RESOLVED: Several regions offline following outage

There are lingering issues with about 5% of the servers that make up Second Life, which translates to about 800 regions being offline. We are working to get those servers back online so that all enabled regions can be running again.

We’ll post updates as more news is available.

[Update: 10:40am] The problem has been corrected, and the regions are restarting. Only about 200 regions remain offline at this point.[Update: 11:08am] Looks like we’re back in charted waters, with all regions accounted for. Smooth sailing ahead!

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264 Responses to RESOLVED: Several regions offline following outage

  1. Kevinstreet Davies says:

    Always the same thing xD

  2. Slushie Arai says:

    Blah still cant connect, so much for ‘YAY SERVER ONLINE’

  3. billyy broek says:

    i still can’t log on 😮
    and i wanted to be the first 😦
    ahh well…
    heh heh the update mt better be good >:)
    ill restart my pc now 😛

  4. Pigtailed Voom says:

    I cannot login. Is this because the region I was last in is offline?

  5. reece huldschinsky says:

    nooo i cant billy

  6. Maja says:

    I hope this has been worth the wait 🙂

  7. boogiemaster says:

    Hurry up ya scurvy dogs the wife is getting fed up. I got me a house to build.
    Or the lindens walk the plank, Savvy? lol

  8. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    Regions offline ? I woulden’t know I keep getting a DNS error, but I can get here to post a gripe about it }:-)

  9. suite sella says:

    i cant log on 😦

  10. billyy broek says:

    that is it >:)

  11. reece huldschinsky says:

    come onnn!!!!!! now

  12. Phoenix Nabob says:

    wow now there is a surprise.

  13. billyy broek says:

    conclusion: NOBODDY CAN

  14. kimber enoch says:

    despite our best efforts blah blah

  15. Renee Faulds says:

    Regions may be out but LOGIN IS FAILING ALSO.

  16. Midorii Akina says:

    Bahh… *whines* Sure, get me addicted to the game, and then take it away. XDDD

    I’ll keep checking back to see if my region is online. Right now, I can’t seem to sign in. So. Yeah. I’ll be patient. *thumbs up.*

  17. reece huldschinsky says:

    it better not be thr region where my land is

  18. Redmoonblade says:

    Its broken again.

  19. billyy broek says:

    kimber enoch Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 10:14 AM PDT

    despite our best efforts blah blah

    be happy they do 😡

  20. reece huldschinsky says:

    !!!!!!1 YOUR WASTEING MY TIME!!!!1

  21. jasmina says:

    everyones trying to get on at once i cant get on lol

  22. Horten Market says:

    yay second life is online! too bad i can’t log on.

  23. Kulalyle Anatine says:

    OK i guess we just have to wait for the new update viewer to see what happens

  24. Broccoli Curry says:

    Why is it the one place I need to be is one of the 5% still out… GAH!


  25. Skunkie Benelli says:

    Yeah, it would be cool if i knew which regions were offline so I didn’t attempt to login to one!

  26. reece huldschinsky says:


  27. Chris Geiger says:

    I was able to agree to the new TOS before I was unable to log in. Woot! 😉

  28. Raban Laborde says:

    we are really happy about an enforcement for a lot of parcel owners to register or stop their doings…

  29. reece huldschinsky says:


  30. Four Bailey says:

    Any MSc students out there waiting to go to Queensgate – it’s one of the regions that’s offline for the time being. If we miss the meeting slot I’ll contact you to reschedule : )

  31. billyy broek says:

    damn write if evryboddy try’s the servers can’t handle it 😛

  32. Votslav Hax says:

    I’m sure you’re doing your best… thx…

  33. reece huldschinsky says:


  34. Miguel Matfield says:

    hey guys…

    Is the Fight Club of Vendiagrom off to???

    I cant get in 😦

  35. billyy broek says:

    # 14 Chris Geiger Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 10:16 AM PDT

    I was able to agree to the new TOS before I was unable to log in. Woot! 😉

    WHOOT *
    heh heh

  36. reece huldschinsky says:


  37. Dana vanmoer says:

    what a surprise to have the grid online almost on time, shame no-one can log in 😦

  38. I can’t login either, DNS error on laptop and nothing on my PC. My internet connection is fine.

  39. Bee Mizser says:

    I’m on so I dunno what the problem is 😛

  40. Bernaigcrash007 Carter says:

    No mater what I can’t log in, what’s the problme?

  41. Astazu Etzel says:

    Ohhhh c’mon I need to logg in before go bed, c´mon

  42. reece huldschinsky says:

    this isnt fare there is 4000 ON ZOMG!!

  43. ToThePoint Garfield says:

    We can’t log in. Geuss there is more then a few regions down and ahead off schedule. Djeezes when i work like that in RL, geuss i would be out off work. Anyway i am use to have no customer services so why even enter here something.
    I have to ventilate lol.
    See ya all around sl.

  44. Jenn Cassady says:

    Oh, who did see this coming? =P

  45. jasmina says:

    well i got my cleaning done lol

  46. Rintonix Soosung says:

    Ummm okay . the reason you might not be able to log in is because the region you were in …… is Down …. yo ! lol

  47. Jyrras Wilder says:

    BIIIG surprise (NOT!) as always after mainentance the login server dont work…. come on you should learn by now the double check the login server before letting people login…. to see if it works…

  48. Heidi Heslop says:

    eeek I’m late for work. hurry up

  49. reece huldschinsky says:


  50. billyy broek says:

    i am on ?! WHOOOHOOO

  51. suite sella says:

    im on now 🙂

  52. reece huldschinsky says:


  53. Damion Dagostno says:

    I’m in, took a while..but what do you expect with a few thousand people trying to snag into the server at once? people seriously need to learn patience these days

  54. Sweety Contepomi says:

    Still waiting…………………… ;-(

  55. reece huldschinsky says:


  56. andrew liliehook says:

    I cant logon

  57. Keishaa Meili says:

    Hmm ppl… it’s a hard work, we know. But anyway, who was so lucky and had been able to login? Hope the failures were planned on random basis…

  58. nietzscheen says:

    Nothing agains work… No redudency to take the crash.

