Short break in mainland supply

Over the last couple of months we have been working hard to complete the development of a new and much improved auction system that will initially be used to replace the way we currently auction new and recycled mainland. We’re now drawing close to release day for this auction system, therefore to ensure a smooth transition we will be halting mainland supply using the existing auction page effective immediately.

A further blog post will follow, providing more information on the new system. We hope to have the new auction page up and running within 7-14 days, when we will resume mainland supply at the previously announced rate (no more than 8 regions per day). This rate will then continue through for what remains of September. Until then, there will be no new mainland being auctioned.

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  1. Cat Cotton says:

    Good to hear.

  2. Intriguing. What will be changed?

  3. Hewitt Huet says:

    If this means that abandoned parcels wont lie unsold for YEARS then I’m all for it.

  4. JR Unknown says:

    Nice that announcement is only about a week behind the actual break in auctions. How about I pay my tier a week late is that ok? Not like you really care what we think one way or the other is my guess, but thanks for the late update anyway:-)

  5. Unga Pau says:

    Who knows… Land Pumping (and the gambling ban) just about killed the whole economy. Best to lay off the land printing for quite some time. Eight regions printed per day is still way too many given current inventory. Also they need to unify tier-its only fair given islands and mainland now cost about the same plus or minus.

  6. Amanda Ascot says:

    Yes, Jack, please! Don’t dangle a carrot and then jerk it away just as our teeth are about to close over it. I mean … what can you change about an auction? How will this be better? Better for people buying land, or just more efficient for Linden Lab? Inquiring minds have to know these things.

  7. Storyof Oh says:

    the map is yellow as it is, i don’t think we need any more land…. ever…prices are dropping like stones and the age verification will compound the problem…sure lets shift the abandoned lots but would be nice to have an increase in the tier or prim allowance to allow those still interested scope to expand without breaking the bank. The jump from $25 to $40 pm is a huge step on such a small holding…this is the threshold from a fun ‘hobby’ to a serious pastime……

  8. Tony says:

    Thanks for the information and more importantly thanks for the break. The land market was in serious freefall but this should help to prop it up a little bit again.

  9. richard says:

    oh god my rent is going up again !!!!

  10. Loopi Looby says:

    This had to happen, Lindens not making enough profit on the sales…This will probably help shure up the prices a bit…..Good news for those trying to sell, bad news that there wasnt an anouncement to say, get your new land now as there will be no more for a time after a week.

  11. Dirk Felix says:

    That certainly is a way to manipulate the value of land. People will realize that owning nothing and paying for it isn’t going to change their experience. 😉

  12. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I have a much better idea than adding new land. Why not auction off new servers to ADD to the existing sims. For instance – instead of creating a new sim we would have the option when purchasing a sim to LINK it to one we already own. Effectively this would double prim and avatar capacity of existing sims, without creating additional land that just goes wasted.

  13. Sarah Nerd says:

    As always You Rock Jack! These new announcements help anyone invested in mainland or considering investing weather it’s a land dealer or the average resident just seeking a place to call home make smarter more educated buys. So thank You!

  14. Warda Kawabata says:

    problem is, there’s already way too much land on the market. This hiatus means potentially 112 sims not sold, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of land currently on sale, never mind what you plan on selling once the hiatus ends.

  15. Cat Gisel says:

    Yes, but in the mean time we are OVER DUE for a patch day, please please please?? 🙂 Land is useless if I can’t be in enough to enjoy it, LOL

  16. JeanRicrad Broek says:

    NullFlux: The idea of dual server Sim’s is brilliant, elegant and an obvoius plus for All. SL must scale not only in size and the Linden wallet, but in power and performance and reliability for users. Imagine a Sim not crashing since it is mirrored or all the other things that would happen if prim allowances per meter increased just 25%/year.

    If we still had the same CPU, and graphics card and ISP connections of just a few years ago there would have been no SL today. LL must realize the wolves are at there door and performance increases every day in RL unlike on SL were crashes are still 25% of all session endings, stagnent at taht #, not decreasing. If I got sick 25% of teh time I ate at a resurant I would not eat there for long. If they keep looking at SL as there growing server farm only LL will be loosers taking us all with them while they sell more stagnent land. Provide growth opportunities for existing businesses and people just wanting to do more and LL will have a future. Just imagine that….

  17. Skipper Burns says:

    Ok Jack, new Auction System – great. An Economy model for Linden Lab may be more exciting. Population increases are marginal and in any case way below predictions. The SL Economy is in shambles. Adding more regions at this time does not appear to serve any purpose for SL residents and I doubt it will in the long run be of benefit to Linden Lab.
    At the current supply rate and seems to drive SL for a total collapse. Maybe its time to get out, cut our losses and look for another playground.

  18. Poof Toonie says:

    Makes no far as parcel release goes..Its all bought by the same peeps..they set the prices…should be a cap on how much land one account can buy in auctions in a given time….small pieces are us lowly common avatars who would like to do this for fun.

  19. Raymond Figtree says:

    How about revamping things to put an end to ad cutters and ad farms? It’s a visual world and those ads hurt everyon except the cutters.

  20. PonygirlSarah Clapper says:

    Why not make the mainland and Island Tier’s the same price? Island owners don’t make quite the same workload for Mainland Owners.

    Both The mainland and Islands have their uniquite features, but it really kills the mood of those willing to invest the initial cost, when they can’t make the land as affordable as the mainland. Why can’t you make the Islands and Mainland Tier be the same, at $195 a month?

    After all, since the new continant is all on Class 5 servers, and the island owners who wanted the class 5’s before the new continent was offered, could boast that living on the islands were a huge advantage, because of less lag and things. Now, The islands are struggling to make it thru the tier fees, let alone making a return on the investment in the sim purchases. Help stimulate the markets, by making the markets fair. Fair competition after all, makes for an increased economy.

  21. Digital Digital says:

    I am really happy with the way things are going in second life, I have never ever used the auctioning system so I will have to check it out. Keep up the great work linden lab you rock!

  22. Raymond Figtree says:

    Isnt it worth the extra $100 to terraform it anyway you want and not ever have to look at a rotating ad as long as you can keep paying tier?

