Tip of the Week: A yummy mix of user interface tricks

Looking back, time has gone by so fast. We’re now on our 3rd Second Life Tip of the Week, and if you’re reading this, I’m thrilled you are. I started doing this in part because there were so many un-obvious-yet-useful Second Life features that often came up in my conversations with Residents — I wanted to do something to communicate them in a fun, memorable, and meaningful way. Thanks to your feedback, I’ve been taking on these topics one after another.

If you’ve missed previous installments, feel free to watch ’em:

and if you’re enjoying video tutorials in general, I made some earlier ones that can viewed on the Video Tutorials page (also linked from the front of SecondLife.com!), with 450,000+ views and rising. I also want to emphasize that I really appreciate the Resi-created vidtuts some of you have been emailing me — for example, see “Dynamic Reflections & Glow” by Aelus Janus, which showcases two graphical features which are currently in the Client menu, and hence aren’t guaranteed to work (and infact won’t on some computers), but if you’ve heard anyone talking about them, now’s your chance to see them in action.

This week’s Second Life Tip of the Week, or SLTotW, covers some simple-to-do user interface techniques which become more valuable with extended use. Did you know you can move minimized windows? What about using the pie menu with one click? Let’s not forget the keystroke that unclutters your screen instantly. If you’ve got 5 minutes, have a watch!

As we go on…

I’ve been soooo warmly welcoming the responses I get doing this. It’s really rewarding for me to realize that this has helped you and suggesting future directions, so thanks for taking the time to let me know how you feel.

I’ve also started a FAQ, because I’ve had questions from budding video tutorial creators like, “How do you make a Video Tutorial?” (Click-through for step-by-step details on how I do it, altho I think in the future, making a video tutorial about how to make video tutorials would be a good, even Drostian, idea.)

Mo' WindLight wonderfuliciousness

<infomercial voice>BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!</infomercial voice>

While it’s part of a bigger picture, as part of developing your SL skills education in an entertaining way, you may know I’m product-managing our forthcoming WindLight atmospheric rendering, which includes performance optimizations along with the prettiness. YES, I do plan to do some SLTotWs on how to use WindLight. In the meantime, for all the “When is WindLight coming back?” questions, hey, good news, I’ve got a project update page!

As we can see, communication makes a positive difference, and I’m going to keep going, because I think we’ve got a great thing here with a lot of energy and smiles involved. Thanks for coming along with me and for being here in Second Life.

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Torley Linden is a Product Manager & more who regularly contributes to the Official Linden Blog. Torley wants to fly 1 million meters high again. Read Torley’s previous posts.

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141 Responses to Tip of the Week: A yummy mix of user interface tricks

  1. Detox Watanabe says:

    Torley, why are you up at 4:44am? xD
    thanks for your tips, didnt know you can move those minimized windows (finally).. thanks! xDD

  2. More “torleyisms” to distract us from all the serious world-breaking issues that plague Second Life. well done.

  3. Thanks, Torely! Nice job, as always. I hand hoped there was a way to turn off the hold-right-click feature as dexterity issues mean I sometimes do that inadvertently. Friendship requests get tossed about and my avie moves on her own accord sometimes as the pie menus are instantly used.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Ron Crimson says:

    *grin* I just found out a couple days ago minimized windows could now be moved – excellent!

    Torley: yeah – what Detox said!

    Maxx: Oh, like, *whatever*.

    Long live Second Life!!!!!!

  5. Ron Crimson says:

    Oh, one more thing Torley…

    You have L$21,066 in your account but can’t afford a nice AO for your avatar? What’s up with that? LMAO 🙂

    Just havin’ fun of course 😉

  6. Troy Childs says:

    Hey Torley Linden like to say Awsome job with the videos. im sure it knock allot of smarts into the Noobs That Are too lazy to read the help info. lol

    One thing i like to ask is about a bug thats never used to be there and i think started shortly before Flex objects came out. And that is a bug that happens at sim crossinf or teleporting to another sim.

    It happens with serval of my friends and Me allot. and again i never seen this happen before and lately as gotten worse ive notice.

    Me Im A fur so i have the attached head, paws, and a few other things. and most of the things i have on are in diffrent folders. i got the armor folder, and Fur Folder. and there are allot of things in my Inventory.

    But when you tp to another sim or walk into another sim when this bug takes place. all or serval diffrent prims move from there mounts and hover between the legs. This i think is more of cilent issue. Ill see this issue but not others see what i see. and also ill see other avatars that have this issue but they dont see it unless they run into the bug.

    I hate haveing to scroll all over my inventory to find the parts effected and reattach. so i end up just loging out and loging in. but that is also a pain. The cilent takes allot of memory. i notice being on sl for 5 minutes only and loging off it cloese real fast. but being on longer it takes forever to close.

    Its the only program that has such a abad memory leak.

    Im sure i speak for allot of people that we like to see both fixed. and i know the attached prims moveing on tp or sim cross can be. it used to never happen at all when i joined SL about 2 years ago. Im hopeing next week tip you may address if this issue being looked at. and sadly i cant trust the support system. I never got a reply back and in wich i have had to give up on 3k i felt was stolen from me. so i feel the support system i never know if my support is being reached or even read at all. is it cuz there too many reports. usly that mean sl being poorly maintain or not enough support staff.

    I find it sad i have Memory leak issues that cause system lag spike droping the FPS to 0 and poping back up to normal and cant even move the camrea.
    On the Website it clearly states
    Windows Minimum System Requirements

    Computer Processor: 800MHz Pentium III or Athlon, or better
    (Mine is way faster. its a 2Ghz. So Yeah it passes what they say)

    Computer Memory: 256MB or better
    (256Mb. Yeah. I pass that i got 1Gb)

    Video/Graphics Card**: nVidia GeForce 2, GeForce 4mx, or better
    (and you gotta be kidding. back to the GeForce 2. Hell i got a GeForce 6200.

    Such a Pitty. I think these system requirements where poorly guessed. or way out of date with all these seeming to make things worse updates to the grid and client. I mean my system clearly surpises the system requirements and it still has real bad lag spike. again do tell me its my system may have spyware or spam. i dont wanna hear that crap. My Sytem is clean and For one its the only client on my whole system that has these lag spikes and it after being on Sl for longer then 20 minutes ever time i try to trun or move camrea control these lag spikes happen.

    Agin Torley. Ive gotten to think your the only pear soul in Linden Labs From your awsome videos. you seem to have a goffy personalty. lol and maybe able to hear me out and talk to me about maybe makeing changes to the system (not hardware wise im not made of money) that may help these lag spikes.

