Concurrency information

Due to an internal DNS problem the very high concurrency that was given a bit earlier was inaccurate. The issue has been identified and is being fixed.

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  1. jade carnot says:

    well, i was freaked at seeing 69000 online lol!

  2. Vincent Nacon says:

    Care to explain a bit more if possible at this hour?

    Question on my mind… was RC viewer update related to this?

  3. Stoney Hudson says:

    Can someone someday please use plain english when giving out information ?
    I know technical terms have to be used to help discribe problems! But do they always have to be so wrapped up in themselves.
    Creating a them and us situation, where regular people like myself get scared to mention that we don’t understand something for fear of peer ridicule.

  4. Darien Caldwell says:

    yes, and why did the grid performance suddenly crash and inter-sim email stop working at the same time? was that also related to this DNS problem?

  5. Threshin Barnett says:

    Okay, so you’re saying this had nothing to do with almost a week of griefer attacsk aka the “presence overload” attacks? With the temp rezzer explosions and griefer object spamming?
    *Arches an eyebrow*

  6. angela seale says:

    it’s a “presence overload” attack, and you’re DNS problems are making sim crosssings hard, TP’s not coonecting, and 5-10 mintues to log in are a DNS bug, then what do you call Secondlife?

  7. U M says:

    hhahahah wonders if it was a setup :/ Well the damage is done and LL looks sweeter after this boo boo………….

  8. Aluria Quatro says:

    I’ll take a stab in the dark and say this is also linked to the asset server problems, disconnections when attempting to teleport, and lag disconnects when trying to move out of a sim.

  9. Tegg B says:

    Someone logged in 20,000 extra bots?

  10. Yifei says:

    Oh… now i know that the figure of “Online Now” can be altered by LL. What is the actual figure? God know.

  11. Fluf says:

    Hey I don’t know what you guys just fixed but things seem to be loading up faster than they have for weeks.
    Maybe it’s just my lucky day?

  12. Cat Cotton says:

    Online numbers are like traffic numbers; bloated and unrealistic.

  13. Tod69 Talamasca says:

    In reality, there’s only 20 people on SL. We all use Alts to inflate the numbers. 🙂

  14. Rosuto Kanami says:

    lol*hugs threshin*

    yes i agree with tod69 >_> toomany alts to trust the numbers

    i notice that only mainland servers are down Most private islands are online dispite they dont seem to connect the clients to the asset server

  15. Tegg B says:

    Tod69 Talamasca Says:

    September 14th, 2007 at 3:37 AM PDT
    In reality, there’s only 20 people on SL. We all use Alts to inflate the numbers.

    The really worring bit is when you realise you’ve been hitting on your own alts 😛

  16. Gwenette Writer says:

    Aloha All – it is all still magical tech and magical imaginations – ours:) married in sl wedded bliss. Tons of fun. Creativity abounds. Lets keep building:)

  17. yelgerzzz says:

    Hope they weren’t all camping…

  18. “well, i was freaked at seeing 69000 online lol!” >> Trust me you wheren’t the only one. Thanks for letting us know! =^.^=

  19. Hope Rosetta says:


  20. Lindal Kidd says:

    can’t be ONLY something affecting the online users counter. For the past several days, my usually no-lag island has been subjected to hideous avatar lag, chat message delays, and crashes. Last night’s fun included inventory loss, the return of the “crosseyed” bug, and failure to rez objects.

  21. eyerocker says:

    I tend to agree with #14 in that perfomance on the islands has slipped several notches since the widely rumored and group chatted grid attack on 9/11. Its been very quiet from upper management as of late too. I for one am getting asked by the masses and I will relay it back up the hill, Is the update on friday night a result of the attack? In the mean time I am choosing to put on my helmet and shield before the update so when I log back on after I wont have to wait for the inventory to load. “Prepare for the worse and hope for the best.”

  22. Vincent Nacon says:

    If it was someone logging in bunch of bots….

    Highest peak was 87,543.
    Yestorday’s count at that same night hours was about 36,000.

    So… that’s 87,000 – 36,000 = 51,000 accounts was added.

    Honestly… that’s too hard to be true that someone created about 51,000 accounts/bots for this. I’m sure LL would have noticed that one IP address signing up so many accounts with same email address? Unless they actually made 51,000 email addresses, which isn’t seem feasible at all.

    I’m sure it was related to RC viewer update not doing the data update to the server to tell that the user had crashed or missed out on logging off signal.

