We be pullin’ in to drydock! (Scheduled Outage – COMPLETE)

Joshua Linden aboard his sturdy ship


Belay that spoutin’, ye scurvy dogs! The good ship Second Life be furlin’ her sails and pullin’ in to drydock for some tidyin’. She’ll be ship shape again soon and ready to sail the seven seas. Don’t think we Lindens will be gettin’ any aRrr and aRrr, either! Aye, we’d rather be downin’ some grog, but one false step and we’ll all sink down to visit Davy Jones, n’er again to feel the wind across our billowing sails.

So heave to, laddies! Keep your noggins close and sing ano’er round ‘o Fifteen Men while ye be waitin’. We’ll meet ya topside once we’re ready to hit the seas – a’fore the clock be strikin’ 10 round the Golden Gate, if ol’ Neptune be kind to oh such as the likes of us.

(What the…? At Linden Lab we take International Talk Like A Pirate Day very seriously. But not as seriously as we take Second Life. If your pirate translation skills are rusty: as mentioned here and here we are entering a scheduled outage window for hardware maintenance on Second Life systems at 6am Pacific. We expect to be up by 10am Pacific, and will post updates if anything changes. Unfortunately, the maintenance work affects our public Beta systems as well.)

Yo ho!

[UPDATE @9:15am] – Arr, we be ahead ‘o schedule. The sun’s arisen over the Barbary Coast here in the western bay port city, and we be done with our toolin’ on the ship. We’re makin’ sure she rides steady in the waters afore we lower the gangplank.

[UPDATE @9:50am] – Belay that last utterin’. Seems a bit o the islands be under a hurricane and not yet reachable. We be seein’ if we’re ready to set sail and hope for calmer seas ahead. (Translation: some lingering power work has left about 5% of regions offline. We’re doing final tests on the central services, and then will probably open up and work on bringing those regions back online.)

[UPDATE @10:05am] – Prepare to welcome boarders! We’re open! NOTE: many regions still offline, but most of Second Life is available.

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458 Responses to We be pullin’ in to drydock! (Scheduled Outage – COMPLETE)

  1. Dew Lane says:

    firt and well the downtime … im so lost without SL. what can i do now? lol

  2. bigmoe says:

    why is the beta grid locked down for? I usally go there when the main grid is down.

  3. bigmoe says:

    always helps to read the blog full moe ^^ dont mind me

  4. Vics Pera says:

    is the beta online when main grid is off ?

  5. JZ Paine says:

    Ok this is good. BUT, when will we see the first signs of the next rendition of Windlight or that thing called Havic something? We heard in a previous blog report that both were just around the corner. I think that was a month or so. Well we are approching the corner. Will we be seeing them when we turn the bend?

  6. Shiver me timbers hope ye mates get ole bugz fixed… I’m gonna make ole P. Linden walk the blank if ole bugz aren’t fixed!!!!


  7. Vics Pera says:

    if is online all go to beta ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. sonny paul says:

    tell me why right before and after a upgrade is my mac always being booted off and sometimes well after upgrade as much as 30 times a day and why is there no longer phone support and please dont tell me you cant afford it lol or even in world love help thankyou

  9. Kirstenlee Cinquetti says:

    Arrr, shiver me timbers…
    Lets us all be praying for fair weather this day!
    For no good will come of giving ye lindens the black spot
    Stomps off to the local grog house for the duration


  10. bigmoe says:

    I dont expect havoik to be on the grid anytime soon. first they need to eliminate the rest of the class 2 servers and fix that stupid estate ban exploit that is causing us problems

  11. sonny paul says:

    i mean live help lol lol

  12. Devin says:

    Second Life should be rated ARRRR FOR PIRATE CONTENT

  13. Fluf Fredriksson says:

    Look out! It’s a “Constructive Comment” ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would be nice if there was some info or a link to a page with some info on which changes are being rolled out? Then we’d all know what to look out for when we log back in and might me able to make more useful contributions on the JIRA.

  14. Vic says:

    /me wishes the Lindens luck

    Thanks for all your hard work :))

    Glad to have a REAL life to play while you make my second one even better!

  15. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Wow … lucky me …. a new update …. Grey hair again after restart …. GREAT (already aprehensiv to log in due to some invenory and other problems … clearing caches … and in the worst case .. reinstall SL )
    But why does it always have to be the european and other nationalities ( the right side of the GM *Greenwich Meridian) who have to take the burden of it? Why never doing it when US SL citizens are for the most online?
    Anyway thx for for the fun … of SL … and also for your neverending effords …..

    Kind regards


  16. Bobby Troughton says:

    Aargh! There be free rum for all ye land lubbers at me pirate pub in the great sailin sim of Sanchon, if Sec’n Life be workin’ again.

  17. Cathryn Kappler says:

    Ummmmm, Joshua, you usually lower your sails going into dock and raise them when you are leaving. HMMMMMM, may that is some of the problem ;DDD

  18. Guy says:

    This outage anouncement must have been pushed down on the blogs list because of useless features and bugs, maybe you need to have something on the main page stating theres going to be an outage….. Estimated outage, 4 hours. Realistic outage, 6 hours. Thanks for the heads up so I could grab my scripts and work on them outside of SL.

  19. Rhyph Somme says:


  20. Uccello says:

    Loved the in-world reminders! TYVM ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. em debevec says:

    oh wow…harsh

    i’m having a day off work sick…what the heck am i gonna do now

  22. Deira Llanfair says:

    Good luck!

    Get that ship out by the 10 o’clock tide lads, and you can splice the mainbrace.

  23. Ponk Bing says:

    Yo ho and a barrel of whine

  24. Masuyo Aabye says:

    yarrr hardware fixes be good

  25. Damn good to see guys at LL hasn’t lost their sense of humour ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep the spirit up!

  26. Millie Thompson says:

    Arrr, just when I be fixin me avatarrr up with some new booty…

    Harrrrdware maitenance be a good thing!

    So I be hoisting a bit o rum to thee on the Linden ship, may the seas be smooth and free of them pirate hunters!

  27. JetZep Zabelin says:

    How can we connect to the beta grid now? =)

    That was always a party during these outages!

  28. Damona Rau says:

    I’m really curious if the Grid is in 4 hours up again…
    And i hope also, that you don’t mess up SL again, like the last updates.

  29. JayR Cela says:

    Hey there:_) best of luck. Hope the hardware upgrades and maintenance goes well and finally address’s the server load balancing problems.

    JayR Cela

  30. /me prepares the plank… just in case.

  31. Janay, half pirate? says:

    arg? hehe. um i’m so confused but i get that its down…..so we gonna be searching for some booty or swabbing someone’s deck today? (don’t ask. old joke)

  32. Amanda Ascot says:

    First Thought: I saw the picture and … “Torley’s posting early!”

    Second Thought: I read the headline and … “Um … Joshua seriously needs to take some time off.”

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day? OK, that’s a new one on me. Any chance we could get an auto Piratetalk translator built into the viewer? Oh, and a ‘leet translator for those of us who have a hard enough time spelling things normally, please.

    Anyway, good luck with the hardware maintenance, and let’s hope this might help to alleviate some of the problems that have been making Second Life very unfriendly to a lot of us this past week (extreme lag, horrendous packet loss, regardless of Internet connection or computer used and varying from sim-to-sim).

  33. Vox Mullen says:

    Well… if the bullpen got few more outs, and maybe Nady starting hitting with runners on base, we wouldn’t be sitting out the playoffs once ag—- oops, it’s NOT International Talk Like a Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Day?. my bad.

  34. Carlo Eriksen says:

    โค LL

  35. Syn Swindlehurst says:

    Mmmm pirates… ‘/me Mouth Begins To Drool’ =P Good thing I got school to go to while the grid is down, or i’d be quite bored x.x

  36. hura Jewell says:

    What can i do now, I am at a loss!… Looks around, and sees how untidy the place is, but i left the maid on sl.. ohhh well best go and take a nap.

  37. Omnifox Xi says:

    Yar, I be get’n this song a go’in!

    Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
    Drink and the devil had done for the rest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
    The mate was fixed by the bosun’s pike
    The bosun brained with a marlinspike
    And cookey’s throat was marked belike
    It had been gripped by fingers ten;
    And there they lay, all good dead men
    Like break o’day in a boozing ken
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

  38. John says:

    New hardware…….

    can mean,,,new patch cables..heh..

  39. AWM Mars says:

    Whooott… Keeping with tradition, we are given 40 minutes notice…

    Pity I hadn’t known this earlier.. I could have rescheduled all those meetings, actors for the movie we are making, clients wanting installations to meet their deadlines, clients wanting to meet to discuss more business, OH and did I mention I took a day off RL work (booked vacation, not sick leave) to do all this today?

    Lets hope that this ‘downtime’ is worth it somehow, and not just adding a few more bugs than those cured.

    Maybe we should make a few Lindens walk the plank?

  40. Titzalina Nieder says:

    SAVVY?…How rude!
    So what bugs are to be fixed this time?
    More to the point. How many more will be created?
    Sigh, and the USA will still not be affected by another close down like us here in the UK and Europe……SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. o.h. says:

    you said 4 hours, its 6 hours now and still no sign of the grid comingback up any time soon! stop making unrealistic promises!

    im just posting since i know they restrict the comment feature in this blog. ignore my comment until the time is due ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud says:

    Tis a mixed blessing, to be sure. System hardware upgrades are a good thing, when done right. Even better when done on or ahead of time. So, let’s all pray that it goes smoothly.

    And hopefully, todays work will improve some of the issues that hardware updates can fix, like laggggggggggg.

  43. SummerAnne Laborde says:

    I am so lost without SL, oh well guess I will go to a chattroom. Anyone wanna join me? hahahaha

  44. poetina says:

    feel free to take the game offline as often as you like SO LONG AS you pirate-talk like that to let us know about it!!! brilliant.

  45. Roofio Althouse says:

    Yarrr,, our scheduled maintenance be ‘ere again.. ye all be ready for a cruise on the good ship laggy to the land of broken tp’s ๐Ÿ˜›

  46. Fatima Lycia says:

    Iffin ye lan’ lubbers would read -snicker- ye would see tha that there beta grid be sunk jus the same as ye ole main. Hardware meanins da it’s all down matey. So drink up some rum and go plunder a town. Or go back to sleep ye lan lubbers which ever dat might spark yer interests

  47. Dimitri Lammers says:

    In world warnings this time.. GREAT.. could finally finish in time.. not any open objects when kicked off…

  48. The XO says:

    Yes, the rum is gone!
    Why is the rum gone?!
    But why is the rum gone?!”

  49. Howl Slade says:

    Just do what ever you would of done before SL arrived?

  50. Charliemeg Meili says:

    God thats it, im lost nothing to do now.
    Seriously though, i hope u guys fix things. I love playing sl but get so annoyed with all the problems.
    But i must say sl rocks for me no other game compares (not even close) to sl.

  51. Paradox Olbers says:

    ye not-so-scurvy lads and lasses for givin’ yarrr report in Pirate *an* previdin’ ah tranlation inta landlubber! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keeping your senses of humor is a good omen for fair winds and skilled piloting on the continuing voyage ahead …

    Paradox Olbers of the good islandship Spindrift

  52. Cheri Katscher says:

    oh nuts! cant even use babbler to understand the ‘land ahoy’ notice.


  53. Elwin Jacobus says:

    I second all that was said above by the lads and lasses…
    Avast me hearties…we’ll be a prayin that LL refloats the good ship SL on time and with all the leaks fixed, the planking freshly caulked, the beck scrubbed, lines payed, and the sail shipshape and in Bristol fashion.

    It has been a rotten time in SL for weeks now…so let us hope this fixes things up.

    Good luck all you lubbers!!

  54. Blatant Misfit says:

    I hope this update adds more cowbell.

  55. Fatima Lycia says:

    well if we talkin all piratey ta’day then go to vc.igg.com ye can be a pirate dere matey’s, rather fun once ya get tha there hang of it. An wha! No more rum! Imma walk me sea dog off the plank!

  56. The XO says:

    @ AWM Mars:

    You shouldn’t book anything for a Wednesday, certainly not an update Wednesday.

    It’s all announced in advance on the diary.

    Enjoy your day off work, in the sun!

  57. Howl Slade says:

    Well it is the lag that has been getting on me threpenny bits….. Lets hope that is sorted…

  58. SummerAnne Laborde says:

    LMAO @ The XO. Good one mate!!!

  59. hura Jewell says:

    gets out the christmas decorations…… hope sl is back in time, and thinks, mmm , perhaps should take out the easter bunny , just in case..

  60. Aargle Zymurgy says:

    Arrh! There be a circular link on the horizon! If ye point yer spyglass at the “talk like a pirate” website, there be an SL reference on their page of how people be celebratin’. Hopefully that’ll get the lubbers aboard HMS Second Life. So long, me buccos!

    (Are all pirate movies rated Arrrrh?)

  61. jasmina says:


  62. Bobby Troughton says:

    Maintenance days be every Wednesday ya whiney land lubbers! Ye should be expectin’ it! Aaarrr! Go walk the plank!

  63. jasmina says:

    when is sl gonna support vista

  64. ashira says:

    just worried about what new marvelous things that will slow the grid even more. will i watch a screen for an hour trying to log in over and over again while Second life lies to me that my password is wrong or that the region i want is currently unavailable. i might be lucky and get my addiction back at the right time i suppose with nothing wrong with it…… am i kidding myself ?

