Now Available: Release Candidate Viewer Update

[UPDATE 1:57 PM 09/14/07]

Happy Friday Everyone!

2 more bug fixes and another Release Candidate Viewer ( to end the work week! Please go to the Release Candidates page to download. Fixes today:

  • Duplicated code in llpanelgroupgeneral.cpp
  • VWR-2378: Failure to enable the “Update” button in the profile/classifieds tab, after a “Set Location” update.

Hi all!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded our first Release Candidate Viewer ( and has been reporting issues in the Issue Tracker. If you don’t know what a Release Candidate Viewer is, please see my previous post.

Today, we’re making our second Release Candidate Viewer ( available with the following fixes:

  • VWR-2283: Some changes to groups cannot be saved
  • [GROUPS] Enrollment Fee shouldn’t be floating point
  • VWR-2324: llkdu.dll needs updating in RC viewer
  • VWR-2291: LOD defaults are now too aggressive in RC 1.18.3
  • VWR-2270: New map beacon behaviour makes the beacon much less useful
    • Reverted a previous fix
  • VWR-2307: secondlife startup shell script needs a comment about gdb now
  • VWR-2297: VS 2005 newview_vv8 in 18.3.2 missing file declaration for llfloaterreleasemsg.cpp causes link error

These 2 are known issues that we’re working on for the next 1.18.3 RC:

  • VWR-2378: Failure to enable the “Update” button in the profile/classifieds tab, after a “Set Location” update.
  • VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless

These 2 are also known issues that we’ll address in a later release (likely, 1.18.4 RC):

  • VWR-2268: Role Description causes Apply Changes, Ignore Changes, Cancel alert even if you don’t have rights to change
  • VWR-2376 streaming video on linux don’t work

I’m happy to report no real big nasties have been uncovered thus far, but please keep at it as we move towards finalizing this release. My weekly bug triage is now focused on Release Candidate issues โ€” to see the complete list of issues we’ve reviewed so far, please see the transcript from my last triage.

As a reminder, the current, stable production viewer is available from the main download page. Release Candidate Viewers containing the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features are available from the Release Candidates page and can be installed side-by-side with the regular SL viewer.

NOTE: If you choose to use the Release Candidate viewer, you will NOT be automatically notified in the RC viewer when it becomes the primary viewer download, so please refer to this blog, the main download page, or simply use to get the newest main viewer version.

Please report any issues you find with our Release Candidate viewer in the Issue Tracker and set the Affects Version/s to 1.18.3.

Thank you!

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135 Responses to Now Available: Release Candidate Viewer Update

  1. VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless

    Oooh the sculptie crowd will love you for this! Thank you very much!

  2. Joker Opus says:

    Yay media on linux works

  3. Yes, yes we do love you for this โค

  4. Maraja Kurka says:

    I’m just writing this in behalf of my SL’s boyfriend….Pasquale Sands….. he was not able to fix his payments with Linden Lab due to lack of communication…he speaks only german..and it was hard for him to coordinate everything between Paypal and Linden Lab…it has been a nightmare…for him and I…
    Now he has been banned…and all his staff/propeerties/inventory lost….just due to a complicated payment system that doesn’t work…he tried several options : paypal/creditcards.etc) with no success…
    I know for a fact that your customers in Germany are growing…so pls be more friendly AND ACCESIBLE…THEY ARE NOT DENYING TO PAY..THEY JUST ARE NOT ABLE TO.
    I lost my boyfriend and love forever?????? Thank you Mr. Linden I know you are going to do something about it.
    Can I get the love of my life back IN SL?

  5. Nidol Slazar says:

    Thank you much. The last Release Candidate was a BIG improvement over the main client. I noticed a lot less lag hardware-wise, and that annoying cancel teleport bug was very annoying. I look forward to future fixes, and I’m almost nervous to switch back to the main client now. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    keep it coming. the previous RC turned out to be much more stable than the production release. good job.

  7. Rex Cronon says:

    Hi everybody.
    Something weird is going on. About 15 minutes after Bridie made the post, the sim I was in crashed. Five minutes later I tried to login and I waited like at least five minutes and nothing happened. At that time there were 42,770 users logged in. Now, as I try to login again, there are 40,994 logged in, but I still can’t login. The progress bar goes to about 45% and it stops there. I tried different sim names, and the same thing happens.

  8. Cat Gisel says:

    These 2 are also known issues that weโ€™ll address in a later release (likely, RC):

    * VWR-2389: Group membership limit increased from 25 to 50. We know countless numbers of you have been asking for this, and it’s finally here.
    * VWR-2399: Blue pop-up notifications (like friends logging in or out) doesn’t reset your inventory list and searches like it used to. A small issue, but annoying nonetheless.

    Gee thanks folks! I am thrilled !

    (this is fake, don’t get your hopes up ya’ll, I just HAD to. I am also 100% sober).