  59. Amelia Emms says:

    hmmmmm, I have been like 30% logged in for a long time.

  60. Rolo Smit says:

    I think its because many of people wants to connect and the server cannot handle 10000 logins in few secs :-/

  61. Bernaigcrash007 Carter says:

    I just hope I can log in today, lol.

  62. No login also, time for something to eat then……

  63. Frank Skosh says:

    total shock and surprise, this usually goes so flawlessly


  64. Amelia Emms says:


  65. Dean Ashby says:


  66. Precursor Pooraka says:

    Wow 800 regions is 5% ??? If my math is correct, that must mean there are now 16,000 active sims?

    I didn’t realise there were so many

  67. Keishaa Meili says:

    Hmmm… login bar glows and pulses and nothing happens…

  68. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    thats nice for you all ! I’m still getting a DNS error }:-S

  69. Nuncio Rossini says:

    Why am I not surprised…….

  70. feline dagger says:

    Well i managed to log on…
    … can’t rez anything in regards to my avatar
    … my shape looks very newbie… *omgawsh!*
    … took about 10 minutes at the “logging in” part of actually logging in, before it actually changed to “connecting to region…” etc
    …………. the usual SL issues after maintainence.

    I think the issue with logging in might have something to do with so many thousands of people trying to all log in at the same time? no point moaning about it. Nothing we can do when theres that many people tryin to log into the network at the same time. There’s bound to be issues.

  71. MaxeRiederer says:

    I cant log on, but the server shows online…. how can that be?

  72. Stellata Primrose says:

    It always befuddled me, when I thought I was one of the first to log in after downtime, I’d go to the best camping spots and someone had already been there for 30 minutes. Hmmmm, could it be Camper Lindens?? hehehe 🙂 Looking forward to my second life.

  73. Masahiro Piranha says:

    “Unable to connect to Second Life.
    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.
    Please check
    to see if there is a known problem with the service.”

    I already know this message by heart. 😦

  74. Isa Reina says:

    I’m just guessing, but would it stand to reason that if you left your SL person in one of the regions that is out, wouldn’t it then cause you not to be able to log in?

    That’s just my guess. . .

  75. Gomez Bracken says:

    several [ˈsevrəl] adjective – (used with count nouns) of an indefinite number more than 2 or 3 but not many


  76. Damn, and I was going to try and use my crappy 9 year old laptop to play second life. I can’t seem to log in. D:>

  77. James Benedek says:

    You Could Not Connect To Second Life. Despite Our Best Efforts Something Unexpected Has Gone Wrong…… Can you Hurry Up And Make SL Open Source Please, sooo many people want to help out and fix things on here!


  78. Mirah McGuire says:

    ..chanting.. love updates love updates lovvve updates
    now if i can only get online to see what got fixed, what got messed up, what is still ssdd..

  79. Bernaigcrash007 Carter says:

    Do you think that restarting the PC could make the Login work on?

  80. Ryou Yiyuan says:

    about 7000 pepl online now . Whee is region succes to connect ?

  81. hmmmmm i am not on and i am not a happy bunny!!!!!!

  82. saijanai says:

    Hmmmm. 5% =1/20 = 800 sims. 20×800 = 16,000 sims. 40,000 concurrent users, usually mobbing in groups of 5-50… That’s a lot of empty land. Small wonder they’re changing focus and stopped new land sales.

  83. Sommerland Starostin says:

    I can’t login!!

  84. Grindel Rossini says:

    If the grid is online than how can 800 sims not be online … 5% of the grid offline means the grid is not online. if something if compleatly black with exception to 5% of it being white than IT’S NOT BLACK!!! Thus if the grid is only with exception to 5% of it being offline then one might conclude that is not online …

    second concern… why is it that when I am disconnected for server mantainance that when the grid comes back up with exception of a few servers … The server is disconnected from is always one of these affected servers??? This doesn’t seem to be in agreement with the laws of probability…

    (suspicion) the whole grid is still offline but LL is announcing that is is online to distract the users from sitting and posting to the blog.

  85. Midorii Akina says:

    Geez… You guys need to chill.. The lindens are doing the best they can.. I mean, c’mon, without them, there wouldn’t be a second life at all..

  86. KuteKelly says:

    Can Not log in. Why??? I tryed three times.

  87. Frank Skosh says:

    #33: “You Could Not Connect To Second Life. Despite Our Best Efforts Something Unexpected Has Gone Wrong…… Can you Hurry Up And Make SL Open Source Please, sooo many people want to help out and fix things on here!


    uhm…it already is? little guy called nicholaz…

  88. andrew liliehook says:

    what is going on, every time there is an outage i cant logon for at least an hour. must be letting all the Americans on first lol

  89. feline dagger says:

    lol… well i thought i’d relog to try get my shape to normal now im getting the “You Could Not Connect To Second Life. Despite Our Best Efforts Something Unexpected Has Gone Wrong……” error also. Go figure

  90. Keishaa Meili says:

    yahoo… I’m in

  91. jasmina says:

    @36 why not happy

  92. emvy watts says:

    STOP crying. sheesh, YOU all try to run this game site and see if you can do any better! THANK YOU SL FOR ALL THAT YOU DO

  93. Karayan says:

    Here’s a thought…why not have a way to communicate with your SL friends through the SL website? Like IM?? Whether they are on the grid or not. That allows us to communicate with our SL friends anytime!