  65. Destine Mayako says:

    humm pitty it couldnt be shorter fixes. but they are well needed and *sigh* i will wait.

  66. Quoting PotC says:

    equal teh fail.

  67. Yay! I can finally sleep!!!!

  68. hura Jewell says:

    aye that damn lag… not good when you standing fighting for your life and come back to find a sword in your ass… bested by someone you wish to kick in all the wrong places, and he stands laughing over you.

  69. Vics Pera says:

    well if someone give me some rum i go to sleep happy ๐Ÿ˜‰
    O:O later all and pray for be online soon (i think before midnight GMT is not online yet
    hope im wrong ) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  70. Juliet Ceres says:

    Just turn off the grid, beat on the servers with some nice sledgehammers and be done with it. Why does it always take you 6 hours to break things?

    oh and F%CK age verification…

  71. Howl Slade says:

    Vics stop being sinical.. everything will be perrrrfect me ole hearties…..LOL

  72. Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud says:

    *In the case of the grid not coming up on time*
    I knew it. Unrealistic expectations of service period being done. It would be better to add 25% time to the time expected and then try to finish it well before the time hoped for. Grrrrrr!

    *In the case of the grid coming up early or right on time*
    Finally! Yay! Woohooo!… but does it work?

  73. Bob Doe says:

    woot 4hours till gird opens then 10 hours for it to be fixed…..oo i know lets get a update for once that fixes sl… get rid of voice…..just a hint
    i fuess they think if we all talk like pirates sl will fix it self

  74. Dorian The Fox! says:

    Well, time to watch silly videos on YouTube ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh well, do a good job LL! ๐Ÿ˜€


  75. Howl Slade says:

    6 hours???? i read 4 hours???? are you telling us something we dont know? are you a spy in the camp? over the side ya go!!

  76. daisy sidek says:

    well good maybe u can fix me…………i have been a mess since SUNDAY

  77. @Cathryn Kappler:

    Arr, what this ye be spoutin, ya lilly livered land lubber? On a tall ship ye pull the sails up to the yard arms! But just in case this pirate be a little too rummy so as like to be memberin’ correcatically, I changed thar blaaaarg post to say “furlin'”, which be nice and neutral.

  78. Guy says:

    @51…. i think you’ll find 99% of the people here don’t care about filling out bug reports, reading google documents, reading diaries, reading blogs. I know I don’t…. i only found the blog through the login screen on the game.

  79. Cody Rauh says:

    oh.. umm.. yay.. lindens can learn pirate, but they can’t fixing the scurvy asset server, arrrrggh!

  80. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @27 lol Amanda.
    MY first thought was “Uh oh, this doesn’t look good. Joshua’s been taking some ‘performance-enhancing medication’ and he’s just about to take down the whole damn grid for maintenance? Oh well, another week of turmoil in SL coming up!”
    Glad to see it was just your freaky humour (erm,.. you’re NOT actually on any suspicious medication are you Joshua?).

    Anyway good luck guys – hope to see a MUCH improved SL tomorrow morning (Australia-time). G’nite.

  81. Grimkat says:

    what do i do now…………..I have no idea what i did before sl….sleep maybe? i wonder what that feels like?

  82. hmmmmmm strange it says that sl will go off at 1300 to 1700 gmt yet it has just gone off at 1600 does that mean its off only an hour or will it be back at 20.00 please it takes nothing to try and get the times of the outage correct we all have 1st lives too.

  83. Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud says:

    Why the worry about age verification? Do those against it like the idea of children being able to experience adult content? It’s a pedaphiles dream in SL without age verification. So many minors, male and female, running around acting like adults (some more successfully than actual adults).

    There is no good reason for being against a measure that is mean to protect minors. I want age verification NOW.

  84. Guy says:

    @77 Guess that bug was more important then the 10 second freezes and random craches ๐Ÿ˜‰ <– its a wink – don’t ban me.

  85. Bratty Childs says:

    @40 Titzalina — Glad to see I am not the only one that caught that.

    With all of the problems we have been experiencing the last couple of
    weeks, I resent the condescending attitude of this post. It sort of says..If we talk like pirates, and treat them like 4 year olds they will be so entertained they wont notice all the troubles here…

    Hey LL — It didn’t work –SAVVY ?!?!?!?

  86. Howl Slade says:

    yes we do all have 1st lives so really SL being down for hours surely shouldnt make any difference…………………………..should it?

  87. ashira says:

    why do LL limit the number of comments ? maybe they would get a true vision of everyones feelings about outages lag maintenance schedule and avc

  88. SummerAnne Laborde says:

    Ditto Mistoffelee66!!!

  89. hura Jewell says:

    does anyone know of a site like this that is all space orientated, like star trek, with the aliens and all. What do you , would it be fun?

  90. Koroz Kline says:

    Here we go on the time diffs again…sighs. Anyhoo…last time I saw my AV he has a shoe up his a** and his hair was on another sim. But I guess its a good excuse to do some RL work !!!

  91. DaQueenB Houston says:

    WOW@ ALL THAT!!!! Nice….now not only do we have MUCH needed maintenance in progress, we get live entertainment too by real pirates???? WOooooHooooOO!
    Gotta luv them lindens!

  92. hura Jewell says:

    lol Koroz…… knows the feeling

  93. Malacath Kirkorian says:

    woohoo, hardware maintenance, maybe now my attachments wont ‘unable to rez’ now ๐Ÿ˜€

  94. Linnrenate crosby says:

    Anyone want to make a bet if they keep the schedule this time (i have last downtime still as a terrible nightmare in my mind).

    This one bet 5L that they run on overtime yet again ๐Ÿ˜€

  95. Jeanne Muliaina says:

    At last! I can finally get some work done for my RL clients. Thank you Linden for helping me keep my practice alive.

  96. DarkOverlord Blackadder says:

    If this is to do what I’ve heard your going to be doing and merging the Adult and Teen grids then I think I’m gunna leave because that will take away most of the places that I like. What’s going to happen to all the club sims and parcels if you do that? they’re mostly rated at mature so that means either shutting them down or making them keep stuff to a PG rating which sucks.

  97. Vics Pera says:

    i dont have 1 life where i can download it ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  98. DaQueenB Houston says:

    LMAO@ Vics!

  99. memory magellan says:

    hhahahhahahah always a moan somewhere !!! i would rather have down time and sl running correctly !!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anyway gl withe the hardware updates !!! and it will give some of the avis time to catch up with RL ๐Ÿ˜› sowwy

  100. Rowana Rolland says:

    Ok…I know SL going down in your prime time to use it. (this is for the europe ppl) But come on already.

    You keep thinking of yourself and not ppl at LL….they have lives outside work. They are doing work during “thier” work hours.

    Go outside…walk on the beach…read a book. Hell….go talk with RL ppl.

    I love being in SL also…but remember that there “is” a RL too. Go spend some time in it.

  101. DaQueenB Houston says:

    btw the URL to aquire a 1st life is : http://www.mysltookovermyfl3yrsago.com

  102. There is no need to swear hura , it disrespects you and me. but i do know what you mean and how you feel. i have rammed right into people without meaning to. my charactor is like me so having her rammed into hurts me like it would have if it had happend in real life. they should try to fix something like this, we souldnt have to be slow because many people are in the same place as us. 40 people in one place is alot of people because of how slow it gets, 100 people in one place would be better.
    i also wish second life would care more about helping people that are having trouble in second life. many people i meet sound sad or bitter and then getting treated badly and no one cares in this game, just adds to there feelings when we can take away from the sad feelings and make things better in a game life this. people’s lives really change in here, even my own. i only wish linden understood what kind of differince they could make for everyone if they cared about everyone enough to try.

  103. Ruth Price says:

    Suppose you just keep the grid off-line until you get it working.. wait a minute.. EXCUSE Silly ME!! … For a moment I actually have he notion that you might CARE about fixing things.. ir is that you really DO CARE but you have no clue how? .. You could listen to the members that “own” Intellectual property and “virtual dirt” in this thing..
    No, never Mind, there I go being Practical and smart..
    Which means that Yo are wrong again when you say “You could be a Linden”.. Sorry, but I answer to a Higher Source.
    R P

  104. sarahl80 says:

    Let’s hope you actually are working on improving the stability and quality of SL. It has been almost a year now, and lag and crashes are getting worse, not better. Please stop adding new features, especially lag creating garbage like voice, until you fix the current underlying architecture.

    I’m tired of crashing at least once an hour, if not every 5-10 minutes and sims I am in crashing at least 2-3 times a day. There is no excuse for that. Start taking the problems seriously. Like the complete failure of the current traffic system. Here’s an idea, if you don’t know how to fix that one, just shut it off. That can only help the lag issues.

    SL is losing the content creators that made it a place to look forward to coming to, because you are not paying attention to the problems you have, not giving them the kind of attention you should. After all, we are all paying you to provide a stable environment to play in, so how about taking your responsibility to us seriously for a change?

  105. DaQueenB Houston says:

    wqaves@rowannda Heyyyyy girl!

  106. sirhc DeSantis says:

    second that #95 – and my partner is still at work so can’t even skype ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Good luck LL

  107. Sophia Debevec says:

    @80 ….. ummm check http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/ you’ll find it’s currently 1:30 gmt

  108. Grimkat says:

    LOL “where do i download it”….if you find out please let me know too…..
    RL is just an illuision…..or is SL???
    …im lost!!!!

  109. Lonny Miasma says:

    How nice, hope all will work better then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  110. Merlin Beebe says:

    hopfully this wil clear the lag issues tha seems to be cropping up everywhere

  111. Jeanne Muliaina says:

    Wait, Plan B. I can read the SL manual now. I never can stop SL long enough to do that but now is my chance.

  112. elvisorbit says:

    Good luck! I look forward to a great update! I am being optimistic! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love SL to much!

  113. hikki jun says:

    Im japanese.I cannot endure it until 10:00. Give speed! Row an oar!.yo ho!

  114. Lara Croft says:

    Avast ye lundlubbers…that there Jacob be doin his best to keep the ship..er..shipshape. That there flag up to landing was welcome news to us hearties….cos we’d all forgot it was a happening im a thinking. We’s not too keen on the savvy stuff…an I reckons others feels the same…so im a thinkin somethin a bit more landlubberish would suit..like er….shiver me timbers? While im a whileing me time glugging me rummm ill be a hoping that me matey wont be coming back as a buxsome maiden…like he usually do…very disconcertin that..speshly as hes a bloke lol. (takes off pirate costume and puts on D’arth Vader outfit in preparation for sl relaunch)

  115. bigmoe says:

    I was going to make a comment but I think the rum hit too soon

  116. bigmoe says:

    remember we are down here in the us too, got to get over this little war euro’s

  117. Ruth Price says:

    Suppose you just keep the grid off-line until LL gets it working.. wait a minute.. EXCUSE Silly ME!! โ€ฆ For a moment I actually had the notion that LL might CARE about fixing things.. OR is that LL really DOES CARE but has no clue how? .. Well, the residents are important since we are the ones imagining and designing this word.. right? Oh there I go again, Why listen to the residents that โ€œownโ€ Intellectual property and โ€œvirtual dirtโ€ here or is that being too Practical. I keep forgetting this is a Dictatorship masquerading as a Chinese Fire Drill. So LL is wrong once again when they say โ€œYou could be a Lindenโ€.. Sorry, I answer to a Higher Source, i.e. common sense. and common sense says I should just wave goodbye.
    .. sorry if this is a repost.. but then again, I’m not sorry one bit!
    R P

  118. Jeffery Feingold says:

    Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud: They are afrade of identity theft and they’ve already said as much over and over again. It dosen’t protect children (who shouldn’t be on the adult grid in the first place thus wouldn’t have access to mature content) but it dose protect us from kids who are so very much acting there age and not even remotely approching the maturity of the adults they pretend to be. It has other advantages as well. Reading the matereal it dose sound like Linden Labs will be using information that won’t be of any use for identity theft so I think the fears are unfounded and I’m getting sick of the childish griefers.

  119. Grimkat says:

    /me is in Australia so stays on the sidelines reading out of boredom anyway

  120. Darling Brody says:

    Who are these people around me? They are strange looking. None of them have a name over their head. I checked my settings and I have Always Show Names turned on. They keep talking to me and I can’t mute them. If only I could get their names I could AR them. I’m sure none of these people are on my friends list, so how did they map my location? Why do their have to be so many griefers in RL?

  121. Aislinn says:

    LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ What a fun way to tell us that SL is down for maintenance! hehe I actually look forward to more updates from you, Joshua!

  122. Jyna Pinklady says:

    Why are some of you complaining that it’s shutdown? You should be happy they are fixing the problems. I know I am. I can’t tell you how many times my screen has frozen up on me and had to restart my computer. And the lag has been terrible…so sit back, read a book or something and let these people do what they need to do. It’s not the end of the world you know lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you

    Affected citizen of the US <(that was for the ones who say the US is not affected by this shutdown lol)

  123. Hele Snook says:

    I’m sick to death of maintenance that NEVER fixes the near constant lockups we hardcore addicts experience . Oh and now you’re talking like stereotyped pirates , so that soothes my angst . . . not . Oh and by the way , the usual sycophants will quickly shoot me down , but I’m not reading any more blogs tonight . Ciao snookums

  124. rush gastel says:

    hahaha very funny love it. may you all sail in fare winds

  125. Oscuridad666 Ziemia says:

    I hope all the fixes help to improve our second lifes. I dream with no so much lag, no inventory lost. Maybe I need to cut off my pills before go bed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  126. Miles Corinthian says:

    Well here we are, another Wednesday and we have down time for maintanance… as for me, I always expect it on Wednesday weather it’s down or not… then when I log in and it’s up I’m happy as a clam on the beach… but I do wish the grid would be up at the scheduled time and rarely ever is… I’ll bet 20 L it will be late… ooopps.. no gambling in SL… forget that bet : )) Peace all.. see ya in world soon

  127. Jet Burns says:

    Avast ye my spacey mates, tis time to take and watch some YouTube videos like the one regarding NASA’s utilization of SL for the future. On YouTube search for “Colab NASA” and you will find it.

