Post-Mortem: September 6 web caching issues

At approximately 6.30 am PDT, we noticed a significant concurrency drop. Members of the Operations team identified that there was a serious problem that prevented logins and the ability to fetch assets. Specifically, squid (web caching software) was no longer running on the majority of simulators. The issue was due to a broken file permission. Since all of our HTTP traffic flows through the local squid process, squid not running meant that no asset traffic was running. As a result, auto-save, asset saves and asset loads would not work.

Operations immediately begun a workaround to restore these sims as fast as possible. This resolved a large part of the problem, and assets that had been queued up now preceeded through the proper path without loss. Yet we noticed some failures after the “fix”, such that a small percentage of assets were being lost on certain sims.

At about 9.30 am, we uncovered the actual bug. The operations team fixed the script that starts up and shuts down squid and redeployed the script. This was much more successful, and we had consistent performance with no asset loss. Concurrency began to recover at 8am, and was fully recovered by 11.15 am.

This bug will not recur, and it helped the team to identify opportunities to improve the bug fixing process as part of our ongoing stability efforts.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience during the fix.

Have a great weekend!

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141 Responses to Post-Mortem: September 6 web caching issues

  1. Ron Crimson says:

    Well done, guys!

    You rock, all of you. 🙂

  2. shai Khalifa says:

    It certainly makes a difference when you explain the problem and the resolution path – in non-geek language).

    ta 🙂

  3. Decker Burt says:

    Thanks you for actually informing us about the details of the situation. It is very much appreciated ^^

  4. Moose Maine says:

    File Permission error’s are one of the hardest to identify, and can cause the most hair to be pulled out of one’s head! Kudos to the server folks, Be Proud – You guys and GALS do rock!

  5. Russell Hagoromo says:

    you guys and Gals deserve a cookie!! sure i gripe when sumthin aint workin,but when its caught and fixed properly, i give you a handclap

  6. Dave says:

    I used to agree with those who criticized LL for focusing on new features rather than fixing bugs, but this shows that LL’s bugfighters are alive and well. Your job’s not at all easy. Thank you!

  7. Demelza Beaumont says:

    Am I the only one who is worried about this? There must be a lack of change control for file permissions to suddenly be wrong on the main grid.

    More control, LL, things shouldn’t “just change”.

  8. Jonathan Sprawl says:

    I have many years’ experience developing software and creating large, scalable Internet services at one of the world’s biggest software companies. I just want ot say that I think it shows an incredible ignorance of the prevailiing standards in the software-development industry to say “You rock.”
    The fact is, a data-loss bug made it into the production environment. Furthermore, this was not a rarity but it’s a norm. Normally business that charge customers money for their service invest more to deliver quality service. In particular, a test team of comparable size to the product development team would normally maintain a parallel grid with simulation of load similar to that in the live grid, including some worst-case or projected-future loads. Changes to the SL server enviroment would be thoroughly tested in that parallel universe before customers’ assets were put at risk.
    If the test team were unable to keep up, new features would be slowed down and/or business policies would be changed to ensure stability for paying customers (temporarily suspending creation of non-paying accounts being the most obvious such option).
    This doesn’t appear to be the Linden Labs way. Perhaps one day they will find the religion, or perhaps one day an able competitor will come along to demonstrate to LL that such a mode of conduct makes for happier customers and, in the longer run, a more successful business.
    While the efforts of many individuals at LL are laudable, the priorities and the allocation of resources coming from the top are flawed. We deserve better.

  9. Beta X says:

    great work, omg i was begining to worry, exelent job, there’s now “true” tp ussues and you guys have been on fire with help and all, wtg *4 thumbs up* lol

  10. Buster McNutter says:

    this is the best blog post ever

  11. Blinders Off says:

    How refreshing to see an honest report about something that went wrong, an explanation of how it was handled, and the resolution of the matter… and COMMENTS allowed! See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? 😉

  12. Loniki Loudon says:

    OMG, the grid is so screwed up still. Sims crashing, TPs not working. Glad you think its all resolved, typical.

  13. Melanie Milland says:

    Not all, but this one.

    I like the ones where a definite cause can be found. You fix it and it stays fixed.


  14. Troy Childs says:

    i agree with Demelza . What just some random linden playing with buttons they shouldnt? the thing was fine before. then its messed up.

    sighs…. and for people that seen my last post on another issue saying “why do i play when i hate sl” you all shut up. i didnt say i hate it i said its poorly maintain.

    Me I love SL. i just hate how its poorly maintain. Look at the there blogs there a bug one day then the next day. then a rare of a day gone passed without reported issue then there another the next day. alwas log in issues and asset issue. clearly there something they gotta stablise.

    I seen dial up have better up time even with people picking up the phone and noticeing someone online and hangs up. and it staying connect.

    i so hope they stop with the adding of features and work on perfomances and bug at hand. stablise the cilent and grid.

  15. Dekka Raymaker says:

    This is good service 🙂

  16. Troy Childs says:

    p.s and Melanie . that fix it, it stays fix dont apply to linden labs. too many of the same fixes breaking again and again day after day. lol

  17. Nika Ferlinghetti says:

    And yet, sadly, I still can’t login in. Fixed don’t mean fixed I guess.

  18. Johnny Rambler says:

    I, personally, like the post-mortem/after action review of this issue. It shows that someone actually wants to communicate with us residents instead of treating us like mushrooms.

    Unfortunantly, some people aren’t ever out of “Gripe” mode.

  19. The Todd says:

    Can’t say that I was affected by the outtage, but that was a pretty impressive explanation

  20. Drake Poutine says:

    Things just don’t happen…things happen when you mess with something and oops you break it. If its not broken don’t mess with it. Focus on what you have first. You LL folk are the like silly children playing with blocks…you stack on block ontop of another. you start to notice is starting to lean to the right alittle bit. Any Reasonable person would try to stablize the tower before you build any higher. Do you Do this LL? No you ignore the fact that is unstable and keep building up until it falls down. SecondLife and a Tower of Blocks are not much different if you don’t stablize the system its going to blow up in your face.

  21. U M says:

    Um…….Sounds like they fixed it. Lets hope it does not reoccur. Thank you Guys

  22. Elysium Eilde says:

    I totally agree with you Troy….I don’t want new features, I want the standard stuff to work… glad I was napping through this most recent episode, I’d hate to loose a few thousand L$ more worth of inventory.

  23. Chip Merlin says:

    After LL proclaimed an resounding [RESOLVED] on this issue… it still took me over an hour to log-in. I’m glad LL can reach their own back for a pat.

