Network connectivity problem

Approximately 400 or so regions on the Main Second Life lost network connectivity for a short period of time this evening. The operations team had hoped to fix this swiftly, but some content may have been lost before the problem was resolved.

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  1. Kara Spengler says:

    So was this why it was extremely laggy for the past while in the sim where I was?

    BTW, when there is something that affects some sims and not others can we be told what sims so we know if we should check if anything was lost?

  2. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    How about the account history page NOT updating for hours…a problem that exists since last thursday?

    Good morning Linden…hope you guys/gals had a good rest – at least your sleep seems to be very sound !

  3. Just someone who couldn't care less says:

    It’s posts like these that make me laugh quietly to myself.

  4. Aries Piek says:

    oh super. cause there is no way to back up stuff and stability is doen the toilet again, I am afraid to even log in when it is possible to see what is missing. this is lame guys. for the last two weeks, we’ve had horrible lag and problems again. why can’t you fix the basics and get it right? voice was a waster of time, money and people that could have been better spent. yeah. yeah. 75% of our developers are working on fixing things. fooey- no they are not. i love sl and think it has great potential but am kinda done. i have one parcel of land left to sell and i am gone. not that you care, but i was a paying customer in addition to spending a lot monthly shopping, etc. good luck, you are gonna need it.

  5. GC Continental says:

    That must be why the kusawa sim that I was in died so horribly. It really needs a restart and all live chat ops are not there… lol

  6. Winter Ventura says:

    “Blue notice?

    Why can’t you people ever let those of us IN WORLD know about problems that are ongoing? After half an hour of TPing back and forth and entering appearance anfd whatnot, finally I chose to relog.. and NOW I see the notice.

    How hard is it to say “we are aware of a problem that may be affecting many of you. we’re on the case”.?

  7. Solion says:

    Okay, I think that SL people need to have a team meeting and finally admit the 800 pd gorilla in the room . SL’s stability has always been an issue. the potential revenue loss for some of us can be pretty sevear ( I was talking to a potential customer just as it crashed) I think that before they roll out a new “feature” they need to fix the existing problems

  8. Billie Scaggs says:

    I tried letting Alex on live help know there was a problem, but it just came across that i was a noob and didnt know what was going on. Finally after getting logged in despite trying for 4 hours, i rebooted my sim because i thought something was fishy with it. Wouldnt you know that “content loss” resulted in a rollback on my sim which i didnt request.

  9. Rivee Sands says:

    Keep crashing since 7th sept loggin IM some friend crash loggin again try to tp crash or stuck can’t move would like some help here please never had this problem before.

  10. Arthure Zabblebeebles says:

    We need more cowbell.

  11. Renee Faulds says:

    and as always “Linden Labs takes no responsibility” for the losses.

    It now 8:23PM PDT and no linden has answered my question why “Library” inventory poofed.

    I WILL KEEP posting this until and Linden with guts steps forward and addresses to the community why game issued standard inventory just goes missing, might also help explain personal inventory disappearences that people paid money for too.

  12. Martin Magpie says:

    unable to connect at this time.

  13. Johnny Rambler says:

    And we are closing the carpool too.

  14. Digital Digital says:

    Bob Bunderfeld , I hope you do know that it is against TOS for copying Instant Messages , you really should be careful I know people that have been banned for this.

  15. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Perhaps you could explain the “close the carpool” message from Nicole Linden (that apparently not everyone got)?

    I IM’d her to find out what the heck, and was greeted by, “Hi! I don’t accept IM messages! Please visit the support portal!”

    May I suggest that if cryptic messages are going to be sent over the system, the Linden who sent them not tell people to vanish into the support black hole.


  16. Deathstalker Graves says:

    Did ANYONE else get a message from
    someone named Nicole Linden
    that stated “closethe carpool” ?

    I have NO idea what the heck that was about,
    but when I clicked on OK to close it
    my entire SL client crashed.

    Gee, thanks…

  17. Digital:

    The day Linden Lab wants to ban me from Second Life for copy my CHAT LOGS that they allow me to RECORD in THEIR software, will be the day that my attorney and I will open up a can of … well you get the picture.

    Linden Lab has no legal stick to beat when they allow the user to record these conversations THROUGH Linden Lab software. It’s not like this is something that was done through open-source, everyone can turn on FULL LOGGING, and I would urge everyone to do just this, because then, when someone like KONA LINDEN says derogatory things about you to a Resident you are working for, then you can report it to Robin, but then again that doesn’t do any good, she approves of her employee’s bad mouthing their Customers.

    Oh well, gotta keep fighting the good fight I say, and whether Linden Lab wants it or not, they are coming into the LIGHT to be shown for what they are and really what they aren’t!

  18. ursa henley says:

    wth is close the carpool, is that LL shorthand for everything is screwed up YET again???

  19. ursa henley says:

    and another thing why is it now virtually impossible to report a grid attack, seems that since LL cant seem to fix anything wrong the obvious solution is make it so no one can report a problem, and btw the grid attack i encountered was created by someone using a Linden name, the things that make you go hmmmm

  20. Totally Unsustainable says:

    Dang it, now the carpool is being closed, what else will they take from us. How am I going to get to work!

  21. ursa henley says:

    Lindens will only ban you if your a free account, if you pay money you can get away with anything, havent you figured out yet its money that makes the slworld go round

  22. Ponk Bing says:

    Please arrange an alternative place for my car to swim. Thank you.

  23. Kerik Rau says:

    Damn, now I can’t hitch a ride to work. Oh wait I have been banned for 2 weeks without reason and without any response to the multiple emails I sent in. If you are going to ban people at least look up the issue involved instead of hitting people with the stick.

    As I stated in the email:

    Multiple people abused the abuse report system to spam ARs against me. Linden comes on and decides “oh wow this person needs to be banned”.

    LL you need to consider actually investigating:
    a) the age of the people filing the reports
    b) did the person actually do anything (I didnt do crap, shoot the entire day I was outside that sim working on other crap and I did not use anything that violated the TOS)

  24. U M says:

    LOST items? what in the world? Are you joking me? they have all these big companies on sl, do you think their items are being lost too? Unreal Un believeable, totally american!

  25. Charlie Vanalten says:

    Can anyone tell us just what does “Close carpool” actually mean in English and not computer speak.

  26. U M says:

    17 said.”LL you need to consider actually investigating:
    a) the age of the people filing the reports
    b) did the person actually do anything (I didnt do crap, shoot the entire day I was outside that sim working on other crap and I did not use anything that violated the TOS)”

    Problem is some people thinks AR things its a game, and or thinks they have linden like power to control otehrs. After hearing remarks like this……..”I got banned 12 people alond filing abuse reports after contacting my ” FRIEND a Fill in the Blank ____ Linden. ” Now these same little kids hang out in freebie clubs playing “I AM GOING TO ARE YOU if you dont be good.” Or worse yet get people banned for no reason at all. To those people they need to do this because in their rl They are controlled themselves and need to cause harm for others. LL Needs to start rethinking how AR reports are done. Or just just get rid of them totally.

  27. Malachi Petunia says:

    Some content may have been lost. No use crying over spilled milk, eh, LL?

    And Bob, we get it already.

  28. Kerik Rau says:

    “Problem is some people thinks AR things its a game, and or thinks they have linden like power to control otehrs. After hearing remarks like this……..”I got banned 12 people alond filing abuse reports after contacting my ” FRIEND a Fill in the Blank ____ Linden. ” Now these same little kids hang out in freebie clubs playing “I AM GOING TO ARE YOU if you dont be good.” Or worse yet get people banned for no reason at all. To those people they need to do this because in their rl They are controlled themselves and need to cause harm for others. LL Needs to start rethinking how AR reports are done. Or just just get rid of them totally.”

    Yes, especially since people have no penalty for spamming ARs at everyone they don’t like. The system either needs to be discarded or handled in such a way that griefers can be verified by a linden within minutes of an AR being filed. As it is now an AR may be handled weeks after the initial filing, at which point it is just roll the dice and press the button.

  29. has anyone notcied that the main blog page says there are only 2 comments lol there are like 23 lol thats a bug LOL

  30. U M says:

    “Yes, especially since people have no penalty for spamming ARs at everyone they don’t like. The system either needs to be discarded or handled in such a way that griefers can be verified by a linden within minutes of an AR being filed. As it is now an AR may be handled weeks after the initial filing, at which point it is just roll the dice and press the button.”

    There use to be a time they did give a banning penalty to those that do it ( a few times as i remeber ). But problem is now kids are getting smarter they getting close to club owners and getting their trust ( HINT! a old school newbie club ). Abuse reportrs are NOT A GAME! if people break the TOS then they should be penalty. But just like Rating, traffic/dwelling ABUSE REPORTS is the last of the Second Life abilies to make a game out of things LETS PLAY THE ABUSE REPORT GAME ! I Got PRIMA BANNED 12 PEOPLE TODAY HOW MANY DID YOU!. This is what occuring at times around SL. A joke!!!!!!!!

  31. mikeD Streeter says:

    Hey everyone the carpool answer was sent to me by a friend,
    rickp Watkins: what does close the carpool mean [21:35] Hi! I dont take direct IMs. If you have a question or need support, visit our support portal located at . If you need to report abuse, use Help > Report Abuse. [21:36] Nicole Linden: it was an error [21:47] rickp Watkins: 🙂 ty [21:47] Hi! I dont take direct IMs. If you have a question or need support, visit our support portal located at . If you need to report abuse, use Help > Report Abuse. [21:47] Nicole Linden: np

  32. Sandar Gausman says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the textures in the Library have all disppeared? Oddly objects that use them still appear properly, but if you want to use any of them they are gone!

    Also I found lots of invisible objects on my land that didn’t belong to me! What was that all about? Other than using up prims like crazy!!

  33. Jman Udet says:

    @8 – I believe people should follow proper support procedures to get their inventory back if in fact they have lost their inventory. If people start circumventing this, Linden’s are probably going to get frustrated at this and probably not listen at all, which is exactly what everyone here is claiming that’s happening. I think the reason people complain when reports like this or others come in about the service failing is because noone understands exactly what’s going on behind the scenes, and therefore everyone jumps to conclusions about “oh, well what were they messing around with this time to create that error” or something like that. Hence, when we get the few reports that actually detail exactly step by step what happens, people understand and there are far less complaints. I would also like to say that just from reading the transcript, and seeing the changes over my time on SL, Linden Labs have come a long way in preventing inventory loss, yet people still complain in the blogs about it. Everyone agrees to the TOS, which clearly states that inventory loss is a risk that you take every time you log on. Think about something else you take risks with everyday with content loss…. hard drives. You start your computer everyday with the risk of losing your files, and when you do, do you complain to the manufacturer that they didnt do enough to protect your data??? The solution is you backup your data, which unfortunately SL does not have a function to do so. So what do you need to do if you want to minimize inventory loss and get a function to backup your data? Well, that’s why we have jira. Log into jira and vote for the feature request concerning backing up ur info on SL. The more votes it has means your showing Linden Labs this matters to you, and they’ll put it as a higher priority. Right now everyone has said they would like the grid more stable, so that is their top priority. In order for them to make the ability to backup data, they have to change the way inventory works to protect you the user from things like copy-bots for example (not the same, but you catch the drift), which takes more people to concentrate on that from grid stability, people that they’ve put out blog posts saying they would like to hire. So, they are doing their best in my opinion. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that I think everyone is just not informed about that leads everyone to guess and assume, which people shouldnt do. So my point, go through the proper channels, and if there’s something you believe should be prioritized, vote for it. Also for the Lindens, please keep up the good work, but also, whenever possible, please include more info in posts, they help a lot in helping people understand.