    Also, at Explorer island, a historic first, 625 sculpti prims made from real elevation data, and image data from the real MRO spacecraft around Mars of the real Victoria Crater. The build is 625 meters up, set your distance to 250 to see the whole crater, and have a flight feather thingy.

  128. Raine Dagger says:

    MMM…just a thought. Perhaps..maybe..while u are there working on it anyway. Caould we possible take a look at the bug I affectionatly call TP BUTT (all attachments ..err…misplaced upon landing). Lately it seems worse. There..thats my input. DO GOOD LINDENS>>LOVE RAINE<——Total Lifer!

  129. rush gastel says:

    from someone that lives in greenwich come on guys who care wether the time is gmt bst or any other T. we all know that the only one thats important is slt

  130. Paulyta Miles says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, please nooooooo =(
    No mas cortes por favor.

  131. Jeffery Feingold says:

    Some times I wonder about the sanity of the Lindens. Not that I have any room to talk. And I appreceate the in world notice. Much better than the alterntive of suddenly SL is offline. I forgot about the scedualed maintence (prior notice).

  132. Abigail Smalls says:

    Anyone still looking for a RL? I am loooking for possibilities to sell mine on E-bay if anyone is stupid enough to buy it ๐Ÿ˜›

    I agree with maiomika though:
    peopleโ€™s lives really change in here, even my own. i only wish linden understood what kind of differince they could make for everyone if they cared about everyone enough to try.

    I just hope the Lindens arent all watching Pirates of the carribean during downtime to get more in caracter…..

  133. Hyde Jamberoo says:

    EVERYbody take a DEEP breath…lol….It’ll come back up in just a few short hours. Go outside and listen to REAL birds chirping rather than on ambience sounds…..hehe

  134. ali says:

    15 minutes notice and i was in the middle of having sex!

  135. jamilaa says:

    i hope you fixit all love sl too mutch

  136. Miles did you say “soon” what planet do you come from ??

  137. U M says:

    Well Lindens are people too? hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. OMG 1st life can be such a boar………you just cant be yourself in first life. Second Life lets us be who we really are which is a little scarry but hey its life or is it Second Life.

  139. U M says:

    Beta is down?

  140. Justa Koba says:

    Argh, it be tha wee crack of dawn. Tha sun just barely peepin ore tha maiden sea as Captain of tha LL sends his crew to do thee duties. Dat ship be pullin out o port a bit early for yas.

    In other words, if you can’t tell maintenance os starting an hour earlier than usual. Getting employees to work an hour early to do it no doubt. Wa wa my time zone my time zone. What do you want to happen them start at 3 pm Pacific and run out of hours in the day so it just stays broken over night, use your noggin.

    Now to pass the time.

    99 bottles of rum on the wall 99 bottles of rum………..

  141. Gary Rounce says:

    Linden please get your GMT times correct, your hours are always out by one hour the outage is from 2-6pm not 1-5

  142. DR Dahlgren says:

    Come on folks, you grumble when things don’t work correctly, and you grumble at down time to fix and maintane the place. You can not have it both ways.

    And please, if you are not in the Pacific Time zone, get over it. They are a Pacific company, and as such, are going to do this when it works for them.

    I am often very critical of LL, and I feel correctly so, but when they are actually doing something, gave proper notice, and usually stay fairly close to projected times, lets give them a break.


  143. Ally Boyle says:

    why did we get asked if we savy on the blue card telling us the grid was about to close? ..Der me no savvy me just thick resident :p ..

  144. Vulpine Thursday says:

    “Donโ€™t think we Lindens will be gettinโ€™ any aRrr and aRrr, either!”

    … That be makin’ me a saaaaad ‘ole panda.

    Yarr, Chaostar be wishin’ ye luck on yer endeavors!

  145. Niobe Capalini says:

    hmmm……no limit at 100 comments today? NICE!!!

  146. Chii Nastula says:

    Kinda boring now.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Well i did bought my hair, though!

    But everytime there is a new update.. it gets worser and worse ..:\

  147. DR Dahlgren says:

    Oh, and one last thing, I for one am totally behind any form of sane verification. I will happily submit my info… IF LL REQUIRES IT OF ALL MEMBERS, THOSE ON NOW, AND THOSE WHO JOIN LATER.

    Free is fine, unverified is at the root of most problems that are resident centric.


  148. Christos Atlantis says:

    OMG so much whining where is the cheese? Good job Lindens, hope the gods of the oceans are with you in this update, some mermaids would be nice also…. arrrrr

  149. Chrysala Desideri says:


    what “other” advantages? it has none to begin with.

  150. DarkOverlord Blackadder says:

    right screw this since the post I put up on here a few minutes ago I took the oppurtunity of the grids being down to look over the last few blog entries mainly the one about the updated ToS and I am not happy. The last time I checked freedom of speech and expression was a generally allowed action in pretty much every country especially the one where your going to be adopting your new legal structure from it’s in your big fancy contract thingy isn’t it? also I thought this was a generally adult virtual world anyway why are you openning it up to kids? this is going to turn out like youtube and myspace just because your worried about lawsuits your going to have people jumping ship and you lot trying to run around censoring everything. your taking all this action to make sure that your not responsible if a child sees someone’s winky or hears something that they shouldn’t be hearing when it IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY this is supposed to be an adult environment I agree with the age verification but it should have been implemented when you started SL so that people have to verify their age before they could even log in when they registered that way there wouldn’t be all this trouble now because children shouldn’t have had access to it to start with and if any children did then you wouldn’t be liable because it would me that they gave fraudulent information to gain access and you would be able to take them to court not the other way around.

    and just so that you know I intend to be one of the first to jump ship I’m logging in one last time when the grids are back up just so that I can say bye to all the people that I have made friends with then I’m going to uninstall SecondLife and never look back

    thank you

  151. Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud says:

    99 subs on the wall to be whipped. 99 subs on the wall. Take one down spank her for a round. 98 subs on the wall…

    BDSM, it’s not just for the closet anymore. LOL!
    Consenting adults should not have to answer to some religously biased ideas of what is socially acceptable. Especially when you find out that many of those very same people engage in many of the activities they denounce. Keep SL Free from religous influcences!

    This has been brought to you by the twisted mind of Mistress Misto.

    One hour down, and wow! No 100 msg limit on this forum, I’m amazed!

  152. Chrysala Desideri says:

    and what’s with the incredibly different level in the comments on this post? are the aliens from zak mckracken real and active?

  153. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Hi, the blog is excellent..LOL
    carry on…

  154. The accursed downtime! Belay yer plans and rot in the depths of Davy Jones locker! It’s a curse says I, but one we musts do. It’s as bad as when Old Moll has to stop the grog aflowin’ to refill the barrel. But Brave Hearts we is, and downtimes we must, else she’ll be aworse come the storms as she were afore, that floatin bucket o’ holes that’s the good ship Essell.

    So trim yer masts an braid ya beard, and spit polish yer sword til yer ken see the lily livered scurvy dogs white o’ his eyes in it. I gots some Arrrring to do when we’re back on the high seas!

  155. skrotis snook says:

    i always talk lika a pirate,,,lol

  156. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @108 Sorry Jeffrey. I’ve read your comment 3 times now and I still don’t understand. Are you FOR or AGAINST age-verification?
    Most of your comment seems to be against it but right at the end you say “fears are unfounded”.
    You say that LL will be using information that won’t be used for identity theft. But it isn’t LL collecting the information. Its a company called Aristotle/Integrity doing that.
    Read the SL Blog earlier today for information on this company and you’ll soon realise that the information asked for can indeed be used for identity theft. And that file of information being collected by Aristotle/Integrity can (probably WILL) be used for other purposes too. Check out their website for yourself.
    This is a dangerous move by LL and in some countries the information being asked by Aristotle/Integrity breaks several laws (including anti-terrorism legislation) and the person divulging such information could be putting him/herself at risk.!

  157. Destine Mayako says:

    *fidgets* too long too long

  158. memory magellan says:

    hahahhahahha sends a mermaid to christo ๐Ÿ™‚ she is old and grey !!! lol
    guess the rum finally kicked in !! LoL
    see ya all later

  159. Arrg! Get ye SL workin’ great!

  160. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Hahaha.. there is always entertaiment in SL.

  161. Dekka Raymaker says:

    where’s the rum?

  162. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    This is off topic, but in the matter of age verification , am I mistaken or were a lot of the blogs about people with PG sims talking about explicit sex poseballs in “private residences”? This is already a TOS violation, and I have also been curious about many places in PG sims that sell skins and display fully nude advertisements, which is explicitly graphic sex depictions.
    The very reason I got a mature sim was to be able to have things like that without violating the TOS, and although I don’t have any explicit sexual objects or depictions I am told I will come under greater scrutiny if I do not flag my Mature parcel.
    How about cleaning up the PG sims of innappropriate content 1st instead of assuming a Mature sim is suspect of violations of the TOS?
    With the new “age verification regulations there is no doubt in my mind that the real problem of teens accessing “innapprpriate material” will be occuring in the PG areas now, because those people that exploit underage peop[le will know exactly where to find them now.
    I reccomend to the LIndens to begin this whole “moral cleanup ” in the PG sims where the teens and underage people will most likely be, the mature sims, like mine, have already been keeping a careful watch on the underage problem in SL, I have booted adults even who have claimed to be “showing their children around” using their adult avatars-to me that is the scariest problem in SL right now-the verified adults who are already exploiting children inRL using SL as a “show and tell” format. This whole business is creepy from the virtual ground up.

  163. Alister Straaf says:

    Arrrr, send out the fleet and look for the LL flagship. If SL isnt back up by 10 lets send her to Davy Jone’s locker!

  164. Pussy Dailey says:

    The problem with pirates
    is they are all rum, bum and baccy…with the emphasis on the b…..baccy.
    So leave it alone and hurry up….I’m gettting cold out here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  165. Just noticed 1st life is full of prims but unlike Second Life you cant shape,stretch hang them in mid-air and most of them in 1st life cost something …….ggggg I miss 2nd life please come back I will be good I wont fill Campus North with prims and wont fight on it i swear Joshua Linden !!!!

  166. billyy broek says:

    i dunno GMT i live in some litl place called holland ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  167. alphaomega infinity says:

    umm not sure if all the work being done is going to fix a bug i seem to have found for the last what 2 months now?…seems the more money i get the less i get to keep. i dont buy anything. ever. and no one has rights to any of my items. yet for some reason. if a friend gives me 10L i get to keep -5 lindens on balance. which bugs me cause if you have money and buy something it takes your L$. if you dont have enough money to buy the item it tells you and asks you to buy more money. why is it that my account stays in negative numbers?

  168. Dave Beaumont says:

    Hey – y’know why pirates are CALLED pirates?

    Becase they arrrrrrr!

  169. James Lian says:

    Hardware maintenance..would that be, renting enough servers with the tons of cash Lindin labs makes to actually get all the people on that want to be on at the same time without all the lag ๐Ÿ˜€

    Seriously LL, get more servers…and good ones. Their cheaper and easier to maintain, plus, your resident whinny people have one less thing to yell about

  170. Bowie Babii says:

    Thx linden………..more scheduled outages please..can i finally get some shut-eye.
    Regards.Bowie Babii……love on yeah !

  171. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Age verification is a must…
    Who didnt had the experience of having to deal with KIDS at adult areas?
    Its a nonsense have Kids in the adult version of Second Life.

  172. Sharon Ewry says:

    Had to post in this one because others are full!

    casino’s being banned..Policy changes, charging people to become verified so they can access flagged area’s, plus all the other past changes.. boy! glad i pulled out when i did ๐Ÿ™‚

    As i said when i left.. SL is getting worst and worst.

    less and less money is being invested into sl now and if you don’t believe me, look here at the US $ Exchanged on Lindex (in Millions)
    or do a little research on SL ๐Ÿ˜‰


  173. billyy broek says:

    and i can’t find the GMT on your website…
    so i dunno Greenwich Main Time :o…

  174. Destine Mayako says:

    *reads email for all messages delivered while sleeping* … hummm that took one min so now what… seams like the rum is gone… but why is the rum always gone? I suppose pacing the deck will have to do for activity whilst I wait. *hums the begining bars of Yo Ho as she paces*

  175. Pussy Dailey says:

    Hey billyy!
    Im just over the channel.
    If you wave I might be able to see you.


  176. memory magellan says:

    well im still not happy about my info being passed onto 3rd party individuals (incidently identity theft is very real) do we know enuff about the 3rd party ID verification group ? and to whom are they answerable ?
    just a few thoughts

  177. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @138 LOL. And have you tried flying across to the next suburb? I keep jumping up but nothing happens!!

  178. billyy broek says:

    hmm idunno why do they fight with swords?
    i mean in a movie it’s alway’s posible getting a chainsaw out of nothing ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  179. billyy broek says:

    that takes thinking huh?

