Concierge support moves to 24/7

Concierge customers will probably be aware that we have grown the team considerably in recent months as we have sought to improve response times, and provide fast and effective telephone support. Although that process is still ongoing, we are pleased to announce that from Tuesday 4th September, the Concierge support team will be operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Β This includes both the Concierge phone line and livechat.

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123 Responses to Concierge support moves to 24/7

  1. Johnny Rambler says:

    This is cool…I like it. I pay for it, so I like it.

  2. Stoo Straaf says:

    What about the ticket system? Has that been improved too? The last four tickets I submitted took three weeks to get a reply.

  3. Samantha Glume says:

    Great! Thank you!

  4. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    It was the invitation to participate in the age verification beta that had me realize I had a couple of months ago become a Concierge member. My buddy joked that it’s good to be the King :o) Now this. I’ve been in SL since January and nothing else even comes close, warts and all ;o)

  5. Alex Warrior says:

    G’day Jack

    Thank you for listening to your international clientele and responding with 24/7 support for concierge customers.

    *wewt wewt*
    Aussie Alex

  6. Woot, now if only Dee Linden would marry me, my Second Life is complete.

  7. Charltina Christensen says:

    How delightful. It has been so apparent those that have selected the Concierge Team have well thought things through on their staffing selections. To Izzy and all the wonderful concierge staff that have made my being an island owner a joy; Thank you. Thank you for answering the phones on days I am sure you too were tired, hungry or having personal days where so many forgot to simply say THANK YOU. So for all those that may forget and My own personal sincere appreciation to each of you for doing a job many would not have the talent to do with your lovely communication skills. THANK YOU all and do not overwork yourselves. The best of Second Life is yet to come. I plan to be around to experience the differences as we work together for the future.
    Keep Shining!
    I am Lady Charltina Christensen
    Queen of Gentle Breeze

  8. Chaos Mohr says:

    This is great news! I have had the pleasure of dealing with concierge support on a number of occasions, and they have been responsive, courteous, and have been a great at helping resolve issues. It will be fantastic to have this available on the weekends now!

  9. Vittorio says:

    Great! Live chat is the most reliable way to get support here… got 100% of my problems solved, sometime in seconds other in hours (!) but remaining chatting with a (a)live persone. Havin it h24 will be great.

  10. Sedary Raymaker says:


    Granted, I hope I continue to have no need to contact a concierge, but it’s good to know one will be available if something goes wrong in the middle of the night.

  11. Cocoanut Koala says:



  12. JenzZa Misfit says:

    This news ……………ROCKS ! woot !

    ~ JenzZa

  13. Deltango Vale says:


    Currently unable to log in from the UK. Customer support closed 10 minutes ago.

    I have complained on many occassions about LL. 24/7 Concierge is a BRILLIANT improvement. Thank you.

  14. Deltango Vale says:

    Hi again, if anyone is reading this, there is still no access from the UK.

  15. Joker Opus says:

    Who said LL doesnt wanna help us?

  16. Luna Larsen says:

    same from germany. no way to log in. i enter and after 10 seconds i crash. that all began last day :-(((

  17. Luna Larsen says:

    hi again from me also πŸ˜‰ is anybody from germany with the same problems ? not able to log in.

  18. U M says:

    OMG that is good. But that means prices are going up as well?

  19. Jenna Barbarossa says:

    THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU!! Finally someone has done something that makes sense! :)))

  20. Luna Larsen says:

    ” Residents located in the United Kingdom or Germany may be experiencing difficulties connecting to Second Life due to DNS issues. ”

    πŸ˜‰ good joke, really you are fast. we have that problem since yesterday. i am not even able to answer the IMΒ΄s from my mailaddi. fix that damn issue.

    yes i am glad about the concierge support. i am a concierge user like thousand others who are not able to log in.

    answer to our support tickets faster than 3 weeks !!!!