  23. Cat Cotton says:

    Well if LL is planning on selling Thyatira mainland sim they can refund me what I paid for it at auction. Since it is a worthless sim due to governor lindens land running all threw it. Not to mention all the griefing I endured while owning it. I believe I paid a little over $1000.00 for it at auction but I am willing to accept $1,000 US from Linden Lab if you are planning on “double dipping” by reselling it to another customer. I still have my Martin Magpie account feel free to contact me. Btw yes I did try to sell it; no one would buy the useless land. However I do not think it’s right that Linden Lab makes double the profit off the same parcel. Mainly because I am still out my $1000.00US and the tier fee’s associated with that sim.

    Catherine Cotton aka Martin Magpie

  24. I think 8 regions is still a bit too much but will have to see how it goes I guess. Good luck.

  25. Lee Ponzu says:

    The best reason to buy land by the sim is because you need it. Buying just to resell it or rent it is a risky, risky proposition. I am glad when people make money that way, but I am not at all surprised when they do not.

    If bidders will pay $1250 for a sim, and then use it for something besides resale, then why shouldn’t Linden Lab deliver them. Nobody ever promised that land speculation would be a sure way to make money.

  26. Count Burks says:

    Somebody here heard a bell ring.

  27. Rinaldo Debevec says:

    I think we should all be glad that land prices are dropping. I hope to see the day when everyone can own their own SIM, perhaps pay no upfront fee to buy it, and then USD 25 /month to occupy it. Then the masses of humanity can fully enjoy every aspect of SL. And there will be 10 million sims … imagine what that would be like! That day may come sooner than you think.

  28. FallinMy Webb says:

    @ Unga
    “Who knows… Land Pumping (and the gambling ban) just about killed the whole economy.”

    Where is this dead economy? I keep hearing people cry about the death of SL and how the economy is in such rough shape. L$ exchange rate is virtually unchanged (I’d hardly call 5L per 1.00US a recession). Land value is back where it was 6 months ago before a handful of people drove prices so high under false pretenses. And on gambleing, I miss my poker! I feel your pain on that one…but why, just because we lost our gambleing, do people assume the economy is in ruins?

  29. Rex Cronon says:

    hi, sorry to post here.
    something wrong with both the beta and the main grid. I can’t connect to neither:(

  30. Dragger Lok says:

    Don’t be so sorry- been trying to log on for 15 minutes same with my gf- think they would post something timely here

  31. Judge Dredd says:

    I hope you are getting the FBI involved on the back of those professional griefing kids and PN idiots to prosecute them for today’s and the late despicable attacks. It’s a direct hacking attack on Linden Lab’s servers and I believe there should be criminal charges at this point brought upon them.

  32. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    I think an improved auction is a good idea. with the age verification and ID requirements I am guessing there will be a lot more land for linden to try and profit from.
    Will the last avatar leaving SL shut down the grid?

  33. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    Oh, never mind , it will crash on it’s own-

  34. Cocomo Munro says:

    lol rex & dragger… im in the same boat

  35. Lil Whetmore says:

    ok well great on the land auction halt! Temporary. But i must concure w/#5 entry, Unga, that w/ the loss of gambling and excessive land available,…..the SL economy is taking a nose dive. Not just land we cant sell but the stores that market our SL whare, from houses to lingerie are hurting. These PPL have givin up RL and devoted their talents to SL and now they are scratching their heads

  36. Blake Dwi says:

    @ clearly don’t have a clue about sim ownership.

  37. Calin McKinney says:

    It is a delicate balance to keep the SL economy profitable for both LL and its residents. I think that relationship is what may need additional attention…so that it is not necessarily LL vs. the residents. Not sure what the answer is yet, but maybe some kind of profit-share relationship…such as additional weekly stipend in relation to the amount of land you own, so that land ownership is more valuable than just what you can sell it for…

  38. Calin McKinney says:

    #34, Blake….# 25’s idea is a very viable option. Just like paying for unlimited internet service or cable TV…a flat rate for a given amount of land…LL started this with the 512 sq meter “first land” concept. We are basically paying LL for the right to use their 3D creation software online….and I am sure that other companies will move in this direction as well….Land ownership and pricing in SL is currently very prohibitive for the majority of folks around the world…195 or 295 a month for a sim is very high for many who enjoy playing computer games online. I think that will be the next generation…flat monthly fee for use of software…with fewer limitations. Let’s watch and see where this goes!!

  39. Zulqadi Saarinen says:

    Everything’s perfect. All’s going in right direction. People just have habit to whine on details instead of seeing the bigger picture. No offence.

  40. Damion Dagostno says:

    to be honest I’m more concerned about mainland security. As mentioned before there is this 9/11 scam going on recently. I hope to see a notice about this soon, as am really confused about what’s going on

  41. Blake Dwi says:

    It is known that SL makes all the residual income from the sim owner’s tier. In SL there will not be sims for $25 us per month. When we currently pay $295 us. And to make wild statements about what could happen on some other “game” wasting space.
    Also it is known that SL makes big money by reselling abandoned sims. That is where the new “mainland” comes from.

  42. Matriotic Loon says:

    @ 21

    Cat, wasn’t the actually m2 amount clear in the original auction? And is it much of a surprise the Lindens would be doing this when the last run of auctions shown in history went for barely over the Lindens’ hastily boosted minimum bid amounts? Of course THAT had nothing whatsoever to do with this move. Not that I mind the move. I hope they never manage to fix the auction system, or at least leave it on the back burner for the next few months.

    “Buying” a sim, however daft it might be on any number of counts to do so, does represent a risk of a non-trivial amount of cash, not to mention the ongoing tier fees.

    Oh, well, I expect SL will “belong” to the PNs more than anyone, soon enough, if present trends persist. 😉

  43. Nebadon Izumi says:

    who cares how bout you fix the wretched state of the game before ever selling one more peice of land.. what a waste of money this game is becoming…

  44. amun koba says:

    @17 Raymond Figtree Says:
    How about revamping things to put an end to ad cutters and ad farms? It’s a
    visual world and those ads hurt everyon except the cutters.

    There is some progress on that front.
    Able Whitman is working on a viewer that allows people to “visually mute” objects:
    There is a setup program for Windoze users to update their viewers,
    and the diff file is also there, for those who can compile their own viewer software. (It will require at least a little modification to file paths, if not more changes.)

    This allows users who so choose to not have to look at so much garbage.
    If large numbers of people use it, and stats to that effect are well known by the advertiser community,
    then maybe ad parcels will not be worth as much to them.

    There is some lobbying for LL to support the capability in the standard viewer:

    Show your support, to help extortion-prices go down and general land quality to go up (hopefully)

  45. Tender Pintens says:

    beginning to agree with #41
    So much optimism with SL to begin with but it has been poorly mismanaged. Its sad it happens with virtually all mmorpgs but this is probably the worst I have seen as far as self destruction.

