More on – Now available and required

Sorry. I got excited. It’s only my second blog posting. We will be releasing today. It does have the fixes I mentioned in my previous posting. It’s not yet available but will be in the next hour or so. Thanks for your patience. I promise to get better at this.

[Update @ 2:30pm] Following a final round of internal testing, the updated Second Life viewer has been pushed live and is now a mandatory update.

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  1. Halisson Usher says:

    Lindens are funny…

  2. Ann Otoole says:


  3. Prevo says:

    MMMMMM could that be why i just got booted from the game????

  4. Prevo says:

    and now cant get back in !!!!!!!!

  5. So the “something unexpected” ISN’T to do with the new relseasr, then? Also, why is my viewer hanging my WHOLE system (can’t even switvh programmes, etc) repeatedly? HAD hoped the outage would fix that but no such luck…

  6. Gil Druart says:

    Well I hope something get sorted today .. crashed more times in the last two hours than in the previous fortnight

    … take a memo Underling Linden .. for release … let me see .. in three days time ..”*Some* rubes sorry Residents *may* be experiencing *occasional* difficulties in *certain* regions ….. blah, blah … RESOLVED”

  7. JayR Cela says:

    Hey ther aric
    we have seen lots worse
    do your best and be honest with your customers and you will be just fine
    Good Luck on the new job :_)

    JayR Cela

  8. Milla Alexandre says:

    Yes…me too…ye ole boot….always look at the blog when that happens…guess we know why now.

  9. I hope that the non-voice version (without the insane “communicate” window that nobody explains why was ever put in, and why will not be taken out) with the exploit fix remains a high priority.

  10. ariclinden you might wanna take a few lessons in HTML before your next post! If you’re using the link button in the Write Post page of WordPress, you’re supposed to type a hyperlink in the popup and not some random text.

    If you’re writing HTML by hand might I suggest

    Good luck with your next post!

  11. Prevo says:

    rofl – Despite our best efforts – something unexpected has gone wrong.
    Please check to see if there is a kmown problem with the service!!!!!


  12. nobody says:

    your links are broken.

  13. Oh well, folks… Looks like Whinesday is still very much here… Join me for a whine – totally unofficial – at

  14. poorlilrichgirl says:

    Thanks for the post about the wrong number, *laughs* I haven’t kept up with the optional releases so I had no idea what number! he he, but now I know to wait a few before downloading.

    Oh and Thanks sooooo much for pulling history out of the communicate window! I know thats been a bit now, but I never got to say “yay!”

  15. Tony says:

    Does it have the new parcel settings too?

  16. Charlton Roffo says:

    Please fix the f******* disconecting issues now

  17. Herb Benelli says:

    It was written the Blog the 1.18.2 update is mandatory but not available yet. How can be over 43000 People in the game now ?
    why i am not one off them 😦

    any ideas ?

  18. Charlton Roffo says:

  19. hacker jannings says:

    not to sound like i’m preaching but some of us should just take a few deep breaths and relax. LL is not sitting around the computer room laughing at all of us poor “rubes ” trying to log on. they are doing the best that they can -and i would like to see anyone who knocks them about service launch their own on-line world if they think it is soooo easy to do. Kudo’s – LL for doing a great job despite techological adversity

  20. Ayamo Nozaki says:

    Aric, good luck with you’re future posting!

  21. Eliza Flanagan says:

    PLEASE GET IT FIXED!!! I cannot log in again.

  22. les says:

    Release post 1.1.
    blog patches…nice!

    on the side : just wondering if all the lindy’s will sign up with this 3rd party questionable date mining company as proof of concept.

    Yes, that implies that LL USE this game. We’ll, they did at one time with the Town Hall stuff, but the base functionality just wasn’t there. Maybe if they did a town hall with voice and windlight and sat in sculpted chairs with flexi hair it would work!

    (Not sure why I keep shooting myself in the foot posting here. It’s hard to be so entwined and lack confidence. Makes a person edgy. I’ma go lay in the sun or something.)

  23. In the hopes this post IS read by the Lindens, can anyone else confirm if there systems keeps totally locking up – ONLY while SL is running (even just on the wewelcome screen)? Mysteriously comes back to life after 10secs or so…

  24. Hexe Lilliehook says:

    3 of my friends and myself are trying to log into sl continously for more than 3 hours!!! but we can’t connect. it’s not very funny anymore. Hexe

  25. Becky Pippen says:

    Is anyone else seeing IM and chat messages appear multiple times? We see it on two different sims, with the latest release candidate and with 1.18.2 (0). One resident reported that shift-dragging an object in edit mode created multiple new instances.

  26. apitou pace says:

    When a “new version” comes out, we load it and…most of the times it brings lot of troubles. Would it be difficult to have the possibility when this happened to reverse to the former version ?

  27. Celierra Darling says:

    Hoy Aric,

    The URL you want is . You can also edit and preview posts, too, which will let you correct mistakes and such seamlessly (though you probably would want to leave a note about the correction at the bottom of the post or something).

    Happy sailings!

  28. Zach Muni says:

    Keep pressing on ariclinden, working on SL improvements.

  29. Dallas Seaton says:

    So, if we’re using ReleaseCandidate already, does it incorporate the fixes, or will we now have the case where the later number reflects earlier code? 😦

  30. Deathstalker Graves says:

    Hopefully these problems all get sorted out and soon. I’ve crashed more times in the last week then I have since I first signed up on SL. This is getting pathetic. Also noticed that I crash more now since I went to Premium than I EVER did before. How nice… Oh, and anyone else notice the new TOS yet ?

  31. Naamah says:

    Hmmm so something unexpected has occured. But i don’t see any explanations for it. Great ;_; Now i am sad! I hope its up and running soon

  32. Wuvme Karuna says:

    Keep making posts to hide the TOS that we were forced to accept.

    typical LL….

  33. Asriazh Frye says:

    To anyone who got confused over the version numbers. As far as i can see, still has more fixes than The only thing that adds is a patch for the url handler exploit.

  34. Thunderclap says:

    Aric, its all good. Just remember 2 things before you post again.
    The Blog commenters are a fairly vicious lot
    And that sound of laughter you are hearing in the distance is your coworkers secretly laughing at you because they did the same thing.
    Its no big deal. Thanks for posting.
    @23 You mean if you wish to enjoy the service which is entirely voluntary. You can go to any ther system and deal with their rules. So please. Vent elsewhere.

  35. DRAGOON Watanabe says:

    TYPICAL MAINTENANCE WORK : In despit our best effort .. blablabla , something gone wrong .. blablabla…

    Sure … As usual, LL d maintenance , and now we probably must wait the next Update to recover Cool Login World …

    PFFF .. That becomes ridiculous … Just able to make a third policy in 3 months , just able to Delete Places, Just able to broke this world day after day …

    LL, are you sure you want survive or are you trying to broke this world and get money back ???

    Between policies, CopyBots, forty thousands online … I just SEE : 4 people at YAdnies … Ha , exploit Too …

    All is Going Wrong

  36. Naamah says:

    Thunderclap, what do you mean? I wasn’t venting..just merely hoping it will be resolved soon. Like others on this thread, just wish to know what the problem is.

