in SL do just the same effectively and sometimes with a bit of verbal overhead. Your graph is, in my opinion, for internal use. We do not need it. We know you need a solid database and more bandwidth. We also know that to some extent on may fronts you have hit a wall. Complaints from educational in special about the sheer bandwidth requirements are public and loud. I have no intention to make you guys feel bad, on the other side believe me that I’m sure you’re trying hard for your survival. Like in my buildings, I dare to say, 99% transparency never is a good idea. But if you think it’ll help, then good post. I just believe it does not.

    Phil, LL is ain’t going to survive like this. Hear me: what can not change and grow and consolidate, even in its communication habits and practice, it dies. You have a whole culture baggage to lose.

  24. Maklin Deckard says:

    “VOICE: If you don’t like it, turn it off and it’s just like it was never there.” = Ron Crimson

    With all the pages of complaints on the voice client, I guess reading comprehension is not your strong suit. Most of us are quite willing to turn it off and disable it on our land…that has been posted many times. The voice complaints are due to the absolutely unnecessary waste of time called the ‘Communication’ center. The name is 180 degrees opposite of what it does if you are a text users, its designed to push us to voice.

    Smaller UI doesn’t cut it, since it MAKES THE TEXT SMALLER TOO. Too small if you have vision difficulties. So either you have a UI that covers 1/4+ of your screen OR you have a UI that is the right size with unreadable text. All the tear offs int he world do not fix that, not do they explain why LL wasted dev time on this nightmare only a fanboi could love.

    I’m quite willing to disable voice and ignore it and the AOL Chatroom LoL’ers that champion it, but I cannot easily disable that damnable communications center. That is why I and others complain about voice clients…not the actual voice.

  25. Day Oh says:

    People are hurt more by INVENTORY DAMAGE, don’t forget that one :O

  26. Dallas Seaton says:

    #2 & #9 Juliet Ceres:

    “Tree, you obviously have no clue about how LL works. I’ve been to the office hours, I’ve posted on JIRA, I’ve posted in the forums. I’ve talked with support, I’ve posted on this blog and I’ve talked to Lindens directly.”

    Well, Little Miss Know-It-All, you may have done all those things and gee, we’re all VERY impressed; but now you need to go away and practice reading for comprehension before embarrassing yourself here:

    “Why don’t you link directly to the embarrassing graph here ?”

    If you’d read before posting, you might notice that they DID link directly to EXACTLY that graph with a link in the 5th line of the blog entry.

  27. Darien Caldwell says:

    @19 tearing off windows does not restore the functionality of previous clients. And we want smaller windows, not smaller text in the windows, there *is* a difference. Just because *you* like the new interface doesn’t mean everyone does. There should be an option for everyone, and don’t think being able to resize the IM window smaller is asking for too much, really, if you think about it.

  28. Bobo Decosta says:

    I do appreciate the transparency but like most comments i must agree “just fix it” When I see these metrics at this tells me more than the graph you are showing us.

  29. Just my view! kick my a$$ if it makes you feel better 😉

    I think some are comparing SL to RL established / developed platforms (say your systems at work for instance) bare in mind that SL is a developing, real-time, dynamic, cutting edge system, and on top of that its under use and load 24/7. its almost like spinning plates, which one do you concentrate on or do you keep then all wobbly? (tongue in cheek) LL is a business, it doesn’t have unlimited access to resource, sure it has people willing to help which as we’ve seen is being looked at by LL – also as LL grows it develops more inertia with making decisions, its not a case of deciding over a coffee break that X feature or Y Fix will be implemented this afternoon.

    I think its a very brave company that can publish metrics like this and not try and gloss them over, yeah we know theres failures, yeah we know theres problems, but would you prefer total downtime for say 6 weeks and get 90% ironed out or carry on as it is? some of the people will go one way – half the other – some will come up with other solutions – you cant please all the people all the time!

    Frustrations aside, personally I think LL are doing as much as they can whilst keeping a balance – how many other systems do you know of that is under constant evolving high development with lower downtime? The metrics aint great, but they’re sure not unmanaged…

    just my $L2 worth, which I’ll have to borrow 😛


    Norf 😀

  30. Drako Nagorski says:

    “#11: READ the blog? Are you forgetting the Lindens are the ones WRITING the blogs? Pfffft!!!

    I’m continually amazed and perplexed at how people can constantly trash LL and SL despite all the good things we’ve got going. I for once appreciate having a real idea of what’s been happening, and having LL be honest about it (including such statements as “we’ve been too optimistic about scheduled downtimes”).

    Why do I even bother to blog anymore o_O”

    Ummmmm………. Lemme see “all the good things we’ve got going”:

    1) Bugs
    2) Age verification
    3) Outages
    4) Not being heard
    5) more Bugs

    lol and when is the last time you actually SAW a linden post on a blog? besides the first one… After that its:

    us: that wont work
    LL: *silence*
    Ron: Stop the linden bashing 😦 *boo hoo*

    voice? oh its great, i can hear my wife talking. too bad there are other things that i’d like to see fixed first. grid stability for one. less outages for two. none of this IDV stuff. No windlight.

    What would you like to see happen, Ron? maybe you could tell the lindens about it and see if they answer

  31. Areddi says:

    Wow. Whine whine whine whine whine. And over what? 2% That’s um… About 14.5hrs PER MONTH? You spend more time than that eating. Don’t you have any kind of life at all?

    Second. You make it sound like the Lindens like bugs or something. Doesn’t Linden recruit from residents? I mean think about this. You love something, you get a job there, and then all of a sudden you go, “Oh to hell with it! I don’t care about bugs.” It’s not a very rational assumption. You guys sound like a bunch of old men sitting around yapping about how they could win some pro football game single-handed.
    SL is friggin huge. It takes like 20 minutes just to compile the viewer. God only knows how big the backend is. You’re whining that they’re making tools to track stuff but come on. When code is that big, you have to make tools to track stuff in order to fix and verify bugs. They’re letting us look at their dirty laundry. That’s all.

    So seriously. Grow up and stop whining, or grab a copy of the viewer and start compiling, or log out and get a friggin’ life.

  32. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    Before the mad rush of whiners realizes there is an open blog available, I would like to say thanks Ian for the detailed explanation of the problems plaguing the grid of the course of the last months.
    I do disagree with the predicative ability however. Some of up don’t log do to RL issues unrelated to the status of the grid.
    Nevertheless, thanks.
    Also can some of you lindens have office hours in the evening US time?
    I work during the day and would like to talk but can’t. Thanks.

  33. Chaos Mohr says:

    We want an application that will run great on multiple platforms that all have multiple problems of their own, an increadible variety of hardware (even hardware that the hardware manufacturers can’t write a decent driver for), something that will run well even when our ISP’s are hosed, something that will run better and faster even when there is no power, something that won’t cost much for the members but will take a huge expensive team of developers to create – in short we want it all and we want it now!! << for those that don’t get it, this is total sarcasm.

    I hear a lot of crying, yet I see few people trying to help things get better by reporting on voting on bugs (don’t get me wrong, there are some people working very hard at it), what it comes down to, is that if you don’t like it, use the red X – if you want to help make it better, then do what you can. Can LL do better? Sure they can, are there enormous hurdles they face? you bet. Are there serious issues that need to be addressed? Heck yeah. But when it comes down to it, it is a product that we all have a choice to use or not and if you think you can make something better – the development tools are all there for you to give it your best shot.

    Any information is appreciated, and it is nice to see that LL is at least trying to make an effort.