  24. Aisling Homewood says:

    I have to agree with Post #2 by shai Khalifa. It makes a very big difference to those of us who enjoy SL, but are not necessarily familiar with various types of hardware, software, and various bits of computer jargon. I am lucky–I have a lot of help and support from computer savvy friends (RL and SL), and I am learning to identify what bugs are coming from my computer vs. bugs/ongoing issues from LL, along with programming and building.

    I do give you kudos for this post, and for allowing people to submit their comments. However, I sincerely hope that you do take more notice of from those of us who put a great deal of our own money to fund projects in SL that are not making us money, but that we simply do out of a desire to create, explore, and, as I always hope, have the freedom to make our own societal mistakes and learn how to rectify them.

    However, we need LL to become *much* more supportive to those customers who may not necessarily be monied corporations. Please remember–your base will always be those of us who continue to use SL not as a money maker (although, many of us hope to at least break even!), but as a way to build and sustain supportive communities. You need to pay attention to those of us (the common masses?) who lose money, items, and assets due to problems on your end.

    LL, no one likes to be yelled at continually, especially if you are in a situation where you are understaffed or are having other internal difficulties. However, being direct and honest with the citizens of SL, as you have done in this post, in a clear, concise, and direct manner, will help you even more.

    In addition:

    If you want the citizens of SL to respect you, you need to grant us the same amount of respect, even if we are not those who own a sim, a large business, or other profitable venture. I am *not* saying that those who have made SL-based profitable businesses, or those who *do* make a living from SL are bad, evil, naughty, or selfish. I think most business owners are committed to their businesses and their customers, and the support I have gotten from business owners in the past surpasses the support I have often received from LL.

    Please stop hiding behind a TOS agreement, and be big enough to help those who have lost money and assets due to problems that originate in Linden Labs. You will be amazed at the amount of customer loyalty and support you will get when the corporations who are now moving into second life disappear because there is no one around to purchase their products or use their services.

  25. Cat Gisel says:

    Let’s hope Cyber Terrorists don’t get any (not so) wise ideas on the 11th 😦

  26. Alias chilling says:

    Seem to be MAJOR problems again in-world tonight with lag and packet loss but no announcement here, no noices in world and still no way for us mere mortals (basic account users) to flag things like this up… JIRA’s a great idea for bugs etc but how aboutthe service issues? Notices in-world would sure help as soon as you notice…

  27. KMeist Hax says:

    LL needs to do more post-mortems like this. Posts like this are well-worded and explain exactly what went wrong.

  28. Coon Surya says:

    Good job guys. All issues should be taken on in this manner. 🙂

  29. Sweet says:

    when the asset sever is in TROUBLE as soon as u know you need to WARN PEOPLE right away with an IN WORLD MESSAGE WE ARE SICK OF LOSING STUFF GET THE PICTURE YET?????????? good u fixed it but bad for all of us that continue to lose so much money in lost inventory cus NO ONE WARNS til hours after the fact… i dont know if you realize how much you hurt in world business with all these inventory losses WHO WILL WANT TO PURCHASE anything in game when its 99% chance it will just poof with out any recourse what so ever. I think its high time u all worked on this cus nothing has been done to resolve this bug yet we should NOT be losing things as much as we are we need a BETTER way to back up our stuff if you cant do it for us

  30. Dacob Paine says:

    Thank you very much LL.

    Simple, straightforward, and to the point.

    Every resident knows that LL hates bugs as much as we do — thank you for your continuting efforts to tell residents what happened and why. This blog post is exactly what residents are asking for… 🙂

  31. CaptJosh Au says:

    I hate permissions errors. THey are the bane of my existence in Linux. Glad you guys knocked this out quick.

    As for the whiner in message 19 above me, maybe they COULDN’T send some sort of warning because the system for doing so might have been affected by this issue. THINK before you type, PLEASE.

  32. Eon Peterson says:

    I’m just adding my compliments to LL. This occurrence didn’t affect me this time but I appreciate the post and the fast fix. It’s probably a good thing this happened on a Friday rather than Saturday or Sunday.

  33. Fluf says:

    Yeah but…
    If you were rolling out an updated script that loaded squid (a vital part of every sim). Or even just installed the latest version of squid. Would you perhaps test it in a safe off grid environment first?
    And if it’s not directly squid related. If you’re rolling out some other patch that affects file permissions. Wouldn’t you want to test that off grid first?
    Am glad you guys worked so hard to fix it. And thanks for that! But … ?

  34. Ralph Doctorow says:

    My complete sympathy, I chased one of those for almost a day right at a quarter end. What a pain in the a**. Hang in there guys.

  35. U M says:

    @ 19 Go here and say that. Because many of us are wondering what is LL thinking these days? Look at al the Lovers of LL and its strange and at times off the wall the wall Linden posting there. At this pace how long does SL have if the present conditions are not improving.

  36. Winter Ventura says:

    Oh.. wait, I mean.. erm.. actually nevermind.

    Good job fixing it. Might have been good to drop those of us inworld a blue-note to let us know there were problems, and to “be careful” with no copy items.

  37. U M says:

    @ 20 19 does have a few points. People don`t like losing items etc.

  38. Calin McKinney says:

    Good info on the fix and the issue. Thanks for that. Now how about for the next month nothing new…maybe even no new land…have everyone at LL focus on bug fixes and grid stabilization and excellent customer service. Give us a way to back up our own inventory. Thanks for the improvements many have mentioned so far…good work!

  39. Calin McKinney says:

    Oh, and number 20…stop insulting people who blog. Who do you think you are anyway??

  40. Wyald Woolley says:

    I love how the team didn’t call it “good enough” and go back to their card game. They stuck with it and looked for the real problem behind the apparent problem.

    Then, as Evert Linden pointed out, they used this SL problem to identify opportunities to improve the bug fixing process. This is the kind of thinking that hasn’t been going on for a long time. WOOT!!!

  41. Storm Chatnoir says:

    Well done, LL – This is an improvement in a number of ways.

    Not accepting the obvious problem and going on to find the real one.

    Using a post-mortem entry to the blog to answer ‘what when where why’ of things.
    Great. It gives us some understanding of what’s going on – and any information is always better than none.

    I’m not in a position to judge how true the ‘this shouldn’t have happened’ points are, above. I see a number of folks who work with these types of issues have given you sympathy, so I’ll assume that this kind of thing both ‘happens’ and is a devil to deal with.
    Again, great.

    I have to agree, however, that alerting people in-world of a majot issue affecting asset loss should have also been a priority. Asset losses have been going on for a very very long time, and I hear more and more people upset about that. Many non-copy items are either expensive, irriplacable or both. Warn us, please, when they are threatened.