  34. sandar gausman says:

    Anyone else notice that the textures in the Library have disappeared? Objects that use them are still showing fine, but they are gone.

    and I found a whole lot of invisible objects on my land, just taking up prims. No idea what that was all about!

  35. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Looks like the problem is still ongoing, I just lost one of my sims (private) and there is red all over the map 10:05 SL time

  36. Bunchoo Pfeffer says:

    Well.. I lost a 499 L$ Item (no copy) when I rez it today.
    after endless 3 min I got the message that the Item fail to rez, but dit not return in my Inventory.
    After all… this is not the first time that this happen.. and it will happen again.. next week, next month.. who knows.

    So long only LL CUSTOMERS loss here money and not LL himself its just a small problem.


  37. Eden Rainbow says:

    Nicole Linden, please, the suspense is killing me, what is the carpool?

  38. Farallon Greyskin says:

    So uh, why is it that when a rack of servers goes down, the sims are down for the count? I mean sims move around all the time when they are rebooted. Out of 15,000 active sim servers, how many spares are there? 5?

    Shouldn’t there be like at least maybe 400 spares to take care of being able to take a rack or two off line for maintenence and not have the sims that were on it have no where to go for hours?

    Just askin, this is the kind of redundency planning that is required for a service to be… reliable.

  39. U M says:


  40. Jana Kamachi says:

    @To the linden bashers at the top. If your so almighty, join the Linden team for a week. Lets see what miracles you pull out of a hat.

    @Farallon, think of the cost on that, not only initial purchase, but also paying for their connections and seperate ips, electricity, maintance, ect…

    @U M …. just …. .

  41. U M says:

    sigh.bashing no! Now stop!

  42. Dilynrae Vandyke says:

    I’ve noticed invisible items too… I kept running into something that would stop my progress through a clearly open area so I right clicked the area and inspected the item and found it gave me the take option. I did “Inspect” and found it was a part of an item in my inventory… wierd, because I’ve never set this item out on this land… hmmmmmmmm


  43. Acidtiger Hax says:

    Used Carpool for sale.

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  45. GC Continental says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t mention when a sim is dropping me… now that sim, AND my home sim, AND .. looks like hundreds of others, are all down 😉 What a Saturday.

  46. U M says:

    Anyone else having problems rezzing object? I keep getting data base errors! Seems like the Asset server is having problems again.. 35,000 online at the moment? Um? thats not many for this to occure at the moment.

  47. acidtiger hax says:

    anyone thinking about a new SL B Flick..

    Griefer Madness…

    an inside look at the rotting mind of the common sl thug..

  48. Martin Magpie says:

    400 ouch. Age verification anyone.

  49. Dilynrae Vandyke says:

    They said the problem was fixed… but its obviously not… I got shunted to a neighboring sim because access to mine wasnt available

  50. Farallon Greyskin says:

    The cost? 400 extra regeon servers out of 15,000 is NOT an outrageous %. Seems pretty low actually.

    And if it will reduce downtime by a significant margine (most of the down time lately seems to be related to specific locations or racks or something in the small hundreds of sims) then it is what they MUST DO.

    If my missing sim were for buisness use and my customers couldn’t get to it, LL would be getting a royal earfull instead of just a little chiding 🙂

  51. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    Ouch! Dozens and dozens of sims still red on the big map. Looks like swiss cheese.

    And I was in the zone! My tinker frenzy is slipping!! Bring my home back online! =)

  52. Yami Katayama says:

    resolved? My home is STILL down

  53. To those who think I’m just a complainer.

    Let me be perfectly clear. I want ONE THING and ONE THING only. I want a world that is FREE of bugs, that is stable, and that doesn’t crash every 5 minutes.

    Second Life is a wonderful place to be in, and I want to be in it for another 10 years at least. But, Second Life will die because Linden Lab has turned their back on the BIGGEST BUG ever, and the only thing they can say is, “Am I happy there is content loss? No.” Well, let me be frank, or bob, anway, let me say this, if KONA LINDEN can recover my objects, and I didn’t go through the SUPPORT CHANNELS to get it done, then why can’t KONA LINDEN do it for everyone?

    Aunty Robin, would you like to chime in now?

  54. Crucial Armitage says:

    Besides the region of clarksburg being off line which happens to be a major source of income for me that i pay my LL bills with. I find calling it the “main Second life” instead of “main grid” to be utterly and totally annoying just get rid of the word MAIN and stop confusing every one

    Just call it second life if you don’t want to use the term Main grid.

  55. I cant login,seems there does need to be redudancy,systems built.

  56. Eden Rainbow says:

    an interesting observation:
    While all the sims around me are down, the sim I am in is working much better than usual!!!!!!!

  57. Debbie Wall says:

    how long will Curie be down and why i want to go home

  58. Peggy Paperdoll says:

    31 Jana Kamachi Says:

    September 15th, 2007 at 10:21 PM PDT
    “@To the linden bashers at the top. If your so almighty, join the Linden team for a week. Lets see what miracles you pull out of a hat.

    @Farallon, think of the cost on that, not only initial purchase, but also paying for their connections and seperate ips, electricity, maintance, ect…”

    To the first part. I’m no networking/programmer and have no desire to be either. I’m a consumer……..i use the product being offered. But, if I were a network guru or hot shot programmer and felt I had the experience to fix LL’s problems I would think long and hard about going to work for such a company. Why would I place myself in a position of trying to untangle a very horrible mess with what appears to be less than completely competant fellow employees? It will take a team (a big team) of gurus to fix the mess that SL appears to be. Not one (even a couple dozen) guru could ever do that.

    And to the second part. Why should I (or any other consumer) worry about how much it’s going to cost? When you go into your local grocery store and the shelves are half stocked, the floors sticky wiith uncleaned spills and a quarter of the lights are burned out and you complain………….does the excuse “well that costs a lot of money” fly with you? Not me. To provide adequate service there is a necessary sum of investment that has to be spent……..spend it. If it means passing some or most of the cost off to your consumers then so be it…….but I will judge (using past performance as a method of measurement) whether or not I will accept that added cost. And LL’s past performance isn’t impressing me much.

    I just hate the condenscending tone of some of the “know it alls”.

  59. acidtiger hax says:

    “The operations team had hoped to fix this swiftly, but some content may have been lost before the problem was resolved.”

    I hope dearly you don’t think it is “resolved”.

  60. Ricky Lucero says:

    Wow, 4 hours now, and absolutely NO update. Ridiculous.

  61. Ann Otoole says:

    tsk tsk tsk. all this civil disobedience.

  62. will it be resolved this week?

  63. Lily says:

    IM TO EMAIL STILL DOESN’T WORK !!! As all my im’s get capped I am losing all of them now !

  64. Aenea Nori says:

    My home in Pinswang is still offline.

    Missing: One Sim.

  65. Infrared Wind says:

    Certainly the most sims I’ve seen down at once when they weren’t running maintenance or rolling restarts…I’m sure everything will be fine Monday morning LL time.

  66. Nedria Cyr says:

    Yes, our sim went down JUST as we were ending the voting on our event’s contest…fun fun! Maybe sometime in the next 3 hours I can announce the winners, now that the contest is over…

  67. “Closedthe Carpool” was probably the name of an avatar.

    There’s no such name in the database now. Carpool is an SL last name.

    I suspect the name “Closedthe Carpool” is connected with the slogan you see on so many griefing images “Pool’s Closed”.

    There’s another meaning to the phrase “Closed the carpool” you can find by doing a Google search.

    Nichole may have been trying to send a notice to other Linden staff related to some griefing and sent it to everyone instead of only to staff members, a slip of the finger.

  68. Renee Faulds says:

    @21 Yes but Linden Labs has not got it yet !

    @25 That is the question I have been waiting 2 1/2 days now for LL to answer.

    @26 You have to be joking – support -I ROFL – they do not provide support, how long you been around.

    @27 Yeah it 11:24PM PDT Still no Linden answering this question.

    @39 Here is my crash record so far:And understand I online alot more than other people cause I build structures, furniture, SLx Merchant, SLx terminal host, I run three stores, live on a 8192, rent land and houses, buy and sell property.

    Running Pentium Core 2 Quad 2.66
    2 Gb 800Mhz. RAM
    ASUS P4B 1066 UFB
    NVidia 7200 something at 512 Mb RAM

    9-1 7 times
    9-2 10 times
    9-3 5 times
    9-4 8 times
    9-5 6 times
    9-6 8 times
    9-7 9 times
    9-8 10 times
    9-9 5 times
    9-10 4 times (was out of town most day(
    9-11 8 times
    9-12 6 times
    9-13 6 times
    9-14 5 times (fed up not on)
    9-15 13 times (WOOT WOOT NEW FRIGGIN RECORD !!!!!)

    Premium Membership at 9.95 a month ( that don’t EVER break)

    Times a Linden employee ever gave me a response : 0

    So let’s all throw a BIG party in Austria? WTF up with that when you can’t spend the money fixing the BASICS?

    Bob, we both know this is the only way that people are going to take notice – I don’;t mean Linden Labs takes notice – but the WWW at large. They are going to think , “Yeah I want to be just like those guys”, pay for service, all the bugs, the DOWN time (for the same bugs) lost items jeez I could go on and on.

    What I REALLY love is when I am building, it’s my passion to build nice stuff for SL, I sell it all real cheap, but when I clcik on edit and lock my whole computer up, reboot and start all over it gets to just, well I could say urinate.

    Land for sale real cheap !!! IM me cause I starting to cash out. I am going to take the 6K RL money back out of here.

    Oh and by the way I would like to THANK LL for screwing all SLx’s boxes up with a code change and “STILL” not answering them either. But you know “THEY” figured it out and FIXED it and jeez they even let me know. Like Hi Renee we have the problem fixed with recoding please DL the new white boxes and RE boxes, we have refunded the last 19 listing and apologize for the disruption in our services. Guess what they answer emails AND BUG REPORTS !! KUDOS SLx !!!

    It is now 11:47PM and I have no answer to my original question, but I understand LL employees are going to have to scroll way friggin back to find out what that original question was.


  69. ShyM says:

    Am I the only one getting a login packet not received error?

  70. Calin McKinney says:

    Again, the possibly unfair banning discussed above brings to light the need, as I have said before, for some kind of SL court and jury that folks can bring their cases to for review and a decision. Maybe instead of banning someone…SL could assign them a court date where they would be able to plead their case and answer their accusers in front of a jury of their peers…other SL customers/members. We just need to figure out what to do with the accused avatar when the court dates begin to fill up and their date may not be for a few weeks?? SL Jail? Bail? Is this SL or RL??? In reality, one could limit an avatar’s powers for a bit until their court date…such as not allow them to script, buy, or sell, but they could still communicate with others as they prepare their case.

    Any ideas from others on this??

  71. Eden Rainbow says:

    I suspect Nicloe was saying that unoccupied sims were being shut down. It was probably intended as an internal notice.

  72. Calin McKinney says:

    Oh, and you all have to take a turn on the jury too!

  73. Renee Faulds says:

    To all the people saying stuff is down there is an electrical problem, That was posted on the blog and on the view boot. Odessa Elegant is up and running come on over and party and watch me build the newest house.

    Oppps – sorry blog down too

  74. Redmoonblade says:

    Closingthe Carpool was a /b/tard that attacked multiple sandboxes. And i happened to stray into one of the sims he had ahold of. The spam froze my sl and i crashed.

  75. Renee Faulds says:

    and @ whoever it was – no I don’t have to be a premium member, I CHOSE to be one.

    So jokes on me cause I paid for this abuse.