  34. Grumman Bearcat says:

    I work in a similar environment, and in that environment a greater than 0.5% unplanned outage to the database is considered unacceptable, and incurs service penalties to the customer. So 2% would result in some serious head kicking. And yes, we deliver exactly the same graph to the customer, and we are contractually obliged to. Sometimes I don’t like the fact that the customer gets to see what he is paying for, but I think it is only fair. I would like to see what you consider to be a ‘fair’ service level agreement and aim towards that target. Is 2% acceptable? 1%? 0.01%? 25%?

    If you can’t measure something, it doesn’t exist – so measuring this is the first step identifying the issues. I notice the planned outages have continually dropped, which indicates the roll out of new features might be dropping – if so, bravo! If the unplanned outages graph drops to 0%, that will certainly silence the critics. Good luck!

  35. Juliet Ceres says:

    @24, Dallas Seaton:
    I meant put the graph from the article there directly in the blog post, instead of just telling us that they’re there. Instead he chose to post the far less embarrassing pie-chart.

  36. CM says:

    I find myself hating some aspects of SL just like everyone else, but I realize they have a hard job in creating a virtual world where they want you to be able to do anything you can imagine. This technology is just giong to suck for a while. In the mean time all we can do is take it for what it is and nothing more. I would love to see LL spend the extra hour or two here and there actually working on something like mono, havok, or making the permissions system better in some way instead of making pretty charts or the age verification stuff they just announced.

  37. Tree Kyomoon says:

    Well if I personally had an error rate of less than 2% per month in life, Id be pretty pleased.

    Juliet, I do know something of how LL works, thanks. I was just there in SF for a meeting all about it. They certainly do listen, very carefully. That doesnt mean they will act upon whatever whims / requests you may have, they have to decide that based on innumerable factors you probably arent aware of. If you are genuinely presenting new issues they have not been made aware of previously that can make the grid better for all of us, you can bet they are doing everything they can to execute. I’ve seen it first hand.

  38. jenn luke says:

    “Unplanned Outages results in loss of service to some or all of the Residents at an unscheduled time”

    thats not true is it?

  39. Juliet Ceres says:

    And while I’m at it:

    @29: the biggest issues aren’t technical issues. It’s the constant lies (gambling ban, identity verification) and the lack of actual response to our outcries here.

    Forcing whole residents from whole countries in the EU to break the law just to access restricted land(in the future). Lies about CC information not being enough to verify that one is old enough to enter the platform.
    Lies whenever they tell us that identity verification is voluntary when you get banned if you don’t do it and have adult content on your non-restricted land.

    Then the constant changes of the terms of service. And of course all the unclear formulations like “broadly offensive” which they never really clarified. TOS that cut into the rights of residents more and more. Or their doublespeak in their posts about “Keeping Second Life safe – together” when it’s not about safety for anyone other than safety for LL by covering their ass from a legal persepective.

    And the biggest lie of all:

    Your world, your imagination.

    It’s not our world anymore if we have to duck and cover, pray and wince whenever Phil or Daniel or whoever comes up with the next insanity. It’s not our world if our content gets banned, our businesses get shut down and we ourselves get shut out if we don’t do exactly what LL wants (by verifying, flagging and whatnot).
    It’s not our imagination anymore if people are banned because their avatar is too short or too young.

    We are angry, afraid and frustrated. And it’s LL fault. Deal with it.

  40. Tony says:

    Thanks for the information and the transparency Ian. Much appreciated. The trends with unplanned outages are a little bit worrying for July and August.

    Of course the Release Overtime issue should be the easiest one to bring down. If you had more customer service people there you’d know that you should always estimate downtime will be longer than the techies predict 😉

  41. Juliet Ceres says:

    @Tree Kyomoon:
    “If you are genuinely presenting new issues they have not been made aware of previously that can make the grid better for all of us, you can bet they are doing everything they can to execute. I’ve seen it first hand.”

    You’re wrong. I’ll give you 3 examples just to prove it.
    1. The communication window. We always said it doesn’t work. In first look, when it got released anyway and now we’re still complaining. It’s still there.
    2. A personal request was to put regions in the transactions history when downloading it as an XLS file. Very important for any shop owner. Agreed on by Meta Linden. Many people want it. Voted for it in Jira. Nothing happened.
    3. “View Admin Settings” in the client menu overrides many restritions just in the client. Lets you “steal” textures very easily. It’s still in there.

    All of these issues are at least a month old. I could go on with dozens and more of them but I won’t. Go and check out Jira if you’d like to. Get your facts straight. Just because you sit down with “the man” an things don’t look so bleak for you doesn’t mean they don’t for the rest of us.

  42. concerned says:

    The simple fact that someone can pay real life money to purchase L$ to buy an item or items at considerable cost only to find that these items are not in their inventory is just not on,People have right to ask for things like this to be fixed before new features are added and while on most points i support LL and believe they want this platform to be as stable as we do i think they need to focus on long term issues like this.If inventory loss had been a few weeks fix then ok understandable but this is a very long time issue now and although it hasn’t effected me personally i can understand why people are so disillusioned with SL right now.

  43. Tree Kyomoon says:

    Juliet, the great thing about a free world is you are free to be miserable. You in particular seem to have made a career of it (bitter thorns?).

    You are dead wrong on pretty much every point, but there isn’t much point in discussing it as your mind is clearly made up.

  44. @ Juliet:

    “the biggest issues aren’t technical issues. It’s the constant lies (gambling ban, identity verification) and the lack of actual response to our outcries here.”

    Then why are you still here?

    “Forcing whole residents from whole countries in the EU to break the law just to access restricted land(in the future). Lies about CC information not being enough to verify that one is old enough to enter the platform.”

    Then why are you still here?

    “Lies whenever they tell us that identity verification is voluntary when you get banned if you don’t do it and have adult content on your non-restricted land.”

    Then why are you still here?

    “It’s not our world anymore if we have to duck and cover, pray and wince whenever Phil or Daniel or whoever comes up with the next insanity. It’s not our world if our content gets banned, our businesses get shut down and we ourselves get shut out if we don’t do exactly what LL wants (by verifying, flagging and whatnot).”

    Then why are you still here?

    “We are angry, afraid and frustrated. And it’s LL fault.”

    Then why….? 😉

  45. Mortar says:

    >To this end, we’ve created a new Service Quality Metrics page, where
    >you can find objective statistics on how well Second Life is running.

    HA! God, that’s funny. anybody who knows anything about statistics will tell you there’s no such thing. Ever here the old expression about stats?

    “There’s lies, Damn lies, and statistics.”

    What that means is you can make the numbers say anything you want, and without cheating!

  46. Claudine Chantilly says:

    What i find most disturbing of all is that the graph starts to trend from bad to worse ever since the annoucement a few months back reiterated by Zero Linden only yesterday:

    “You should know that while Linden Lab is focusing most of its development energy on stability and performance, we are also taking the time lay the foundation for what is to come.”

    How can “most of LL’s “development energy” allow “stability and performance” to nose-dive like this? I ask.

  47. concerned says:

    @38 Are you saying anyone who ever has a problem or disagrees with Linden labs should leave?

    Well i guess it would solve database issues.Theres our soloution all.

  48. Math Guru says:

    I know this isn’t the place but…

    @19 “VOICE: If you don’t like it, turn it off and it’s just like it was never there. In fact, voice runs as a separate application (SLVoice.exe) under Windows, but only if you enable it.”

    True in the fact that it runs under a separate application but they introduced something that many people are having issues with. Many people, when panning their camera, freeze. Many in terms of…more than half the people I know…

    Sure, this freezing only happens for a few seconds…on HIGH END MACHINES. My freeze regularly last over a minute. It freezes for longer durations with voice enabled. Once past two or three minutes SL disconnects you…Happens alot. Sometimes it doesn’t unfreeze and the SL client has to be killed. And just think, my system exceedes the minimum requirements specified by LL.