  23. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    Perhaps if the Lindens played more poker and blackjack they would realise numeric mistakes cost money-and what’s up with bad DNS servers and mechanical problems? Didn’t I give you money to fix that stuff already?
    If you are gonna spend like teenagers there is a grid specially for you-maybe they teach math there too!

  24. Rest says:

    Thats one heck of a lot of camping!

  25. Taft Worsley says:

    What difference does it make, what the cause?? – the service still sux and has been bad for the last 8-10 months and nothing has changed but the color of the smoke ring around my a$$ from all the hot air Philp has blown about fixing issues and better stability. Same $hi7 different date – thats the only thing that changes with this company. Glad i pulled my money out !!!!!

  26. Kate McLaglen says:

    surely more than that went on… performance took a dive and lag became unbearable

    can we please know what else really happened?

    dont worry you wont scare us…..much

  27. Ranma Tardis says:

    I suppose a griefer could use a number of zombie computers to stage such an attack. I think it was done to attack certain websites. The truth will never be known, I suppose

  28. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @9 – omg Tod69 you’re right. I think I just sold one of my sims to one of my alts. Wondered why my L$ balance showed no change! lol

  29. Ryu Darragh says:

    Uhm, #15 Vincent.. others. One can’t log in more than 4 or 5 accounts from the same IP address. The network lag in the users connection to the internet would crash the other alts (I know this having set up a cable router for a family where 7 people wanted to get online at the same time from a single cable connection). 5 connected fine. As long as they didn’t do much more than chat. At 6, the clients crashed. Although in rare cases someone might get more than 5 on, they load on the servers at LL will max out when the users local connection does. So, in order to do this, they need to do a traditional DOS and set up bots on zombie machines… *running SL*, or some code than can perfectly mimic SL. I’d tremble in fear at that level of sophistication.

    So, it’s not “online user numbers” as much as it’s “total bandwidth consumed by concurrent users”.

    Yeah, bots might double or triple the number of “griefers”, but would not increase the bandwidth as much as seperate users on seperate machines.

  30. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    censored again? Come on, I had a big brother that used to beat me up for fun, toughen up guys, you can handle a little criticism,oh, never mind,I forgot this is SL.

  31. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @2: That seems highly unlikely.

    @15: It was definitely not that. The servers don’t assume you’re on until you say you’re logging off. It works the exact opposite way: the server assumes you’re gone unless you keep telling it you’re still on.

  32. bigmoe says:

    I got stuck in 1 sim for 2hrs because of the tp problem and sim border crossing issue (kicks aeon), when I first got logged out it was at 77k and I about pooped myself. 1 or 2 things came to mind. dos attack or we actually had that many people on, then I thought wait what is load balancing the sims? lol. anyways it was fun productive night, got some building done in peace.

  33. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @19: You’re assuming a standard SL client. Bots usually use a much simpler client that uses less bandwidth. You can fill a sim with bots from a single IP address. And the load on the LL servers? The LL servers can handle a hundred simultaneous connections to a single sim at least (I’ve seen it — works fine as long as scripts are off so all their laggy AOs don’t bring the sim down). Network bandwidth is the least of your concerns in that situation.

  34. Ryder Spearmann says:

    TP’s were down last evening was well… any attempt to enter another sim caused ejection from SL. Also, all transaction histories were down. Concurrency was the LEAST of our worries yesterday. Are there any comments about the real issues, LL?

  35. richard says:

    how many people can be on before the ship sinks?

  36. Gavin MacKay says:

    Does that explain why every time I tried to TP somewhere last night, I got logged off of SL?

  37. Anrik Akina says:

    no unsdestand nothing of nothing…..
    poor people…….poor….jah people..

  38. U M says:

    Do people really think we had this many online at one time? No possible!

  39. Brett Finsbury says:

    Brett Finsbury laughs at Tegg post 11.

  40. Chad M says:

    Um, it’s still just a game, right? I finally checked out these “posts” and c’mon guys…it’s a worldwide online game. I would assume there will always be issues. There are always idiots that try to “hack” or “disrupt” games. There are always server/connection/etc. issues to be had. Overall this is still agreat game and for many it’s free…I mean I would assume that if everyone was charged a fee of lets say 20 USD a month to participate the revenue stream would be higher and the infrastructure (i.e. more servers, etc.) could be improved, but they don’t do that. So lighten up folks…it’s just a game.