    Having comments enabled – Thank you. Again, it lets the community respond, positively and negatively – but at least we can see we’re not alone and in the dark about these issues.

    All in all, I consider this progress in how an incident was handled.

    That said, there still remain other issues:

    I’ve posted this before I will keep posting it when I’m able.

    Fix The World.

    Dear LL;

    I’d be a lot more sympathetic to your problems and ‘thank you for your patience’ messages if you hadn’t made this situation yourselves over the years.

    The fact is, SL isn’t going to get better quickly, and it won’t get better *AT ALL* if LL doesn’t sit down and fix the basics, as the community has been begging them to do for years. We could have waited for the bells and whistles, and the ice cream on the cake, We understood that SL was to be a work in progress, constantly evolving.

    Why didn’t you?

    It took a long time for me to move from ’slightly annoyed’ to ‘Furious’ and it will take time for this paying customer to get back to ’satisfied with my SL Experience.’ –

    Show me you’re listening.

    Show me you’ve changed.

    Show me you care.

    Show me I’m doing the right thing by standing by you, SL.

    Show me I’m not waisting my time.

    Fix The World.

    To some of my detractors – especially new-timers and those who are non-paying, or think I am ‘unpatriotic’ regarding SL:

    ‘The World’ was a very different place when I joined in September 2004. I’ve literally ‘paid my dues’ every month since then to LL, and I’ve seen ‘The World’ ‘s functionality peak and then degrade while frivolous bells and whistles served as bread and circuses to keep the masses distracted and amused.

    (And to court business interests to set up shop in SL.)

    I post here because it’s the Official Linden Blog – a main page, not buried in a forum somewhere. LL hasn’t listened to the community in those venues. Perhaps they’ll listen when it’s where businesses considering SL can see it.

    I don’t wish to play the ‘Vet’ card, but I’ve been here long enough to have seen. You haven’t.

    I don’t wish to play the ‘$$’ card, but I’ve paid for my usage – you haven’t.

    The ‘SL Luv it or Leave it’ , ‘My SL right or wrong’ and ‘Post where ur supposed to’ reactions are platitudes and should be on virtual bumper stickers.

    I’m not a Joiner. I’m not a Protester. I don’t get involved in Movements and Causes. But even myopic, self involved, apathetic people will speak out when they’ve had enough.

    I have.

    Have you?

  42. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Hey! Where’s Ann O’toole? I need this post explained. A squid is a very intelligent animal but I didn’t think they were that wired a species.
    Still and all a good post everet, I got a good picture of what went down, and if you found some new way to fix bugs then it would make life a lot easier. Go after the can’t rez, can’t save, time out on script saves- type of bugs that seem to have plagued my sl this past week at an alarming rate.

  43. Renee Faulds says:

    Now you can start working on the issues between you and all of SLExchange’s boxes and terminals, don’t you think. Also with the issues of info in “about Land”. Would be nice to have a game that functioned.

  44. U M says:

    @30 well can you sum up in less then 300 words?

  45. Beta X says:

    hey i had my share of issues with the performance, but if your *example (explorer.exe) wasn’t told to run, there wouldn’t be folders or desktop… lol “squid” didn’t need to fail, but it did, this could of been a string calling the same thing patern done by a tired crew, who knows, well, the sims what where eating me are fixed, ty LL and good luck…

  46. Rex Cronon says:

    I don’t know what u did to “fix” things, but starting this afternoon(SLT) I started to crash hard again(I had to turn power off, manually). It seem that your server has started again to send erroneous data to the viewer, which causes the viewer to crash. Can somebody look into that?

  47. darling sieyes says:

    like sweet (19), i also think it is bad for the economy…strange, the most expensive objects seem to disappear…i dont understand this order.
    i also dont understand why the repeated bugs continue off and on…i think a non tech explanation would help many of us…
    i love sl…but it is a source of frustrations many days…
    i wonder if there is not competition, causing these bugs, giving LL a bad rap, with the intention of surpassing LL in the future of our virtual world web…
    if so, we need to be told, so we can understand, and perhaps be of help…we stand to gain if LL merges with top web companies…we are pioneers in this.
    the griefer problems need to be resolved, the greedy get greedier…we can change this with cooperation and knowledge to truths.
    i suggest also every employee be investigated, any avenue in which someone is able to effect LL…
    i suggest scripting be monitored as well, with needed permission before release…this will be hard on the scripters somewhat…but will insure bad scripts are not given to our world here…
    sadly as humans, trust has been breached too often, so we must be aware, and secure our tranquility…
    ‘Together’…the honest can become strong enough to rid virtual worlds of criminal behavors. so let the honest ‘stand up and be counted’…and the fakes brought to light…i have a guillitine i bought in world…be glad to use…lol…sorry, sick sense of humor in this…(btw, if this disappears, i am not buy another!!!)

  48. U M says:

    Just a few moments ago some island did a hard crash. what in the world is going on?

  49. dunno but it’s 10:02 pm SL time and I can’t upload textures..I get this error:
    “Unable to upload 1fqwy89qw-qw756 due to the following reason:
    The server is experiencing unexpected difficulties. Please try again later”

    Please fix it b4 you take off for the weekend.

  50. Beta X says:

    @ (36) Very good point with the griefer issue… i recomended LL try to get the IP Address in one strain of attacks based on that “telltail user patern”… (4 days of new throwaway accounts) that’s a grief no one has to see… (xxx porn, racism, particle, ecs.) like come on, Sony bans IP addresses first… unreal, and i see the point of harsh disepline in that since

  51. U M says:

    oh boy! here we go again!

  52. U M says:

    39 says….”Sony bans IP addresses first… unreal, and i see the point of harsh disepline in that since” We are far from being Sony and LL has no intention to do this type of banning. Why? Because numers of users are more important then a few griefters.

  53. Loniki Loudon says:

    I am sorry but you missed something. Since thursday there has been a decrease in sim performance. You really notice it if you sail a lot in game like I do. For the last two days it has been real bad. Sim crossings sometimes mean you go sailing into oblivion under the world thousands of meters or actross several sims till it catches up, if it catches up. Other wise you just crash. This is not normal sim performance. There has also been an increase in packet loss and freeze-ups that don’t registor on the statis bars. Script performance has been doing strange things also. At times of serious script dialations, I have checked the top scripts and seen items that should never be on the list, at the top of the list and through the roof. Items with just a simple partical effect and stiff like that. Also the boat at times would just stop after a sim crossing and I would have to reset it. This is stuff that has never occured in the past. I think it points to script handlers or something like that. But the point is that this latest episode is not over and is not fixed. You must know this, you must have some way to gauge performance. What has changed between Wednesday and Thursday?

