Tip of the Week: How to move your camera further and better

Friendly greetings! It’s me again, Torley Linden, and continuing from last week’s tip to turn off the typing animation + sound, I’ve got something really useful for any time when you’ve wanted your avatar to see further away without having to move yourself closer. Wonder what I mean by that?

Like last week’s tip, this often gets passed around from Resident to Resident, so I’d like to draw more proper attention to it: it’s called Disable Camera Constraints, and it’s in the Client menu (which can look scary, but is where a number of useful, tucked-away features reside).

Camera skills are fundamental to the Second Life experience β€” using them capably means you’ll be able to get around easier with greater confidence! To learn how Disable Camera Constraints and a number of related techniques can benefit you, watch this video tutorial!

Please feel free to comment on what you’d like to see next, and thanx to Prospero Linden and the Residents who suggested I do this. After you know how to Disable Camera Constraints, you’ll wonder how you ever lived your Second Life without it.

Next week, another tip! Come back and find out what it is. πŸ™‚

Yours in inspiration,


Torley Linden is a Product Manager & more who regularly contributes to the Official Linden Blog. Torley advocates Second Life making your first life happier. Read Torley’s previous posts. Curious about how WindLight is coming along? See project updates.

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114 Responses to Tip of the Week: How to move your camera further and better

  1. Helen Dayton says:

    I love this tip and have been using it since you did your feature about the Client menu a few weeks ago. Keep these tips coming, you do great job, Torley. πŸ™‚

  2. Elwe Ewing says:

    This is a really usefull parameter and, as normal to a builder, I do a huge use of it.
    It’s a shame that there isn’t a _persistent_ parameter to set to TRUE/FALSE as in the last week tip (PlayAvatarTypeAnimation).
    ’cause of this one must set it _every_ session he/she starts… which is just a little annoying, even if there is a keyboard-combination to do it in an easy way: implementing the (persistent) parameter you can release/reuse the keyboard combination (IMHO).

  3. Michael Kolache says:

    PLEASE tell peeps all the ways to turn off clouds. thanks

    PS… i like the tips.

  4. Kyla Pfeffer says:

    Please let us know if ther is anyway to improve the sound quality of the music streaming and if there is anyway to make the aviatars run more smoothly. My avitar seems to keep walking off the edges of things and umder the saned quite often. Which in turn makes me either crash or need to reboot.

    Thank You Very Much,


  5. Key69 Miles says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Tip of the Week! Can’t wait for the next tip! Great job and than you so much! These tips has definitely made my SL experience GREAT!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ladies everywhere – the more guys that know about this little trick, the less safe it is for you to be wearing a skirt and no panties. Beware.

  7. Noisey Lane says:

    I’ve been using disable camera constraints for a while now and it’s become a “must-do” on re-entry every time. It’s so much better now there is a keyboard shortcut to it but I’d like to see it become sticky and lasted from session to session without having to remember to do it every time.
    Keep up the good work and great tips Torley – always a pleasure to read and watch your enthusiastic posts that improve our second lives πŸ˜‰

  8. S. Voom says:

    @2 Michael Kolache

    Your request, my tip:
    simply press ‘shift’ + ‘control’ + ‘alt’ and ‘-‘ or walk through the ‘client’-menu ‘rendering’, ‘types’ and untack ‘Clouds’.

  9. Chance Unknown says:

    Thank you for documenting this; now if only the virtual utopians would just realize that fences for privacy aren’t going to work….

  10. Dytska Vieria says:

    I turn off camera constraints when building larger structures. Actually, I turn it off all the time, as in Every time I login, unless I am using the Nicholaz version, which retains this debug setting.

  11. EinHain Kavka says:

    Another great tip, I enjoy messing with the debug menu. Keep up the great work!

  12. DeafDingbat says:

    This is easy enough I think, but in the future maybe the tutorial should not be in a video unless it’s captioned. If it’s not captioned it’s worthless to deaf individuals like me.

  13. Totally Unsustainable says:

    Can you please make Disable Camera Constraints a persistent setting. It is really annoying to have to click this every time I log into SL. This setting is almost a requirement for large builds.

  14. Aeper Jie says:

    There needs to be a way to Not allow Camara’s Entering Land. Cause i get New people all the time checking out my stuff and anoying me.

  15. Aeper Jie says:

    #2 Theres something in Client -> Rending -> Types -> Clouds. i think

  16. Cat Gisel says:

    Torley, there are SO many neat features that I’d love to leave on…is there a reason why we can’t “Save Settings,” or a plan in the future to do so? Or maybe there is and my blonde head can’t see it…I can’t even snapshot my windows and make them stick 😦

  17. Dave Powell ("Times Sands") says:

    Hi Torley,

    Great video!