  21. Venus Petrov says:


    I’ve found the LiveChat support team to be awesomely responsive and helpful and to know that we will continue to get such service 24/7 is a HUGE improvement in my SL experience!!! WOOT!!

  22. Cat Gisel says:


    And of all the people I have asked, I have decided that no one really knows what “woot” means….there isn’t any real source of it, it …just happened.

  23. This is just awesome, now I am starting to feel I am getting what I am paying for πŸ™‚ Thank you linden lab this is just awesome!!!!!! I feel much safer knowing that I will be able to get a hold of someone for my sim 24/7 πŸ˜‰

  24. Threshin Barnett says:


  25. Duke Mcdonnagh says:

    Great News – BROVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. kerunix Flan says:

    Oooooh shiny support ! Thank you πŸ™‚

    May the hippo bless our sim and protect us from lag and content loss, amen and YAYZERAMA !

  27. The concierge team rocks. The service they provide is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Spike is one of the best, in my opinion. Give him a pay raise, hehe.

  28. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Very cool! Thanks for the update and the good news!

  29. Berry Steinhoff says:

    ry cool! Thanks for the update and the good news!

  30. Imogen Demozay says:

    That’s great news. The team does a great job and it’s nice to know there is someone there when you need them, especially when you live in Australia and not the US.

  31. kerunix Flan says:

    @21 : Harmony > Spike ! πŸ˜€

  32. Charlene Trudeau says:

    Wonderful news, Jack, and I refuse to play favorites on the concierge team. You have all always been wonderful to deal with.

  33. Darling Brody says:

    Login Server is down for SL and webpage. Too bad for the rest of us who want to let you know about it. 😦

  34. Darling Brody says:

    Appologies for the double post. Thought I would mention I am in Australia and cant log in either. Just like the UK.

    Anyone got an alternative DNS server I could use that works?

    Or even the direct IP & name of the login server and I’ll put it in my Host file in windows.

    Please don’t make me live offline. I’m such a noob in real life. I walk right up to things in shops to look at them. I cant get my RL camera working. :p

    Darling Brody

  35. Darling Brody says:

    no appology for the 3rd post. a support email address that directs you to a webpage you can’t access is no help at all.

    to me
    show details 4:18 pm (12 minutes ago)

    Thank you for contacting Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. Our support system has changed and we have discontinued the use of this email address. To find information on your issue and to contact support, please visit .

    Please note, information sent to this email address will not be read or responded to.

  36. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Great, what about support for the rest of us?

  37. Tillie Ariantho says:

    wawawa, I want concierge support too: You get full money, even if it is through ACS and not from me directly, but you get full money and I want full support. 😦

  38. My plans to kidnap a Linden and keep them in a cupboard are now put on hold. Instead I’ll be able to get hold of you guys any time.

    GOOD JOB and thank you.

  39. Reodor Sands says:

    Concierge team have been good, thanks folks! The live chat is the ultimate support service in my opinion. A service I think should be offered to all premium customers anyway.

    But, with the grid instability of the last months, I think that would require LL to have 3x as many people staffed, which wont happen.

    I’m entering my last two weeks of concierge support, as I’m bailing out of mainland – a true anarcy that even exceeds the anarchy of the early Internet.

    My last ticket thru concierge support will be “please fix secondlife”.l

  40. Luna Larsen says:

    what about fixing that damn stuff, from germany still not able to log in.

    @25 Anyone got an alternative DNS server I could use that works?

    Or even the direct IP & name of the login server and I’ll put it in my Host file in windows.

    dream on, would be nice πŸ˜‰
    but who cares if europe and australia can not connect ? :-((

  41. Tony says:

    Great news and a move in the right direction, thank you very much. The only time I’ve ever had to use live chat I received excellent support.

  42. ZATZAi says:

    Yay! 24 Hour support. πŸ˜€

  43. Tegg B says:

    Cool the rest of us lower premiums will just watch things burn, someone with more money will fix it πŸ™‚

  44. Irene Muni says:

    Great news! Congratulations.