  76. Tarl Carbetta says:

    How about my home? Whole regions are still missing. Does this mean everything in them will be lost? When will this be fixed? How can we “live” like this? My property thinks I have banned them from my home. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. starhunter Gall says:

    Yes closethe Carpool was a avatar, he had nailed my friend with spam noticed causing her to crash, then my home sim nakaa went offline with many others

  78. Harald Nomad says:

    “26 Jman Udet Says:
    @8 – I believe people should follow proper support procedures to get their inventory back if in fact they have lost their inventory.”

    Only one response to this one: “HA!” Ever tried that? Maybe Kona can give Frontier a kick in the youknowwhere for doing every problem away with sending a standard file with unrelated junk – with the header “We have solved your problem” That really does it and is far worse than the loss itself.

    If Linden Lab showed an inch of interest, they would get all the details they ever wanted and then some. But by insulting residents in stating a problem is solved because they sent a form answer, they’ll never get a decent response.

    Why is the inventory counter still used if it’s so inaccurate? Why not just delete all non-functional code and don’t put it back till it works? Why not set up a functional and efficient bug reporting and support request system? Why not make themselves more available? Takes more personnel? Guess again. Now most Lindens are running around (if ‘running’ is appropriate) pointlessly chasing bugs that are caused by other bugs (aka “features”), caused by yet other bugs, etc. etc. And have to deal with the frustration of residents.

    Make no mistake, residents like Bob Bundenfeld have been around longer than most Linden Lab employees. When he says something, I wouldn’t believe a Linden contradicting him (one or two maybe).

    Getting back to “running”: whenever I see the ‘old’ Lindens like Michael and Jeff running around (loging on/off/on/off), then I know there’s something going on. They don’t come in world for a chat anymore. Usually this is confirmed by a blog entry hours later, and their presence in-world confirms that the problems I’m having and the problems people report to me (they have to check with someone, by lack of Linden Lab support) are serious. So they’re doing something alright – it’s not all bad guys 😉

    What’s bad about it is the lack of support, the lack of taking responsibility, the toying around with residents. In short, Jman, “follow proper support procedures” is far worse than the reason for needing support. It’s utterly frustrating, humiliating, and whatnot to have to read the careless, unrelated, and pointless answers. Or in other words: there are no proper support procedures! There’s nothing proper about them.

    Lotte, are you reading any of this? Check Crucial’s comments please and use “grid” where appropriate. It does make a difference.

    One final note: why would anyone be surprised of this? Linden Lab announced maintenance well in advance, and we all know what maintenance on a weekend leads to. Low and behold, related or not, fate just has it that it’s once again proven to be true. Outage on a weekend leads to more outage.

    And one more for Kona Linden: When Second Life software reports items to be missing from database (“Failed to find bodypart/clothing suchandsuch in database”, “Unabled to find object thisandthat in database”) what does that have to do with (non)supported hardware? Kona then shows this indeed has little to do with (non)supported hardware, by retrieving those items.

    In my experience, most if not all of the items that are reported missing from database, are found back later, sometimes much later. One tip of Frontier does seem to help: go around from region to region, until you finally find one that can get access to those items missing from inventory. May take a day to do so, and does not guarantee that those items are still available next day, but at least it shows that they can be retrieved. All depends on the mood of the servers (ah, that’s where supported hardware comes in!), network outages, grid attacks, power plant replacements, and greenies. Blaming residents’ computer is much easier and so is confusing them with pointless information.

    Also, Jman, don’t think too much of ToS. It has bitten Linden Lab in the behind more than once. A company can’t just write up anything and expect it to stick in court. Court has shown them in place often enough.

    Bob, there’s only one Kona. With the mess the data(retrieving) is in, it would take an army to recover everything continuously. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not such a bad idea at all to stop all new development and get everything fixed first. How long can LL try to do things differently? How long will they go on until they see that this is not the way to go? How long does it take until they have to admit that the chosen path does not bring any solutions? How long to understand that there are way too many employees busy doing the wrong things? And yes, Bob, you have to stay longer, you got life, remember?

    “Need help? Please visit our Support Page”
    Thank you for your patience

  79. Make no mistake friends, I’m in this for the long-haul. Even as I get myself banned from the world (yes on purpose), I do so to prove a point, and that point is, Linden Lab doesn’t like critics.

    The problem is my overlords, you fail to know just how MANY alts I have, or can create just because I have a phone book sitting here. You don’t think things through as we have said in the past, but then again, WE, the RESIDENTS are usually at fault when things go wrong.

    What I really despise about all of this, is the lengths I’ve had to go to get some sort of response out of Robin or Philip. I used to count these people as friends, but when I have to post such things to SHAME THEM to respond, can a friendship survive that? I’m sorry if it can’t Robin and Philip, but I got a bigger problem to worry about then your hurt feelings; like IF there will be a Second Life in 18 months.

    By the way you have run things into the ground, I just don’t see how it will happen.

  80. Raban Laborde says:

    Some Content may be lost…

    Many thanks to 6000 L$ are gone!

  81. Magnuz Binder says:

    I’ve spent some 4 months in Second Life now, both on an official business to evaluate it as a possible platform for a virtual campus for my university, learning and evaluating interface, navigation, building, scripting, social interaction and a number of other factors, but also for my own enjoyment. By the end of this month I’ll hand in my report and recommendation to the university. Although I admit I personally enjoy SL when it works as intended, which I unfortunately have statistics on is being more and more scarce over the 4 months I’ve spent here, and of which the present outage is just another sign, my recommendation will not be a positive one.

    SL has two major issues which discourages from using it as a teaching platform.

    The first issue is obvious to most of its users: The instability of the platform, with frequent both planned and unplanned outages, and temporary or seemingly permanent loss of functionality and inventory. Postponing seminars or interactive presentations by expensive external lecturers, or having staff lose many hours of work they’ve invested in developing SL teaching material, because a piece of hardware got the hickups or some nerd wanted to try out a nifty new feature on an obviously already overloaded frame is simply not an option.

    The second issue is probably not as obvious to most regular SL users: The system and its user interface is far too complex and poorly structured for most potential users to engage in. The fact that only some 200,000-300,000 of the registered almost 10,000,000 accounts are frequent users should be an alert. After asking a number of colleagues, students and friends to try SL, the result could be summarized as “I came, I saw, I gave up”. An investment of a number of USD 100,000 can simply not be justified if it shuts out some 90-95% of the people who are supposed to benefit from it.

    Personally, I will probably stay in Second Life after finishing my report and thereby most probably also the suggested “Second Campus Project” for my university. I will use SL as an interesting if yet expensive sandbox, at least for someone like me who enjoys creating on a rather large scale. But with the lack of strategy, will, capacity, competence, care and/or understanding from Linden Labs towards it customers, I doubt it will ever be anything else. When, not if, competitors who offer better service in the virtual world area shows up, I will however move my business to them and perhaps even be able to make it a real and profitable business.

  82. Hi, just a quick question if I may, my sim is one of those which are effected by this continuing network problem.

    What are the guidelines to claiming some of paid-in-advance island tier back for the inconvenience of not being able to use my island, and does this apply to renters on the island for their loss of income?

    Otherwise, you’re all doing a great job, just work out the bugs before adding more stuff to the stockpile of already unstable things and we’re all set.

  83. Blinders Off says:

    Might Linden Lab enlighten us on exactly what “some content may have been lost” means?

  84. glow Raymaker says:

    WOW congradulations SL>
    You talk about providing a program that is tailored to business and building by residents.
    But the culmionation of days of work building up a new range of prim boots went down the drain. Some have changed to the wrong dimensions. Some changed to previous colour or texture settings, that dont match the rest anymore!

    Now if it was just a matter of rejigging the setings again i could live with that! However MY fully built from scratch creations cant be modified by me now!!!

    So now i have to start from scratch and rebuild days of prim work. Gee thanks SL, what would we do if you werent there to keep us busy?
    Get a stress free life perhaps? I dont get this stressed playing 1st person wargames! And they are well documented for causing stress related problems and dissorders 😦

  85. I am guessing they are refering to Private islands and articles on SIM’s which are offline

  86. Aphrodite Tagore says:

    My beautiful skin is gone! My avatar! I hope it can be recovered in the system. I am so so sad. I was pretty, it was totally custom, and the textures used in it no longer exist. I, well, I am just so lost…

  87. Sakura Seigo says:

    Is the problem still at the grid?
    I can login but i can do nothing. i dont see my avatar and get no data from the grid what should i do…?

  88. Les Korda says:

    i cant log in? does everyone have this problem? also i have alot of L$ will i lose them? i mean like over 2mil

  89. Damen Hax says:

    There was a car pool?..

    Hard to find someone that hasn’t lost something. If items are copy enabled (as the majority should be), making copies and putting them into a folder named ‘Storage~ is not a silly idea. If something expensive is no copy, IM the creator and ask why.

  90. Alexandra Rucker says:

    @ 19 Charlie Vanalten
    “Close the carpool” doesn’t mean anything in computerspeak either.

  91. glow Raymaker says:

    These 100 spots are too valuable for ppl to waste on glib 1 liners!

    Many items are lost in moving or a weird glitch that moves them when you click on them. Use search to find if its moved to a weird spot. But the folder thats highlited is usually the place its gone to. So take a sec to see its actually gone where you actually wanted it to!

    One really pissy feature i see is how items that you create become uneditable by the creator! Thats truely SL at its worst.

    Recently i see items that you move bouncing back and forward like yoyos between the starting and final destination you select for them. Now thats wat seems to be a problem created by conflicting layers of fixes on fixes, instead or rewriting the original script to remove all those complex layers!

    So SL fix the grid by makeing it more stable by simplifying the mish mash of fix layers that cause a lot of the problems.

    IE stabile the grid!

  92. Spyke Lesse says:

    SIMs are down all over the grid. My home is down. My places of employment and my shops are down. And the cause is what? LINDEN LABS and their lousy service. Don’t get me wrong, I love SL, I just celebrated my SLbday a few days ago and I wouldn’t trade that year for the world. But LL is a disgrace. I cannot believe how ridiculously slow they are with any support or bug fixes, and on the EXTREMELY rare occasion when you do find a Linden online and willing to talk to you, they are generally rude and snappy, no matter how nice you are to them.

    This has simply been my personal experience, and it’s not meant to hurt anybody at LL’s feelings. I’m just sharing what I’ve been through with LL. Sorry if facts offend. Truth hurts.

  93. I asked weeks ago, if there a revolution is beginning to start.
    Well, let me say it in this way…first steps are made…the “folk” is not satisfied, the “folk” is losing money and things, the “folk” start to ask uncomfortable questions, the “folk” is getting aggresive…
    hmmm…i dont know much about policy or social structures, but what i feel very good is when people are lying and people are getting pissed, its a gift that is given to me and somehow i agree with the oppinion, that Second Life wont survive very long, you know why Linden Lab.
    The “REBELS” of Computer Technology were always and will be always faster, smarter and more logical than the companies that claim to be the inventors of new technologies….okay okay maybe too far away from the subject we are talking about here.
    But what about the view, that Second Life gets more and more a very bad copy of our RL…let me see…too much bitchy sex, to many people losing faith, many people that act like
    “OH…wtf do i have to care for that…?” or
    “Oh, i can mute people and even bann them, GREAT…i am like a GOD!”
    Well…as i said, i dont know much about policy, but i saw and felt what FASCISM is…and…once again…
    Ohhhh….just for the statistics, i choose the side of REBELS, I feel much better with that decision, and i confess Linden Lab, every little thing that IS AGAINST the Residents or every VOICE you dont wanna hear, dear Lindens, it will cause you more problems than you can imagine.
    You buy your NETWORK PROFESSIONALS and you PAY THEM, but PASSION and being in TOUCH with the truth is much more stronger, Ladies and Gentleman of LL. To explain that in a picture way somehow, check out the link i give to you and replace AMERICA with SECOND LIFE, wow, wow, can you see, almost like TWINS.