  9. Rea Sands says:

    The candidate viewer 18.3.2 still has some bugs going back I think to version 15.The gestures are missing from the database but are still loading causing errors and crashes when used.Another bug is that when loging in after deleting cache and cookies,the inventory and pre screen seem unaffected.The inventory after 30 mins or so disappears and starts reloading again causing another Secondlife software to start.There goes your memory and resourses.The cpu recorded 65% steady use,not good.You may want to check my reports that SL recorded in the last day or so.Freezes still happen too.

  10. Dagmar Heideman says:

    I have the same problem as Rex Cronon. 45% progress bar for logging in and then it freezes.

  11. umz says:

    how do i get in grrr ,i cant find how to enter a room.

  12. Dagmar Heideman says:

    It appears that Release Candidate Viewer ( can no longer be used to log into the game. When I use the old, pre-voice viewer I can log in just fine. Is it Linden Lab’s intention that Release Candidate Viewer ( be unusable now that there is a new one?

  13. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I cannot login with anymore for an hour now the login just sits there forever. I’ll download BTW this is a good way to see whats being worked on and getting fixed =)

  14. Argent Stonecutter says:

    And it gave me an alert when logging in that there was a new RC. ^^

  15. Ziggy Figaro says:

    Any word on getting this bug fixed?

    It’s very annoying.

  16. bridielinden says:

    @8 Dagmar Heideman: is still allowed to connect to Second Life. You should be prompted for the optional update to

  17. Rex Cronon says:

    Argent, I got the same thing telling me that there is a new version of RC available for downloading.
    If somebody has downloaded and installed the new version of the RC, can you let everybody else know if you were able to login or not using the new version of the RC?
    Following is a list of times and number of users on line at that time:
    4:38 pm –> 40,994
    4:46 pm –> 39,498
    4:51 pm –> 39,277
    4:55 pm –> 39,078
    5:28 pm –> 38,082
    5:36 pm –> 37,905
    5:44 pm –> 37,817
    It seems like no new people can login, while at the same time those that were in sims that crashed can’t log back in. Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the RC. It could be that changes were made on the server side.

  18. bridielinden says:

    @12 Rex Cronon

    What region were you on when the sim crashed, Rex?

  19. McCabe Maxsted says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but these RC viewers have really been making me excited. *goes to find source to compile* ๐Ÿ™‚

    @5 Hah! I wish!

  20. Rex Cronon says:

    I was at sandbox weapons testing.
    At first I tried to log back in the same location, than I tried the names of some sims I know, after that I tried random letters(usually when I do this I am sent to the first available sim). Now, I tried the “Siva” grid and I am there right now, in sandbox newcomb.

  21. Shadowen Silvera says:

    Will someone that has used the new release candidate let me know if the chat window resizing is fixed yet? I am still using pre-voice client because of this issue. Not being able to keep chat open and see the world makes the client broken for me. Some of us actually use a lower resolution and cant handle a chat window that wont get smaller than half the viewing area.

  22. Chaos Mohr says:

    The more people that help by taking the time to either submit bugs they find, or vote for current ones, the better and faster SL viewers will be improved.

    I have heard a number of people complain about memory leaks in the latest batch of viewers (since the last stable release), and yet I see no real mention of this other than a bug report I made. To me, this is a serious issue as it causes a crash every 20 minutes or so when running in Windows XP – thankfully the bug doesn’t appear to effect SL when running in ‘unsupported’ Vista X64.

    For others who have experienced this or other bugs and have not taken the time to report them, please help by submitting a bug report or voting for existing bugs on the public JIRA

  23. Cat Gisel says:

    Bridielinden is right, JetZep. I went up and up and finally back to 18.1.2 and couldn’t be happier. I will hold out as long as I can ๐Ÿ™‚ I know the end is imminent but I will make the most of the time I have left ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hugs ya’ll

  24. Jayden B says:

    @5 Cat

    /me sobs at your cruel joke.

    I so want more groups. I will even sleep with the programmers to get it.

  25. Eugenio Mayo says:

    It also happened to me. I tried to logon with and stop loading at 50% after asking me to upgrade. I was already downloading it from the site so I passed download there. It hanged… After that I entered with without problems.
    I installed and it’s all working ok now.

  26. Bibi Book says:

    Is the ugly communication interface removed and replaced by something like in 1.18.0(6)? Is the friendslist back separated?
    Will 1.18.0 still work, when the RC gets released?

  27. “VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless” what’s the largest size that is compressed losslessly and 1.18.0(6) compress losslessly(new client’s chat interface is unusable) or do you have to download the latest client to upload losslessly?

  28. Working great keep up the awesome work linden lab!

  29. Gareee taov says:

    I tried the forst RC, and built something, and took it into my inv, wore it, showed it to others, and removed it before I logged off.

    When I logged on the next day, the ONLY thing that would rez from it was the root prim!