  94. Lady Sakai says:

    *knocks on the door*
    Hey guys, we cant log in 😦

    I would say this in pirate but my translator is in-world and something is blocking the door *sobs*

  95. Bernaigcrash007 Carter says:

    One last comment from me, it says l”ogin. second life may appear frozen.” Could it really be frozen!?

  96. still not on…!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Rufus Wilkinson says:

    Arr, I logged in but me home is on resolution 124×108 or something, Arr!

  98. Alan Neurocam says:

    I think everyone saw this coming i mean its LL’s. LOL

  99. I cant log in either…this sux!

  100. KellyM Watkins says:

    As above…sheesh people give it time 😮

  101. Marcov says:

    6 hours to wait … and when we try to log on ====> “please contact support”

    This is a really great maintenance today !!
    SL was working good yesterday !! -_-‘

  102. Caltheus Bahram says:

    wait a few hours till the mad rush is over, and I’m sure you’ll get in (I’ve been on for 20 min or so nyahnyah :p )

  103. jasmina says:

    me either lol

  104. Vamptress says:

    Hmmm there at it again are they. I spend alot of money in this game so if I were linden I would fix this so called “outage”

  105. AFREX says:

    just wait….

  106. Fellatione Aabye says:

    YOUHOU GUYS …. Still playing in your bathtubs???????

    Long past 10am PDT ….

    Can t login … LOL … and NO NO capslock …. or anything else

    New English Terminology … SEVERAL ???? (approx 800 ) ahum … In human english several means 2 or more ….

    Like i feared …. again an outage for niggle, zero and am sorry to say that ….

    When tell me when …

  107. moodiesburn ames says:

    Give me a clue name some I can log on to.

  108. Tamara says:

    How do we get this client viewer from Nicholas?
    PLEASE somebody tell me before I get stuck with the crummy voice viewer!

  109. ichiku akina says:

    i am realy ticked iam in south africa and realy wish to get on 😦 i hope i can soon

  110. Sweet says:

    gotta love it games BORKED AGAIN! prays for the day when you guys actually really truely fix something

  111. Lina Pussycat says:

    One thing people complaining to LL about not being able to login need to realize…. The login servers are being pounded heavily with everyone trying to login at the same time. This happens with alot of games after maintenance periods depending on their user base not really LL’s fault it just happens….

  112. Linkin Tomsen says:

    Can Linden labs not tell us what regions ARE active so we can log on instead of trying to guess??????

  113. Terminus Uriza says:

    hailing from Finland and not getting online. still not. but dont fret. its only sl.

  114. Rintonix Soosung says:

    arrr the blasted game is still blunderin under the sea

  115. Macro Bury says:

    Waitin’ around,eager t’ be aft an’ play wi’ me toys.Keep up th’ good work Linden swabbies!

  116. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    @44 If you have managed to log in why are you here? Maybe thats why those of us with stuff to actualy do in world can’t get in!

  117. KellyM Watkins says:

    Agreed @ 49 🙂

  118. taff nouvelle says:

    good grief people,
    can you tell me one website anywhere that would be running at full speed if 40,000+ all looged in to it at the same time,the login servers have to check your details and use the information, 40,000 x a few milliseconds is a lot of time, even at the speed of light :-),

    Be patient.

  119. JetZep Zabelin says:

    aye! despit me best effots, no can git past theirs ‘best efforts’ !

  120. Caltheus Bahram says:

    boredom more than anything else, nobody is on yet, so nobody to hang out with lol

  121. BeeBee Brouwer says:


    Breath in…. hold…. breath out.

    Rinse and repeat.

    How many thousands of people are all trying to log in at once? Even the best class five servers in the world can only do so much.

  122. Rintonix Soosung says:

    Dam sweet your really rude …… If i ran this game i wouldnt even let u play ………. rudey !!! 😦

  123. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    @ 49 BS!!!! Then need a new wheel for the hamster !!!!

  124. moodiesburn ames says:

    whoops just got on to botanybay

  125. nietzscheen says:

    Online now

  126. Bjorn Collins says:

    Geez, give them som time to work it out… keep in mind this is free to use, so go whine somewhere else – most people (99%) arent really interested in it! :/

  127. Atropa Binder says:

    What does a girl have to do to get on!?! Still no love with the new update and it hangs on the logging in screen.

    Apparently when it says “Logging in. Second life may appear frozen. Please Wait” they weren’t kidding. If it could appear any more frozen my nipples would start getting hard!

  128. Elborath Gelfand says:

    Arrrh Arrrh – No log in for me either 😦 BTW Lindens me hearties 10am SLT (or Pacific time) is not 17.00 hrs GMT we’re still on daylight saving here! Sat here on the poop deck trying to log in until I spotted the mistake! It’s the gang plank for you lot!!!

  129. andrew liliehook says:

    Damm still cant logon whats going on?????

  130. Gomez Bracken says:

    I’m online, but looks like my sim is one of the “several” down….

  131. Miguel Matfield says:

    Come on guys!!!

    Log in the Vendiagroom region.

    I’m here ate 35min trying to log in!!!!!!!!

  132. NOTICE: Several regions offline following outage, work in progress… europe regions me being one of them and i bet with all my l$ that my region will be the last one back up running……..oh by the way i have only 2l$.

  133. Vivienne says:

    “How many thousands of people are all trying to log in at once? Even the best class five servers in the world can only do so much.”

