Maintenance notice for 09/15 and 09/19

[UPDATE] 5:45 PM PDT 09/18/07

A slight tweak to the scheduled downtime tomorrow…the maintenance window is now scheduled from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. PDT.

[UPDATE] 1:23 AM PDT 09/16/07]

The maintenance work originally scheduled for Friday evening and rescheduled for tonight has concluded. All affected hardware is back in service and hosting regions again.

[UPDATE 12:41 PM PDT 09/14/07]

There is a change in schedule to our maintenance plans. The electrical maintenance before scheduled for Friday is now due Saturday, the 15th, starting at 9:00 PM PDT (4:00 GMT). It will also take longer than originally planned, the affected regions will be back online around 3:00 AM PDT (10:00 GMT). The general nature of the maintenance remains unchanged.

On Friday, the 14th of September, beginning 10:00 PM PDT (5:00 GMT) and lasting approximately until 1:00 AM PDT (8:00 GMT), we will be doing essential electrical maintenance work at our co location facility in San Francisco that requires us to take the Beta Second Life offline for the duration of the process.
Also about 320 regions on the Main Second Life will be affected.

There will be more maintenance work on Wednesday, the 19th of September. Starting at 6:30 AM PDT (13:30 GMT) and lasting approximately until 9:30 AM PDT (16:30 GMT), the following services will be unavailable:
– the Main Second Life as already announced in a a previous blog note
– the Beta Second Life

We will keep you informed of the progress and return of the services during the process.

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133 Responses to Maintenance notice for 09/15 and 09/19

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    Closing Secondlife from 10 pm to 1 am on a Friday night?!?

    And going into the weekend?

    Isn’t this sort of thing better done during the hours you guys work in California and not on a weekend?

  2. Judi Newall says:

    Is there a way to tell which regions will be affected please? I have a volunteer shift during that time.

  3. Ann Otoole says:

    gah the second part details didnt load right till after posting. nm. still though the track record is such that doing work going into or on a weekend is bad because of the catastrophic failures that tend to follow such activities.

    good luck and may it all go perfectly.

  4. Jester Demina says:

    Nothing Like Bringing down the grid during “Prim Time” Clubbing hours! grrrr. Guess i wont have to DJ and Lose Tips in the Process.

    Thanks SL!

  5. Angelas Enoch says:

    This is just unfair, why do we all have to suffer our game play for your updates and work..this is just not fair..not fair..not fair..not fair..wait a minute…….. I have to work anyway….:P

    Just kidding here.. It is about time really you picked a different time other than the usual..

  6. bladyblue Bommerang says:

    We need to see in print here what the plan is to provide technical assistance from 1AM to 8AM after the grid comes back up Friday night. I really do hope it is not a “Good Night and Good Luck until Monday”. But as it stands – I think that is where we will be.

  7. Sgta DeCuir says:

    finaly maint when i am not on

  8. Hope you guys fix the CEVEDAL region. It has worked correctly in weeks. Yesterdsay I discovered anyone here in CEVEDALE is offline to the rest of the gird. Group messages, Notices, Group chat don’t work here cause it is howing the rest of the gird we are offline. I have to fly out to a diff region to get group messages & notices.

    Only way someone can IM me is to come to my region & IM me. This region has been restarted 2 time this week & it isn’t connecting to the grid right.

    I read where LL claims grinds only take 45 mins to restart the last rolling restart this grid took 30-45 mins to get back up. This is a newer mainland too. Come on LL get the stuff fixed.

    Anyone in my region can not get any messages anymore!!!!!

  9. Chronic Skronski says:

    Updates at (insert time here)? Nonsense! I demand you do updates at (insert time here) because I live in (insert country here) and it’s not fair!

  10. Broccoli Curry says:

    Thank you for picking a time that will be convenient to most of Europe for this downtime, even if it is only the beta grid.

    Let’s hope main grid maintenance begins to follow a similar pattern in due course.

  11. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Wow, someone thinking of us europeans?

    But wait… they usually allways drags the main grid down when we are on prime time so does this makes LL think of us as beta ???

    Or is it the US folks that is beta as this downtime hits them?


  12. Astarte says:

    #2 – Ann quit moaning….where does it say they are touching any of the server software. this is electrical installation/repair work. Unless they get it totally wrong and blow up the servers, game play afterwards should not be affected.

  13. Well said Chronic Skronski !!

  14. Walker Moore says:

    Friday night where? 5am – 8am GMT here. Nice!

    I think this is what they call Karma. =P

  15. Sion Darling says:

    I’m glad that I’m not around next week. 🙂

    Is there any chance that a list of the affected sims could be posted, so that at least the owners know in advance and can make other arrangements where necessary? Or have they alreadybeen notified individually?

    Good luck everyone.

  16. vir price says:

    on friday!
    wow !
    you guys certainly know how to take life out of secondlife

  17. Kayelle Writer says:

    Take a peek at Steinhauer, too. We joke there, now, that it’s haunted. Seriously. Forget trying to use a LM to get anywhere in Steinhauer. You’ll end up somewhere you didn’t mean to be.