    Needless to say, I’m back to using official releases only after that. I lost about 2 hours build time.

  30. I’ve asked over 27 hours ago for my region my home is in to berestarted. The REGION of CEVEDALE is not connected to the grid properly. anyone inside CEVEDALE is automatically shown offline to anyone else. Group im’s, im’s from others outside the sim do not comne through. Group notices are not working from inside that sim. Should it take over 27 hours to get a sim restarted?????

    I’m sending in support messages about this & no one is taking any action to restart this sim & make sure it connects properly.

  31. Tealc Dagger says:

    I’m sorry, but this is off topic. I am posting this because I have no choice. The report feature on the grid is not working and I can’t find a similar item on the website. Someone needs to reset the Isabel sim. Someone built a device above the Shelter building that is spewing cards that say “Stop Racism.” While I do support their view, the huge number of cards floating around are preventing us from using our controls. I also suspect they have downed the Report feature on the grid. I’m sorry I cannot provide a name: when I select Inspect after clicking the device, it says it is owned by unknown and was built by unknown.

    Once again, I’m sorry that this post is out of place, but it is a minor emergency that I could not report any other way.

  32. Tealc Dagger says:

    I’m deeply sorry, but it seems I overreacted. Isabel is fine. I just needed to log out then log back in. If someone can delete this and the post above, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Once again, sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

  33. Baron says:

    Kewl. Another client to test ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Looks like some good fixes there.. Testing time

  35. FireFox Bancroft says:

    Just want to point out that Defragging your HD on Vista will mess with your SL cache, I recommend you clear you cache BEFORE running a defrag operation in Vista.

  36. Uccello says:

    Twice now I have been unable log into SL with out using the most recent Release Candidate viewer. I tried various regions and times. Very sad.

  37. Garret Bakalava says:

    Maybe it was “misplaced” in another viewer and I didn’t know it, but what happened to “alt shows physical?”

  38. Renee Faulds says:


    I have just talked to 11 freinds – 9 of whom are also missing game issued inventory.

    In Library (Textures) All that is left are:

    Default and White

    Is anybody else experiencing this loss of Library Inventory loss?


  39. Kira says:

    yup same problm here Renee nothing in inventory..

  40. britney benford says:

    will this solve the greifer issue? i mean 77K people online isn’t/can’t be factual….

  41. Michael Timeless says:

    Can’t login since updating. Showing 81k online which is nuts. Was in Skybeam Bounding Main (new open region sim) have tried to log back into that and into several other regions with no luck. Any suggestions welcome.


  42. Kira says:

    Oh and besides a complete inventory loss and i mean ALL of it, the rez bug seems to be back so do not rez anything unless you want to loose it

  43. Winter Ventura says:

    I keep being unable to delete prims.. I have to relog in order to see the deleted items vanish. My av is ruthed more than she isn’t, and I just crashed because I zoomed in on my av. Oh.. and it’s…

    Something is broken in SL.

  44. Renee Faulds says:

    The only thing I have rezzed tonight are copiable building components but they are taking up to 60 seconds to rez.

  45. Michael Timeless says:

    Went back to the “official” website version of the viewer and still can’t log in. System now showing “only” 69k users. Can anyone tell me if this is common with high usage that it locks people out of the system. First time for me and the support system is telling me that it has “insufficient data” for me to log in…”What’s up with that?”

  46. RomRom Lomu says:

    can not log in…

    after i change pass and update software….

    if i input my account and pass… viewer said “login failed”

  47. Jaime Hocken says:

    I seen the site say there was 70k online a bit ago, is that a real number???

  48. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Cat, theres no point in using the old RC viewer unless its more stable or less buggy for you than any of the other builds out there! =)

    Oh, btw in Jira you can see a filter that shows all the RC related issues.

  49. Renee Faulds says:

    70.873 online

  50. Renee Faulds says:

    relogging in is near impossible

  51. angela seale says:

    presence overload attack’s are fun when the linden’s aren’t online, please cancel camping bots!!!!

  52. Vincent Nacon says:


    I’m hearing more reports about people’s PC being shut down and unable to boot up again. It seem like a videocard’s GPU overload damage whenever you have a memories leak glitches. I’ve crashed once from client side, screen freezing up and mouse not moving for a while. When I relogged, my friend also crashed at the same time I did, thought it was a sim crash but it turn out it wasn’t a server crash. Oddly enough that we both crashed at the same time without doing anything extreme. But after hearing the reports that people’s PC dies… I’m not risking any further with this update.

    Sorry Lindens if this seem negative, but I’m not taking any risk to losing my PC nor for anyone else’s.

    And… what’s with the Online count?

  53. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    Will this viewer eventually be optional or mandatory? And what’s happening to the communication window?

  54. Frans says:

    “VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless”
    What are the dimensions of the biggest texture that we will be able to upload lossless?

