Introducing the new Second Life auction system

On Wednesday, September 19, we will be launching the new Second Life auction system. Transitioning to FairMarket, an external auction platform powered by eBay technology, allows Linden Lab to continue our focus on improving platform stability and other core initiatives. At this time only Linden Lab land auctions (mainland and a small number of abandoned parcels) will be placed into the new system. In the future we may also allow other types of auctions and sales through this new service.

Buyers will probably notice only minimal differences. Click on Auctions from the Second Life homepage, and find land auctions in $L and $USD, featured parcels, and links to manage and track your bids. Please refer to the FAQ page when we launch next week for more details on registration, eligibility, bidding, billing and resolving problems .

The one exception is that currently you may participate in auctions for land reservations. Residents could reserve space for a period of three months. Under the new system, we are no longer supporting these reservations. For Residents who have unconverted reserved land, we will honor the reservation for a three month period (the maximum a single reservation auction runs without renewal) from the launch date.

After the three month period, all unconverted reservations will be allowed to lapse. This does not alter the reserved area inherent around all regions automatically, and we still will not allow regions to be impinged upon nor allow “blocking” by others. Further details on island placements and moves will be discussed another post.

Happy Bidding!

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38 Responses to Introducing the new Second Life auction system

  1. Tony says:

    Oh come on you tease, this has potential for us all to auction our parcels!!!

  2. Jim Allen says:


    Jim Allen
    BidSL Auction House

  3. Fluf says:

    Cautiously optimistic…
    But could you make “a small number of abandoned parcels” a LARGE number of abandoned parcels?

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  5. Very interesting indeed.

    Second Life might even turn this new auction system into a leading virtual auction site.

    Imagine if we could put all the Second List related items like our land, products, L$ on the auction list and Linden charge a listing fee just like ebay.

    Next could be the Linden Payment System just like Paypal and Google Checkout.

  6. Wow! This is great news! Good luck with the new system.

  7. Jaca C says:

    I am certainly new to auctions, and have been trying for Months to find out about a sim I wanted to bid on, to no avail, but am I the only one, so far, that has to ask – if EBay is going to be handling auctions does that mean that anyone can buy land whether they are a member of Second Life for not?


  8. Kirby McMahon says:

    It seems like anything that does not agree with you or your point of view “busts the Rules”. Your are going in so many directions at once, you will not take the time to make sure your own foundation is stable, and then you wonder why and do something completely erroneous to the Linden way of life. Perhaps this is the Linden way of life.

  9. Cat Cotton says:

    Question is Ebay paying you for this “service” or are you paying them?

  10. Calin McKinney says:

    #1 has an excellent point! If we are all allowed to auction our land along with the Lindens on this system, it is a way to share in the wealth of the land rather than pit land owners against LL every time LL releases new land. A great idea to promote the game and allow a much greater land transfer volume and therefore boost to the economy!

  11. Michael Kolache says:

    Ebay offers to pay LL to allow Ebay to host the land auction. Ebay sweetens the deal with some technology LL is interested in. LL says yes.. Ebay will recover its investment by charging a fee to buyers and sellers.

    I gotta go polish my crystal ball.

  12. I do like the idea of being able to auction private land, whether paying Tier to Linden Labs or a 3rd party.

  13. Broccoli Curry says:

    Do I see the GOM’ing of SLExchange and suchlike in the works?

  14. Fortyniner says:


    “The one exception is that currently you may participate in auctions for land reservations. Residents could reserve space for a period of three months. Under the new system, we are no longer supporting these reservations.”

    Just as my partner and I have been discussing taking our 1st step into reserving and buying private islands. Oh well, we will have to wait for the new system to come on line I guess.

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  16. More outsourcing – cool. I hope that this has better results than the whole payment thing. That was a serious mess – but fortunately, the auction stuff affects less people.

  17. Smiley (Barry) says:

    Well, i’m neutral about this since SL Auctions don’t support the Teen Grid ‘^_^. Though happier, since eBay is better than any other auctions system in stability, interface, and appearance.

  18. Astarte says:

    Seeing as the Lindens purport to reading these blogs, can I ask a couple of land questions here.

    1) How come Linden roads now seem to stop in dead ends where the neighbouring sim has been purchased by an individual. shouldn’t there be a reduced rate for these sims, with a right of way ??

    2)What I am increasingly seeing on roadside plots for sale, is that the land of said plot adjacent to the road is now being split into 16m parcels at stupid prices, for ad farming, rendering the rest of that plot useless to anyone, or virtually doubling the price of the plot if it is to be usable.

    It would be nice to get a response to these 2 questions from a Linden !!

  19. We going to get automated renames, moves, and transfers soon, as well? For a cheaper price than $100 or $150?

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  21. tracey says:

    hi All

    I dont think using ebay for anything with secondlife is a good idea, I for one will be considering leaving if ebay start to get involved, they will kill it, after all ebay dislike any adult activity…

  22. Ellen Spark says:

    I think this is awesome !!! Thank you Linden 🙂 This showes you are listening to us and care about the future and fairness of second life. I hope you have an answer for the 1 L$ land for sale listing scams before you start the new auction system. As you have seen in search there is a whole group of people abuseing the Land Sales listings just for the purpose of makeing sure their listing showes up first.
    Thanks again to everyone at Linden Labs.

    xoxoxoxo……………ellen :))

  23. Travis Lambert says:

    A common resident request is to be notified automatically when a parcel in their same region comes up on the auction block. Especially for mainland regions where land rarely comes up for auction/sale.

    A lot of folks would be deleriously happy if they could, for example – sign up to be notified if any parcels come up for auction in region X automatically.

    Are any watchlist-like features such as the above planned for this new Auction system?

  24. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I see a lot independent platforms dying now, items will come out in limited editions more often and therefor prices will go up.

    Very funny.

  25. Elmishio Pertwee says:

    I’m against all this outsourcing. First you plan to outsource ID verification. Now you’re outsourcing Land auctions. It seems that you may also be outsourcing client improvements with open source (not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just another outsourcing). What are you actually going to keep in house now? The asset server only? Seems that that’s one possible way.

    Beware: Getting a “great deal” on outsourcing is hardly ever a “great deal”. Too good to be true, etc. etc.

    Stop outsourcing Second Life!

  26. Ranma Tardis says:

    It sounds like the typical disgusting practice done by Americans. If certain people had their way everything would be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The practice of auctioning is as disgusting as the practice of tipping! I like things like prices to be fixed and straightforward.

  27. Ellen Spark says:

    I see its didnt take very long after this announcement for auction abuse to start. 36 reservations by one person ? Wow !! I really doubt they are going to convert those reservations into Islands in the next 3 months. Looks like they are just trying to tie up spaces to me.

  28. Ellen Spark says:

    Also, you need to fix the webpage for the 36 reservations, the list is so long that all the locations dont show, they run off the page.

  29. Cat Cotton says:

    @9 my crystal ball says “outlook not so good for any type of free market”

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  32. sasa says:


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