    Tell people about Driver updates. and other ways to help with System Lag. and hopely inlightn if some of the bugs i stated above. the one i hate the most is the tp and sim cross bug. (That bug sometimes dont happen. and i think it mainly happens the slower your conenction and farter you are from a HUB or Central office. )

    But i know my connection isnt to blame. its the same internet i had sence i join SL. and this bug never used to happen to me.

    Well im done whinieng. lol

    Agin awsome work on the videos Torley. Hope to see something said on what i talked about on your next weeks tip of the week.

  7. Troy Childs says:

    Gee people. when i started typeing my comment no one had commented yet. i thought i be the frist. poo. lol

  8. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    ~~giggles~~…..some day Troy, you will be first…hehehehe

    Thankies for the tips Torley dear!

  9. Thank you again Torley. These are invaluable.

    /me laughs @ “supahsonic”. It’s silly stuff like that which makes them fun to watch.

  10. Detox Watanabe says:

    @Troy Child: “Minimum” System Requirements, as you stated, tell the minimum requirements for a program to [i]run[/i].

    if you don’t like SL, why do you use it? xD

  11. Well, now I feel like a noobie, you’ve actually touched on some very usefull tips I was completily unaware of.

    ty Torley ;O)-

  12. Infrared Wind says:

    Nice one, Torley! A couple of bits in there that even “I” didn’t know. =) Kidding.

    Love your enthusiastic and fun presentations…frequent you website. The right click pie was good for me. Happy watermelons… =)

  13. I love how you show the JIRA bug report numbers on there!

    How come this video was posted 12 hours earlier than the last two also? does it coincide with the current in-world problems?

  14. Lyselle Munro says:

    Just great! Love the tips! Found the minimize thing by myself by pure accident but the pie menu & unclutter tips will be VERY helpful!

    You da ma..gal…uuuhhh…watermelon!


  15. Arnold Wilder says:

    woohoo, grid is down again completely

  16. Baba Coen says:

    Torley, here’s a business tip: set up Torley Lab and bring out
    Second Life Mark II – we’d all be there with you!

    The AvaStar would cover Torley’s watermelon fashion, we could bask in the watermelon coloured sunsets and it’d be a well-organised, fun-loving virtual paradise!

    Thanks for being a ray of sunshine in a laggy, but still great, Second Life.

  17. Anylyn Hax says:

    Torley please tell Teeple to call the operations team again 🙂
    the services mapping, teleporting, and L$ balance display stopped performing reliably again :))

    theanks for your help

  18. Lily says:

    TP’s down, people cannot login. Vendor communication is totally down, etc etc… since a few hours SL has been very slow, but now most functions stopped working.

  19. U M says:

    All due repect, but these cute little thingies are awww so intersting. But How can people even care about these thingies when there is hours and hours of problems loging in rezzing objects, teleports broken etc…………Shakeshead……….

  20. Ric Mollor says:

    Has SL just broke at 7 am SLT? Logins are failing and I see the number online slowly dropping to below 14,000.

    And what happened to ‘imagined, created, and OWNED by it’s residents”? Somehow the word ‘owned’ has disappeared from that slogan! Major policy shift here?

  21. Myke Patton says:

    My thoughts exactly.
    I don’t have time to look at pritty thingies when my objects are getting eaten, missing from database (some of which -all- copies are gone somehow) among other irritating problems i won’t get into here. further advertizing seems more like a kick in the teeth than anything else. ^^

  22. Myke Patton says:

    give me my left forearm back ;_; xD

  23. Maulef Beerbaum says:

    It is nice that we can minimize windows and move them around, but the color of the minimized window titles is nearly invisible. Could you please use a color with more contrast then we can find the windows back.

  24. Fernan Tomcat says:

    Well folks, what about if we are able to login? We’ll see someday a stable SL or we’ll keep paying for this?

    Also, i recoomend some of the engineers to leave a machine with an avie dancing at some crowdy club for 3 or 4 hours (you don’t need club names hmmm?). The performance of the whole machine will fall until it’s practically impossible even type any kind of chat, of course, forget to move the camera there. I mean a state-of-art Windows XP Pro machine, conveniently updated, just running SL, QT, the network core components and a antivirus.

    SL EATS GREEDLY the resources until the point that it’s necessary a double whole restart to have things running decently again.

    Guys, what we need is a stable SL running in its memory space and letting ppl do another things, even if we just need an Outlook instance open.

    I love SL, but the efforts need to head stability rather than voice or climatology…

  25. Revolution Perenti says:

    well done again torley, love your series you truly do make sl a better place.
    see you in world soon 😀

    *Hugs to our water melon linden*

  26. Locke Traveler says:

    Torley, please, for the love of god, remove all caffeine from your diet. You’re a wonderful person, and you give excellent tips, but when you start giggling and “zoom-zoom”-ing, a little part of my mind dies every time.

    Draggable build menu ftw… shame about the bug. XD

  27. Storyof Oh says:

    Well at least this tip didn’t completely destroy the room rental SL business like the camera control one did. Why pay rent when you can look through the wall then sit on the sofa? nice one….

    And yes always a nice move to bury the bad news blogs. We look forward to the tip on getting SL to run smoothly for 24 hours. 🙂

  28. Amanda Ascot says:

    Interesting and informative, Torley. I think a lot of people never even think about exploring the user interface, since they’re so caught up with exploring the world, so T&T (Tips & Tricks) like these are probably going to contain something new for nearly everyone. I didn’t know about the pie menu trick. Very useful, that one. I have no idea when the ability to move a minimized window happened. I discovered it recently, purely by accident, since I tend to just *do things* that seem intuitive to me, whether I’ve tried them in the past or not, and mostly without thinking. It sometimes gets me into trouble, as you can well imagine, but I was pleasantly surprised when a minimized window actually moved for me. The first thought through my mind as I clicked on it and tried to move it was “You idiot! That’s not going to … huh? OK, *that* wasn’t supposed to happen.”

    It would be soooo nice if there was a built-in User Guide to the Second Life Viewer — you know … Select “Help”, pull down the menu, and you get the standard Windows Help application, or whatever passes for it on the Mac or Linux. It at least needs to list every single element of the UI and a short description of what it does. It doesn’t have to be a 250 page manual in fine print. Getting directed to the website shouldn’t be necessary. I don’t want to read stuff in an external application when I’m in-world and just want a quick list of keyboard shortcuts. Besides, everyone can’t access that stuff. But we don’t have such a thing, and it doesn’t look like we ever will. It’s left up to people who like to share their experiences and knowledge to do these things. We don’t have a user manual. We have Torley!