    Will be the following step the possibility of receiving support in Spanish? Although the support took more.

    We will hope with hope πŸ˜‰

  45. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I actually have more than enough land to qualify for concierge, but because it’s all on private islands, I’m not offficially recognised as a concierge client..


  46. Ellen Spark says:

    Awesome !!!

  47. Tony says:

    WarKirby are you sure? I thought all island owners were concierge customers? It may not say it in your account page but I’m 99% sure you will have access to concierge level support.

  48. Thai Racer says:

    After all this time LL has realised that SL is open and runs 24/7. How frustrating it was to have absoloutley no support over weekends . And previous support hours based on USA times.Yes there are some of us that come from Lands far far away from the good Ol U . S of A .Well done LL at last you have done something worthy for those in need !

  49. Darling Brody says:


    WarKirby Magojiro means rented land on Islands. I have a full region worth of island land under my SL account but that dosn’t mean anything when you need support.

    I still can’t contact them to let them know that an entire contenant is unable to access SL. I’m talking about the Australian contenant.

    That’s right. I have been forced out of SL for so long now I am starting to interface with my RL. I spent time with my family today. It was horrible!! Please save me!

    Don’t spose any of the peeps would like to post the IP of the login server? If you get me back online I’ll give you a copy of all things Quantum. (bride)

    Darling Brody

    ps. Sux even more that there is no mention of it in the blog.

  50. Hypatia Callisto says:

    if you’re having dns issues, you should try opendns ( it works, I switched to it and my access to SL has been much better. My ISP kept screwing up access to SL, since I switched things have been much better.

    And complain to the ISP about messing up their DNS servers, because that is where the problem lies. LL can’t fix it… not their problem. Its your ISP.

  51. Darling Brody says:

    Heads up Australia and europe

    I managed to get in world with the old client software. Don’t use the Release Candidates software.

    Once you get in the website comes up too. Release Candidates still wornt work though 😦

    Woohoo… party at my place!!

  52. Congratulations for the move to 24/7 concierge support!

    Yes, for the rest of the non-concierge customers, remember, Linden Lab makes a living from hosting servers. You get from LL what you’re willing to pay them β€” and this means, right now, show a willingness to pay LL US$125/month (half a sim). If you prefer to pay other residents that amount for your land, that’s your choice, but it’s then up to these people to provide you with 24/7 support, not Linden Lab!

    Darling, the login server has several IP addresses:,,,,,,, are just a few of those. Try one and see if any works for you.

  53. Tony says:

    Thanks Darling, lol that sounds wrong! I understand Warkirby’s plight now.

  54. Hypatia Callisto says:

    Darling – I’m getting in just fine with OpenDNS. With the Release Candidate πŸ˜‰ Yup, I’m in Europe.

    Something is up with the DNS again most likely at several ISPs… but that’s an issue you have to take up with who owns the DNS servers your ISP is using. Try OpenDNS and see if it works. If it does, scream at your ISP, because they have to fix it.

  55. Happi Homewood says:

    @17: From Wikipedia…

    w00t, w00T or WOOT β€” First two express exuberance, and the last is a backronym for the term “We Own the Other Team”.

    Don’t worry, be Happi πŸ˜‰

  56. TC Eel says:

    Hey, what gives? I joined up over two hours ago and haven’t received their email conformation so I can play. What kind of game makes you wait over 2 hours to play?!

  57. Darling Brody says:

    I got excited too soon. Back to loging packet not received with both clients now. Even after putting in openDNS, rebooting and passing all the OpenDSN test.. SL is gone again.

    ..and all I did was teleport once I got in world.

    I did manage to get on long enough to send Gwyneth Llewelyn some Quantum Stuff. πŸ™‚

    Ok. Got in again while writing this post. It seems that the DNS issues are also effecting some regions. Logging into another region got me out of the problem caused by teleporting above.