    When people complain it might not always be for a reason but it usually is. If they Fixed the freezes then I would have very very little to complain about besides standard grid instability. ie. Asset Servers…

    FYI: From what I understand the freezes were added by LL for the purpose of hideing a couple of visual glitches…My Personal Preference…Many small glitches over a total system meltdown… If I am mistaken in this information I appologize.

    My rant is now over…

  49. @41:

    No, of course not.

    I’m saying those who do little else but complain ad nauseum should leave. And certainly people like Juliet, whose SL experience consists of so much aguish and durress, should also leave unless, of course, they masochists and enjoy putting themselves through such pain.

    I’m also strongly against their new age verification scheme, but you don’t see me screaming, moaning, and throwing a tantrum in the blog about it, or making downright comical threats of legal action should LL refuse to bow to my will.

    Rather, I’ve made my position known, and I intend to wait and see what happens. And, if it comes down to it, I’ll leave, but I won’t make a big show of it.

  50. Grumman Bearcat says:

    @41 – if you see the breakdown in the pie, you will see a large slice is due to a power outage – in other words, out of LL control. You could probably also put VPN and network failure into that same basket. That’s not to let them off the hook, just to point out that sometimes unplanned outages are not the result of lack of effort on their part. You have a right to be unhappy with LL about them, and LL have a right to be unhappy with their 3rd party provider.

    Database crash and release overtime, however…

  51. concerned says:

    Ok thats fair but sometimes on some issues voices need to be heard,this is a blog a place to praise,vent anger,give ideas and object.Everyone has the right to opinions.

    I know some people who have had nightmares here lately but genuinly love sl and just want to be able to move around without crashing again.

  52. Becky Tardis says:

    3. “View Admin Settings” in the client menu overrides many restritions just in the client. Lets you “steal” textures very easily. It’s still in there.

    I tried with my alt trying to “steal” some of my textures as you say, and it dont work. Yes, god tools come up, but none of them work, because I dont have the rights for them to work.

  53. @44:

    Becky, you are quite correct.

    Just because “View Admin Settings” is visable doesn’t mean that just anyone can actually USE them. Permissions to use those settings is controlled server-side, not client-side (This is a GOOD THING).

    As I recall, the one time I tried using one of those tools, I got a message saying that I didn’t have rights to use them and that the action was reported to LL. 😉

  54. BootyLSH says:

    @42 Well said ShadowD!!
    State your opinion straight and to the object – FOR ONCE . Dont go moaning in 10 posts over and over again ,crying even louder everytime *Juliet*
    I agree SL seems to go worse by every passing month ,but ive seen even worse on the rest of virtual life games around the net ,for the moment SL seems to work a better than the rest ,and it has the most residents -that should mean sumting .
    As for the IDV – i say NO …..but wth who cares anyway huh

  55. Juliet Ceres says:

    Becky you just don’t know how to do it and I’m not going to post instructions here.

    And at “Shadow Darius Wolf”:
    I’m not leaving because I actually like my Second Life. Second Life and it’s

    community has nothing in common with Linden Lab anymore. Linden Lab is just making

    things worse and worse by horrible management. If they frustrate me, I’m going to

    give it back to them and point at things that they’ve done wrong so they can’t

    just go over them as if they were not there.

    If people followed your suggestion and just left whenever they have something to

    rightfully complain about … well let’s just say we wouldn’t have democracy,

    human rights and courts of law today.

    And once again @ Tree:
    You say they’re doing everything they can, I’m saying they don’t. I give examples,

    you say that you don’t want to talk about it anymore. WTF?

  56. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    somthing lots ofcmputers professionals have in mind, always promess to deliver later than you think you will manage to achive, that way your employers ando/or customers will always be impressed you managed to make it faster than what was first calculated ;P

  57. Becky Tardis says:

    @46, then if I don’t know how to do it, it cant be very easy, and it is an ban-able exploit.

  58. Dave Talamasca says:

    “We are angry, afraid and frustrated. And it’s LL fault. Deal with it.”

    Technically, if you’re angry, afraid and frustrated, it’s sort of your own fault. X makes me angry, there is nothing at the present time I can effectively do about X but yet it makes me angry, Perhaps I should deal with it and alter my life accordingly. (Slip afraid and frustrated right in there and repeat.)

    With respect to @22 Maklin, if you’re peeved about the comms window, get Nicolaz’ client. As I recall it’s similar (not 100%) to the old style. But what you MUST NOT do is decry the voice feature for this reason which is completely unrelated.

    If I could ask one thing of the SL populous it would be this, “Stand back for a moment and think about how many user interface hassles there are in other programs. Then, email the company that made said programs and demand they change the UI. See how far it gets you.”

    Now I’m not saying that feedback isn’t welcome, but after a certain point you must agree that LL MUST have got the message and is ignoring it for reasons larger than thos you understand. Say to yourself “OK I’ve said my bit (after 20 or 30 angry blog reactions) now it’s time to calm down and at the very least LEARN TO USE THE NEW INTERFACE SO I’M NOT ANGRY ALL THE TIME!”

    At the end of the day, it’s *your* blood pressure.

    In the words of Juliet Ceres (sorry honey) “Deal with it!”

  59. mimi says:

    Its great to see you’re doing your best to make things clearer to us!
    I really apprciate the effort! Adding Jira, adding the explantion blogs by Torley, adding extra features outside secondlife.. your doing on a good way!

    I’m sorry about bothering you with these other questions but theres one issue thats really scaring me, and was not answered in the blog even though quite a lot of residents asked for it.. I know that the blog is read since once in a while by you since you answer some questions here! I’d be really happy if you would like to help some with some of the things we are scared about with the age verification.

    I have a (partial) sexshop and I dont know what to do.. I don’t dare to age verify but if I don’t I will not be able to enter my own shops anymore and I dont want to abandon them

    I dont dare to verify though.. after all that ive heard and read. Ive read the old blogs a lot but I could not find these answers:

    * Can you legally ensure us that our information will be safe and not sold, leaked out or used by the verification company or any other company which can access its files? Has Aristoteles signed such a contract by you stating this? Will the get a fine if they do?

    * Will it be legal to verify in all countries? What do I have to do if its not legal here.. I would not want to lose my shop!

    * Why did you choose a company with a very bad reputation for the SL age verification and not another company?

    * How can we be sure that the information we give to you is not used for other purposes? I would very much appreciate if you could explain some more about this third company we know so little of and about if its legal to verify. We would very much appreciate if you could try to answer our questions it would make it a lot easier to age verify for many if us if we knew what we are doing is safe and not illegal!

  60. 1- Shadow, inviting ppl to leave if they don’t appreciate SL “as it is” makes you obviously and officially a moron. Don’t reply to me cause I have no ears for self-deluded kids as you are.

    2 – Asking users to vote on a bug/feature is the most idiotic thing among the vast messy of nutty sea of bad habits that make a home at Linden Lab. The day you will end this so-called feature I’ll probably start to believe SL still has a future.

  61. U M says:

    All we want is a game to run half way corrently

  62. Tree Kyomoon says:

    Juliet, i was pointing out that you are committed to complaining, not so much actually discussing.

    nevertheless I will address your “examples”:

    1. The communication window. We always said it doesn’t work. In first look, when it got released anyway and now we’re still complaining. It’s still there.

    Linden Labs has opened up the UI so that you can go ahead and build your own if you dont like it. If you have some good ideas on improving it, post them to Jira’s. If your ideas are as popular as you say they are, they should get hundreds of votes and thus become prioritized. Its pretty simple. Benjamin Linden has already released images of some new interface designs in the Wiki you are free to look at.