    I love your FAQ. Keep working on it, and put in links to any written versions of your video tutorials. This is a great addition to the expanding base of helpful information you’re presenting.

    Detox @1: Your name contains the answer to your question. Torley needs to lay off the coffee!

    Maxx @2: I’m not distracted at all. I’m still very much aware of what plagues us, like the prim snap-back bug that has made it all but impossible for me to build over the last three days, and the head/paws/hair/whatever up the bum bug that is getting worse, and … well all the things that plague us, so I can empathize with Troy @6. Torley isn’t here to distract us. This is *his* blog to do with as he chooses, and it isn’t his job to deal with bugs and such. I don’t want to just read bad news. That’s why I seldom read the newspaper. I *want* to hear about the good things happening, and I really enjoy learning things I didn’t know about. Besides, Torley only “distracts” us once a week. Is that so bad — to have one blog entry a week that gives us a vacation from the usual bitch-fest? 🙂

    Troy @7: It’s a little early in the thread to be using up a second of the 100 post slots available just to comment that you weren’t the first. Hit the “Refresh” button on your browser before you hit “Submit Comment”. Actually, I thought I was going to be the second, but I think I’ll just hold off posting, now, and keep reading other posts as they roll in.

    Detox @10: I would never consider running software with a system that only meets it’s minimum requirements. Especially with a resource hog like Second Life that would be insane. However, Troy said his system exceeds the minimum (“surpasses”, although he spelled it incorrectly). I’ve run SL on three different, very capable machines — all of which far surpass SL’s minimum requirements, and I can affirm that the situation in-world has been getting progressively worse, particularly since the version 1.18 release, although I’m not blaming it all on the viewer. I know all about Local Lag, as opposed to Simlag, and Gridlag, three terms I coined a long time ago to distinguish between the three different types of “lag” issues. It’s no longer possible to point to a user’s computer and/or Internet connection as the first source of problems, as anyone who keeps an eye on the performance stats window well knows.

    Davey @13: Yeah … same reason why SL breaks up my chat and posts some lines immediately and some up to three minutes after I hit , apparently choosing randomly which ones to delay. Makes for some interesting conversations, sometimes. Or sometimes non-conversations as the person you’re trying to talk to gives up and leaves, assuming you’re AFK.

    Arnold/Anylyn/U M/Ric/Myke/Myke/ @14/15/16/17/18/19 and everyone else who wants to take up valuable post slots in Torley’s thread that have nothing to do with this topic: Please refrain and let those of us who want to to reply to *this* topic do so. You can be certain your complaints have already been lodged through proper channels and Torley can’t solve these issues for you. Have a little respect for Torley and a little understanding for those of us who can frequently never post actual *content* to a blog thread because it gets capped by off-topic posts such as yours. And, Myke — you did it TWICE –at one-minute intervals!

    I think I’m going to post before you people use up all the flipping post slots. And Torley … please seriously consider moderating comments like those out of your blog topics so the rest of us can get on-topic comments in. Pleeeease?

  29. Fernan Tomcat says:

    20 (Addn.)

    Yes, i mean double whole restart. I can’t imagine how it’s possible but at the first restart i’m finding that i’m not able to login or if i do, it’s terribly slow to do everything, even rezz my castle. Nice.

  30. Randur Source says:

    Nice video.

    I found this out:
    Select multiple objects in inventory and choose properties, and you get all the property windows in one handy tabbed window.
    This also works when you select multiple scripts inside an object and choose open. A nice tabbed window with all scripts.

    It would be handy if it is possible to turn opened windows in such a tabbed window, by sort of dragging windows on top of eachother. Or this is already suggested somewhere?

  31. Love Torley Tips!!! Thanks!! 🙂

  32. Harald Nomad says:

    Here’s a tip, that’s probably a lot more practical:

    Whenever SecondLife software suggests you to relog, DON’T!

    Those system messages are often hopelessly outdated and originate from an age when stability and performance were not much of an issue.

    The cause of that system message can very well result in:
    – Inability to log back in as a result of the problem;
    – Logins being temporarily disabled to fix the problem.

    How do you know?
    – Check with others to see if they experience the same problems that caused the system message to pop up;
    – Check the number of people online now. If the number is way below normal, it’s clear that there’s a very good chance you won’t be able to log back in.

    So you can’t teleport, you can’t access your inventory, now what? Don’t build, don’t script, don’t buy. Any of that is likely to be in vain. And don’t buy! Your money may be taken out of your balance, but the merchandise may not make it to your inventory.

    Notice that comments on blog entries are turned off every time comments are likely to have more of a negative nature? Like every time SL has issues? Wonder why…

    Maybe someone can help Torley getting down to earth from his “1 million meters high” trip and give tips that really make a difference… Like a virtual CERT program?

  33. Joker Opus says:

    Yay for the moving minimized.. Didnt know you could do that!

  34. Torley,

    You’re videos are so delightful. Thanks for being so creative.

  35. Randur Source says:

    @Storyof Oh: I have had SL client run smoothly for 6 or 7 days non-stop a couple of times… without teleporting that is.

  36. Aodhan McDunnough says:


    Comments are turned off for posts where there’s nothing the community can contribute. In such situations both negative AND POSITIVE comments won’t do anything to improve or change the situation.

  37. Milo Bellow says:

    Whats The Chances Of Next Weeks Top Tips Covering “How To LOG IN And TP”? 😦

  38. I’ve noted all of the recent tips but this is my first time watching the video. It’s useful and Torley, you make it so much fun 🙂

  39. Aodhan McDunnough says:


    ACK … forgot to add … the close all windows option … =)

  40. U M says:

    how can people be so happy when you can`t even login?

  41. zebadee says:

    “Try it yourself!” I will when the grid works and im not lagging to death

  42. Dragger Lok says:

    Log in? what’s the use? 5k worth of computer system fiber optics connection pristine sim- and in 5 minutes we are lagging our effing brains out

  43. Raul Crimson says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Torley. As always, very useful. About the problems in the grid right now, i know is not your area of work, but, please, tell Data and the rest we will like to be back on “normality” soon.

  44. notagambler says:

    troy :””””I hate haveing to scroll all over my inventory to find the parts effected and reattach. “”””

    use the word “worn” in inventory-filter to find all things u wear

  45. Rex Cronon says:

    Hello everybody, and sorry if I post here.
    For the last half an hour I have been trying to login, and I can’t. The “initializing world…” progress bar doesn’t want to reach 50%. I am asked to upgrade a new version, but I choose to continue instead. Than the progress bar starts to creep slowly to about 45%, and it stops. I am not sure that if I upgrade I will be able to login. Do those that have the latest viewer version have similar problems?