  180. AquaWolf Xeno says:

    Love the pirate theme, hope to be IG in four hours!
    Ty for all the good work!

  181. billyy broek says:

    Pussy Dailey Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 7:21 AM PDT

    Hey billyy!
    Im just over the channel.
    If you wave I might be able to see you.



  182. Marsan Benelli says:

    Good work, guys.
    And thanks for all the fish.

  183. Someone just hit me it hurt!!!! ……..my shields dont work here and i used my magic on him too and he just looked at me and raised his eyebrows….

  184. Gina Glimmer says:

    Pirate ship?! No kidding! shortly before 6 I IM’d my friend this:

    /me waves good bye from the sinking ship…

    let’s just say this was a coincidence k?

  185. pixeltheatre says:

    Of interest to his community?…From Streaming Media e-newsletter

    Feature Story: Second Life Gets . . . A Second Life
    Origin Digitalโ€™s Odaptor platform serves as underlying technology for Second Life’s new, improved video capabilities.
    Full Story: http://www.streamingmedia.com/article.asp?id=9709

  186. I had a horrible thought the other day that I’m going to be crossing the road, a car will come, and I shall try to jump up and fly out of the way.

    I also noticed that my prims weren’t working here in 1st Life. Only the blutack prim seems to allow stretching.

  187. billyy broek says:


  188. Roberto Oppewall says:


  189. Serinity Gaea says:

    @ 121 – well said.

    To everyone complaining about LL’s use of the word “savvy” — it wasn’t meant to be condescending. It’s a Pirates of the Caribbean quote, meant to be cute.

  190. Bowie Babii says:

    Reminds me………..who will watch the saloon while i’m not able to log in?………..
    Hope u guys at linden can keep ure hands out of our liquour cabinet.

    Keep up the good work! Ta Ta !

  191. billyy broek says:


  192. Sensual Fold says:

    There is one solution for those who have a problem with the ID verification…………..Go back to SIM and play or just get off the game if u were not on a SIM game :)…..u always have that right ๐Ÿ˜‰

  193. Roberto Oppewall says:

    HO HO HO and a BOTTLE OF…..

  194. billyy broek says:

    god i am listining some song all day long ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    it’s called ENOLA GAY O.o

  195. billyy broek says:

    that yess ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  196. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Owww… I just bumped my knee on a chair. I thought I had it set to ‘phantom’ !

  197. Zoe says:


    I had a hot date today. I had plans. I do agree that LL should put a seperate box on the main page as to log in to say about an outage. I have been watching the blogs and didn’t see this one coming. ;(

    Just hope I can change clothes when we get back in.

  198. smiletenshi says:

    lol, awesome. Joshua, I’m now a fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. Sensual Fold says:

    lol klaatu

  200. Gina Glimmer says:

    re. #41 by o.h.

    LOL yeah! Why isn’t the grid up yet!! Give it some more bang on the right side of yer servers folks!!

  201. Marcush Nemeth says:

    Time for update? Info on how things go according to schedule? How testing goes? If we should expect SL to be back up an hour late or an hour early?

  202. PamJade Posthorn says:

    Why are people surprised at downtime today? It went in the blog on Sept.13th, and yes it’s downtime during the afternoon, possibly into early evening in Europe. I am in Europe but Linden Labs is in San Francisco, so they are going to work during their working day. Is that so hard to grasp?

  203. Buffy Rang says:

    I just hope they are getting better at estimatine the time they will be down. Whatever it is, it would help if they were more accurate about when the grid will be back up. We could all plan better if they did.

  204. taff nouvelle says:

    I just found this black box in the corner, a bit dusty, but when i turn it on, it has people in it just like SL, but where do I plug in the mic and keyboard????

  205. Chrysala Desideri says:

    twilight zone… no limits on posts, but precious few posts saying anything… didn’t that black cat just go by my door a minute ago?

  206. elissa bristol says:

    OoOOOoOOooOO, nice post Athena…there is one such exploiter whom has already posted on these forums ๐Ÿ˜€

    my favorite part about reading responses is hearing complaints. ALL games have problems, whatever form, be it console, computer, or hand-held. I’d estimate that that 95% of the people here COULD NOT even begin to build a game such as Second Life so much as most do, suck it in, stop complaining and enjoy the fact that Linden Labs even sticks with this project (when they could probably sell it to a corporate conglomerate such as Google and make a LOT more money) Good Job LL! I haven’t crashed once in 15 days and counting and I run Vista Ultimate! woot!

    As for doing outages when “American” players are on-I think that most members ARE from America, so therefore, it would not be financially, nor physically conducive for LL to schedule an outage where their technicians had to start work at 2:00 am.


  207. Madelyna Bismark says:

    why why why, can’t you fix the lag problems, the rezzing problems, and the teleport problems before you make a new version??? I am so tired of either being so lagged I can’t move, stuff and people not rezzing, and getting to a spot only when I try to teleport I have to log off and back on? Also why does inventory disappear only never to show up again? When you fix these things, then and only then will I appreciate the new touches. The Voice chat I have not even been able to use because of the lag. I have a friend, Dueling Banjo, that can’t even stay online because his computer crashes due to lag and SL issues. I really wish you would fix these things first

  208. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @156. Sigh, why do ppl who don’t agree with a dissenting voice always say “If you don’t like the game get off the grid!”
    How childish. Don’t you have ANY sensible or constructive comment to make to this debate?
    You know, we ALL have different points of view here, we’re free to express them and debate them here, and THATs what democracy is all about my friend!

  209. shaz heron says:

    Breathe…..just keep breathing….it will all be over soon and we can get back to SL. (Looking at the laundry, the cleaning to be done …..breathe just keep breathing slow and steady…..SL will be back soon).

  210. Madelyna Bismark says:

    Was this a planned downage? because I don’t remember seeing any notice of that. That is another thing, why were we not notified?

  211. Deeka Hold says:

    ARRR(g)…. ye be understud meh LindenPiwate Mate. ye better not be haising them ripped sails or meh piwates of the VOC will shoot yer hairy But’m to the bott’m of the Pacific. ARR!

    ( translation: please do not add more bugs.)

  212. hmmmm wonder if there is an outage listed any time for first life. We would all have to live Second Life like it was our first hmmm I am guessing that there is a First Life out there?????

  213. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Let’s be honest we are all SL addicts……LOL
    I dont have a problem do you?

  214. LadyLeah Shepherd says:

    Good Luck with the update, I am in the England and for all those who are complaining in the GMT time zone about why they don’t have downtime for the States is simple… It’s a working day for them 9-5 job just like anyone else, have a little respect you will not die because there is no Sl. Get on with some RL stuff like house work, take your kids out to the park for the day, or just read that book you have put aside because you spend so much time on Sl etc…thats what i’m planning on doing lol.

  215. jasmina says:

    i miss sl lol

  216. Buffy Rang says:

    I hope they fix that bug where your eyes bug out and your attachments walk around without your body.

  217. wilhem writer says:

    I m begining to be fed up with my second life : lagging each minuts, crashing each hours, outages each monthes…

    Is it the funny life of dreams which has been promised to us ?
    I dont think so !

    We need a STABLE game !
    I thank you to do your best in this way.

  218. Roberto Oppewall says:

    I am getting my generic fix… reading the posts…

  219. hura Jewell says:

    is ass a swear…. not in my books it aint, just a quicker way of saying backside. though the meaning of the word ‘ass’ is very different from the word arse. I think ass sounds a lot less rude than saysing , anus or bum or backside, Maoiamika

  220. Serinity Gaea says:

    Arr! Since this be International Talk Like a Pirate Day (and our avatars do be unavailable for a span), why not discover yer pirate name?


  221. taff nouvelle says:

    Just waiting for TISL ( total immersion Second Life) where I can be connected to a system of tubes and suspended in jello, plugged into my computer and PRAY it doesnt crash ๐Ÿ™‚

  222. TheMike Rossini says:

    YarrHarr Yahahaharrrr,Meh Has Tha same Ship to ,Yharr MWahaa yahaaha arr !

  223. Lalasa Clary says:


    A new change, aye? I just hope it’ll make less lag for all the SL pirates out there! (Thanks for reminding me that it’s TLAP Day. I’d clean forgotten!) Thanks for the updates, LL, and may SL sail again soon!

  224. MasterLiveWire Moody says:

    Cant we all just get along..lol Look at it this way SL needs to be down once in a while. so we can eat in rl..

  225. yuroki says:

    What a feeling! I occasionally deinstalled Real Life, I should not have done this… Now drifting between the nirvana and a virtual bermuda triangle…

  226. Damona Rau says:


    You need a update to TV, but that will include a downtime from at last 4 hours.

    After that you can’t switch the programs and you hear the sound only, if you turn off this “thing” ๐Ÿ™‚


  227. reece huldschinsky says:

    why bring SL down beacause of ship??????????????

  228. Amelia Emms says:

    LMAO Ya know what’s sick? On the last blog I saw like this some chick posted, “Oh sl is dowm, I guess I can feed my kids today.” I’m still hoping it was a joke.

  229. Madelyna Bismark says:

    don’t get me wrong, I do have a Real Life. But when I can get on, I would love to be able to get on, I can’t get on in the evenings most times when others are on. So I get on when I can. But I would like at least 24 hour notice that it is going to be down so I won’t expect to be on that time of day.

  230. you mean you have not got that done yet Taff its great but yeh bit of a problem when the Grids down

  231. MYMistress Lusch says:

    Arrr, Mateys!!

    Fer all ye land lubbers, be it known dat Piratese be spoken in translation by da Babbler, en ye kin get it as a freebie gift from dose pirates dat be usin’ em on da high seas on da good ship Essel…

    Fer my part, dis pirate’ll be happy to gift any en all nearby pirate wannabes dat ask when da good ship Essel sets out fer da high seas again

    *passes a babbler to #32 Amanda Ascot, and a blubbering sub with a rosy stern to #127 Mistoffelees66 Fimicoloud with a grin*

  232. TigerDango Hallstrom says:

    I just hope that after this update some kind of problem gets fixed causing me and a lot of my friends to lag. Over like the last week or two I’ve been lagging really bad, worse than is normal for me. So yeah, I think it’s about time LL got rid of their viruses. ;D Here’s to Second Life and seeing all of you back one it’s up again! *Raises a mug of rum*

  233. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @167 * Elissa Bristol *

    Sure dear, but would be fun to “us little european minority on SL” to read the US reactions if it was every time when they are with the most SL Citizens online that downtime starts …. and start praying and hoping that LL s Clock is set at the right time (preferably the atomic one -more precise-) …. so 10 will be 10 ….

    @141 Billyy Broek

    GMT+9hr … makes SL time … (Amsterdamse tijd + 9 uur) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kind regards


  234. Jeffery McLean says:

    @131 Klaatu Congrejo I’m “OK” with it. Presenting both ends as I see them and very in support of those who are against in in so much as the “speaking your mind” deal and casting people (who are for it) as pedophiles is just wrong @126 Chrysala Desideri: Just my opinion and I respect you see it as a problem. I should clarify. I see the threat and disagree. I’m objecting to those who are for it and cast those who are against it in a negative light just to support the case for it. I believe it can solve some problems but there is more than one way to do that.

  235. Guy says:

    elissa… why would google buy it?

    I wish people would get off the google band wagon and realize that if it sold it would go to a company like Electronic Arts…

    Then we would have billboards instead of ad farms advertising to us…

  236. Jamielynne Sands says:

    I agree that the down time is rough….but sl is well worth all of the hard work LL is putting into it….some of my best friends exist in sl and I don’t know what I would do without them….

    Keep up the good work and godspeed to ya……

  237. Jeffery McLean says:

    Who aren’t for it.. not “who are for it”

  238. reece huldschinsky says:

    nooooo MY LIFE IS SL

  239. Roberto Oppewall says:

    I love this, in which any other way, would we be able to meet all this wonderfull people all over of this big Blue Ball called Earth…

    I am Brazillian living in South Africa by the way…..LOL

  240. Anneke Babii says:

    Speaking of downtime and other times… why is it always in the daytime at Europe? Why donยดt they do the updates when it is daytime in the US? Most of the European are now online…. can you please do the updates when we are offline?

  241. brigitte beaumont says:

    Snif but if it helps to fix up sl why dont try to make it work on vista (NOW thats you are busy anyway) plase:)

  242. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @168 Klaatu Congrejo …

    You re darn right … Freedom of speech .. BUT with respect for eachothers POV

  243. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Wow, this is almost uncharted territory. We rarely get up to 200 comments. I’ve heard stories that it has happened before but I’ve always thought “Nah, that’s just a rumour”. Yet here we are, 180+

    Whats gonna happen at 200? Will First Life end? Will everything go back to Second Life and all be normal again? Hang on to your seats… here it comes…

  244. reece huldschinsky says:


  245. Jeffery McLean says:

    Oh man I can’t write a coherent sentence to save my life. I hope you guys get what I’m saying

  246. reece huldschinsky says:


  247. Amelia Emms says:

    Haha, sl is down and here I be refreshing the blog. It’s a sad day in Amelia land.

  248. reece huldschinsky says:


  249. Grieg Ryder says:

    /me look about .. if there not Tim Hortons on this Bounty im out of here.. Point me to the nearest port an push me off.. Ill see you in couple hours.. WIDE WAKE w/ CAFINE ๐Ÿ˜€

  250. reece huldschinsky says:


  251. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @188 Klaatu Congrejo

    LOL .. Number 200 gets ….. First Price 48 hr downtime in one block …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. Milo Bellow says:

    Avast Behind!