    2. A personal request was to put regions in the transactions history when downloading it as an XLS file. Very important for any shop owner. Agreed on by Meta Linden. Many people want it. Voted for it in Jira. Nothing happened.

    There are numerous reasons why this may not have occurred, it may be expensive, difficult, or a hinderance to other more important activities such as stability. If you are really committed to the idea, you can always log them yourself to a database.

    3. “View Admin Settings” in the client menu overrides many restritions just in the client. Lets you “steal” textures very easily. It’s still in there.

    Again, could be hundreds of reasons why this hasnt been acted on yet. Doesnt hurt to continue to promote your Jira to residents and bring it up at office hours, but since they are responsible for keeping the grid up and running, they need to be able to prioritize.

  63. Juliet Ceres says:

    Becky, it’s a combination of keys that you just have to press to get the UUID of the texture you just selected. It’s _very_ easy to do.

  64. mimi says:

    @ 49 Dave

    Where can we get the Nicolaz’ client? I’d love to get the old window back?

  65. Dave Talamasca says:

    Here’s the blog the great chap runs…

  66. Dave Talamasca says:

    Bare in mind though that while I said the GUI is similar to the old client, it’s not 100% the same, I noticed similarities and differences, but I showed the missus and she was fairly jealous sou it *ought* to be better in theory.


  67. Unmitigated Gall says:


    If you hate what is happening at LL then leave!! Hate the communications center? Then go find a different communications center somewhere else… LMAO… Like Multiverse or There or Kaneva… You’ll be back so fast you’ll forget you even left.

    If SL breaks so often that you are seething angry, then find another platform!! LL makes it clear they are trying to fix things, but you know it all’s can do it all better… NOT….

    So please.. Sell your sims… The Cheaper the better… I need one…

  68. sirhc DeSantis says:

    yep so off topic – what happened to my radio stream? why does a new client wipe out the media entry on my land? and how am i supposed to get “age verified” when my account page doesn’t show an option? I will flag my land – flag it so no-one gets in except me. then cash out i guess. I’m a tech by profession – not doing it for what is supposed to be fun. tell you one thing – next VW i sign up to will not get a red cent from me. learned too well here

  69. concerned says:

    @59 I believe age verification is still restricted to consierge accounts if you don’t have that level then don’t worry untill your asked to do so.

  70. Dave Talamasca says:

    @Unmitigated Gall – I appreciate your candour.

    It’s not about leaving because things ain’t right, it’s about saving your energy when it’s clear that you either aren’t being heard (unlikely) or you are being heard and nothing’s happening for reasons beyond your control (much more likely).

    Here’s a tip, start a blog ( it’s free. Bitch about LL and SL all you want. If they sucumb to peer pressure then great. If they don’t then at least you’ve taken you negativity to it’s fullest extent and appeased the god of bitch.

    My point being, if this were my blog, I’d “post and forget”. If it were *my* corporate enterprise, I’d just be thankfull that it booted server side. There are a lot of things that could go wrong with the SL system, and the odd inventory crash, in the grand scheme of things, is a pretty tiny thing.

    Try to have some perspective and for pete’s sake, if you already know how flaky the system can be, DON’T INVEST SO MUCH IN IT THAT YOU WOULD MIND LOSING!

    My $0.02.

    Dave T.

  71. Well, even with our new policy concerning “Linden Lab Bashing”, I will still speak my opinions here, and if Linden Lab wants to really “Value my Opinion”, then they will refrain from Suspending me for speaking that opinion.

    Now, I think it’s great that Linden Lab is TRYING to improve something, but my fear is, especially when it comes to numbers and graphs, that too many people have “given up” on the whole bug-reporting and JIRA reporting thing. The great majority of Residents that I speak have told me they refuse to file a bug-report since all they will get in return is some canned speech about how it’s most likely the Resident’s computer fault for the trouble. Trust me my ever present censoring overlords, the numbers DO NOT tell you the whole story, because the people you would HOPE to post bug-reports are sick and tired of the treatment they’ve received in the past, and aren’t about to “get fooled again”.

    One of the Blog Posts about Age Identification said that, “Trust is the foundation of any community”. Which is more true then anything else Linden Lab has spouted off in the past few months. There is just a small problem, the Second Life Community NO LONGER trusts the Linden Lab Developers, mainly because they’ve been lied to too many times and that TRUST you wanted has been trampled on from the word go.

    Before you (LL) start spouting numbers, you should take a REAL look at what people are saying and NOT DOING. You’d be surprised what you might see if you took off your rose-colored glasses.

    As for us in the Second Life Community, if you let this latest attempt to SPIN from Linden Lab to go by without saying something, then you deserve what Linden Lab gives you. IF though, you are tired of all this crud that LL is saying and doing, and you know they are just spinning their wheels and not really moving, then you should rise up and demand something better. Many people have said it before, I echo it now, “Would you stand for this if this was a REAL LIFE COMPANY?” I dare say most of you would not and so I ask, “Why do you stand for it now?”

    It’s time for the Community to stand and speak in one united voice, and demand better service, bug fixes, a stable world and evnironment, and reimbursement for all the Lost Objects in the world!

  72. No one can ever accuse me of being a Linden Booster, in-world or out. But I would like to commend them for at least making some sort of effort to measure service perfomance and to share the results. I am a little stunned to see that the “rock solid infrastruture” they are marketing to businesses to promote the SecondLifeGrid has only 98% uptime. Seems like most RL IT shops I know are in the 99.99% or better range. 2% is one thing for a game. I think they will find its quite another with real businesses.

    In any case, keep meauring and maybe someday someone will see past their ego and realize they better start paying attnetion to the basics.

  73. concerned says:

    I embrace the idea of having the metrics available but this chart without inventory loss included which has been probably the longest running concern so far makes me think this pie chart might be dwarfed,I know its stared these will be added at a later date but when 1 of the main issues is missing it makes me wonder how shocking this would be.

  74. Dave Talamasca says:

    OMG BOB Do you really want to be Che? You sound more and more militant by the minute! You’ve sort of lost it in my opinion, no offense, but you’ve gone a bit “off on one”.

    “because the people you would HOPE to post bug-reports are sick and tired of the treatment they’ve received in the past, and aren’t about to “get fooled again”.”

    Why on earth would anyone get a personalised response to a bug report? It’s all automated, the reports get put in a queue and processed in the fullness of time. To say “I didn’t get a personal response to my bug report!” is bloody nonsense!

    We stand for this every freaking day when our ISP takes a crap and drops our net con for even a few seconds and bare in mind that SL DEPENDS UPON YOUR NET CONNECTION! This is a complicated matter and no amount of rage against the machine will change how hard it is for ANY COMPANY to provide 100% UPTIME!

    You need to take a moment and put yourself in LLs shoes. Seriously, try running a business, you’ll find that your suppliers (colocation, hosting, ISP, advertising, let’s take it to the nth degree and say outsourced programming) LET YOU DOWN!

    Admittedly the software sucks in some respects, but bawling at a company who KNOW that only if the software no longer sucks will they have a SECURE revenue stream, will NOT WORK!


    Angry Dave Talamasca.

    Seriously, chill.

  75. Blinders Off says:

    A little realism here. Service outages happen from time to time, and we understand that. But SL’s service outages are growing. Significantly. I am curious as to how SL’s service outages compare with similar system such as THERE, WoW and GuildWars.

    But what I am even more curious about are statistics regarding things Linden Lab has absolute control over, such as KNOWN BUGS that are FIXED. I would love to see a graph showing how many BUGS have been reported that are OVER 30 DAYS OLD and STILL UNRESOLVED.