  46. Hatshepsut Shan says:

    Thank you, Torley, for your ebullient style and brilliance! Your tutorials are always easy to follow and worth re-watching. It is EASY to gripe, and harder to find the positive and build on it. THANK YOU for being a reliable UPPER! *hugs*

  47. Mel says:

    Hi Torley… enjoyed the video.. One comment.. could you pleease slow down.. Supersonic is right but a lot of us have auditory processing problems. While you speak quickly you also display the written parts quickly and it is hard to focus before it is gone.


  48. welsh says:

    same problem for me…cant initialize world

  49. Granny Krams says:

    ummm…What time will the grid go down for like, 6 hours?? I’ve been trying to re-log now going on two…

  50. Dragger Lok says:

    Yes- it looks gridwide- more info would be nice but not expected

  51. Missy195 Yalin says:

    Well i have to admit i do enjoy watching these videos,
    The first one and the second one really did teach me a few things i didnt know.
    But yeah i have to agree that is hard to enjoy the fun things on SL when i teleport to my bank to find i dont exist and am stuck there coz TP’s dont work!!
    Kinda boring being stuck in one place with no shopping places, cant shop, cant work cant do much else.
    I agree with the comments about tp making things go very wrong, and alot of prims ending up hanging out your rear end.
    though i find it amusing at times, to see my boot top sticking out with my prim skirt hanging off it, it is rather frustrating, when it happens and you are 2 darn scared to log off in case you dont get back.

    My pc has way above the requirements, and I agree the lag spikes that make it impossible to move camera after maybe an hour or so on sl, make life pretty damned annoying.

    SL is one of the best things i have done on a pc in years, and i find it a source of fun all the time. It just gets your blood boiling to not be able to use it properly!

  52. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Hallelujah on moving minimized windows finally. I’d tried several times in the past, and I’m overjoyed to know it’s finally functional!! I really do enjoy your tutorials, keep em coming!

  53. welsh says:

    Minimized windows have obstructed my chat box for to long….
    yay torley

  54. Dragger Lok says:

    Torley- any chance the boys in the back will address the “recent inventory” bug been borked for months

  55. Caleb Francis says:

    cool! i never knew about that stuff, thanks torley

  56. mimi says:

    Wow! a very usefull tutorial ^^
    I like the quick talk, its easy to keep concentrate, and get lots of information in a short time!
    For an advanced user these tutorials also are very usefull!!

    I agree with many here that when it’s impossible to login these issues dont really matter, but when your logged in they make life so much easier! I really like your posts (and appreciate the fact that you actually mention bugs instead of hiding them away) Keep up the good work!

    My vote on the next tutorial would be: how to create structure in a grown out of hand inventory. I have over 30.000 items, its a big big mess…I dont feel like cleaning them out one by one.. any tips anyone?

  57. mimi says:

    PS: why isn’t it possible to comment on the login trouble?

    “8:00 AM PDT:

    The technicians have found the issue and logins are working again. The Support Portal is available again also.”

    Its clearly still malfunctioning so why are we not able to post on it?

    we need more torley tutorials to keep us busy when we can’t login lol

  58. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I agree with #38 still have issues with login, if the comments were open, we could make that statement in the appropriate thread.

    However, since starting to type this I have just got in, however it took much longer than it as for me to do so for some months.

    Being on topic, thanks for another great post Torley.

  59. Zendra Edelweiss says:

    login fixed? I think not!!!! Trying for over an hour now…..hmmmm

  60. ItsNaughtKnotty Cannned says:

    I love these! So helpful. And I love the energy, humor and joy you can hear in Torley’s voice. Sounds like he loves this job.

  61. TheBlack Box says:

    Login problems remain …

    but the videos are funny.

  62. Torley’s voice makes me smile everytime. xD

    Thanks a lot for the tips, Torley! You’re a sweetpie ^_^

  63. Myke Patton says:

    Beh. Login issues pending. TP issues still exist. Regions offline for 1+ hours. Uploading / transfers are still toast. But the video looks faboo 😀

  64. Mischha says:

    I still can’t LOG IN, Hello! This was happening to me yesterday too! Why shut off comments, I need info. Supposedly the issue says resolved but I still can’t log in? Help!

  65. MistyDawn says:

    It’s 9:00 PDT here and I still can’t login… Why does it say thing’s are resolved ? Does anyone have an answer ?

  66. Rosalita Cortes says:

    Yet again, another lovely day in the neighborhood. NOT! I am at the end of my patience. Time to be a freebie mooch, I think.

    On topic, nice video.

  67. notagambler:
    “use the word “worn” in inventory-filter to find all things u wear”

    Yes, but if you then detach the object, it also falls out the filter and you have to search it again. Just named your most frequent worn object all with a useful name, treat the object name as keywords, for example, I have watermelon coloured 3d glasses which I’ve named exactly that. If it needs reattaching, I simply search for “3d glasses” and it pops up, I can safely detach and reattach without it poofing out my search filter 🙂

  68. Cat Gisel says:

    So like how do we delete the voice cluttered all-in-one tabs if we want the old simple interface back? that’s a wishlist item for the future infomercial 🙂

  69. Danielle Harrop says:

    Well, TP issues would be okay if I could LOG IN!! No, you haven’t fixed it, Lindens. Try again.

  70. Harald Nomad says:

    “25 Aodhan McDunnough Says:
    September 6th, 2007 at 7:48 AM PDT
    Comments are turned off for posts where there’s nothing the community can contribute. In such situations both negative AND POSITIVE comments won’t do anything to improve or change the situation.”

    Not quite so. Data Linden reports everything is working fine again, with “some residual issues in certain regions”. Nothing is further from the truth, but Data won’t hear, unless Data listens. And that’s an age old problem in itself. If Linden Lab doesn’t allow feedback, especially when the situation is serious, then Linden Lab can thank everyone for his/her/its patience till every eternity, but nothing gets solved.

    Comments/feedback are important when it’s about performance issues. Far more important than being able to comment on all those wonderful tips. Not a matter of positive or negative, but much more to make sure that LL doesn’t have to report inaccuracies, and can get instant feedback on actions taken.

    It would also keep this post clean and people won’t have to figure out how to get an off topic post to fit in the topic, so adding to this week’s tips: Listening to feedback can save a lot of thanking for patience.

  71. Korena Starbrook says:

    Here’s a tip.

    Look up the word RESOLVED in the dictionary.

