Second Life 1.18.2 is released

When we become aware of a serious exploit (as blogged yesterday) we will take steps to correct the problem asap. These updates will be mandatory. Second Life 1.18.2 is such an update.

Second Life 1.18.2 addresses two issues. In addition to fixing the exploit discussed here, this release includes a long awaited update to the voice SDK correcting a showstopper bug for Mac users.

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  1. Darien Caldwell says:

    😦 This viewer has a huge bug. It has voice in it. :p

  2. Sascha says:

    Hmm maybe that’s why i can’t login

  3. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Well, version numbers are forked here as 1.18.2 has been around FOR WEEKS…

  4. Mandatory, eh? Lovely. So going old school and using 18.0 (6) is now impossible, especially for us Linux users. Hopefully they’ve fixed the media issues in the Linux client, especially since the Nicholaz viewers aren’t available for users who aren’t subjects of King William*. Does this mean we are looking at a rolling restart this afternoon after all?

    Now if I could get my flippers on Release Notes I’d have a shot at seeing what I’m going to be dealing with in terms of differences in my SL experience.

    *King William’s subjects = Windows users

  5. Elle Pollack says:

    The “manditory” update isn’t; it’s only showing up as an optional update.

  6. Liny Odell says:

    Umm someone didn’t wight the HTTP code correct for the links because they are invalid and thus don’t work.


  7. You may want to fix the second hyperlink.

    Thanks for fixing exploits 🙂

  8. Liny Odell says:

    The first is dead also.


  9. Ann Otoole says:

    how does this relate to the release candidate viewer?
    Is there a new release candidate with this fix?
    Is the release candidate what went into production with the fix?

    need info.


  10. Vincent Nacon says:

    Make that or something… not 1.18.2…..

  11. Halisson Usher says:

    Can’t understand that. 1.18.2 ? Again? Well, the installer told me that I already got it installed…

  12. Valeria Pera says:

    I’m just grateful for SL…i wish people would stop bitching so much. If you don’t like the game…quit. The rest of us just want to be here to have fun….post something positive for once. Thanks for all the work you do to keep SL up and running!!!! If you do experience a problem, try to be mature about your postings. It’s not hard to do.

  13. Sally says:

    Will it help me to log on ? 😉

  14. Elle Pollack says:

    Also, how long before the Release candidate will be updated with the fix?

  15. Please proof-read your post and fix the URLs ariclinden? And can we have more info on the showstopper bug for the mac viewer? I’ve been using it since before release and I’ve always been fine, aside from the problem I filed on the JIRA (VWR-1607).

  16. Herb Benelli says:

    Linden´s you are kidding us, 1.18.2(0) i am using since week´s and a newer version is not available. I dry since hours to connect to any region of the grid without success.

    Hopefully you solve the problem soon

  17. andrew johnson says:

    the link is broken – please could you fix that one

  18. Anthony Hocken says:

    Is it just me or is llGiveInventoryList not working properly now? A tool I made a while back has suddenly started behaving odd. Appears at first glance (Don’t have time to look into it properly just now) that llGiveInventoryList seems to be ignoring the folder name parameter (it’s using the object name instead for the folder name) and ignoring the list parameter too (returns the whole contents of the prim’s inventory).

  19. Gil Druart says:

    Oh goody … some unQAedware …

  20. nobody says:

    Links in the blog is broken, wtf.

  21. Anthony Hocken says:

    Okay ignore my earlier post about llGiveInventoryList. Posted in haste. Seems to be working fine. My bad. *blushes*

  22. Both links probably refer to “Second Life URL Handler Exploit” article

    phoenixlinden there wrote
    “We expect to deploy the new client this week and make it a required upgrade”

    The download page still lists releases, though.

  23. Charlton Roffo says:

  24. Thunderclap says:

    Parden me while I laugh at all of you who thought you would escape voice by simply not downloading that client. I just want to say I am sick of the whine about voice. This not about 40 yr old men being lesbian strippers anymore. Its serious business.
    Even There has voice. HiphiHi has voice. Home will have voice. And Araea will have voice. Arr!