    Teleporting = instant disconnect. Reloging fails if you try to relog to the region that disconnected you.

    No way is this my ISP now I am using OpenDNS. No way Australia and Eurpoe are having the same issues when we are on differnt ISP’s.

    Come on Lindens. give us the word on this.

  58. MrLunk Voom says:

    Nice !
    Now the rest… INGAME !

    Maybe you should think about solving issues instead of providing support for problems you know about ?

  59. Tijn Erde says:

    Great. So why does it have to take so long for you support guys to respond to my ticket?

  60. TC Eel says:

    WTF! It’s now going on 4 friggin hours no email yet! How long does it take to send a email? What kind of outfit is this anyway? I wanna play to!

  61. People, what do you want for under US$125 a month?

  62. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    WOOT! Guys and Girls from the team, love it, always verry good support from your team. It rocked already and now it will rock even more!

  63. Guy says:

    …. and for the rest of us also paying for service?

  64. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Great, and long overdue!
    As a Concierge member this has been something that should have happened long ago. Now, how about offering a similar quality service to ALL the Premium accounts as well? They pay good money too and deserve a ‘premium’ level of service that matches the name of their accounts.
    Just one more question: As a Concierge landowner, if I refuse to be age verified will this affect the quality or access of service that I am entitled to?
    The age verification debate still has a long way to go with many questions affecting ALL areas of SL that still need answers.

  65. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @17 Cat raises a good point. What does WOOT mean?
    I have asked this before, but how about Lindens (or anyone) bring out a ‘lexicon’ or something that can translate all this SL terminology? As I travel around SL I come across some weird acronyms (LMAO, ROFLMAO, LOL, etc.).
    I know what some of the abbreviations mean, but others defy translation!
    SL is difficult enough for the newbies too, who have to keep asking those of us who have been here a while to try and translate things for them.
    There must be some hack out there who can put together a list of commonly used acronyms. Perhaps the inworld press (like AvaStar Reader or SL News) might be a good forum for this?

  66. Elvis Orbit says:

    Grate! Thanks for adding this! And thanks for helping this week when I needed it πŸ˜€

  67. Amanda Ascot says:

    There is an issue related to this, so I’ll bring it up here — an issue which has been mentioned other times, in other places, by other people. It’s probably a “WONTFIX”, but it really *should* be fixed. Simply put, it’s this: No concierge user of SL can guard his land 24/7. As I recall, the hallucinations typically set in after about 3 days of sleep deprivation. Some concierge members actually have First Lives that take their time away from their Second Lives. A few may actually take the occasional one or two week vacation, or may be forced to go on a one-month or so adventure with the military reserves.

    This is why a great many estate owners hire other residents to manage their land for them, but most of those residents are not, themselves, concierge members, and many of them, in fact, aren’t even basic users. The problem is that the residents of the property these “Estate Managers” manage really do need the service that a 24/7 online concierge user can provide through the support that only they can get from Linden Lab — but the very people who need to serve in that function are completely locked out from all but the most basic of in-world support, such as filing a support ticket to have a missing sim investigated — a support ticket that could take days, or even weeks, to get reviewed.

    We desperately need a way for concierge members to appoint specific residents as their Estate Managers, perhaps with the number of such appointments being a function of the amount of property they own. Estate Managers would the have the full rights of an actual concierge user, although I could see this being restricted to only the property they’re managing, and not across-the-board concierge rights.

  68. Almostanangel sinatra says:

    I had to call the other day and was pleasantly surprised!!!
    The customer service was impeccable and extremely courteous.
    End results were beyond satisfactory as well. Great Job Concierge!!!

  69. Minnie Trottier says:

    Yes we really need to include estate managers. I own the island just as much as my partner does (paid half and half) but he’s the one who gets the concierge service because the island is in his name.
    Please, please, please allow estate managers, even on request on of island owners, the same priviledges of the owners themselves!!