  72. Thank you Torley! Keep up the good work. This is probably the only way some of us will ever learn how to do things.

  73. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    I have a tip on finding things worn often that my brother gave me. Create a folder (mine’s called Nanci’s Standard Objects), but put an exclamation point at the start of the name (thus making it !Nanci’s Standard Objects), thus putting it at the top of the list when folders are sorted alphabetically. Then place the items you usually wear in that folder (I place copies there when possible), so when you need to reattach things they’re usually right there at the top. I even have the different hair styles I usually wear copied there so it’s easy to change my hair from day to day.

  74. Raban Laborde says:


    In fact useless, because you need to login to use it.

    02:44 we have problems

    03:25 RESOLVED

    07:00 We have problems (not 4 Hours later THE SAME PROBLEMS!)

    08:00 We have found the problems

    08:46 updated to [RESOLVED]


    The Resolved is simply a lie!

    TP is impossible. Login in many regions is impossible. If you find one of the Regions a login works, Tp and Map is noch working correctly.

    it’s no question, why big players are leaving SL and loking for Alternatives….. even Anche Chung expands to other metaverses.


  75. Blinders Off says:

    Torley, one of the most useful user tips I’ve seen (see, I’m not always negative… only when needed. LOL). Good video.

    I was wondering though… do these tips also change gender? Cos in those last few minutes I would swear that you had uh… headlights… and were cuter than normal. XD

  76. Soraya Elcar says:

    Hate to be mean Torley, but these tips are a joke. Show us something even the most grizzled players have no idea is there. Something complicated, technical, or even downright difficult.

  77. scribzy catteneo says:

    guess i’m the only one left who can’t seem to log in…amazing how alomost 5000 ppl have got on-line and lickle ole me is just left in limbo :(…….please sort it out i wanna go play too…..;) lol

  78. Terry Misfit says:

    I love the tip of the week. I have played for over a year and todays tips as well as that typing animation stop are awesome.
    lol@ 51 i was thinking the same thing.
    #6- I have experienced allot of that as well usually after complaining on this blog, i assumed it was karmic payback linden style , having my high heeled shoes and hair shoved up my rear.

  79. Simba Fuhr says:

    SL dies, lindenlab kills all.
    No problem for usa players, we have alternatives, lindenlabs end.
    SL is Lindenlab, without sl, ll dies.

    Also ll, fix sl, its for you, not for us !!

  80. Simba Fuhr says:

    *us not usa

  81. Great that your a man playing a female Linden Avie!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. scribzy catteneo says:

    i still can’t log in to sl and i have been trying for almost two hours now please please please can it be fixed properly

  83. Only ty ty ty for all your vt and (…suonate al pianoforte…)


  84. Storm Chatnoir says:

    Torley, perhaps you’ll listen and pass this along. I remember when you were not a Linden, and I bet you do too.

    I’ve posted this before I will keep posting it when I’m able. I have to agree – your work is great, but if SL isn’t working reliably, the point is moot. Why is LL afraid to let it’s customers speak out in comments sections? At least we can see we’re not alone in our frustration, then.

    Fix The World.

    Dear LL;

    I’d be a lot more sympathetic to your problems and ‘thank you for your patience’ messages if you hadn’t made this situation yourselves over the years.

    The fact is, SL isn’t going to get better quickly, and it won’t get better *AT ALL* if LL doesn’t sit down and fix the basics, as the community has been begging them to do for years. We could have waited for the bells and whistles, and the ice cream on the cake, We understood that SL was to be a work in progress, constantly evolving.

    Why didn’t you?

    It took a long time for me to move from ’slightly annoyed’ to ‘Furious’ and it will take time for this paying customer to get back to ’satisfied with my SL Experience.’ –

    Show me you’re listening.

    Show me you’ve changed.

    Show me you care.

    Show me I’m doing the right thing by standing by you, SL.

    Show me I’m not waisting my time.

    Fix The World.

  85. JetZep Zabelin says:

    These are great “tricks” that many have no idea of until someone shows them or if they’re brave enough to do some risky experimentation o.O

    I can’t wait to see windlight in the release candidate.

    , maybe we can have a kiosk

  86. another lovely installment and thanks for posting the how-to link, so people like me can stop emailing you for tips, haha. 🙂 i really appreciate the work you put into these and think they’ll help so many of the new kids and old kids alike learn to better use their clients. rock on!

  87. also, just a note to some of the people above me: if i make a post on my own site’s blog and i get a lot of off topic comments on it, i close the thread also. it doesn’t help the people who want to actually discuss the topic at hand to have to wade through hundreds of off topic replies. we have a forum for that, and so does LL. people should utilize THOSE spaces, where discussions are so much more productive anyway because of threaded replies and other tools to help manage the conversation. it’s impossible to have a discussion here – it’s just venting, and venting doesn’t belong here.

    i’m not saying that you don’t have a right to your opinion – you absolutely do. but if you want it to be heard and actively taken into consideration, you should take the initiative to go through the best channels available to you and the lindens. it helps everyone manage the flow better.

  88. Smiley (Barry) says:

    Thanks Torley! 😀 First time 1-3 tips were seen I didn’t know of ‘^_^

  89. Rimmy says:

    Rimmy is gonna make a shirt that says “I Heart Torley Linden.”

  90. Lynn Liveoak says:

    Thanks for all your great tip Torley. I look forward to them and find them very useful. Happy watermellon day. 🙂

    For all you folks who complaining about these tips because YOU think they are not useful – atleast Torley is trying to help us. We could be getting ignored like the rest of the LL folks do to us.

  91. shai Khalifa says:

    Thanks Torley – as always, there’s at least 1 absolute gem of info included that I was totally unaware of.

    I usually don’t bother to read through the entire list of new features etc when an update is downloaded, so often am unaware of these little UI improvements you guys make.

    To all the dissenters and complainants above – I’m usually there with you when there are problems – I run on a standard MacBook pro with an Australian ADSL connection (not screamingly fast in other words), and for the most part, SL behaves for me. So it’s not ALL bad news.

    Torley’s help though is what we used to get inworld with Live Help – quick help on fairly inane issues – but info that made life so much simpler and was therefore extremely valuable.

    Keep up the good work Torley – I love the vid format, but agree – sllooowww down a bit – please….. 😀

  92. Alyx Sands says:

    I wonder if some people can tell the difference between a blog entry comment, a bug report, and a support request. And I don’t get the people who keep slagging off Torley for stuff that just ISN’T HIS FAULT.

  93. Vincent Nacon says:

    Torley…. for the love of god. STOP posting more about windlight, you’re killing me here while we CAN’T use windlight yet.