  54. Hecaeta says:

    For those that whine about losing No copy Items. I made a few simple prims for myself that I test the waters with before I buy anything. I have not lost anything in a long while. So if you are still losing stuff shame on you.

  55. Renee Faulds says:

    My computer setup:
    Intel Core2 Duo 2.4
    2 Gb Ram @ 800Mhz
    ASUS P5B MB 1066 UFB
    EVGA GeForce 7300 GT 512MB PCIe w/DVI/HDTV Vid Card


    9-1-2007 7 times
    9-2-2007 10 times
    9-3-2007 5 times
    9-4-2007 8 times
    9-5-2007 6 times
    9-6-2007 8 times
    9-7-2007 9 times

    I am online quite abit more than others as I am a builder, retailer and buy and sell property. SIM performance is terrible where ever I am at. jerking, stalling, freezing and then there is this crash situation. I do not run a cheap machine but since 2 updates ago everything has gone to the dogs. I get the standard response from LL support – autoresponse – nothing futher to investigate what is happening. I clear cache regularly, that doesn’t help. The crashes come from a variety of actions, doing something in inventory, dropping a prim and just turning around. The only thing that never breaks down is the membership billing server.I understand this is a complicated code for this game. Can somebody please tell me what I can do besides quit the game to improve this crash, jerking and freezing problem. Is anybody else having these problems?

  56. zebadee says:

    Teleports still borked

  57. mimi says:

    hHmm as much as i am happy this bug is fixed.. i guess SL still has a long way to go. Since 1, 2 weeks, the lag is unbearable!!!!!
    people in both my shop and clubs are hardly able to walk at peak times, when sitting on a poseball it takes about 10 seconds for it to work.. teleports crash like none before, crashes happen randomly.

    So this bug may be fixed, but the game runs worse than ever!! Please g on fixing the bugs!!!!

  58. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    to all those ‘specialist’ never having set foot in the world of servers (especially unix or linux): File permission errors can be the nastiest thing to track down. Ask any system-admin about them and the first thing you will hear is a deep sigh!

    I am by far someone who creeps up LL’s behind but in this case they did a good job.

    Do you have any idea what your proposal regarding obtaining permissions to upload/embody scripts would require? Any change even a user could make to a script – and be it to add a floating text or item – would require such a permission as there is no way of distinguishing between a minor/good vs major/bad (or any combination of such) script automatically. Good Lord…it sounds so much like the EU commission in Brussels…..

    Why certain bugs re-appear after they have been ‘fixed’ is often quite simple: Because it was not the actual ‘bug’ that was fixed but a bug that was caused by the ‘REAL bug’.

    I’ll try to explain it in easy words: When looking for the cause of a problem (the things we notice as users as well) one stumbles upon the code error that triggers this unwanted event – we shall name this bug the ‘child-bug’ in this explanation. Unfortunately this ‘visible’ child-bug was the result of another error in the code at a totally different location that ONLY happens in a certain scenario (a very unique combination of factors that must happen for it to be triggered). Let’s call this error the ‘master-bug’.
    If this ‘master-bug’ remains undetected and in a very complex setup such as this program it unfortunately is very likely to remain undetected when doing the ‘rush in’ first aid routine it will/may eventually trigger a new or very similar ‘child-bug’ when the triggering event happens again.
    SL requires heavy interaction of various parts such as different servers, programs, routines, viewers for it to work. Permissions are not always static (yes/no) but often have to be dynamic (yes if/no if/else….)so unless one is able to isolate the ‘master-bug’ it may(or may not) hit again.
    In short – one is curing the symptoms but not the cause!

    Griefers unfortunately will always be a thing we will have to deal with at one level or another. There is no easy approach to stop them so we will have to learn to live with it in an open environment such as SL. As little as we can stop crime entirely in RL it will be possible to do such in SL.

    One thing that really is noticeable is the fact you mentioned about more valuable items disappearing first (Xcite is the classic example). For that I would really like to hear an explanation from LL at any given time as otherwise it leaves the door wide open for the wildest speculations or is it that we just notice those items just because they ARE so expensive – I don’t know.

    UM, are you trying to set a new record in posting to the blogs, so others can not do so, or how shall we interpret your 7 posts so far (maybe 8 by now while I am typing).
    What is so strange or new about one island crashing – or shall we say server.
    Yes, servers DO crash but is that a noteworthy affair to be posted about? I am all for banning IP addies and if it was just for the simple reason of preventing users such as yourself from constantly spamming the blog and consequently depriving others from posting to it.

  59. mimi says:

    Oh yes and please WARN people when inventory may be lost. It would be pretty decent to do so.

    Maybe we should start a jira topic about this one!

  60. hmmmm….

    as every time there is such a blog, most people are just here to rant and express their anger and grief to the Lindens.

    We all suffer from bugs, costy losses, or humiliations like avatars unproperly rendered. But don’t you realize, all, that SL is in full development, with an unexpected growing stress on resources? That SL is all the time at the limit of what we know to do, at the verge of collapsing? Most of you here obviously don’t know anything to the difficulties of software development or running a large computer farm.
    We would all like less costly lands and more LL support (in world or for running SL), but this is simply impossible. So please avoid just ranting here, give some encouragement to the LL teams, or if you can, try to contribute.

  61. Jossy Joffe says:

    09:27 am. European time. Ofcourse again you did a fine job……uh,…but how about just simply logging in? I know europeans are not that important, but it would be nice, wouldnt it?
    The laggggggg is tremendous the last 5 days over several sims and now,..logging in,…..when?

  62. A word to LL: often I (and many others) would like to make an interesting contributions to these blogs, which are limited to 100 contributions. But too often when we open SL, the blog is already full, with nearby 80% of just rants or short useless comments. So the idea would be to be more selective on comments, or allowing a vote-like feature. I especially suggest a button “I hate the Lindens” which would be in fact dummy, with no message sent 😀

  63. Tegg B says:

    Sweet Says:
    when the asset sever is in TROUBLE as soon as u know you need to WARN PEOPLE right away with an IN WORLD MESSAGE WE ARE SICK OF LOSING STUFF GET THE PICTURE YET?????????? good u fixed it but bad for all of us that continue to lose so much money in lost inventory cus NO ONE WARNS til hours after the fact… i dont know if you realize how much you hurt in world business with all these inventory losses WHO WILL WANT TO PURCHASE anything in game when its 99% chance it will just poof with out any recourse what so ever. I think its high time u all worked on this cus nothing has been done to resolve this bug yet we should NOT be losing things as much as we are we need a BETTER way to back up our stuff if you cant do it for us

    99%? Bullcrap
    I spent %hudnreds of RL dollars and lost maybe 2 items in 9 months. And most stuff I thought dissappeared in inventory, I’ve accidently deleted or find later in another folder. But then again I keep my inventoryunder 6000 items.