  18. Charles Montale says:

    Didn’t know you Euro people were a few days ahead of us, intresting. And all this time, I thought it would be a day at most. Hey, if that were true, wouldn’t that mean it is still going to be the weekend there? Karma? *chuckles* More then likely, the Lindens are going to have people doing sidework on it, cheaper, more problems. Sidework is usually done on weekends. *smirks*

  19. Miche Rainbow says:

    #7 and #8

    ummm…this is going to affect 320 regions on the main grid too…so umm…yeah, it’s main grid maintenance too

  20. Gareth Sleeper says:

    Oh for Gods sake, lets keep the smarmy comments from the Europeans to yourselves, please. Its bad enough that in every maintenance post for at least the last year, you guys whine about how there are more of you, blah blah, you spend more, blah blah blah, its unfair to you that Linden Labs only ask their employees to work during normal business hours, etc, etc. Just shut up about it. Who cares what other company does their maintenance in the middle of the night ? Linden Labs does NOT. So the downtime hits in Europe’s playtime. Again, so what ?. Regardless of WHEN they do the updates, SOMEONE is going to be inconvenienced. Linden Labs has obviously decided it will not be THEM. So go wipe the snot from your nose, you bunch of whiners. And before some terribly witty moron goes on about how I can say this cause I’m in the US, guess what ? I work nightshift. Which means on update days, no playtime for me at all. But thats life. There has been someone bitching about the unfairness to Europeans in every damn update post so far as I can read back. Obviously, they’re not gonna change that just for you. So write letters to LL, file a petition, do something that may actually make a difference. But the crying, puling, “oh woe is me” crap has been getting old for quite some time.

  21. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    “Also about 320 regions on the Main Second Life will be affected.”

    Which ones???????????? I’m sure those of us who may need to use them would really like to know they won’t be available!

  22. Aldo Zond says:

    We’ve got events planned is there anywhere we can find out if our region is one of the 320?

  23. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Agree would be nice to know what will be affected. that time frame is 01:00 to 04;00 saturday morning – prime play time for me and my partner whos is 14 time zones away. boo hoo

  24. Ketter McAllister says:

    Zod forbid some of you kids might go outside and play for a few hours on a Friday night.

  25. Amanda Ascot says:

    I have to throw in my request for a list of the affected mainland sims on the Main Grid. Many of us have business to attend to, and actually schedule time off from our First Lives so that we can be in Second Life during that time. I really don’t want to log on only to find out that I can’t access the places I need to.

  26. Mel says:

    Thanks for the Heads Up, Lotte.

  27. QatanI Damdin says:

    I really hope you fix and bring back the search criteria in the recent items tab of our inventory.

  28. Hia Paine says:

    Great work… looking forward to the update!

  29. Tim Gagliano says:

    LL I would like to congradulate you on your forwardness and your quick thinking to “FIX” issues that arise… However, taking 320 regions offline from the Main grid at a time when there are as many as 40K users is a little weird…. would it not be benifitial to postpone this for like 3am-6am SL? You are already paying someone overtime for this.,…. or better yet… why not do it on a sunday or monday night when there are only 25k online?

    just a thought

  30. Chrysala Desideri says:

    Gareth: the first actually smarmy comment was from Montale, and didn’t even make sense. where’d he get “a few days from”?

    anyway as i said in the last blog as it started (less artificially) to take this bent:

    yes, it’s true, the europeans (of which i am one) do go overboard on the “why us” trip about downtime. (i don’t)

    however this contiuous response in the blogs of (circa): “well iss in amurrka an amurrka owns it so stfu”;

    is silly and counterproductive. the correct response should be:

    “judging from concurrency numbers, ANY time you take the grid down it will inconvenience somewhere between 20000 – 50000 users. the population furthermore uses the platform at varying times during their local day/night so local “daytime”, “primetime” etc are moot considerations, LL will simply do it when they find it easiest and avoid moments of peak concurrency, which last i saw happen around midnight CET.”

    we need to get out of this mentality of “sports-rivalry/politics-rivalry” discussion, waving flags blindly on each side, to get out of this mentality of cultural barriers, borders, parcels, banlines, sec orbs present in our very minds.

    it sucks when it’s off, would be nice if it worked when it’s on, would be nice if it stayed sensibly free of cancerous appendages like integrity.. those are the considerations we need to make.

    “divided we fall”.. didn’t some american say that?


  31. Cat Gisel says:

    So, with both down what are we supposed to do? I mean, what else is there to try? RL is is too expensive. Do we get linden credits based at the monthly rate for the downtime? 😉

    YAY for the Lindens! Thanks 🙂 This is what we like to hear, communication, that is GOOD communication (a two way thing btw) is always welcome.

  32. Tony says:

    Hold up people, I don’t think they’re taking both grids down on Friday, just the beta grid.

  33. Kira says:

    @ cat

    If i read right friday is the beta grid and only 320 regions on the main grid er product grid is something diffrent now , i think.. .anyways the Main will be up just “some” regions will be down.

  34. Tony says:

    Ah did they add the bit about 320 regions after the original post? I didn’t notice that earlier. A list of regions would be useful.

