Launching the new Second Life Auction system today!

Today, we are launching the new Second Life Auction system. Our new system will be powered by eBay’s private marketplace technology.

As noted in our previous post, only Linden Lab land auctions (mainland and a small number of abandoned parcels) will be placed into the new system. In the future we may also allow other types of auctions and sales through this new service.

You can get to the site through the “Land Auctions” link in the Land Information page on the Second Life website, or go directly to

For details on access, eligibility, bidding or tracking your bids, see the auction FAQ.

Happy Bidding!

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58 Responses to Launching the new Second Life Auction system today!

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    Secondlife has been assimilated by the ebayorg!

  2. Demeter Slade says:

    HA HA!
    I would. If i could log in z.z

  3. Juliet Ceres says:

    And just to rub it it:

    Who would be so stupid to actually bid on land at the moment when identity verification and the other new TOS crap will make land more or less worthless?

    Always fun to see Lindens shoot themselves in the feet. Go Jeska, go!

  4. Storm Babeli says:

    Hmm im having trouble updating on both of my comps.

  5. Zell Christensen says:

    It would of been nice if there were a warning instead of just being disconnected without being able to save my scripts. =\

  6. DRAGOON Watanabe says:

    AUCTIONS for ALL SL ? 🙂 Who want to buy ??? Canot login, …

    I cancel Premium .. It s enougth

  7. layla says:

    “Who would be so stupid to actually bid on land at the moment when identity verification and the other new TOS crap will make land more or less worthless?”

    I guess this will make it easier for leaving residents to get rid of their land. I’m very much afraid of the age verification.. losing customers.. losing my business.. maybe that’s where the doom mood comes from

    I guess choosing for the 3rd party company who will do the verifying, combined with not answering residents questions about if it’s illegal to verify or not will make an awfull lot of people not verify 😦

  8. Tony says:

    @3 some people will bid, but you have a point. Identity verification has been mismanaged extremely badly and making any sort of commitment right now seems one hell of a gamble.

    However this auction system does have potential and is a positve aspect and shows signs that some people at LL do know what they’re doing.

    Alas identity verification is a complete mess and a shambolic charade that undermines trust and encourages kids to verify by using fake details and does nothing to improve the platform.

    One step forward two steps back.

  9. Mirathu Sands says:

    Now that sounds interesting, a SL version of eBay lol

  10. LASHEY LOVELL says:

    OK now Ebay is here yall should allow gambling, Ebay is a gamble with in itself. Where is the POKER

  11. Stefano Ludwig says:

    /me wonders if he s going to be censored again

    As for voice (20% users), as for *real* users (we all are around 300.000), as for paranoia and chains LLabs are bringing in-world, our clever *owners* keep on destroying SL.

  12. Maura Beresford says:

    Someone really likes Michelangelo.

  13. thomas harmuth says:

    you are so fucking stupid people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Every time the same bullshit here..
    Sell this game to people who are able to find a solution for technical problems..!!!
    since half a year I have to fight the same probs…
    spend the most time to log in ,to explain my friends ,why i am not there..
    and every time you ask me the same bullshit,if the world becomes better or worth..
    This world becomes a big MERDE…..

  14. Confused says:

    Missed to post on the age verification one…so…is it now it enough if my parcel is flagged mature or what is it exactly you want us to do? Sorry, if that doesn´t quite fit the topic, but i just couldn´t make sense out of this earlier blog message

  15. GoogleMama says:

    And, with the fifth superfluous post in one day, the real issues are scrolled off the loging list and consigned to oblivion except for those vigilant enough to check the Blog…

    Tell me, were TWO posts about the view really necessary? Couldn’t both posts about the down regions have been combined? And was it REALLY necessary to launch yet another NEW FEATURE when everything else is still in such a mess, THEN to blog about it, further obscuring real issues?

    Well, of course it was, if you are LL…

    Anyone still dumping their money down this garbage disposal that used to be SL should have their heads examined…

  16. Gigs Taggart says:

    If you have something negative to say, could you at least make it constructive? I don’t see that all these “SL Sucks” messages really accomplish much of anything.

  17. Martin Magpie says:

    I think we are being thrown too much this week tbh. I understand trying to stay cutting edge but it’s a great deal to take in all at once. I honestly don’t think I am alone in thinking this way.