  64. Lord Leafblower says:

    Yeah well done folks.
    Squid has been an operational thorn in my side in RL projects in the past.

    Kill it and use NetCache machines.


    Good report.

  65. mimi says:

    “as every time there is such a blog, most people are just here to rant and express their anger and grief to the Lindens.”

    I think the biggest reason people are angry is not the lindens beeing unable to erase all bugs at once, or making it perfect, but because

    * they asked many times: Don’t add voice, don’t add a fancy before the grid is somewhat stable again.
    The lindens don’t listen, promised the grid would not be affected, yet it did. People are afraid even more fancies will be added, and performance will become even worse.

    * Linden labs makes bugs, and it isn’t preventable 100%. But why not warn people? They can make pop ups to announce the grid will be closed, or the problems are beeing investigated, so why not warn for for example inventory losses?

    Its these kind of issues which make many people react off thier frustration here more than the actual bugs themselves. Its the feeling that if they don’t rant, it will only get worse and go on this way. Its the feeling that the lindens not listen. Here is a place where at leats theres a possibility the lindens will read it and who knows, maybe change something?

    I guess it would be more usefull to complain in, but unfortunately, many many people don’t even know it exists, for for those who do, it may be too complicated. I guess thats why many people rant of here. It may not be the best way, but for many, like me, it feels like we’re at least able to say something, while saying none, will improve none at all.

    Just my two cents

  66. Beta X says:

    @ #40/41

    gon’t target coments said by other Blog users ty

    and yes, i was talking griefers, the repeat kind, ty

    *bows to clapping* 🙂

  67. U M says:

    @ 54 You lost thats for sure.

  68. Beta X says:

    ok, you are targeting me now, please refrain imedeatly and ask Lindens real questions, i won’t waste one more post space on this “user to user” topicing, good day, (i’ll be posting here for 9 more years + btw, to assist and help users and answer questions or post a recomendation the “real deal human being way”)

    good day and good luck to you

  69. Heya…. GOOOOOOOD Work bro….

    well done….

    yours Cris

  70. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @48 ‘But don’t you realize, all, that SL is in full development, with an unexpected growing stress on resources?’

    unexpected growing stress on resources? this is not unexpected anymore, it lasts months already. and: if it’s a problem with the number of accounts and the number of users online (each time when online users are more than 40.000 problems dramatically increase), why then doesn’t LL just make a break..means: no new accounts or at least no new free accounts for some period of time until they can deal with this ‘growth’

    I know this is economically stupid but might at least satisfy the ones who are in game already….

  71. Vincent Nacon says:


    …..where my Windlight and Havok 4.5?


  72. pantaiputih korobase says:

    forgot to say ‘thank you for your patience reading my post’ 🙂

  73. U M says:

    @57 we can`t hold 40,000 online without problems occuring. Oh it holds for a time but soon after things start breaking apart.

  74. Thank you for telling us. I had a lot of customers complaining to me around that time that they had their money taken without getting the item they purchased. About 5 or 6 people. =^.^= Good to know your on top of things.

  75. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:

    “a small percentage of assets were being lost”

    how many assets are there in total? so how many were lost, in absolute figures?

    i’m fed up with constant client freeze, recurrent grid problems, asset loss, failing land transactions, several weeks of support backlog (and that’s called “concierge level” – what a joke!)

    i’m leaving! hopefully LL will not go bankrupt before i’ve sold out my parcels

  76. Stryker Bekkers says:

    Here we go again; there’s always something wrong with SL.

    Our virtual world is very graphics intensive, requiring a pretty nice graphics card and a good deal of RAM. For those of us whose computers didn’t come out of the box with these devices, we go out buy the best our budgets will allow. I upgraded my computer specifically for the purpose of achieving optimal performance while in SL. It cost me around $250.

    Yet, why do we bother?

    Just a little rhetorical question not intended to ruffle any feathers. I know why we do it. We put so much effort into maintaining our presences in Second Life because it’s one of the most unusual and potentially rewarding virtual experiences available. Speculation on where Second Life is headed could easily read like a Sci-Fi tale.

    The path SL has traversed, however, is cobbled with technical malfunctions, instability, and user discontent. Because Philip Rosedale’s creation is so special, I have maintained my belief that the road will be paved with an increasingly smooth surface in the weeks and months ahead. But then again, I am a dreamer and an eternal optimist.

    I’m pleased that the latest problem has been pinpointed and resolved. But it’s just one of many that seem to pop up every week. And beyond the technical problems, there are the troublesome issues of Aristotle’s Integrity and the recent gambling ban and the way it was executed. Both of these issues make me grateful that I haven’t spent anything but time in SL.

  77. now did i understand this correctly, assets are actually fetched over http? :O
    I thought it was through some other means, which would have explained the inefficiency.

    But as they are, so in effect, Sim gets through cached HTTP requests the asset, and then sends to the user? That is probably one of the MOST inefficient ways i know. Only reason to stay like this sounds to be for security reasons.

    It would be way more efficient to have viewers contact directly the HTTP servers responsible for assets, single IP which would be round robined to bunch of Apache + mod_proxy or Squid serving servers, which in turn, passes the requests to bunch of servers running ie. LigHTTPD ot similar ultra fast for concurrent requests HTTPD.
    As in question is no dynamic data, i iwouldn’t be surprised if the assets could be server by a rather small group of servers.

    Perhaps 1-3 proxy / squid servers connecting to 5-10 asset serving servers. Alternative would be to save those 1-3 servers and have all the asset serving servers round robined.

    Squid is a lot of overhead. Proxying is too.
    I’ve run Squid as pseudo proxy for years now, and i used to run a few proxy sites. They demand POWER.

    Of course, when serving static content, Nothing beats really fast scsi array 🙂

    for the dynamic actions an another cluster is needed.

    Of course, i do not know the inner workings of SL grid, so i might be totally lost here 🙂

    One thing LL does right tho remains: Technical issues aren’t kept in dark, but they are communicated and people know what’s going on. Good for retention and damage control 🙂

  78. Masuyo Aabye says:

    thanks LL, you were honest and made a blog about it. and you even explained what you did.
    I’m willing to bet every person who has posted “whinge LL, Inventory LOSS moan” stuff doesn’t have any clue on just how complex a system like SL is. It’s nothing short of a miracle it exists.
    Put it this way, if LL didn’t care about the residents or about SL, there wouldn’t be an SL.