  37. Aqua says:

    I hope, that they also fix the login problem, too. Me and 3 other people I know can´t login, because time settings in sl and the own computer. What a strange error.

  38. @25 Well, it is totally unofficial but if people stayed in the (click my name for URL), the numbers would soon grow?!?

  39. Geert Hird says:

    Still unable to log in…:((

  40. sm thibaud says:

    “this release includes a long awaited update to the voice SDK correcting a showstopper bug for Mac users.” Which one? Could we see some release notes? Thanks

  41. DRAGOON Watanabe says:

    the numbers would soon grow Which Numbers please ?

  42. Failure to rez inventory, looking very ruthed, totally unacceptable LL. Your asset servers are clearly puking, there’s a URL exploit but no fix yet.. sigh… you may say it’s Our World Our Imagination, however we are hopefully temporarily living in our worst nightmares. Oy Vey!

  43. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    So it looks like you are forcing everyone to use the voice client, and an untested one at that. Way to go LL!

  44. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Welcome aboard Aric. 🙂

  45. Stefano Ludwig says:

    Stated that only 20% of residents use voice chat, a client without it should be most useful and most welcome.
    Stated that 80% of the residents keeps typing, you Llabs show us once again our opinions mean nothing to you.
    You wanted unverified accounts, you made SL a try-me videogame, you say we are 9 millions but you know the truth.
    You brought in-world companies and made SL a cirkus of illusions, and so you brought in-world RL behavior, webcams and dot coms.
    You made a mess and now we should be just good shopping folks.
    You dont ask our opinion but you want our personal data.
    You brought paranoia and chains in a world of freedom where the right to be whatever you want to be should be the first TOS.
    And now you are “excited”…This thing won’t last, LLabs.

  46. Willow says:

    can I take it that no one else can get on to SL?

    Im totally confused about whats going on and how to get the game back, please just reasure me, for I know nothing. 🙂 thanks

  47. tanya ozsvar says:

    “The numbers should grow”

    Perhaps he was referring to the guage on his Blood Pressure Kit !

    that’d be my pick.

  48. Stefano Ludwig says:

    Censored again and again…Thank you! The best compliment…
    USA……You make me proud to be European

  49. Dirk Felix says:

    Is the another Alpha or a GA. Im just so excited to download something that wont work 😉

  50. Spaceman Opus says:

    @29 Ravanne –

    You do realize that you don’t have to enable the voice client right (upon d/l, it asks you if you’d like to enable voice chat…click “No”)? And you don’t *have* to use a microphone even if you do enable it, right? Text chat *is* still an option in the voice client, and has been since day 1 of beta testing.

    Nobody’s “forcing” you to use voice any more than they’re forcing you to use SL.

  51. Part of the problem some of us have with the Voice client is the change in the UI (User Interface) that came in version 1.18.1. Some of us really prefer the older UI, and users of the Linux client found that streaming media broke in 1.18.1 after finally being able to enjoy video content. There’s no word yet if the new version will include a fix for that, and the Release Candidate doesn’t include it.

    And before anyone says we should just use the Windows client like “everyone else”, much of the complaining has been about a lack of freedom of choice concerning the Voice clients. And some of us have exercised that freedom to choose not to be subjects of King William (Gates).

  52. Wuvme Karuna says:


    If you wish to kiss LL’s butt thats your choice, they gave the TOS change without warning so i could not even log into world to remove my belongings, and my hardwork if i choose to leave SL.

    Maybe you should read careful what it states on the new TOS. If you are a creator you would be angry as well.

    Why make another blog post when he could have just edit the last one, now the TOS post has buried down so nobody will even see it, if they dont check the blog often.

  53. Ok, won’t work for me either – getting a DNS error…

  54. annica clary says:

    does this new update have a friendlist like – or a nice one like the older versions?

  55. @#34:

    If you want the older UI, go download and install the Nicholaz viewer on top of the latest SL viewer install. Get all the latest (including optional voice) but with a UI much closer to the old style – for me it has the best bits of the new UI, but the good stuff from the old UI (separate friends list, separate IM vs chat windows, etc.)

  56. Yifei says:

    what about Release Candidate 1.18.3(4)? Release to trash?

  57. Lisa McConnell says:

    Hmm better let the update function of the viewer connect to the LATEST and REQUIRED version

  58. LordRingsMottoEatMore says:

    I downloaded the new version for MAC … I get a message … there’s a new REQUIRED version out lol

    *BTW can we limit responses in these sections to 2 or 3 per person 🙂
    Everybody gets tired of same old people taking up 5-15 posts each out of the maximum 100 saying useless things & insulting other members 🙂

  59. Ruth Price says:

    Final testing AS IN lets play with the residents. Quality Control = Lindens NOT!
    Looking for Third LIve.
    R i P

  60. LordRingsMottoEatMore says:

    *K sorry .. seems the new version was just added 😉

  61. Today seems to be update day for me, just downloaded the latest Firefox, then Second Life optional update, and now this. My my, what a hard-working company. I really hope I can get back in, as I’ve found it difficult today.

  62. nancib says:

    There’s just one problem with Nicholaz’s builds. They’re for Windows users. There was one build for Linux back in August, but it’s now an old version that didn’t want to work for me anyway. So for many of us that’s not a viable option. I’m not sure if there was even a build for the MacOS, limiting the option even more.

  63. Nahona Nakamori says:

    Required? what the hell… you are funny Lindens, more you do, more i’m thinking about downgrade all my 3 premium accounts *sigh*

  64. Sheenecka Carter says:

    Another update!!
    Gawd…you dont know how a trouble an update spells for someone usin a 128 k connection…..
    i guess ill have to put it for download n go to sleep!
    see you guys later!!

  65. Miss Cyberpink says:

    Does it fix the problem of items being seen in the inventory but reported as missing?

    Does it fix the random crashes?

    Does it even want to download properly?

  66. DanOfWA Flanagan says:

    you know it would be nice if the force download would download the proper version.. I did the forced download.. and by golly it downloaded 18.2 NOT 18.2.1
    go figure

  67. Erich Richez says:

    Yes I have downloaded this new update several times and everytime I try and log in it just wants me to download it again GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  68. CdrSkip Flanagan says:

    I tried to login to SL and get the download upgrade menu. When I click on download, I get page not found. I guess that means no SL for awhile until that problem gets fixed.

  69. You shouldn’t be excited you should be hiding under a rock. Who’s dumb idea was it to force the voice client and it’s unusable UI on everyone? Are you TRYING to kill SL?

  70. Thanks Aric for the personal response via email!

    Just a note that doesn’t seem to be updated yet, for the Mac viewer at least (and we haven’t been given a link in this blog post yet).

    Also, logging in via the 1.18.2 client and clicking “Download” when prompted to update, the download appears to be 1.18.2 still and not — at least according to the version number in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. The only difference I see now on the welcome screen is an “OPTIONAL UPDATE AVAILABLE” message located under the grid status in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

    And further to some previous commenter’s questions — do we have any ETA on when we can see these changes incorporated into the RC Client?