    I don’t know if you’ve discussed this before, but most new SL residents might enjoy a quick discussion about griefing and how to report it…perhaps even with some simple tips about how to overcome it. For example, one popular griefing trick seems to be surrounding a popular sim’s teleport pad, so that new arrivals find it hard to move. I once discovered that I couldn’t even fly up out of one such barricade. And in that case, I simply right clicked on a suitable nearby object, and selected Sit. They split when they saw how ineffective their tactic actually was.

  18. Cat Gisel says:

    Michael it’s CTRL ALT SHIFT -, also known as Menu > Client > Rendering > Types > Clouds πŸ™‚

    That’s probably the most useful menu there is for certain situations

    Here is another one that I use all the time *blush* to find lost stuff in the ground hehe…

    Menu > Client > Rendering > Types > Surface Patch (Ctrl Alt Shift 5)

  19. maryposa paine says:

    how do we disable the F1 goto the SL website function? its gets annoying everytime i go to hit the esc key and i accidentely hit F1 and SL freezes while my web browser comes up …. i want to turn it off so that doesnt happen anymore… thanks.

  20. Cool tip.

    But how do you stop camera freezing like lag, while editing prims! Then going into crazy zoom back out from the near viewing distance you pains takingly just set? Its followed by edit mode turning off automatically!!!
    Editing prim is anoying enough without all the lag and other in game interupotions of SL.

    I susggest Torley gets his team onto creating an out of SL program like Avimator for primming, where we can import the finished product into game after its finished. Because this poresent arrangement makes me want to smash something.
    Hell i dont get that frustrated playing action games like Oblivian, that are recognised as supposed to be stressfull!!!

  21. I agree with comments above for persisiting this setting. I know the issue about these Debug options to persist is Resolved as Won’t Finish, but in recent update history, I noticed some of the functions were changed to persist, so I keep hoping this one one day will be added to the ‘safe list’ as well. Luckily it has a keyboard shortcut now, that helps.
    Also Quiet Snapshots to Disk is a fave of mine, I need to check on every login.

    Anyway, thanks again Torley, for sharing the small but useful options! πŸ™‚

  22. Cool tip.

    But how do you stop camera freezing like lag, while editing prims! Then going into crazy zoom back out from the near viewing distance you pains takingly just set? Its followed by edit mode turning off automatically!!!
    Editing prim is anoying enough without all the lag and other in game interupotions of SL.

    I susggest Torley gets his team onto creating an out of SL program like Avimator for primming, where we can import the finished product into game after its finished. Because this poresent arrangement makes me want to smash something.
    Hell i dont get that frustrated playing action games like Oblivian, that are recognised as supposed to be stressfull!!!

    A usefull tip for entering through solid objects is to back up 2 them and zoom backwards into the structure. Then find some object to sit or use and you move into that spot. RALMAO

    Why doesnt ‘goto’ in the pie wheel came up as an option on anything other than actual ground land itself?
    You dont always have suitable surrfaces to mini TP from spot to spot with. And with lag driving you into suicide walk or fly mode so often we need real usefull tools like that to get arround. Many ppl I talked to about it didnt even know there was a goto command in SL like games use!!!!

  23. Jacqueline Trudeau says:

    A mixed blessing. I seem to remember when LL’s answer to the “what about privacy from visual snooping and virtual peeping toms?” issue was “well, you can always get your own region”.

  24. Hoshi Kiama says:

    Just remember that ctrl-alt-c only works (with or without debug menu disabled) on some systems… still trying to figure out why this doesn’t work on all machines. Also, it’s not saved between sessions. 😦 Nevertheless a very useful setting!

  25. Oberon Onmura says:

    Why are there camera restraints, anyway?

  26. Viajero Pugilist says:

    I’d like to third the suggestions in #8 and #12:

    Torley, would you please look into the possibility of offering the option to save all menu settings between sessions in the same way our Preferences are now saved. This would be so helpful, as so many of us disable camera settings, remove fog, etc. each time we log on, or after we remember that we are missing our favorite settings.

    Another pet annoyance for me: the Communicate box (formerly the IM box) cannot be resized small enough. Would you see if we could at least have the option to size it so it doesn’t take up so much screen real estate relative to the rest of the UI? And get rid of the dead space at its border–it’s not necessary and takes away from the what is important: the action on the screen.