    Good morning America, good night World 😉

  94. Jan Lowey says:

    I wonder my traffic numbers, when ALL my shops are down since over 10 hours and don’t seem to come back up soon. Not to mention my income. A good thing Avatars do not have to buy food.

  95. nobody says:

    Why americans never apologize for inconveniences? This surprises me.

  96. Chrysala Desideri says:

    Arthure is right. We need more cowbell, baby!

  97. Morwen Bunin says:

    “Let me be perfectly clear. I want ONE THING and ONE THING only. I want a world that is FREE of bugs, that is stable, and that doesn’t crash every 5 minutes.”

    Then Bob, online communities are not your place to be… there will always be bugs, always be crashes, always be problems, always lost items…..

    The condition you set don’t even go for RL… Go figure…


  98. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Bob, while you may provide facts to support your viewpoint, you really come across as a propagandist.

  99. TreyK says:

    Haven’t been able to log in for over 12 hours. It always fails after Waiting for Network Handshake, with this error: “Unable to connect. Login packet never received by network server.” Is the the same symptom that most others are seeing?

  100. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #26 (Jman Udet): “I believe people should follow proper support procedures to get their inventory back if in fact they have lost their inventory. If people start circumventing this, Linden’s are probably going to get frustrated at this and probably not listen at all, which is exactly what everyone here is claiming that’s happening.”

    Exactly. But Bob is trying to do the opposite and campaigning (with propaganda even) for people to “flood support” etc. The way to fix SL is not to attack LL, but to use the proper channels such as JIRA and NOT FLOOD the communication channels.

    People should relialize this is a pioneer world where you may be at total risk. If you’re not prepared to take that risk, you should not be here much less putting money into it.

  101. Siena Masala says:

    Why does my minimap go red then i can’t move – I can see everyone else but they can see me and only hear my voice – this only happened after the 18:2 client – it suxs – is there a fix for this? does anyone have the same problem?

  102. Ron Crimson says:

    Bravo, JetZep. We need more smart thinkers like you around. A LOT more. 🙂

  103. gutterblood spoonhammer says:

    People, stop complaining. LL cannot just hit one button and fix a major network problem, things like this take time. I see kerik up their complained about being banned for two weeks or whatever without cause. Ive been banned for over two weeks with no response also, its just a matter of playing favorites to the lindens.

  104. U M says:

    “Exactly. But Bob is trying to do the opposite and campaigning (with propaganda even) for people to “flood support” etc. The way to fix SL is not to attack LL, but to use the proper channels such as JIRA and NOT FLOOD the communication channels.”

    How you noticed that the support portal is not getting back to problem today?

  105. subjan Cruddas says:

    My whole shop is gone!
    now for 12 ours
    what can I do?

  106. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @68 Morwen, you are right there will probably ALWAYS be bugs in SL but that doesn’t mean we should just accept it! Bob has a perfectly legitimate right to demand and expect the very best of service for everyone, but at the moment MANY of us are feeling that LL has just given up and, rather than admit it, they’re letting it all fall apart (and I emphasise MANY because I know that many of you are quite happy with what you are getting out of SL – well, it’s your right to say that too!).

    @70 JetZep You say that the way to fix SL is not to flood the communication channels. But these blogposts are exactly that – COMMUNICATION CHANNELS! It’s how we (the community) get a chance to express ourselves and communicate with those who post the Blogs – in this case the Bloggers are Linden Labs.
    This is the whole purpose of a Blogpost JetZep. The Blogger puts up a communication and ‘the community’ responds to that communication by either expressing their opinion about the Blog remark, or offering suggestions and/or criticisms.
    When LL do not respond to customers submissions through JIRA, Support Post, etc – then the logical place to go is to the Blogpost!
    For the last few days Bob Bunderfeld, Renee Faulds, myself and others have resorted to this method of COMMUNICATING with Linden Labs because we are not getting ANY support or liaison through the usual channels.
    If things are fine for you at the moment well good luck! And I’m happy you feel you can express that satisfaction through these LL Blogposts. But don’t say that others don’t have the same right to use the same forum for expressing their DISsatisfaction!

  107. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Bob Bunderfield writes:
    “Make no mistake friends, I’m in this for the long-haul. Even as I get myself banned from the world (yes on purpose), I do so to prove a point, and that point is, Linden Lab doesn’t like critics. … The problem is my overlords, you fail to know just how MANY alts I have, or can create just because I have a phone book sitting here.”

    Creepy. Not the acts, but the stating of it. What next Bob? Industrial sabotage? Death threats?

    Hey what if Closingthe Carpool is Bob Bunderfield. I wouldnt be suprised. =D

    Anyway, I was playing RL in dreamworld while all this failure occured.

    I hope things have settled because I’m going to login now. If things are fairly stable, great! I’m going to create things, if they get lost, too bad, I’ll have to create them again. Practice makes perfect. Someday soon the lost items bug will be fixed or simply added as a random feature in the game of “life”, i.e.: “Notice: You’re item has been sucked into the void, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do no collect $200. Please try again, better luck next time”).

  108. Anio Abramovic says:

    I didn’t recieve any confirmation e-mail , neither can I sign in here , or on the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please help me

  109. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Klaatu, don’t flood support channels.

    Boycott Bob, and support the residents who feel just as strongly but have a more practical approach than Bob’s “Flood support” idea.

  110. U M says:

    If you can get support. That is……. I don`t know about you but for over 12 hours i havent been able to get any support.

  111. Yifei says:

    Need to know that is the problem (lost network connectivity) still exist now? The blog message haven’t make it clear… thx

  112. Astarte says:

    I agree with Bob in all of this. My partner lost a photo studio. He told them the full correct name, that actual sim this took place on, the time, and the co-ordinates of the item at time of disappearance. All he got was sorry, no way to recover it !!!! That 3k item has gone. Thank god it was a copy. If it had been no-copy we would have been truely pissed, that the Lindens would do nothing.

    But I am not asking for failsafe inventory yet. We need a stable platform, that actually works. I will put up with inventory loss for a bit if I can see improvements in grid performance. All I have seen so far with all the updates since July, is that the grid is becoming more and more unstable. And certain sims are become a total waste of time as far as I’m concerned, because that are becoming so laggy.

    And ARs….. don’t get me started on those. The system is badly flawed and totally ineffective as it stands at the moment.

  113. anylyn hax says:

    I whould like to ask Nicole Lindenmayer or Lindenbaumer what she wanted to express with “Closet! Its the Carpool!”
    She said it 20:33 in Cortina, and keept shouting some very diry words that I cannot reproduce here because my rabi is reading this perhaps.
    After She said it I got about one trilion Permissionrequests for some animation.
    After I been giving them all NO!, I needed to reboot.

  114. Ciara Hutchinson says:

    Could somebody help? I think I lost my second AVA. It looks like that surtain cloth doesn’t go together and you will crash. I try now for 2 days (with permanent reloaden) to get my AVA back. Would it be possible to have the inventory in our program files so we can change our appearance when off-line to prevent a loss of AVA.

  115. glow Raymaker says:

    Pissing in the wind is just stupid.
    Flooding support just makes it harder to get services focused on what really needs attention.
    If you want to protest LL then hold off spending money on SL, till they fix the majority of problems.
    But also let them know you intend to hold back money to SL till they sort out the mess of patches LL calls the grid!

    LLs main focus is on catering to more corporations, like the 1s nuked by protesters not long back. Haha Yeah i read about it in a recient computer magazine. But I dont recommend nuking their sims either, as thats petty and woulkd just bring the whole grid down!

    Holding back your financial support is what LL understands, and what motivates them.
    Corporations wont pay LL enough if ppl wont spend money or time in SL.

  116. Jet:

    While you may jest and say I might be the mysterious “Closedthe Carpool” figure, let me state categorically that I DO NOT support these types of attacks. They make Second Life and the GRID suffer as much as the programmers of Second Life themselves do.

    I am ALL for flooding the Support Channel with re-opening old Support Tickets that YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE YOU FELT HELPED YOUR PROBLEM OR DID NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. How is this a hinderance to Suppport? This system was setup so you could do just that, and if you are now saying that following Linden Lab own rules is wrong, then what more can we do to SAVE Second Life? As long as there is a way to re-open Support Tickets, then I say go for it, and make these people pay attention to your problem. Don’t let them artifically inflate their numbers by passing an article to you that tells you how to search your inventory. Support is supposed to be just that, SUPPORT. So let them get off their laze butts and do their job!

  117. JetZep Zabelin says:

    You’re not making sense Astarte. If your $L3K (about $12US) item was a copy, then you didnt lose 3k. You lost a FREE copy of the 3k item.

    And inventory Loss is related to grid instability. If all you’ve seen in update s since July is more unstableness then you don’t really know whats going on.

  118. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Bob, you’re misusing the term “FLOOD”. I think you either dont understand flood in relation to computers, or you are intentionally greifing the support system with a flood.

  119. Kerik Rau says:

    82. “You’re not making sense Astarte. If your $L3K (about $12US) item was a copy, then you didnt lose 3k. You lost a FREE copy of the 3k item.”

    Yes but they may have put many textures or set time configuring something. Think of it like this say your computer randomly disappeared or blew up but you were able to replace it. How would you feel if you had to spend time setting everything back up? What is to say that it wont blow up in the future and you wont beable to get a copy back?

  120. Lee Payne says:

    Hello i cannot get on my account it says Login Failed Second Life Cannot Be Accessed From This Computer If You Feel Like This Is An Error Please Contact……. Some please help me solve this problem email me at please . thanks

  121. Jet:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m using the term FLOOD exactly as I think it should be used. Tell me, because you don’t like my choice of words, does it invalidate the whole arguement?

    Now step off your grammar-nazi soapbox and deal with the real issue. Linden Lab has/is turning a BLIND EYE to support and it’s time they own up to it, change it, and make sure it never happens again!

  122. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Kerik, I’ve done that many times over the last 20 years.

    Astarte could have taken a copy of the configured/loaded item.

    Yes we could use more stability in SL and that will prevent most inventory loss i think i hope…. But confusing the issues of a lost COPY item to support Bob’s FLOOD SUPPORT is not practical.

  123. JetZep Zabelin says:

    You step down Bob. You want to be banned and your goading the system to do it to you.

  124. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Bob writes: “the real issue”…”Linden Lab has/is turning a BLIND EYE to support”.


  125. Calin McKinney says:

    Jet, Bob just want the game and the support response to be better for all of us, and yes, just cause you lost a ‘copy’ of an object does not mean it is no big deal. And if your attitude is “well, I’ll just have to re-create it…practice makes perfect…” then it is obvious that you have not ever spent hours and hours making something of complexity or beauty. That is RL time someone has put into working with the SL software…and to have it vanish is horrible. I agree with Bob…SL support should be all about making sure lost inventory is found as one of their top priorities…and the programmers need to fix that bug plus give us a way to back inventory up.

    Go Bob!

  126. d3adlyc0d3c says:

    Hello thar, this is d3adlyc0d3c of the Patriotic Nigras. You have just witnessed epic pwnage. Also I AM A PROUD JEW.

  127. Kerik Rau says:

    86. “Astarte could have taken a copy of the configured/loaded item.”

    Right…so it is up to us to supposedly “back up” our inventory. Don’t forget that inventory losses don’t just effect items in world, chances are someday you will loose something expensive completely (even if it is copy) at the going rate. LL doesn’t care and the support system is largely ignored for errors that “cannot be reproduced”.

    Obviously if you can’t track down an issue with a known quantity (ie items with the owner key of the avatar) then you have some serious design issues that need to be fixed.