    Mar aka Cat Cotton

  18. Jeska Linden says:

    Sorry for the momentary link breakage – they were fixed within a few minutes of posting 😉

  19. Spock says:

    GoogleMama, I’m going to see my shrink right after I cancel my premium.

  20. JS says:

    the price of land has been slipping when you were not releasing any land, 8 sims a day should make land about worthless. Less people logging on, less permi accts, price of land droping, all while you’re rolling out changes most people don’t want or that we really don’t need.. Ummm, good job???

  21. kenny Stringer says:

    I look at it i cant even get in to bid!

  22. LOL land going on ebay some one is smokeing pot there at LL or maybe its crack.
    ebay is for real stuff most of the time im shure this will help a few land whores get a leg up an im not saying any names cough “chung”
    or what ever her name is but sadly most people are wiseing up an just renting.
    why pay 8L$ a sqm when you can rent for 1L$ a prim .
    there was a group that wanted to keep people in line an put them in there place it was voluntary at first then thay were forced to wear this patch of a star then thay started killing them.
    looks like LL is going down that same road you dont have to then a week or so an you have to like giveing up your rights in a tos
    but then just look were its based cough “California” more than likely its in bankrupt Orange County.
    but then i quess its cuz thay have a austrian govenor not saying all germans are bad i guess the next add on to the tos will be a ban on same sex marriage lord forbid.
    think next time you say yes to a new tos that is made to protect us from our selfs.
    Well im done with sl in 90 days when i get a new pc ill find some other game not to real with the same probs as a real life .
    WELCOME TO FIRST LIFE cuz SL is gone.

  23. Loki Ball says:

    Thanks Jeska Linden for the prompt fixing. Now would you mind fixing the friends list perhaps? Kinda pointless to type to people in im when it says they’re online, just to get no response. Uhh because they’re not really online. And yes I know how to file a bug report and a support ticket. Unfortunately the staff doesn’t seem to know how to respond to them properly.

  24. Janie Matahari says:

    The price of land is dropping because of all the land barron companies buying it up and setting it for sale for 0L but with higher tier fees. In addition, who would want to pay for a premium membership when all it does is provide free tier and 300L weekly stipend which all amounts to just below the price of the membership when you can just cancel the premium membership and rent from a class 5 server provided by the land barrons? With mainland being the lag whore that it is and no covenants, i think LL should put a freeze on releasing land and start converting some of the mainland into really nice protected public places. Last time i checked out the land auctions they were for whole sims (without owning the estate). How is this a better situation from when we used to have first land parcels?

  25. Blake Dwi says:

    Get ready for all those private sim owners that are losing money to hit the auction with their sims. At least they won’t have to abandon them. Will allow the prosperous sim owners to buy up the floundering…

    WTG LL!

  26. Darren Oates says:

    The new auction page is great and their seems to be plenty of scope for other kinds of auctions. Its been a summer of change in SL but overall things are moving in the right direction, its just that people hate change lol but you need to keep moving ahead in a platform like this 🙂

  27. bigmoe says:

    ok, if I verify does that mean I wont have to go perm to hold land? I want land but why would I give 9.95 month for it? maybe 3 or 4 bucks a month if that.

  28. LOL no you pay to get verifyed that your over 18 if you want land you pay 9.95 every 30 for a little piece of land with 20 to 30 prims allowed on it then you have to pay more for bigger lands hope that helped lol

  29. Alan Edelman says:

    Just shut up and leave already, OK? Stop bitching and moaning about anything and everything! I’m on, building, constructing, buying and selling all the time with virtually no problems except an occasional rolling restart. It all comes down to having the skills to keep backed up and the brains to use object scripts that are written to take care of problems like failing in the middle of a transaction. Stop blaming LL for everything and start coding like a professional – and you won’t care how many times LL reboots a server without notice!

  30. Lalasa Clary says:

    Hmm… so we can do auctions on SL now. Cool. Not sure what I would do with this auction system but there you are. So, cool.

  31. On a Dozen posts in, someone invokes Godwin’s Law. This must be some kind of record for LL blog posts. I doff my hat to you Miss Carol, but alas, you lose.

    Looking at the system, it seems pretty nice. Having never participated in a land auction I cannot say if it is an improvement or not. However this quote, “In the future we may also allow other types of auctions and sales through this new service.” seems promising. Especially if we can have resident run auctions, and not just of land but of goods as well.