  25. Ashton Gufler says:

    You need to fix the links in this post.

  26. Binyamin Swindlehurst says:

    As soon as I installed 1.18.2 my SL account became useless. No way I am the only one with this problem but it seems Linden don’t care because I reported the problem 12 hours ago and the 1.18.2 is still there waiting to ruin more peoples days. Any company that releases software that totally doesn’t work scares me. How about a fix for the junk.

  27. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    This is not a release candidate. It is a mandatory UNTESTED update. And it forces voice on everyone whether they want or can use it or not.

  28. Letshava Goodnight says:

    now i am really confused i already have 1.18.3(4) please can someone explain whats happening

  29. Harwood Hax says:

    wow….. were gonna need A LOT of cheese to go around here….

    instead of complaining… WOULD IT REALLY hurt ANYONE to help out a bit.. make SL a more enjoyable place to be!?!?! i mean REALLY…

    all i do for a living is MOD for a MMO.. host and design a few sites.. (why i joined SL to begin with .. gives me ideas to use on sites.. and BTW.. THANK YOU LL for such a kewl forum.. ’nuff said) and i BARELY can find free time in my life!!

    millions of users registered.. THOUSANDS of KIDS… (the babysitting ALONE must be wretched to deal with …) having to deal with tens of thousands of possible lawsuits.. the req of keeping up servers.. AND having to deal with what always sounds like high school cheerleaders debating if pink is “the new purple” … (or is it orange??) or who’s cuter in the new “teeny-bopper-monthly”

    and still .. like it or not.. they do a hell of a job… try keeping up a site like this, and doing what they do… i’d love to see you try… and.. hell.. if ya can… what are you doing sitting on your parents couch??? there’s a link (and ya.. it works.. already been there myself) right on the front page that says “taking applications” … fill it out if youre the internet god you think you are… make some real money instead of that 5.50 from McBurger’s that cant even get you out of your parents basement at 33… THEN you have the right to whine…

    god forbid people on here actually DID something to make SL a better and more fun place.. hell.. LL might actually put up a user-friendly post taking suggestions if that happened… maybe even we’d see a few of those great ideas implimented in the game.. and… oh… gods forbid… we could ACTUALLY let LL get to working on the game with the lack of whining subsided… therefore making things better for us all ..

    …. but its sooo much easier to complain all the time..
    .. “and my ADD wont let me concentrate long enough to come up with coherent and rational, helpful thinking… ”

    honestly… go back to hack and slash games on your nintendo and leave the more complicated things to the grownups… k??

    .. it’ll be better for us all

  30. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Well I do not see anywhere to get the new version has it been placed in the trashcan ))

  31. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    So next week when someone says nobody wants voice Lindend labs can say “we had a realy big uptake on it, it totaly justified it’s inclusion. And based on the uptake everybody realy loves our new comunications interface too.”

  32. ari blackthorne says:

    Huh…. this was an optional update last night LOL

  33. Yifei says:

    i have 1.18.3(4) too, what to do? please..

  34. Farallon Greyskin says:

    @ #4

    Yeah we got it Nanci.

    Seeing as How Linux is the DoItYourself OS, you are certainly free to DL the source, apply the same patches as Nicholaz has and compile your own now aren’t you? I mean that is the freedom of Linux right? So take advantage of it!

  35. Chryssie Bunnyhug says:

    we do not want voice, we do not want ooc, we do not want verification, we do not want our identifications stolen by thieves, we do not want our real life sex revealed or any other real life info, we do not want the grids merged
    I do like however the new lands that are coming, and when SL does work it has things to do that I can not do anywhere else. Linden Labs does do a lot of work, but a lot of the time they seem to concentrate on things nobody wants (such as the prospect of having your identity stolen or your personal information revealed, or this voice stuff).