    At some point I fail to see what LL could do to make it any worse. Instead of seeing the problems with other online games, they have managed to do them all.

    Maybe take a wild shot in the dark and put Torley Linden in charge of the company for a month. I think it is the last resort to put some fun back into the genre.

    I would almost be willing to help being local but I don’t think I could even be associated with what just looks to be a money grinding machine at this point. I am saddend that the greed took over. Philip must be laughing all the way to the bank, or crying himself to sleep every night. I think the residents would really love to know the answer to that. What happened to the dream and when did the investors put on this pressure?


  46. Broccoli Curry says:

    How about making the land available at low price as an incentive to new users to buy land? Fix it at 6L$/sq m, only available to new accounts, and can’t be sold for 2 months to stop “profit flippers” taking advantage of the situation once more.

    Call it… I dunno… something like “First Land” perhaps?

  47. You run the grid, let us run the land. Great 2 week break soon land will be 3L$ per meter. Then what ever will be buying first land at 1L$ per meter by Christmas.

  48. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Thanks for letting us know.

    But pretty please……..
    LL were starting to do so well with informative blogging on the causes of Grid problems. It looked as if the leopard was changing its spots – and very much for the better.

    And now: “..we will be halting mainland supply using the existing auction page effective immediately.”
    They actually halted over a week ago!! The last sim auctions *closed* on the 6th.

    We’ve had a week of uncertainty, fear and loathing, conspiracy theory, hot air….. FUD

    Would it have hurt so much to make this blog posting before you halted auctions?

  49. Tegg B says:

    Raymond Figtree Says:
    Isnt it worth the extra $100 to terraform it anyway you want and not ever have to look at a rotating ad as long as you can keep paying tier?

    Hmmm, maybe it makes it worth $100 more on puirchase price but not $1200 a year for next 10 years………….

    Blake Dwi Says:
    @ clearly don’t have a clue about sim ownership.

    You clearly don’t want land affordable to more people…………

    Spontaneous Radio Says:
    You run the grid, let us run the land. Great 2 week break soon land will be 3L$ per meter. Then what ever will be buying first land at 1L$ per meter by Christmas.

    You mean “US” as in a democratic representation of the people or “US” the Landbarons cadre?

    If people want it, keep selling it, it barons with 20 unsaleble sims want it, keep selling it……………….

  50. Raul Crimson says:

    I agree with the people that says 8 regions per day is quite too much, well i have some inner conflict about it. For one side i think it will keep Mainland plots prices low (good for new residents) and in the other side i think “big owners” are still earning too much money and then i remember the “First Land” times.
    So all about the land theme is confussing, i think Linden Lab treats Land sometimes as a need of residents, sometimes as a business for them or to control SLeconomy.

  51. Xay Tomsen says:

    I’ve never blogged before – frankly I don’t have the time, but I usually keep an eye on the subject of land. I own 13 island sims at present in Irukandji estate, hopefully double that by christmas. Not sure exactly what constitutes being a land baron or the connotations that go with it, but here are a few thoughts on some of the above posts, based on experience.

    Re the comments on adfarms, i can’t see them ever going away. i bought a mainland sim once, Volpe, subdivided it into 30 or 40 blocks, all different sizes for different markets, planted trees, put in streams & watefalls, made it pretty. The first buyer put in a 100m high black tower spewing blood onto the surrounding blocks, making the rest of the sim unsaleable. all i could do was cut my losses and sell the rest of the sim off below cost to another “land baron”, who subsequently chopped the now-ugly sim into equally ugly ad farms. So why is the mainland ugly? Selfish residents make it that way, not just the sim developer. There is no covenant, no rules, no control over what ur neighbour can build. Will ad farms go away? No, not while people make awful stuff without thought for their neighbours. The so called land baron has no other option.

    That Volpe exercise educated me heaps. I’ll never touch mainland again, and hell yes, I’m more than happy to pay an extra $100US a month for the tiers on each of my island sims. Why? 4 big reasons: I write the covenant that defines what people can build or do; I set the tier price for each block; I retain ownership of the sims, even after someone has bought the block; and nothing that happens on the mainland, including land values, affects our patch of paradise in the least.

    While that might sound like an ego thing, it’s not. I simply want to protect my investment, and those of the 150 people who have bought land off me.

    It both amuses and frustrates me to hear how land sales are dropping in SL, because that’s not my experience at all. Ours are skyrocketing. I never have enough land to sell, and LL is quite sporadic and unpredictable when it comes to filling orders. We average 5000 sqm in sales a day at Irukandji, at between 12 and 20L per sqm, our tiers are significantly higher than the SL norm, and we have a lot of public land for owners and visitors to enjoy. So why does our land sell so fast? For the same four reasons that I prefer to own island sims. In short, buyers know what they are buying, and we back it up with service.

    Land sales and buying in SL is simple. Its like anything you buy in RL – you get what you pay for. I honestly can’t fathom the charity mentality of so many people in SL, who expect everything for nothing, who have no appreciation whatsoever for the efforts of the people providing the services they enjoy. If you want to spend peanuts on land, can you really complain when you end up in an awful sim? As for land barons selling “overpriced” land, what is that exactly? Why is it so awful for someone who has invested an absolute fortune at great risk, who then spends a week of real world time turning the piece of unmoulded putty that LL delivers as a new sim into something saleable, to make a profit from that effort? Do people honestly think there are huge profits to be made from land sales, that justify the hours invested by the one creating these sims? Not really, when u take into account that maybe a hundred hours has gone into building it. and then the upkeep … and all the newbie questions … the griefers and so on.

    As for island owners who’ve bought island sims to compete with mainland, why would you want to do this? The tier is higher, the hassles much greater. It’s a different market completely. You’re selling a ferrari for the price of a volkswagen, and you will eventually go broke. Try building something new and worthwhile that new residents can truly enjoy, and you’ll have a lot of happy people on ur islands, bringing all their friends, and those friends buy more land. Equally, if you want to buy mainland, then go for it, but i suggest that if you do, get a bunch of friends and buy the surrounding blocks as a buffer to protect you from the eyesores of adfarms and blood-spewing gothic towers :). There are ways around all these problems. Just recognise them, and educate yourself about what you are buying.