    Thank you for constantly striving to make SL user-friendly πŸ™‚ Love all yer videos.

  27. Psistorm Ikura says:

    thats a quite handy feature there, Torley. Ive been knowing about it for a longer time, but Im glad it gets some more attention πŸ™‚
    I see how it can be used for spying on people on the downside, however I believe if someone wants to spy on another, there are always other means. besides, you cant listen in to chat conversations this way, so its quite a harmless thing in my eyes.

    and yes, I agree with one of the previous posters, some anti-griefing hints would be quite handy πŸ™‚ – I havent suffered from it in a while, but I know how annoying it can be when it does happen

  28. Joker Opus says:

    Next tip of the week: How to pay Joker Opus 500,000 L’s. Stay tuned!

  29. Alex Warrior says:

    G’day Torley

    Great tip and one I am consistently passing on to newbies to help them see the Second Life world from different perspectives.

    I do find it interesting though (and fun) that this function overrides the ban lines, can get in behind closed doors and across whole sims! It allows me to poke my camera around in the most interesting of places, when the access is restricted.

    Strangely though, this kind of camera function tends to make the Age Verification to access Restricted Mature content on the mainland somewhat ineffective doesn’t it? And given that you can set your Voice to camera location too – that means you can even listen to people that are on the other side of the sim if they are not in a private IM. LOL.

    All good though – and I love the tips!

  30. Dytska Vieria says:

    If you are paranoid about people spying, use the Debug Character Show Look At option. You wont know who is looking at you, well maybe, but you will know what they are looking at…

  31. Blinders Off says:

    Disable camera constraints is a GREAT thing. So great, that one wonders why it is not on all the time, or at least on as a default when you log in. Neither being the case, one has to wonder why it is not a toggle switch that remains until you switch it back. It is a pain to have to click on this feature every single time we log in. Please LL, set this as the default.

    As for turning off clouds as requested above: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-

  32. Blinders Off2 says:

    Erp. The system truncated my entry. Again, to turn off clouds…


  33. Anthony Hocken says:

    Agreed about the privacy concerns. There needs to be measures put in place where land owners (or sim owners at least) can opt to have this camera option disabled in visitor’s clients. People dont like being snooped on and some actually find it stressful if snoopers tease about doing it (had a friend go through this recently).

  34. Awesome tip! =D. Thanks, Torley!

  35. Hello Torley. I mentioned this to Iridum Linden at the open forum for machinima this past weekend at SLCC. Practically the whole room agreed that we want this feature. Someone had actually posted a fix for this (VWR-893), but it was shot down on JIRA.

  36. Freedom Rush says:

    Torley is the best thing that ever happened to SL. I love ya Torley…rock on my brother!

  37. Lizzy Delphin says:

    Thanks so much for the tip of the week, you sexy voice you! Great tips. Keep up the great work. I look forward to next week.
    Bye for now

  38. Revolution Perenti says:

    OMG Torley this is bloddy good tip for all you builders out there,
    perfect for large builds or for those who like to take alot of pictures as we explore SL (still waiting for RC Windlight viewer:P )
    excellent stuff
    see you in world sometime
    Rev πŸ™‚

  39. Neural says:

    Would be really nice if the SL Client could *remember* that you disabled the camera constraints, so we don’t have to disable them every time we log in

  40. AnnMarie Otoole says:

    The tip I want if it exists is an override that makes the Page up and Page down ALWAYS Fly up and Fly down even if the cursor got left in a text window. Since there are sliders, I never use them when searching or editing a text file but constantly make up new swear words when I forget to click the ground after working a text window.

  41. Neard Harbinger says:

    Very cool tutorials ma … uhh, woma … uhh, you! πŸ˜›

    I’ve been using this since it first showed up in the client menu, though. Extremely useful. Not to brag, but I’m a wiz with the camera; I can get it into any little nook and cranny. (I’ve thought about starting a camera peepers group, but not sure how many others there are out there…plus people might think we’re trying to spy on stuff, even though it’s against the EULA, and could get ya kicked out…)

    BTW, just curious, what do you use to record and edit the video?

  42. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    hey Torley darlin, you mentioned there is a fix coming so that Disable Camera Constraints will persist through multiple logins, but what about the Recent Items in inventory? Do you know if there is a fix coming soon so that filters chosen will persist through multiple logins as well?

  43. Mango says:

    people worried about being spied on in SL really, really need to get a grip, lol

  44. Anylyn Hax says:

    A very important fix whould be to show “New Folder”s, “New Note” and so on when a filter has been applied.
    Right now when I have a filter and need a “new something” I must disable the filter, rename the new folder somehow that it match the filter and applie the filter again. So after applien a filter it should not applie automaticly.
    Everything thats newer than the filter should show, regardless if it matches or not.