  70. Darling Brody says:

    Agree strongly with #52 & #51. Those of us with estate powers have it for administering an estate. but we can’t do the job properly without access to linden support too.

    How about a pay-per-call system for those who are not concierge level customers? Premium accounts could be given one free support call for every $25 they spend. This way the more you pay in land tax the more support is included. Everyone can pay for extra support if needed.

    Tonight I sent out $40 USD worth of stuff to people who helped me get in world. And I did it gladly to gain access to the grid.

    ps. thanks to everyone who helped me get in world tonight. 3:20am now. Had my fix, now it’s bedtime….

  71. Azur Straaf says:

    This is really great news for me. Thanks you for all of your supports.

  72. zebadee says:

    oh merciless lag, give us a break

  73. Tigey Honey says:

    All I can say, is, It’s about time, the concierge service is great, when you can get them, but things never happen during normal business hours. this 24/7 is long overdue.
    Filling out a ticket is a total waste of time – they don’t get replyed to, even with concierge level support. I have been waiting 3 days so far, on a land issue, and I don’t expect a thing will happen over the weekend, or monday (US Holiday) Sorry Lindens, but you don’t get a thanks for doing the job that you should have been doing all the time!!

  74. Astarte says:

    Great Concierge now have 24/7 help….what happened to us ordinary people. weekend live support pulled so concierge can have 24/7 ??

    And if by any chance a Linden sees this before the year ends. Everything for me today is running at a snails pace. I hope it isn’t affecting everyone else.

  75. Eos Ultsch says:

    I agree with Astarte to the fullest. I think putting more staff even on the online support would be very helpful.

    I submitted a help ticket due to a billing error made on SL’s behalf when I was a premium user, and they ended up taking 10 days to reply back to my message.. Making a -$50 overdraft fee in my bank account. I was very disappointed, and therefore, I’m no longer a premium member. If people pay you for your services, and you can’t even add manpower enough to reply to support tickets within 24 – 48 hours, well.. you obviously don’t want my business, because you don’t respect me as a customer.

    And also, the sim I was just in crashed. C’est la vie.

  76. Astarte says:

    Your lucky Eos. I have a support ticket in from the 22nd June, that they are still supposedly working on. Not heard anything from them since July despite several requests for an update on the situation. Even tried via philip and others to get a response.

    And quite honestly today now is total CRAP, objects won’t rez, teleporters wont work, lag is making movement impossible. All I seem to be able to do today is log in and log out. See you all Tuesday. I’ve had enough of this. I am going playing elsewhere, just hope I don’t get too interested wherever I end up or I won’t be back.

  77. mimi says:

    hmm this is very good news.. actually makes me consider thinking its worth to buy an island ^^

    But still, I first wait to see what happens when age verification enters SL.. no buying islands with this kind of trouble on the way

  78. Desmond Shang says:


    The concierge team is incredible.

    Rock on!

  79. That’s great, what about THE REST OF US?

    What ever happened to equality on SL?
    why this elitism, why the segregation of SL’s population?

  80. Dirk Felix says:

    Who really cares, considering that support doesn’t resolve any issue. In my case I still have an oustanding balance of close to $600 USD that is the result of LL hack or pure incompetance. Even with bank statements and materials provided by my CPA, LL refuses to do more than state that I’m being abusive.

    So now I can wait on hold every day for no assistance compared to being on hold a few hours each day. How cool is that?? πŸ˜‰

  81. yay ! This rocks and so does the Concierge team.

  82. What about the rest of us Steve?

  83. White Tandino says:

    Thanks, this is a great help to sim owners. Please keep up the great work.

  84. Tony says:

    If you want better support from Microsoft, you pay for it.

    If you want better support from IBM, you pay for it.

    Why should LL be any different? Paid support is nothing new.