  79. Masuyo Aabye says:

    oh and did any of you think maybe part of what had broke was the ability to send in world announcements? no thought not. just step away from your computer please, now.

  80. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    ty for fixing it:))

  81. Astarte says:

    Thanks for the synopsis Lindens, and the fact that you have delved deeper into SL’s complex system and hopefully found and cured the underlying problem.

    Normally I am on here moaning, and I still do about the overall performance of the grid, especially over the last 6 weeks (this last week especially – where it has forced me to find somewhere else to play happily, because it was impossible on SL), but cookies to you all for dealing with this one promptly.

    I am asking for the stability of the grid, so I don’t have to pull out completely, but my customers are now getting to the stage where they are reluctant to spend money, because if they buy the chances of them getting the goods are constantly declining. Developing new products is becoming very difficult with constant database server issues. Yes I got the designs. I just can’t get them inworld.

    The shiney’s are nice, and they were already in plans before all the grid issues so fair enough to bring those on line, but I trust you are now working on the bugs flat out, and I realise that the greifers are slowing that process while you have to deal with them too.

    You expressed inventory backup as a priority during quarter 3. How is that going so we can get rid of all these lost inventory issues…Oh but that won’t help will it as it is the no copy items that cause the biggest problems, and they weren’t being included.

    I don’t want you to cause widespread panic, but it would be nice to know beforehand when you know of grid problems, and advise of same, so I know why I can’t rez, move, teleport, or cross sims. I would get far less mad if you were open about it (like the source code!!!).

  82. Lexii says:

    Good work LL…


  83. Aya Pelous says:


  84. Mikhail Obscure says:

    I hope this post is not too off-topic, but I need some understanding of my lag issues. Firstly I have researched the information pertaining to lag and statistics bar in the knowledge base, the former has some excellant advice, the later, well the information is sadly out of date!

    I cannot understand the following, every evening when I log in (8 gmt onwards, noon pdt) and the number of users online is over 40k I am experiancing personal fps of:

    Azzurra Valley ~ 7-8
    Eastfield, Quietly Red ~ 2-3 !!!!!!!

    In the morning like now (4am pdt, 30k users online)

    Azzurra ~ 25-40
    Eastfield etc ~ 12-14

    So my questions are why does 10k extra people online make such a difference in my fps? I cannot see anything in the other stats that help me explain my low fps. My packet loss is minimal, my bandwidth is similar, as is time dilation & time figures. These are all class 5 servers (in the case of Eastfield on the nautilus continent, these new sims are not built up). In the evenings I cannot move without jerking and freezing, typo lag is terrible and scripts take seconds to respond.

    Recently visiting Izi mediaworld, Islander Resort, i find I am consistant getting readings of 40-50 fps, day or night!

    So why my lag? Why so much difference in fps between similar sims?

    On the issue of inventry loss, yes I have lost items and they always reapear when pulling one item out of lost and found,often several “missing” items will re-appear. People new to SL need to be aware of this. Sometimes its not just items in lost and found but also in other folders that “hide” your missing invent. not saying this is the case for everyone, but if like most here I know our inventries are getting out of hand, then an hour or so occassionally tidying up and pulling objects out will work wonders!

    Griefers! No we should not have to put up with them in sl, I do not put up with them in rl so why should I here? What is the point in reporting abuse when two weeks later LL has done nothing more than send me a confirmation email that it is investigating thoroughly and and will let me know when its resolved. In the meantime the abuser with 5 bans already can continue abuse. Oh and the police blotter is a joke, thanks LL for protecting the identity of the griefers, yes I guess they have a right to anonymity, and a few days off on their alt avis will be a nice chance for them to plot their revenge!

    smiling still, its a brand new sl day and the suns shining out there! another day of unexpected happenings, (if I can log in!!)

  85. Simeon beresfoed says:

    “This bug will mot recur” how rarely i read those words on this blog.
    usually Bugs are not fixed but “resolved” I hope to read this trend continues

    This time i only seem to have lost one building.

  86. Valkyrie Eclipse says:

    Ok great, so some grid monkey messed up the permissions on something that was previously working, and as a result, sigificant asset losses occured, among other issues.

    As this outage was your fault, are you now taking responsibility for those asset losses, which cost your subscribers time and actual money? Last time I reported such an asset loss of over L$8000 in purchases, it took 22 days for a reply to get back to me, and that reply was completely unsatisfactory: “Clear your cache; case closed.”

    I realize that inventory losses are a complex and ongoing issue, yet the unwillingness to take any kind of responsibility for them is a significant concern. When things like this happen, I can visually see traffic in malls that I own dropping to almost nothing.

    Also, what the heck happened to the name search function? Searching for a name now brings up an A-Z list on each page and subsequent pages, rather than a descending list across pages. We have to search each individual page now and hope they are in there.

  87. U M says:

    Also the teleporting is become problemsum again. Not only Lag issues but we are now become less stable as the day goes on.

  88. Moll Dean says:

    Thank you guys. Very well done.

    I liked this post! You reported us the bug cause, what you did to repair and seems it is REALLY resolved.

    I suggested before to let us move the tolls windows and IM windows out of the game screem… allowing us to use one monitor just for the game without those sub-windows.
    Today I want to suggest you the release of an SLight Viewer. An viewer with only the very most BASIC FUNCTIONS. This is something simple but very welcome.

  89. Edman says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with a response to whoever’s post may be above mine but….

    I love reading these blogs it makes me feel so good about the people I deal with in SL. It reminds me how lucky I am to have good friends that know how to work together as a team, stay on topic, and participate as adults toward common goals.

    I thought the initial blog post, and the response to the problem they had to deal with was first class!

    What goes on after the posting in here is hilarious and very fun to read. Some genuine people that I would be honored to add to my friends here but a lot that you have to wonder if they are even aware of what the topic is or what they are talking about. And then there are those that I think live just to complain in response to these blogs an unmistakable sign of a very meaningless life but to me funny all the same.

    Thank you so much LL for this very informative blog and timely response to a potentially very harmful problem!

  90. Alexander R. says:

    Thank you for allowing comments….this makes the standard “Thank you for your patience” comment MUCH more tolerable 🙂

    I know this is all an experiment hence “Linden Lab” and not “Linden Company” but I agree which a previous comment….how is it that things like permission on a very important script just change?