  128. Ann Otoole says:

    For those interested in having more knowledge about the missing inventory thing and where exactly do those objects go I invite you to read this blog post:

    Not complaining. Just providing some background info on a current hot topic. As for me I have had some release candidate viewer freezes but for the most part have been totally unaffected by the situation that is the topic of this blog entry.

  129. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #89 Calin, I have spent tens of thousands of hours creating “objects” in RL. Each of those “objects” spend hundreds of hours in cad design before they are built and yes I have lost probably about a thousand hours of time in lost/corrupted design files. That is RL. Lost items in SL is nothing compared to that. If you want SL fixed, then use the proper channels and dont flood those channels.

  130. Jet:

    Use the proper channels and don’t flood them.

    Explain to me, please, how filing a Support Ticket for a lost item in-world is wrong. Then, explain to me, how keeping that Support Ticket open until you get satisfaction is wrong.

    You see, Linden Lab gave us the Support system, and within it, we are allowed to re-open these tickets if they are NOT satisfactorily handled. Now if I espouse that people go back and re-open their Support Tickets that they didn’t get any satisfaction from since Linden Lab closed them, how is it I’m asking anyone to FLOOD anything? I’m just using the tools Linden Lab gave us to use, or is that something we shouldn’t rely on now?

  131. Luis Obscure says:

    I was (today Sunday) in Obscure Sandbox and the Sim crashes with “the server is experimenting problems” message.

  132. sabba says:

    and u say MS software is not affordable 🙂
    let them run this and uìll get 24/7 🙂

  133. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I never said filing support tickets or following them up is wrong.

    You ask “how is it I’m asking anyone to FLOOD anything?”

    It’s the title of your article on your blog. To me, it is pretty obvious from blogs, etc. that many (possibly even most) people dont really read things to full comprehension. They glance at the header and breifly skim over the body then assume they know whats being said and their actions follow. Damaging.

    Your cause is good, but I think your presentation can cause confusion which leads to more problems which are more harmful than good

  134. d3adlyc0d3c says:

    This is d3adlyc0d3c of the Patriotic Nigras. Nicole Linden said ‘Close the Carpools’ because she is a griefer IRL. SHe just blew her cover (DAMNIT!) by accidentally announcing a meme to the entire grid (yes it is officially a meme now)

  135. SHIHI LAA says:

    Since Friday 7th September 2007 ALL FIVE MEMBERS of my GROUP”CONFRATERNITY”have been CRASHING every ten minutes or so.
    Now to add the the HORROR all of us cannot TP home to BEWITCHED but find ourselves “LOGGED OUT OF SL”.


    REplies to us c/o DREAMWORLD angel CARCINIA. I thank you. 😦

  136. Wlfric says:

    Well… I’d say that those hopping up and down over losing purchased inventory items remember that the next time they are looking at, say, a horse selling for the equivalent of $14US….
    If you spend your cash on a DIGITAL artifact that cannot be held in your hand it can be lost.
    Now had your land (server space) been lost then, yeah, get upset.

    Another thing of note… If you spend months having a house built in RL and it gets blown down by a tornado you’re going to have to spend months rebuilding it and it sucks. 🙂 SL is just imitating RL yet again, though probably not by the design of the programers.

  137. element says:

    I demand utopia

  138. If those that read my blog, only read the headers, they miss out on much then, and that’s their own issue, not mine, not yours.

    I’m certainly NOT going to put in a BLOG TITLE that explains my position in detail, just so you think it’s more “responsible”. Blog Titles are meant to be sensational in a small way. It causes the reader to actually read.

    Ok kids, enough of BLOGGING 101, now how about let’s talk about Linden Lab and their insistence on providing Preferrential Treatment to some, but not all?

  139. Cliff Dieffenbach says:


    Oh and Bob, copying/logging private messages isn’t against the TOS, but sharing them is. A world of difference.

  140. Decker Burt says:

    … I think I’m gonna wait this one out. Give me a shout when LL fixes SL *Goes off to find if he still has a First Life*

  141. Cliff:

    Linden Lab is free to take upon me any measures they see fit. I’m sure when the Media Reports start coming out though, some reporters might question just WHY a company would do that, when a Resident is only interested in bringing Second Life back to it’s hey-day.

    If Linden Lab proves to be the spiteful children they seem to be, so be it, but that won’t stop me from doing what needs to be done to save Second Life, a world I truly enjoy and want to continue for years to come.

  142. Morwen Bunin says:

    And with flooding of the support channels you it for all of us

  143. U M says:

    Well if you can get help to start with.

  144. Sammy says:


  145. Harald Nomad says:

    For Jetzep and all the newbies who are not clear about who’s who in Second Life:

    Bob Bunderfeld is one of the pillars of the Second Life community. Without people like him, there wouldn’t be a Second Life community. People like Bob contributed more to this world than any Linden Lab employee.

    Bob has helped more newbies finding their way around in Second Life and making them feel more comfortable here than any single Linden Lab employee. And with him many others, Bob just happens to be the target of attack by people who don’t know adam from eve. Before making a fool of yourself, it may help to check someone’s profile – could actually be quite educational.

    That gives Bob every right to speak up when he sees a wrong. Bob has worked with Linden Lab in many ways to improve the community and improve the experience. Bob also knows that it is unlikely he will ever get banned, because Philip, Daniel and others at Linden Lab who make the calls know what Bob has done for them. They may not always like him speaking up this way, but I’m pretty sure they know how important it is for people like Bob to speak up and act as a better form of Quality Assurance than they could ever set up internally.

    Sometimes you just have to speak from the back of your throat in order to get the attention that the situation deserves. We can’t just all pretend there’s nothing wrong and give tips that tell how to move your camera where it shouldn’t be. It’s not a good thing when residents have to turn to people like Bob in order to get the support they should be getting from Linden Lab.

    When Bob needs to use these channels to get a matter across, then you know that it is really serious. You know every other way of communicating the issues at hand have been exhausted. You know that Linden Lab needs a serious wake up call to rethink their current course.

    When Bob speaks, you better listen, like Linden Lab should (and usually does). All this is about getting Linden Lab to work *WITH* the community again, instead of working AGAINST it. If we ever get to elect a new Governor, Bob would be your best candidate.

    None of this has much to do with Network Connectivity Problems, so read fast, before it gets deleted 😉

    Thank you for your patience.

  146. Troy says:

    You have some dumb dumb systems LL. loseing things. you make people afraide to loose things. You LLs are a real kick in the balls il tell you.

  147. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @76 Thanks for your gratuitous advice JetZep, asking me not to follow Bob’s lead by ‘flooding’ the channels to get attention to our problems. For your information. I have been posting complaints on this channel for weeks trying to get LL to do something about issues that are affecting SL residents. I only came across Bob’s blogposts here recently and immediately recognised that he was someone of experience who is talking sense. I don’t ‘follow’ anyones lead, I make my own way in these worlds – both SL and RL. But I will happily cheer and applaud someone who has the guts to speak out when things are going wrong.

  148. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    They Already fixed a couple off nice things, if you have an object out on the land and do a take and the asset server hicked poof gone.

    Not anymore folks, now you get a msg, server could not solve in timely matter, the object is placed back on the sim. That saved me a real nice dance floor from 5 k. So they try to solve and make it stable indeed. And the support has been always nice and correct to me. But it would be better for both sides if they could find a way to make the user responable for his own invent backup.

  149. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @102 Harald, thanks for that short bio on Bob. Now that I know a bit more about him my respect for him has grown enormously.
    As someone famous once said (I forget who): “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.
    You tell it like it is Bob!

  150. Hecaeta says:

    RE: 102

    I will print a retraction for my comment concerning Mr. Bunderfeld. While the comment was not direct at him but to the complaint in general about lost items. I fear that one posted complaint will generate multiple “copy-cat” claims.

    One issue that I will address is the “little blue box” comment.
    How in the devil can they get a message in-world if the grid crashes?

  151. Hecaeta:

    The point of the message in-world, by which I was not making but fully support, is this.

    Lindens know full well when SIMs are crashing head over tail. They get immediate reports and rush to go online and see if these reports are true.

    At this time, while the problem is occuring, they should IMMEDIATELY send a world-wide message to all still logged in, telling the Residents to take extra pre-cautions over the next few hours because they are seeing multiple GRID failures.

    This is really something that shouldn’t even have to be brought up IMO. This is a basic customer service offering that has been done in just about every other Online World and used to be done in Second Life.

    Back in Beta, we used to see hiccups like this all the time, as soon as they would start though, some Linden, usually HANEY would say, “We are currently experiencing GRID wide problems with SIM failings. We are looking into this matter now, please proceed with caution until further notice. Thank you for your patience.” Funny how I remember that, but you know, I remember GOOD customer support too, and HANEY was damn good at it. Too bad he’s no longer around, Haney, you leave and LL goes to hell in a handbasket!

  152. Ann Otoole says:

    LL used to send out advisories about content loss potential when things were not right. I don’t see why it is a bad idea. It is the right thing to do to be better safe than sorry. After all the Metaverse is not going to implod into dark matter if people follow advisories for a few hours or so.

    /me curiously notes the 100 comment limit has been raised.

  153. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Norman, I don’t believe you and I don’t care who you are. You and Bob are expecting us to TRUST your judgement. Why trust Bob while he resorts to name calling. Not a Governer candidate. He’s trying to muster up discontent against those he deems “lazy” / “lethargic” etc. when I see a lot of hard work and frustration.

  154. Peggy Paperdoll says:

    I’m going to chime in one more time to the folks who repeatedly tell us about how patient (or understanding, or sympathic, or you name it) we should be about LL’s problems with stability and platform problems. Actually most of are savy enough with computers and software to know there will always be issues and problems……be it user based or provider based. We are not entirely stupid about such things. But the day we just lay down and accept the issues and problems we experience due to imperfections with no way to address them is the day the platform/software fails……’s done and dead.

    We should demand issues being “fixed”. We all know that’s not a possibility in reality………but just because of that fact we never should just lay down and “live” with it. If we don’t try to get it fixed, it never well be fixed. By fixed I mean improved. To tell me and others the obvious that perfection is near impossible is giving up on advancing……..that is insulting my intelligence. You same people will tell me that SL is “cutting edge”………….I say hogwash!!! SL is not cutting edge if it does not work most of the time……..the idea is cutting edge. The platform is not (doesn’t live up the idea). It’s a beta program that many of us pay for the “honor” of testing. That, in itself is not all that bad IF THERE IS A WAY TO REPORT ISSUES AND HAVE THEM PROPERLY RESONDED TO AND ADDRESSED. That is the insulting part.

    LL is allowing SL to degrade to a second rate online program. And many of us take issue with that……….and we should. I will not excuse LL for ignoring us. It’s their responsibility to listen to us…………and even learn from us. Collectively we are much smarter and creative that Linden Lab. Don’t ever tell me to shut up. And thats the way I feel LL has done me.

  155. Sharpknife, while I fully support what Linden Lab has done, I say it’s NOT EVEN CLOSE to what they should be doing now.

    Come back with me a couple years, when Second Life was young, and just turning into a production environment. Linden Lab made an astounding and quite frankly gaming shaking decision. Beta members already in-world, could buy LifeTime accts for a pretty sweet price, and those that did would get to keep everything they already had. Doing this put Second Life on the map in the gaming world, then shortly after that, Uncle Philip announced that Residents retain the rights over their Virtual Property. So, we control what becomes of our builds, creations, etc. Another stunning Linden Lab step, one that was hailed far and wide across the gaming community. It was around this time that other Gaming Companies began to take notice of Linden Lab, and have pretty decent things to say about them.