  85. Astarte says:

    Yes Tony I know tier on islands is more, but why should only 200 (approx) people be able to get service and the other million or whatever regular users get none, even though like me some are paying for some service.
    Even Microsoft if you pay them give 24/7 coverage, but with different levels of priority.

  86. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Good news.

  87. I called the concierge number an hour before this went up and got the “Office is closed” recording…lol. Now I can call back πŸ˜›

    Thanks guys, this is fantastic news.

  88. Chris Smith says:

    Brilliant … I not longer have to stay up late in order to telephone (from Thailand) ….
    … appreciated.

  89. LL support has been good for me, I’ve got no complaints. However, those of you who are snarking because Premium gets less support than Concierge need to think very carefully. It’s very likely that most of the “economy” is fed by the spending of Premium members, and their renting equivalents. I doubt that the average freeby account spends anywhere near as much. And a lot of Concierge people rely on the spending for their tier, yes?

    I pay $24.95 a month to LL and until recently could spend three times that much on in world stuff and/or rent. That’s a hundred bux a month for.. a game.. yes a very useful game, but if I had to explain this to an outsider they’d think I was nuts.

    Let’s not get caught up in our collective unreality too much here and show a little gratitude for the fact we’re all enabling each other here. Thx.

  90. Reacher Rau says:

    does this mean they will work on delivering new island orders 24/7? that is the main thing that sticks out as deficient to me right now – the excessively long waits between the time our money is taken and the time the new region is delivered.

  91. Guy says:

    @65 That is fine if it’s a ONE TIME purchase.

    You have internet, your ISP support is included.
    You have telephone, you support is included.
    You pay for second life, support SHOULD be included

  92. Digital Digital says:

    This is the most awesome news ever, I just recently got my sim the last few weeks and I must say it is nice to actually have some professionaly support. Finally I get to jump to the head of the line, I pay good money and am happy that I can get my money’s worth support πŸ™‚ Thanks linden lab keep up the great work!!!

  93. LOL well i am glad that people get support if they pay more than $125 a month. i have paid more than $125 a month and yet i am not considered worthy enough for ‘conciege’ support. And yes, i know someone who pays over $350 US a month for a sim and he is a basic/freebie account. does he get concierge support? nope. not one bit. i have a premium account and i miss the 800 number and the help lines that were once available to all residents regardless of payment. btw the ‘ticket’ service basically is useless on my mac platform. it has never worked. so i can report something? sure, but re-open my ticket again? LOL nope. it appears that SL and LL is only interested in people or companies with money and that is just sad. i really hang around sl because of friends and the creativity of the place (learning how to build and make clothes etc.). i really could care less about whether or not a person has a credit card or is a concierge member. even in most customer service departments u care for the customer and the customer is right regardless of their ‘status or credit line’. some of the most helpful ppl in sl r ppl who have basic accounts. i wish SL and LL would stop catering to the ‘almighty dollar’. Thx for letting me vent… now go and have fun in sl =))

  94. Anylyn Hax says:

    I hope it turns to 25 / 8 and more …


  95. Great! Thank you Lindens! This is what I call great service!

  96. Cooper Janus says:

    Would someone please explain to me why Aristotle can verify me as an adult using my name, birthdate and zip code for other sites, yet Linden Labs REQUIRES a number that will give them access to my INCOME TAX ID?
    Is there something you’re not telling us Jack?
    You can verify that I am an adult using many other means.
    WHY DO YOU WANT MY TAX ID NUMBER when I can be verified easily without it (and have been by Aristotle!!)????
    Would someone please answer this question?
    Think before you give out your number folks. They are not telling you the whole story.