  253. Roberto Oppewall says:

    LOL… Ingles por favor..

  254. reece huldschinsky says:

    can someone talk to me?

  255. Aleen Torok says:

    Its not what i like after a hard day at work, but oh well. theres plenty of other game sites. At least this site has half the world population of people to choose to be your friend. Hope the update goes well.

  256. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @ 183. Nicely put Jeffrey. You must be a politician? lol

  257. taff nouvelle says:

    If they close comments at 200, I suppose I will have to wash the dishes, IF I can find the kitchen. Damn, where is the sun control its too bright. Hey, just thought, I could re-install windows for fun .

  258. reece huldschinsky says:

    dawm menfodkksx

  259. stewart harley says:

    Ah ha me old shipmates – the sun is just past the yard arm and only an hour to go – just in time for me getting home from pilligin on the high seas (work).

  260. Remus Lykin says:

    Why is the rum always gone…

  261. Siena Masala says:

    Heave to me harties! stoq yr rum and tell the tail as to why me minimap shows red and i am more froze’ than deep in ‘davy’s locker’ ???

  262. gnugoo says:

    I wonder if I can get this in under t’ radar by talkin’ like a pirate…
    In a neighbourin’ Blog, Susie says, “I think t’ Lindens be a hard workin’ and intelligence bunch o’ people who have brought us a wonderful product but they arenโ€™t perfect. T’ age verification scheme be neither well thought out nor does it serve any usefull purpose. ”
    “What really kills me be t’ reasons LL has given for implementin’ it. Nothin’ but a bunch o’ platitudes. Come on LL and be honest and tell us t’ real reason you be implementin’ this hair-brained scheme. We, your customers, be not stupid and some o’ us be insulted by t’ fake soundin’ reasons you have given us.” And Arr!, but t’ blog be closed t’ further comments. Funny, that…

  263. Milo Bellow says:

    If Second Life Is A Ship Now..Are The All The Lindens Seamen? LMAO

  264. well i am writing this just so i can say something and be no. 200……

  265. Makhalan Merlin says:

    note for billyy Broek,
    het is hier nu bijna 5 en sl tijd is bijna 8 dus nog 2 uurtjes wachten ,,lol

  266. Richard Noonan says:

    Well; it is always a pleasure to see new things come to past and old things out the door. Here is something to make all you bored people put a little smile on your face while you wait for SL to come back up. – Authur Unknown

    “There once was a pirate named Yates
    Who ventured to rumba on skates.
    He slipped on his cutlas,
    And made himself nutless,
    And now he’s quite useless on dates.”

  267. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Let’s go for tequila…

  268. aaaww missed it by 1!!!!

  269. Damascus Dagger says:

    Being One Who Sim Hops Often .. Im Wondering If This Downtime Will Remedy The HELLA LAGG Isues That I Notice Pretty Much GridWide.Hope Those Issues Are Tossed Overboard For Sure.in The MAentime .. Want Some Tunes While Ya Wait ? http://www.themixxradio.com Is A Good Place to Start ๐Ÿ™‚

  270. Milo Bellow says:


  271. Roberto Oppewall says:

    I am 201 Uhuuu…

  272. Aleen Torok says:

    thatnks for putting GMT on the info on the client. That helps in my country (UK) ๐Ÿ™‚

  273. boogiemaster says:

    Savvy this Linden, it’s us that’s making you money so enough with the rude comments!!!!!

  274. Buffy Rang says:

    I need to relog. I haven’t change clothes in 3 hours!

  275. Lozlo Peng says:

    LL = owned

    Check this site out

    http://www.kaneva.com (still BETA)

    Looks like Second Life has been ripped and formed into a better version

    Second Life + YouTube + MySpace + Flickr all in one!

  276. Lana says:


  277. Aleen Torok says:

    roberto oppewall ur at 205. lindens its shutdown time!

  278. Milo Bellow says:

    Stop Typing Like What I Does @ 203 Or I Will Find You And Chop Your Caps Off -.-

  279. Vivienne says:


    Second Life IS adult (18+). What is the sense of flagging every single parcel, then? Can someone at LL answer this question?

    A central AVS might be necessary to keep minors out of the SL main grid for various reasons. Do minors own a credit card? Why isnยดt credit card or bank account/paypal information enough? Every other real porn site on the web uses this kind of verification. Why not LL?

    Does LL actually want people worldwide to violate the national laws by asking them to pass informations to a third private party which they are forbidden to pass by law? How will LL react when the governements of these countries will start an international inquiry on users from these countries for prosection? Will LL exclude ALL australians, ALL germans and a lot of more from SL?

    Why is it necessary to provide LL with IDENTITY data while the entire universe keeps on warning everyone on passing such essential data to any private organisations?

    A LOT of questions – NO answers. No acceptable solution.

  280. Becky Tardis says:


    Arrg, Lindens not haising sails, they swabbing the deck.

    (Translation: it is a hardware update, not software update)

  281. Aleen Torok says:

    Lozlo by some magazines second life is the future. And if this was first its surly to be da best. im not going on some junk.

  282. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Tequila at 201….LOL

  283. Jamielynne Sands says:

    Flex hair in SL = $60L

    New sexy outfit in SL = $200L

    Down time of the grid to be able to use sl = 4 to 8 hours

    Meeting the man of your dreams without having to cook, clean or have his kids = PRICELESS

  284. hura Jewell says:

    i am south african living in UK

  285. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @200. The winner is…..
    ha ha ha ha ha
    Well done Richard! And , what a great comment to post at #200 !
    ROFL ha ha ha

    Can anyone suggest a prize for this star? (And I don’t think he deserves 48hrs of downtime Fellatione, lol).

  286. Grimkat says:

    LMAO…..its is confusing jumping back into this RL….why doesnt the keyboard work? why doesnt “LOL” mean anything…….how do i emote to people what i am thinking or feeling……………….and yes where is that ‘fly’ button?

  287. Paul says:

    Well this is the first time i comment anything and i was so tired of this that i had to express myself to all SL users.
    First of all i must say we pay monthly ( depending on each SQM everyones has ) here to have a good service in terms of on line gamming wich in my opinion is not happening not even by a remote chance.
    We crash more than other on line game i ever played
    Well Lag is something i cant even talk… we all sense that at some point
    I do believe that updates are needed but i do think as well you should warn all customers (players) with more time cause that show us all how much time you spend on trying to keep your ” customers ” happy.
    YES! we all like the game i just think people who are taking care of customers support should think more on the ways your dealing with us ” customers ” cause after all we pay here for a service that is on line gamming, we should expect updates etc but not like this, i just feel that the reason is:
    you know you have a good product your trying but unfortunatly not getting there.
    Remenber one thing, things might not be going well but if your more open to us we might get along with you on the troubles isntead of beeing suprised of all this things that just makes us angry more and more.
    Please improve
    -schedules on updates
    -better service on ” customers ” support
    -use the money you get, not in offices state of the art but treat well those who work for you and put them working in ways it can improve game playing.
    you might say we need to invest on how workers are in terms of beeing a stressfull work and they need relaxion but well…WHAT ABOUT US AND OUR STRESS!
    well im not a computer engenieer but i cannot understand how can man go to moon and how come you (SL) are not abble to make a effort to improve game playing!!!
    well im sorry to all readers for my english cause its not my native language but i think its readable
    and sorry for this long text but i guess sonner or later we all get here

    best regards to all SL team
    Hope you all get together and think a bit more on your tenants in SL
    : )

  288. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Hey Hura…

  289. Fellatione Aabye says:


    @200 Richard Noonan

    … For your actions above and beyond blog duty, in the face of a fierce enemy, LL is Honnored to give you …. a 48 hr downtime Block … starting now …. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    ps .. only joking

  290. Serinity Gaea says:

    @207: I’ve tried Kaneva. I guess they’re still adding things, but when I checked it out, there were only a few places to go, and people were just standing around talking. You can’t build, so your purchases are limited to what’s already been made — I thought it was lame.

  291. Ianna Robbiani says:

    I’m still a “newbie”, but am truly in awe of this game. Scheduled “downtime” for routine maint is important with any program. I suppose being a land owner with more of an investment, would make me less tolerant. Anyhow, definately enjoy logging in after working the night shift, great way to unwind.

  292. Undone Gina says:

    Good ol’ day m8,s aaaa..Glad to hear the LL’s ships gona set sail soon..
    and who opened Davey Jones Locker anyway? His L,s must be a goner by now…
    me thinks Davey’s in charge of the Ad Sea farms too..

    ps.. Let the Wind set ur sails..but not the seat of ur pants..

  293. Jeffery McLean says:

    @210 I point you to 83, 183 and 189
    Mostly to 189.

  294. Frin Theas says:

    just a thought – if you are sitting reading this blog and looking for something to do – phone a relative and say hello…… one happy gran later and a conscience salved ๐Ÿ™‚ smug mode hehe

  295. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Come on and let s sing dear vbeloved bloggers

    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    Earl-eye in the morning!

    Way hay and up she rises
    Way hay and up she rises
    Way hay and up she rises
    Earl-eye in the morning

    Shave his belly with a rusty razor,
    Shave his belly with a rusty razor,
    Shave his belly with a rusty razor,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


    Put him in the hold with the Captain’s daughter,
    Put him in the hold with the Captain’s daughter,
    Put him in the hold with the Captain’s daughter,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


    Put him the back of the paddy wagon,
    Put him the back of the paddy wagon,
    Put him the back of the paddy wagon,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


    Throw him in the lock-up ’til he’s sober,
    Throw him in the lock-up ’til he’s sober,
    Throw him in the lock-up ’til he’s sober,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    What do you do with a drunken sailor,
    Earl-eye in the morning!


  296. Jacklint Umarov says:

    im not sure i should drink before 12 am ๐Ÿ˜›

  297. Binx Allen says:

    Aww this is great HEY JZ Paine, Waves, you really do keep up to date tabs on Secondlife! ROFL I hate the downtime to ya’ll but maybe this is all gonna be worth it right? hmmmmo.O >_> maybe….

  298. Zillah DeCuir says:

    I’m honestly tired of seeing Europeans whine about the grid being down during their peak hours. EVERYONE is affected, not just people not in the US. This is my work time, don’t tyou think I’m a little frustrated? So while you can’t play and go to clubs, I can’t make any money. So we’re even, okay? Okay. Now stop whining!

  299. taff nouvelle says:

    Better than SL means a better scripting language, better building tools, and more stable economy, less lag, faster rezz, and a world in which it is possible to make a living, interact toally with others, and be so immersive as to almost replace first life for those that cannot walk, or cannot talk, or are deaf in real life.
    now where exactly was that world?????

  300. Poppy Lacava says:

    Ha! and I was only going to be able log-in from 7-10am. Just my luck. I guess this gives me time to look at all the sweet pics on Flickr and Linden Lifestyles. Cheers!

  301. Mortus Allen says:

    For those asking “What will be changed.” I will restate what the Lindens have stated for this down time. It is for Hardware Maintenance, this could be everything replacing UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply) batteries, replacing faulty, or worn out hardware that will cause problem down the road, and could even include replacing some of those class 2 servers some one else mentioned. It could also be that they needed to cut power to the servers to do some electrical work to support more and better servers.

    In short I doubt there will be any software grid changes from what the Lindens have said.

  302. Relentless Roux says:

    i’m no techie…as noted on my profile, so I admit it! What is the difference between the beta grid and the main grid…or, more specifically – what is the beta grid? (God I feel so stupid)!

  303. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @210. You’re right Vivienne. There are MANY more questions that needs answers. And we need them before someone unintentionally breaks the law of their country by giving personal information to an unknown third-party company (Aristotle/Integrity) that will not be passing on this information to LL because LL don’t really want anything to do with that part of it!
    LL have simply asked this company to collect our personal details, verify our ID and then, then what?
    What happens to that information? Who gets access to it next? What will it be used for? Does this company have any political/criminal/security connections? So many questions, so few answers.

  304. Grimkat says:

    *joins the welcomeback party waiting on the docks…….brings more rum and hopes she doesnt drink too much waiting for them to come back*

  305. richard says:

    what old bugs are going to be there, and what new bugs are going to show up?

  306. Alora says:

    I dont know about time zones, but I’m here now and I cant play, lol. It’s crazy all the complaining. We all (including me) hate missing inventory, lag, broken tp’s, etc, etc. This is a huge platform….downtime is a MUST, whether it fixes things that are obvious to us in-world, or things that aren’t as obvious. I dont think it’s unreasonable to expect them to take it down and oil the hinges every now and then. It sucks, yes….for some people it’s like taking drugs from a drug addict, lol, but it HAS to be done.
    On a side note (like it hasn’t been heard 100 times)- PLEEEEASE add the ability to join more than 25 groups for the love of GOD!!! lol

    Keep up the good work Lindens ๐Ÿ˜‰

  307. Roberto Oppewall says:

    OH Man there we go again…

  308. Derrek says:

    ARRrrG…What shal we do with the drunken sailยดerr erยดlay in thยด morRRgning?…

  309. Well, my lubbers, if ye’s all miss chatting thar much, there’s if o’ course the totally unofficial, know what I mean, hush-hush Whinesday club… Clicks on m’ website and come say ‘ello!

  310. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Forget the new Client….get the Nicholaz one….since I started using it 3 days ago I have had no problems…unlike every day before that…………….highly recommended.