  55. Astarte says:

    KK My machine still cannot get into SL after 7.5 hours, with release candidate 18.3, so much for optional update for testing. I’m not trying new 18.3.3 when I’m being told it is optional but somehow login is borked with the older one.

    At least the standard viewer will log in.

  56. Cerulia Moxie says:

    It’s really great all these bug fixes, it seems like you guys have been working really hard!

    I’m a bit disappointed though that there’s still no word on adjustments to the new Communicate window…

    I’d really like to try voice but I just can’t stand the new window, it’s just too big… Not to mention that having the friends list in the same place means either squashing the friends list or expanding the IMs. Tear offs are helpful but it’s just not practical to have to tear off each IM window individually.

    It would be great if this new Communicate panel was made *optional*… I think LL really could do with giving us more options for customising our UI!

    Hope that something gets changed soon so I can finally upgrade from 1-18-0-6 and start enjoying voice and all these bug fixes : )

  57. Astarte says:

    I don’t know whether this is relevent, no-one in help at moment and as Lindens say they read these posts. Release candidate is refusing to log in anywhere but standard viewer will log in at the usual point. Doesn’t matter if I stipulate a sim it still returns as the login point, according to my logs.

  58. @39 Frans: I think it’s 64×64, but you can test tat yourself without uploading. When you loaded an image for upload and the “lossless” button is available, you can upload it lossless at that size. The next step after 64 is 128, that’s too large for sculpties anyway.

  59. manuel says:

    esto k es?? coรฑo … buuuuaaa k tela jajajjajajaj k pasa nengggg???

  60. manuel says:

    kien tiene esto en espaรฑol????? desirme xfavor plisss

  61. Whimsy Winx says:

    This latest Release Candidate totally sucks. The last one was WONDERFUL! It was like being able to breathe when you’ve been choking for months. So I downloaded the latest one, and I can log on, but if I try to teleport anywhere I get logged off. Really ticked off as my computer seemed to prefer the last one, and now when I try to use the regular one, I can’t log on with it.

  62. U M says: refers to it has fallen off world. Or basic terms LOST


    I get lock-ups occasionally on two different PC’s with and …… mouse pointer freezes and screen locks ….. have to turn off completely at power switch and reboot. At the same time, someone in same location has a recoverable graphics driver error.

  64. Astarte says:

    Understand U M, but why everytime I log in with release candidate, whther alt or me logging. And that has only happened since I said no to optional update. Standard viewer works and Nicholaz’s equivalent to release candidate works fine.

  65. U M says:

    Hi Astarte,

    Possible the web bugs the sniffout information, could be conflicing client versions. Since Voice and their never ending bug also could be crashing you as well. At this stage with all the problems with the client and all the little cute and useless features. Your better off using the none voice client and or 1-18-0-6, Nicholazโ€™s equivalent or th Ables Viers or even SEEK.

  66. Aenea says:

    I have inventory loss as well, occasional items, but I’d never had inventory loss before. When people used to complain about it, I never paid attention, so now I need to know to whom I report it to see about getting my items back.

    I lost shoes and jewelry that I hadn’t worn in a couple of weeks… :/

  67. Aenea says:

    BTW, that was in the regular viewer. Obviously an issue related to the asset server :/

  68. U M says:

    matters not with versions

  69. HJ says:

    Tried on my new MacBook Pro (with 4GB of RAM), still crashes (twice last night) and is only program that I’ve come across that actually freezed the Mac on a regular basis where a hard reboot is needed — Grief ๐Ÿ˜ฆ For the Mac users, I would say this is the top priority (a sev 1 bug) and I sure hope the final release has this resolved — completely fustrating to me and other users in my contact list who constantly ask why I keep going on and off line.

  70. Rex Cronon says:

    Hi everybody.
    It seems that the older version of the RC can no longer logging in the main grid. I downloaded the newer version, and now I can login. The only reason for this, is that changes were made to the server code.

  71. les says:

    wonder if this release will stop with the endless render crashes already….it’s getting old to crash every second time i zoom out or move the camera fast.

    wonder if this release will finally stop the dorthy in the tornado rendor effects you get with vehicles for the last months….not to mention the sinking into the ground of slow moving hover vehicles like boats and such….even in clean empty sims. Add 5 avs to the sim and forget it…

    which leads to..wonder if this release will finally allow more then 30 avs to gather in one spot and still be able to do things like move.

    wonder if this release will finally STOP THE @#$*&^ SPAM with something simple like…

    []Allow group member to start IM session
    []Allow group member to contribute to IM session.

    A little base functionality with the groups here would be good…I know you lindens never show On-Line and don’t have to deal with groups…but we do! Every time someone spams a large group it’s a flame war of tail chasing.

    wonder if this release will address things like vendors failing to give products half the time and the effect this has had on consumer confidence when buying things becomes a lotto. Why use vendors when sellers have to call up a web site to confirm every second sale and manualy hand them out again…this is insane when we deal with micro payments. 5$ in service to sell a 50 cent item.

    wonder if this release will give us a com window that doesn’t have the user buttons on the FOUR CORNERS of the massive UI. Hire a UI person already…geez. Maybe do drug testing or something…

    glad to see you’re working on the beacon…cheese…don’t stress the team now!