  32. Master Quatro says:

    There is more land then the present population can possibly absorb. Since griefers have taken over Second Life many residents are leaving. We have seen a drastic reduction in land sales and numerous existing accounts leaving. Who is going to bid when there is a large excess of land already available and prices are plummetting.

    I suggest that premium account holders downgrade to basic and purchase land in private estates. Leave all that mainland to ads and lag. You can own land in private estates without a premium account.

  33. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    I doubt anyone really cares about land auctions in SL now, most people have become afraid of SL and the age verification thing.
    Does Linden Labs even care that over 90% of the blogs regarding age verification are against it?
    I spend more time reading blogs and worrying about new laws and TOS agreemants than I do building in SL now.
    I came here to create stuff, not become a para legal.
    I wish Linden Labs would give up supporting a bunch of lawyers and start supporting the people that pay to make this place.
    This auction blog is almost meaningless considering most people in SL no longer trust anything the Lindens say or do anymore.

  34. Broccoli Curry says:

    My dear Master Quatro…

    “I suggest that premium account holders downgrade to basic and purchase land in private estates.”

    But you would say that, as you are the other half of Anshe Chung Studios, the largest *drum roll* provider of private estates!

    The whole mainland issue could be solved if only Linden Lab would introduce some building regulations. There is no problem whatsoever with the mainland, it’s simply bad neighbours that cause problems – and in all honesty, when it comes to griefers… even private estates aren’t immune.


  35. Jim Allen says:

    Congratulations, looks an easy to use internet based auction system for buying land.

    For those asking for the ability to auction their own stuff, be aware that resident to resident auctions are already a reality inside Second Life.

  36. Vin Houston says:

    great now kids are auctioning land on ebay ill never make money thanks LL

  37. Di Jun says:

    Fleebay? OMG!!! rather bid on a beater convertibale and enjoy the winter with the top down and the wind blowing in my real hair. That just might put a real smile on my face 🙂 that I haven’t gotten in “Linden Life” since voice boged down the entire grid.

  38. The new auction site looks good.

    It will be better if Linden include L$/sqm for each auction, though we can always used a calculator. One look and we can see which is above or below current market L$/sqm.

    It will be even better if Linden allow resident to list their land for L$ auction. They may charge a fee of fixed L$80 (US$0.30) or/and 1% bid price fee per listing. For a start, may be only 4096 sqm and above can be listed.

    After this, hopefully Linden allow resident to list their creative works for L$ auction. It could be anything like security system, building, etc.

    Linden stands to gain from resident listing their items for auction as they do not gain anything from the current buy and sell system.

    Next to come i hope will be the Linden Checkout, online payment system, just like Google Checkout, Paypal, etc..

    Imagine websites accepting Linden Checkout. Cool.. Isn’t?

  39. Tegg B says:

    Auctrion page looks ok, might use it one day when tier gets reasonable…………….

  40. SL Player™ says:

    Being that virtual land is LLs main source of income they’ll keep pumping out the sims no matter if their needed or not. More sims now then ever before are going off line on a regular bases. They can’t even handle what they got. Creating more headaches for themselves and players.

  41. Deltango Vale says:

    I must admit I am pulling money out of SL rather than putting it in. I no longer trust LL. The introduction of anonymous accounts (no payment info on file) leading to the current age-verification fiasco on top of the ban on gambling and the anti-sex crusade have turned my initial enthusiasm to mud. Damn, yet another brilliant technological, commercial and social marvel fouled up by its own creators.

    Right, well, Western Union scorned the telephone and IBM blew the PC, so I guess we now wait for a ‘Bill Gates’ or ‘Michael Dell’ to construct Third Life and reap all the rewards.

    As for me, paying $300 per month in tier for the pleasure of being treated like a 13-year-old when real 13-year-olds have been able to come into SL anonymously for over a year to grief paying members is too much for my stomach.

    For what it’s worth, I did try the age-verification process. Someone out there now has my SSN and passport number and DL, but not LL because it didn’t work. Funny how my American Express Platinum Card worked perfectly – but I am now a second-class citizen because I remain non-age-verified.

    Is this off topic? No, because I have been in the real estate business since coming to SL a year ago. I invested thousands of dollars in the belief it was “Your World. Your Imagination.” free of all the stupidity I can get any day in RL. Now I am selling everything except my home – where I will retire and hang out with my GF until that too is banned.