    Just… stop…. posting…. about…. windlight!!!

    Only post about it when it’s out, please.

  94. les says:

    vince…stop posting about stop posting about windlight..no wait…nm

    On Topic :

    The closed tabs still default to right on top of chat.

    UI design for the win! Hire a UI person…they are out there. Let the current staff get coffee or something usefull.

    Off topic tough love section (due to lack of other venue):

    Great work new second life.net site. Even better then closing the forums…a whole new front! We can be like a Hollywood western town. Build up 100 facades and charge admission. Keep the locals out of sight unless some one needs a little “leverage”.

    a few highlights from .net :

    -free of traditional social and technological restrictions…what does this mean? the “other” grids will work and wont have the social restrictions of the “main” grid, like no bingo allowed or young (human) looking avs?

    -highly detailed and configurable features, field-proven customer service tools. – Um, any chance we could get these detailed and configurable features in the main grid. I’d like to see them. I’d kill for []Allow group member to start(/contribute to) IM session. Really I would.
    Same with the field-proven customer service tools. What percentage of people are happy with SL customer service to qualify it for “field-proven”? Just ’cause you are slapping a lamp post with a stick for 4 years and calling it customer service doesn’t mean that’s what it is.

    -estates are managed with a system of tools refined over 4 years of live operation…refined means adding 10 estate managers and bumping the ban list to 300. Cutting edge. Any chance we will be able to control the amount of CPU avatars can use? As is, a single account can wear enough attachments to drive a sim into Time Dilation as seen all over SL. Might want to stop over selling CPU time and set a higher standard overhead. I have a basic system that could do this and clean up the whole grid…

    -a service platform that provides scalable server infrastructure. – How many people can we get in one spot? Less then I can fit in my kitchen. No matter what level you plan to operate on you are restricted by the avatar access to a single location. Two’s a crowd, three’s a lag pit. bling bing. Sorry about the club that moved in next to you. Stop overselling CPU time. This land to prim being the only resource meter is beyond short sighted…I guess next to your rez tax idea it seemed like an epiphany at the time. It’s crud and for the garbage. It’s the cause of SL common place local lag and unusability. Want some notes on how to fix it?

    this bit is my fav :

    -Over one hundred independent enterprises with more than one thousand employees, offer solutions to help your organization develop its products, services and experiences on the Second Life Grid. – translation “last year every 4 people who met in a sandbox formed a content team and will gladly spend your marketing budget on a static build to support the great second life tumbleweed production of commercial, budget spending hipsters dropping big cash to make no splash. If you could find a way to leech the unused CPU’s of the deserted commercial builds for the more active parts of the grid then they might have a use.

    Maybe we can get another car company to come in and try to sell us econo cars in a “unlimited” world, cause we all want to save gas here. Good work content teams!

    It would be useful if you brought back the central forums for passionate people like myself to debate and converse about possible futures instead of leaving one way rants on this poorly designed weblog. SL is full of creative and passionate minds that need to ‘splode.

    You now have layers of insulation between your existing clients and potential new feed to the lindex pyramid so give us an outlet to rant and foam. We are going to anyway as long as you keep shoving corp BS down our throats so why not in a nice known location? Call it the fire pit or something and let us foam. Keep the blog tight with on topic postings only (or just remove them). You are sure to learn things from it. Anyone who points to a forum hosted by 3rd party can save the energy and get a clue.

    sorry for the rant (would love a better place to talk about issues then this fluffy 100 post blog)

    /goes back under his bridge

  95. Jessica Elytis says:

    How about a TotW that details how to use the new Communicate UI effectively?

    Most people (myself included) detest that UI because we find it cumbersome. Perhaps you can show some means to utilize it more efficiently so as to make it more appealing to the masses.


  96. Ric Mollor says:

    Second Life-

    Creating the leading 3D platform with over 9 million residents – Great.

    Supporting over 1 million US $ of transactions ever day – Impressive

    Misspelling the name of your own product when you attempt to promote the platform for licensing.

    ——————–QUOTE BELOW————————
    “Main Features of the Second Life Grid

    Scalable Servers
    Over 10,000 processor cores provide the infrastructure for the virtural platform, which is designed to scale incrementally to provide service for millions of users.”
    —————–END QUOTE——————-



  97. Oh this was so helpful *hugs you torley linden* I ❤ YOU! It was cute to watch you go around going “This is this and this is that” .. I want to watch MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS! (GOD I SOUND LIKE A JAPANESE FANGIRL AND HER IDOL! ) … i should be smacked lol

  98. Patrick2 Chama says:

    How about a TotW concerning how to speed up the game when in laggy areas? Stuff like shortcuts to turn off clouds and fog (very nice FPS boost on some setups) and dropping the view distance. Also dropping the Tree Mesh Detail and Terrain Detail to minimum can give a good boost with little loss of enjoyment. I use these all the time when I start getting lag.

  99. Selkit Diller says:

    I would be more enthused about tutorials and other matters, if it weren’t for the fact that a recent flood of news, rammed the age verification beta news off the blog in a matter of hours. This regrettably, seems typical of the Linden blog, and in the interests of resident discussion on an issue as popular as scabies, dear Lindens… talk. And listen.

    Torley, you’re fairly good at doing just that; Please see about arranging some real, candid, and truthful discussions with your leaders.

  100. Amanda Ascot says:

    Interesting and informative, Torley. I think a lot of people never even think about exploring the user interface, since they’re so caught up with exploring the world, so T&T (Tips & Tricks) like these are probably going to contain something new for nearly everyone. I didn’t know about the pie menu trick. Very useful, that one. I have no idea when the ability to move a minimized window happened. I discovered it recently, purely by accident, since I tend to just *do things* that seem intuitive to me, whether I’ve tried them in the past or not, and mostly without thinking. It sometimes gets me into trouble, as you can well imagine, but I was pleasantly surprised when a minimized window actually moved for me. The first thought through my mind as I clicked on it and tried to move it was “You idiot! That’s not going to … huh? OK, *that* wasn’t supposed to happen.”

    It would be soooo nice if there was a built-in User Guide to the Second Life Viewer — you know … Select “Help”, pull down the menu, and you get the standard Windows Help application, or whatever passes for it on the Mac or Linux. It at least needs to list every single element of the UI and a short description of what it does. It doesn’t have to be a 250 page manual in fine print. Getting directed to the website shouldn’t be necessary. I don’t want to read stuff in an external application when I’m in-world and just want a quick list of keyboard shortcuts. Besides, everyone can’t access that stuff. But we don’t have such a thing, and it doesn’t look like we ever will. It’s left up to people who like to share their experiences and knowledge to do these things. We don’t have a user manual. We have Torley!