    Folks, I appreciate LL’s desire to be more open with us. The pie chart above is an indication of a more open policy, so I applaud that. But it doesn’t get to the heart of the issue does it? What heart: the issue of pushing Second Life “forward” with added “features”… when the existing platform remains unstable with bugs that are over a year old.

  76. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    @41. Yes. I will say that. Because this for all is problems is the best. This ‘I have the right to do what I want’ utopia is over. So please if you can’t be patient, if you can’t pay into the system anymore, if you all you want to do is whine about the fact that you have to obey US law, then please leave.
    Build your own. And we will see how well you are doing 4 years down the road.

  77. mimi says:

    Well with all the bad things going on.. it seems like inventory loss had decreased at least some.. i get some 3-4 customers reporting it on a day, not over 10 like a few weeks before ^^

    I don’t try to be too positive yet, but lets hope it will continue to decrease

  78. Bucky Barkley says:

    In the last few days we have had good postings from Zero and Ian.

    Where the heck is Cory?

  79. concerned says:

    @67 Ok let me ask you this you pay for your internet connection and have a problem?you just leave or ask if they can sort it?,you have cable and it goes down you leave or ask if they can sort it?I have no issues with second life personally but if you are paying for a service you enjoy and have a problem with it you have a right to complain,If people did’nt you would have bad service and be paying way to much.

    It’s called looking after the people who keep you in buisness,go wipe the brown of your nose and realise people here have genuine issues or concerns and the point of this blog is to discuss them.

  80. I personally haven’t been in SL much the past few days primarily due to “Script is missing from database” errors that keep popping up. Very disheartening when you see all of your work go down the drain.

  81. concerned says:

    Well Dedric unfortunatly it seems Thunderclap thinks that after all your work and through no fault of your own your time in Second Life should end.

  82. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    @70 This is Bleeding edge tech. They are the only ones who have been successful. You want stable go to There.
    And everytime I have had a customer service issue it has been handled promptly and resolved as quickly.
    And My internet provider has a minimum limit to which they will hook up their service too and has no issues with telling a potential customer that their system can’t handle it.
    And Concerned, I never once said that Dedric wasn’t valued. I said that if you are using the blog as support because you refuse to pay or can’t pay and start whining then yes please leave. If you are whining about having to choose your countries laws over Poseball sex then you should leave.
    And I have vehemently opposed to servers outside of the US until all the bugs are out of the client. And since open source might happen first, I don’t want to hear about EU law. When you log in to SL you are entering the US. Understand that? YOU FOLLOW OUR LAWS OR YOU LOGOFF.
    We banned gambling online because we didn’t want poeple screwed over. Cry me a river. Be thankful that we haven’t banned virtual child nudity yet or all the child avs would be gone too.

  83. concerned says:

    Actually you didn’t even hit on what you complained about you mentioned my post @41 where i start if you have an issue you should be free to state it.Now where international came from i have no idea but let me put you right on 1 think,age verification is not US law it is LL law one of high profile companies owned by a man in a dressing gown named hugh will allow you to see very adult content with a credit card.Second life can restict its self to USA if it chooses and be bound by USA laws that way but i don’t think that is what Linden labs want.

  84. mimi says:

    ‘I said that if you are using the blog as support because you refuse to pay or can’t pay and start whining then yes please leave.”

    Some peope here pay, but still have questions which the live chat can’t help.. (like me). I am on jira too where I have raised some issues too, but unfortunately very little people know about jira or how to use it so very little people vote. When people have bugs I often try to encourage them to vote for them on jira, for most it’s the first time they even hear about this tool. So well, who blames them for complaining here too?

    A lot of people ‘whining’ here have some good issues, I think, are are concerned with a reason. You might not value poseball sex high but who are you to judge it’s not important to others?

    And what do you know about others problems? Are you a landowner? Are you a shopowner? Are you a sexclub/shop owner? Have you ever had traffic over 20.000? Are you a person from a country where you might possible not be able to register from but owns a shop you spent a lot of time on? Just because you have had your problems solved it does not mean other peoples problems have been solved too.. many of us are still stuck with a lot of problems.

    We complain here because this is a place where we might be heard, and are able to talk with eachother about it. Thats whats blogs are about, talking about opinion and reacting? Posting as well the positive as the negative things. I guess both are about equal on the blogs, some posts give many positive others many negative replies. It just depends on the issue.

  85. Ron Crimson says:

    Maklin @ 22:

    All I see is everybody bashing the voice feature (not the voice *client*) and throwing it in one pot with the Communication UI. You’re right, they’re unrelated and that was exactly my point. It isn’t me who suffers from a lack of reading comprehension, it would appear that it is the haters who show a lack of expressive writing skills. 😛

    As for the UI and text being too small… Well, duh. You just can’t have it both ways, either smaller windows or larger text. If you can’t read it (I can read it just fine at 1600×1200 on my 19″, thankyouverymuch), then get a larger monitor and/or glasses.

    I’m not trying to get personal here, I’m just saying you can do something to deal with whatever issues you have – just whining and hating doesn’t get anybody anywhere.

    SL isn’t perfect, no, and I continue to wait for both long-overdue bugfixes and new features too – but I’m patient, and overall SL works well enough for me that I still remember how to ENJOY IT.


  86. concerned says:

    Exactly my point Mimi i don’t agree with everyones veiw on here but as long as its not just complaining for complainings sake i will stand up for thier rights to say it.

  87. Amanda Ascot says:

    Thanks, Ian. I’ve been asking for Lindens to start communicating …*really* communicating … with us for a long time. I’m seeing that start to happen, and this is a very refreshing change from the way things used to be. Being up-front and out in the open about these things is important … at least for some of us who aren’t one-issue voters. Yes, there are some things about what Linden Lab is doing right that makes me livid when I think about them. There are other things that bring a smile to my lips. I’ll complain as vociferously as anyone else when you’re doing something wrong. I’ll pat you on the back when you’re doing something right.

    In this case, you most definitely get a pat on the back … and a piece of my freshly-made Key Lime Pie. Um … as soon as I figure out a way to import it into Second Life so I can drop it into your inventory. There are other topics where I can rant (except they they fill up too quickly for me to get any comments in). This isn’t one of them.

  88. concerned says:

    I am off now but a hint for any users that find inventory not returned or buy items that don’t appear,find a good class 5 server and either tp there or log in there,search for an item in your inventory this will call inventory from database and it will start to fetch,do no other actions during this the fetch just wait it out until it has fetched your full should now be free to travel around and buy with no issues,this isnt 100% but its seemed to work with most people.

    Do not buy items if your inventory is fetching or hasnt been called since you signed in as this seems to replicate missing items on tests ive done.This isn’t 100% but hopefully might cause a lot less issues.

  89. Torian says:

    2% Downtime not bad??? What kind of a world do you live in?

    In the corporate world (who LL wants as their customers) there is something called 3, 4 or 5 nines of reliability. For most corporations, 3 nines is the minimum. i.e. 99.9% system availability.

  90. Luciftias says:

    So… what’s the point in providing us with more and more embarrassing stats about how LL mismanages their platform?

    Ah well… who cares.

    Apparently this person cared enough to make a snarky comment. Kudos!

  91. Sammi says:


    Given the freefall in land prices, one suspects this is pretty much what is happening, as we speak (I mean type).

    To those who still believe LL sees residents as their core customers, I’d like to hear what you think in a few more weeks, assuming present trends continue.

  92. Sammi says:


    Your advice about addressing missing inventory items is great! It ought to be the centerpiece of Torley’s next How-To Video. And I don’t mean to be snarky by saying that.