    Anyway, thats my bit. hope it helps someone somewhere. Im sure someone will complain about parts of it and thats fine – Im not getting into a slanging match. Hugs to all and drinks all round. X

  52. Alan says:

    I think one annoncement on the first of each month, with an up to a maximum number of sims for the entire month, may be up for auction.

    Oct 1st……….up to a maximum of 25 sims may be put up for auction in the month of October

  53. Linden will not be released any land for at least the next 7 days to 14 days. After which, they will resume the supply at “no more than 8 regions per day” till end of SEP 2007 which could possibly mean no release of mainland till it’s OCT 2007.

    Now is the best time to buy land.

  54. Peace says:

    This is a perfect move!

  55. Jim Perhaps says:

    The way I see it is the lower the land prices the better for everyone except land people that buy land for profit.

    It it takes some common sense to buy and sell land but no real talent. You simply pay one price and put it up for sale at a higher price to achieve a return on your investment. I myself have bought a few chunks of land and made a profit on every one but I don’t buy something for 10L a square meter and try to sell it for 20L a square meter. Therefore my land sells quickly and I make a modest profit.

    Lower prices help those that are truly talented and make SL an interesting place. The content creators and scriptors are the ones that make SL worth being in. People that buy land and cut it up into parcels that are really worthless do little for SL. Then they wonder why their land does not sell quickly.

    If you do not have affordable housing or commercial space at reasonable prices eventually the economy will cave in on itself. When that happens you have a lot of people bellyaching when their greed backfired on them.

  56. Rats… there are several abandoned parcels on my home sim (Nabi) which I (and my neighbors) are very eager to buy. Some of them are littered, some of them are badly terraformed, some of them have No Entry fences limiting access to people who never use them. (And one of my lot’s abuttors put up a No Entry fence before she went away and never came back— without returning some fugly prim litter first. Luckily, she didn’t do any significant terraforming before vanishing.) I am sure there are folks all over the Grid… especially those living on former First Land sims… who feel the same way.

    In my case, for what it’s worth, the parcels haven’t even been reclaimed by Governor Linden yet, so the suspension of mainland sale doesn’t effect the situation on Nabi.

  57. LilMatty Althouse says:

    Another way for land bots to get land more easily?

  58. Stryker Bekkers says:

    Hi, just wondering why my post isn’t showing up… wrote one and submitted hours ago and it’s not here.

  59. Stryker Bekkers says:

    Alright, I’m trying this one more time. If it doesn’t work and I’m not able to post then I just won’t bother anymore. This isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble posting. So, here it goes…

    You know, guys, the law of supply and demand is really non-existent in SL – especially where land prices are concerned.

    Land dealers and ordinary people trying to pawn their land off on someone else set their sale prices to whatever they desire. In addition, you can’t really say that land values are plummeting or that the SL “realestate” market is good when nobody even has a goddamn clue what land is currently worth to begin with.

    If there was some way in which residents and Linden Labs could set a standard for land appraisal then there would be a REASON to invest in land. As it stands, there is no way to justify the price of a particular parcel of land. This is far too subjective.

    I’ve done quite a bit of exploring and shopping around in the land market and prices usually range from 7 lindens per square meter all the way up to 30 lindens (and higher). I’ve visited these places and there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how these sellers are setting their prices; it’s completely at their own discretion.

    Parcels of land with traffic values of 25 or lower are being priced at 20 lindens per square meter while parcels with much higher traffic counts are priced lower per square meter. What’s wrong with this? It doesn’t reflect a FAIR MARKET PRICE!

    Since SL does have it’s own economy, rules, regulations (such as the gambling ban), and standards of conduct, it is only right to institute a system by which land is sold at a reasonable and fair price. How do we determine the fair price range for a parcel of land? What criteria is available? I’ve already mentioned it: traffic count!

    We all know about traffic count. In the good old days of SL, traffic was used to determine traffic bonuses for land owners whose clubs or other businesses were really jumping with avatars. Traffic bonuses went the way of the dinosaurs unfortunately but there’s still one very potentially practical use for traffic counts: setting land price ranges.

    Now, I know what the Lindens are going to say about this proposition. It’s always been their stance to mitigate their involvement in the day-to-day affairs of residents.

    But let’s be fair and realistic here. They’ve already banned gambling and they’ve begun the process of requiring age verification for anyone who wants to view adult material (which makes no sense since everyone on the adult grid is supposed to be 18 or older anyway). So, why not do something that will engender a definite positive change for all residents (griefers not included)?

    Basing land values, at least in part, on traffic count is the right thing to do – it just makes sense. Website owners are able to charge higher advertising prices for higher numbers of visitors. The more visitors a website has, the more valuable it is and thus, can be sold for a higher price. This parallel should be applied to SL and land prices.

    By simply restricting the price range on a parcel of land based on that parcel’s traffic count, Linden Labs would be fostering a new age of creativity and economic growth in SL. Land owners would be compelled to be more creative and innovative in order to build businesses and other attractions that draw larger crowds and thus boost their traffic counts.

    After all, if you were a land owner wouldn’t you take a more aggressive and proactive approach to increasing your traffic count if it determined your land value? I think so.

    And all it would take to initiate this new fair land market and new age of prosperity in SL is a simple code that links traffic count to an allowed price range in the ‘set land for sale’ field.

    Surely, the scripting wizards at Linden Labs are capable of writing such a code. Right?

  60. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 59 Stryker Bekkers

    Actually I always thought that the true price of ‘Land’ is equivalent to the cost of it’s maintenance and profit mark up by Linden Labs. Anything more than this is through speculation controlled by it’s residential ‘Owners’.

    Obviously it isn’t ‘Land’ and only ‘Linden Labs’ own it.

  61. Lady Sakai says:

    *falls to her knees* Yes pleeeeeease Jack Im begging you on my bleeding knees here. Take a long, long, long break
    If you take bribes let me know 😉

  62. Cat Cotton says:


    Matriotic ,

    It’s been over a year, I will settle for recouping 1kUS$ of my expenses. I’m not greedy; not asking for the tier fees I paid. I would however like to see LL make this right. After all they did once promise that they would NOT resell land that was released to Governor Linden. I don’t have a problem with LL reselling the parcel as long as they make things right with me beforehand.

    On a side note I tried a few things to make that sim work unfortunately the neighbors on all sides were pretty pissed off that I bought the water sim and tried to build on it. The wharf project was there as well as the sewer project. It’s not like I didn’t try very hard to bring content to Second Life. In the end it is not right for LL to sell it to anyone without first including all the jagged Governor Linden land that runs (ruins) threw that sim.