  91. Guest says:

    Слушайте пидарасы, вы когда нибудь чего нибудь пофиксите нормально сколько блядь можно? Сколько из-за вас мудаков потеряно, сколько вы своровали, никаких извинений, никакой компенсации, никакой техподдержки на платном аккаунте, ен говоря уже про бесплатный, часа невозможно работать активно в SL чтобы не случилось какого нибудь бага, причем давно известного, и отосланного вам 20 раз. Вот в очередной раз за 15 минут до важной встречи опять ваше дерьмовая сеть ни хрена не работает. ДА КОГДА ЖЕ НАКОНЕЦ ВЫ ИДИОТЫ ТАМ ВСЕ ПОДОХНЕТЕ!! чтобы упокоились ваши жадные кривые руки в мире, и на работу взяли нормальных программистов.

  92. Thunderclap Morgridge says:

    Thanks guys and gals for that detailed explanation. I know that was some hard, hair pulling work. 😀
    to 19 and the others: this is a grid networked computer system, Things happen. Things break randomly when heavily used. Image driving your car a 1000 miles a day. That 10, 000 mile tune up is at the end of the week suddenly and 3 months later you are a 100K miles. Car has to be overhauled.
    The core of SL, servers and stuff has to fixed on a habitual basis. Whining about your pixels being inaccessible is disingenuous. It will happen. It sucks, yes. but it will happen.
    As to the sony comment. I hope you are on the same IP block as the griefer once (IT can and has happened) so you can experience the stupidity of that statement. Hardware blocks are the only effective way to end griefing. And that takes time.
    Oh and if you are not a premium member, you have no support because you aren’t paying for it. This is’nt a support page. No one is reading it to fix your problem. Don’t like it? There is still open.

  93. Pingback: The Story of My “Second Life” » Philip’s “Missing Image” T-Shirt (and Linden Lab’s culture of openness)

  94. Kageichi Jinn says:

    5 times I have attempted to log in, this patch has not done anything yet

  95. Thalia Heckroth says:

    Ty!! Keep up the good job!

  96. Joe says:

    Based on the illiterate and poorly written comments I’ve read I can’t take most of you seriously and certainly wouldn’t trust you to come up with a solution for the SL problems. SL is, for the most part, an experimental journey into a new way of doing things. You people need to relax and quit taking things so seriously. LL will either get it right or someone else will take their place; it’s that simple. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  97. Blake Dwi says:

    These unexplained issues are due to the “other work” being done to get the “grid” right for the corporates. And the new stuff to be released by LL.

  98. Henriksen says:

    Oh, so is that why I can’t get back on right now afte rloggin off for 2 minutes; cause you “fixed” it? Geez thanks.

  99. Cat Cotton says:

    I have found the best way to avoid any issues with how SL runs on any machine I have ever tired to run it…at any time of the day, week or month… well simply put; I didn’t have any problems as explained above; as I simply didn’t bother to log in.

    On a positive note however I am now lvl 63 in WoW. 🙂

    Have a great day.

  100. Smiley Barry says:

    Great going guys! Now I know when i’ll get home, my SL is saved hehe 🙂 .

  101. HexxKitten says:

    so much for a fix – I have been trying to login now for almost an hour – it gets as far as contacting region then POOF – SL closes itself.

    I tried my last location, home location and any other places I could recall the names of – still the same result.

    it gives me no explanation why it is not logging me in – but my friends are getting constant HexxKitten has logged in – HexxKitten has logged out messages each time I try

    so my failed attempts are spamming my friends lists … thanks linden …. NOT

    if this is fixed gawd help us when its broken

  102. Fiona Meads says:

    I love this place! Yes, it crashes alot, there is lag, I can’t use my credit card on any other site on the net but this one, but it is a great place.

    I have called tech support and they have no idea when the purchasing and upgrading will be fixed for some of us. Meanwhile, I am anxious to buy land and set up a few busineses.

    If you have any ETA when this purchasing will be fixed, I will be so happy.

    Thank you for fixing the bugs.

  103. Michaelangelo Montague says:

    There are still log in issues as of 4:53 PST. I am getting a fade in and out log in bar and have not been able to connect to the grid here in NYC.

  104. JibbaJabba Jarvis says:

    some of you guys need to back away from the computer for a few days and just watch tv or something 🙂

    i swear, reading some of these stories of “extreme frustration” about now being able to login, they remind me of….


    you points dont seem that valid when they sound like they are being made be a crackhead

  105. Villanova Beaumont says:

    Thank you Lindens for fixing this and for your report.

    I am afraid I do not know how to report issues, but I currently have a double (inactive) LANDMARKS folder as well as a double (and inactive) LOST AND FOUND folder in my inventory.

    Hope this is not going to corrupt the content of my Inventory.

    Thank you if somebody is looking at this.

  106. Jeffery McLean says:

    Ah but if the rest of the world were as reliable as SL your suggestions would seem a bit silly.
    How long would cable be in business if cable TV stopped working for hours at a time every so many days?
    And if your front door was as reliable as SLs asset server you’d be trapped in your home so often people might think you were an agoraphobic.
    Picture. Your having a conversation when suddenly your telephone stops working.
    I don’t watch TV anymore. TV rots your brains. I do have other things to do and so when SL pukes I do them.
    One of those things is another virtual world. SL is better but the more time I’m spending someplace else the less I want to invest in SL

  107. Jossy Joffe says:

    The Lindens have a lot of the same caracteristics as an other american I have heard of by the name of Bush.

  108. Zasey Sicling says:

    I can only imagine if I paid up the nose like so many others, only to have been locked out of my damned account like I’ve been for TWO DAYS now.
    How can this site justify the high prices it charges for land that *doesn’t even work right* half the time? It’s insane. I’m very glad I didn’t put up the dough for a premium membership, or bought the land I’d looked at. I’m ready to cancel everything out as it is. Just stupid. I’d mentioned in a support form that I used to play EverQuest ON DIAL-UP and NEVER had these problems, lol…
    I’m most likely going to get kicked out of the place I’m renting, in being unable to get in and pay the rent. That’s wicked awesome. *eyeroll*

  109. Saitot says:

    I just sent bug report, but I cannot enter the world since the error occured time. Someone in world checked and said, I am still ‘Online’, but I already logout the world!!
    Please check it, I’d like to enter the world ASAP, thank you!!

  110. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Hum, did they almost die on a prezel, too? .P

  111. Adaarye Shikami says:

    Oh my .. things are far from resolved.

    Things have been deteriorating since yesterday. Crashes, can’t log in, can’t tp. I can’t believe the blog is not reflecting how bad things are in world at the moment and instead is saying all is well. Ya’ll gotta be kidding me, lol.