  41. Renee Faulds says:

    Lotte – If a Asset Server Linden would read posts 27 & 28 in TOPIC “Now Available: Release Candidate Viewer Update” as of 9:50PDT the inventory is still completely gone. I have checked back with the others and it is still missing there also. At least you lost “your” inventory this time but, pretty sad standard game inventory poofs into thin air.

    ISSUE: Inventory ( Library ) Assets Gone

  42. richard says:

    well if there are not that many people online why does second life post that many?

  43. Blinders Off says:

    To be fair, while everyone has ALTs, there are very few people who log them on at the same time (some club and market owners to inflate traffic figures, but they are in an extreme minority).

    What IS inflated is the “residency” figure, which shows millions of members. The only accurate figure I’ve seen on SL is the number of people who have logged in during the last 7 days, which from the figures I saw yesterday is about 5% of total residency.

  44. Emily Darrow says:

    Well even if it was the result of an attack and not some “error” with the internal DSN do you think LL would publish that it was successful?

  45. Revolution Perenti says:

    is this the cause of buying lindex too becuase while working at orientaion islands and help islands there been a fair amount of people unable to buy lindens via paypal or credit card

    Rev 🙂

  46. The Concurrency rate has remained more or less the same ( under 50k) since last april even though the residency figure has jumped up several million since then. Literally a stagnant figure for several months now. What does that mean? The truth is that by now it should have exceeded 69000 ONLINE NOW for a long time. Too bad that figure was just a glitch and not a true reflection of growth.

  47. I wish I could have seen a screen shot lol

  48. Ricky Lucero says:

    Here’s a screenshot of the high concurrency.

  49. Insky you ask a very interesting question. Why has the user population suddenly stagnatred?

    I feel, as many like me do, that this is due wholly to how Linden Lab has treated the Community as a whole. They say they are working on this or that, yet nothing ever really gets fixed. How many weeks in a row have we seen the infamous “Login problem” blog entry?

    Linden Lab, while certainly worthy of my support for creating an environment like Second Life, is NOT worthy of my continued support when they fail to react to what the Community has been asking for, for well over 5 months now. The Community has asked that the Asset Server be stabilized, so we don’t lose those expensive objects we want to rez, but they just disappear into never-land. We want Linden Lab to step forward and at least ADMIT there are hard problems here and instead of continuing to add features to an already bloated product, they are going to return to original code and start ferreting out these issues.

    I for one am sick and tired of the constant BULLS*** that Linden Lab has put out trying to explain away problems. I want action, not words. I want someone at Linden Lab to stand up and take responsibility for this mess, and quit blaming Residents for their problems. WHEN, and that’s a very big WHEN, Linden Lab is ready to treat the Community and their Customers with the RESPECT they deserve, then I think you might see a lot of us return; until then, what’s the point, the Government lies to me daily, I don’t need it in the way I choose to relax.

  50. bob says:

    its funny how most of the ppl posting have their own WRONG idea of how traffic works x_x

  51. JZ Paine says:

    For all those who are complaining at Lindens for not being able to login or crashing randomly. HEAR ME!!!. It’s probably a personal problem. Look at your drivers, your ISP and so on. For eveyone who says they can’t log in and crash there are 1000 others who dont have the problem. Hmm, what odds. Who would you believe? And trust me! I no one could log in we would be hearing that and nothing else. Same with crashing continually. So stop and think about what your PC or ISP is doing before complaining to Lindens.

    Falls off his soap box!

  52. Ann Otoole says:

    a momentary glitch. nothing to see. move on..

    however i would love to see more communications from the LL CFO (LL Economist) on the topic of how LL will deal with attempts to undermine the economy (unfair and/or predatory trade practices *by anyone or any entity*) and what contingency measures they have ready. I would also love to see a means of communicating with the CFO on the topic of the economy and especially on it’s sustainability and growth potential.

  53. JZ:

    If this is true, why can we go back just a week or two and see a “Login Problem” blog entry? Are you saying that Linden Lab is reporting Login Issues that Residents are having, trying to tell them to go look at their computers, drivers, etc., or (as the blog reads) are they saying THEY, being Linden Lab, are having issues with THEIR login servers?

    If you are going to argue the point (fanboi style), you might want to think about your arguements just a few more minutes before posting. Actually though, considering your arguements, perhaps you should just apply to Linden Lab, you would fit right in, if there’s a problem, BLAME THE RESIDENT before actually admitting it’s Linden Lab’s issue.