  45. Very good tutorial πŸ™‚ I can already count like 500 times I wish I’d known this…
    Maybe I’ll just turn into a spy instead of a musician πŸ™‚

  46. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    been doing this for ages.

    also, just doing ctrl+alt+v will do it too, and allow you to fly in no-fly areas. also allows you to see all the admin options you cant use anyway.

  47. Hern Worsley says:

    Aye just to echo a few previous comments great tip for those that dont know it already in fact its so good it should be default as it is the first thing i do each and every log in.

  48. Willi Willunga says:

    While I use this feature a lot and wouldn’t like to miss it anymore, I can understand the concerns of those who wish to have their privacy protected.

    Linden *has* to find some ways to ensure that certain areas cannot be accessed, neither by physically moving the avatar nor by zooming the camera into them.

    Somebody mentioned it already: Isn’t this feature making all the age verification efforts completely worthless???

  49. Kittie Munro says:

    Quoting Dytska Vieria

    “If you are paranoid about people spying, use the Debug Character Show Look At option. You wont know who is looking at you, well maybe, but you will know what they are looking at…”

    That just made me giggle, people are so paranoid about hiding and protecting their precious pixels, wouldn’t it just drive them insane to know someone was looking, but not to know who? Hehehe.

    On the other hand, I’d be proud that someone wanted to see the things I’ve created! So thanks for that tip Dytska! Open house at my place, nothing to hide, plenty to share!

    Thanks again for a wonderful tutorial Torley, you’re a natural at this πŸ™‚

  50. Benja says:

    Ooh, Torley, that just scraped in your ‘less than 5 minutes per tip rule’!

    Keep ’em coming and keep up the good work!


  51. Gil Druart says:

    @15 .. yes the OS processes the keys first .. I can’t remember what Ctrl-Alt-C does on my machine, but it’s something ghastly ..

    @16 .. Except for voice of course (one imagines .. ignoring this whole voice thing here), it seems to have the eavesdroppers charter “Listen from camera position”. Wild. Can’t quite think who thought that was a good idea .. oh . .but that applies to voice as a whole …

  52. Nice tip Torley. It seems basic but I wish I learned about this sooner. Would have made my SL operations more efficient. Thank you for the usefull video guide. The narration is excellent too.

  53. notagambler says:

    ctrl+alt+v that thing is horrible for all the landowners they dont allow to build and a invite for griefers, u also can see the stream-ip of land, many venueΒ΄s will not love that, or clubs they pay for the stream and ppl dont need to come to their clubs, ballrooms anymore, can hear the music on their own land now

  54. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    w00t! Straylight! Wonderful sim. πŸ˜‰

  55. AWM Mars says:

    Whilst I applaud you for giving tips like this, openning a new avenue of functionality to users… the fact that you host movies on YouTube is perhaps not a good one. There has been much press from the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and the US Government about the prolifercation of exploits now being targetted at media players, especially when hosted by these open style hosts.

    All the above mentioned and more state the situation is ‘Critical’ and have been releasing a deluge of updates to all types of players and pluggins in order to patch the holes, however the situation is being illustrated as being one whereby they are now approaching the CPU chip manufactures to hard code security at that low level, as software patches are only ever playing catchup.

    If the source of the media is unknown as being 100% secure and free from malicious ‘maleware’ then it must always be treated as suspect. YouTube and the ilke, do not check submissions made. Some of these exploits do not require any interaction other than clicking the play button (or openning in a browser which automatically begins play).

    As our business is media ingame, we take this very seriously, and all our own created media is hosted and streamed from secure and bespoke servers, through the Silver Stream Network throughout Second Life, which presents no issues of infection to viewers from our source.

  56. Dekka Raymaker says:

    “# 26 Neard Harbinger Says:
    BTW, just curious, what do you use to record and edit the video?”

    Oh yes please a 5 minute tip how to make a BETTER 30 second movie.

  57. Montana Corleone says:

    What I think hilarious is in the same week Identity Verification is foisted upon us (which will verify my ID, but still won’t verify me to be able to buy Lindens with my French bank card) to supposedly keep minors out of adult content areas, the Tip of the Week is how to cam further and better than ever?

    Is this a result of the stuff you guys smoke?

    A rebellion within Linden Lab?

    Or is it really because the purpose of Identity Verification is something else instead that you are not telling us?