  71. Sofia Westwick says:

    Hey You said you would give us none voice users a version of the Where is it?

    I don’t want to use the new crap interface. Give us the other version as an option

  72. Travis Lambert says:

    I gotta say – I had been holding off on updating my viewer since pre-voice, primarily because I don’t like the new Chat UI at all.

    I completely understand that voice is optional… but the UI isn’t. There’s no way to switch back, save for using the Nicholaz viewer…. which I may try now 😉

  73. Sheenecka Carter says:

    18.2.1 is up now to force download…doin jus tht!

  74. Geddy Catteneo says:

    It appears you are pushing the old version upon login. I accepted that version and got the notice again. Had to go to the download area and get the correct one myself.

  75. Moose Maine says:

    ariclinden has made a mistake! All commenters get in a circle and laugh! it’s cool ariclinden, NO ONE IN THIS UNIVERSE RL OR SL is perfect. As a linden your already in our prayers! Your doing great! Keep smiling!

  76. scyber psylock says:

    i can’t download the “required” update! is the url wrong? and does this new update fix the lagging and crashing? main reason why i don’t upgrade to premium is – lagging and crashing.

  77. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    33 Spaceman Opus Says:

    September 19th, 2007 at 2:10 PM PDT
    @29 Ravanne –

    You do realize that you don’t have to enable the voice client right (upon d/l, it asks you if you’d like to enable voice chat…click “No”)? And you don’t *have* to use a microphone even if you do enable it, right? Text chat *is* still an option in the voice client, and has been since day 1 of beta testing.

    Nobody’s “forcing” you to use voice any more than they’re forcing you to use SL.

    You do realize there is more to the voice client than just voice, tehre is also the badly butched UI and whether you use voice or not is is still part of the client and is one more buggy piece of software you have running.

  78. Mag Umaga says:

    I can´t do the download of the new release of Second Life.. 😦

  79. Harrie says:

    Sorry, but is this a joke?
    How many times will have to download the same compulsory wrong version before I get the right version?
    Is it nearly thursday yet?

  80. Sofia Westwick says:

    The UI is crap thats the point not everyone likes that voice UI and alot of people like the UI of the and want to keep using that kind of UI.

  81. Kid Kuhn says:

    Everytime I try to log in it asks me to install the new viewer. Everytime when it tries to install the new viewer it says it is already installed. If it is already installed why am I getting a prompt to install? And how do I get in to SL when it wont let me in cause I need to update the viewer though I already have…

  82. jessica Klaxon says:

    i have updated my system and when i log on it is telling me that i need to update. When i update again it is telling me i am already updated. What is going on

  83. Sweetheart Benelli says:

    I CANT LOG IN!!!!!! And how do i download the update?

  84. Jed Hallard says:

    Got disconnected without warning….when trying to relog received the message that i MUST download the new version…started the download…installed the download which appear to be the older version…and when trying to relo still receivin the “must download warning”…..GREAT LIVE UPDATE thanks…
    And by the way the download page is linked to the hold version…

  85. Demeter Slade says:

    Very Funny Update. Installed it, and now it tells me the Previous Version is Mandatory. I install that, I tells me the other is Mandatory.
    Well LL. Go Go Fix.

  86. Kid Kuhn says:

    Seems more people than me are having this problem…

  87. Kirra Little says:

    Okay I have dled the required forced download like five times and it is still not letting me sign in, I see other people are having the same problem, can it be fixed or could someone tell me how to fix it please so I can get on with my second life?

  88. Thomas Smith says:

    Everytime I download the update then try to log in I get asked to download the same update again. Now I cannot access SL, can anyone tell me how to fix this?

    Its pretty poor that this happens…

  89. Suki Hirano says:

    I downloaded the update, installed it (replaced my old SL), tried to log in, and it asked me to download the update again… O.o

  90. Tosh Snook says:

    I’ve nothing personally against voice, I even tried the beta stages of it. I do hate the ui chat interface, this seems to be the biggest problem really. I also am still using 1.18.0(6). This version has been stable for me for some time, and I’m reluctant to give it up.

    Please do consider this feedback in the future as you release viewers.

  91. Kid Kuhn says:

    The link that is included in the browser message to download the client is not working. (i.e.

  92. Herb Benelli says:

    Update Installed —- Problems the same
    “Despite our best efforts, something………..” ariclinden why i can´t log in ??

  93. Alicia Mounier says:

    Hi I want to say that I wish LL would fix the giant communications window and have back to the old way. These windows are huge, also maybe make it where they will fade out but still display text or something so you don’t always have to have a window clogging your views. I would also like to say that These updates are usualy every Wednesday, get used to it. There is not going to be a change and it has been like this since i joined 2 years ago. There is also open source SL which if you good at that sort of thing you can butcher it up and make your sl viewer more to your needs and maybe even submit your build to LL and see if they like your changes enough and include them in the next viewer release.

    Thank you, and have a nice day!

    Buy my stuff!!!

  94. Minako Yoshiyuki says:

    Whee congratulations, the new client installer hasn’t been uploaded yet

  95. Herb Benelli says:

    @56 remove the last %20 the it works

  96. yuna says:

    OK OK cut the download server please
    all you get when you have downloaded it you have to do download it again and again and again . I just wanna play 😀

    perhaps time to fix the server connections……

  97. Digital Digital says:

    Having problems can’t seem to get the new viewer to work right, I have tried on two computers :/

  98. Bun Liberty says:

    Not being booted but I’m ruthed to hell and it won’t load my attachements. Please Can I have my Hair back and my Skirt this is just eW!

    Also friends list is not populating. Chatting with people in world in IM’s but they aren’t showing to be online.

  99. Schizm Neutra says:





  100. Yohmini Yoshikawa says:

    Now its required to download the new version; but it has already bugs by installing it!!! Error reports with cant write some dll or morzilla files(????)) and when skipping or neglecting them the viewer still says its required to install the new viewer!! HOw? when you cant get installed it on your pc?

  101. Lex Hutchinson says:

    I’m having the same problem as Kid – downloaded the update, tells me a newer one is available, try to download again, and now it’s downloading it all over again. Anyone else?

  102. Juko Tempel says:

    Very poor communication on this – the splash screen still says optional but the login forces the update. Information on the blog has been poorly managed lately, time for a review Lindens. We need downtime, maintenance and upgrade information to stay on top, not get forced down by news items before they happen.

  103. Annakat Schnyder says:

    The cat bites in her own tail: Must Download / install – already installed – after all: Must Download / install…

    It seems, it needs no adult verification to eleminate the last users….

  104. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    I’ve just tried to log in and been hit with the compulsory update dialog!

    Second Life URL Handler Exploit

    33 phoenixlinden Says:

    September 18th, 2007 at 1:09 PM PDT
    We will investigate making a special channel to keep the 1.18.0 branch alive with security patches.


    So much for yet another linden post promising us something only to totaly go back on it a day or so later !!!!

    wheres the non- voice version ? I’ve had it up to the eyeballs with this mickey mouse BS!!! I dfon’t want the voice client with all its bugs and cr@p UI and I suspect that a low uptake on the new client is the real reason behind the “alledged” security warning to start with, You have lost what little creditability and respect I had with this.