  36. Binyamin Swindlehurst says:

    Not sure why but I had to remove SL from my firewall allow list, then add it back to get SL to work with my firewall after installing 1.18.2.X

  37. vicki Basevi says:

    trying to update the and says web page cannot be found

  38. vicki Basevi says:

    okay, got it, just cant do before logging in.

  39. vic632 burger says:

    i tryed to download the update but i cant…

  40. Bibi Book says:

    BTW: the links in the post are broken.

  41. Wiriamu Tokyoska says:

    soooo…..their blocking people to download it, and wich the download isnt even made yet….this seems pointless and a wast of my time.

  42. Wiriamu Tokyoska says:

    so how long is this update? cause i wanna get on before i go to pennslvania for family i wont be back for 2 months

  43. hali daviau says:

    Why is this that u guys at Linden Labs make our Second Life always so miserable? Why a new mandatory viewer when the old one just worked fine?
    Wtf do I need voice for? Is this mandatory too?

    Downloaded the new viewer and since can’t log on… Wonder what will have happened to my inventory this time…If u wanna loose more Premium customers go on like that. No clue what i pay u for, and service…???? Excuse me???? What service? Take the blunts away from these kids who do the programming for u, maybe that may help.

    chunter, chunter


  44. Votslav Hax says:

    You’re rt brother harwood…to much grief.! Thank you Linden for working deligently to assure even the most irate by-polar resident can have an experience like no other.. smile…

  45. Tour Bebb says:

    On an iMac. Did the required, update download, but it’s not working. Can’t login. Any suggestions 🙂

  46. Brock Asbrink says:

    It wont let me download the new version, it says i have a limited account and that i need to be an administrator to download SL, somebody,plz help.. 😦

  47. Giuseppe says:

    When I log into SL is says:

    This optional updates contains…
    Download Version

    Optional. Fine. But then it confusingly says:

    A new version of Second Lie is available (Required version: You must download this update to use Second Life…

    Duh. Please get it straight. What do you mean?

    And why can’t you provide small downloads that perform the upgrade, instead of making users download the entire massive installer, over and over, just because some nerd forgot a curly bracket on code line 1,345,684.

  48. Rex Cronon says:

    Hi everybody.
    If u have 1.18.3(4) that means u have the Release Candidate Viewer. I have it too, and it seems to work not that bad. The communicate window is better. The voice chat doesn’t start, unless u do it manually. You can upload good quality sculpties. And who knows what other goodies. There might be bad things too. For example, it seems that RC doesn’t work with some computers, and for macs there seems to be problem with uploading jpg images.
    Ann, if u don’t use IE u shouldn’t be affected by the exploit. You should also make sure that on the login widow the “Remember password” is unchecked. For more info go to and read what it says there and check some of the links u find on that page.

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  50. Orson Dahlgren says:

    “Showstopper” would be VWR-1749. Lacking voice on the Mac doesn’t stop the show. Freezing the computer definitely stops the show.

  51. Seth Mandelbrot says:

    Darien Caldwell Says:
    This viewer has a huge bug. It has voice in it. :p

    Just go ahead and get the Linux client! No voice there!

    I don’t have, need, or want voice!

  52. ringo ninetails says:

    wtf is with the updater and links? the updater hangs and so does the downloadoption!!
    this is rediculis
    and to add to it this app hords 300 mb of memory and 97% of the cpu on a P4 system!!

  53. Mortar says:

    Just released? I’ve had 1.18.2 (0) since I first started, which was about a week ago. And it’s buggy as Hell!

  54. ringo ninetails says:

    second in line is what is this DNA.exe that always loads with second life?
    i know its not part of the prog

  55. ringo ninetails says:

    third in line is the thing repeates what i type sometimes like i like to epeate myself every half hour it re occures

  56. Yes, it seems quite a few people don’t seem to follow the Development Cycle – those with 1.18.3.x are using the Release Candidate – “candidate” indicating that it uis being considered for release – its generally more stable than a Beta release but often it isn’t fully tested and may contain new bugs. Running the latest Release Candidate is a great idea if your work is non-critical as it provides tremendous data for developers.. however it should be considered “trial” ware.