  35. richard says:

    number 9 don’t even say blow-up servers, you do know how up dates go,nothing works after them!

  36. Michael Bosen says:

    @21 i know where you went wrong you assume LL thought.

    It’s co location work and if its the co location in sanfran that im thinking it is SL won’t be the only site down that night. LL has no control over the timing of this work. The owners of the co location place will be doing the work and not LL.

    Just the RL getting in the way again 🙂

  37. Shockwave Yareach says:

    Holy smokes. I know there’s never a good time to do such work. But there is also the absolute WORST time, and you are doing it then. If something goes wrong, are all these sims (as yet still unlisted) going to be down until Monday morning? Could this not have been done like, say, TODAY if it’s urgent? Or anytime this week? The ideal time would be Monday night from 11pm on. That way if(when) there are problems, your people will be at their desks to fix them a few hours later.

  38. Digital Digital says:

    Keep up the great work linden lab I look forward to the update 🙂 Everyone should be asleep at this time anyways don’t know why people are complaining LOL

  39. Myke Patton says:

    Reading over passed comments of this nature, it has to make me laugh. On one hand there’s the “”FIX THIS STUFF NOW”” people who rant and rave about wanting things to be maintained / fixed. And when plans get set to do so, the same people whine about it.

    Garbage day is once a week. Rent is once a month. Bills recur on specific times. The direction of progress is forward. Stop whining and let LL do their job.

  40. Shyla Hax says:

    seems to me you all will have a SL free weekend! lol i can see it now, many will actually leave thier computers to do other things or find more reliable games. anywho, best of luck with that Lindens.

  41. Meade Paravane says:

    Funky schedule there, Lotte.. Can you tell us more about what’s going on?

  42. Leena Deschanel says:

    I think people need to pay more attention to what kind of work they are doing. This isn’t grid/software specific work. This is ELECTRICAL work in the real world. Not software work in the fake one. Beyond that, bitch all you want. It’s not like the whole thing is going down. Deal with it and find another place to hang for a few hours.

    Knowing how to read is one thing. Comprehending what you read is another.

  43. Lalasa Clary says:

    Gah. Why is it that Second Life’s always down at the most inconvenient time and when it’s back up, it’s worse than before? A friend of mine once said that someday you’ll manage to fix SL beyond repairing.

  44. Ron Crimson says:

    I swear, too many of you SL residents are just too damn spoiled. You expect the world to cater to your every whim and feel entitled to throwing a fit when it doesn’t. It’s not about you, for heaven’s sake. Be glad you get advance notices of scheduled downtime and are able to make alternative plans for it.

    That goes for you SL business owners, too. Always whining about losing money, it’s making me sick… don’t be such selfish, greedy capitalists who must have every last Linden dollar there is to be made. Again, you know of the downtime in advance and can plan accordingly.

    There are much more important things in life to worry about than SL being offline for a couple hours.

    2 days after the sixth anniversary of 9/11 here in the USA, I find it frightening and downright sickening that people forget again so quickly and can’t seem to look beyond their own little worlds, real or virtual.


  45. ankt Remblai says:

    May I assume that notices will also be posted on the secondlife downtime calendar? Thanks

  46. Levi Harlow says:

    Hey guys …. Global dimming was discovered during the downtime of flying after 9/11. One of these days sociologists & other ‘soft’ scientists will discover an upturn in productivity linked to SL downtime. Or an increase in pregnancy … like that associated with power cuts. Life’s rich pageant!!!

  47. Ron Crimson says:

    rotfl, Levi 😉 That’s brilliant. Thanks for putting a humorous spin on my admittedly sour rant. 😉

  48. Levi Harlow says:

    Of course, considering the demographics of SL, it will result in the Europeans being more productive whilst the Americans being more fecund …. hmmmm. Good for trade methinks

  49. Maybe you little number-counters and money-thinktanks should imagine following fact:
    Like a little growing child SECOND LIFE needs to “sleep” sometimes, to get power for the next “UPTIMES”, and some months or years further, this child we call now SECOND LIFE will grow up and will have less downtimes and all you busy busy busy people can try then to be AS MUCH ON THE GRID AS POSSIBLE, so your moans really get a sense then, BUT ONLY THEN!!!
    OMG we are talking about 3 hours, for some people enough time to burn their fat away, they were collecting during they are sitting half of their life on the chairs and thinking SL is the most important thing at the moment. SURE, for those of you, that are really not being noticed in RL from the other humans, Second Life must be a real bad drug for you then, for you people i am really sorry 😦
    I love SL, but most of the people here are really insane and counting rice all the time.
    MY ADVICE…MAKE FITNESS DURING DOWNTIMES lol so you are not getting too fat and you wont miss SECOND LIFE at that time, for those that have no RL….rest in peace 😀

  50. ..and sorry for my bad bad english!!!! 😀

  51. and ohhhhhh just this:

    Sure, it was a real black day for humanity that 9/11…
    would pls think someone about the fact, that everyday thousands of children are dying, cos they have no water or no food…
    EVERYDAY…no f…joke…
    and “we” moan about 3 hours downtime….pfff
    sorry…just a thought