  58. Ayesha Honey says:

    I love this is great and the idea off useing a Video is great many off us are not teck Minded and dont understand the teck words but yo see things in action is great wish other things in Blogs did that My respect Ayesha

  59. pointside Sunbelter says:

    I think having a tips blog is good but like everyone is pointing out, is it really good to get everyone used to these tips when none of them are sticky and have to be turned on every single session? For me after every login I do the following.
    CTL+SFT+Y sets the sun to noon
    CTL+ALT+F6 removes fog
    CTL+ALT+SFT+ MINUS removes clouds
    CTL+ALT+C disables camera constraints

  60. JL Prudhomme says:

    thank you for the tips, but could you slow down a little for us less technical folks? or was that the five cups of coffee you had before you did that?

  61. Btw, users on European Keyboards can shortcut Ctrl+Alt as AltGr (that is camera constraints are AltGr + C).

    And if you want the settings to persist, the friendly hippo of the year has a version which does that (google for Nicholaz Edition).

  62. Raban Laborde says:

    So you are giving advice, how residents suspected as minors can spy deeper and better into mature flagged sim’s. What is an authentication via the Aristotle Data Fraudsters good for, if it is such easy to move the camera view far into a sim or parcel that is flagged and unauthenticated Residends are locker out? You can see all and everything without being authenticated. Just go to the sim/ parcel border and take a look…..

    This are the ridiculouos discrepancies which cause frustrations.


  63. Mo Hax says:

    Now if only the ATI Catalyst Control center didn’t use Ctrl-Alt-C as the default hotkeys to bring it up hijacking from SL.

    LL, please, please make all these settings, including the ones pointside mentions _persistent_ (as you mentioned). Perhaps the most annoying thing (other than lag) is having to hit all those settings on every relog.

    [BTW, knew about this one since first month, as most do. The benefits of this far outweigh any false notion of privacy in SL, better to be open with everyone from the start that there is no privacy whatsoever so people can better manage expectations, such as what Raban points out. Raban, this isn’t “advice” so much as it is proper disclosure. Those minors are among the “cheat code” generation, if they are on, which they shouldn’t be in the first place, then it is a good bet they knew about the “cheats” the first week. The more open Linden Labs is about these hidden features the more we can plan and expect them. So, I applaude Torley and LL’s full disclosure and activation of things.]

  64. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    Have you thought about the deaf persons ?

  65. Amanda Ascot says:

    I’ll have to wait until this evening to watch your video, Torley, but I’m sure it will be fun and entertaining, as usual. I learned about disabling camera constraints a long time ago when I was camping for a living. Unlike a lot of people I didn’t just park my bum and then go off to watch movies, sleep, or have a night out on the town. I usually hung around chatting with fellow campers (yes, we actually used to do that, before the advent of PCAs — Professional Camping Avatars — that do nothing but rake in L$ 24/7), trade freebie items, and trade “secrets”. I was only around for a couple of months before I had worked out, mostly through trial and error, all the little secrets about camera controls, and I even compiled this into a tutorial and passed it around to anyone who wanted it. What better way to pass the time while you’re camping than to be able to explore the sim, or even use some of your hard-earned L$ to actually buy stuff — without ever leaving the comfy confines of whatever sleazy joint you discovered that handed out more than L$6 per hour.

    Even though I don’t do that, anymore, I still find Disable Camera Constraints to be an essential tool. I manage almost an entire mainland sim, with additional land in adjacent sims. It’s very nice to be able to sit in my 700 meter high skybox in the middle of the primary sim, build, collect garbage, landscape, check out visitors, and do all those things required of me, without having to go down and move around.

    For those of you concerned about privacy issues, it’s quite simple. Don’t do anything you don’t want people observing. Don’t say anything in open chat you don’t want people to “hear”. There is no guarantee of privacy in Second Life and it’s not possible, without creating some major data-piping issues, to restrict visual access to a particular plot, which is why it’s been said, before, that this isn’t going to happen. If you want privacy, get yourself a private island and whitelist everyone you want to be able to access it.

    And I’m 100% with the people who want Disable Camera Constraints to persist between sessions. In fact, *every* menu option should persist. That’s just a no-brainer, and I’m sure it would be trivial fix for the coders.

  66. ari blackthorne says:

    Oman… this tip I have used since … I can’t even remember when I learned of it.