  112. Good job chasing bugs LL. I love your work.

    I just want to mention that things are working fine for me. On my NOT-top-of-the-line, Vista-running cheap computer. With my sketchy internet provider. Oh, I crash my viewer once or twice a day, but I have coping skills. O_o

  113. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    Pompo Bombacci quoted
    “The server is experiencing unexpected difficulties.”

    I like this phrase, as it says that the server experiences, so next time the server may have learned something.
    It also indicates that are expected difficulties also.
    Like the unexpected-error-error (“Error: unexpected error”) I saw in other applications.

    It is a very good idea to explain the problems in that open manner LL does in the last time.

    I also agree with some here that the inventory loss is unacceptable and destroys the economy. It seems to me that inventory loss is something that Linden can’t get rid of totally, so there is a need for a

    *recovering lost items* procedure.

  114. Ron Crimson says:

    @81: “Coping skills.” Man, Daisy, those are the key words anyone should take to heart. Coping – and learning how to work around existing bugs – is so much more fulfilling and productive than complaining will ever be. I salute you and I hi-five you. 🙂

    The rest of you, shut up, sit on your asses and figure it out for yourselves. You’ll be amazed what you can learn in the process.


  115. Doris Haller says:

    Jossy Joffe, are you taking any medicine on prescription?

  116. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    this probably explains why I can no longer get my Slexchange balance in world?

  117. U M says:

    With over 42,000 online at the moment… never know what will happen lets pry 🙂

  118. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    Lag is still awful….takes forever to login. Please get your staff In-world and see for yourself.

    This is always happening lately and nothing seems to work for more than 2-3 days before the same old problems occur.

    I was actually thinking of getting my own SIM….I need a head doctor!!!

  119. Keep up the good work Lindens, and don’t let those Chicke-Little “The Sky Is Fallling!!” types discourage you.

  120. Revolution Perenti says:

    Linden Labs is this why our sims keep crashing becuase this has been going on for days now and all started since the grifing attacks started on wednsday almost everyday now attacks over the region in global scale 100’s of regions with auto rezzers . particle and sound grifing
    and it must be casuing alot of damage on the asset servers


  121. Geoff Boronski says:

    Well, yes i love how Lindens give feed back. But my problems increased, not only can I no longer stay in world than a few minutes, today i can not log in at all. Cause……. not a clue. Solution: i ‘d love to help. Problem: LL is ignoring me.

  122. Geoff Boronski says:

    Hey guys at LL. I know u aree workinkg hard and getting all this abuse. But tell yr managers and/or communicators to stop keepin us busy with all that bull shit. Just be honest, say cant solve these probs. takes 1 day, 2 weeks, 3 months, whatever. But dont say all is fine while its not.

  123. Nickey Chapman says:


  124. Lisae Boucher says:

    Why does SL always break near the end of the weekend? Now I have an “Login error: cannot connect to version manager” error and there’s no one available. (Well, I can call since I’m a concierge but none of the other helplines seem to be responsive.
    The worst parts? Friends of mine can’t get inside either! Up until a few hours ago, I had no problems with logins. And now I have no login…

  125. Geoff Boronski says:

    @ 43 wow, very similar crash statistics. Copy yr message. Who follows. Please people let us convince the hard working guys at LL that it has to be better. First solve performance, than add new features. Listen to the comuntity that pays the bills.

  126. Geoff Boronski says:

    Well I can still not login, so, sorry guys, I keep posting here. I have one whole week of stalled logins to process, and 2 more month of crashes caused by incombatible hardware (so claimed). Intel is the #1 provider in Europe, still LL says, they do not support Intel. How nationalistic can one get. It does not comply with the international approah Sl seems to promote. On the other hand… SL is really a new approach in world wide communication and interaction. It would be a shame, realizing you all came this far, the whole project would fail.
    LL u still have my support, but hey guys, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

  127. Jossy Joffe says:

    83 Doris Haller Says:

    September 9th, 2007 at 5:43 AM PDT
    Jossy Joffe, are you taking any medicine on prescription?

    No Doris, but there is at least they have a few things in common;
    1. they dont listen.
    2. they both like shining superficial things.
    3. they dont seem to be too bright. (Read about the performance of mr. Bush in Austria ….oh sorry,….Australia !

  128. Miles Sullivan says:

    #90 I regret to inform you that Intel is a US company. Also, its yesterday’s technology.

  129. Pinkie Piek says:

    i cant log in anymore all the time “login failed,cant connect version manager.
    Are there login problems again??

  130. U M says:

    Feed back is important , but only if its useful. If they feed us You can do this with the second life view ya ya ya ya ya. Well thats nice to know. But those that can`t log in for day who really cares? Maybe its timing maybe its uncaring etc. But facts areyou must understand the uses needs and when you give said useful information. Grid attacks, problems with asset server issues etc is very important. But how to use the viewer at times can be useless if people can`t either login or just have beeb attached by griefters.

  131. Jane says:

    I had to also state that certain data did not arrive very retarded or. we know such problems in the meantime sufficient, nevertheless love we SL 🙂

  132. Jayden B says:

    #92, you assume maybe? Could he mean MTU-Intel or some other telecommunications company.

    #85, hehe well, friends just became worse after the ongoing presence issues over the last day.

  133. Morgana says:

    What is a version manager?

  134. sean says:

    Yeah whats this version manager?

  135. Deimos says:

    I keep getting that cannot find version manager as well.

  136. Patrio Graysmark says:

    Morgana, its some version sync thing for sl i think

    like a few here and there i am having issues getting online, getting the version manager error, anyone have any tricks for this? [ SL ver: 1.18.2 (0), XP system ]

  137. Yea i’d love to know how to get back into the game if the version manager issue is around. I’ve restarted, i’ve reinstalled. Still can’t login

  138. Morgana says:

    Well I have logged 6 times.. and I am finally IN world.. but i can not move, nor tp, nor nada..
    I have closed everything, restarted my system, and it still either pulls what its doing right now, or I cant get past that version info stuff.
    And my packet loss is thru the roof.

  139. Ashley ennui says:

    it isnt fixed… cannot connect to version manager…well i have the latest official version…come on…

  140. Raul Crimson says:

    Thanks for your work, Lindens, keep going, please 🙂

  141. Stephanie Lemaire says:

    I have not been on for months due to the same issues over and over again. I keep an eye on bloggs to see if there any improvements with the overall running of SL but alas still the same different day. Don’t think I will come back when my years membership is up not good enough linden labs.

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