  54. Rex Cronon says:

    the older version of the Release Candidate(RC) no longer allows you to login. With the newer one u can login. Was something done to the server/sim code that make the older RC unusable?

  55. Renee Faulds says:

    Renee Faulds Says:
    September 13th, 2007 at 11:50 PM PDT


    I have just talked to 11 freinds – 9 of whom are also missing game issued inventory.

    In Library (Textures) All that is left are:

    Default and White

    Is anybody else experiencing this loss of Library Inventory loss?


    Renee Faulds Says:
    September 14th, 2007 at 8:54 AM PDT

    Lotte – If a Asset Server Linden would read posts 27 & 28 in TOPIC “Now Available: Release Candidate Viewer Update” as of 9:50PDT the inventory is still completely gone. I have checked back with the others and it is still missing there also. At least you lost “your” inventory this time but, pretty sad standard game inventory poofs into thin air.

    ISSUE: Inventory ( Library ) Assets Gone

    Time Now is: 12:17 PM PDT

    Or is this another post no Lindens care to answer or explain?
    Inventory loss anytime is a serious matter but I find it MORE SERIOUS when it effects the “LIBRARY” items !!

    I think a blog post to address these problems is long over due…


  56. Oz Ducatillon says:

    With all due respect Bob Bunderfield, you seem to be playing yesterdays tune while ignoring the facts?

    Fact is that SL is not “dying” as you put it – on the contrary, numbers of average users online have actually continued to grow slightly despite the predictied exodus of residents because of the gambling rule change.

    Fact is that things have been changing at LL – case in point 1.18.3 which is choc a bloc full of nothing but bug fixes – and the very welcome move to RC releases so that when a viewer does become standard we can be fairly sure that it will be stable and not break more things than it fixed as was often the case int he past.

    So quit your whining bud – or at least confine it to your blog so we don’t have to look at it here! If you don’t like SL any longer, go find a better virtual playground to play in! … Oh that’s right – there isn’t one!

  57. Sean Petit says:

    Lotte, speaking of concurrency: I would love to see a rolling graph of concurrency statistics on a more granular scale than once daily (and only peak at that). Would it be possible to chart concurrency every few minutes and make that raw data available so the community can see the trends?

  58. Renee:

    Read and you will find the explanation given by ONE Linden Lab employee.

    If you don’t want to read it, I’ll summarize it real fast:

    “It’s the Resident’s fault”.

    There you go, Linden Lab at their finest!

  59. notagambler says:

    So, the conclusions seem to be:
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault if we lose stuff
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault there are bugs because we don’t beta
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault there are bugs because we don’t use the (Beta) JIRA
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault that the inventory loss “fixes” in the server update have zeroed out loads of our inv
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault we can’t repro bugs, crashes, losses
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault we don’t have a state of the art machine
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault when our graphics card ceases to work with a new update
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault the 1.15 update broke all the messaging with the new format
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault there is not enough synthetic testing
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault they rush deployment and have to rely on systems for years and years
    [12:33] You: It’s our fault all the contact channels have gone because we use them too much to try to get real answers
    [12:33] You: It’s all our fault…

    Its a copy from a older blog, ty again to the one that wrote it :))

  60. Renee Faulds says:


    So it’s the residents fault that “Library Inventory” Poofs???

    9 of 11 people I talked to last night – it poofs at the same time?

    My $2600.00 custom built gaming computer is whimppy?

    Did we all make the same mistake at the same time to poof “Library”?

    Hard to believe that there is not ONE Linden that will step up and address these posts – not one….


  61. Visitor398 says:

    I have visited your site 935-times

  62. Gina Glimmer says:

    #43 Sean Petit

    Sean who cares about the stats (besides the Lindens themselves)? I want performance, stability, reliability! No more fancy stuff! Just a simple and smooth running and yes… lagless SL…………… please?

  63. Wyald Woolley says:

    Renee Faulds Says:
    Hard to believe that there is not ONE Linden that will step up and address these posts – not one….

    Ummm….not hard to believe. Adressing this requires a sense of responsibility. That can’t happen when there’s no adult supervision. It’s Friday afternoon in California…Parr-deeee timeeee until Monday!!!

    Over 300 sims going down soon and no idea which ones. Electricians gonna be pulling the plugs here and there and no word yet on who’s lights are gonna go out. WOOT!!!!