    Useful for giant builds… but also…

    Place a lot of objects on land and WHOOPS! Forgot to set the right group! or… stuff got lost under the ground…. AAAAHHHH – (rather than changing the rendering settings, I prefer the alternate I show here) –

    In tools – choose edit and turn ON ‘select only my objects’ – or whatever it’s called. Now – zoom out… way away so you get a really good overview – click and drag – all your stuff becomes selected.

    Disabling camera constraints allows you to select and entire sim if needed (then you want to turn OFF ‘limit select distance’ and probably boost your draw distance – so you can grab everything!)

    Now – change the group – or, in the case of under-the-ground objects – move them as needed.

    Thanks for popping this one up, Torley – now… allow me to throw-in to the ‘please make this persistant’ pleading, begging, whatever you want to call it – ~makes sad hush-puppy eyes and blinks quickly, forcing them to well-up and shiver~ :p

  67. Kathy Morellet says:

    @45 Amanda Ascot Says:
    “For those of you concerned about privacy issues, it’s quite simple. Don’t do anything you don’t want people observing. Don’t say anything in open chat you don’t want people to β€œhear”. There is no guarantee of privacy in Second Life and it’s not possible, without creating some major data-piping issues, to restrict visual access to a particular plot, which is why it’s been said, before, that this isn’t going to happen.”

    Then LL should abandon the age verification thing and restricted content flags because they will be rendered utterly useless by this “feature”. Unverified AVs will just untether their cams and view the restricted content anyway so, what’s the point?

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  69. Malroy May says:

    I like this… excellent way to describe to noobs how to get to see anything, anywhere without going through the pesky age verification loop. Remember to use IM as well kids to get right in on the action.

  70. Jessica Qin says:

    One of the best video tutorials I’ve ever seen on any topic. Great work, Torley! I’m sending it out to all of my friends and co-workers.

    (one thing: does anyone besides me have trouble zooming *in*, up and close and personal, to an AV?)

  71. Anonymous says:

    Some of you want to live in glass houses; that is YOUR perogative. SOME of us wish to have PRIVACY in our homes. (think of this as the kid next door who bought the “X-Ray” glasses out of the back of a comic book, EXCEPT these really work 😦

  72. Gnash Rambler says:

    Torley, would you consider posting the text of the tips, in addition to a movie? I, personally, tend to grasp new concepts better in Text, and, don’t always have the time to fire up a movie to watch to learn something. I’d rahter have the text in front of me that I can read back on and such. Thanks!

  73. Lunara Stardust says:

    I liked the #1 tip and this is good too. Thank you. I often have to tell people how to prevent default fog with lights being annoying. Perhaps point out ctl+alt+shift+- will clear the problem up easily would be a nice tip.

  74. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ‘Don’t do anything you don’t want people observing’
    ROFL; I even do this in RL

  75. Don’t worry privacy seakers, you can’t actually see that far, objects and avatars start to disappear the further you go with it, it’s only good for about a sim’s distance. Mind you, that could be my settings, cna’t be bothered to watch the video and find out.

  76. Rex Cronon says:

    Hello Torley.
    Would it be too hard for u to provide a written version of your videos? If it was in html, would be even better.
    Why am I requesting this? Please read the following reasons.
    -there are people that have different handicaps(hearing, seeing) and because of that they can’t take advantage of the videos.
    -not everybody has a high quality internet connection, and it takes time to download the videos.
    -the viewer kind of doesn’t like to share memory. So if somebody tries to watch a video, while the viewer is running, their chances of crashing increase.
    -is kind of hard to save the videos locally.
    -image and sound quality of the videos is not that great. Ok, the sound is not that bad, but the image can be quite fuzzy.
    -if there were written versions people could put them in a directory on their hard drive and search for specific keywords. Unless, there is a free program that can search videos for specific words.

    if anybody has other reasons, feel free to add them.

  77. max butuzova says:

    another reason (51) : there are many, many people who cant follow the rapid (american) english of Torley.

    I myself enjoy the videos very much. Keep up the good work Torley.

    ( by the way if you can download these videos because of the internet connection, how can you survive in second life ?)

  78. su brando says:

    Yes, nice feature and i use it always, but why do i have to disable the camera constraints every time i go online, it is already a ritual and i am tired of that. It cant be so difficult to remember ones defaults. Su.

  79. Tanya Spinotti says:

    Bravo Torley – Another great tip!

    @48 Yes lol I had some face jewellery which I couldn’t see when I wore it – I had to click on the ground past my AV and zoom back through my head. (I discovered my head was empty, bar the jewellery, my tongue and my eyes. I wish I had a brain lol)

    @51 Totally agree that the videos should be more accessible for people with sight, hearing or other impairments. This would add even more value to Torley’s tips πŸ™‚

  80. Lee Ponzu says:

    The featuer I have always missed (maybe it is there, somewhere) is the ability to look left and right easily without acutally rotating.