  72. Vogel Pinion says:

    First look page does not seem to want to give a first lookdownload, unless you’re supposed to click on the link that looks exactly (and is worded to look exactly) like the “download the real client”?

  73. Vogel Pinion says:

    Okay, my bad. Just needed to wait a bit longer for the page to load.

  74. taff nouvelle says:

    I think the download is a little slow today, I just downloaded waited for 15 minutes while it downloaded, started it and it said is now available grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Ah well sit back for another 15 minutes …

  75. Rex Cronon says:

    Wow, nice. Another RC?
    And with this new and improved version I can’t again login. This must be a new feature. Once a new version becomes available the old one no longer works. Why does even have to ask if u want to download the new version of if u want to continue?

  76. taff nouvelle says:

    by the way, its Friday again, I thought the friday updates had been put on hold smh

  77. ziyi szuyuan says:

    great update. looking forward to final version

    Taff this is not a update there would be no friday updates ot the grid these are test or preview releases.

  78. Boogie says:

    This happened today:

    At log in I was asked if I would download the new RC.
    I clicked Continue, and load bar stopped at 40%.
    After a few tries I decided to run the update anyways.
    Then the viewer worked fine.
    In fact it worked VERY good (and I did some demanding stuff).
    Smooth and stable.
    But then, when logging in, I was again asked to dl the new RC….
    and loadbar stopped again at 40%.
    This kind of endless loop happened once before, 6 months ago.
    So I shut my cpu now and go out for a beer.

    Cheers and have a great weekend, all.

  79. Spank Lovell says:

    Can I make a suggestion guys? Why dont you host the downloads on European mirror servers as well as in the US? That way we can download theses updates faster. I have american and Canadian friends who can download the updates really qucik, however being in Europe (UK) I get a slower download.

    I dont think that would cost much operationally.

  80. Retsujou Arashi says:

    I can confirm that does not allow me to login either. It goes to initialise World and then sleeps there forever. I can login from the same Macintosh with the old production client.

  81. Nad Gough says:

    It is not an optional update if the one it wants to replace will no longer proceed with the initialization once you select continue rather than accept the optional upgrade. That’s what makes it optional. Testing releases on all the platforms you support is not optional. This is the second release that has done this.

  82. Fluf says:

    Uhm guys?
    Is the download for Linux link borked?

  83. laura freck says:

    j’arrive pas a me connecter !!!!!! je mais mon pass et mon prรฉnom et mon nom mais sa marche pas !!! sa mรฉnerve !!

  84. Keiki Lemieux says:

    Why is not included? This was supposed to be fixed on August 21st by Simon Linden. This bug is a real problem that breaks any HUD that uses floating text. Please get the fix into the RC!

  85. @11 RE: @8

    I’ve found this hanging problem to be true as well. It happened for both 1.18.2 and .3 (I am downloading the most recent version now), and i can *no longer* use the official client because it continuously crashes without warning upon clothing download.

    If it is indeed true that older release candidates should still be able to log in, what can I do in order to ensure they connect if this most recent version does not?

    From what I can tell, it halts during the ‘Initializing World’ stage and does not progress further than that.

  86. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    I’m getting seriously fed up with this!
    Two nights on the trot, Thursday and Friday, about this time the client seems to go berserk. Last night it was a HUGE memory leak that came close to crashing me, a restart and I was told the was a optional new version, I attempted to log in without it and after numerous unsuccessful attempts gave up and downloaded the new version – installed it and was finally able to log back in.
    Tonight – SL slows to a crawl, 8 *SECOND* pings and the client becomes totally unresponsive. Relog and get told there’s ANOTHER new optional client. Once bitten, twice shy, I download it – however, installing it takes nearly 30 MINUTES, despite me quitting virtually every task running on the PC!
    Finally the install finishes, I reboot as a precaution. Log in. SL is yet again virtually unresponsive, bandwidth is constantly jumping from nothing to right off the scale. Client FPS likewise!
    After standing still for some 10-15 minutes bandwidth settles and client fps steadies – at OVER 100fps! RIDICLOUS! I know that’s impossible even on something as quick as my system in my location.

    However – the slightest viewpoint movement causes the initial massive bandwidth and client fps fluctuations to resume accompanied by a 20-30 second ‘freeze’.

    SL is once again all but unusable.

    Now – I really don’t expect anything resembling a coherent explanation for this – not for over US$200 a month…

    But could you PLEASE stop screwing things up so comprehensively? The first RC was pretty good – better than the ‘Real’ client (not really a huge achievement, but certainly a step in the right direction) – WHY is it that virtually every time Linden Lab devs touch any version of the client they mess it up big time?