    Hum, what about Yahoo, Google….class 5?

  134. Sommerland Starostin says:


  135. Ginurfio Cortes says:

    For me it’s OK!!
    I’m logged in since 20 mins

  136. Atropa Binder says:

    Ahh at last some information!

    Unable to connect to Second Life
    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.
    Please check
    to se if there is a known problem with the service.

    I think that we all know there is a problem, just do our little Linden friends know what it is and how to fix it!?!? That is the question!

  137. anomanyous says:

    why bother reopening the grid when you KNOW some of it dont work?

  138. Keishaa Meili says:

    Nope, Europe works… LOL

  139. excuses for bad managment!!!

  140. I’d be interested to know what percentage of regions remain offline.

    As for the comments on logging in, Linden has plenty of servers compared to the numbers of users. They have a much better ratio of user to server ratio than many other virtual worlds as far as I have heard.

  141. Dimawa Capalini says:

    1:36 EST and I cannot even log on. I know there are certain regions out, but the logon is effed up so it doesn’t really matter, eh?

  142. If whatever the updates are help Second Life play nice with Vista, I can put up with a little delay. If I still get the same crappy attitude between them, heads will roll.

    And by the way… instead of making us all flag every sex ball and strap on, how about more effort on keeping the kids out. There has got to be somewhere, in some world, that is a place for adults and second life is supposed to be it. Where the heck are their parents… they are the ones who are ultimately responsable.

    And no, I will not flag anything. My land is mine, and it’s private as is what I choose to do there with other consenting adults.

  143. Luna Vidor says:

    How about a list of the regions down so we can try to log in elsewhere?

  144. ashira says:

    got online after 20 minutes rezzed crashed sounds the same to me

  145. Norton Burns says:

    @58 – it IS 17:00 GMT, it’s just that the UK isn’t running on GMT right now, it’s running on BST. It doesn’t change what GMT is!
    Anyway, other than that, I’m filling time until I manage to log on… 15,000 have managed it so far…

  146. Lucas says:

    Lovely….I still can’t get in…and I’m bored. >.<

  147. Atropa Binder says:

    Never seemed to recover from the last planned outage. I wonder how long it will be before things are moving along swimmingly again

  148. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Race ya!

  149. ashira says:

    @52 for some of us logging on and staying on are a way of (second) life its just after a few hours of LL tinkering nothing seems to of changed

  150. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Linden Labs, you guys CONSTANTLY amaze me. There is only ONE institution in the US that I can think of that fumbles as often – the BUSH administration

  151. mayaaaabeeee says:

    lmao, i had to accept the terms of service 2 times, and still cant login 😥

  152. feline dagger says:

    ok i just got on, its now 6.41pm here in UK…. =)…. wow… coulda had that extra hour in bed! lol =^;^=

  153. Sascha says:

    Hmm login? Impossible. Something unexpected has gone wrong. Like always, lol

  154. Atropa Binder says:

    Yay, aim in, Lets se how long I can stay on!!!

  155. Shekinah Umaga says:

    Hey Lindon Labs:

    I you guys would stop trying to impress us with feats of poor English, in the guise of speaking like pirates, and concentrate on getting the job done, we’d probably all be back online a lot faster!

  156. Coby says:

    Have been staring the login screen for 30 minutes now. How long should one wait…?

  157. Mistie Priestly says:

    Oh this is Nice!hahaha how am i suppose to get anything done dang. For us premium people it is A RIP OFF lol.j/k any ways when the heck can i get on and get something done already….lol

  158. Melichka Mokeev says:

    Hmmm still cant log on either! agggg need my fix!….Ahh well i cleaned my house top to bottoms so thats a good thing! 😉

  159. zilda akina says:

    i can’t log on………. snifffffffffff…. snifffffffffff

  160. Vladja says:

    @58: 1000 PDT IS 1900 GMT… ts, ts, ts…

  161. Sophia Debevec says:

    …shame the tos we are forced to agree too on relogging now are like group notices ……uncopyable

  162. Kite Homewood says:

    noone can logon. dns error. bugs and lag everywhere. Age verification system violating privacy, confusing ppl, disrupting freedom. Voice discrimitating citizens and causing spam, spoilure of SL into-different life effect. inventory losses. no real customer support. Griefer and harassers unpunished, good citizens banned for petty reasons.
    Keep on the good job.

  163. Mistie Priestly says:

    wait time? is umm how long?

  164. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @26: what do you expect with a few thousand people trying to snag into the server at once?

    A few hundred thousand? Hilarious! SL craps its pants if 50,000 people are online at once. Thank God 95% of the accounts that are on file are abandoned.

  165. JetZep Zabelin says:

    My Last location looks nice especially when it start moving…

    slowpokes, check your connection =) Im in no problem

  166. Yuo says:

    Great – 45 minutes and still no login….so its just the login server being hammered? yeah right.

  167. Terminus Uriza says:


  168. Tabitha Biedermann says:

    Whoohoooo.. they finally let me in!

  169. hehe heheheheheh i am on hmmmmm happy now love linden labs for now!!!

  170. Christy says:

    Something unexpected is still going wrong for me, too :/

  171. Bee Mizser says:

    Arrrh Arrrh – No log in for me either BTW Lindens me hearties 10am SLT (or Pacific time) is not 17.00 hrs GMT we’re still on daylight saving here! Sat here on the poop deck trying to log in until I spotted the mistake! It’s the gang plank for you lot!!!