  93. Seth Ock says:

    Torian, could you please inform my cable company about triple nine. And my DSL provider, too, while you’re at it. Those jerks take a helluva lot more of my money in a month than Linden Labs does. While we’re at it, one of my banks has a website that’s “closed for maintenance” a couple times a month. That’s a BANK, and I doubt they’re on triple nine. And then there are government offices I’ve called to discuss a problem and they don’t have access to my files because their systems are down. Hospitals that have to handle admissions on paper while tech support reboots their servers … for five hours.

    The bottom line is, those extra nines you hear about are nothing more than a marketing gimmick. They’re there to convince you that the tenuous grasp on the digital world they have is a grip of steel and little more.

    Second Life … is a game. It’s there to bring a little light and a little entertainment into our pathetic, introverted existences. There’s no need for triple nines, nor are there any guarantees you’ll get them. Or even double nines for that matter. Or single nines. Linden Labs could evaporate tomorrow and the world will keep right on revolving. It simply isn’t critical.

    I’m not happy with the way things are. Every time I rezz at a new location, I watch things sixty meters away fill in before the avatars directly in front of me. I’ve lost stuff from my inventory. I haven’t lost any money yet, but I recognize it could happen. On the other hand, there are massive things going on. The entire enterprise has been open-sourced. It’s picked up over ten times the number of users since I signed up. And still seems just about as stable now as it was then. I imagine there’s quite a bit of effort just keeping their heads above that rising tide while they’re still trying to come to grips with the whole mess. So I cut them slack. I come in, wander around for a few hours, meet with friends now and then, and occasionally attend lectures with people from all over the planet. And usually do just fine until the end of the night when it’s time to log out and the client crashes on exit.

    But I don’t care about that. I know it’ll eventually get fixed.

  94. Reliability is a small problem compared to in world usability. When the grid is up and working things are so painfully slow it is not worth using anymore. When you TP into a sim with 30 or so people in it it takes ages for everything to load and then when it does you can attach anything and scripts all but stop working. If you fly strait up from you position about 150m or so then things start to work again. Drop back into the crowd and things stop working again.

    If you guys can get sims to work smoothly with the allowed 40 people per sim the complaints would drop significantly.

  95. Raul Crimson says:

    Is sad to see the “Unplanned Downtimes” are growing in last months, is good to see Lindens are talking about it.

  96. Dallas Seaton says:

    @Juliet Ceres:
    “Forcing whole residents from whole countries in the EU to break the law just to access restricted land(in the future). Lies about CC information not being enough to verify that one is old enough to enter the platform.
    Lies whenever they tell us that identity verification is voluntary when you get banned if you don’t do it and have adult content on your non-restricted land.”

    OK, let me debunk these falsehoods one at at time:

    “Forcing whole residents from whole countries in the EU to break the law just to access restricted land(in the future).”

    That’s a common falsehood that keeps getting repeated here. NOWHERE is it illegal for YOU to share YOUR information. It **IS** illegal in many countries, including most of the EU for anyone ELSE (person or company) who has YOUR information to share it with another party. But its YOUR information, and its NOT against the law for YOU to provide it, should you choose.

    “Lies about CC information not being enough to verify that one is old enough to enter the platform.”

    That’s NOT a lie, its FACT. WHY is it FACT?? Because, Visa and Mastercard themselves have made policy statements that their credit cards may NOT be used to verify age. If the CC companies themselves state that they don’t check the info and that their cards may NOT be used to verify age, then its pretty damn stupid of you to claim that LL is LYING when they’re just repeating this information.

    “Lies whenever they tell us that identity verification is voluntary when you get banned if you don’t do it and have adult content on your non-restricted land.”

    I guess you simply don’t understand the meaning of voluntary, Juliet. Its VOLUNTARY for you to be in SecondLife to begin with. You have no RIGHT to be in SecondLife, its a privilege. Since its VOLUNTARY to be there in the first place, then its most CERTAINLY voluntary to verify identity in order to visit SOME portions of SecondLife. Being banned for having adult content on non-restricted land has NOTHING to do directly with identity verification. Its a RULE, and since LL is a private company they’re certainly entitled to establish RULES which must be obeyed to access the game and platform that THEY provide. Choosing to play SecondLife is VOLUNTARY, choosing to verify your identity to be allowed access to ALL of SecondLife is also VOLUNTARY. There are no LIES being told here except the ones that YOU are telling.

  97. Devin Bailly says:

    lol… At this stage.. any type of communication and acknowledgement of the issues is a bonus from LL IMHO. 🙂

    Ohh the glory days.. back when i was a noob.. 30,000 residents.. and the grid ran smooth. In fact.. The grid was more interactive back in those days.. everywhere WASN’T a ghost town and you could DO things with others. Have we really fallen this bad? You vets remember….

    Think this will ever get better or just compoundingly worse?

  98. Devin Bailly says:

    ….. OH and.. um..
    rNice Pie Chart!
    It… was.. um..

    Hey I know.. lets wager on which color of the chart will be largest next month! Or is that a TOS violation now? I got L$100 on “Light Blue”, I think shes a strong runner who can carry a strong first place for many months yet…..

  99. Tegg B says:

    Hmm getting bored, the current bugs don’t bother me greatly, want new stuff 🙂

  100. Damen Hax says:

    It’s a small step but motion none the less.

  101. Phoenixa Sol says:

    so odd, it was such a coincidence last sept (2006) when we were all forced to change our passwords… that very day my email addy was stuffed full of strange spam, which I still must deal with in that addy every single day ever since that leak of our information… so, after the age verification, then I can deal with identity theft too? Hey Lindens, how about I show up to your office with my antique RL face and driver’s license and verify my info that way.

  102. U M says:

    Why is it that people always have to say ” LEAVE if you don`t Like it”? Well love I pay to be here and many others pay just the same. Tell those that don`t pay to leave. If they are the ones bitch bitch bitch ! Please! share me the BS.

  103. Burgess Miles says:

    2% downtime is a lot! It really is!
    About the voice viewer, I have no problem with the voice feature as such, nobody is using it anyway, but I certainly don’t like the new UI. Why on earth, give me just one good reason, is it not possible to make the communications window narrower beyond a certain point?? If I could just do that I could probably learn to live with the “communications centre”, even if it is a bit cumbersome…

  104. Martin Magpie says:

    Thank you Linden Lab!


  105. Juliet Ceres says:

    I’m tired of always quoting people just to prove I’m right so let’s deal with these two groups once and for all:

    #1 people who claim something is working, me telling them it’s not and giving examples, they either telling me they’re above it or stating that there is a very good reason why it’s still broken. Duh. Do I have to even explain this anymore?

    #2 people who claim that credit cards are not enough to ensure only adults have access to the grid. Get a clue – what’s good for every single porn site (TOS and credit card #s) should be good enough for LL.

    #3 people who claim this is a game and we’re all free to leave. It’s not. It’s a platform. Any mand of us are highly invested in it and we have a lot to lose. Money, time, our sanity. We can’t leave anymore just because we want to. Some peoples income depends on SL and Linden Lab made a promise (your work, your imagination) that made them invest their time and money in this platform. And now LL is breaking this promise, over and over and over and over again.

    And we can’t even sue them to smithereens because we’d be hurting ourselves if the platform dies.

  106. Juliet Ceres says:

    Uh.. those are three groups… or one. Meh, I should prolly make a statistic about it.

  107. U M says:

    “#3 people who claim this is a game and we’re all free to leave. It’s not. It’s a platform.”

    Well a platform for what? Its a medium if you want to be correct.