  64. Rinaldo Debevec says:

    By my calculation, SL won’t reach 69,000 concurrent users until Christmas week. Hey! I have an idea … how about if LL sets up a contest: Predict when the concurrent users number will hit 100,000 … and win 100,000 lindens! My guess: April 1, 2008.

  65. Renee:

    What you are asking for, they just can’t provide you.

    I mean, do you really think a caring, concerned, compassionate company like Linden Lab can really be bothered to answer for what the Community has been asking of it for the past 5 months?

    The people at Linden Lab have too much to do. Their coders are all busy thinking up new excuses to make for why something that is broken is YOUR fault, the developers/engineers are all busy researching this problem, because we all know you just can’t FIX a problem, you really should have a small committee look at it for a few months before announcing the issue is really RESIDENT caused and therefore there really is no issue. Management is way too busy laughing their fool heads off at us all, taking our REAL MONEY to their REAL BANK ACCOUNTS, they just can’t be bothered to actually care, I mean, that’s for the Customer Support reps to do. The Customer Support Reps, on the other hand, would be happy if you opened a new Support Ticket, and please describe your instances in agonizing detail, so they can close your ticket 4 days later saying the developers, engineers, and management all agree, the problem is caused by the Residents; problem solved.

    Unfortunately, my sarcasm has suddenly become reality!

  66. Renee Faulds says:

    I no even bother with bug reports any more cause all I get is BS. I just thought that “here” on the “WORLD WIDE WEB” they might actually “try” to explain this. See a few months again I joined SL because CNN had a very nice article about how fantastic SL is. Well this afternoon I talked to the same reporter from CNN that wrote the article and “GUESS WHAT” – He has the same ISSUES!!!

    SO LINDEN LABS – you better get your act together because that reporter is writting a new article about your software as I post this…

    Maybe that will help you “GET A FRIGGIN CLUE” – HUH?

    Renee Faulds
    SLExchange Merchant
    Island Land Owner at 46,000 m2
    Computer Company Owner
    Stupid Shi* that invested a ton of money in you

    The only thing that has NOT broke down is your billing server – right on time $9.95 every month. So CNN following this thread – care to respond NOW???????

  67. Oh Renee 🙂

    You really must write me privately.

    You see, CNN isn’t the only MEDIA that’s about to go APE S*** on Linden Lab and their fumbling ways with Second Life. Other MEDIA outlets have also noticed the “distraction” that has been going on, and have been very active getting in touch with a lot of us “old timers” who have plenty to say about the state of affairs in Second Life.

    Actually, tell your reporter friend to contact me, I’ll be happy to enlighten him with just how Linden Lab employee’s actually treat customers in-world 🙂

    Uncle Philip? Aunty Robin? Anyone listening now? 🙂

  68. Renee Faulds says:

    IM me Bob – I not on cause I CRASH just standing there but it will be stored to email – be HAPPY to pass it along. Cause you know:


    TIME IS NOW: 4:29 PDT

  69. Renee:

    Don’t worry friends, that’s not my main, just a dummy alt acct I use when I have to do this 🙂

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  71. Renee Faulds says:

    Time Now is 5:42 PM PDT – about party time for all Lindens – because they do not care to address the issue of inventory loss in “LIBRARY” of all places.

    I reported a serious security flaw to LL in confidence for courtesy – now I make it public. There is scripting for AV’s to just poof your objects that you have placed and also edit land even though land controls are off AND SIM land controls are off. Does LL address this- hell no. SO LL you have some real explaining to do here today – but YOU WON”T. You’ll just CENSOR my net post. Concurrency my butt – WE YOU ATTACKED LAST NIGHT !!! I friggin watched it. Yet you continue to lie and not respond to us, Premium Members .

    Now the post to the blog I am about to make is going to have a profanity in it – and you can bet your ur sweet ass it get’s some attention by being DELETED.

    If you even remotely cared about your membership you would have “AT LEAST” emailed me – friggin nothing…. not a peep from a Linden. You’ve piss** me off before but this time ignoring SERIOUS SECURITY THREATS has resulted in a DNS attack on you. Boy I bet your proud of that – see if you would take care of the people paying you money instead of the freeloaders those people prob not be griefers now. You continue to keep your head up your butt and ignore just about dam everything. I hope you enjoy the FREE PRESS your about to receive.

  72. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Why Threshin Barnett, (4), Don’t you know that, like the “sl day of the dead” these mass attacks never really happened and are merely the result of mass hysteria???