    The world was simple back then, we had gone from 12 SIMs from when I started, to 40, to 120, to 500, to over 1000, and back then I thought, “My god this is HUGE, can they really support this many sims?” Well, that question was prophetic in a sense, because it brought to light things that started to happen. Little bugs began appearing in everyday life. They were little things, nothing to get worked up over, and we were promised by Linden Lab that they were being worked on. Well, patch days came and went, and some people began to notice that things were going into Second Life that weren’t FIXES, but enhancements. We were told to wait then, that they had to get the groundwork laid to do this right. We kept silent, but wary still. Then Linden Lab started announcing one enhancement after another, and all these bugs stayed without getting fixed. It became so ridiculous that many of my “old timer” brethren left the world, then be bothered with it anymore. This has been the pattern with Linden Lab over the past couple of years. Promising changes and fixes and such, while instead, they pile on enhancement after enhancement that do nothing but cause an already bloated program to have more bugs and more problems. I see announcements on my IM at least weekly now, sometimes daily, from another old-timer friend who’s giving up the fight. It’s not they don’t like Second Life, but they are tired of waiting for Linden Lab to live up to their promises and fix the world that we once enjoyed so much. There used to be a time in our world, when you could take a speedboat and travel 3 hours without a glitch on the water. Try that today and you are lucky to go 20 minutes. There used to be a time in Second Life when you could build a perfect structure, link it all together, and it stayed perfect. Try that now and watch everything bend out of position. There used to be a time when you could have 5 to 10 people in your house visiting, and you could talk for hours and hours, try that now and see how quickly someone crashed.

    Linden Lab, your product is amazing, I give you that. But, you are killing it, and I’m tired of losing good friends to your lies. So, once again, time to come into the LIGHT, FULL DISCLOSURE, if I have to I will tell every little thing you ever did for me, over others, just so I would be a happy customer. I’m not proud of these, but I will show you for the liars you are. Come now, don’t fight me, join me. Let’s all conclude things can be a LOT better and let’s make them so. If Linden Lab won’t come along willingly, then let’s find a way to bring them with us unwillingly!

  156. notagambler says:

    all works fine……. 111 answers and site says :24 Responses to “Network connectivity problem”

    all works fine

  157. Astarte says:

    Hey isn’t it about time we should be seeing the stats for August, or are they now spending their time trying to doctor them to make them look reasonable again.. Wonder what changes they will make this time to explain them ??

  158. Ann Otoole says:

    eventually this blog comment series will end.
    i set up a not for profit (no advertisements allowed) website for the purpose of discussing metaverse trade & business. Feel free to stop in to continue the discussions. i’ll add some forums for SL sustainability, viability, stability, etc.

  159. It is a “Virtual World” people. Better things in the “Real World” to be spending your time fighting over. Don’t like the service don’t use it. I have chosen not to use it until it gets back to a decent performance level as it was in 2005.

    I doubt that will happen however. You can only transmit so much data through current technology and it is blatantly obvious it is way past the point of usability. You should be able to completely max a sim out of all features and users and it still run smooth. Otherwise you set the limits to high for the sim. The problem is it would cut a sim to a quarter of what it is limited to now.

    There is a reason all the other 3D worlds limit what can be done in world. They know damn well that the amount of data that the SL system produces cannot be run reliably and consistently with modern and near future technology. Otherwise they would be doing it!

    A sim is nothing more than a webserver like what Google uses. Just think if Google only used one webserver for the amount of traffic it gets.. It would run like some of the more popular sims do. Very very slow… So how do they get around this? They have dozens of servers that share the load! The only way a sim will run smoothly with the max limits set is if they have several servers for each sim! That is not going to be cost effective for a sim owner.

    So in short, get used to not being able to do much in SL. The lag and technical issues will only get worst as more people log on. This will only change when technology evolves and a TON more bandwidth is available on everyone’s end.

    LL is well aware of the problems you can count on that. They are just trying to make the best of the situation they got themselfs into. I am not sure who told them the current grid system could work smoothy.. Maybe just wishful thinking.

  160. KatieLynn Koba says:

    I have been having issues with secondlife for almost a month now and I dont know what to do. Maybe if someone out there can help me, point me in the right direction, I would be very appreciative. I have done EVERYTHING I can think of.
    Sometimes when I try to log in to sl, and the bar is loading, it moves on to yet a second bar, that tells me my clothing is loading and people will still see me normally, however, I see my avatar as bald and squatting and paralized. So I try to log in again…and again…and again… This happens repeatedly! Sometimes I can get in ok, then standing there having a convo with someone, I freeze up and have to reboot my pc and when I try to come back, I have to repeat the above process again. Teleporting is like an inevitable car wreck for me. Everytime I teleport, I crash or reach my destination, but then I can only turn in circles and nothing will rez. I cant move and I cant type. So I repeat the process listed above, yet again. *sigh*

    So this is what I have done so far. Please tell me if I am missing something or if I have forgotten something.
    I have cleaned my temp files, cookies and cache.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled sl 26 times(that is no joke, I have it written down)
    I have defragged
    I have called my internet provider and inquired about my connection and firewall
    I have run a pc check and discovered my hard drive was failing, so after over a week of trying to replace it, two hard drives and two sets of recovery cd’s later, I finally have my comp back up and running (NEVER buy an HP)
    I have tried shutting off my firewall to see if that would help…nope.
    Am I the only one having troubles like this?
    Has anyone ever experienced a corrupt file in their inventory that may be causing this?
    If so, how did you fix it?
    Can anyone help me?

  161. Astarte says:

    And Jet. somewhere round #80. If you think you have seen an improvement in SL grid performance since mid July, you must be one of very few. All I have had is increasing issues with lag, speed, rezzing inventory, teleporting, bum fluff (even just using pose balls), missing inventory, and login issues. Others I know and even more who have reported in these bloggs are having similar issues to me so how is that improving the SL experience ???

    And the photo studio, luckily was copiable, but many lose non copy items, and I was just quoting, that even with full info. Lindens do nothing about recovery of missing items, so don’t get me started on the missing dance balls and the group’s amps when we held an event, none of which were copiable and cost more in total than the 3K photo studio.

  162. Ann Otoole says:

    @116 – KatieLynn:
    1. uninstall SL
    2. (optional) make a backup of your chat/IM logs found in
    C:\Documents and Settings\(ps username)\Application Data\SecondLife\(sl username)
    3. Delete the C:\Documents and Settings\(ps username)\Application Data\SecondLife\ directory
    4. Empty the recycle bin
    5. Reboot
    6. Empty the temp directory
    7. Empty the recycle bin again
    8. Install SL
    9. Run SL but don’t connect
    10. Set prefs to show logon location
    11. on the logon screen slelct to specify logon region
    12. Enter Io as the region
    13. Log on to SL

    In almost every case this resolves the permanently ruthed avatar problem. I do not know why region Io has such “magical powers” in respect to asset system issues related to a single account.
    Hope it helps.

  163. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #117 (Astarte) see comment #104 by Sharpknife.

    I have problems addressed, contrary to some of the rants here.

    I watched the blogs with LL’s postings about efforts to straighten things out while many commenters basically trolled the Linden about things “never getting fixed” and then a week or 2 went by and things were fine again except for some unexpected network connection problems.

    I think some people are expecting too much out of SL probably because they are paying members.

    Comment #115 by Jaydee is much more personally practical than an “attack” approach as suggested by Uncle Bobby.

    I report what I can at JIRA and I have spent a lot of time trying to reproduce a bug that bothers me the most.

    As long as Bobby continues his attack, I will attack him back in favor of the Lindens. I will ruthlessly expose the flaws in his idea of “helping” SL.

    When things are fairly stable, then I will upgrade to premium.

  164. Digger Munro says:

    what is going on with second life, im getting a bit p***ed off with the whole thing.

  165. Ricky Lucero says:

    Wow, 16 hours later, and still no update.

  166. Jet:

    First, thank you for at least admitting you aren’t going to give any money to Linden Labs until they straighten out Second Life. I would like everyone that is coming into Second Life or thinking of upgrading to premium membership to follow Jet’s example. Don’t give Linden Lab any money, considering they won’t give you the support you deserve.

    Second, let me explain how things have been. I spent weeks emailing Uncle Philip and Aunty Robin, we went back and forth over why I was upset, what Linden Lab was supposedly doing, etc etc etc. I decided to hold my tongue for a couple of weeks to see if things got any better. Instead of getting better, Linden Lab dumped another enhancement on the GRID called VOICE. Instead of putting their resources into fixing a bug that has plagued THOUSANDS of their Customers, they choose to release a poorly implemented enhancement, without addressing the idea of adding more bandwidth to handle the additional packets that this new enhancement must carry.

    Then, I lose a proprietary tool that I use in my work inside Second Life. This tool can place a single texture across multiple objects at once, have it set the repeats needed for vertical and horizontal and have it all line up automatically. There are only THREE people that have this tool, I am one. This makes this tool quite rare and quite expensive you can imagine. The tool is returned by KONA LINDEN and two days later, it disappears again. I know, you know, and everyone that has read the log knows that there is a way to recover lost objects, and that is now going to be the one thing Linden Lab must explain to the THOUSANDS of other members, why don’t they get this same service? Why do they just have to accept a loss?

    Well, Linden Lab was given fair warning by myself that I would do exactly what I am doing and chose to ignore my warning. I make no apologies for what I’ve said, as stated above, it goaded Robin into actually replying, although I’ve noticed she’s been suspicously absent since that one reply.

    Jet, you can take issue with how I approach this problem, that’s fine, but I’m glad we both agree to the facts. If you didn’t you would be a paying customer now, and since you aren’t, welcome to the FIGHT.

  167. Rinaldo Debevec says:

    responsed to #26 : Jman Udet: A very well thought out, informative, and rational commentary. I agree with you 100%, a backup utility is essential. I didn’t know we could go to Jira to register our opinion, I’ll be doing that today.

  168. JetZep Zabelin says:

    There’s no FIGHT, Uncle Bobby. LL has my support it many ways other than $.

  169. As my generation is fond of saying Jet, put your money where your mouth is.

    Until you are ready to do so, you are fighting the good fight, whether you like it or not, and I thank you for that.

  170. Aisling Homewood says:

    I am lucky enough that I have had very few problems with SL–if anything happens, it is usually due to something LL is “fixing”. Again, LL, I appreciate you re-opening comments as well as speaking in “computer illitrate” speak for those of us who are not programmers, etc. and who do not understand the jargon.

    However, I am severely disappointed in the fact that I cannot seem to file a simple Support Ticket. I installed the new Viewer Update, and I cannot chat, I cannot IM, and I cannot see any groups or people on my Communications platform, which is incredibly frustrating. I have some cognitive disabilities, and it is very difficult for me to navigate the support systems that have been put in place, such as JIRA (to let me know if anyone is having the same problems–my inability to communicate for example). All I want to do is file a Support Ticket, and I am told that I should go to Help Island and ask someone! I *cannot* communicate with anyone, so I can’t ask for help!

    And, one final annoyance is that my Inventory, while luckily not suffering the losses that others have, seems to have lost the “Recent Items” function, which I *used* to heavily rely on.

    Please–open up a simple ticket system. I do not mind waiting for an answer–I know that things can be incredibly hectic in an IT/programming environment with multiple servers. (Used to be a “Girl Friday” for the owner of an IT company, and when things went to hell with our servers, sometimes our techs could fix the problem in five minutes, but sometimes it could take five, ten, or 24 hours before the problem was fixed, so I have a certain level of sympathy.)