    For example, the camera could swing left and right slowly from its basic setting when you are standing there talking. Yuo’d see more.

  81. Ron Crimson says:

    Oh, and Kathy (@47): Restricted content applies to *islands*… entire sims without neighboring sims (if I understand this correctly)… if you’re an unverified avatar you simply won’t be able to teleport there so your point about zooming the camera all over the place is moot.
    I do suspect that if a mainland sim can be restricted, you still won’t be able to see it from a neighboring sim as your viewer will simply show a huge void in its place (like what you see, or rather don’t see, when a region is down).
    Am I right about this? I think I am. πŸ™‚

  82. Ron Crimson says:

    Hmm. I made another rather lenghty post before the #53 one, and it’s not showing up. What happened o_O

  83. Gianetti Ferlinghetti says:

    Is this what we really want griefers to know? How to invade privacy? So they can just camera there way up 750meters, sit on my couch and wreck havoc?

  84. Chalice Yao says:

    @55: Really, all griefers and regular builders know this already, Gianetty. This is not The Brand New Thing (TM). It’s just the first time it’s put on the blog here, but it has been spread from resident to resident in the thousands and ten thousands. Really. All the griefers know this.

    Heck, some in-world products even have it in the manual, so you can use the product properly.

    jeez, paranoia..

  85. Justa Koba says:

    I’m a big fan of the disabled camera constraints, it’s the first thing I played with upon learning about the client menu. I look forward that staying the way I left it after logging.

    This disabled camera is also very useful for finding the actual land below a well placed buildings floor to open the land options.

    It’s easy to lose your avatar like that, don’t forget the escape key will return the camera to yourself.

  86. Toni Clare says:

    Can someone explain if there’s a way to use this camera zoom feature to go 700 meters up (or down) when there is nothing in between, for the camera to grab onto, along the way?

  87. I always disable camera constraints. Indeed, I’m not sure what camera constraints are for in the first place. What is very annoying, though, is having to disable them afresh every time that I start SecondLife. One would have hoped that the client could be made to remember the choice of that feature in the same way as it does with, say, mouse smoothing.

  88. Justa Koba says:

    I did not see/hear it mentioned anywhere that you will still see limited objects depending on the draw distance you have set. The objects will rez according to your avatar position and not your camera position. If it’s possible to change that, it would be a very helpful tip.

    Edit > Preferences > Graphics tab > draw distance.

    Another great use for this is going underground, Find those lost Prims!!

    Or have a private room below ground =) not one that you can enter, but I personally have a hollow box to build in under ground, However, Please still pay attention to your property lines, and your limited to adjusting things to 8 meters deep as far as I can tell.

    @55 Umm if you really want to be sure your going to have your privacy you’ll have to purchase and maintain a Private Island. That’s just the way it works.

  89. Blinders Off2 says:

    I got a question for Linden Lab… how long does it take for comments “awaiting moderation” to be opened up to public view? Or does LL even bother? A lot easier to just let ’em sit forever isn’t it.

    And BTW, I love the numerous posts where comments are closed. Guess you just know how people are going to react ahead of time, eh, so you cut off the negative reactions at the go. So much for free speech and “it’s your world”.

    Please, more posts with comments shut off! Woot! Inspires such confidence!

  90. Octavian Greggan says:

    Great tip! Just can’t live without it anymore!

  91. Alex1 Richardson says:

    great tip! im playing around right now hehehe

  92. Tronix Dagger says:

    For those worried about privacy, I found a HUD in Second Life that could already allow you to do this if you hadn’t known about the client option. But the client works better than the HUD. There are plenty of non-voyeur applications that I got it for. Not everyone is going to be that pure about it, sadly.

  93. Tor Beerbaum says:

    Why does he crack himself up and do this little laugh for no reason? I noticed it in the last one. He seems hyper…

    Anyway, I learned about ZoomTime which I can now set to 0…


  94. RebeccaLynn says:

    I highly agree with the request for a transcript of the tip of the week. I don’t know what was wrong with my connection this week but i could only get the video in pieces which made it hard to follow.

    Also in agreement with the fact that i’d like to save these tips on my hard drive rather than little post it notes that fall off my computer and the videos don’t save well.