  97. Jakyl Lightfoot says:

    Okay, I agree with everyone about the little people needing support too…but the login issues with whole continents….that needs to be addressed…

  98. oli says:

    iΒ΄ve been having problems in second life…
    and i tried sending an email to (i think that was the email) twice and i never got a response…
    what happened was after i got off orientation island secondlife crashed and i startet back on the volcano and now i had closed the menu in the top left, so i canΒ΄t clik the key to get off again…
    i need help or an email that you actually reply from…

  99. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Sunday….cant log in from UK again

  100. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Sunday 1pm sl time….cant log in from UK again

  101. mykyl nordwind says:

    /me would simply like to add her thanks to the Lindens for this.

    I have had very good help from the concierge team on occasion, but I have also been without it on a weekend. This is a welcome move, from my perspective. Thank you.

  102. Ann Otoole says:

    Support has always been prompt and effective for me on my lowly premium account. Granted I don’t need that much support but when I have there has been support.

  103. Kira says:

    @17,49 and who ever may care….
    Woot originated as a hacker term for root (or administrative) access to a computer. However, with the term as coincides with the gamer term, “w00t”.

    “w00t” was originally an trunicated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for “Wow, loot!” Thus the term passed into the net-culture where it thrived in video game communities and lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement.

    “I defeated the dark sorcerer! Woot!”

  104. WADE1 Jya says:

    This is great. It’s nice to get all this special service just because I happen to own an island. I used to think the LL was not so good at customer service, but with this concierge stuff, the difference is like night and day. Thank you LL for improving an already wonderful service πŸ™‚

  105. Athena Sterling says:

    Would be nice to see those of us with LL tiers below the $125 mark to be able to have true concierge access when we are Estate managers. Sometimes its not fun when there are problems and almost every Linden says, “use the suport portal”. But yet we can’t access it because our accounts are not flagged. A sim owner should be able to request one or two people to have concierge access to help with estate management.

  106. khalidPizzicato says:

    Hi there, i want to increase my limit to buy a land but how can i do it?

    thanks for your help and waiting to hear from you

  107. Ice cydrome says:

    Sup anyone there I’m Ice Cydorme cant log in it says its logging me out and I wait hours and still it says it…

  108. Ayesha Honey says:

    what is your phone number in england uk you did have one now it cant be find it mind you when I tried to phone I never got an answer tired off lagg tired of cashing tired of paying teir for land I can walk on tired of newbie kids free ride here tired of sicko’s asking for sex tired off no help can any one eles add to My list i bet there is

  109. Griffin Halderman says:

    Excellent! I have only had to use the concierge support once, and had to wait till the next day when it was open. It’s good to know they are available at any time now. Thank You!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    What is really starting to show thru is the gross negligence on behalf of Linden Lab. EVERY Weekend something happens that severely impacts performance, and then they address it 4 days later. It’s too bad VERY soon this grid will be like Calico, California soon; nothing but a ghost town, as others flock to Google Earth, and to the others that have learned what NOT to do to their customer base (not listen to them)…

  111. Kate Sakai says:

    I’ve never posted on one of these, and I find myself wondering if anyone in power ever actually reads them… Here’s hoping they do:

    For 3 months now I have had a terrible time getting money into Second Life. Each time I try to use anything other than PayPal it takes weeks, literally, before Linden Labs accepts my Credit Card or even Visa Gift Cards ( a last-ditch suggestion from live help). And each time it is a Linden Labs failure, not my own that causes the problems. There needs to at least be some sort of back up system to help out business owners who have their funds essentially frozen.

    The most important thing left out of this announcment of 24/7 help now available is that the people reached do not have the power to actually do anything. they are, to a one, incredible polite, helpful and patient people and I commend them all highly! However they are nearly powerless to help with money transaction problems. What would be terrific is a limited amount of time when people who can actually do something are available. Of course, those people being available all the time would be great – though I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    If anyone with actual power to affect change is reading this please find a way to support the business owners of SL as we pay your salaries. And when our businesses finally all fail, your buisness will as well. Thank you again to all the people at live help – they really are terrific, but it would be nice if they could actually help. And please fix this money transfer problem. It has yet to be stable, ever.