  311. Little Ming says:

    Ye best check me sheets twice o’er ‘for ye be settin sail! Las’ time ye left em unturned an’ it was filled with mites! Me peg ain’ been the same since! I’d be takin it out o’ yer hide, if’n I knew who’s hide I was ter be takin it out o’!

  312. Emily88 says:

    Me thinks LL cant work out the time zones …

    6am-10am Pacific (13:00-17:00 GMT)
    Its an hour out? shouldnt it be 14:00 – 18:00?

  313. Hi People..Now’s a Good time to Do A Little Maintenance Yourselves…Check For Updates On The Display Driver (Radon Has One For Mine ),Clean Out The Old Hard Drive…Disk Cleanup And a Defrag Will Get The PC Back Up To Speed…Even A Reboot Will Help..Hay Do A Little RL Maintenance and Clean Up The Desk (Looks Awful)(HEHEHE)
    Oh Ya,Seems One Of My biggest Problems Is 15yo’s Wandering In Mature Areas, Pestering Hard Working Avatars And Screaming On Voice Chat.
    Hay Lindens; Thanks For All The Hard Work.I Remember How Wonderful It Was Last January/February…(HEHEHE) Keep It Up,It Only Gets Better And Better..
    OMG…Just Looked At My Own Desk….EEEEW…Later

  314. Just clicks on ma name, by the way – or come visit me at http://gabbly.com/http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Whinesday

  315. Alphonso Pidgeon says:

    I am as lost as many here are when sl is down, so I decided to log into FirstLife. Wow! First thing I noticed is how difficult it is. Even simple movements require a considerable expenditure of energy. I don’t seen to have any working HUDs (not even Mystitool – how the hell am I supposed to do ANYTHING without that?) Then I left my house and ventured onto public land, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t rez anything on the ground (Hardware fix needed methinks). I was even more dismayed when a car approached me, so I attempted to take off to avoid being hit, and found I couldn’t even fly.
    Whoever coded FirstLife really needs to take a look at what the competition offers if they ever expect anyone to sign up to that.
    I can only assume that I must be at a very basic level in my Fistlife career, and these things will become easier when I am less of a newbie. I mean, imagine not being able to fly. That’s just a joke.
    So here I sit, waiting for SecondLife to reopen, desperately trying to create prims out of nothing, to amuse myself. Not working so far, but I have created a headache.
    Keep up the good work LL, you’re ok by me. SL is still far better than the alternative. Although, it would be nice if you’d supply me with home addresses for griefers. I’ll put a stop to that. =o)

    Oh, and not forgetting “Arrrrghhh me hearties!”

  316. kinkykitty says:

    grabs the nearest bed and goes to sleep see ye in a few hours ^-^ wake me up wen its time to work ๐Ÿ˜›

  317. Anneke Babii says:

    Well, well , well, more than 200 comments? Can we speak of a miracle???? Or is it me getting drunk???

    btw I am for Age Notification…..

  318. xavierhathaway says:

    Hey Joshua Linden, save us the cute stuff and you and the rest of the lindens start concentrating on customer service. geesh!! I wish you idiots at Linden Labs would pull your heads out of your arse!!

  319. Richard Noonan says:

    Ye of little faith. be patient for the iron tongue of time tollls the hour of meeting. Linden Lab keeps us all informed of what is going on and why. They are working on it. Help them to understand rationally your concerns. Just like everything “Best laid plans….”. It is wise to work out such problems over time and not be rash in decisions. Have patience, a clock always tells its time in the long run.
    I say hip hip hooray Linden Lab and its Linden Employees. Great Job your doing, I am proud to be a Second Lifer and look forward to many days of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  320. Sandor Balczo says:

    For Billy Broek and all those who are not yet GMT-savvy:

    GMT or Greenwich Mean Time, also known as UTC or Universal Time Coordinated, is a reference time used by radio-hams, airlines and international broadcasters. Thanks to Linden Lab, it has been revived on the web and in Second Life, where it is used in official notices along with PST/PDT (Pacific Standard Time/Pacific Daylight Saving Time, also known as Second Life Time, Game Time or, by some very patriotic Americans, Real Time…I won’t comment on that).

    GMT/UTC has the indubitable advantage of never changing with the summer months. Thus, one only has to know the time zone difference between the area where they reside and GMT/UTC and allow for daylight saving time where appropriate.

    A few examples:
    1300 to 1700 GMT today means:
    3:00 AM to 7:00 AM HST
    5:00 AM to 9:00 AM AKDT
    6:00 AM to 10:00 AM PDT
    7:00 AM to 11:00 AM MDT
    8:00 AM to 12:00 noon CDT
    9:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT
    10:00 AM to 2:00 PM ADT
    1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Iceland Time
    2:00 PM to 6:00 PM BST
    3:00 PM to 7:00 PM CEST (for your info, I am located in Central Europe)
    4:00 PM to 8:00 PM EEST
    5:00 PM to 9:00 PM ERST
    6:30 PM to 10:30 PM India Time
    10:00 PM to 2:00 AM Thursday KST and JST
    11:00 PM to 3:00 AM Thursday in Eastern Australia
    1:00 AM to 5:00 AM Thursday NZT

    Now, something is not quite right…why are all the Europeans complaining about LL pulling the plug during prime time when it is evident that prime time, generally considered to be between 6 PM and 12 AM, falls mainly in Russia and India? Can someone please explain this to me? Or did I miss something and everybody in the European Union is on SL instead of working? Are you ALL MINORS back from school? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yours truly,

    Sandor Balczo

  321. Roberto Oppewall says:

    @234 Exactly…Age verification is a must..

  322. Buffy Rang says:

    99 bugs of Linden on the wall
    99 bugs of Linden
    Take one down, pass it around
    98 bugs of Linden on the wall

    Everybody sing…

  323. Jamie David says:

    Hey guys the beauty of the thing is don’t give any actual ID. Just enter Name address DOB and that should be enough. Wonder how much it is going to cost?
    50 cents = 135 ish lindens
    Aristotle charges 50 C per user. Lindens said be some charge. Wonder how much.
    Oh the trauma of waiting.

  324. Vivienne says:


    Yes Jeffrey. I actually suspect they want to close the Teen Grid and merge it with the Main. All this screwed identity stuff (flagging of parcels) only makes sense with THIS background.

    They are about to commit suicide and want people to chant pirate songs. Geat idea. Anyway, some very interesting pirates offering interesting alternatives out there.

  325. U M says:

    WOW the blog is still open its a nice change!

  326. Fellatione Aabye says:

    @229 …. Richard

    THATs The FUN part of SL …. never knowing what will be around a corner …. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @224 … Zillah DeCuir

    Why are you so agressiv? Btw ..? i m playing SL for fun, not for doing business, so not loosing money … and being at home …. (so I don t play at the office) ….

  327. DarkOverlord Blackadder says:

    does anyone know if this downtime is to just fix stuff that’s gone bad or is it to add more stuff that could potentially go bad?

  328. raver says:

    i think its the pirates that came an robbed my invertory of various goodies which ive payed for oi u pesky pirates give me my stuff back ……………………….now

  329. H.Gray says:

    I have a much better idea here: FLAG THE MINOR’S AV’S so that we can see the little angels coming. Remember they carry the full blunt of law suit and possible big wins in court for their emotionally disturbed parents, not to mention a fatter wallet for a trial lawyer. It is that and only that that Linden Labs is manuvering about. Protecting their ass as advised by their own lawyers. This is America folks, “love it or leave it” as an old Republican battle cry states. I’m looking at nice low cost housing in Vera Cruse, Mexico.
    But Mr Linden please know that with out sex and the freedom for our new generation programmers and graphic artist , who creatively brought us all sorts of sexual after markets goodies, you got only 30% of your customers. It is not worth the risk to allow minors on this site at all: it aint no money anyway. You know how fragile and impressive their little minds are being raised by an agnostic puritanical society that is basically confused about the meaning and purpose of life, and is deprived of affection, love and sensuality. THE POSSIBILITY OF THEIR PARENTS BECOMING MILLIONAIRES, DEEPLY HURT AND UPSET, MIND YOU, IS TOO IMMINENT.

  330. taff nouvelle says:

    The teen grid and main grid will have to merge at some stage, SL is one of the platforms that will be the new 3D internet. you need to see the bank manager, walk into your 3d bank and see him, want to shop for anything, at present you buy from a flat picture, so much better to walk around it, zoom in to see the detail, things can be made now that are almost exactly the real item to look at,
    I hope that the “game” aspect of SL, the fact that we can live here continues , but, the commercial grid is coming, and soon.

  331. Chronic Skronski says:

    Neat, they even ripped off the style of the SL website!

  332. richard says:

    #77 get back to work !!!!

  333. Pussy Dailey says:

    Endless blog….WOW!

    C’mon me hearties….lets fill the server up.

    Yo ho ho….and all that ****

  334. Pattigee Paine says:

    But why does it always have to be the european and other nationalities ( the right side of the GM *Greenwich Meridian) who have to take the burden of it? Why never doing it when US SL citizens are for the most online?
    Anyway thx for for the fun โ€ฆ of SL โ€ฆ and also for your neverending effords โ€ฆ..

    Kind regards


    We do take a lot of the burden, we can’t get on from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. That is the entire morning.

  335. billyy broek says:

    can’t w8 to play SL again O_O
    oww no my eyes look more this way:
    _ _

  336. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Ahoy maties! I be lookin’ fore t’ verification. I be only 12 year old. But wi’ online verification I be able t’ use me fathers details t’ verify me account as an adult. T’wern’t nothing to lie ’bout being 18. This just be a new lie.
    Nay more suspicions. I`ll be a verified adult. Brin’ ‘t on!!! Now where be me scurvy sex slaves?

  337. I was thinking what difference it would make to different users if we could shift the Scheduled Downtime by a few hours. I drew a rough outline of the results. See what you think: http://www.monac.tk/SL/Downtime.jpg

  338. Greta Umarov says:

    Well I sure hope all gets fixed, because the last few weeks, and especially the last few days in our sim’s been like we were drinking rotgut whiskey. We lagged so badly that just walking from point A to point B was like a drunken stagger. And no, it’s not our fault for loading up the place with animations, etc. We wandered other sims, some almost barren, the prim count was so sparse, and got the same issues in them too. So what’s up? I’d rather not have moving skies and other details that will soon go unnoticable to us (because if you guys think we’re gonna sit around all day trying to make imaginary dragons out of moving, color changing cloud shapes, you’re NUTS)

    The time offline is worth it, if you fix what’s broke. But if you’re adding new stuff….BALONEY!


  339. DonnieK says:

    Come on people, what’s the latest? I having withdrawls here, not good…

  340. fritz otoole says:

    Why do you inform us about downtimes when you every time .. I repeat EVERY TIME! .. take much longer that announced? This downtime should end at 17:00 GMT .. its 17:25 .. who takes bets how long we have to wait to get in?

  341. sweety basevi says:

    Have been following the complaints about when the down time is scheduled for. My question is this? When would be a better time to do it? As for me, i’m kind of impressed that these tech’s are willing to haul themselves off to work for the ungodly hour of 6 am to get started. And lets be reasonable, they have probably been at work for an hour or so beforehand getting prepared. I think we ought to not complain (until they run overtime, due to maybe a nap?, by a few hours), but offer them a cup of coffee and a thanks guys for what your doing.

    Having said that, my landry is done, kitchen is clean, kids off to school, floors washed, vaccuming done, dogs brushed, bathrooms spotless and supper prepared … at its only 11:30 am? *checks watch, only 90 min’s to go*

  342. Anneke Babii says:

    Merging tean grid with Main? How stupid can they be? Than the main grid will be closed definetly after some months, because imagine how many legal problems there would be…. adults want to relax in SL, not live there lifes like in rl…boring. And that doesnยดt mean it all has to be sex. Just a clear point of view.

    Pfff, another hour to go…..

  343. billyy broek says:

    I alway’s watch southpark at allsp.com
    you have pretty much hours of southpark there ๐Ÿ™‚
    all listed

  344. Rufus Wilkinson says:

    Arrr! Me was gonna go meet them important lass. But Avast! Ye scurvy dogs decided to drop the fun. Well, me hearties, We shall see what crawls out from a bunghole when ye’r all ready.

  345. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    We Mermaids have often been the demise of Pirates.

    Hear our song, it won’t be long
    Until ye join us dear
    Have no fear and join us here
    Beneath the waves so clear
    Great are the joys of mermaid toys
    Once men who knew no fear

    So come on down to mermaid town
    Breath deep the ocean blue
    A feast we’ve laid, a party made
    The main event is YOU.

    So tarry long, and hear our song
    Among the fronds of kelp
    Ye’ll beg to stay, not swim away
    And ne’er cry for help

    So, come on down
    Ye will not drown
    we’ll keep you safe from harm
    Leave your boat, the waves to float
    We’ll bring you safely home
    Regularly scheduled maintenance should be just that, regularly scheduled.

    Admittedly, I do NOT miss losing every Wednesday, and the longer interval is in fact welcome, but if you let it be known that the 1st and 15th (or another set of dates) are always going to be shut down days, then by Davey Jones, there would be a whole lot less problems for people who schedule meetings, productions and events.

    Off topic: is there a Q&A scheduled to discuss the implications of the new TOS? I really want to know which of my communications are or are not monitored for the purpose of compiling aggregated data for demographic study. If you guys are recording my IMs, I’ll be using AIM for that purpose.

  346. Phoenixa Sol says:

    ooh I know where a huge cache of rum is…

    but I’m not telling.