  52. Detox Watanabe says:

    @Ron Crimson: What is there to plan, you either sell stuff on your shop or you dont, knowing when the downtime is doesnt help you at all…
    and what does 9/11 have to do with this at all? please… don’t use it for comparisons 🙂

    the point is quite simple, ~90% of SL users are online within a given time corridor (according to key metrics of July) – “europe” (its also africa), and america (not only the us, also major groups like brazilians).
    When the grid is up and working, money is being spend in various shops and other places. Now if you want to support inworld business you wouldnt want to take down the grid during that time period, right?
    the rest is just reading statistics, making a schedule and setting your clock right.
    do tech workers get paid for overtime at all? They don’t where I live.

  53. Sue Saintlouis says:

    Please let the estate owners/managers know which region on the main grid will be down. They can then let the residents know.
    Thank you

  54. Walker Moore says:

    There aren’t enough people whining about whiners in my opinion.

  55. Sing2 Lowe says:

    I understand the complaints about a Friday night outage, but from what I am reading it is only 3 hours, not the whole weekend. Did I miss something? For most clubs that means one event will have to be cancelled or rescheduled. Some classes won’t happen. With 320 regions down many people will end up in strange places when they log in. So how is this different from every other day in SL?

  56. JackJack Oh says:

    will this update fix the RISK API problem? 40% of transaction fails…. it’s quite too much, isn’t it?

  57. Myke Patton says:

    There aren’t enough people posting witty sarcastic rebuttals so they can sound intelligent either.

  58. Kilandra Yeuxdoux says:

    Thank you for the heads up about this. I will schedule something else to do during that time.

    However, folks when it comes to electrical work – sometimes the timing is done by the electrician and not the technicians.

  59. Montana Corleone says:

    I can whine about anything. Well, normally with electrical stuff, they do it when load is lowest, and that’s a good time for them, and means they can still get some sleep. Let’s just hope when they put it all back together, they don’t squirt 110V down the ethernet…

    However it would be rather good to know which 320 regions ie whether we have downtime or not on stuff important to us.

    Oh and by the way, I translated your new marketing speak:

    The Second Lag Grid is a bug-ridden service platform of standard open source technologies that support the globally derided virtual world experience, Second Lag. The Second Lag Grid offers a comprehensive breakdown of infrastructure, consumer problems, errors, and inventory loss that allows any organization to provide its own disappointing experience in the world’s largest disconnected virtual world.

    What is the difference between Second Lag and the Second Lag Grid?
    Second Lag is the virtual world WHERE end users can recreate an infinite variety of bugs and participate in a failing virtual economy, free of traditional social and technological laws and rules. The Second Lag Grid is WHAT makes Second Lag possible: a service platform that provides non-scalable server infrastructure, slowly rezzing and unconfigurable features, non-existent customer service, and a massive existing base of suckers and pirated content that can be sucked into your own marketing offering.

    Thought it might provide a smile of amusement… 😉

  60. Main Second Life ? Beta Second Life ? So for close to 4 years now we have referred to them as main grid and beta grid. Is this really necessary just because you have the kool new “the Grid ” for developers or solution folks on there own web site so now that we have an official “The grid” all reference to SL main grid has been terminated?

    As annoying as the above is and it is annoying although I do believe I will get over it. Doing maintenance on a Friday night has been done before by LL and it was a night mare “SL Main grid” was completely useless for the remainder of the weekend last time until Monday when all the main techs came in and miraculously everything came back to normal. I just hope all goes well this Friday night.

  61. Avril Sodwind says:

    thanks for ruining my time LL you should think about US the players and our BEST times before you do ridicolous crap like this

  62. Ron Crimson says:


    I guess the reason why I brought up 9/11 was 1. because I just visited the in-world memorial (and it really brings a lump to your throat) and 2. I was trying to make the point that there are much more important things in life (real life) to worry about than not being able to use SL for a few hours.

    And you’re right: either one sells things in his/her SL business or one doesn’t. So? Just be glad things are going well when you do. Don’t complain about the times when you don’t because it’s not something you couldn’t expect ahead of time. That’s all. 🙂

    Anyway, it’s posts like Avril’s(43) that drive me to rant the way I do. Sigh!

  63. Raven Primeau says:

    Poor poor Avril, theres a whole world playing SL not just the USA you know and so now you know what us Euro players get every update day. So don’t whinge, I’m missing my breakfast fix and have a long SL less day ahead *Oh My how will I cope*

    Would you rather have it crash over the weekend?

    Hopefully they will fix it properly this time and not leave us with a mare of a weekend ahead

  64. Aleen Torok says:

    Hopefully you will sort out why i cant get my posts seen by others and that horrific lag and freezes, and region shutdowns without warning.

  65. Desdecardo Dayafter says:

    No. You never update a server this size during working hours. There are less people on during the late evening early morning hours. Only logical choice.

  66. Aleen Torok says:

    The main game is still online …

  67. Aleen Torok says:

    oh, and go to to get the low-down of why its closed and when it will open. so you dont have to wait 6 hours for the game to load.