    Am I simply moaning? No. Risk-takers, entrepreneurs and visionaries (the life-blood of any country or enterprise) are a sensitive bunch. It is because we take risks that we sniff the air constantly to check for changing conditions. When we smell a storm, we retreat, sell out and move on.

    That so many people are screaming blue murder about LL recently is SIGNIFICANT. It means the company is out of touch with its customers – particularly its paying customers – more particularly its customer-investors. Without us, SL will wither and die.

    Yes, LL, it’s your company to do with as you please – including put it out of business. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable for someone to say “If you don’t like it, leave.” Fair enough. We will.

  42. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @32 I hope LL takes good note of Deltangos comments here. Yet another valuable contributor to the evolving SL environment is lost because of your stupid and stubborn insistence on age-verification.
    “…Someone out there now has my SSN and passport number and DL, but not LL because it didn’t work…”
    And the tragic part is that LL never even get to see that information anyway! They have stated quite categorically that the ID information will be collected and verified by a third party (Aristotle/Integrity), and they simply inform LL whether or not you verified.
    Let me repeat: LL DO NOT WANT YOUR ID INFORMATION. It is collected by a third party (Aristotle/Integrity), and what THEY do with your details is anyone’s business!
    Identity theft is a real possibility here because no-one knows who, or how many people, will have access to your personal details.

    So many questions out there, so few answers forthcoming!

  43. @32 You are4 so right! At this moment I own 14 sims, and I really am thinking to quit SL permanently. The only thing that I need to know is what to do with 14 sims and 200 residents that have paid me for their land? Oh man, this is so difficult! But I am sure, it will not take long before I leave SL…..!

  44. Brett Finsbury says:

    I own a main land sim and where’s all this lag? I find more lag when I go to the private islands than I do in my sim.
    Now for a person buying a small lot and not wanting to see a business next to them. good idea. But this mainland is laggy and the islands are a lag free paridise,I dont see.
    Both have their pro’s and con’s
    Be intresting to see how it is after the identity verification. The grid a patchwork of ban lines. As it is I am so unclear about all of this new policy making I am going to play it safe and lock it all down even the pg area’s. Hate to have someone be offended by someone sitting on a hugging pose ball and mistake it for an adult one.
    I do not know why they decided to make this so confusing. Just make everyone verifiy. Get the kids off the grid. Lets get SL back to normal without having to decide what needs to be flagged or not.
    I verified and it asked for the same information that is printed on my checks in RL. My name address date of birth and drivers license number. Easy. A lot simpler than hmm what needs flagged or what dont.
    Guess until that is cleared up. Lock it all down.

  45. DR Dahlgren says:

    You might want to put a designator on the Featured Parcels information, that CLEARLY shows if it is USD or Lindens. While many may understand that $ is USD and $L is Lindens, not all will and this may cause you grief later.


  46. DR Dahlgren says:

    @Deltango – LL out of touch with its customers??? Please.. tell me it ain’t so. I will not bother with the liteny of things that I have seen since I got here, over a year now, but I have yet to see where LL is in touch with its customers.

    As to verification, they had it and dumpted it so they could boost numbers. Then they said it would never be back. Now they are letting a 3rd party handle it, like voice, like the new land auctions, like…??

    Someone once said that LL was Philip and one tech, the rest were outsourced. If it wasn’t true then, it seems to be headed that way.

    This world still has such potential, but I cry when I see what is happening. I really wish I could see the true vision statement for SL.


  47. Khamon says:

    Can non-premium accounts bid on land auctions? Oh a better question, is there a timeline for adding the ability for residents to submit parcel listings to the system?

  48. Mikayla says:

    hmm another new pointless update.. while lag continues to drag down the game.. wtg!! the age verification is so stupid and i don’t find it very safe.. so i will definetly not waste money on getting it done.. wtg again on making what used to be an awesome game into shit!

  49. Jeska Linden says:

    Currently in order to login to the Auction site and place a bid, you do need to have the ability to own land (ie: have a premium account). We are working on the error message, so that is more clear. You can of course still view the auctions!

  50. Drozler Eponym says:

    The major thing missing from the Auction process is to have a way to buy at Auction for a Group…or to allow individuals to buy and transfer the land (within say, 24 hours) and avoid getting “tiered up”. My Partner cannot buy at land at auction for our Group because of this limitation.

  51. grizwald120 yue says:

    Hahaha! Now THAT was a good one, Juliet.