    OK OK… it’s the fifth reef from the third starfish long about the 29th buoy. A ship sunk with a warehouse load aboard.

    Yes, I am a mermaid today, and the squids have blacked out.

  347. Jazzine Jewell says:

    Ahoy! 240 posts and counting………..me thinks there be evidence o’ rum about, since it appears nobodys a’ countin’???

    *passes another bottle in the direction of the linden gods*
    lol Jazz

  348. Greta Umarov says:

    Oops, oh yeah..forgot…



  349. mimi says:

    I guess the whole age verification thing makes it only *easier* for the people with bad intentions to find kids now. Kids will still be on the grid, and since some will still be looking for sex, but won’t have access to the sex shops anymore, they will have to ask an adult to buy the sex toys for them, since other kids don’t have sex beds etc, revealing them as kids even more easily. It’s easier now for an adult to pursue a kid into sex, tempting them with “I have a sexbed” hiding it on a non flagged home. Kids will have to have sex with an adult if they want to have sex now because they cannot with other kids anymore. All in all, in many ways age verification makes it even *easier* for the ones with bad intentions to have sex with children, instead of less.

    Age verification does not help any against stopping children from the grid, those who want age verfication for that reason should wonder by themselves.. would it really help? The sad answer is no, and it makes me wonder what intentions DO are behind it?

    Since the company doing the age verification is pretty unreliable, and we all know companies selling information get lots of money for that info, I wonder if Linden Labs will get money for selling our information?

    I would not want to think that badly about secondlife, but since they evade answering our questions about “why this company, and not any other” and evade to give us anything concrete to make sure the information won’t be used for commercial purposes, it makes me wonder what is behind it?

  350. Anny Helsinki says:

    Godd luck, Lindens.

    i will defrag my puters hdd and do some maintenance too.

    *hugs* to all residents, hb and tc all

  351. disisme says:

    identity….we had the same issue, so contacted concierge support about it…the answer was “this is optional”…so we didnt do it.

    ok..ready now…..cmon SL

    Are yall going to fix the building bugs in this patch (like scripted objects moving 0.25 degrees rotation on the Y and Z for some reason)??

  352. Captain Noarlunga says:

    @253 ….it is actually 1525 GMT….. try getting it right before you whine…….

  353. Iris Junot says:

    Is that a shrimp on the boat? WHAT THE!?

  354. Sorry I keep forgetting I need to use a host that works ^^

    I was thinking what difference it would make to different users if we could shift the Scheduled Downtime by a few hours. I drew a rough outline of the results. See what you think:

  355. Gina Glimmer says:

    Hello code warriors and hardware bangers at LL,

    for your convenience, please refer to #41 and #163

    (jk) keep up the good work!

  356. disisme says:

    @53…yep..get it right..still 90 minutes or so to go..GMT doesnt mean where you live…unless you live in Greenwich’s time zone o.O

  357. Laetizia says:

    Arrrr… Just as I was ’bout to swing me enter hook an’ pull alongside to rake in the bounty.

  358. Emily88 says:

    @ 240 I wasnt complaining about *when* LL did down time – I was saying th GMT time on the log in page *is* an hour out!

  359. DR Dahlgren says:

    1L outages, yep, there is one. ONE. And no reboot gets you back. LOL

  360. Yannis Martynov says:

    Are we there yet Pappa Smurf?

    I’d never think or consider myself addicted to sl, until now… I’m missing the grid alrady…

  361. taff nouvelle says:

    at least if something goes wrong with the update, there is plenty of daylight left to fix it. I know I am not at my best at 1am+ and updates are a technical job that needs full concentration. Yes it would be nice if we could have a staggered downtime, but having the guys and gals working at their most efficient time is far more productive.

  362. Stonetroll Cyclops says:

    Can you say all that in english?

  363. richard says:

    oh my god they are going to take are sex beds away next? where is this going to stop.no gambling no sex,what’s next? boy where are the good old days when you could go put money in a slot machine win some money go get a hooker and take her home and have sex with her in your sex bed? i fear those days are over.

  364. Vivienne says:

    “The teen grid and main grid will have to merge at some stage, SL is one of the platforms that will be the new 3D internet.”

    Did anyone who pays LL a bunch of REAL dollars monthly and mage LL rich ask LL for THIS?

    A 3d internet is absolutely useless at the current stage of computing. This still needs to many resources, high end hardware and is far off any serious stability. Maybe in 10-20 years, most probably never.

    “I hope that the โ€œgameโ€ aspect of SL, the fact that we can live here continues , but, the commercial grid is coming, and soon.”

    Brave new world, huh? Commercial grid, haha. Tell me the name of a single “commercial” company which holds mre than ONE or maybe TWO sims. Do they pay more for this than the thousands of average private landowners??? Who keeps SL running? Guess who?

    And, in case you want more “reality”. Oh, i lft SL for RL this morning. And hey! All houses in my street were flagged to be “adult” and i could not get into my supermarket because the black cladded pirate policeman did not want to let me in because i forgot my identity card at home. And a neighbor was ejected from RL to SL, for not flagging his bedroom (a BED in it!!!!). Someone abused reported him to the secret police.

    Reality, 3d internet? ROFL.

  365. taff nouvelle says:

    @ 272, please try RL, those things are still available there.

  366. Pussy Dailey says:

    Harrrrharr arrrrgggg hha a a rrrrg yoyyhoohohoh harar

    We be the silly pirates


    Arr boat be sank harrrr arrrgghhh

  367. merchoche says:

    y va el capitan pirata
    cantando alegre en su popa
    Asia a un lado
    al otro Europa
    y alla enfrente Estambul

    (Josรฉ de Espronceda, 1840)
    its always so nice return home to play SL, nd find it down

  368. Grimkat says:

    *gathers up a whole heap of hers and her friends sexy looking slaves and has them all wait on the docks hoping to tempt the ship back faster….brings down more rum for they might need if after hearing all the complaining*

  369. Grunt Greenwood says:

    Arrrrg! Pour me some Grog, lash the Mizzen, Swab the decks, bring on the Wenches and Pull my Finger! (I love ITLPD, Manly talk and Manly walk)

  370. ohhh well i GUES i have to BLOG NOW LOL
    Thiss is the only time i do it lol so see you guys and check out my blog


  371. taff nouvelle says:

    Yes I do pay real dollars to LL, I own sims, and I make real dollars from SL. as far as hardware is concerned, I build computers, customers bring their machines back to me 12 months later, and I see the way things have progressed, some of the machines i built then as a really good office machine will not even run SL, 10 – 20 years??? try 1 – 2 years at most. The increase in computing power in the home is exponential, as computers are being used to design computers we can do things now that were only dreamed about 10 years ago.
    The new SL grid is designed to be the first of the new 3D internet platforms, It is coming.

  372. Roberto Oppewall says:

    @260 do you have kids Mimi? what do you mean? I am for age verification.

  373. Drake Bacon says:

    My response to today is in the clickable website link.

    Murder and theft. Too stupid.

  374. Treasure Paine says:

    *** wonders if the fixed bug will give back my clothes

  375. Jazzine Jewell says:

    @276……….plz send’em to da whiners instead, mayb shut’em up for a bit, while the rest of us enjoy yer rum, matey ๐Ÿ™‚

  376. Vin Houston says:

    You guy’s for the most part here have no clue… there for you should blog on topics like …. “omg what happened to Britney?”
    for those of you “in the know” ignore me
    for those of you that are not but belive you are … laugh, moan, gripe, i dont care realy.

  377. Miles Corinthian says:

    how do you know when your hooked on SL… you read all the posts : ))

  378. Gads speed t’ ye gettin’ tha work done, mateys!

    An’ curses throttle thee, an’ have at ya, any bugs that be rearin’ their ugly mugs on tha way!

    Arrr. Arr. Aye.


  379. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    I am lost without sl…they need like a offline group chat..lol hopefully this “outtage” will fix what was wrong with me when i quit 3 weeks ago…lol

  380. Arrrr ahoy there me hardies yo ho yo ho when will we be seeing a bit of work on Vista supported SL? Arrrrr….it seems to me we be “fixing” them bugs but not working on getting SL Vista worthy. I also wanna be seeing a bit of fixin’ for those SL mates who been havin’ a bit of the ol’ crashing trouble as of late. Arrr…off in the distance me see a bit of the ol’ lag coming down upon us. Lets hope them LL pirates can get here in time to save us all from dem lag waves before we all go down with the ship. Arrr…here’s to fixin’ it right the first time around today (And on schedule). Let us all dock & meet at the ol’ tavern to trade stories. Arrr.

    (Tries to keep within the said guidelines of talk like a pirate day)

  381. sireus shiras says:

    Beat the down time blues
    you will need a stool or a chair, a paint brush as large as you can, paint and a wall.
    take the paint brush and dip the bristle end in the paint now brush the bristles over the wall getting the paint from the brush on the wall reapeat untill wall is covered then sit on stool/chair and watch it dry.
    ok this maybe boring but it sure beats house work. PLEASE HURRY LINDENS

  382. Ee Maculate says:


    It’s called the forums! http://forums.secondlife.com ๐Ÿ˜‰

  383. Nykosi Zenovka says:

    AAAAARRRRRRR! i be glad to see that ye scurrvy daaawgs are treasurin yer International dayz as well as ye does yer booty. Frum an ol’ Cornish Smuggler to yer salty crew, I be biddin ye good day…

    Yo HO HO…. an a bottler Pop!

  384. Grimkat says:

    *sends out slaves for all who are unhappy and sits chatting and drinking rum with all those who can be patient* (but the rum helps….and what else am i gunna do :))

  385. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    @277 Taff could you please email me i have a computer question that you may be able to anwser…KristynSinclair@yahoo.com

  386. Can’t wait to see the new auction system!

  387. Moreta Vollmar says:

    Is it time yet to get sailing again? or shall I drink yet another bottle of rum??? Harrr….

  388. Calvi Merlin says:

    Hey there in America, its so hard to find a middle way for all? It go`s 3-4 Houres, why its impossible to change the time everyone. So are all Peoples happy! ๐Ÿ˜›

  389. ashira says:

    Captain where do i get a link to the nickolaz update/viewer will it cure my crashing/logging problems

  390. Maria Schumann says:

    Just to let you Linden folks know your GMT time is out by 1 hour. The downtime started at 14:00hrs GMT not 13:00hrs GMT and it’s 16:51hrs now and I’m still waiting to get back into my sl world. Hurry up me hearties !!!

  391. Roberto Oppewall says:

    Let’ go for Brandy

  392. Pussy Dailey says:

    Lets hope this shake up starts a new fashion trend, cos shoes and hair stuck up yer bum is so last season.

    Harr harr….yawn…lol

  393. Moreta Vollmar says:

    99 bottles of rum on the ship, 99 bottles of rum, I take one up and drink it quick, 98 bottles of rum on the ship….

  394. Maria Schumann says:

    Make mine a triple !!!

  395. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    I’d say another bottle Moreta…lol twidles her thumbs….

  396. jasmina says:

    still not up

  397. jasmina says:

    oops another hour lol

  398. Roberto Oppewall says:

    @291 LOL..

  399. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    sooo anyone on yahoo…lol we can all drink rum together…lmao…
    *bored outta my mind*

  400. jasmina says:

    me being stupid looolll

  401. taff nouvelle says:

    on its way.

  402. Buffy Rang says:

    Only 3 more hours until grid is back up!

  403. SinfulDreamz says:

    will SL be back up anytime soon?

  404. Aeneas Beaumont says:


    (my intelligent statement for the day)

  405. Moreta Vollmar says:

    ok Kristyn just add moretavollmar.. we can have a party

  406. Kristyn Sinclair says:

    prolly not its te lindens…lol

  407. BeeBee Brouwer says:


    From my point of view the biggest problem with kids on the grid is that there is no sorting process in place at all. Everyone gets defaulted to the adult grid and what kid doesn’t want to be treated like an adult?

    Immune from prosecution as adults, all they need do is say “yeah, I’m 18” and sail merrily along.

    Personally, I’ve raised my kids; I’m not here to babysit or deal with leet speaking adolescents.

    The new TOS makes it very clear that the liability for felonious interactions with minors has ben neatly shifted from Linden Labs to the Resident community, as such it is in the enlightened self interest of every responsible adult to take steps to protect themselves from that exposure.

    Age Verification? Fine.
    Parcel Flagging? The whole damned grid should be NO ACCESS to minors, but since Linden has tacitly acknowledged that they cannot control that access, and click wrapped us into accepting the fact that all our interactions are subject to recording and release; I presume to law enforcement for the purposes of preventing inappropriate contact with the minors we all KNOW are here, and screened for anti terrorism purposes.

    (Freakin’ patriot act and associated legislation in Real Life has intruded into SL… accept it or shut off the computer, cel phone, etc. and move to the wilderness)

    Age and Identity should be verified to Linden and an appropriate grid assignment made BEFORE allowing the creation of an avatar, but it’s too late for that.. the kids are in the brothels already and unless a better solution can be found, age verification and Parcel flagging are the best tools we have with which to protect ourselves from the liabilities which have been so neatly shifted to our shoulders.

  408. Skid Erlanger says:

    Look, I told ye afore! I not be a pirate, I just be wearing an eye patch!



  409. Chicabonita Dagostino says:

    OMG I finally looked at 30 days of emails!
    and this thing they call Myspace! Oy Vey!
    Hurry I’m being enveloped by the masses!