    Thank you for listening, and good luck to all of the SL cusomers trying fruitlessly to get help.

  112. U M says:

    What makes me laugh is those that are always bitching about the game and they say they always have support when needed. That there doesnt make sence.

  113. Amanda Ascot says:

    UM @83: Complaints and comments about good support are two separate things. Understand that the more problems we have the more support tickets will be filed and phone calls made. Since support generally *is* good, except when the support team is swamped or you have an especially difficult issue to resolve, you’re going to hear people praising it. That does not, however, mean that they’re happy with their in-world experience — only with Linden Lab’s response to their requests for help. I’m delighted that LL is extending support to 24/7 — not only because of our foreign neighbors who have been mostly without access to prompt service, but also for all of us in the U.S. who have the same working hours as Linden Lab employees and are in-world trying to do things when those employees are not.

    This has always been an issue, since most of us in the United States are just logging in about the time Linden Lab employees have already put in their eight hours on the Grid dealing with problems that residents who either have no First Lives or who have different work hours have reported. While extending to 24/7 support is a Good Thing, and while I applaud Linden Lab for taking this step, we still have valid issues with the quality of the product, and the product is not altered to be better by the support team. We just get our dose of sweets and a few strokes and wind up feeling better about that experience, which is a Good Thing, but the reason for our problems has to be taken care of by another part of the Linden Lab organization, for the most part. The cause of lag won’t go away because a Grid Monkey restarted the sim in which you’re trying to do business, but you’ll sure be glad s/he was there to do it when your customers can’t buy your products.

  114. bigmoe says:

    why does it take so long to get payments process to paypal? some of us do live off of SL. Now if they would set it up so it auto processes. 3 days now and nothing.

  115. Tom Bender says:

    Absolutely woot!

    24/7 rocks all the way…

    Now… to all the whiners:
    Don’t complain about missing help – get a Premium Account!
    Buy an Island or at least mainland worth that money.
    Do you really think we’re going to pay you for that aswell?
    Camping chairs.. freebies.. money ball raffles…
    what else are you asking?
    Goddamn – we pay lot’s of money to keep you entertained.
    So don’t ask where your support is…
    I’m slowly getting tired of all the whining and complaining…
    “I’m No Payment Info On File” – where is my Support…
    where is my Money? – Where are my benefits?
    Looooooord a mercy…
    It’s simply in your hands…
    We bought Land to give you a place to explore…
    We gave you L$ to spend…
    We gave you freebies…
    And you still ask for more????

    If you wanna have more…

    Use your Credit Card I say… *period*

    (and now don’t tell me some kinda nightmare that you can’t get a prepaid credit card…)

    24/7 rocks – I tried it – and it’s AWESOME !

    Thank you Linden Lab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  116. bigmoe says:

    I think its great they gave them this option as one of our sims is dying and needs to be restarted every few hrs and we have one that is not interconnecting withthe other sims. But All I want to know is why they do not have some type of script to push the money to people from sl to paypal. I have no other issues.

  117. randomgirlyip says:

    hey i cant help but complain eh im so sorry but i need someones help if you could please,my account has been disabled and my dad faxed a birth cirtificate to them like it said fax that ur license or something so we did and my account is still disabled ! been disabled probally like 4 or 5 months even if it hasnt it seems along time it just so happens i love this game please email me if you can help but i prefer i just made a new aol name…eh well thanks please!help.

    – random <:$ i miss my friends and i miss secondlife

  118. charleyaccccccc says:

    πŸ˜€ nice i love this

  119. Jimbo March says:

    Omg! Its Random!

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  121. Panoptes Argus says:

    Linden Lab, please make public how big the concierge support backlog is. Or are you so ashamed of how long we have to wait?

  122. Cat Whitman says:

    The last stipend paid to me was 2 weeks ago in august. Anyone else having this problem?

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