    I’m fed up with this sort of thing happening – it’s nothing new admittedly – but I’m reaching the stage where I’ve just about had it with the level of unreliability of SL and the apparent incompetence of the staff.

    Get your act together – NOW – or I, and I suspect I’m not the only one feeling this way, am history.

    Good night.

  87. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    I found I can’t log in with the new RC for Linux because it crashes before fully logging in. It may be as clothes download, I didn’t really notice. I”ll try to find a bug report to vote on, and if not I’ll submit one. If someone can net us nkow which bug number this is I’d appreciate it.

  88. Dagmar Heideman says:

    @ 11 bridielinden: I (and apparently others) could not logon with Release Candidate Viewer ( The login progress bar would stop at around 40% and then would freeze, and I do mean freeze since I tied it 6 times each time waiting anywhere from 5 to 18 minutes. I eventually loaded up 1,18.3.3 and was able to logon. Now I am experiencing the same problem using Release Candidate Viewer ( since Release Candidate Viewer (1,18.3.4) was released. Please look into this.

  89. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thanks for the update. Nice to see that “disable beacons” fix has been applied. Take the weekend off. ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Elendir Axon says:

    So, you’re complaing that a beta client doesnt work and you’re expecting it to work perfectly…….right…..

  91. @65 it’s not so much that it needs to work perfectly, but when ALL of the other clients suddenly stop working, that leaves us with very little recourse, doesn’t it?

  92. I like this. I’m in, I’m not lagging, I’m not crashing… Very nice.

  93. U M says:

    If people are having so many problems with 1,18.1.? or greater go back to itโ€™s or 3rd party viewers Ables, Nicks, or sleek? I can`t believe after al this time with voice and qall the problems that ara occuring still. This mess should have been fix atleast no more then 2 months ago. But NO! its LL proves that if all possible they can screwup anything at any given time. No amount of Rosey thought of ALL is well on SL will patch over this mess.

  94. U M says:

    And to those saying I not having any problems. You need to go play in higher volume using areas on sl. Then you see what people are saying.

  95. Ron Crimson says:

    I spend a lot of time in busy areas in SL and no, I still don’t see what people are saying, U M.

  96. I don’t think it has anything to do with busy areas. I am having login issues in all sims, from all accounts, from any client that is not the most recent release candidate.

    Now, i can understand if the RC is supposed to be there for testing bug fixes and such… but things better not *break* the official client too! What happens if this RC stops working for me too?

    I have a RL job in world. Being unable to log in, let alone texture or build would be a very bad thing for me. O_O

  97. Uccello says:

    Juast as the I could not log into Second life with the standard viewer once the last Release Candidate was available, I cannot log into Second Life unless I install the most current Release Candidate.

  98. Jana Kamachi says:

    Yes, people listen.
    I was talking with Dan Linden about this earlier, and we tested it on PC’s and Macs.
    It will go to initializing world and then hang because of an authentication error with the client. The only way to solve this right now is to upgrade. None of the RC viewers lower than the newest one will be allowed to connect to the grid.

  99. Ilana Debevec says:


    Same here, I loaded up the Release Candidate viewer and ALL but two of my Linden textures VANISHED from the LIBRARY, maybe other stuff also. Talked to other people and ONLY those that have loaded a Release Candidate viewer have had it happening.

    Clearing Cache, makes no difference
    Going Back to the release viewer, make no difference.
    Filing a Trouble Ticket? So Far ignored for almost 36 hours.


  100. U M says:

    70 if you say that that means your not in those locations.

  101. U M says:

    RC? regular Client? Please atleast spell the word. Sounds more like Radio Control…………..

  102. Flash Ferguson says:

    My av’s eyeballs don’t rez with this RC.

  103. Sup Bing says:

    Thought Usagi (U M) was banned from the blogs? :/ anychance of limiting blog entries to one per person? its always the same 4-5 people that fill comments up. Anyhow….

    Not sure what’s been changed but the asset server is having all kinds of hick ups. I’m getting failures trying to link two standard sized cubes together, not to mention the invo loss yet again

  104. U M says:

    LOL you finally figure it OUT!……….you are so slow!

  105. Fluf says:

    Same old story. Yes we know the SL grid has glitches. We also know PC’s have occasional glitches. So why do people assume that because they can’t connect with the new client that it’s the client’s fault?

  106. Gil Druart says: – no Friends List (waiting). Didn’t think anything of that. SL right….. It’ll turn up again in a day or two …

    Someone offered friendship, the instant I accepted I crashed. Interestingly it was a GPU crash. Which is a pain (reboot the entire PC before you can try SL again).

    This morning .. still no Friends .. apart from the one I added last night.

    Going to try all the usual things .. flush cache yada .. but this isn’t a happy RC so far ..