  105. PR Etzel says:

    Same problem here Kid Kuhn. Cant log in. Seems I need an update, but IS installed and is NOT available. Any suggestions?
    Besides, why so many updates? Seems to me the number of crashes and lag only increases, synced with the software posibilities that are not really neccesary. Please Lindens, release one version with all basics and make that work properly and put all gadgets in a seperate non mandatory update!

  106. Lela Aabye says:

    Hey, Lindens, you dang “update” does NOT work! I’ve downloaded and installed the stupid bug fix or whatever it is three times! Keeps telling me I need to download it. No wonder so few are online right now.

    They more they say they fix….the more they screw up!

  107. Plum Planer says:

    Ow my finally got in .. better download the new version from the download page first .. that one works …

    at least it lets me get in …

  108. Dytska Vieria says:

    I was one of the first to login today after updates. I use Nicholaz’s Old School version and I guess as long as I stay logged in, I wont have to upgrade. So, I am going to stay logged in until he can release new Old School version or the LL’s come and drag me kicking and screaming… or I guess when things crash, but my client never does.

  109. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    @21 and 38

    My guess is that RC is now rendered moot by this official release. I suspect they will be introducing a new RC at some point to work towards the next official update.

  110. Renee Faulds says:


    No your not alone – what’s the point any more LL.

    Jeeezz – what ANOTHER FINE MESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  111. yuna says:

    i never shoulded relog to start with damit in th emiddle of something and this is what you get… sighs get the version server fixed and let us play grins evil spitting fire from her eyes as sh still cannot login as the damn version is still requers to download:D

    houstan i think we have a problem

  112. Bibi Book says:

    That cannot be serious: when I start client it tells of a non mandatory update. Then login starts and it tells me either to quit or download a new version when I try to log in with 1.18.0(6).

    The former post says: mac and linux are nor vulnerable and the update is only for that.

    SL ade?

  113. Ckster Sirbu says:

    I followed the directions like a good avatar, downloaded and installed the manditory version upgrade
    Now as many above, I keep getting the same option to download or quit, stuck in the mandala again, with no bliss

  114. Kid Kuhn says:

    OK EVERYBODY. I think the viewer isnt actually updating but just reinstalling the old version. What I did was download the new viewer from and install that instead of trying to do the “mandatory update”. This seems to have worked, I am now logged in!

  115. adele says:

    am i the only one still getting the something unexpected message? been trying for over an hour to log on…..instlled the latest and all that

  116. Tour Spoonhammer says:

    …and the adress you give for download the new version isn’t to be find…
    is this a joke or what?

  117. spankmy boucher says:

    Please LL , I love SL, we all do so dont destroy it , 3 times I’ve had a “new” version of SL today and theres no difference, how about you let us use a basic version that works well with no pointless gimiks and make a version for your selves with a crap interface and lame voice , just give that to us five years down the line when it may actually work properly !

  118. yuna says:

    you know why it works , because the cutted the download even with out the reinstall you can login now have fun

  119. PR Etzel says:

    Dont ask me how or why, but finally it DID update to and I am IN. Being not native English, I will look up in my dictionary the word ‘mandatory’. I am willing to learn but sometimes it costs.

  120. itsonly lunasea says:

    Downloaded the new version, but now I cant logon. Whats going on ????????

  121. Kayleenight Wind says:

    ROFL…Just downloading now!! I sure hope I wont be crash crash crash…Just like I seem to be since 1.18 came out….

    Perhaps i was tempting fate by saying I hadn’t had any problems that others seemed to have…!!

    Now i am having them…WITH A VENGEANCE!! 0-0

  122. Henri Beauchamp says:

    You are running Linux or MacOS-X, you don’t like the new UI and want the old viewer ?

    Well, if you are computer-savvy enough to compile your own viewer, here is how to fool SL and make it believe you are running a new viewer: edit indra/newview/llcommon/llversion.h and change the LL_VERSION_PATCH from 0 to 100. Then compile.

    Alternatively, you may try the patches I submitted for v1.18.3, in the JIRA: (UI patches) (ALT Shows Physical patch).

    Linux users will find an easy way to compile a fully featured viewer by running the script I submitted a while ago on the Wiki:

    Yet, it is VERY SAD that LL seems unable to keep their word on the fact that v1.18 was supposed to entitle users to run any viewer version they like and never be forced to update again…

    With this forced update LL shows, ONCE MORE, how deaf they are to their customers feedback and complaints. >:-(

  123. yuki says:

    thank you linden labs!
    now the crappy communicate window is mandatory.was still using version and happy with it.i refuse to use a client with communicate window.seems its time to cancel my accounts.was nice with you.(im really pissed)

  124. This optional update contains the latest bug fixes and new features. Remember, these updates are connected to the Main Live Grid; all user information, L$, content, land, and other transactions are real.
    Release Notes
    Download Version

    Whats with the bull crap! It says its optional on the game load up screen but i start SL and it says required to download. I come here and it says mandatory to download. Please make up your freaking mind thank you.

  125. Novae Zymurgy says:

    Lol, I love update Wednesdays. It’s the same old people whining and complaining about the same damn things. People get a clue. If you don’t like it stop playing. Otherwise, if you want to complain, take it somewhere else. Ever thought about how the people who work for the lindens feel? I mean heck, if I had to read this everyday, I wouldn’t want to do anything either.

    Chew on that for a little bit. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna play SL and NOT complain.

  126. Lyn Mimistrobell says:


  127. Kayleenight Wind says:

    Well..the viewer works..but now I have script time errors on something I have attached that weren’t there before I updated….AAAAAAGH!!

  128. Usagi Dagger says:

    Bloody heck….
    the downloader says but I got from it which is incompatible……

  129. Jeinreco Slade says:

    the new update sucks , i can not get online again

  130. Prodigal Maeterlinck says:

    Was it mandatory? I logged on just fine without updating. Tried to relog and got the notice that a mandatory update was required. Downloaded it, installed it, and got error messages:

    “Error opening file for writing:

    universalchardet.dll” —

    — Eh, that list turned out to be a LOT spammier than expected when I started it. 25 files failed to unzip, some with important sounding names like ‘auth.dll’…hey, wasn’t this mandatory update address some autologin exploit?

  131. Phirephly Foggarty says:


  132. Gigs Taggart says:

    I don’t think anyone promised that you could always run any version you wanted. There will always be serious security issues that are going to cause a required update, and there may very well still be some incompatible protocol changes in the future.

    Why blast LL for getting better? You can’t say it isn’t better than it used to be, where every 2 weeks you upgraded, period.

  133. Celina Lathrop says:

    Um, guys? I downloaded. Installed. “Would you like to run Second Life now?” yeeeeees… so it goes to connecting and then I´m prompted to download again. It´s a joke, right? Come on, you can tell me.