    Actually it IS 17:00 GMT as we are on BST which is GMT + 1

  172. Kora Zenovka says:

    It is 10:49am. There are only 8000 users logged in, and my login continue to fail.
    There are probably issues with the login servers/ MySQL Database or whatever.
    Please keep us informed.

  173. Maya Remblai says:

    Arr just when I finally be ready to work again, SL ain’t! Well it be my fault fer forgettin this be Wednesday…

  174. Terminus Uriza says:

    and i have not sent my comments twice…

  175. Landing Normandy says:

    19,448 in world at the mo, and I still can’t log in. Are these 19,448 all premium members? If not then I want to know why I still can’t get in. I thought preference fell on those of us who pay for the privilege of Second Life?

  176. Florence market says:

    i cant log in.. what can i do?

  177. Howl Slade says:

    33 James Benedek Says:

    September 19th, 2007 at 10:23 AM PDT
    You Could Not Connect To Second Life. Despite Our Best Efforts Something Unexpected Has Gone Wrong…… Can you Hurry Up And Make SL Open Source Please, sooo many people want to help out and fix things on here!


    So it can be hacked also???? I dont think so…

  178. memory magellan says:

    stamps her foot i cant get get in !!! waaaaaaaah

  179. memory magellan says:

    ooooh i am in weeeeeee

  180. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Oh jeez, a few thousand. Okay, I can’t read. I’m an idiot.

  181. Landing Normandy says:

    Ha ha, as I say it I finally log in!

  182. Lizbeth says:

    I got the opportunity to agree or disagree with the new TOS, but the text never loaded, so what the heck am I supposed to do with that?

  183. Sascha says:

    Nice, can’t login, don’t get e-mails from support ticket system back and 24/7 concierge support is offline, lol. Cool

  184. Terminus Uriza says:

    anyway, i like what you guys do. It’s nite in Finland and i’m of to bar. take care! i dont send this more than once…

  185. Zillah Decuir says:

    To the person that commented on the last post about having children and being for age verification…

    I have two children. One six and seven. If you are for age verification because you believe it will help protect children, the person that doesn’t watch their children & what they’re doing on the computer is really the one to blame, but I personally believe we want technology to babysit our children for us.. that’s a whole other matter..sort of. Nonetheless, if you think that age verification will really protect anyone or build trust, go check out the statistics on how many kids lie to use Myspace. No really. Do it. You’ll realize that it doesn’t work. Now, if you’re really that concerned with what you’re children are doing, 1) install a keylogger, 2) install netnanny 3) Sit with your kids while they are on the PC. I’m all about protect children, but when things that can lie such as Age verification through digital transmission, well that’s just ludicrous, as anyone can answer whatever they want.


  186. kenny lee says:

    man still cant log on… oh well guess still gotta wait!!

  187. skullking kidd says:

    i still cant log on can you tell me the regions that are online

  188. LilMissPriss Lane says:

    I still cant log 😦

  189. skullking kidd says:

    i cant log in can you tell me what regions are online thanks

  190. Karyn says:

    It took me a couple of minutes to get onto the boat without falling off the plank, but got on. Like someone else said, the pirate ships are filling up fast and they can only handle so much! Muahaha!

  191. I’m online at braunworth…thank god for infohubs 🙂

  192. SL Observer :p says:

    Funny reading or you comments, moaning about this and that. If you think SL is that bad whay are you still on it. I mean come on guys SL is just like any other website, its going to have its flaws and down times.

    Lag is like slow loading time on any other website. And i found lag is down the indivuals computer. Some say “damn i’m lagging” whilst another can be wandering around quite happily with no lag at all.

    Just chill, take a deep breath and just enjoy what is an amazing experience / game. Others have tried to copy this sort of enviroment i.e There, but they have failed. Secondlife will always be number 1 to me.

    Over and out

  193. Sascha says:

    Hmm packet loss in San Francisco. And at agni.

  194. Linkin Tomsen says:

    can someone just tell us which regions ARE active or is this not allowed??????????

  195. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    Yay! I’m in world!

    But my media stream won’t play.


    Our society, where everyone embraces their victim hood to the full, and abnegates their own personal responsibility for the conditions of their lives is to blame.

    We have to promote a culture of personal responsibility, and like it or not… that is the intended effect of the new policies.

  196. Celebrian Ceawlin says:

    NO, the people abble to connect are not all premium members…I am a premium member and an owner and i can’t login at all…So borriiiiiiiinnnggg!!!!!

  197. reece huldschinsky says:

    come on omg i have to do something later NOOOO!! reece huldschinsky cries

  198. Keishaa Meili says:

    I’m online in Milan, Italy. If someone is interested. ^_^

  199. Starlight Greenwood says:

    I still cant logg in neither 😦

    Please make the necessary asap so that the game starts again soon,
    thanks !!!!

  200. lelka milland says:

    Yes it doesn’t work for me but some of my friends are online as i have seen their names on this sight… pitty i can’t be there….please help!!!

  201. reece huldschinsky says:

    yo im online you saddos woot woot wewt

  202. clarity says:

    still can’t get on at 1 pm CDT.

  203. LapisLazuli Tomorrow says:

    Please, please get rest of regions back on line. I am going on vacation for a week, and need my fix of SL.

  204. Indigo Izumi says:

    I’m amongst that “special” & “elite” 5% that’s offline … Can’t log in …


  205. Nefertiti Nefarious says:

    Is there any possibility that the TEST GRID might come online?

    It’s been down for a week or so, and I want to try some texturing tricks … but I don’t want ot bankrupt myself uploading them.