    However, to quote the social worker from “Lilo & Stitch”:


    I won’t leave SL–it is the only place where I truly have a great dealof fun. However, I don’t have hope that anyone from LL will actually read this and respond, which is a disappointment, and actually makes me sadder than angry. (But you lucked out–the 49er’s are winning, so I am not as angry as I was half an hour ago! ::grin::)

    If anyone can offer me any assistance through the comments, I would appreciate it. I’ll come back and check from time to time. I’m glad you have extended the comment limit–sometimes this is the only way I can get help from others on SL on how to fix a problem, which I hope embarasses you.

    But again, I doubt it.

  171. Seven Overdrive says:

    I get really tired of glassy eyed noobs telling those of us that have been here long enough to know that things are ALOT worse today then they have been before open registration, that we shouldn’t complain.

    By no means was it perfect back then either, but wow the difference in performance is striking. If the noobs could experience being able to easily get a hold of a Linden when there was trouble or crossing a sim border without even a hiccup, I think they would be singing a different tune really fast.

    Patience has limits and most of us have been waiting patiently since open registration for things to get better and they haven’t. Instead of better performance and stability we keep getting enhancements that only increase the hardware requirments and instability.

  172. Harald Nomad says:

    Clothing/body parts reported missing from database can be retrieved by going to another region, wait a couple of minutes, re-attach. If fails, go to next region, and so on. Can take several hours, but so far everyone I worked with to retrieve their gear eventually got their things back. Doesn’t mean something else won’t be missing next log-in. Nothing to do with your hardware.

    Clear cache, log off, and log on to ANOTHER region. If fails, repeat, each time going elsewhere. Make a list of regions that seem to be able to find your avatar back in one piece – you’ll need it again! Don’t believe the message that others will see you correctly, that’s a pre-historic message that never got updated.

    No fix for that. No clue who came up with that wonderful idea, but it’s only ADDING to the problem. Several residents reported that those new default outfits go missing from database, leaving your inventory filled with garbage.

    Don’t buy the line that says SL may look like it froze, but is still loading. If log on time is longer than normal, and especially when you get the message that your clothing is still downloading, clear cache, log off and try again logging on to another region. Not counting the moments after downtime of course, then you simply stand in line waiting 😛

    Careful here! Don’t do anything to unselect the prims. Instead, SHIFT-click the main prim (unselects it), SHIFT-click it again (now selected with the rest) and re-link. That should get the group linked back together with the right prim as main. Doesn’t help much if link order is important, but works for most link sets.

    SL is a funny thing. Your computer is connected to other computers, the software running on your computer does not necessarily see things the same way as the server software does. If you see ghost happenings like this, it’s probably best to stop building/scripting and re-log. Saving copies to inventory doesn’t help, since the inventory on your screen is not necessarily the inventory on the server. Don’t buy either. Your money may be transferred, you may even see your purchase in your inventory, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually there.

    Right, it all comes down to exactly that: the inability to connect to the dusty server that happens to hold your valuables. Pretty soon we’ll see land prices go up for regions that happen to have a decent connect to whatever it needs to connect to, only to find out later that overusage of those regions make them worse than where you came from.

    It’s all painted air ™

    Who’s Norman???

  173. As a Merchant I feel every loss of inventory issue personally. Over the course of the last year we have replaced a considerable amount of content due to the instability of the grid and rez issues. Obviously this has an effect on our bottom line and we generally accept it as a cost of doing business. With that thought in mind it occurs to me, and I have given this considerable thought, how does one reconstruct a bitstream that has been obliterated into WWW purgatory? I am by no means giving LL a hall pass here, but considering the Real Time Relevance of every object transfer, creation or manipulation, is it indeed even realistic to expect a compensatory structure? I live in the thunderstorm capital of the US (Tampa). I have taken reasonable precaution (short of a backup generator) to protect my valuable electronic equipment. Surge protectors, Zap Caps and UPS’s litter my floorspace. But when Mother Nature pulls the plug I can forget about my nuked chicken potpie. Given the nature of the the nanosecond environment of creativity that we enjoy, would we relinquish that freedom for a stale “cached” backup system? I think not. I am not a network engineer by any means, but I have many friends who are. I hear the horror stories. Banks go to great lengths to protect their IT highways as any momentary lapse in transactions are a considerable financial loss. Indeed, defecation occurs. Knowing that a series of packets are dispersed through a myriad of transfer swithches, how would one replicate the original file/object/transfer if it were maserated? I know that most video network broadcasts are time delayed. Would we as a Community endure such an assault on our gratification? Again, there are inherent issues that scream to be resolved, and I am by no means advocating complacency, but at the end of the day I have to ask…How important is it? Do I engage in a righteously indignant, visceral tirade that will have definitive effect on my blood pressure? What is my resonable expectation of entitlement? I am sure we will be flooded with “I lost my…” IM’s when I return, but, for now I think I will go mow my lawn. My grass is griefing me.

  174. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #125 Aisling: Try this suggestion by Ann O’Toole:

    /me ignores Uncle Bobby

  175. Rex Cronon says:

    #121: Bob Bunderfeld, have u been recently to “sandbox weapons testing” during the last two weeks or so? I am asking this because, I think I have seen your custom tool at work in that sim. I hope it was either u or one of the other 3 people that have it. Otherwise it could be possible that cloned copies are being passed around.

  176. Manjagan Rahja says:

    71 Siena Masala Says:
    “Why does my minimap go red then i can’t move – I can see everyone else but they can see me and only hear my voice – this only happened after the 18:2 client – it suxs – is there a fix for this? does anyone have the same problem?”

    Red minimap means you crashed, as far as i know.

  177. Armand Callisto says:

    I hear the old timers and am one myself. I would like to remind everyone that we all have survived 3 database crashes as well as two seperate occasions of weeklong rolling rollbacks (my personal favorites) and we are still here. These things do happen and are hard to plan for especially in a dynamic MMO. We are still here because something happens, we get upset, we get over it and move on because after everything SL is the most creative system in existance. I myself was totally fumed at this current situation because of the loss of hundreds of irreplacable items (that I myself have developed) from my inventory but even I got over it and shall move on and continue to pay for my sims and keep the true spirit of SL alive. No company deliberatly runs there lead project into the ground and to comment that is the intention of LL is a total waste of energy. The only time I know that someone did this was the Star Wars Galaxies debacle of Sony Online Entertainment. This situation will pass and things will be back to normal in SL. We should do as we have always done in the past (through much worse situations) sit tight, chat with our friends on our lots or sandbox’s and enjoy what we can till it is repaired. Remember last year Cory said that they would have growing pains with the updating of the infrastructure and this is a reflection of that growth. Just hang in there!

  178. Paybak epin says:

    Runs away

  179. Aisling Homewood says:

    Many thanks to JetZep and Mliss Ristow for offering immediate tech support! Logging in again seems to have cured the communications problem, and Mliss Ristow patiently walked my tired little brain through how to fix my inventory problems.

    (And the 49ers won, so my cup runneth over!)

    By the way, this is why I like SL–the Lindens may fall short of the mark, but I asked for help, and others in the community stepped up to the plate to help me out. (And, umm, I also found how to submit a Support Ticket all by myself, and apologies to LL–it *was* simple, and I’m just feeling a *little* embarassed right now. ::blush::)

    But, to my fellow community members–my poor, confuzled brain thanks you for helping me navigate the maze.

  180. Armand, how can you say in one sentence that no normal company runs their product into the ground, then give reference to SONY and Star War Galaxies? A bit off-topic here, but I could have told you that SONY was screwing with SWG early on, as Raphiel told me so and he wasn’t at all happy going from OSI/EA to SONY, when SONY promised him a hands off approach. Maybe, just maybe, Linden Lab should get Raphiel and John Vogel? There’s two hard working men in the gaming industry, and two men that wouldn’t put up with this crap we put up with today!

    Rex, I was showing off the Tool to my partner, who I was lucky enough to get a copy for as well, but that should be the only one you have seen. Unless, and I SINCERELY DOUBT THIS AND SAY IT AS A JOKE, Kona made copies and is passing them out. IF that is the case, would someone pass me one please? I need it back since SL ate it again 🙂

    Now, back to you Armand 🙂 I won’t be getting over this, sorry, this is not me VENTING, this is me calling us OLD TIMERS and LOVERS of SECOND LIFE into action. Apparently this is the ONLY THING Linden Lab is going to pay attention to, when the majority of Residents rise up and scream that they want change.

    Join me now in the refrain, “Give us a stable and as bug free as possible world NOW”.

  181. Kirzon Melnik says:

    I would love to be able to make a local backup of all my inventory on my machine. This would be a breakthrough sufficient to make me think about going Premium.

    -The other lane is always faster.

  182. Mike1 Shepherd says:

    Some thoughts after spending the last hour reading these posts.

    Bob your heart is in the right place. I worked IT on large networks for years and I see your side perfectly. As a consumer we do need someone to support us who can see things from a neutral or slightly user oriented point of view. My hats off to you and keep joisting the windmill.

    Ann Otoole – Thank you. You, alone, out of all these posts offered the most practical user helpful advice for us while sims are down. Thank you for being more helpful than LL support.

    Harold Nomad, thanks for letting us noobies know the real Bob, your right his profile is interesting to read – as are some of the others in this discussion.

    ZedZep, I don’t know you but I will make two observations. 1). if you’ve really lost important CAD files then you obviously didn’t value them. I would consider an employee irresponsible if he didn’t make multiple backups of critical files. Having been a former Arthur Andersen employee I will tell you that no documents were lost in the shredder – because we had MULTIPLE backups of the e-mails and other files because they were considered IMPORTANT. My biggest gripe with LL is that I can’t make those backups here. I do the best I can with multiple alts and multiple small plots holding important backups of the things I can copy – it’s not a perfect system but I at least try to protect myself. I keep very little $L in my inworld account and pull from PAYPAL – when needed. I pay tier through PAYPAL because I can show my payments in multiple ways because if legal action becomes necessary I want multiple reccurent proofs of what I’ve paid for and haven’t received. In the last two months for big purchases I’ve contacted in-world vendors and made sure they knew I was purchasing something so if it got lost – they could assist in recovery.
    The system is flawed and Bob is correct that at some point we must pause, and correct what needs fixing. I didn’t add another room to the house without fixing the roof first. It’s a shame to have a brand new room in an otherwise leaking house.
    Just my 2L$

    Mike1 Shepherd
    AKA Michael Timeless
    AKA others as well

    And yes both of my accounts are premium because I still believe the problem can be fixed by following the rules as well as yelling.

    Thanks Bob for caring.

  183. Das Kattun says:

    I dunno who’s in the right here, but what I’ve experienced in 12 hours of “free” membership hasn’t tempted me to pull out a credit card. I’m jammed up for the second time in six hours. Search won’t work, the map has gone red, and I can spin but I can’t move or fly. I’m not feeling like blaming anyone; I’m just thinking, “For this, people pay money?”

    Not a good introduction to something that should be fun.

  184. Normal guy plain says:

    Found and started this game in 04 have lost my total inventory a number of times lose items all the tme never to be seen again,have not been able to get online for day and a half now ! Some body please tell me why I pay for all this fun anyway. Yeah sure I’m just one smalltime player right only pay 72 dollars a year whats that right?
    OOps ok back to my question. Why do I pay for all this fun ? Because of the people I meet “NOT” the money that can be made! GET onboard with that LIndenlabs you started all this make it right ,don’t just make money !

  185. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #135 Mike1 Sheppard, I know its off topic but you should understand that most of those losses were back around 1990. What was lost was archived backups and no current copies were kept on any of the workstations. Some more losses (including backups) occurred after that and over about the next 10 years, its amounted to hundreds or thousands of lost hours beyond anyone’s control.

    The picture that Uncle Bob paints does not truly match reality. Meanwhile he resorts to namecalling and generalizing “The Lindens” as lazy, etc.