    I hear ya, and agree with your other points as well.


  63. CP Costello says:

    Thanks Jack ,knowing what is coming is huge help and greatly appreciated.

  64. FallinMy Webb says:

    @ 59
    “Traffic bonuses went the way of the dinosaurs unfortunately but there’s still one very potentially practical use for traffic counts: setting land price ranges.”

    So I could buy a brand new sim with 0 traffic for 500US then plop 50 campers on there for a day then sell for 6k US?

    Does that REALLY sound more fair than the current system of letting people sell thier land for what they THINK its worth?

  65. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    I disagree with some of the posts here that suggest land prices are falling because of over-supply. Don’t think it makes any difference how much land is on the market, except to offer a wider choice of location. The wide expanses of unsold lands are a hermits dream and, if you like isolation, if you choose carefully you can pick an ‘unpopular’ region and be alone there for a long long time. I believe the primary reason for mainland prices falling is simply because they are not selling. I believe people are becoming more reluctant to buy land, or increase their tier, because they see that SL is going through a very volatile period and they’re just sitting back waiting to see what develops. The age-verification issue, for example, has a lot of people scratching their heads and saying ‘wtf?’, why do we now need to verify ourselves through a third party? Another issues causing concern are the constant problems (with TPing, Transaction problems, annoying lag, rezzing problems – the texture of land in some sims looks like a bowl of porridge!, loss of Inventory, and the list goes on). Many I have spoken to have told me they don’t intend to invest any more money in SL until some of the long outstanding issues are resolved. I mean, how can you sensibly build a house when every time you move to fine-tune the positioning of a new wall you go flying halfway across the sim!

    @52 – This posting interested me because I’m in a similar position. I bought virtually a whole region to get rid of the adfarms there and am now in the process of ‘greening’ a large portion of that region and building on the rest of it for future sales to interested buyers. Except I’ll be sure to do a bit of research and not to sell to some dickhead who wants to build a blood-spewing giant volcano on the land. Really Xay, I DO sympathise with you but if you sell to just ANYONE what do you expect? And why worry anyway? You’ve done your bit. If someone comes along and spoils your work forget about it and move on – its THEIR loss not yours! If you wanted to keep the land green you should have held onto it. But I’m guessing you decided to sell your land anyway because you had your eye on buying a few islands? But thats OK too. Your choice.
    SL land is just like RL land, we never OWN it, we are simply the caretakers for a while until the new owners come along.

    @56 (and other similar postings here) – Timothy is right. Something really needs to be done to clear out abandoned parcels, they’re everywhere. If LL could do this, instead of ‘creating’ unnecessary new regions they would gain more respect from regular users of SL like myself. And I think if LL offered these lands (for a very limited period) to groups like mine (Symzonia Group Collective), or Arbor Project, or Guerrilla Gardeners, or Greenspace, with the task of landscaping them – they would earn even more kudos!

    We also need some action on the notion of a parcel ‘minimum’ as requested in a recent JIRA posting by Arbor Project. This would cut down the landcutting by those who want to sell tiny blocks to advertisers that pollute the landscape. And how about a strict limit on the number of advertisers per sim (excluding ‘land for sale’ ads)?

  66. Fluf says:

    Just a small note:
    I hope the new auction system will allow selling off all the weird bits of linden land lurking around the mainland.
    The land auction system has so far always seemed pointless for anyone who just wants a small patch to call home or a bit to add in a region for extra prims.
    Extra frustrating when a cruise around your mainland region will turn up 100’s of m’s of Linden land doing nothing but gathering junk prims.

  67. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    Stryker Bekkers suggests
    “… since SL does have it’s own economy, rules, regulations (such as the gambling ban), and standards of conduct, it is only right to institute a system by which land is sold at a reasonable and fair price. How do we determine the fair price range for a parcel of land? What criteria is available? I’ve already mentioned it: traffic count!’

    I’m not so sure. That means that you’ll pay a lower price for unfrequented land. Unfrequented land is land that hasn’t been improved in ways that create traffic: stores, amenities, landscaping, interesting sights. That’s reasonable since it acknowledges time and talent spent in development, but it’s only a sensible yardstick if all the improvements that maintain taraffic are sold with the land. Getting that right is a separate issue that would have to be negotiated.

    I find a different yardstick useful: recurrent cost per prim, with the ratio as determined by Linden as a baseline. 1024 sq m, the lowest amount on which a recurrent tier is charged, gives 234 prims, is it? (I own an island so I can’t remember) US$8 or c L$2280: the ratio here is L$9.74 per prim per month, or L$2.43 per week. On this basis, the Land Baron average is a little higher, at around L$2.74 per week. My own conventional rentals (unpartitioned land) are are between L$1.5 and L$2.5 per week per prim. Land Baron deals that offer no free prims (fully developed land, can’t build on it, where’s the fun) seem the worst deal. I saw a completed build of 486 prims for L$10000 a week the other day: L$10.6 per prim per week!
    Of course you then have to take into account the one-off ‘purchase’ payment a land baron requires, as compared to the Linden monthly premium charge, and the conventional rental’s rent-only arrangement. But the weekly cost-per-prim seems to offer a helpful addition since it’s _what you as the new occupant can do with the land_, i.e. prims, as well as what has been done to it, i.e. traffic and the previous owner’s efforts that resulted in traffic, that is important.

  68. Stetson rail says:

    1st thanks for the update, knowing what happens in advance helps all involved, 2nd I see alot of post blaming the ppl buying sims for all thats wrong with land and saying we are makin a killin doing it, wow they should see my SL check book before they start talking, And it seems funny to me the ppl who complain the loudest I never see there names in auctions, So I guess they don’t like a few buy so many sims. put your money where your mouth is and feel free to jump in auctions and buy a few

  69. Storyof Oh says:

    Woooo land values based on visitors? Take a look at popular places and without fail Welfare, Hippiepay, Money Island etc etc top the charts followed by freebie worlds and sexy whatevers (you know the places)……content? nice environments? offer L$10 a minute and get a maxed out sim then charge L$1k+ a week to rent a shop there…except now L$2 for 20mins will bring them in since the night of the dead casino….