  206. skullking kidd says:

    hey indigo me too

  207. 1Roger Cortes says:

    I needed to wait 5 minits before i logged in, but there are bugs, my hair is not complete and al what schould be transparant is not transparant but has strange spots on it

  208. Avast, weren’t we supposed to get a mandatory software upgrade when the grid came back up? I’m still able to use the 1.18.0 (6) Linux client, not that I’m complaining, mind you.

    And for everyone touting the Nicholaz clients, they’re great except for one thing: They don’t help much if you’re not running King William’s operating systems. I’ve seen one Linux client (that I’m not able to flag as WFM (Works For Me)), but not even that much for the MacOS.

  209. joeking McMahon says:

    grrrrrrrrr…gets stuck on logging in second life may be frozen…i have already re-installed twice!

  210. Drake Bacon says:

    Back to the regions going down — this is what you get for following the first rule of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates: Pillage, then burn.

  211. AlegriaDagostino says:

    *sigh* I waited an hour past ‘UP’ time. I get to “Waiting for Region Handshake” then login fails. Login packet never reached login server. Someothersuch stuff. *sigh*

    Clearly, those at LL are not role-playing addicts. 🙂

  212. Tamara says:


    I spent all day taking very good care of other peoples children. I still fail to see why I should have to spend my downtime doing the same.

  213. quozett congrejo says:

    hummm 11:10 and cant log in…..please come back we love you!

  214. AlegriaDagostino says:


    Because as a participant in a largely “adult” program, moral adults have a responsibility to look out for the innocent, that’s why.

  215. Paul B says:

    Still tapping my fingers on my desk awaiting some progress 😦

  216. bobbysv says:

    I can’t log on too

  217. Michaelangelo Montague says:

    As of 11:14 sL time Im still not able to log on. getting one of those “despire our best efforts”error messages.

  218. Ziggy March says:

    For sale 8352sqm no nasty corners land !!! check it out today the sooner its sold the sooner i can leave SL behind… have a nice slow rezzing lag day folks… Goodluck in gorland and campers heaven called sl

  219. Django Yifu says:

    So where is the Beta Grid? Will this ever be back on line? How about just a little news on this front LL

  220. Killing Carter says:

    Hmmm, Ive been sitting here Staring at this Log in Screen for about 2 hours now, >_>,, But finnaly got in,

  221. Jarwilkson says:

    OHHH c’mon peoplee!! every minute i see my start screen in the viewer it shows to me 1000+ new residents connected, at this moment the total is 28.000!!! … but, i’m still can’t!!! so many places and i have to stay in one of the regions that are still down… hurry up people!!

  222. luis franco says:

    tell me if Portugal is offline region


  223. Coby says:

    One hour in login screen. Not yet in…. Maybe I should try restarting the login process (I know: the Lindens say “Do not restart, just wait patiently). Well, my patience got spilled over during this one hour waiting.

    Maybe the login server doesn’t have a clue that I’m trying to get in….

  224. klet6 says:

    i still can’t log on :.)

  225. Linkin Tomsen says:

    @96 same here guess this is why i pay for premium membership to be the last people on!

  226. Coby says:

    Hah, restarting the login process helped. I’m in now. Thanks to the Lindens for “the not so good advice”. LOL

  227. Keisha Giffith says:

    this sucks i unistalled it and re-installed the thing and an error tells me about “error opening file for writing i think the file is wrap_oal.dll wha is that??? :S

  228. Cat Gisel says:

    YAY! I am here. The sign outside said free food, where is it?

  229. BeeBee Brouwer says:

    Media stream working now.

    So far a glitch free day.

    *Knocking on wood*

  230. shugar whiteberry says:

    im still not able to log on this is just too much!

  231. Dy Shepherd says:

    I still can´t log.
    (Terms and Conditions is loading… one hour)

  232. Kogan Laval says:

    get error message “despire our best efforts”….

  233. BeeBee Brouwer says:


    I’m NOT advocating that you protect their kids. Just recommending that you take the steps offered to protect your SELF from incurring the wrath of the “Cover the world in foam rubber” crowd.

    If you take the steps to flag your parcel, then you have done “due diligence” and cannot be held liable for those who circumvent the systems to gain access to whatever content you may or may not have.

    Personally? I hate this crap! but it’s abundantly clear that real life lawsuits arise from Second life activities.

    Two Avatars (BOTH over 18) are in court now because somebody was offended by their ageplay. (There’s a Blog post about it somewhere)

    The “Broadly offensive” doctrine, and the moral watchdogs are causes for genuine concern… unless you flag your parcel, anyone can get in, and guess what? that means it’s public. Some self righteous crusader may take exception to my sexgen bed, never mind that it’s “private”; if it’s not flagged, then they can claim that they weren’t warned that they might be offended.

    Remember why MacDonalds has a warning on their coffee lids, “May be Hot”? Because some ignorant bitch got burned through her own stupidity and then claimed that she wasn’t warned that hot coffee might burn her.

    It’s about taking the trouble to protect yourself from the efforts of moral crusaders who feel a duty to legislate dubious morality.

  234. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    Smooth sailing? the media stream isn’t working, that is the 1st thing I’ve noticed so far, I am relogging to see if it corrects the problem, then I can see what else isn’t working right.
    There is no doubt about it, I haven’t seen a single blog that advocates this age verification thing, it is unanimously detested by us in SL.
    As far as those people that blog about how their countries have less moral restrictions when it comes to sex-I don’t know where you live but I have never heard of a country that allows the exploitation of children , no matter how liberal you think you are.