    So please, please, please add a transcript – oh, and a transcript for your first two tips would be a big help.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  95. Deathstalker Graves says:

    I want to know what kind of system and connection Torley is running! Because I have YET to see SL EVER move that fast on any system. I’m running a AMD 2.1 Ghz machine with 2 GB’s of Ram and a 128 MB nVidia Vid card with an xDSL line with 8.6 Mbps down and 256kbps up and SL still crashes like clockwork anytime I zoom, move around too quickly, etc. While I appreciate Torley’s tips, which are very useful for a new SL’er like myself, please don’t display a video showing SL moving smoothly without crashing when the sad reality is that it’s nowhere near that.

    Also, instead of turning Voice Chat on (which I don’t use after speaking to long timer SL’ers who warned me against it), why not disable Voice Chat for a while and fix the lag and crash issues FIRST?

    Just a thought…

  96. AW says:

    I tried some of the mentioned client menu settings , but now i have a constant emitting of blue , red and sometimes green triangles from other av’s and from rezzing objects . Very enoying ; how can i get rid of these ?
    When i install a second client , it gives the same problems .

  97. Jerry Krasner says:

    @63 A W: Sounds like you have activated the “Show updates” option under the “Client Menu”.

  98. Torleyleyleyley, another great video, thanks πŸ™‚ (no news for me, who always click on everything I can find on the Debug menus, often rendering SL unusable, but one day I’m expecting that “Appearance to XML” actually saves something!

    Lee (@52), I wonder exactly what you mean with “easier left and right” camera turning. You mean Alt+Cursor Keys Left/Right? Or the way Mouselook works? Or clicking and dragging your own avatar? These are the three ways I’m aware of…

  99. Detox Watanabe says:

    is there a way to make SL show even small prims on long distance? disabled camera constraints arent that bad, but you still have to move to work on the tiny things… and I’m lazy xD

  100. arlo weir says:

    What i dont understand is why are these options in the client in the first place? Why not make disable camera constraints a default option? seems these contraints are pretty useless to me.

  101. TC Eel says:

    Is there a day waiting time to join this game? I’ve waited 9 hours for an email so I can play. I use yahoo.

  102. Bootylsh Carter says:

    @63 AW go into your Client menu and make sure to un-click the “show updates” option
    or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + U – all at same time should solve this aswell .

  103. harald pinion says:

    The tip of the week is excellent. But lose the video format. Just present it in writing. I can re-read what i want when i want..not have to pick it out of a video nor have to wait for the video to load.

  104. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Well you just keep making the world better Torley chan. Thanks for doing this

  105. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Did the dev team already find a way to keep unverified accounts from steering the camera onto mature land which is restricted to verified adults? Otherwise, the upcoming age verification as well as the planned pron zone flag will be pretty useless.

  106. Pol McLaglen says:

    @#8 – I would second a proposal for savable personal settings, especially if it is transferable between upgrades. There is nothing more annoying than updating your client and having to set it just so

    BTW Torley, great video. I’ve been using DCC for ages as a builder, and you told me a couple of things even I didn’t know. Can you do one on drag distances please?

    Pol McLaglen.

  107. Since camera positions are used to track voice chat, I’m pretty sure the major reason for not limiting the camera is mainly a technicality. Tracking down the camera and disallowing it to zoom in on other parcels might increase lag, though (both client-side and server-side) since in effect your computer will need to be tracking two things at the same time β€” avatar position and camera position.

    But I agree with Ishtara @68, it seems pretty pointless to restrict content if the camera can freely travel across parcels and sometimes even whole sims…

  108. Metal Wombat says:

    Dude. Do you have to take drugs or drink tons of coffee to be so full of energy? The tips are great! And the enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks!

  109. KellyM Watkins says:

    Hee Torrey u funny and helpful at the same time πŸ™‚ Keep them coming. πŸ˜‰

  110. WADE1 Jya says:

    wow very useful tip for us builders, the cameras are always annoying… this sounds like it would resolve those problems. thank you for the kind tip.

  111. Ice cydrome says:

    Sup anyone there I Ice Cydorme cant log in it says its logging me out and I wait hours and still it says it…

  112. Let’s just get the silly constraints out of the client, or at least keep what we choose persistent! Having to do it every session is incredibly bad design, and annoying. πŸ™‚

  113. Larry Diglot says:

    Nice video, some people might want to know how to do that render glow thing…my friend taught me how to do it and frankly, it’s kinda cool. it may get annoying though after a while.

  114. The Todd says:

    Thanks Torley, I love using this when building.

    What would be REALLY useful is if the client could remember other settings such as force noon/sunset/etc, slow motion anims, and all the other options one routinely has to set on login.

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