  410. Serinity Gaea says:

    @ 273 “Tell me the name of a single โ€œcommercialโ€ company which holds mre than ONE or maybe TWO sims.”

    Cisco Systems, Nissan, and Dell have a handful of islands each.

    There are also a number of educational groups that have more than one island.

  411. Well, I got on expecting to have some great times, but I get “grid offline”. Oh well, I know your trying to keep downtime to a minimum, and our experience high. Since I joined SL has improved greatly in many ways. Thanks for being there.

    There is one problem I notice in alot of sims, Governor Linden land with no autoreturn sometimes has so much spam litter it’s unreal. Thought about turning on autoreturn on all linden land? Might kill alot of lag. One region I visit often has over 3,000 boxes right in one spot on a peice of governor lindens land, bad place to be.

  412. Roberto Oppewall says:

    @ 304…I agree completly with you..

  413. Moreta Vollmar says:

    hmmm is it still another hour?

  414. Cabot Dagger says:

    The only update that needs to be made is the ban of any orbit type devices or those geektrap objects. If someone is allowed to suspend or eject or freeze a character, it should be because that person is a trusted admin or operator of the sim or parcel, not because they are an adolecent wetbag looking to detract from the fact that they are insecure and socially inept. Not to name any names….. janus Elle. We all really dislike people like you. You suck the fun out of the entire day.

  415. Saxet Uralia says:

    Something for entertainment value while the grid is down….

    You might be addicted to Second Life ifโ€ฆ.

    you try to pick up a couch all by yourself to move across the room.

    you try on a new bra and think, โ€œDoes this make me look like a 45 or a 63?โ€

    the expiration date on the bacon in the refrigerator is older than you first login date.

    you have changed furniture in your SL house more than three times but not sit on your own couch in over two weeks.

    you have over 10,000 items in your inventory and you have no idea what most of them are.

    the songs to your favorite dance club/ballroom play over and over in your mind. OR

    you have all of the songs to your favorite dance club/ballroom downloaded to your IPod.

    this is the first year you have ever filed for an extension on your income tax.

    you have no idea who is still in the running on โ€œAmerican Idolโ€. OR

    you donโ€™t know any of the contestants on โ€œDancing With the Stars.โ€

    you look at a wall in your home and think, โ€œI should just move that back about 2m.โ€

    your significant other propositions you for sex and you say, โ€œReal or virtual?โ€

    you found out the current world event happened over two weeks ago.

    your family and coworkers knows many of your SL friends by their first name.

    your suffering from a multiple personality disorder by running two or more avatars.

    you have gone to work with only a couple hours sleep for more than a week.

    you log in to SL on lunch hour and breaks to make sure you did not miss something important.

    you donโ€™t log in for four days and your friends hold a memorial service.

    you havenโ€™t talked to your real life friends in over two weeks.

    you wish you could mute people.

    you have been vacationing all over SL but have not been anywhere in real life but work and home.

    you go to the mall and look for peoples name tags above their heads.

    you run into someone and wonder where they bought their hair.

    you call your children by their avatar names.

    you start selling your belongings on ebay, to buy lindens.

    you try to teleport your children home from school.

    you worried about showing up at the ballroom in the same gown two nights in a row.

    when you try to fly to find your car at the mall.

    when you start converting your grocery bill to lindens.

    you invite your friend over to chat, and offer to send them a TP.

    you loose a shoe and first place you look is your butt.

    when you can’t figure out what the bumps on your butt are, then realize its the pattern in your desk chair.

    you start clarifying a date by asking – “SL time?”

    your first though when the neighbor gives you grief is to orbit them.

    when you try to rez a prim to cover the bad spot on the lawn.

    or you try to stretch your jeans to fit you better.

    your boss gives you a raise and you ask, โ€œHow much is that in lindens?โ€

    someone tells you about a new coffee shop and you ask what sim is that in.

    you tell people to drop you a “notecard” instead of an email.

    you are sitting in traffic wishing you could just teleport home.

    you think โ€œI am really lagging here.โ€ when you are really tired from staying up late on SL.

    Saxet Uralia and Friends

  416. Can I claim for back trouble with all this weight on my shoulders?

    Oh, no, sorry, I think that got excluded by the new TOS too. ๐Ÿ˜›

  417. Shurie says:

    I am amused that the US has now adopted a speech pattern more consistent with their international piratude.

  418. Chrysala Desideri says:

    Vivienne rocks.

    Robert: get informed on wht it really is, don’t you know what the road to hell is paved with?

    yes, this IS a proverb quiz. answer without looking it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  419. Greta Umarov says:

    Suggestion for the protection of minors in SL:

    Place undercover agents, in SL, specifically to pose as kids, in order to catch predators and children. These can even be volunteers, with carefully scrutinized backgrounds, who are willing to do the job. Pay them in lindens, good salaries, to work if they won’t volunteer.

    Since SL is primarily a sexually oriented game with building benefits..(sorry folks, but sometimes the truth hurts)…it wouldn’t be hard to keep an eye out for the naughty kids and their predators, while playing at sex.

    These volunteers, upon discovering a pedophile or child, will report back to the Lindens, who will then execute the perpetrators’ removal, and if necessary, prosecution.

    If the lindens don’t want to do it, I’m betting there’s a law force that will be willing to do the job for them.

    Is it nasty to have to do such a thing? Sure..but it’s necessary. Just the thought that it’s POSSIBLE that a kid who might turn out to be The Law…will cut way down on pedophile’s attempts to coerce kids into having sex.

    Is it entrapment? You betcha! But just like catching rats infesting a home (apologies to all tinies for the comparison)…these people need to be caught NOW. So catch em any way you can, Lindens. Catch em, kids or adults who break the law, and turn em in.

    G…. (who likes being a tiny because she lives where she doesn’t have sex shoved in her face at every turn. Really, it’s sooo boring after a while)

  420. I seem to remember sometime late last fall when we hit 1500 posts. This was when the blog was kept open after a major update and then crashed itself to buggery when switched on, and we ended up with an offline from like 2 GMT to 11GMT offline.(shudders at the memory)

  421. Captain Gemini says:

    I tried Real Life once before during downtime and its not all its cracked up to be. Its really difficult to get money and no one pays you for sitting around doing nothing, and when you walk into things, it hurts like hell.

    Its far better reading this blog waiting to get my life back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh and by the way, people are confusing GMT with the time in the UK, but the UK is GMT plus 1 at the moment because of British Summer Time.

  422. Damona Rau says:


    Take a look at the last Keymetrics and you will see, that the most residents comes from Europe, more then 30%.

    Thats alot huh?


  423. Chrysala Desideri says:

    @ 304… the gestapo has come, accept it or get out?

    WTF kind of attitude is that? America would never have been if there had been that attuitude back then, and it wwill die if it persists now.

    IDV as proposed is silly, it’s non-effective, and it’s a scam.

    I have to accept that?

    you’re a loony.

  424. Pussy Dailey says:

    Bored bored bordie boooooooorrrred.

    Hey!……look at that interesting thing over there!

    Awww….it went ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Bored b………..

  425. glingling ling says:

    Scheduled? LOL, Plesae, next time, try to make the maintenance ont the PDT afternoon. not on the the CET afternoon In Europe, we pay too. Thanks.

  426. Cathryn Kappler says:

    y’all do realize that the babbler has pirate as a choice for language translation, right??? ;DDDDD

  427. Brendy Baobob says:

    ffs….I just hope this get’s things fixed! I love sl but am so tired of the frustration’s….get my “recent” inventory items seperated from the other 10,000 item’s and I will be a happy camper! =)~

  428. Anita Koenkamp says:

    Keep up the good work guys…..sl is getting better and better.
    It is a great way to interact with other people………………i just love it.

  429. Bowie Babii says:

    ok now……………its been long enough…….put us back on…..so much to do…..so little time
    and i mean right now ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  430. Vivienne says:

    “Cisco Systems, Nissan, and Dell have a handful of islands each.

    There are also a number of educational groups that have more than one island.”

    Nice. So the handful of commercial companies are more important than the 95 percent of private (and equally paying) users who are NOT into SL for getting spammed by the latest 3d version of television commercials?

  431. Rutager Price says:

    Tis 5:04pm… 26 minutes of work left, will SL be on when I get home… well… will it?? hmm hmm? aaargh *runs away to the cofgfee machine*

  432. Wishmaster Delcon says:

    Saxet Uralia ok ill admit it im addicted hehehe

  433. Grimkat says:

    LMAO saxet……ticked quite a few ๐Ÿ™‚

  434. glingling ling says:

    awaiting moderation? I have never say that.

  435. Meghan Dench says:

    Hello guys, i read the status box which says that the grid will be back at 17:00 GMT, well i am GMT and its not as it will be back at 10am PDT.
    Lindens, 10am PDT is not 17:00 GMT but it IS 18:00 GMT so please correct this as i am sick of seeing that mistake every time this sort of thing happens.
    So 10am PDT = 18:00 GMT. You lost an hour….
    I know you can do it! you just have to try, you created this wonderful world called ‘second life’ so i am rather sure that you can get the time right.

  436. Farallon Greyskin says:

    @294 Still before 10am, the stated ETO…

  437. Grimkat says:

    yay…rebel against RL!!!!! (i dont like that game)

  438. Thom Dragonash says:

    Checks his watch and taps his foot… didnt they say 4 hours

  439. taff nouvelle says:

    A few?????????????
    I ticked them all.

  440. Electron Electricteeth says:

    If this downtime lasts longer than expected,
    I’ll keel-haul Philip Linden next morn’!
    I remember back in th’ barnacle-covered days we pirates were able to rely on th’ downtime schedules, and not sit around pressing F5 on our bloody buttonpads and watchin’ the blogscrolls for the signal to hoist the sails.

  441. BeeBee Brouwer says:


    You’d best be believing that they’re out there… understaffed and overworked.

    Welcome to the internet; where the men are men, most women are men, and the children are FBI.

  442. Wishmaster Delcon says:

    Grimkat, oh hmm let me think i DID try RL once but lost the game hehe

  443. Joyful Meriman says:

    I’m in the US and this is when I’m always on. I’ll be at work when it comes back up. That’s okay though….
    I’ll catch y’all later. (-:

  444. Grimkat says:

    ….ok i ticked almost all….

  445. PlatinumPanther Signals says:

    when i’m bored…this is the place to be…you all have me laughing so hard at some of the things you say….i’m easily amused ๐Ÿ™‚

  446. bibitoto little says:

    alors c remis quand???????

  447. harmony colman says:

    Can someone send me a link to this new age verfication thing i dont read the blogs incredibly often so im confused i thought the adult grid was the mature grid and kids couldnt have access well accpet the radom ones we find floating around poseing as adult avies why should we as consenting adults in an restricted adults only area have to regulate our behavior for people who arnt supposed to be there in the first place espcaily if they happen to fly into someones priavte home we pay to have access to an audlt grid and own land for a reason some punk kid breaks into my house rl and sees thiings hes not supposed hes the one that gets charged not me so it should be in sl

  448. Armand "I Drank What?" Callisto says:

    Well BeeBee Keeper…er..Brouwer, it be a new mecahinc the Lindens are puttin in place to protect the wee folks that not yet be of grog drinkin age. Ye either verrify er not. If ye dont ye wont be visitin the local Wench-O-Rama in Tortuga anytime soon. If ye not be into such foolery then no loss to ye! SL be tha best virtual pirate town ever and we dont want no lawsuits from tha feds shutten down our fun. The system perhaps is not what we all want but it fits tha best practice at the time. Remember, if SOE has NEVER been able to solve the problem with hundreds of millions of dollers behind research we can only hope ta plug up the hole as best we can and hope tha bilge pump still works. So heres to tha Lindens and to tha re-opening of tha grid…I gots lots a pillagin ta do…..yarrrrr!

  449. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    All except moving the couch alone… but I thought about it.

  450. CorsetGamer says:


    Its 17:00 GMT no sl ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ????

    Dont see an update on time anyone know anything I dont?

  451. Grimkat says:

    *passes PlatinumPanther a bottle of rum and asks;’anyone else’

  452. em debevec says:

    so along comes 5pm, and i’m like…..why can’t i log in…oh here we go again, another 12 hour downtime, just kill the euro log in again why don’t you…but then i realise, we’re not on GMT….it’s currently BST…..another hour to go

    i want my secondlife back soon please LL

    ta muchly

  453. Pussy Dailey says:

    Hmmm……I wonder what this button does.

    Wow….its massive!



    Oh no…..it fell off:(

  454. Rutager Price says:

    Cheesecake or Chocolate Cake?

  455. PlatinumPanther Signals says:

    lmaooo @ grimkat ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  456. Captain Gemini says:


    to reply to some of the comments about PG being a sex game, speak for yourself. I use SL in a totally different way. There are many many faces to SL, so please don’t think how you use it goes for everyone. PG areas are exactly that and should be strictly monitored, but not just because of minors managing to get in game. Quite often, my children are sitting beside me while I am on the computer. I go to PG areas for that reason, so if some griefer comes into a PG area, texting language I don’t want my children to read and displaying pornographic images, then I have to tell my children not to look which brings SL into disrepute. 9 times out of 10, explaining this to a griefer gets an immediate stop and an apology as they hadn’t considered this as a reason for a PG area. Just thought I would raise that here in the hope it makes people think again.

  457. Marianne McCann says:

    By thunder, thar be th’ devil t’ pay afore ye set t’ sea! Ne’er strike yer colors, and be strong, me hearties!

    (best of luck!)

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