  108. Jack Hathor says:

    In an much earlier post you told us that moving up the database to mysql 5 gave you a much better stat on the resets, as you explained us in that same post how the restart was more or less a common and expected thing to happen. Did you upgrade all of them by now, and shouldnt the stats on database crashes be expected much lower then ?

  109. Burgess Miles says:

    many have been talking about, in various blog threads here, that the Lindens should move their servers away from mainland US to avoid that country’s narrow minded rules and regulations. wouldn’t a simple move to Nevada solve most of these issues? I mean, in Las Vegas you CAN gamble, it’s legal, and sex is maybe legal too, who knows…

  110. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    WHY are you still using VPN’s at all?
    It’s not the way to go, anyone ‘in the trade’ knows that. how come you haven’t realised that?

    I also note that continued in world inventory loss, which is proving a massive problem to residents lately, especially those who attempt to create and provide content, is not mentioned.

    Why? Is that not considered a support issue?

    Or could the words ‘predict’ and ‘estimate’ in your explanation of how you concocted this data have some bearing on what appears in your figures?

    Because NO ONE who’s been in SL any amount of time is going to waste their time reporting inventory loss, are they?

  111. Chrysala Desideri says:

    Ah, both the sanity crew and the goosesteppers out in force on this one! great fun!

    I was worried by the prozac-powered downtime blog there for a bit.. seemed so.. unnatural.

  112. Juliet Ceres says:

    >>“#3 people who claim this is a game and we’re all free to leave. It’s not. It’s a >>platform.”

    >Well a platform for what? Its a medium if you want to be correct.

    Call it medium, buiness/education platform… the point is, it’s not just a game. Calling SL a game would be like calling an the internet a game.

  113. Vin Houston says:

    is this where we say ya right? is it? i think so. to keep with the topic ill state that this “non” “game-like-world” we have issues that LL has created and now redirects people within or reasigns, or new hire whatever…. to solve there mistakes……basicly what i am saying is toss the stats LL you know SL is and has been in a constant state of “retarded” for the longest. this blog just further provides proof to us you guys dont know how to mannage your goals and i for one am tired of it. keep it up and those margens will not be as easy to come up with due to people leaving. as for your thinking that you can predict how to improve the grid by who is on and who is not i feal is crap due to no matter how many times i crash i have to be inworld. so what do i do re log crash relog crash……wow i have said this before in a blog …. jack joe and jane as well have reported on these issues as well…. who do you guys at LL think your fooling? REALY!

  114. Get real.

    Linden Labs has no competition, thus no motivation to fix anything including service levels. They know we addicted, that we have emotional and financial ties to Second Life, and that despite all our bitching and moaning, that we’re not going to leave.

  115. Vylixan Fallon says:

    I have to admit, that on a machine with 2 Gb of Ram Sl is very stable and inventory losses are not common even lag is not that bad. So yes a lot of problems is due to low end machines. SL demands High end machines and a stable connection.

    But I agree on the fact that 40 people on a sim would almost kill a sim and that the responce on griefer attacks should be more quickly and that the mainland should be having a building policy . all the advertisements are idiotic and also the land barons should be terminated.

    more wishes on my list ? hmm yes . the age verification is a good thing. but i dont; get it . the grid is for 18+ so why should adults have to verificate at this high level their age when a porn site is a lot more easy with verification ? The flagging of land is bullshit. mature is 18+ PG is 18- why does 18+ land have to be flag for 18++++ ? thats idiotic. it wont prevent the camera to enter the land.

    You are doing a good job Linden only Supporting your customers inworld is shitty. When there are griefer we need instant support straight away and not 3 days after because neighbours are not online and don;t set their security. ( blame the neigbours ? No kill griefers)

  116. Alexander R. says:

    I kinda have to agree with Maxx in certain ways……over the past month I’ve done some serious research on the other Vworlds (since the unplanned outage for August was almost as great as all the PLANNED outage for June and July)…..

    And who knows….maybe it is due to the open format of SL that causes some of the problems……but so far as I have seen….none of the other Vworlds allows the freedom to create just about anything as you can in SL……

    So to me….SL is kinda like Windows…..crashes a bit….lots of stuff you wish it would do better….but at the end of the day even though Mac and Linux beat it in areas like stability….the sheer number of tools and users still make it the preferred platform for developers….

    So to me….SL is the Windows of the virtual world…. of course…now after about 10 years….windows is seeing it’s lead dissolve…… will this happen to SL…. only time will tell………

    As for SL itself goes….I love it I hate it I love it I hate I love it I hate it….gimme another fix…gimme more more more!

  117. Riddle says:

    Lo and behold…i found the root for the problems…we dont have enough premium accounts!

    according to this nice and shiny statistc (graph …whatever…) there are only 90 premium accounts out there

  118. Nad Gough says:

    The bars of up time don’t reflect that during up time you can’t hardly do anything but chat in IM about the stuff yer trying to do that isn’t working.

  119. The expression is “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, not “the proof is in the pudding”.

  120. You guys need to give LL a break. Seriously.

    Believe it or not, the concept of Second Life is COMPLETELY NEW. Since no one has ever designed anything like SL before, LL makes their design decisions through TRIAL AND ERROR. As pioneers, they have no choice.

  121. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ooops, off topic. does anyone at LL know where my group is gone since the last update?

  122. Amanda Ascot says:

    They’re leaving comments on some threads open past the 100 mark! I do so hope this is the wave of the future. Now if they could just hire someone to actually read these things. They don’t even have anyone to actually moderate the blog, you know. It’s handled by a ‘bot, which might explain why a lot of posts that *should* be held for moderation aren’t, and why other, perfectly on-topic and non-abusive posts get deleted.

    Anyway, since the thread is open I’m going to make a second comment … or two … or maybe three.

    Alexander @104, in response to Maxx @103: You hit the nail on the head. I’ve been looking into those other virtual worlds, too. I’d love to have my own sim with a million square meters of land, and I can! And I don’t have to pay out the nose to get it. But where’s the *content*? Where are the scripts? Where’s the online shopping supplied by other residents? The sad fact is that Linden Lab really is at the cutting edge of this technology. There are other venues that offer “something like” Second Life, but none of them give us the same capacity to shape our world as does Second Life. This is the reason the “core user group” is still here. We have hopes that Linden Lab will get it’s act together, and have have little hope that anyone will be catching up with them in the forseeable future.

    Juliet @95: There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who can count, and those who can’t. 😀 That’s OK, though. I’ve enumerated posts, before, decided to add something, and then forgot to update the numbers. Seriously, though, I agree with what you have to say, here, especially with regards to your third point. This world is no longer about *our* Imagination. It’s about a watered-down shadow of our imagination — one in lock-step with morality-mongers and subject to the vagaries of the laws of foreign nations and the easily-injured sensibilities of the large corporate customers which appear to now represent the user base that Linden Lab is really interested in attracting to Second Life.

  123. Aries Piek says:

    I agree with comments on both sides and I actually feel somewhat sorry for the Lindens. They are so way in over their heads that it is not even funny. Accounts (free) have exploded (how about showing us the data points for free vs. paid account or paid account attrition? THAT would be interesting to see!) and the Lindens while giddy with their “success” keep SL hanging on with duct tape and paper clips. It isn’t working. I have owned a couple of islands and large parcels and used to purchase a LOT in SL, from some of the posters here as well as others. No more. I reached my point where the effort for what is only just imaginary is not worth it and I have sold all my sims and land and have given away what objects I could. I have canceled my account effective 9/23 and that is the last the Lindens will see of me or my shiny Paypal account or credit card. Sl was fun but if I am going to out that much money, time and energy into something, it will instead be my RL career, home and family and friends. Wish you all luck ad encourage people to either realize SL is going to be this way for a long, long time. EIther accept it or leave because the Lindens don’t listen- at all or ever.