    I love your FAQ. Keep working on it, and put in links to any written versions of your video tutorials. This is a great addition to the expanding base of helpful information you’re presenting. And don’t listen to the people complaining about WindLight. If the specific rendering bugs are fixed, and performance is optimized, this is one piece of glitz I welcome in Second Life.

  101. Darth Juniper says:

    Thanks Torley, for another informative video, I do like these features and they genuinely can lead to a better day in Second Life when you know the tips and shortcuts. BTW if you want to say thankyou for the unique Torley Belly Ring, feel free 😉

  102. Torley, your creativity and innovation is great, and I’m learning things from your tip of the week. But for those of us who prefer to learn by reading rather than watching, can you give brief written instructions? I’ve created an example of what I mean here: http://otenth.homefries.org/archives/195

  103. W Miles says:

    stupid question of the week, but Torley’s a girl in world??

  104. Justa Koba says:

    Great stuff, somebody asked why up at 4:44 am? Why not, only 24 mins past bedtime 😉 Or was it a procrastinators deadline?

    Is there some secret button to let me rip the windows off and put them on another screen? That would really be sweet.

    Soo, how about that uninstaller cleaning up?

    Thanks for the tips, good things can happen at twilight, no matter why your up.

  105. Rose says:

    Golly Torley … you can talk fast …. must be why you can do so many things at once! I really like your video series, learning lots o’new things. Also like the way you put a “human” face on Linden Labs and explain things without lots of geekspeak. And that you let us know what’s up! Looking forward to your tutorial on Windlight …. tried the first look and thought it was just too complicated for everyday … expect you’ll make it much more approachable …. LaL!

  106. Endorable Loon says:

    Torley gotta love you.. these tips are great! But I have to agree with others who have commented on this.. SLOW DOWN! I talk too fast myself so I can understand you, but so many people here have English as a second language, and although they do fine with text and normal conversation I pity any of them trying to follow the videos!

    PS I think it’s time for a new walk 🙂

  107. I’m so bored with windlight. Alright already.

  108. TC Roff says:

    Gosh darn you sure are pretty! lol

  109. Wyald Woolley says:


    Here’s how I handle having some or all of my attachments stuck to my butt after crossing a sim boundary:

    Once I have my avatar looking exactly like I want it, I go into the APPEARENCE mode and select “MAKE OUTFIT”. Then I click all the lit attachment points and give the outfit a unique name.

    After you save and quite the appearance mode you will have a folder in your CLOTHING folder with the name you just gave your outfit.

    After crossing a sim boundary and looking a bit constipated all you need to do is open your clothing folder and drag the outfit folder to your avatar and it will set everything back to the right attachment points.

    I have made outfit folders for every “look” I want to make up. The only thing to watch out for are non-copy attachments which can only exist in one outfit folder at a time.

    Besides helping at sim boundaries, I find this a perfect way to totally change my outfits to match my mood or whatever.

  110. Tamraen Dryke says:

    Thanks for another great video Torley! I’ve watched nearly all of them on YouTube, and they are invaluable! Like someone else said, the little funny comments make them even better to watch! 😀 You rock! Keep the tips comin!

  111. Aleen Torok says:

    I cant get onto second life, it says you cant log in until yesterday!? this is for the next blog post but comments are closed

  112. Astarte says:

    Nice work Torley. These tips are always helpful, and even I occasionally learn something new, like with the pie chart single click.

    And yes please do something on the communications box. I find it most useful, but others are always moaning…”we want it like before”. My only suggestion to them since it will do most but not all of what it used to, is if they want the old one go get Nicholaz’s viewer, that still operates as the old viewer did.

    But all these points are really mute until we start seeing a stable grid again. All reports from LL at the moment is that everything is fine with the grid. If that is the case why can’t I rez anything again this morning. As soon as this happens my reaction is, what the hell, why be here, I can’t buy safely, which ultimately means my customers also have no confidence they are going to get what they buy…so don’t buy. You are killing businesses already in SL, when are you going to realise that. And going out touting for fresh corporate income !!! Logical, if you can’t support businesses inworld that are already there, that just fits in perfectly to what seems to be your ideology of “stuff everyone we already got”, and probably why Linden Labs are adamant they have to keep freebie accounts…..that is simply if everyone had to pay, you would be seeing more of a mass exodus that you currently are, because SL is no longer worth the monthly payout, as shown by premium user drop (even allowing for your change in reporting by not including those on temporary hold).

  113. joeb says:

    what a beautyfull day, today i’m going to delete my 3 100K characters. no more secondhandlife for me.


  114. Al Sonic says:

    Though the video seems fast to some, I’m tempted to say it’s just fast enough (but I learn fast, and get bored fast too). I do think that as long as there’s enough textual captions and obvious demonstration, it should be easy for slower-paced observers to pause the video at various points and take in all of the knowledge. So I agree with [37] mimi.

    Looking at the comments straying off topic to be worrisome once more, I’m surprised not one has done as Torley did and pointed out JIRA issues. To be understood, it always helps to be very specific, rather than reacting to every wave of bugs by asking of LL something so broad as to fix the world.

    As for me, I’m being optimistic, and guessing that SL’s new The Grid page was enough of a time-saving rush-job as to make little misspellings like “virtural” really little surprise. 😀

  115. Tegg B says:

    Well done Torley.

    He’s one of the busiest Lindens inworld, but has enough on his plate as it is, let’s not hassle him with other Lindens problems, just because they are out of contact.

  116. LilMissPriss Lane says:

    Look forward to your tips of the week 🙂
    Very useful thanksssssssssssssssss

  117. Cat Cotton says:

    Neato thanks Torley 😀

  118. Kalderi Tomsen says:

    Torley, thank you for these tips. I always find something useful in them. A little less caffeine before you are making them might make it go a wee bit slower, though, which would help.

    Agree with you doing something about the new communicate window – tearing off individual chats, space management, etc.

    And to those who want to use the blog for a general rant about all their issues with SL, I strongly recommend the forums at forums.secondlife.com – that’s where we are *supposed* to be posting stuff like this. The Lindens do see it there, too.

  119. Kidd Krasner says:

    Is there a text summary of the hints in the tutorial? Even if you just added a one or two sentence answer to each of the questions in the paragraph just above the video, it would be tremendous improvement. Different people take in information in different ways, so it’s always important to provide text in addtion to video and audio. Even for people who prefer the video, the text is a useful alternative to having to rewind the video back over somthing you may miss the first time.