  107. Inigo Chamerberlin says:


    It is NOT a beta client. It’s SUPPOSED to be a release candidate!

    The point I was making is that, given a usable release candidate, two subsequent ‘updates’ have resulted in two consecutive cockups.

    The RC viewer is now thouroughly Lindened.

  108. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    At this point my thought is that alteratrions are being made to the srver code as well as the RC client code.

    Why else would previous releases cease working?

    This of course is a well known development technique – the one where you change everything at random in hopes it’ll fix things, rather than adopt a methodical process of elimination by testing…

    Well known to the LL crowd of course – and their unfortunate customers – the rest of the industry adopts slightly more effective techniques!

  109. U M says:


    past previous are no longer working? You mean they are stoppin gthe format of multi version that could be used on sl? Or are you saying its just badly coded?

  110. Jana Kamachi says:

    It’s not bad coding, it was a simple mistake that wormed its way in through the truck. You hold that risk every time you have multiple developers. There is a reason these are release candidates, they’re spat out quicker, but with fewer checks. You don’t like it? Use the stable client. You have, through this blog & JIRA, helped them find and isolate errors, which will be fixed in the next RC.

  111. What does U M means??
    U.nable M.easuring??
    U.nlike M.ates??
    U.nhappy M.ole??

    Well U.M., i am reading your blogs for a pretty long time now and i must say…you suck and you are unfair, posting so much mostly senseless blogs.
    LL, pls bring the postings down to 2 blogs per Resident, would be great, thanks, this is no “U M Magazine” or the “U M Times”…
    all other fair residents, please dont forget the RL password and have a nice weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  112. Fernan Tomcat says:

    Folks, i’m 2 days off SL and noticed the following:
    – I can chat with no lag LOL.
    – My laptop doesn’t crash and i have no memory leaks even working with heavy duty software like my RL online stores and their databases (which curiously doesn’t loose items, something going wrong here?).
    – My network (5 workstations and 2 servers) runs fine as hell, even streaming media (audio to some wks and video to the rest of my house).
    – My RL productivity improved dramatically (i was able to rebuild all the messaging system of my sites, website end and backoffice end YAY!).

    Oh, am i dreaming? LMAO.

    Big hug for AO and UM *winks*

  113. U M says:

    Hey fern ๐Ÿ™‚ huggies………

    Wow your really doing the well. But you said your RL companies are doing well with your systems how about SL experience? ๐Ÿ™‚

    TC Fern ๐Ÿ™‚


  114. Fernan Tomcat says:

    Hey hey UM ๐Ÿ™‚ *hugzzzzz*

    My SL experience is fantastic in the personal way, but the technical is crappy a lot. I don’t know what the hell the SL client does (surely one of the worst codes ever written) but it ruins my network, makes my state-of-the-art-not-running-Vista laptop to loose connection with the primary domain controller, literally eats the resources of the machine where i run it (i can’t do anything else with it when i run SL for more than 2/2,5 hours, less time if i’m in a crowdy place like the one we use to go dancing), and makes my internal DNS server go crazy, sometimes i have to restart the whole network…

    Anyway, i’m not quitting SL (at least, for now), but i’m balancing my times there, and most surely i’ll become a non premium user since the customer care is invisible and the technical side of the game isn’t improving as time passes by. In October i’ll be 1 year old in SL and i’ve lost almost a half of that year dealing with the technical incompetence of LL LMAO.

    The best side of SL is the wonderful ppl i’ve met around the world, without any kind of doubt, but really i don’t see SL as something worth to pay for it.

    Hope to see you soon and share some dancing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Digital Digital says:

    Ok why are you people complaining you chose to go to RC viewer lol,

    Keep up the great work linden lab!

  116. Fernan Tomcat says:

    I was talking about the stable version LMAO, didn’t test the RC viewer…

  117. Jana Kamachi says:

    And he wasn’t talking to you fernan *_o. I believe he was refering to some earlier posts.

  118. Fernan Tomcat says:

    Oh, i’m sorry then, since i type without lag i guess i think faster ^^

  119. U M says:

    HAHAh Fern. Lag is Love ๐Ÿ™‚

    No really i understand your thoughts. Many people feel the same about the client building blocks. With the lack of quility coders in some cases.

  120. Jana Kamachi says:

    U M, you have obviously never worked on a large project. As well, if we care to continue this discussion, please take it into the forums, since this now has nothing to do with the release.

  121. Fernan Tomcat says:

    Stop UM, police has arrived LMAO ๐Ÿ˜‰

  122. @81, 85:

    I never *chose* anything. The main client *no longer works* on my computer. The release candidates, which initially worked – now don’t. So tell me…. where is the choice here?

  123. Ariane Brodie says:

    I have Vista and an AMD Radeon HD2400 with the very latest drivers (7.9), The current “stable” release crashes within a couple of minutes but Vista recovers from the error.