  235. Vivienne says:

    @ BeeBee

    Off topic. SL is supposed to be adult, right? 18+. So. If it IS, i cannot see any problem at all. This leads to the logical conclusion:

    1. LL is responsible for keeping minors out of the main grid, NOT every other parcel holder.

    2. If LL sells SL as being ADULT, there is no reason for anyone to complain on adult content at all.

    3. To install an AVS based on credit card/paypal/bank acount informations is no problem at all, it is done by hundrethousands of adult content websites all around the globe. NONE of these content providers EVER got the idea of not only charging the customers for their service, but ask for essential IDENTITY informations additionally. So what the hell is going on at LL?

    4. LL simply holds the paying customers responsible for their own filure in keeping minors out of the main grid.

    This is not acceptable.

  236. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    Great, 1st it was the media stream so I thought I would relog, now I can’t get back on, I wish there was support that could deal with the issue instead of having to notify LL by blogging

  237. The XO says:

    @BeeBee Brouwer #99:

    You said it soooo right. Todays culture is “state the obvious” because people *really* are that stupid.

    I saw a sign in the doctors surgery says “Caution: Hot Heater”. I was tempted to extinguish the flame of my being and save them one more patient upon reading that.

  238. Ann Otoole says:

    good job keeping the downtime within the scheduled outage.

  239. nada kayo says:

    I cannot loggin , error message appears .
    Can you help ?

  240. The XO says:

    @Vivienne #100:

    It’s not all LL’s fault – they have multiple “guns” pointed at their heads from religious groups, governments, social groups, morality groups, do gooders, meddling nanny state lefties and so on.

    I just wish they would all %$* off and leave SL alone, as a SECOND LIFE and get on with their REAL LIVES. Oh thats right, they are probably so sad and pathetic they probably don’t have an RL, or an SL so have to ruin *both* of ours!

    … and if you’re one of the afore mentioned then I hope this post has you twitching, sweating and fuming in your seat.

    Good day!

  241. Sally says:

    Same here. Been trying for an hour lol
    Im desperate heh

  242. Isobel says:

    “Two Avatars (BOTH over 18) are in court now because somebody was offended by their ageplay. (There’s a Blog post about it somewhere)”

    I don’t believe they’re in court anywhere .. they did nothing illegal. Have you ANY evidence at all that they were prosecuted? They were kicked out of SL because some stupid German TV company couldn’t tell the difference between a child and an adult pretending to be a child. LL threw the couple out in a cynical, hypocritical PR exercise but “in court”? I don’t think so!

    “Remember why MacDonalds has a warning on their coffee lids, “May be Hot”? Because some ignorant bitch got burned through her own stupidity and then claimed that she wasn’t warned that hot coffee might burn her.”

    Actually it’s because the “stupid bitch” was served coffee so hot that it caused her third degree burns and required several months of hospital treatment.

    I hate all forms of censorship but making inaccurate statements isn’t going to help the cause any.

  243. Vivienne says:

    @ theXO

    “It’s not all LL’s fault – they have multiple “guns” pointed at their heads from religious groups, governments, social groups, morality groups, do gooders, meddling nanny state lefties and so on.”

    Well, as soon as you start a big thang like SL the described groups will get on you sooner or later, no doubt. But: You must KNOW this and cope with it. LL never did. They waned the high numbers, went for shameless hype without considering the problems these high numbers and all the media attention would cause. The AVS was overdue. And they missed to install one in favor for getting the high numbers.

    And now there IS a problem, but instead of coping with it they come up with some half hearted “trust” spin and “voluntary” acceptance of a completely unacceptable identity verification, while encouraging people to abuse report other people for having a sexgen bed on their unflagged parcel.

    I say, it IS the fault of LL. This entire discussion is caused by a fundamental error in strategy. And forcing SL to split in a adult and non-adult virtual world while STILL selling it as ADULT, well….

    And to mention RL: Do YOU pass your SS number to your….dentist?

  244. Jay says:

    is it just me or are there still problems getting into SL?

  245. GUA says:

    Dear Joshua Linden,

    It ‘s been a couple of hours since SL came back to on-line, but here I am, still cannnot log in with tnice words of yours ‘Despite our BEST efforts….’

    nothing was resolved! That’s a great 4hours off-line work. good job.

  246. pigtailed voom says:

    I still cannot log in! The “several regions offline” issue is apparently resolved and there are 42,00 residents online..about normal! I waited a couple of hours on the basis that there were too many people trying to log in at once. However I still can’t log in. I Get a message to go to…where I learn the grid is online. I get a message to go to supports but all I can access is the knowledge base. There’s nowhere to actually contact anyone to tell them I am having trouble. As a basic member it says I can go to help island and ask for help…BUT if I can’t log on the grid I can’t GO to help island!! If a Linden reads this can you PLEASE e-mail me or look into it!

  247. Wyald Woolley says:

    @98 & 105 “Remember why MacDonalds has a warning on their coffee lids, “May be Hot”? Because some ignorant bitch got burned through her own stupidity and then claimed that she wasn’t warned that hot coffee might burn her.”

    Actually it’s because the “stupid bitch” was served coffee so hot that it caused her third degree burns and required several months of hospital treatment.


    Uh-huh, and did you know the Einstien who got burned had put the cup between her legs to keep her hands free and squeezed the lid off the cup burning her tender parts…where coffee was never intended to end up?

    If LL really intended to keep the kiddies out of SL they would use the same age verification methods that the XXX sites use. But, they have no intentions of keeping the kiddies out. They leave the door open and pass the responsibility to the land owners.

    So, SL will soon be divided up into Voice and Non-voice uses as well as Adult and Kiddie areas.

    What we have here is a failure of LL management…but that’s what happens when there is no adult supervision at HQ.

  248. Elin Egoyan says:

    Well Than I am the unlucky one whos region is still offline. Pleasee Linden can you take a look at Alps!!!