  68. Lamberti says:

    Vix…agora q eu ia comeca a brincar…fazer oq neh, rsrsrs…

  69. shyenne Torok says:

    Ok, to everyone complaining about the time of the electrical work:

    9 times out of 10 maintenance is done in the morning during the week. And people complain about those times just as much. It seems that there are just people that have to complain about something. You can only please some of the people some of the time.

    BTW, has anyone thought of what a RL inconvience this is to the people at the colocation? Not only with SL be down for them, but they have to spend thier friday night making SL better for everyone.

    Thank you LL for all your haard and VERY dedicated work.

  70. Dans Edman says:

    i cant login right now 😦

  71. Brittany says:

    Well my god when u do do an up date fix the dang lag gees ever time i go some where my attacments get shuved some where where i dotn really wanna wear them O.o and ive lost a orbitsystem (sl obvusly ate it >:O )

  72. Hevenz Vansant says:

    interesting as to the time frames seeing i havent been able to log in to the last….oh…..5 hours? sighs.

  73. Michael Timeless says:

    Why wait until later today. I just tried to log on and it’s showing 81k currently logged on. Needless to say I can’t get on so what the heck let’s start the work now.

  74. Brittany says:

    to number 51 yea i know ever time i log in my avi looks like a noob 😮

  75. M1KEY Michalak says:

    Was just curious, the post says that the maintanace is happening on the 14 of sept and gives the time in sl time and in GMT, But most peolple are asuming its friday night When that is actually the date and time now here in london, i am also having problems logging in now so could it be that the maitanance is happening now? I’m abit confused and would be grateful if somebody could say if they are also experiencing problems, Thanx.

  76. Aeona Barthelmess says:

    Like Hevenz, I can’t just login when status seems to say everything’s ok. What’s going on? Too many people logged in at the same time ?

  77. Takeshi Kiama says:

    Logged on but no point. Nothing is rezzing. It said 77K when I first logged! Is that possible???

  78. Fjodor Dagostino says:

    #45 crashes over the weekend? hahahah. We will have, for sure. This is another fine friday work. Every “update” on friday before was a real “downgrade”. We all know about. But the lindens got at least two functions mostly stable : CRASH and LOGON FAILURE always works fine and most stable.

    I know, SL is a giant steep in 3d internet … friday updates always sucks… hmmm perhaps a good idea to log into RL. Rumours told .. there is one

  79. kimber enoch says:

    again its down peak time europe. seriously guys we do exist! cant some technical guys move to brighton and then be down when its good for europe? brighton is nice! honest!

  80. agapi ella says:

    Hm, and i was wondering why my shoes-hair-and skirt was missing, ha ! anywho – being an american (NYer) living in EUROPE- and reading all these comments kinda tears me apart, never knew the US had THAT much resentment towards europeans.. hm, makes me ashamed a bit .. anywho- lets all get along.. no ?!

  81. Karen Seller says:

    This is a message for Gareth Sleeper. Gareth, firstly it is not only the Europeans who are suffering with the chosen downtime, but there are actually people who live in the Southern Hemisphere in the same time zone. Did you know that?
    Secondly, if all you have to do is go back, reading comments, I suggest you reconsider your first life, it sounds pretty boring to me…..!

  82. Wow Avril, you seem not to be a good example of a healthy american, cos´ if you were healthy you wouldnt post such a mental crap.
    Shame on you and people that think the same, i am sure you will vote for BUSH again, even if he cant be voted again.
    I am afraid of some americans, i said some, i adore Mickey Mouse & Silver Surfer lmao 😉

  83. JackJack Oh says:

    Why the moderator deletes my messages? i’m in-topic, not abusive and i’m not violating the rules..

    Will this update fix the RiskAPI issure that makes 40% of transactions as fraud?

  84. Anrik Akina says:

    where is my money? where are my avatars…..that is’nt normaly…
    or is a bad jok…?is the second time for my….loose all my pertences….oh my god is only a new pirate’s play…boooooooo
    para que tanto corte de programa para quedarse la pasta y darnos por el culo…adonde va aparar muestro esfuerzo,,a los bolsillos de los soldados norte americanos destinados en bagdat…pero que imvento es esto…una nueva cueva de ladrones es lo que ami me parece…..

  85. Al Davidson says:

    Simple question. Can you tell us which sims will be down during the Friday night time frame?

  86. JackJack Oh says:

    Moderator, are you really “value free expression”? my message is not violating anything, them are not off-topic nor abusive, i just asked a legitimate question, and you are not going to allow me to write it!

    Will this update fix the RiskAPI issure that makes 40% of transactions as fraud?

  87. Anderson Philbin says:

    I notice this downtime doesn’t appear in
    Doesn’t make sense, why start a calendar and then not maintain it. As an Aussie, I find Americans particularly inept at communicating dates and times in a meaningful way (the 14th ends in 4 hours but the downtime hasn’t started yet). So, using Google’s calendar seems like a practical solution.