    So I tried the Release Client last night, and it worked fine for a good 10-20 minutes, then I got a rare blue screen of death (page fault) and my computer forcibly reboot. I have been afraid to try it again.

  124. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Aki, you chose to use the RC, it was never forced on regular client users.

    The problem is probably on your computer. 40,000 pl on the grid at times indicates the software works for most people. Try getting your specs and submitting a support ticket. If you cant or wont do that, then thats your choice to not try and figure out whats wrong on YOUR END.

  125. Matt27 churchill says:

    I downloaded this Release client and it don’t load the secondlife up at all. How do you suppose to test something if it is broke here.

  126. Ron Crimson says:

    Now listen up y’all ๐Ÿ˜›

    I just logged into Second Life using the official, stable 1.18.2(0) client. NO PROBLEM logging in WHATSOEVER. If it doesn’t work for you, YOU’re the one doing something wrong, end of story.

    I can’t speak for the release candidates as I always went and updated to the latest one right away… but then, has it occurred to anyone that maybe and are blocked for a reason? Those versions can no longer be regarded as RELEASE CANDIDATES (remind yourself of what these words mean!) because the candidate is now And the Lindens want to get our input on how works, not the previous candidates. Makes perfect sense, ja?

    It does to me, anyway. But to summarize: both and 1.18.2(0) work just fine…

    *steps off the soapbox*

  127. Tegg B says:

    Aki Shichiroji Says:
    I never *chose* anything. The main client *no longer works* on my computer. The release candidates, which initially worked – now donโ€™t. So tell meโ€ฆ. where is the choice here?

    Seeing all 3 versions are working for the 30k of us online and none of the 3 work for you, have you considered it’s something at your end?

  128. Dirk Felix says:

    Release Candiate = not ready for prime time. LL should never push out a alpha version, SHAME ON YOU LL. Ship a GA or keep it in the can, like real software companies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  129. JayR Cela says:

    In regards to older SL clients no longer functioning properly / I am a WIN XP/pro user / so I can only offer this advice/ Never and I repeat Never Install a new Client on top of the previous version / Uninstall it from the main your Win Start Menu Programs first / next open Windows Explorer – goto c:\documents and settings – your user profile/ find the extra SL directory located there and remove it /While still in Win Explorer create a new directory in c:\ ( I personaly use c:\SLCache – but you can give any name you like ) Now install your newly downloaded Client software / When you next prepare to Log in / you will have to reset all of your preferences settings / I sugest you do this before actually intering the the game / while you are doing this goto the Network setting tab and change the location of your Cache to some previously created directory of your own choosing -In my case it is C:\SLCache / in a standard install the place selected by a normal install on top of the old one sometimes causes version conflicts within the C:\Documents and Settings SL folders. not normally removed from standard uninstall or simply installing over the previous Client / by moving the Cache folder to a seperate area you can eliminate the possibilities of unexpected conflicts – while still maintaining all of your inventory – for the most part :_) some of it will still be lost upon re-log / once back into SL imediatly open your Inventory and do a Force Load by progressively typeing in the 5 vouls A – first one – when inventory progress stops – and you are still not fully loaded – procead by backspacing and replace A – with E then I if need be
    Hope this helps some folks out there
    please forgive my typo’s

    JayR Cela

  130. Just don’t turn off the basic graphics extentions when you are running this on Ubuntu 7.04.

    It worked for a short while, then I lost control of my keyboard.
    After a reset, I couldn’t load the drivers for my wireless card. I tried modprobing for them, but it wouldn’t budge. I tried using the livecd to see if that could work. Again… even the Live cd couldn’t find my wireless drivers!

    I tried booting into my backup windows Xp Pro partition on /dev/hdb2
    I couldn’t make it past the loading screen.

    I hope that this works… I removed both disks and am using a clean hard drive with Windows xp Pro installed. I actually had it find my wireless card. <:) this is a good start.

  131. richard says:

    can anyone help me i have cable internet everything is running find i never get kicked off i can stay online all day but when i start up second life the cable kicks me right off,i stay on for a few mins but it shuts second life down!!!

  132. Lestat Demain says:

    nice to see you guys are working on improving things but shouldnt you start by removing the microsoft garbage that it puts in during the compilation process? i have done so on several clients and miraculously nearly all the bugs vanish. tp time varies between 2 and 5 seconds, NO inventory problems, login takes 5 seconds and packetloss is now back to 220/104164158 (128.00 kbits per second)
    and this is in australia ๐Ÿ˜›

  133. U M says:

    Lets hope the replace the none voice viewer!

  134. Loraaga Anatine says:

    @37 are u sure this kind of pc-crashes can come from the new RC???

    yesterday I unfortunenately updated from (never had problems with this one) to and about 10 mins later when I moved my camera, my laptop crashed with bluescreen and until now I have not managed to get it back to running :o(

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