  134. GoogleMama says:

    @67 Good for you, you go right on kissing Linden backside and tossing them money. YOU are JUST the kind of fool they want for a customer…

    As for me, I pulled out months ago and now just hang around to watch the slow burn… and of course to mock fools like you. Of course, you won’t see or respond to this, because you are playing SL… if you could log in… if you can stay connected… if your system doesn’t freeze…. if the grid doesn’t shut down… if the sim you are in doesn’t fail… if LL doesn’t close up shop and run off to Bermuda with all your money…

    But you keep right on singing that Happy Linden tune….. LOL

  135. Brock Asbrink says:

    Ok, wtf? i tried to download it, and now i cant get back in, it says i have a limited account that i have to be an administrator to download SL

  136. Celina Lathrop says:

    Let me get this right, GoogleMama, you pulled out MONTHS ago… and you still hover around forums to see what´s going on?? Freud would have a ball with you 😀

  137. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    @72 I can say it isn’t better. I was very happy not clicking any secondlife:// links and using my nice UI with a low,wide IM box and a high,narrow friendslist…

    I don’t want voice but can understand why some ppl do. But I don’t understand why those that don’t want voice have to use that crappy UI.

    that just sucks

  138. Cinthya Vavoom says:


    Tell us another joke SL has not gotten better its only gets worse every “update”

  139. Nicolin Coswell says:

    PLEEEAAAAAAASE, keep that ugly VoiceUI away from me and give me the old UI.

  140. Kamael Xevious says:

    Yay! Another installer that won’t install a version of the client the version server recognizes as current! Yay! I just love submitting tickets.

  141. Brock Asbrink says:

    Can someone tell me what i need to do,plz?

  142. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    Dallas: How do I use Nikolaz’ viewer if I’m not using an RC?

  143. Menellinde Bailey says:

    I have the same problem, I downloaded the new version, installed and now I’m getting the cannot find DNS server error. Anyone know the solution here? I was running fine till I installed the update grrr

  144. Brock Asbrink says:

    Gonna suck if i cant get back on sl 😛

  145. Phirephly Foggarty says:


  146. Brock Asbrink says:


  147. Brock Asbrink says:

    I need help,lol

  148. Mary Baphomet says:

    OMG i cant even freakin log in nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!

  149. Tour Bebb says:

    On an iMac. Tried to download the new required upgrade, but it’s not working. Can’t login (screen freezes at my last location and prompts me to download…again?). Erroring download. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  150. Martin Magpie says:

    Welp I crashed this morning….and I crashed this afternoon. That tells me nothing changed for me. :p

  151. Jeinreco Slade says:

    now i finally can connect to sl , i am a naked man , itry to wear but everything i try to wear he says something is pending for that spot
    so i have from now on a naked sl life , so i will be banned several times , thanks for the lovely update , if you want me to quit sl then tell me its easier en whitout embaressemant

  152. Celina Lathrop says:

    “Unable to connect to Second Life. DNS could not resolve the host name”
    Anyone able to explain this?

  153. Spike says:

    What the hell? Give me my old UI damnit. I dont want this fugly ass IM window that takes up my entire screen, i liked my small narrow one at the top of the screen. You’ve made it so that its not optimised for voice, and pretty much fucked ocer chat, becasue now i cant IM while im moving. Why, you ask? I cant SEE anything. I dont even WANT voice, i hear enough little kids on counter strike i dont need it in my SL. GIVE US BACK THE OLD UI.

  154. Tour Bebb says:

    WOW – seems to be working now. Yippee! Hope everyone else gets their issues resolved as fast. Good Luck! Thanks 🙂

  155. Decimator Fugu says:

    I try to log on and everytime, it gets to intializing world and it doesnt freeze, it just sits there and doesnt move, at all. Anyone help?

  156. Lourdes Laysan says:

    Ummm can soemone put the option back in to turn off voice chat on parcels??? I see options to disable the spacialization, but I for one owuld like save poeple some band and lag by just turning it completely OFF.

    Thanks 🙂

  157. Jeinreco Slade says:

    on my own land i cant get in to my house en everything is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery slooooooooooowly, this is not an update but it is a downdate

  158. Meredith Colman says:

    I downloaded 2.0 and 2.1….both are telling me the same thing..theres an unexplained error….ummm why can’t i log on?

  159. hali daviau says:

    Why is this that u guys at Linden Labs make our Second Life always so miserable? Why a new mandatory viewer when the old one just worked fine? Wtf do I need voice for? Is this mandatory too? Downloaded the new viewer and since can’t log on… Wonder what will have happened to my inventory this time…If u wanna loose more Premium customers go on like that. No clue what i pay u for, and service…???? Excuse me???? What service? Take the blunts away from these kids who do the programming for u, maybe that may help.

    chunter, chunter H.D.

  160. Tanja Barzane says:

    I am having the same problems with downloading and installing my software. When it goes to install it, I get errors for the following files.


    It refuses to install these files. When completed and trying to run the game. Upon login it states that a mandatory update is required in order to play Second Life. I go to install the update and the same files do not install yet again. This is frustrating since I had an event planned for this evening.

  161. Mike1 Shepherd says:

    Today proves my point yesterday in dropping premium membership. Linden Labs wants to attract business clients, yet refuses to take standard business accountability into account.
    We are the consumers of your product, not involuntary beta testers. A product that won’t properly load, won’t properly compile and forces us to use it or lose it….Well that’s beyond even Microsoft’s standard of arrogance.
    You want us to put money into business and create content, yet we get no warning time after time when you are going to make updates that critically affect useability. We’re not being abusive in our comments, you are becoming abusive in your attitude towards us your customers. How else do you explain demanding that we load something that is MANDATORY and won’t load properly.

    Can we please step back a few days and test the environment before it is inflicted. I’m not whining, but if you want RL business to take this serious you need to quit SL business practices.

    I’m going to do what you want and stop posting altogether. I’m going to be quiet like a good little resident…but I’m not going to spend any more money on SL until SL spends the time to give us a stable environment. I have cancelled my premium membership, dumped my land, and now will just pull back and wait and see if the eight million invisbles residents can support your actions. You may not like our complaints, and lord knows you don’t often respond to them, but remember Bots and invisibles don’t keep the lights on in San Francisco. The whiners and complainers may be the low sine wave of the bell curve, but they do imply that the curve is there and sinking fast.

    One last note, with your new (not really legal) identification process are you planning on asking for SSNs for companies or will you force the company to give you the identification of some poor cubicle worker? I think this could become very litigious if not properly executed and I’ve seen nothing properly executed yet.

    Even King Bill doesn’t act like this.

  162. Tanja Barzane says:

    I am sorry the 4th file was nspr4.dll not mspr4.dll. I too noticed that when you go to install the update it says 1.18.2. However when you read through the update information, it gives information on the update.

  163. hmr1000 says:

    As many have said before the conversation window you have forced on us is horrible. It could however be made much more tolerable if you separated the contacts list from it so that we actually could view it conveniently view it without covering half our screen with the conversation box. Placing it as you have shows very little understanding of player needs or perhaps it is that you do not really care about those needs, whichever if you would separate contacts from the chat/IM window that would go a long way toward making this imposed update more acceptable, and might even improve player’s attitude toward you efforts. As it is this seem most ill-considered and cumbersome and is perhaps the most ill planned and poorly executed chat windo that I have seen in any video game and seems to render the contacts list all but unusable.