  124. Dirk Felix says:

    Service still sucks and LL owes me a large sum of dollars due to transactional error on their data. in efforts to reclaim you come against people reading scripts about what they wont do. Complain and they drop kick you.

    I would like to see metrics on the damage and losses caused by billing data being hacked into. This could then be expanded into how this has affected customer base for identity theft.

    LL time to treat your customers with respect and stop acting like a sweat shop from China 😉

  125. Angelica Seaton says:

    Most people in SL talk about inventory loss…I have inventory gain. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the many ‘EMPTY’ notecard folders that seem to breed when I’m not looking! And before anyone jumps in with “right click and delete”….the option to do so is not there.

  126. Belial Zadeh says:

    I’ve just come back from holiday where I didn’t have access to the game. I just wanted to thank everybody for reminding me why I was losing interest in the game before I left!

  127. @109
    “I agree with comments on both sides and I actually feel somewhat sorry for the Lindens. They are so way in over their heads that it is not even funny. Accounts (free) have exploded (how about showing us the data points for free vs. paid account or paid account attrition? THAT would be interesting to see!) and the Lindens while giddy with their “success” keep SL hanging on with duct tape and paper clips.”

    They do have some limited information.
    As of July they had 88,797 premium members. In June there was 94,607. Significant drop but also a significant gain from May of 89,845.

    What is not so good about these numbers is out of 1,363,009 (will consider these active members) that logged on during the last 60 days (2 months) there is only about 90,000 that are premium? I used to be a premium member a few times but there has never been a logical reason other than the ability to own mainland to be premium. The majority of people in SL do not want to own land they have to pay for so why would they become paying members? There is no reason to. So people complaining about non paid accounts really have no grounds for argument. Give people a good reason to pay for their accounts and they will.

  128. U M says:

    As this blog topic says “Service Quality Metrics” Well If this piece of trash client EVERYONE had to install is any measure I say its far from perfect. I can`t believe the bugs in it! PLEASE PELASE give us back a choice of viewer!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not a Service Quality PLUS LL! Its more of a Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. mimi says:

    @ Dallas Seaton
    “Lies whenever they tell us that identity verification is voluntary when you get banned if you don’t do it and have adult content on your non-restricted land.”

    It may be voluntary to choose not to verify and lose a lot of money on investments, but isn’t it a very unfair choice to ask people to either lose a lot money or verify with a risky company?

    A lot of this discussion has not just to do with the choice wether to verify or but with the bad and potentially harmfull way the age verification is done in.

    I agree, it’s voluntarily to enter or stay in Secondlife but a big part of the discussion here is about the uncomunicative way the lindens are dealing with problems which will affect a large percentage of the residents financially.
    It’s also voluntarily to use windows, but does it make it ‘fair’ to give people hope then just ignore their questions? Is it fair to sell people a 1600-real-dollar island and let them build a large shopping center then all of a sudden force something like this in, in the bad way it is done now? It’s not a bad thing to ask for people to be treated with respect.

    I don’t think linden labs can make secondlife run perfect, because programming is a hard job and debugging is even harder. (I know from my own humble experience and seeing people so much better at programming than me at this still struggle with these kind of issues) But why not communicate some more with the residents? Why not answer some of our questions which we struggle a lot with, instead of ignoring them?

    In your post, you say it’s not illegal to give out information like this. I wonder, have you checked the laws of european countries to make sure its not illegal to give personal information to companies? No, I bet you don’t. They might have policies just like the credit card companies. Just like many of us, you might not know enough of europan coutries law to make a statement like this. Thats why we are asking the lindens to give an official statement about this, so we know what we are about to do is safe.

    The same goes about the company linden labs chose to do their verifying. Yes it may be voluntarily to register (or lose your content) but it’s unfair to expect residents to give their information to a company which has such an untrustworthy reputation and not make sure the information is safe. Why is linden labs not making any hard legal statements about this? It’s just a few lines of text they have to write to make this whole registration thing a lot easier to most of us. People have a right to be suspicious when they might be doing something that is potentially harmfull to their real lifes.
    Sadly enough identity theft happens, and it’s strange to expect residents to register when Linden Labs does not make any hard offical and legal statement about this.

    It’s not just a game anymore for many of us, it’s a real life company which has let thousands of residents invest hundreds of real life money in it. For many of us its not a silly game anymore which can be chosen to leave at any time without real life consequences. Its a real company with real money and decisions which affect our real lifes.

    Linden Labs is asking us to do something which may be potentially harmfull our their real lifes (losing hundreds of dollars or potentially risking identity theft), so why would it be unfair to ask them to give people answers they need, to make sure they are safe, and have them try to spare peoples investments as much as they can?

    This is not just a game service anymore, it’s a real life company people have invested real money in, and it’s about residents asking Linden Labs to spare their real life investments yet safe them from indentity theft and to communicate about how to make the large real life impacting company they have become be a safe place for us all.

  130. Anony Mouse says:

    Regarding Service Quality:
    Service Quality is quite bad. It has been for a while. Most sims are laggy, the client crashes or exits abnormally about 25% of the time (see the last set of statistics).

    All of this illustrates the problems with having a monopoly on anything. When a company has total control over a given thing and that is the only available thing of it’s kind it is a virtual monopoly, though not a legal one.

    Regarding LL’s attitude in general:

    Max is absolutely right. LL has no real competition at this point so they feel free to do anything they want no matter what we think.

    The development of OpenSIM and alternative platforms is a good thing. If I’m not here in a year… I will *certainly* be there. I believe that, with the development of such alternatives… LL will see a massive exodus from it’s servers.

    The biggest problem is that LL stopped listening to it’s residents and started thinking only about the almighty dollar and the big corporate interests. While some might argue that this is all that they should worry about… I, personally, believe that a good company cares about it’s customers.

    While some of us aren’t “concierge” members or even “premium” residents.. we are contributing to the money that LL has by buying and selling goods in the SL economy. So, the excuse that we’re not “paying customers” doesn’t work here either.

    The simple fact of the matter is LL thinks they have us… so they will continue to jam in things without regard to what the residents think.

    I know that in the past I’ve been moderated out because my comments were controversial.

    If you moderate me out… make it known to your superiors that we are not happy with Linden Lab… and we’re really not happy with how things are going.

    Anony Mouse
    “Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground..” ~ Stephen Sills

  131. Dallas Seaton says:

    Hey Juliet Ceres – instead of claiming to “settle it once and for all” with MORE misinformation, why don’t you LISTEN for a change?!?! VISA, in their official Vendor Instructions, clearly IN WRITING forbids any vendor accepting VISA from using it for age verification. Should the porn vendors that you claim all still use it (I guess you must go to them often, huh?) then they’re in danger of having their privelege of accepting VISA revoked. So please quit saying its perfectly find to use CC’s as age verification and LL is lying about it!

  132. Dallas Seaton says:

    mimi – YES as a matter of fact, in other previous discussions where people kept restating the myth that in most all other countries its ILLEGAL to give your ID info to anyone, I DID go check the laws online for UK, France and Germany. Its not illegal in any of those. I’m not going to go search EVERY country’s laws, but I *do* challenge you or anyone else to find ONE law that makes it illegal for an individual to give out their OWN identity information. I’ll be waiting….

  133. mimi says:

    Well, if it’s legal, then it’s not a problem, but I wait for linden labs to make a statement about it before I am sure its is safe. Its the least they could do to give us some reassurance

    I still worry about the safety of letting the company they chose doing the verification. What is your opinion about it’s reputation, and residents beeing worried about giving out their information to it, Dallas?

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