    It’s even hard to search for ‘nice’ places and once found you walk in isolation like the ghost of prims past….(assuming ‘walk’ is working)

    MainLand has 3 values…by the ocean…inland…inland with blood spewing volcanic neighbours.
    Islands….for the rich or deluded 🙂
    Prices in the shops? serious freebie/L$10 undercutting has rendered most stock worthless unless you own full perms on a nifty sex animation…..
    I see the SL future and it matches the USA mortgage market…….:(

  70. Drozler Eponym says:

    It would be very nice if more attention was paid to recycling the existing land that has been abandoned…so those of us who want to increase our holdings in our home sim, can have a shot at doing so. There are large chunks of land, mostly defunct casino operations, lying abandoned…owned by Groups with no members or individuals having no current account. Quite a waste.

  71. Looks to me like a good excuse to respond to the mainland price crash.

  72. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    #69 I got to agree here..some system allowing neighbours to buy adjacent properties to expand their holdings would be good.

    There was a 1024 right in front of me owned by Gov. Linden. I checked it several times a day waiting for it to come on the market, if I recall there was date in the dropdown but it turned out to be irrelevant because the Gov didn’t put the land up for sale until two days after the date. Anyway I missed it, but a very nice fellow got it and flipped it to me, at a profit of course since he did win the race. I consider myself lucky that an actual avatar bought the land and not some bot doing its thing.

    That said, a system for neighbours to get first refusal might be useful in helping neighbourhoods develop and keep the crap to a minimum.
    I don’t know how it could be done and whether ti would work with our “economy” but there are much better minds than mine in here who can tell me if I am a compleate ejit, or just a partial one.

  73. Rene Erlanger says:

    Raymond Figtree Says:
    September 11th, 2007 at 5:27 PM PDT

    How about revamping things to put an end to ad cutters and ad farms? It’s a visual world and those ads hurt everyon except the cutters.

    That’s one of the most sensible comments i have heard to date.
    They should provide some research to prove once and for all that the effcitive of Ad farms on sales is minimal at best….other than lining the pockets of the advertisers.

  74. les says:

    Jack Linden says :

    to ensure a smooth transition we will be halting mainland supply using the existing auction page effective immediately.

    les says : ok, how does removing land auction untill the new system is ready produce a “smooth transition” in any shape or form? You might want to not allow comments if you are going to double talk like this…


    Nulflux Negulesco Says:
    I have a much better idea than adding new land. Why not auction off new servers to ADD to the existing sims. For instance – instead of creating a new sim we would have the option when purchasing a sim to LINK it to one we already own.

    les says:
    …here’s an even better idea…since sims are stacked at least FOUR PER SERVER, why not offer power user sims that are NOT CAPPED AND STACKED to a useless level. I guess not selling(renting) the same server 4 times wouldn’t have the same buzz at the lab.


    Blake Dwi Says:
    It is known that SL makes all the residual income from the sim owner’s tier. In SL there will not be sims for $25 us per month. When we currently pay $295 us. And to make wild statements about what could happen on some other “game” wasting space.
    Effectively this would double prim and avatar capacity of existing sims, without creating additional land that just goes wasted.

    les says :
    Sir, I suggest that your post is a waste of space. Have you forgot game token sales on lindex? If you think someone can’t undercut the insane “land” rates here…wait for it. Here’s the math…1675 X 4 just to start the rental agreement (you don’t own anything ever) and then 295X4 a month in tier. This game is being re-thought by many people. Look around. There is even a cheap knock off clone in beta called hipihi. Join Now! Join our virtual Economy!

    As to performance…a better server will not allow your video card to draw more textures or polys..the biggest lag in SL since they are not controlled in any way and ignorance is rampant due to poor game design.

    Decent sims would be nice, but right now I don’t even have ANY option to upgrade my older class 4 sim to match my class 5’s with more over head. What would happen if the lindens allowed uncapped and stacked sims that could function with out the constant time dilation of average sims? The people in the capped sims would have a FLAMING FIT! Do it anyway and price accordingly so it makes sense to all.


    FallinMy Webb Says:

    Where is this dead economy? I keep hearing people cry about the death of SL and how the economy is in such rough shape. L$ exchange rate is virtually unchanged (I’d hardly call 5L per 1.00US a recession).

    les says : where do you get this 5l per 1.00usd junk? As to the L$ Exchange rate…do you even know how it works? The rate of exchange is an arbitrary number LL control by the amount of game tokens they produce to sell on lindex each month. I dont think they are happy about having to sell less and less to hold at this number. Perhaps we should remove the game tokens? Do you use game tokens to shop at ebay? No, ’cause ebay is not a game.


    Zulqadi Saarinen Says:

    Everything’s perfect. All’s going in right direction. People just have habit to whine on details instead of seeing the bigger picture. No offence.

    les says : none taken, though perhaps instead of whining about whining you might go play with the other kids and let the adults talk.


    Stryker Bekkers say :

    Basing land values, at least in part, on traffic count is the right thing to do – it just makes sense.

    les says : no it does not! it makes no sense what so ever and i don’t see how you could write a book about it and not clue in. Traffic is related to what is ON the land not the land itself. Why should a high traffic area be worth more when the attraction (camping chairs most often) will poof with land sale? The only thing that has a base to land is server performance and the texture on the terrain.


    Dekka Raymaker Says:
    Obviously it isn’t ‘Land’ and only ‘Linden Labs’ own it.

    les say : indeed. it’s CPU share you are buying(renting), but since any avatar can walk on to your “land” and use more resources then a sim can provide and drop the whole sim into time dilation…the whole system is flaky.


    available for consultation

  75. Blake Dwi says:

    @ 52..
    You hit it dead on with that! Very accurate view point.

  76. Blake Dwi says:

    @ 73 Les..
    That was a very thoughtful post. But you edited my post and passed it off as mine…i see you had alot of work involved in yours and thats good but be accurate Les.
    And i will check out that beta

  77. Praetor Janus says:

    Dear Jack,

    This break is healthy but is no more than a palliative to the disease LL started in the last weeks, excessive new Sim release looks like a Cancer growing and spreading metastasis.

    SL growth and prestige is mainly due to its economy but with all the recent and too fast changes, … LL is strangulating it.

    It reminds me of some governments that arrive to office full of reforming ideas, mostly just but idealistic (read unrealistic) ones, but usually end up depressing the economy, raising taxes and being thrown out of office.

    Banning the casinos was a unfortunate idea, forced upon LL by the American Law I presume, so … the Casinos were driven out and with then some 50% of the daily transactions and some 20% of the in game income of goods creators/sellers.