  164. jonella bellman says:

    wtf it won’t let me download anything so i can’t get on so why does it have to be required i even went and unistalled it and reinstalled it but it won’t work even though i have the version that it sayds to have?


  165. Jamie Palisades says:

    Conversation window! UI significantly more iunconvenient and annoying now. What they said. like many, I rejected the last few optional updates for this reason alone. Now you’re forcing the bad UI on me (and all). Tsk. I will go find the JIRA and maybe find the unusual live Linden who actually gives evidence of hearing feedback. How disheartening, that there is no way to tell if your team is in any way aware, or concerned, about the horrid UI feedback here.

  166. Celina Lathrop says:

    Hellooooo? Joshua? Any Linden? I think one of you guys better get in here quick…

  167. Carrie says:

    It wont let me it says it cant write something I want to install it but I cant

  168. Tila says:

    “Sorry. I got excited”…
    Why are you exited, because now, with this update we have one millions of bugs !
    Can’t login, can’t upload a picture, can’t attach an object to the avatar, rez object failed ETC……… the list is really long !
    The game was good with the 1.18.0 and now it’s the contratry, the 1.18.2 is a really BAD work !!!!
    Why you don’t test your update before ????

  169. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Forced to use the horrible voice chat client.

    This is unwieldy and requires more from one’s computer even when it is disabled. (Yes!)

    Please, please bring back the non-voice version.


  170. Celina Lathrop says:

    Well, I´m in Live Chat. The poor girl talking to me is going crazy with all the shouts about the same “DNS could not resolve the host name” problem. And so far no one has an answer, let alone a solution. Oi! Lindens! I got a club to open and I´m late, heeeelp!!

  171. Tamara says:

    *was scorned yesterday when I complained about being forced to use the voice viewer*

    Am prepared to whinge ad infinitum about this until we once again get a choice, but apparantly you’re all gonna do it for me!! Well good!

    *makes a rude gesture to all the voice proponents*

  172. Sarina Choche says:

    Can’t even log in with my Macintosh bring back the last version

  173. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I thought the day of manditory updates were dead…O wait I guess it was Lindened again LOL
    Can wait for the nicolez’s new viewer cause Linden Lab just plain old sucks at it..funny how ONE guy can fix it but a team of Lindes just screws it up LOL gawd up you are funny lol

  174. Alicia Roeth says:

    Well i got an answer.. An estimation is that it will be 2 days before we can download the mandatory update!!!!!!!

    They have seriously got to be kidding this time.

    Anyone else got any more info??????????????????????????

  175. Celina Lathrop says:

    Oh, I think it SHOULD be optional.My poor pc isn´t exactly a super machine, but if this new thing is going to demand even more of it (IF I ever manage to get back on, that is), then I can only imagine what it will be like. For now I´m just waiting to see what´s going to be done about this problem that wont let a lot of people sign in

  176. Well, everybody who dislikes the new voice gui can still use my latest viewers. The one based on the release candidate offers old style GUI with an up-to-date voice viewer. With voice turned off there, you’ll hardly notice a difference to the earlier versions.

  177. Celina Lathrop says:

    Eeek! Sounds right up my alley, Nicholaz, but you´re talking to a pc dummy here. Give me kindergarten instructions. Which one do I install, followed by what and what? :-S

  178. Rascal Ratelle says:

    if it is required why does it tell me it is OPTIONAL when I log on?

  179. D. Spitz says:

    Hi Aric,
    please feel as welcome as we are excited to read many new and nice posts from u. 🙂

  180. Orson Dahlgren says:

    Crappy communicate interface: Forced, despite promises. (VWR-1076 has been open since JUNE, people!)

    VWR-1749 fixed (so I can run SL on my MacBookPro): no, still blaming Apple, though SL is the ONLY program that crashes my machine. I can play Warcraft for a whole day, but SL for five minutes.

    Speed on PC: Still crummy.

    New features: Of course! Because fixing speed, stability, and bugs would be boring!

  181. Bryon Ruxton says:

    Thank you for preventing the use of, ruining my SL inWorld experience!

    I find it appalling that LL is still not acknowledging the mistake for having ruined the UI for us (i.e. the communicate window) making so unfriendly and not willing to just revert back.

    Where’s the friend button? Why is there so much space wasted on the friend list? Where the close button on the IM window? Why is the call button right next to profile? So we can call people by mistake on regular basis? Or is that to make it harder to look at their profile? Does anyone qualified, who actually uses the client on regular basis, supervise user interface design and usability at all?

  182. Bellini Cazalet says:

    Just wanted to let you know, when I opened SL the download for was offered as optional, not required.

  183. Manjagan Rahja says:

    “Unable to connect to Second Life. DNS could not resolve the host name”
    Can anyone tell me what to do here?

  184. Celina Lathrop says:

    Oh, you too, Manjagan? Join the club… :-S

  185. Rizla Laval says:

    hmm. Why cant we still use ?

    The voice viewer froze all the time making building a nightmare. And i dont use voice too. So why the required update. ?

  186. bigmoe says:

    hum. just woke up and have not tryed it yet. but looks like it’s to be one of those yiffy nights

  187. ashira says:

    well thank you so much i crash in something important and have to download before getting back

  188. Sarina Choche says:

    loaded the new version and login is just sit and spin for an hour
    I got further on log in with an older version. Please Help my rent is due.
    Thanks in advance.

  189. Mortar says:

    I hope this one’s more stable than (0). If I get another “Can’t initialize” error on start up, I’m gonna chuck this thing and go over There.

  190. U M says:

    So that means everyone regardless of voice and no voice must upgrade to this ?

  191. Celina Lathrop says:

    Pretty much, yep. And then you run the risk of not being able to connect to SL at all. I wonder if the fact that we were prompted to accept a new COS earlier today has anything to do with this update :-S

  192. U M says:

    This is so so sad. people are nolonger able o pick the viewer they wish. Why? This is not exciting its just another way how LL is controling us.

  193. Montana Corleone says:

    Nicholaz Beresford , we do thank you for your magnificent efforts, but unfortunately us Mac users, and Linux users, can’t benefit from it, and are noow stuck with the hideous new interface, if in fact we can log in at all…

    WTG LL yet again NOT…

  194. DrenBoy says:

    There has been the “freezing” issue with the voice client ever since it first appeared. what im upset about is that it hasn’t been resolved, and it has been 2 updates since! This “freezing” issue hinders content development, communications, evan walking and zooming your camera, Sure I love the ability to snap full rez postcards, voice chat with friends, llRegionSay, age verification, and the whole list of recent improvements, but this “freezing” issue is a usability issue which is seriously affecting the end-user experience.

  195. Brock Asbrink says:

    I’m guessing there is no download client for Windows Vista?

  196. kellz carling says:

    Well now with the new updates, it will not d/l to my computer. At all…..So I guess my second life has ended?!

  197. hope antonelli says:

    *bangs really hard to get the attention of some Linden who probably is home watching X Files right now* HELLOOOOOO! The dang download is broken. Its missing files starting with C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\mozilla\components\x ulutil.dll

    and ignoring them just gives you the ‘need to update’ message when you log in again. Sheesh, fix these things before you decide to leave for the day, will ya?