    The that is mentioned in this announcement is the current “official” release… theoretically more stable and better tested than the candidates.

  57. Hina Yifu says:

    Required… >,,<

  58. bratCatz Lyon says:

    Unable to load SL since the new update with Nvidia 6600GT. I reinstalled drivers and still SL graphics will not load, I log in either underwater unable to view avatar or in my home unable to stand or rez. Any Help on this matter soon??

  59. leeloo kungler says:

    excuse me…..but i tried downloading the new version….and it says i must be an administrator to download second life because i have a limited membership. what does this mean? can i ever log in again? if someone could help me that would be great.

  60. MadameDivaChocolate Richez says:

    ok what is going on here, with every new update there is major problems . Now I can’t log on at all!!!!! As a matter of fact the last 3 updates change SL so much I can harldly do anything any more. the more updates the worse SL runs. It tells me I need to download it . I did tried to run it and it said I already have it , so I tried to run it and it went straight to download again. I went through this same thing with the past 3 downloads. I ended up having to completely delete SL. Then it took me 5 atteemps to download it again before it even worked. so whats going to be the solution to this problem???? I have business I am trying to run and I can’t do it if I can’t get into the game!

  61. minx jun says:

    hey ,
    ive downloaded the new version 18.2 yesterday(i.e. 19 sept) even logged in and played. But now its asking me to download it again and even after downloading i cant log in !!! pl help i feel left out and LOST !! :((((

  62. The voice complains is mostly the the UI in that version is unusable… It’s the most horrible change in the UI so far, the JIRA with the biggest votes are to get the UI back, Nicholaz have patches for that (that are more stable that the release candidate.)

    Also I crash about three times as often when enabling voice in the client, and thats about twices as often as when using the Nicholaz versions. Voice does lower the stability there is no questions about it. Even if if “runs” on different servers it’s still in the same client, on the my machine, and makes the viewer more unstable.

  63. Chryssie Bunnyhug says:

    is it bugs?
    the voice stuff I dont wanna use, why?
    it especially seems to crash with items like xcite or when people hand you urls

  64. Tegg B says:

    Nanci Barthelmess Says:
    Hopefully they’ve fixed the media issues in the Linux client, especially since the Nicholaz viewers aren’t available for users who aren’t subjects of King William*.

    You can’t get Nicolaz viewer in UK? Queen Lizzy is Dead and Williams got the crown already, missed that, need to watch the news more …………

  65. Burgess Miles says:

    so much for the freedom of choosing which viewer to use…the voice viewer is total crap, the Ul is, as #36 points out, unusable. we want the old interface back, and now!
    the most sensible thing to do would be to release an updated viewer without voice and an unable interface along side the new voice viewers, every time. I have yet to come across one single person actually using voice.

  66. The XO says:

    @ Darien Caldwell #1:

    Agreed! Not that I object to voice being in it – but as virtually everyone else has said “the new interface is unusable”

    It’s awful, horrible and so counter intuitive it’s unreal! Why? Simple, so people are forced to use voice.

    Why is this new update mandatory? Simple, so people are forced to use voice.

    This just utterly stinks! “Our world, our way, our toy, do as we say!”. This is supposed to be about choice, vision, freedom and so on – I’ve seen more liberal dictatorships!

    I’d best shut up now before the Linden overlords knock at my door in the night and take me away!

  67. Sabine Geiger says:

    Can we please get viewer 1-18-06 back please or at least the layout this one is anoying and among the other nonsens LL is thinking of spoils pretty much our fun in sl, by the way can you fix that I have to switch off voice of my land every time I login and if you realy want to do something usefull in a viewer update make that we can switch off IM for people not on your friendslist.
    LL you had a beautyfull baby called sl your killing her off every day a little more

  68. Burgess Miles says:

    the cumbersome new UI is maybe LL’s way of forcing us to use voice instead of chat…to make it harder to use anything but voice…? I may be too conspiratorially inclined to think this, or?
    another thing, the identification process…I believe it is in violation of the community standards, especially the parts cited here:
    Combating intolerance is a cornerstone of Second Life’s Community Standards. Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the Second Life community as whole. The use of derogatory or demeaning language or images in reference to another Resident’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is never allowed in Second Life.

    Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.

    Does this mean we should file abuse reports on the Lindens?

  69. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Where, in our Profile, will it indicate ‘approved by Aristotle/Integrity’ (in other words, that we have been age-verified)?
    LL says that going through the age-verification process will indicate to others in SL that you can be trusted (see Blog ‘ID VERIFICATION’ 29AUG07). Does this mean that those who don’t submit to this process are NOT to be trusted? Is this Linden Labs way of suggesting that, far from being a voluntary process, it will eventually become a COMPULSORY process?
    So many questions out there, so few answers forthcoming!

  70. bonitachristal says:

    everytime since the download that i try to get on i crash..any suggestions on why this is happaning..n als o what can i do to fix this problem?

  71. reece huldschinsky says:

    yo im bk

  72. reece huldschinsky says:

    wts up

  73. Raban Laborde says:


    Authentication is not voluntary. Most SIMs conatin some material someone may see as porn. So most owners will change to authenticated only

    This will force you to hand very personal data to a data miner working for not trustworthy politicals.

    Voluntary? OK, World is flat and the moon is made of cheese..

  74. Webster Whiteberry says:

    Login Packet Still not received…

    My ticket has gone through- but still not able to log in to Second Life. I’ve had an account for a few months now…but unable to log in…

  75. Captain Noarlunga says:

    For anyone not happy with the new Client release, I can highly recommend the Nicholaz Client. I have had none of the usual freezing or crashing problems since I started using it last weekend. It is worth a try and you dont have to mess up your current setup to do it….just run it as a seperate program from desktop. It even has the old style Friends etc. etc.

  76. Jane says:

    Lindens, are you fool? 😀 Any new update you release is bader then the older.. Or want lindens dont have people from overseas here? Because since the client 1.17 the ingame delay and lag will be greater and greater with any new client. Why did user forced to use new clients which are more worse then the old, also at least to some extent(ed) function instead of the possibility further the old to use? That new client i still dont like, that communication panel isnt very useful and block a lot of the screen. So remember, we spent a lot of money in that game! Dont forget this.

  77. billg says:

    Let me see if I understand this.

    When you require a manditory version number, all million+ users of your product _HAVE_ to update.

    How many servers are you running to support this policy?

    I think youse guys just DOS’ed yourselves bigtime.

    Just my $.02USD,


  78. U M says:

    Look at all this upset people. Why is this? Because LL fails to hear what people want. Forcing people to upgrade from non voice is not a way to create happiness between users and providers.

  79. Lestat Laperriere says:

    ok the new update realy messed things up now. SL runs very very badly. what have they done to make it so bad. the funny thing is my other compute is two and a half years ols and runs it better than this six month old one, is there now an even higher system requirements to be able to run SL. or do we need different vid cards as my old comp has an ATI card and my new one has an NVIDIA 7900. and as for linden support…….i tried live chat all i got was sorry cant help you any further submit a ticket and when i asked can we go back to an older version the repy was “click session ended” now hows that for take your money and run….

  80. Brock Asbrink says:

    Will there be a client download for Windows Vista anytime soon??

  81. Brock Asbrink says:

    If not, that would really suck,lol

  82. U M says:

    can someone with understanding provide us with a dl link to the release that is stated 1.18.3.?

  83. i dowloaded the game but when i try to pen it, it says i have some things out of date..i dont get it. :[[

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  85. Capatti Irata says:

    second me the new version second life windlight it isn’t good it’s bed very bed because for who haven’t got a good graphic to me it’s very bed and I want download the version: 1.18.5 but just i have connected at the second life say me : you must download the new version and it second me it’s a very very bed

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