  88. Aaron says:

    Wow i haven’t played this game in a long time was just cleaning up old emails and somehow got here, Anyway my 2 cents, The thing that is scary about this is that a lot of people posting here are referring to this game as if it is real, so much so they live their life through this game. Friday night should be spent with mates or out cruising, down the pub getting wasted but you people are that obsessed you sit in front of a computer wining about a game that is down for maintenance. FFS get out see the sun it wont kill you, if anything it will do you good. This is just a game the people in there aren’t real friends they are pretend. GET A LIFE YOU FUKING LOOSERS

  89. Chrysala Desideri says:

    /me busts a side laughing after reading #42 😉

  90. Celeste Arnaz says:

    First of all, some need to learn to read the postings and figure out time zones a bit better before whining. As I’m typing this it is 8:37am on the 14th, I am 3 hours ahead of SLT…which makes it 5:37am. They are not starting maintenance until 10pm SLT or Pacific Daylight Time. So that’s in 16+ hours.
    Second of all, When I read this post I KNEW there would be people whining about the time AGAIN. LL is doing it outside normal working hours (as much of the EUROPEANS whine they don’t) Yes, I’m pointing fingers at you, because you constantly and consistently point fingers at those of us in AMERICA. And its getting old! Not all of us are inept, as I’m sure not all of you are either. Let these people do the work when they have the timeframe to do it in. I’m sure if it was you over there on a Friday night working instead of uh..playing on SL or out with friends in RL, you’d not be in a good mood.
    Why don’t you go enjoy the real life, or if its early in the a.m. Sleep in! SL will be there later.
    Everyone always whines that they own an SL business and its ruining their income, well you know what, if you base your RL earnings on a virtual world such as SL then thats your business. By the time you are able to open up a store you should realize there will be downtimes and you would potentially lose money in that span of time. I’ve yet to hear RL business whine this much when a national holiday shuts them down. I’m sure they are at their local officials office each day begging them not to shut places down for fear of losing money. I mean really folks! Whine about something better..and I think people should think outside the box with the comparison to 9/11, yes there are more important your family..cutting the grass your house or your parents house. They weren’t doing a direct correlation to the tragedy, just opening people’s eyes that..brace yourself..Second Life isn’t the be all to end all!

    Have a great day!
    (comments and backlash..bring ’em on)

  91. Aislinn says:

    I’m just glad to see that LL is working on trying to get things up and running more smoothly. During down times, I prefer to visit with RL friends, and those I have contact with from SL that have carried over into RL friendships. There are tons of messengers out there. Use one and stay in touch. Besides, three hours down won’t kill any of us!

    Good Luck LL! Hope it goes smoothly.

  92. Proxima Saenz says:

    I thought that it would be done now with the downtimes and stuff….
    Cant you make a big downtime and after that no downtimes anymore?
    Its annoying, thanks.

  93. ari blackthorne says:

    Sheesh – I hope you incle WALES sim in that 300 or so of the main grid – that sim crashes and goes offline like every 90-minutes LOL

  94. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @11, @15, @16, @18, @25, @38 – Just adding my name to the list of those who would like to know exactly which regions in Main Grid will be down during this maintenance work. It would help me to plan my weekend better.

    @ 53 Anderson, I think if you read the blog again mate you’ll see the downtime is happening at 10pm 14th.
    Like you, here in Australia, 10pm of the 14th is actually 3pm of the 15th in OUR timezone. Thats why (above) I’m asking for a list of which regions will be affected so I can better plan my Saturday arvo (if MY regions are down there are a couple of good footy games I can watch on TV anyway!).
    Hoo Roo bro.

  95. bigmoe says:

    I love reading the comments about people complaining that its not fair to them. Growup and act like adults, I run a small store and have a few meetings to attend but if the grid is down, Then I say screw it and go to the bar and have some drinks and talk with people. Plus tv can be your freind too.

  96. Luthien Unsung says:

    I think it is great that you guys at LL are varying the SL downtimes, Considering the mix of times zones people are from. A much fairer approach to all:)

  97. Carolena Auer says:

    I will be on the lookout for you doomsday naysayers and your parade of sign that read things like “Repent” and “The End is Nigh”. Myself, i applaud Linden Labs and the wonderful world they have created for us to use. It seems to me that a lot of you forget the following: A – this is a new and ever developing technology, think you can do better, go for it. B – The updates LL does, do enhance the world, perhaps you should enhance your PC. C – Finally, if these wonderful people at Linden Labs didn’t work so hard to create and maintain, and upgrade, this world you love you so much, you would have nothing to complain about in the first place. Be thankful for what you have.
    Again, I applaud the wonderful job LL has done with this game, lets all take a deep breath, things happen, its an ever developing technology, cut them some slack, and HAVE FUN!!!!

  98. PinkyPriss Ebisu says:

    Okay, I am having a crisis… I watched Torley’s “Video of the Week,” a tutorial about how to turn off the typing animation, and from there I started messing around with those debug settings in the Client Menu….next thing I know, my cannot log onto SL. Well, I log on and it says “loading” in the upper right hand corner but, never actually loads. So the screen is black, I can’t stand up, or see my avatar.