  198. Lina Pussycat says:

    This update seems to be very slow download wise…. Normally a 20 mins tops download has turned into over an hour…

  199. Robin Sprocket says:

    Yep, just thought I’d weigh in on the suckiness of the ‘communicate’ window UI. At least make it so we can make it smaller. I was happy with the old ones.
    For the record, I’m one of the Luddites for whom voice is not an enhancement, just another useless feature.
    Sure wish we could hava a ballot concerning the UI, voice, and the silly verification thing. There would be a lot less whining if we had some sorta say in what happens to our world.

  200. Mary Baphomet says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent been able to log in for almost 8 hrsssss ! on my one freakin day off and my ticket has been new for hrs !!! Anyone else having the somethings gone wrong please check the grid status ! my bfs puter is running it as to be expected ! but I havent done anything new but try to download the new update !

  201. Maizon Slade says:

    I can’t log in cuz when I download the new version, it asks to download it again and again…what’s going on?

  202. Farallon Greyskin says:

    I doubt LL ever said that you would NEVER have to update again. Just that ususally you would have the option of updating more to your convinince rather than HAVING to the day of a release.

    They DID say that there would be future forced updates though. And securoty problems were top of the list for forced updates.

    I basically warned that this would happen, I thought and still think that not requiring updates atleast every 3 months is a REALLY BAD idea. (Though I wish updates really were no MORE than once every three months, just for a little sanity for all)

    The idea that LL is going to constantly fork their own client and maintain backwards compatible versions for every sub group of users that like one version or another is just… I certainly don’t want them wasting their dev time on THAT.

  203. angela seale says:

    hmmm “mandatory update” so does that mean that linden lab lied to us about “dia de la liberacion”? i don’t see a need to upgrade from a client you changed to this POS, and was stepping back down, and now i’m forced to take your offering? i guess LL’s dream of an open source viewer dies with every exploit or error in your code. it’s truly a sad day in the lab, when you get proven to be a bunch of people that sold us down the river, with promises after promises, and then immediately turn around and change your mind…..
    how about just rescinding the open source code, and moving to totally reprogrammed, mandatory, DRM signed clients?

  204. Farallon Greyskin says:

    @104 what do you mean you can’t benefit from it?!?

    Nicholaz provides the patches, DL the source from LL, the patches from Nicholaz and compile it up! It only take ONE of you to do that for Mac and one for Linux. It’s nt that hard. Get to it tonight, you’ll be done in a couple hours… Send it back to Nicholaz and he’ll proabably put it on his site for your fellow mac and linux users to DL.

    (And yes I have done it myself, I have sent patches to LL and there is one of mine in the Nicholaz viewer)

    Is there not ONE mac SL user that can use a compiler? Linux surely…

  205. Wyald Woolley says:

    Downloaded the Mac version. Once it got on my Mac it tried twice to run an exe file called setup.exe. Whatcha got going there…a virus???

    Very sad release of software. When I try to open the dmg file it goes a little past half way and hangs. I’ve been downloading these viewers since 1.15.x.x and not had this kind of stuff* happen. (*stuff: a kiddie-friendly alternate for the word I’d rather use)

    Hellooooo? Anybody home? There’s trouble in Linden City

  206. Phoebe Quinnell says:

    *taps her fingers impatiently on the table….. I have been trying to get in world over the last hours without luck….. not even getting the “despite our best efforts” thingy.

  207. Seraph Nephilim says:

    Viewer versions which are optional are denoted by the changes to the third digit (e.g. 1.17.3). Therefore, it’s now possible to tell that any version in the 1.17 lineage (1.17.0, 1.17.1, 1.17.2, 1.17.3) can be used with the grid until 1.18 comes along.

    Since this was a mandatory update, shouldn’t the version now be 1.19? Otherwise, you have broken your own numbering scheme, since not all 1.18 viewers can run on the grid anymore.

  208. Julie Carpathea says:

    Well i have downloaded it 5 times and everytime it tells me i have to download the new software. Is this the Lindens way of getting rid of the rest of us that have stuck around? How do you sign on now? They aren’t even supporting it so we can get our questions answered. Way to go Lindens!! Another great modification to improve the game.

  209. jinny Whitfield says:

    linked one’s version is Not 2.1, so I can not update it

  210. Phiner says:

    I’ve been having the same trouble as in post:

    After taking a while of unpacking the file when the client is trying to update works until about half way through. Then it runs into some problems where it comes up with an error because it can’t open some files for firefox. And there’s a lot of other files that aren’t working. I appreciate that LL does work to get updates out. Perhaps it would be wise to do a little more testing to see if it’s going to cause issues. I appreciate getting new features and all. But it would be a lot better to get what’s already in SL stable before introducing new stuff that usually doesn’t work right at first anyways.

    And I like the talking feature. But please get it fixed so that it recognizes my other mouse buttons. It’s really aggrivating to see that the talk button is on the middle button by default. And it doesn’t recognize the other mouse buttons. Every other game in the world recognizes the other buttons, but not SL.

    I really do appreciate the efforts made to give people a medium in which to interact. But considering many of us are spending a good bit of money for this medium, I would hope that you would actually try and pay a little more attention to the customers who support you!

    Thank you. And hearing a word from LL about solutions to the issues being mentioned here. Or even addressing them at all would be very much appreciated. Even if there isn’t an answer, at least being let known that the issue is being worked on is better than the sense of being ignored. And ignoring your customers is the fastest way of losing them. So, please, please don’t just ignore these issues being talked about.

  211. LC says:

    The continuous packet loss I’m experiencing (yes, that little red bar is going a dime-a-dozen, though it’s something I don’t quite understand) including the loss of items (yes, I have done the ‘clear cache’ thing), the difficulty logging in and the fact that once I start flying I just keep on going regardless of whether my finger’s on the button or whether I click Stop Flying, is this in relation to the update?

    I’ve only been in SL for just over a month and up to today everything was going swimmingly. Now I’ve had to login a number of times and for the most part the sim takes forever to appear and yeah I know I’m starting over again with the sims because of clearing the cache but I’ve cleared it twice before and it’s never been this slow, as in many many minutes for something recognizable to start appearing.

    Hopefully these issues will disappear by tomorrow 🙂

    Fingers-crossed :\

  212. Jill Clary says:

    I hate version Who is the nut at LL that thought combining the friends list, group screen and IM windows all into one huge window that takes up 1/4 of our viewable game screen, was a good idea. It’s covering up hud attachments no mater where I put it at and it’s an extreme pain to see where the heck I’m going.


    I absolutely hate it this way!!

  213. Rooster Cale says:

    If you guys were AOL, you would have just lost 40-60% of your customers. Has it been really light today? Yeah, duh! You broke it! Mandatory update that doesn’t work… brilliant. Glad I didn’t invest in a business in SL–bet their mad, huh? How long till you fix the mandatory update?