    A German Newsman needs a “Headline” and so …we’ll have Age verification, it is a good but expensive (to SL economy) idea; I estimate another 15% drop in general business activity. Please, note that I’m already verified 🙂

    Opening the viewer was a good idea, but what will happen when the server software is opened too? What will happen to land prices then?

    Depending on the “grid connection price” and business model my RL companies could “contribute” with some 400 Sims in the first mounts of “liberalization”, like me … many others, and what then?

    All this considered don’t forget RL economy; the actual forecasts to USA and EU economies don’t encourage SL economic growth too.

    For God and SL sake, 8 Sims per day is unrealistic, STOP the land inflation while there’s still time!

    I do believe SL and the SLGrid can grow to be the new paradigm for the globally networked world … but give SL time to recover, fortify and start growing again 🙂

    All the Best

    P.S. Cheap land to newcomers? I agree with the idea, a 1024 M2 parcel at an LL regulated price and unsellable for 6 mounts would encourage economic growth and Premium Account subscription.

  78. Rudolph Ormsby says:

    The blog is not representative of the average newbie user who wants cheap land. I sincerely hope LL intend to backfill the 100 sims that will not be auctioned for the next two weeks and will then ramp up the land supply again, to say 20 sims per day. Why change policy now and create another ridiculous boom?

    More land is still needed – land values still have not reached the magic figure of 5 L per sq m (4 L per sq m would be better of course). A good price for land is not an exploitative price. A good price for land is not one that makes it an investment in a false boom.

    Land is a basic essential for using SL. If you want to cull the user base of SL, cull land supply. What else can we do to discourage use of SL – charge for prim rezzing perhaps? How about a charge everytime you change your clothes, or per 10 words typed in chat, per minute of voice used… etc. What other basic tools in SL can we dissuade people from using?

  79. Ellen Spark says:

    Its easy to quote random numbers for land prices, I payed 1695.00 usd for my Islands so here is a little math for everyone.
    1695 usd x 280 = 474,600 L$
    474,600 L$ / 65,536 square meters = 7.24 L$ per sq meter (no profit )
    So in the future people who buy Islands should sell the land at a major loss ?


    One of the prolbems are people dont understand the expenses and think everything can be free. It cant, someone has to pay the expenses or sl will no longer exist. Dont worry, land prices will drop more when Linden starts adding 8 regions a day again, we are not getting enough new premium accounts to support this, look at the numbers. If things continue this way,people will not want to invest anymore and others will pull out, so, you will get your wish, sl will be almost free.

  80. Ellen Spark says:

    The best thing Linden could do right now is advertise on tv to get more people here. Thats how i first found out about second life and so did many others. I accidently turned to Reuters news and saw the news report, so did many others, if you look back and see, you will see the boom this created for sl. Second Life is at a saturation point now, Linden needs to actively get new users if they plan on adding more land. Alt accounts and no info accounts should not be counted as new users.

  81. Ellen Spark says:

    What really puzzles me the most is there is 38,258 people currently online at 5:22pm PDT and there are currently 45,696 parcels for sale, and I hear people complaing that more land is needed. Can anyone explain this to me ?

  82. Stryker Bekkers says:

    #60 – Dekka Raymaker,

    First of all, I have no illusions that SL land is real land. I’d have to be quite detatched from reality to believe it was. I feel I had implied that with the parallel that I made between website selling prices and SL land prices, a precedent which I still believe SHOULD be seriously examined by Linden Labs. Afterall, each parcel of “land” is really a three-dimensional website.

    #64 – FallinMy Webb AND #68 – Storyof Oh,

    Both of you bring up a very valid argument against using traffic counts as a criteria for determining land price ranges. However, it’s an argument I had already anticipated. I, along with many other SL residents, have always believed camping to be a completely mindless and idiotic practice. It brings absolutely nothing new or interesting to the SL community.

    In addition, it encourages the use of camping bots. I know I’m not the only one who is sick and disgusted at seeing what amounts to FARMS of glassy-eyed campers who do nothing more than take up space on a sim.

    I’m almost convinced that the main reason the Lindens discontinued traffic bonuses was camping. The traffic bonus was a wonderful idea that was intended to reward land owners for developing creative and innovative projects that brought large numbers of residents to their land. The whole idea was to stimulate a creative spirit that would benefit the whole of SL and it’s residents.

    Unfortunately, many lazy landowners looking for a quick buck or an easy way to recoup their tier and account fees simply dropped a bunch of camping chairs on their builds and called it a day. No creativity or real effort was required to promote their businesses (if they even had businesses in the first place). It’s as easy as calling hogs to slop: “Suey! Come get your free lindens!”

    For those who might argue that camping stimulates the economy by pumping lindens into the market, I strongly disagree. The amount of money that is gained from camping is miniscule at best. A camper isn’t even receiving enough lindens (as a US dollar equivalent) to pay for the electricity used by his computer – unless he’s using a camping bot program (which is a terms of service violation).

    In such a case he could turn off his computer and let the lindens roll in while he watches television. This is a big reason to ban camping. There are lots of unscrupulous people who are exploiting SL in ways that are damaging the whole community and eroding any possibility of a continued future for SL.

    All residents who are interested in earning lindens would benefit much more from learning to use the platform’s building tools and scripting with LSL, as well as some compatible image editing program such as photoshop (more affordable programs are available). With those three tools, a resident could do some real positive damage in SL.

    Camping MUST be banned if SL is to grow and prosper.

    If camping is banned, then that would eliminate one argument against using traffic as a criteria for setting land price ranges.

    #66 – Christi Maeterlinck,

    Keep in mind that I did say that traffic counts should be used “at least in part” to determine allowable land price ranges. I feel that traffic should add more value to a parcel of land the higher it is.

    Part of the maximum price could be added at the land seller’s discretion based on improvements, location, neighbors, etc. However, the “seller’s discretion” price should have a maximum cap. The rest of the total allowable price range should come from traffic.

    #80 – Ellen Spark,

    Yes, Ellen, I can explain it – griefers who want to bring down SL… maybe… or not 😛

  83. Stryker Bekkers says:

    I’d just like to reiterate my position on camping. Camping chairs and other programs that babysit avatars and camping bots while feeding them lindens should most definitely be banned and removed from SL.

    However, I don’t believe money trees to be a major problem. At least a resident is required to be present and alert in order to reap the fruit from money trees. This generates a stronger possibility for chatting, exploring, and exchanging ideas as well as becoming privy to advertisements and announcements that might pique one’s interest.