    I have been in SL for about a year now and I have never experienced this before. So, did I just like totally screw up my SL login? …or am I having problems just due to the maintenance in SL?

    I did notice my friends were able to login and I tried logging in at another location…but still nothing.

    Then I visited the Support Page and followed the “Uninstalling SL” instructions

  99. PinkyPriss Ebisu says:

    cont…. So I reinstalled SL and that didn’t work either. And now I just don’t know what to do!

    Can anyone help me here?

    PinkyPriss Ebisu

  100. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    @41 Amen! 🙂

  101. Etwal Infinity says:

    I have problems, yesterday 13th settember i’ve lost part of my inventory, is it normal?I’ve searched on the website, on the lands…but i didn’t find any help. Can someone answer me?

  102. Digital Digital says:

    I think it’s really funny how people complain it’s like you all complain if we have updates in the morning, and then wish them to be well we are sleeping etc, but then you complain when they move their schedule to do it t a good time for us.

    I totally don’t mind when the update occurs and to be totally honest with you.

    Keep up the great work linden lab 😀

  103. wohoo! says:

    As a European, I find Americans particularly inept, PERIOD.

    For once I’m glad LL decides to take the stuff down at a time that inconveniences them US folks for once.

    *three cheers*

    PS: a list of regions on the main grid that will also be affected, would be nice indeed. Not for me, but for those out there that will be online at those times.

  104. Daisy Beauchamp says:

    320+ regions going down, for an extended period of time, and you aren’t letting the estate owners know if this is them? You aren’t providing a list of those regions? How hard could it possibly be to make a list of those regions?

    I don’t mind updates, but I do mind the lack of information provided here. It’s beyond frustrating.

    Hopefully Sanctuary Rock will indeed go down, crashing every hour and taking 30 minutes to come back up is getting a bit frustrating.

  105. Nelson Jenkins says:

    Use your brains people, or at least what little you have left from going around asking people for money like the noobs you appear to be.

    1.) They’re only doing electrical work. This means NO BUGS AT ALL WILL BE FIXED and NO SIMS WILL MAGICALLY WORK AGAIN.
    2.) Again, this is electrical work. Unless their elecrtician is a bumbling idiot, chances are they won’t screw up the client. This is only ELECTRICAL WORK… geez…
    3.) The only reason that there are 320 regions are going down in the main grid is probably because the other regions have a seperate power source that will allow them to run throughout the downtime. The 320 regions will NOT be fixed at all, they are just turned off.
    4.) Stop whining and moaning about downtime. God forbid you play the new MMPORPG they just came out with called “Real Life”. For you adventurous ones, there’s gonna be another one coming in a few weeks called “Outside”. Try them out, they sound fun!

  106. Anderson Philbin says:

    G’day Klaatu #57. I can do the sums on when the downtime will occur in Sydney. My point was that Americans are hopeless at it (they should all move to Auckland, it would give them a better appreciation about the Earth’s rotation) and using Google Calendar is a great idea that one Linden used and another was too lazy to.

  107. Astarte says:

    OK 10 past 5 PDT Friday. where is inworld live support chat. they finish at 6.00 not 5.00. or do I have to stay invisible all weekend ???

  108. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I think the regions affected need to be announced somewhere.

  109. Peppermint Raymaker says:

    Joining everyone else in asking someone to please, please announce which 320 mainland regions will be down…

  110. Montana Corleone says:

    Oh cool, shift of day, doubling of time, 5pm to 11pm local here, and still no news of whether I can get in to my places, or whether I might as well do the gardening and go out partying, or maybe check out Wurm Online instead.

  111. Cookie_Juran says:

    I can’t deal with RL that long….OMG

  112. Twoony Loon says:

    Will this maintenance get rid of the lag across the grid or is this another fix that nobody noticeses voice fixes are waste of time cause nobody uses voice anny way

  113. angeleyes says:

    The ONLY thing that i ask (and i do not want to sound pissy) But please try to keep beta grid up a little more often then regularly? i understand that not many people use it, but the people who do use it, like to have it there when they need it. I try to access it whenever i can but 8 out of 10 times its closed for me.. Just a little issue thrown in the issue hat for review 😛

  114. Cheese Cake says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how the majority of the Second Life users hate you Linden guys! Wow, just friggin’ wow… They hate you soooo much yet they still play the game and absolutely love it! Also I have noticed they whine and complain about the littlest things, For real all your doing is fixing up the beta grid and a big ol’ chunk of the main grid. If anything they all should be thanking you for fixing up their bloody game. And before any of you ask, yes I’m not 100% American, no I do not live in Europe, yes I live in in America, I kind of moved. Anyhoo thanks for fixing the grids up Lindens, stop complaining about everything the Lindens do everyone else (or most of you.) We all know they mess up sometimes but hey, they are human, just like the rest of us and humans by nature make mistakes.

  115. Jossy Joffe says:


  116. Anderson Philbin says:

    I see it’s been rescheduled but it’s still not in the Google Calendar.