  52. Darth Juniper says:

    In response to #32…
    Unles you hold a premium account you cannot OWN land on a private estate. You are merely renting it. If the person whose name is actually down in the Linden’s files as the land owner wants too, they can suddenly chuck you off and your “owned” land is gone. With a premium account you can own land and cannot be moved off it by anyone except the Lindens. So don’t make out that it’s proper land ownership. There are too many dodgy characters who “sell” land to unsuspecting basic folks and then a week later they throw them off with no recourse. And don’t try and claim this never happens, because I’ve seen it done.

  53. DeLorean Ghia says:

    I’ve been playing in SL for almost 2 years now… for the past 2 years it’s been the same thing. New feature implemented, old “features” (problems, headaches, etc etc) ignored. Seems like it’s just become a spin-off of some “Pimp My ___” idea, where they’re just painting over the old rust and broken axles that used to make SL an enjoyable experience

    The TOS used to be, pretty much, “Have fun, enjoy! If you own land… pay this amount.” Now it’s become “Have fun… but only if A C part of D and Q-Z requirements are met. Enjoy as long as M-P and subsections 2 and 5 of Q are met. If you own land, please feel free to bend over.” We pay too much money for this game to have RL politics come in and ruin everything for us. No gambling, no this, no that, etc etc etc. I came to SL when I retired from World of Warcraft… seems more and more like I should head back there since if I kill someone in the game, I’m not treated like an actual murderer. Plus if I file a complaint with the people at WOW, it’s actually answered!?! Amazing… Just look at this article. @ 45 legit complaints, and not one response from LL about what they’re doing to fix any of it… hell, not one response actually even acknowledging the fact that people are complaining if the first place. But, thanks LL for fixing that link and letting us know how to log into the auction system that starting this whole s**tstorm in the first place.

  54. Ralph Doctorow says:

    The new auction site seems to be missing information on closed auctions. This is extremely useful information.

    It also would be useful if the auction map wasn’t blank all the time.

  55. Arsheba Nasu says:

    This new system appears to only allow us to bid on Linden-owned land. I see no functionality for selling the two regions I’m now forced to unload due to the current crippling economic depression.

    Nothing in the FAQ mentions residents selling land in the auction system, only buying it. Are we supposed to be excited about this?

  56. just a thought-

    Alot of members i’ve spoken to have said they do not own a credit card or checking account.. and find paypal a painpal :D!

    there is a billing system in place “i’ve heard” that Uses your phone bill a a form of payment.. meaning the charges would be applyed to your phone bill every month…

    would that be an option for trying at a later point in time? i mean just think if people had another way to upgrade thier account.. how many new members would that be in the end?

    also alot of people get mad whn they find out they need a credit card… how many new members would we keep if we offered an option like that?

    again just a thought….


  57. Duckling Kwak says:

    For the most part, the new system looks like a smart use on LL’s part to leverage best-of-breed technology vs. investing their own development efforts to re-invent the wheel. If correct, this is good news if it frees up developers to focus more time on SL core technologies vs. auction systems. Smart move.

    The implementation does have a few quirks:

    1) @51 – I agree. The missing closed auctions information is a real downgrade in capabilities of the auction system relative to the old one. The SL economy has already suffered more than enough damage; we really don’t need more bullets. Taking away tools and information doesn’t help; and it does hurt!

    2) There haven’t been enough auctions to tell either way, but the “Items A to Z are shown below” message suggests there could be multiple pages to display all auctioned land. If that’s correct, then that’s a nightmare.

    3) I also find the sort by “relevancy” to be very confusing. First, “relevancy” relative to what? There was no search term, so what does “relevancy” mean? This sounds like an eBay-ism. And why make “relevancy” the default sort order? Why not “Ending Soon” to more closely approximate the old functionality? OR – allow the user to save his/her default sort order preference.

    4) The SL logo doesn’t take us back to our account information. Why? This is an inconsistent implementation (e.g., the Support site returns us to our SL account by clicking the logo).

    I like the use of the eBay technology in the auctions context. I think there are some quirks that need to be ironed out. The potential to add more functionality by leveraging eBay’s capabilities is promising. I hope such new capabilities are implemented mindfully.


  58. Selling successfully on eBay does not looks too hard. With the help of quality auction software, you wiould have a profitable eBay site or store set up that will help you to earn a lot of money.

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