    Camping MUST be banned. Such a ban will be good for the land issue as well as the SL economy as a whole. The business of Second Life is business, not camping.

    Change. Adapt. Grow. Only the strong survive – that’s just business.

  84. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    about your post number 79: the system simply can’t cope with additional numbers. If it keeps falling over with 40K online at any one time, what do you think will happen if the number of regulars doubles?
    about the next post, no. 80 I take the point, although I suspect that there are simply too many hideous plots, oevrshadowed by thoughtless neighbours, and that accounts for why they don’t sell. SL land use is unregulated, alas!

  85. Delicious Demar says:

    Jack, thanks for the update. Just a couple of comments:

    First, the comments that mainland prices don’t reflect supply and demand are silly. The more land the Lindens spew forth, the lower mainland prices go – just look at ths summer – when the number of accounts was dropping and LL was selling 8-20 sims a day at auction – and cheapest land prices are at 6L per meter. Compare that to last summer, when the number of accounts was skyrocketing, and LL was selling barely any land at auction – and cheapest prices rose as high as 16-17L per meter.
    The big difference between RL and SL real estate is that LL can create new continents at will, and that distance from one place to another really plays no part at all, since we can all teleport.

    Second, in terms of the thousands of 16m ad plots – I will give my first born child to someone that figures out a way to stop this abhorrent practice. He’s very nice, and doesn’t eat too much.

    Third, in terms of the reservation plots – the whole point of these was to reserve spaces near your current islands, to protect the space from being taken by others, to allow future expansion. I have a few reservations that I paid for for 4-5 months for just this reason, waiting until i could afford to expand my number of islands… Now, it’s buy em or lose em. I am assuming that LL isn’t going to refund me the money i spent on reserving these spaces over the last six months… So, this kinda sucks, but is the kind of policy change with economic impacts on citizens that I am so totally used to in SL that I was barely annoyed when i saw it.

    And finally, in terms of the difference between mainland and islands. Let’s just say that we all better not get too comfortable with the level of our mainland tiers. I am pretty sure it’s on the Lindens “to-do” list to increase them – they just haven’t got around to doing it yet.

  86. The Writer SARMAD ALSARMADY says:

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  87. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @69 & @71 How true. Why DON’T Lindens offer their lands to the ‘local’ residents in a region first. It would certainly encourage ppl to take more care of, and pride in, their neighbourhood – and would make it more difficult for adfarmers and landcutters to move in. Heeyyy! It might even encourage ‘communities’ to develop!! You remember communities? Where ppl helped and looked out for each other, and respected each other? Aahhh, I remember my daddy telling me about the Old Days when you could go to work all day, leave your doors and windows wide open and be sure that all your possessions were still there when you came home. No.. wait… thats Real Life. Sorry!

    @76 Your posting, Praetor, brings up further important reasons to add to my short list (@65) about why I believe oversupply of land isn’t THE major factor in the dramatic fall of land prices. A friend in SL reminded me that the gambling ban (brought in by a nervous LL looking over their shoulders at RL laws) has given a dramatic boost to the over-supply of land. I couldn’t agree more. Restrictions, sure (I’m no fan of the casinos) – there are controls in RL that keep these places in check. But a complete BAN! Thats just overkill Lindens!
    And the many unanswered questions about Age-verification – ah yes, that just keeps popping up because it affects EVERY aspect of SL. As Praetor said, a development brought about by a newspaper headline in Germany. Yet another example of “when clouds gather in RL we hear the thunder in SL”. Except, instead of keeping those clouds at bay you’re bringing ’em INTO our imperfect little paradise! Grow some manberries guys!

  88. Kamut Torok says:

    This is my first SL Blog Post.

    I would like to thank everyone for the contributions above, I particularly enjoyed Xay Tomsen’s views on land and island development. I agree with his perspectives.

    In my view the hardest obstacle in SL is Linden Lab’s complete unpredictably in all matters, which creates a very volatile X variable in anyone’s calculations on how best to go about contributing in SL, in any shape or form. Philosophically speaking, what SL needs most from Linden is predicability, without which the large corporate or more importantly, small entrepeneurial contributions will remain capped, and the economy flat.

    The subject of land is probably the most illustrative example. So rather than writing a large essay, I wish to make the following points based on my experience, so as not to risk not being read, or getting overly complicated:

    — I bought my first land in an auction, bidding wrongly for the wrong plot — my fault entirely. Linden did nothing to handle the “Sponge Ahhh!” abuses of my neighbours. I divided my parcel and put it up for sale, and also enquired if anyone around me would be willing to sell to me at a reasonble price so that I can improve my plot as an alternative. The outcome was a real estate “baron” bought out everyone around me and sold the enlarged plot to somebody. The neighbourhood was cleared up, and I logged in one day and found my neighbour bought my land. Small profit! Two lessons: owners of small parcels have unrealistic expectations of the value of their land and are unwilling to sell when someone counters their asking price — dumb! The “baron” thought something was going on, so he laid money down and cleared up the neighbourhood — right outcome albeit wrong motivation. Economic predictably could well encourage more of it, solving the barren for sale sim syndrome.

    — All Mainland sims that I have seen are extremely fragmented, and on many, Governor Linden owns abandoned parcels. SELL THEM ALL NOW, so that we can flush it all out. This will help other owners on the sim improve their experience by imporving their plot by buying these parcels. Most Mainland Landowners, can’t sell to move but are unfortunately stuck with eclectic plots they can’t improve. This would solve the problem. I have an infant but effective business achieving the above — 70% of my land sales are to neighbours!

    — Who’s to say what land is worth? A Traffic based rule, apart from bordering on communism, would create a disfunctional market for a number of reasons that would take tomes to write here. If I want to pay 50,000 L$ to buy my neighbour’s plot which has no traffic, but enhances my property, who else should care? For the record my views on camping, escorts, gambling, you name it, would run on similar — it may not be for me but if people want to spend their time or money on it, good luck. What would be the point of regulating people’s Second Lives?

    — A larger minimum plot rule would help flush out the Advertiser plots as they would possibly face greater tier costs. Also I have seen owners of 16 sqm plots hold back economic development on sims as they hold surrounding parcel holders to ransom. This too would get averted.

    So, LL, more laissez faire, less manipulation, more predictability. The SL experience for everyone will imporve. The economy will grow, investment would grow. Yes, we’ve heard it all before maybe, but maybe LL didn’t get the joke!

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