  117. Frisco Laguna says:

    Electrical? Maybe they do the smartest thing and move the servers to Costa Rica or whatever free country so that they can remove the casino ban 😛

  118. Isabel Hocken says:

    Thanks to your maintenance I have to cancel my freakin concert tonight in SL! Before it just said the 19th and as of this morning it says the 15th. You can’t just spring that on people. Please, in the future give us plenty of notice.

    I now have a lot of angry ppl, and a lot of ppl that wont be able to make my rescheduled concert. I PRAY you don’t have maintenance on Sunday too!

  119. Martin Magpie says:

    I have to agree with the majority here; taking SL down any given Friday, Saturday or Sunday is not in the best interest of the SL users. Same thing for holidays; ppl make a lot of plans for the weekends and holidays in SL.

    Seems a tad bit out of touch with customer needs.


  120. Titzalina Nieder says:

    Ok, so I know the Lindens main operations are all on the west coast, and so the time zones count for you guys, but whenever there is a shut down, it always has to be at British peak times, and to be quite honest, my husband and myself, (and so many of our friends), are totally pee’ed off with it all.
    We run a business in SL, and we depend on SL being open at GMT peak times….geeze, it’s always us here in the UK and Europe who get the dirty end of the stick every time. Why not make some maintenance time for the likes of many in the USA, so they can also be without SL for several hours on end. No matter how many times we are told, SL will be down for XX hours, they ALWAYS run over.
    Now I am not normally given to having a moan, but this is really getting on our top notes here.
    Oh, and we LURVE Sl…LMAO!

  121. Miles Beck says:

    “is now due Saturday, the 15th, starting at 9:00 PM PDT”

    9:00 PM or AM???

    It is now 9:26 AM PDT on the 15th. I have attempted to log in to the Beta Test Grid several times. Each time, I get the message “Login failed. Second Life is temporarily closed for maintenance….” (My log ins to the Main Grid have been successful.)

  122. Trinity Serpentine says:

    I have to agree with those that stated they’d like to have seen a list of the sims that would be affected. Oh well, guess no TriNala show tonight. 2 weeks off air, whatever shall we do? *goes to check her movies on demand listings*

  123. Wyald Woolley says:

    Lottie Linden Lied when she wrote:
    We will keep you informed of the progress and return of the services during the process.


    Anyone get “informed of the progress”? Anyone ever learn which 320 regions were shut down? Nope?

    Hmmm…no surpriese here.

  124. Walentine says:

    Maybe this is the most stupid you ever had done

    Great job! Really Great

  125. My complaint is lack of communication. I rely on Google Calendars for everything from school, to grad school, to what shows are on TV that night. The down-time calendar was a fantastic idea…except that it’s not kept up to date.
    It would help EVERYBODY figure out what time it is where they are regardless of what the Lindens call it, and it’s something that people can set notifications for (if they need them).

    It would be nice to know what regions are effected (if any since it is after 9pm sl time), as well…I usually don’t complain, but the lack of information is hard to deal with.

  126. Daisy Beauchamp says:

    Wow, how about sending a notice before hand eh? Can’t tell if we crashed or if the sim is down for the duration. You know, crashing every two hours and all. And the sim goes down an hour later than reported here. How completely irresponsible of LL. I’m livid right about now. Who the hell is in charge of this stuff really? What kind of company takes away a service and doesn’t correspond??

  127. i totaly agree with dasiy’s post i myself phoned linden labs and is talking to them in realtime chat and being told that my sim wont be up till 3am PDt wich is 11am for me its only just gone 6am the whole process of being told is so wrong we pay good money for our sims and should be told direct that are sim is going of for matenence not just taken down i would like a response from linden labs but as we all know wont get one

  128. Django Yifu says:

    So the blog claims the maintenance is finished and the grid and regions are back on line. So where is the Beta Grid? Is it just me who cannot access it or are others having the same problem? When will LL produce some accurate statements about maintenance, schedules and grid status?

  129. Anderson Philbin says:

    I suspect the Lindens never read these comments. They just let us whine away and hope we get over it.

  130. Tegg B says:

    Ha Funnay, idiots moaning about red sims everywhere during the maintenance shutdown, running around screaming “the grid is dying, fix it!”

  131. Walker Moore says:

    The beta grid is still offline (Monday 17 Sept) and appears to have been that way all weekend. Any chance of it returning soon, or are you leaving it until after Wednesday’s maintenance?

    Thanks in advance for any answer. =)

  132. Maximilliano Minnelli says:

    Before some of you begin to tell Linden how great and nice they are for these ‘fixes” wait ’til you see the results as wel as others from these fixes. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun like you always do then later complain about it.
    Most people are afraid to download any update provided by Linden as it usually makes matters worse. I already saw where they stated for those who experienced problems with these ‘fixes” to go do something else.

    See what I mean?

  133. Elisabeth Desideri says:

    I can’t help but notice that this blog post indicates the downtime for Wednesay, September 19th as:

    “Starting at 6:30 AM PDT (13:30 GMT) and lasting approximately until 9:30 AM PDT”

    While the Second Life Downtime Calender says:

    “Wed, Sep 19, 9am – 3pm”

    Anyone know which is the correct time?

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