    Okay so I AM being sarcastic! LOL

    I doubt we’ll ever heard anything HELPFUL from these people where thousands of dollars damages are done on a wide scale – that would not be good for business! Albeit an HONEST response would be to at least TELL the public it is happening and not hide with one’s head up their linden (neo-sl slang for asshole)

  73. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 48 Rinaldo Debevec

    Didn’t you forget Wagering has been banned.

  74. Vincent Nacon says:

    @19 Ryu Darragh:

    I know, that’s another thing why I don’t believe anyone could pull that.

  75. U M says:

    @51 only a few ( third party companies ) lindens take Bug Reports seriuosly. Thats the problem. Who do you think we are in such a mess these days?

  76. bigmoe says:

    dont blame all of us free accounts. I sit in a 4 sim estate ad bust my ass keeping it secure. I have no left those sims in 3 months because of the attacks. I can tell you this, security needs to be up’d to a point where we the landtool and estate managers have a fighting chance to combat this.

    That is all

  77. Loniki Loudon says:

    What ever happened to our one minute turn around on transaction records? These blogs are useless, you never tell us anything.
    Even this two sentence DNS problem like everyone is gonna have a clue. Can you get someone that actually knows what is going on to keep people informed on these blogs? There are all these problems and one wonders if you even notice. I mean seriously, why even have that grid status button on the homes page when no one posts on it?
    Is it asking too much of a service provider to at least tell us what is going on? Why has part of the service stopped working? Or even better, that you are actually aware of the problem and fixing it.
    Why has basic communications just about shut down?

  78. Ellen Spark says:

    Its probably just 15 yr old no info on file boys accounts. They are probably upset that mom is now online more than they are , useing up all their wow bandwith….rotf

  79. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @29, @42, @46, @49, @51, @53, @55 You go girl!
    Renee, I am coming to the realisation that LL doesn’t really care about their original investment base (thats us!) anymore. I mean, with more big companies getting into SL with their huge investment budgets why would they bother about us anymore?
    I pay a HUGE monthly tier for the lands I own in SL – well, its huge to me because, like most of us, I earn an average income in RL and like to spend my leisure time (and my hard-earned cash) in SL to relax. But many ppl I talk to in SL these days are saying it isn’t as much FUN any more and is becoming more of a chore than a leisure pursuit. I suspect a LOT of these ppl will soon start looking around for other ways to have fun. I know some of them have already started selling off their SL land with the intention of investing their money elsewhere!
    Like many others, I have been having trouble getting money INTO Second Life for almost 3 weeks now! My bank account say there’s no problem, PayPal say there’s no problem there, its only the SL transaction mechanism that isn’t working. I submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago, the next day it was marked ‘work in progress’ and has been that way ever since. No communication from LL at all about the problem is, how they are going to fix it, WHEN they are going to fix it, whether or not I will be compensated (LOL!), etc. It seems like they don’t want my piddling little amounts of cash to spend in their game anymore. But you can bet your life that when my tier payments come due on the 19th September there will be no transaction problems then!
    Also, the age-verification process that is being foisted on us has so many holes in it that its laughable. I know ppl who have ‘verified’ using false information, and I know others who have been rejected even when they submit a ton of verifiable data.
    In an earlier blog (about 2 weeks ago) I posted a list of perfectly legitimate questions about the age-verification process. But, like you Renee, I have still not received any answers at all.

    Linden Labs, Renee posted the first of her questions to you, here in this blog, at 12.17pm 14th September. It is now 8am 15th September.
    At least have the decency to acknowledge these questions, and many others that have been raised in previous blogs.
    Or is it a fact that we, the cheapos who can only spend a few hundred dollars each month, are no longer important – and that you only care about the huge piles of cash coming your way from the big end of town?

  80. Klaatu Congrejo
    The sad part is that don’t understand that without US the real users and money behind SL, Big Companies will have NO One or at least not enough people and money to make it worth their while !!!

    And all any large company needs do is read through these posts and SL’s Blog to see just how unstable SL has become…
    Only a Moron would invest BIG Dollars in a program whose owners don’t care about its users…….

    As for the numbers, lol, looks like some messed up and sent an extra 20K bots into Popular Places.
    Any of you ever go to any on that list and try to talk to the people there ??? 96 were on one sim and we found 5 that were alive and talking, LMAO…….

  81. Malachi Petunia says:

    So you have no idea how many people are logged in and it is a DNS error? Wow.

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