  249. Herb Benelli says:

    Why i can´t loog in to other Regions ? i tried so many different starting locations now without success :-(. The can´t be all down, so what´s wrong with SL ?

  250. @108 if you don’t look like ruth you are one up on me;-)

  251. Bloodsong Termagant says:

    um… why’s beta grid still closed?

  252. Wyald Woolley says:

    WOOHOO!!! LL considers a move with an “R” rating to be the level where land needs to be rated “Restricted.” Therefor, if you have voice turned on and someone swears, the moral police can write you up because “language” is enough to earn a movie an “R” rating. Better to not allow “voice” on your land so the Kiddies come and play.

    Hehehehe….LL has made a can of worms out of a very simple problem.

    Lock the front door LL and keep the kiddies out rather than try to push YOUR responsibility onto the residents. Do it the time proven way…require payment verification like all the other sites.

    Come on, Lindens, admit it…you really don’t want to keep the kiddies out.

  253. Waterlilly Sands says:

    Oh bollocks………I promised My Master I’d be back……need to get online to Gor……

  254. Vivienne says:


    Nahh, they want to get them IN from the teen grid, which they will close down. They are obviously naive enough to think that they´ll get away with it. Wanna have it all, LL?

    Well, anyway, other pirates out there with more attractive offers soon.

  255. Alicia Roeth says:

    So I have tried to install the new version, get so far and then NADA. Anyone else having this problem????? And if any of you are in game, how many people are online?

    Please Please get this fixed LL!!!!!!!!!

  256. SamanthaTT Long says:

    How do I know if its an SL issue? I have not been able to get online for over a day now..I just keep crashing at the “Connecting to Region” message.

  257. Jillian says:

    Its 8:50 pm eastern standard time in the us and I still cant sign on.

  258. Zee Kuu says:

    Everything was fine. Updated to the latest release and now cannot log on after 7 attempts. Reloaded program… cleared cache, nothing works.. what’s happened? 😦

  259. Dolci Woodget says:

    part of Muslin and most (all, perhaps) of Vestal (both mainland) are still missing.

  260. Zillah Decuir says:

    I just think that it’s sort of, well, not sort of, DEFINITELY bogus that we take good care to make sure our kids don’t see things we don’t want them too, and Linden Labs wants us to take care of the rest of the world’s children as well. They created the program, it’s definitely their job to keep the kids out, not mine. And as far as protecting children, I still think that if someone wants to protect kids, start with the ones in their house and work outwards, not vice versa.

    – and is, btw, for a free SL. Could care less what other people do, just don’t don’t eat my prims in the process 😀

  261. Lourdes Laysan says:

    Personally my thought is this. we ALREADY HAVE a MATURE content and PG restriction in place. Why for the love of the Goddess, would we need another layer of that?

    So what one day my lands can say ‘Mature, Restricted, Dangerous, May Be Fraught With Bologna Attacking Cheese Zombies, May Make You Hungry’ ?

    Keep the kids on the teen grid, install a fracking credit card verification system for access and have done. And it might kill two birds there by cutting down on griefers setting up accounts (just a smidge) ta boot 🙂

  262. rafaela harrop says:

    Please, help me!!!!!!
    My login failed all the time.
    i can`t start it.
    i need a solution. Rafaela.

  263. BeeBee Brouwer says:


    Linden Lab uses your personal information to operate and improve Second Life, and will not give your personal information to third parties except to operate, improve and protect the Service.


    Linden Lab may observe and record your interaction within the service, and may share aggregated and other general information (not including your personal information) with third parties.

    You acknowledge and agree that Linden Lab, in its sole discretion, may track, record, observe or follow any and all of your interactions within the Service. Linden Lab may share general, demographic, or aggregated information with third parties about our user base and Service usage, but that information will not include or be linked to any personal information without your consent.


    “Homeland Security”?


    Big Brother gets to decide what constitutes “improvement”, and promises that whatever we say and do can and probably will be tracked.

    IMHO this could significantly impact every facet of social interaction; unfortunately most people just click “I agree” without even bothering to read.

    Frankly, I’m quite concerned with the notion that anything and everything I do here is now legally tracked, recorded, and can (at Linden Labs sole discretion) be released to anyone at any time for any reason if they, in their inestimable wisdom, decree that it will “improve the service”.

    Lots of data, worth TONS of cash. Hmmm… if we had more money we could improve the Service.

    Yeah, it sucks.

    But if you didn’t sign the click wrap you can’t get in any more.

    As to keeping the kids off the adult grid? It’s WAY too late for that. They’re here in droves.

    Fine, I’m addicted. I have no intention of leaving.

    I bow before my Linden Overlords and will jump through your stupid hoops and verify that that I’m 50 yrs old. I’ll flag my parcel so that I’ve done due diligence and taken steps to ensure that any moral crusader who happens by will know that I’m a legitimate target.

    Heavens! Shes married to a WOMAN! Quick! protect the children!

    I’ll even keep spending real cash for a limited license type fiat currency to buy virtual things that Linden will retain ownership of, lose and break without apology or recourse.

    I’ll quit bitching about the money I’ve WASTED on items that are “not in the database”. Not replaceable. Not our fault.

    And I’ve long since given up on any hope of an actual response from a Linden, because, even though I’ve “invested” well over 1500 US dollars, my non premium account is, and will remain, beneath the notice of the lords of SL, unless some moral crusader takes it into their head to report me for being offensive.

    Linden is offering us a way to marginally protect ourselves from the liabilities they have foisted upon us, and I for one, intend to take full advantage of the opportunity to cover my lily white ass.

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