    We already know there are some major things in SL that need to fixed. Indicators prove to me that things are being fixed. We dont need Uncle Bob trying to drive SL into the ground while we wait for those bugs to be tracked down and fixed.

  186. Jet:

    If you believe what you say, I expect you to be a premium member within the hour. Of course, you are just spouting now to try and have someone see you as more reasonable, and guess what, you might be.

    My point is clear and simple. Second Life is dying, Linden Lab is killing it, and I’m tired of watching the world I so enjoy die a slow and ugly death. Now is the time for all Lovers of Second Life to call on Linden Lab to give us a “Stable and bug free as possible world NOW”!

  187. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Uncle Bobby, you can leave SL now and come back when things are better.

  188. Remus Lykin says:

    Also, when crashing or having trouble with your avatar and textures, remember that updates to your graphic drivers come out with regular intervals, especially from Nvidia. The only times I’ve had real trouble, and none of the ordinary steps of: clear cache, reboot, re-install worked, it was the driver that hung the system.

  189. Peggy Paperdoll says:

    Jet in #138:

    That comment is so maddening. Some people are not QUITTERS!! Some people actually fight for what they believe in. And others telling them to quit is truly offensive. But, of course, that thought may be beyond you.

    I see Bob’s intent as being honorable…….a “good fight”, as others have stated. And suggesting that he (and me and others who happen to agree with him) to just go away if we are not happy is a little more than dismissive. How many times does someone have to tell you that they want LL to be successful with Second Life before you hear them?

  190. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Give us a stable and as bug-free as possible world NOW.


  191. Jr Breed says:

    I agree with whom ever said the game is dying due to its lack of programing support. Its buggier then ever, laggier then ever. I can hardly do anything without freezing up, crashing to desktop, sims they give out on main grid that crash 3 to 5 times daily. Ive been playing for nearly 2 years now and its to the point I don’t even want to bother logging in. Its too frustrating these days!

  192. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Peggy, I say he should just leave because he is disrupting things and he has stated that he is trying to get banned (intentionally).

  193. HealthStar says:

    I have started keeping a notecard log of the issues i run into on a daily basis. Whenever i loose objects to the great abyss, whenever tp’s fail, whenever rezzing wont work, when clothes wont bake properly, when i crash, when i lockup, when my shoes end up in my butt, when friends around me crash out, when i try to upload anims and the avatar floatign bug is still there, etc etc etc. Just quick little lines on it such as …

    09-16-07 608pm Intersim TP failed, locked ava, had to relogg.

    09-16-07 648pm rezzed nocopy dress box, rezz failed, item lost from inventory. cost 1200L.

    It is my hope that other people would keep the same sort of little logs over the next three weeks or so and then we could post them in the forums, maybe giving LL a better look at the problems ordinary citizens are seeing day in and day out and what it is doing to the average user experiance.

    It seems that there is a disconnect with LL and the average user of SL who runs around from sim to sim, TP’s friends around with them, builds things, scripts things, tries to manage massive inventories, buys things, rezzes things. The experiance is different for everyone depending on how you use SL. But one thing for certain is there are many many many people being affected by connstant broken parts of SL (yes – broken – bugs are small annoyances that are fixed with updates in a timely fashion. Major issues that affect normal usage and persist through updates are broken IMO).

    Anyway I think it might be interesting and educational for LL to see the myriad of problems affecting different acounts that use SL in different ways, and how badly those problems degrade the user experiance.

  194. Ricky Lucero says:

    HealthStar, that’s nice that you’re keeping those logs and all, but honestly, that won’t help any if that information were actually able to make it to the person who can fix it. You need to have a log of exactly what you were doing and exactly how you did it. You need to be able to reproduce it and know exactly how you reproduced it, for someone to be able to fix it. Just saying “Found shoe in my ass” won’t do anything, because it happens to all of us. But figure out how to reproduce it EVERY TIME, and you’ve just told the developer exactly how to fix it.

    21 Hours now, and still no update, even though everything is fine. LL you guys dropped the frigging ball on this one.

  195. Delicious Demar says:

    I am hardly an oldtimer – I have been sinking into sims as i cross sim boundaries for only two years now… Things tend to go in cycles in SL – I don’t have much technical background, so I tend to think of the code for second life as an organic monster that keeps mutating, and bringing back recessive traits that we thought had been eradicated a long time ago, while at the same time sprouting new appendages at an alarming rate…

    But, on point… I have encountered inventory loss a number of times and have had varying degrees of success at recfiying it – it seems to depend on WHO you get working on your ticket/IM. this is a hallmark of a poor support system – it means that the whole thing depends on the personalities and conscientiousness of the individuals working in it, rather than established procedures and a company-wide focus on customer service.

    I tend to agree with Bob’s posts on this one – not least because he has the history both in terms of time, and in terms of contact with the Linden high command… In the end, the Lindens are counting on us to roll over and accept what THEY think is the way Second Life has to be. They have proven again and again that communication and advice is a one-way street with them – direct from residents into what I’d imagine is a huge archive of unread blogs, forums, emails, and posts.

    Like Bob, I love Second Life. I love the challenge of it, the social intercourse (get your mind out of the gutter, people…), the creativity. It is a truly amazing world, and I can’t fail but give cred to the Lindens overall, for the creation of such an amazing experience. But, as the quote goes, “When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a [wo]man I put away childish things.” Second Life now is not the Second Life of three years ago, and it never can be again. It may be that opening it up to free accounts and allowing accounts to explode to 6m, and concurrent users to 40k was a mistake – but it’s done, and it’s too late to change.

    I join Bob’s call for residents to fight the good fight – not to roll over and let Linden Labs destroy Second Life. Reopen your support tickets if they aren’t resolved to your satisfaction. Read the blogs, post to them, talk to your friends, hell – talk to the media if they will listen. In the end, if we are silent, we have only ourselves to blame – because we know damn well that patience and silent support don’t work.

    Well, that turned out to be more of a rant than i anticipated…

    *gets off her soapbox, smooths her skirt, and immediately freezes in place and has to relog*

  196. HealthStar says:

    The purpose of it is not to try and tell developers how to fix it, it is to give LL an better idea of what the current SL experiance is for the average player, on a daily basis. There is plenty of detailed information on all of the issues that are effecting SL in the support tickets we have sent in, in the JIRAS we have posted etc. The idea of the log is so they can see just how much those things are effecting the customerbase. I don’t expect LL to realize how irritating some of the abounding issues are, as I am sure most of them do not use the product like the average citizen does. I would think it nice for them to see the logs and maybe even think on how they would feel if they were trying to use a product and were having issues like crop up on them as often as it does for us.

  197. And all I will say is THANK YOU Lovers of Second Life. Let’s FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT.

  198. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Just one question when are you going to limit the multi posts in these blogs many are totally worthless name calling and bickering. It would nice to be able to just read the blog with out all the inane comments and have a decent thread.

  199. Pie Psaltery says:

    Jet, sweetie, you are what’s wrong with this world, willing to swallow every lie LL pushes down your throat, singing the company song the whole time. Your lack of demand for quality is what allows LL to continue to shirk it’s responsibility to it’s paying customers (o… that’s right, you don’t bother to pay because you don’t think the platform is stable enough)

    I am thankful for Bob disrupting things, for pointing out the truth of LL’s ineptitude. Anyone who has been here as long as Bob (that would be me, how long have you been here?) sees his act of civil disobedience as exactly the sort of actions necessary to shake LL out of its apathy towards its customers who do love this platform.

    “If you don’t like it leave” is just about the most immature, irresponsible response one could make to someone like Bob, or me, who have invested YEARS into SL, but then, that’s about the response we’re getting from LL these days too.

    I’d rather fight then walk away. Poop on you Jet if you don’t like it.

  200. Thanks for the heads up Bob. I have known for a couple of years the Lindens could retrieve lost inventory… but for logistical purposes it would be a nightmare for them to do so in every case. I guess the major problem here is basic support. SL is not cutting edge… Its Bleeding edge. And sometimes we are the ones who bleed. Bob is doing the right thing by exposing some of the contradictions in the TOS that seem to be wearing the very fabric of SL rather thin. If SL was RL and you lose something then you would expect to at the very least to be able to be insured. No such luck in SL. I have lost hundreds of items over the couple of years I have been here either through ghost rezing or just plain database loss. I agree with Bob… SL is not going to survive unless Linden Lab can at the very least guarantee that hard earned money does not seem to be WASTED on purchasing/building items that vanish for no good reason. Cheers Bob.

  201. Draconis Kohime says:

    I don’t belive that copying IM’s is against the TOS, considering you are able to log it by options IN THE SOFTWARE! Sorry, but I get annoyed at people acting high and mighty…

  202. Peggy Paperdoll says:

    @Jet (again) #143:

    I’m not sure Bob ever said he was intentionally trying to get banned (but I’m too damned lazy to go back and reread this whole set of comments to confirm that……it doesn’t matter to me anyway). What I have taken from all his comments so far is that he’s aware that LL could ban him for posting the log of his conversation with a Linden. And that even with the possiblility of a ban he’s still committed to trying to rectify a major issue with customer support (among other major issues) by LL. There is a difference, you know.

    And @Ricky #145:

    Having to give full and complete details on just what was happening at the time of a loss or failed TP or whatever plus how to exactly dupiicate the issue consistantly is a beta testers job……….and a knowledgable one at that. I wasn’t aware we were beta testers for LL. In fact I would not beta test such a program as SL because I do not have that expertise………..and the vast majority of users of this game do not have that experience either. If LL wants others to trouble shoot their software they should kick us non geeks off the grid and hire some beta testers with vast amounts of knowledge to test the system properly………pay them instead of charging them. Invite us lessers to come play when they want to stress the system in the final stages of the testing.

    Requiring people who do not have the expertise to give such detailed reports before they will even look into the reported problem is idiotic. It’s elitism, it’s arrogance………’s completely insane.

  203. Mikayla Gillespie says:

    Well, I have lost over 100 hours of work and at least 30kL from this so called “outage”. What troubles me, is when the sim I have been working so hard on for the past month came back up – every single item and change that had happened over the last two months was lost. No chance to recover items, no explanation – just total and complete loss. I mean – keep the sim down for a day if it means you are going to bring it back into this sorry shape.

    What a total dissapointment. Nevermind the last 3 major losses that I have experienced in my inventory, now I can’t even make changes on a sim and expect them to stick. Of course, none of these items were copy items. I’m so frustrated by LL right now – this is the worst it has been in the over 3 years I have been here.

    Sad state of affairs LL, very sad.


  204. Peggy Paperdoll says:

    I’m wondering why the comments for this blog have exceeded the usual 100 comment cap. I got a couple theories. One is sort of a slam to LL the other is a compliment.

    1. The blog is broke. The cap for comments counter has falled (hence the count remaining at 24). Since a blog site is no where near cutting edge I can only imagine it’s a simple fix and could be taken care of in a matter of minutes (if not seconds). However (this is the slam part), no one from LL has taken the time or made the effort to check!! On a much less important scale than lost inventory or poor customer service that would show just how interested the good people at LL are in how their platform/service is running. Total neglect on even the smallest issue. And very obviously shows that no one has bothered to even skim the comments posted so far. Pretty sad state of affairs……….actually very sad.

    2. The other case could be that LL has left the cap off intentionally so they could read what we have to say…….maybe take it to heart and do a little soul searching. If that is the case, I commend them for this opportunity to voice our opinions or discuss our dissatifaction and be heard.

    My true feelings are the first possibility being the most likely to be true. The counter has stopped at 24 plus not one update or comment post by a Linden are my reasons for believing this. And, it’s just a very small extention of what many many of us believe about LL. THEY COULD NOT CARE LESS about what we say.

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