  214. Thats BS that you have to use it or not get in…………………………
    I don’t want the Bugs, I don’t have enough bug spray for them all……………

  215. @67: We are trying to make OpenSIM work, A second life with out the messed up coming from the Lindens today would be great. Why would we hops and jumps and be happy with everything the lindens does, The new UI is bad, really bad. There is a great fix for that in The nicholaz viewer, with some patching you could get that working on Linux as well. I can’t understand WHY the Lindens to take thoses UI patches into there viewer, it’s quicker and works with both text and voice.

    I’m afraid that this is all internal politics, same as make us Linux user stay without voice, No we only got the bad UI not the voice functionality.

  216. Chryssie Bunnyhug says:

    is it bugs?
    the voice stuff I dont wanna use, why?
    it especially seems to crash with items like xcite or when people hand you urls

  217. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Grid Attack followed by ruthed at home.. rolling restart please?

  218. LC says:


    My first ever comment seems to have been eaten by the ether monster.

    Anyway, after the update, I’ve crashed more today than probably a whole fortnight of the month or so that I’ve been in SL. Packet loss is mega-bad and continuous; sims just aren’t appearing properly; and I’ve lost items which haven’t reappeared after I’ve cleared the cache, though we still have our fingers crossed.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  219. This is a really wonderfull Blog Post….

    LL seems to have humor…. very good and thanks for keeping us posted


  220. Korhinna Milev says:

    my pc says 1 18 2 1 setup exe isnt a WIN32 application valid …. oups ….

  221. sirhc DeSantis says:

    yep finally forced to use the voice client *sigh* well that sux.

  222. U M says:

    so so typical! this new update texture loading is slower then the early versions!

  223. @67 Hey Novae, i greet you and your slimy ignorance…you say you play Second Life, well, i barely saw a place, where i can easily play a game and earn money, show me that place please, now!!!
    I am DJ in RL and yes it makes fun, but im not playing that and its hard hard work sometimes, ohhh, i know a dude that works in a casino, but he is tellin´ me, that is hard work too, ohhh i know prostitutes too, they say its no real fun at all, even if Sex is a wonderfull thing, ohhhhh, i know many people here, that have own sims with shops on them.
    So Novae, please go outside RL, take 100USD or whatever money and try to shop meanwhile your legs are stucked to the ground, or try to shop, when your money is away (happens often here), try to shop and have fun playing , when yourself is crashing all the time and you must begin your shopping tour from your home the 7th time.
    Well, but i guess Novae, you are a great Playa, but i ask myself, with what things are you playing in SL? With butts and boobs, maybe with a scripted attachment of your genitals….ohhh…well…sing that Linden Lab Song further and keep playing, please dont care for Residents, that have huge “technical” problems, just go on, play, go ahead!! Play! Ignore all the other Residents here and play, play, play…but please dont post again such a sliming and very ignorant blog, only to be against some “oppinions” doesnt make you cool, you just have to have arguments. You dont know what ARGUMENTS are? Ohhh, i can say that: these are no genitals, i promise ya!!! lol
    All others having issues: imagine, the long and cold nights are coming LOL so much more people online at that months of Winter, i am looking forward to get myself a “L.inden C.rash H.elmet” (all rights reserved) lol maybe we wont get hurt then too much.
    Buy yourself the “LCH” now, even if you get sick of many crashes in Second Life, you can throw yourself also out of the window, hoping you stay alive and your head stays healthy (included in the “HELMET PACKAGE are also BLOOD- & STREET-TEXTURES, a STICKER, that shows an eye in a butt….and, last but not least, all versions of the Second Life Viewers as WEDNESDAY BARBEQUE EDITION (fat free).
    IM me if you want that exclusive LINDEN HELMET PACKAGE, for just
    a hug & a kiss (animated lag free please) you can get this package.
    Pirate language? Ok!
    I can see Captain Jack Sparrow, drunk and pretty pissed, behind him, arrrrrrrrghhhh, thousands of angry skeletons.

  224. shugar whiteberry says:


  225. Tegg B says:

    Welcome aric Linden, please ignore the overly negative feeback here, you’ll get the hang of things, and the rumours about residents feeding on Lindens inworld aren’t 100% true 🙂

  226. Deeth says:

    Icannot play unless I download and it wont self extract really good guys thanks a lot…

  227. U M says:

    Gesh would you know it! I locked up for the first time in 7 month! So much for this release! Its JUNK!

  228. Burgess Miles says:

    I do understand that there must be mandatory updates now and again, but given the obvious problems with this version LL would be well adviced to test things before release, and that includes the viewer itself, the DL, the links, everything.

    and for the love of GOD, PLEASE give us optional non voice versions of the new viewers and bring back the old UI NOW!!!!

  229. Sorei Coen says:

    If this is a mandatory update maybe you could actually post it on the website. Just spent 30 minutes unknowingly downloading the previous version only to find I still couldn’t connect.

  230. Burgess Miles says:

    the cumbersome new UI is maybe LL’s way of forcing us to use voice instead of chat…to make it harder to use anything but voice…? I may be too conspiratorially inclined to think this, or?
    another thing, the identification process…I believe it is in violation of the community standards, especially the parts cited here:
    Combating intolerance is a cornerstone of Second Life’s Community Standards. Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the Second Life community as whole. The use of derogatory or demeaning language or images in reference to another Resident’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is never allowed in Second Life.

    Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.

    Does this mean we should file abuse reports on the Lindens?

  231. The XO says:

    Why don’t you update the version in the “downloads” section – rather than just the auto-updated.

    That would help. Duuuhh

  232. The XO says:

    PS – As virtually *everyone* else has said, this version of the UI SUCKS THE BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!

    Bring back the old interface.

    prog·ress /n. ˈprɒgrɛs, -rəs or, especially Brit., ˈproʊgrɛs; v. prəˈgrɛs/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[n. prog-res, -ruhs or, especially Brit., proh-gres; v. pruh-gres] Pronunciation Key –

    1. a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage: the progress of a student toward a degree.
    2. developmental activity in science, technology, etc., esp. with reference to the commercial opportunities created thereby or to the promotion of the material well-being of the public through the goods, techniques, or facilities created.
    3. advancement in general.

  233. Donly D says:

    Me waits with baited breath on what this new update will do … Still waitng as always for the download to finish hmm should be 2 hours later if it doesnt break … LL more download servers please …

  234. ashira says:

    having only quickly scanned the blog today and all the complaints my own included. ive noticed not one answer from a responsible linden just shows how much they care about these posts

  235. Patrick Clift says:

    O another update and I am locked out It seems to be getting worst I have lost a lot of my good items from folders that cost me lots of lindens they just disapear .

  236. The XO says:

    @ ashira #123:

    They don’t care, they don’t give a hoot! As long as they have the “corporate image” of the “Second Life Grid” thats all they care about.

    It annoys me that the people who built SL, the content and made it to where it is today are brushed aside, ignored, stamped on and beaten into submission.

    They don’t care about individuals anymore, let alone sim owners! Maybe only Anshe Chung can make an influence, and even then only a little one.

    It’s all a big corporate lie – wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

  237. Sensual Cortes says:

    I downloaded last night and installed it … then got told tonight that was mandatory !!
    I think you should move to (ie. a new sub-release) if it is going to be a mandatory install.

    All the best.

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