    Besides, when it comes to being fast, it would take me and I’m sure many others about 30 seconds to learn the shortcuts from a bullet list instead of having to spend five minutes focused on a a video. Not to disparage the effort, but different strokes for different folks.

  120. Torley I want to say thanks because your upbeat positive attitude & helpful tips & tutorials really brighten my day. May I ask how one could talk to a linden or at least send a notecard about issues & solutions to any problems? Keep up the good work Torley! 🙂

  121. Storm Chatnoir says:

    Beg pardon, Al Sonic, # 76, but;

    ‘The World’ was a very different place when I joined in September 2004. I’ve literally ‘paid my dues’ every month since then to LL, and I’ve seen ‘The World’ ‘s functionality peak and then degrade while frivolous bells and whistles served as bread and circuses to keep the masses distracted and amused.

    (And to court business interests to set up shop in SL.)

    I post here because it’s the Official Linden Blog – a main page, not buried in a forum somewhere. LL hasn’t listened to the community in those venues. Perhaps they’ll listen when it’s where businesses considering SL can see it.

    I don’t wish to play the ‘Vet’ card, but I’ve been here long enough to have seen. You haven’t.

    I don’t wish to play the ‘$$’ card, but I’ve paid for my usage – you haven’t.

    The ‘SL Luv it or Leave it’ , ‘My SL right or wrong’ and ‘Post where ur supposed to’ reactions are platitudes and should be on virtual bumper stickers.

    I’m not a Joiner. I’m not a Protester. I don’t get involved in Movements and Causes. But even myopic, self involved, apathetic people will speak out when they’ve had enough.

    I have.

    Have you?

  122. Justa Koba says:

    Thanks Wanda, I poked around for that not long ago!!
    U Rock

  123. Blinders Off says:

    To Storm Chatnoir: excellent post. Keep posting it.

    To Torley: As I said before, great post this time. Suggestion if I may: provide a text summary of the video along with the blog so we can come back and review once in a while without having to play the video over again. These are valuable tips and a text summary would be great.

    Also Torley, if you would pass two thoughts on to the rest:

    1. Read Storm’s post, and pay attention. People are getting really, really upset at the long-term, continual bug problems on SL. No amount of PR is going to overcome that anger. Fixing the bugs will overcome that anger.

    2. About WINDLIGHT. I love the effects. I hate what it does to shiney surfaces. It makes metal look like stone, and glass look like uh… bleh. Please make sure those problems are fixed before bringing in Windlight. And since LL has a habit of ignoring such pleas… MAKE SURE THOSE PROBLEMS ARE FIXED BEFORE BRINGING IN WINDLIGHT. We really don’t want to see swords and vehicles and robots and other builds turn into lifeless textures.

    Thanks for listening… I hope.

  124. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @63: I agree, I’d rather have them move the default corner and not have them movable. Or even let me pick where minimized windows go… I wonder if there’s something in the XML that can control this.

    Speaking of XML files…

    USER INTERFACE TIP: move the tabs in the “Contacts” window. This involves opening up and modifying an XML file, but it’s a simple and safe change, but make a copy of the file first if you’re not familiar with XML.


    As I note at the end, I prefer them at the bottom so I get a clean “nested tabs” effect.

  125. Wyald Woolley says:

    hehehehe….Concierge Phone Support is available 24/7 but the phones don’t work. Pretty smart them Lindens.

  126. Kelsey says:

    I need help! And I can’t find it ANYWHERE! I don’t remember my Second Life name and on the support page it says to contact Support. But there is no way to contact support! How do I find out my name?

  127. kianna Rossini says:

    My charatcer lost all of her inventory in your database. On a crash. And this is what you are working on? How about fixing my character or replacing the hudnreds of dollars in inventory lost?

  128. Ah, Torley, no one beats you at your contagious enthusiasm 🙂 Just by listening to you I will be wearing a smile all the day!

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  130. JoyJoyJenny says:

    Wow thanks for all these Tips I have been using them all on a regular basis and I’m sure I will be doing the same with the minimising the windows and IM tab scoll….

    Please keep this seris going I always take time out to watch XD

  131. Bloodsong Termagant says:


    these are very cool, but how about some text tutorials? even abbreviated ones alongside the video tutorials? sometimes it’s easier to glance through the steps than to sit and watch a video.

  132. Slick Mission says:


    I really enjoy and always looks forward to viewing your tutorial. You energy in teaching is great and not boring unlike many tutorials in this world. Thank you for taking the time in helping us see more through this game and its useful settings and options.

    Slick Mission

  133. Nanna Loon says:

    “Camera Control” in “View” is also in the way, when im chatting, and it cannot be moved. Taht would be a great idea.

    But thanks for the good tips!

  134. Everest Palmerstone says:

    “Close, close, close!” I laughed. Great videos Torley, your …mannerisms… make them very fun(ny) to watch. Keep ’em coming!

  135. Nyll Bergbahn says:

    @6. “Troy Childs. I hate haveing to scroll all over my inventory to find the parts effected and reattach. so i end up just loging out and loging in. but that is also a pain.”

    Wow Troy, you don’t have to scroll all over your inventory like that or relog! Just type “worn” (without the inverted commas) in Inventory Search and you see all that you are wearing from clothes to shoes to HUDs! Just detach and wear the offending item(s) again and you’re back playing in a minute.

  136. Pie Psaltery says:

    Dear Torley,
    Of all the things about SL that make me grumble, you remain unfaultering in your ablitity to make SL seem wonderful and fun and magical.
    Is there anyway you can rub some of your enthusiasm off on your co-workers?

  137. kortez koba says:

    Detox ,i think you are missing the point about Troys criticism ,he didnt say he didnt like sl -just that he wished it worked correctly like the majority of us wish !!! 😉

  138. U M says:

    @90 that his job……….

  139. metalhead cosmos says:

    After a bit of time away…(approx 8 weeks) I returned to Sl to find that the casinos I used to frequent were closed or doing a different type of business. Was there some sort of catastrophic event that took place to warrent the closer of these casinos? I’m just curious as to what happened because I know ALOT of ppl who made there $lindens camping no longer have that option. If this was a collective Linden Labs decision, then perhaps the decision should be re-evaluated.

  140. Yala Carter says:

    Torley, you ask if anyone had any ideas for one of your vids about what use, I think it would be neat to know what can be done to reduce the lag that seems to be trying to ruin my SL experience. I have a mid range computer and and it seems there should be something to make so much lag a little easier to live with.
    Thank you

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